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Summer Internship Report

Submitted By Kennedy Nongmeikapam

Reg. No. :1042293

SSN School of Management & Computer Applications

August 2011

REPORTING PERSON Mrs. Mousumi Borah Chetia Director Human Resource Consolidated Intelligent Networking & Business Pvt.Limited. 396, 1st floor, 2nd main road, 4th main, Further Extension. Viveknagar, Bangalore -560047 Contact No.9886192898 Email Id:


Who We Are CINB is a corporate event organiser with a difference. We create, provide and manage bespoke conferences and investment networking platforms for our distinguished clients to raise capital for major projects. We Endeavour to launch investment funds as well as projects with a clear focus to benefit our sponsors adequate to their individual investment needs. Here at CINB we present each topic fine-tuned to the best-matching investor base in the context of high- profile, academically viable conference events worldwide. CINB is surface for revolution which obtains its strategy by surrounding a group of human touch needs including strategic intelligent networking, investment opportunities and business development. The company cares for the standards of quality and service in investment, research, and technology and product development. Service and quality is our main basis for our company to provide strategic business intelligence that will sustain a valuable competitive advantage.

How We Add Value CINB events offer an unrivalled opportunity to network within your area of business and our Workshops and Masterclasses provide an intimate, interactive forum in which to learn about the latest techniques and developments. We provide a platform for idea exchange and new business development. Our team of experts covers all the core executive skills from strategy and leadership through to executive secretarial development. SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES

CINB conference is an ideal opportunity to increase your company's profile within the market. CINB provides a forum where you can share your ideas and build valued relations. We are the medium that will provide you to strengthen your reputation and benchmark your presence in top class conferences. We help you to consolidate your hold in the market and help you to publicize your identity. SPONSORSHIP/ EXHIBITIONS

CINB maximizes your promotion at conferences to your target, high-level audience and helps you to benefit from exposure throughout the conferences by marketing campaigns. MEDIA & MARKETING

CINB creates the forum for information exchange as well as it leads to face to face interaction with experts and your peers in highly professional surroundings. CINB offers the gate which paves the path for the media to analyze the latest industry trends and business topics through various channels in order to benchmark their targeted exposure in a surefire recipe for success and organized improvements.

ABOUT THE TOPIC HUMAN RESOURCE POLICIES AND CREATION OF EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK Action Points: Reviewing/Amending the existing policies. Adding new policies to the existing framework. New Policy framework. Creation of employee handbook

Outline of the Project: This project is about the HR Policies in CINB. The HR Policies in an organization helps every individual to raise his/her potential in all facets by helping him to be satisfied and secured about his present and future. In this project all the existing HR policies are reviewed and new policies are implemented with the creation of employee handbook. The title of the project is Reviewing and amending CINB HR policies and creation of employee handbook. This project is meant to know the Human Resource Policies in the organization. The HR Policies are a tool to achieve employee satisfaction and thus highly motivated employees. The main objective of various HR Policies is to increase efficiency by increasing motivation and thus fulfill organizational goals and objectives

\ EXISTING HR POLICIES IN CNBC: Corporate attire guidelines CNBC compensation policy CNBC performance management system Domestic travel Med claim Policy Leave policy Policy on company leased accommodation Policy on off sites Working hours Picnic and outings

ADDITION TO EXISTING POLICIES: Office Etiquette and Behavior Personal particulars Telephone Usage Pantry/ Cafeteria Business Cards Photo Access / Identification cards Handling Company Assets Right to check on personal use of company assets Internet usage policy Exit Policy Employee Bonus Compassionate / Bereavement Leave Company Transport


The Organization should focus on mentor system intend to help employees in their career progression. The Organization should conduct Psychometric tests for employees.The Training should be mandatory for all level of employees. The Departments should develop constructive attitude towards each other.

A more transparent and full proof communication system developed in the organization. Handbook should be regularly updated so that all of the provisions in the handbook match applicable changes within the law. The handbook should be regularly distributed to all employees both upon starting with employer and when any changes are made. In order to avoid problems which can arise from an employee handbook, it is advisable that you acquire legal assistance and guidance from before you make it. The following policies are recommended to follow

Counseling and warning notices Workforce planning Increment policy Labor relation

Learning from the Project My internship at CNBC was a great exposure to the industry. After going through my summer training, I had a firsthand experience of how an industry as well as HR department functions. My overall experience was a positive one. It allowed me to do things that I either enjoy doing or do not mind doing and get credit for them. It was a chance for me to get out of the classroom and into the office. Internships are a great way to learn outside of the classroom. It offers on the job experience that you would not get just by taking a class. The experience is priceless. I would do an internship whether I were being paid or not. It was an overall great experience and I would do it again if given the opportunity.