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Treaty of Versailles End of WWI Germany admit they caused it Make Reparations No Army Adolf Hitler
Didnt agree with the treaty Wounded twice in the war

Rise of Anti-Semitism
Hate for Jews

Adolf Hitler
Failed artist In Munich found out he was a great speaker Joins National Socialist Party (Nazis)

Beer Hall Putsch (takeover of the govnt)

Adolf Hitler
Mein Kamph (My struggle) Book Hitler wrote in Prison Talked Aryan- Pure German Blood

Dummy has baby w/ dummy dummy baby Strong has baby w/ strong strong baby

Needed for land/ space

Extermination of Jews

Nazis take control of Reichstag (similar to congress)
Not a majority but a polarity (most seats)

Aindmberg Retires

Appoints Hitler Chancellor (President) Mysterious Reichstag Fire Hitler appoints himself the Fuhrer
Father of all Germans Established dictatorship

Nuremberg Laws
Jews No Longer German Citizens Had to wear Jewish stars Identify business Cant walk on sidewalks Not allowed in public places at certain times

Adolf Hitler tells the Jews to get out of Germany Jews had nowhere to go

Hitler invades Czechoslovakia

Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass)

Jewish Business and Synagogues windows were broken out throughout Germany

German soldiers dress as Austrian soldiers
Attack own German soldiers Excuse to invade Austria

Invades Poland WWII begins Hitler starts rounding up Jews

Place them in Ghettos 1939-1942

Invades Britain
About to take over Britain Attacks Russia Fighting on two fronts

Big mistake What to do with all the Jews if they lose?

Wannsee Conference
Higher up officers meet to decide what to do with the Jews The final solution to the Jewish question Decide to exterminate all Jews

Killing Methods
Firing Squad Began messing with German soldiers minds Not enough Vodka to help German soldiers carry out task Mobile Gas Vans A van that gassed Jews Drove around but ran out of places to bury bodies Not a good idea to have mass graves all over Europe Zyclon B Gas Chambers and Crematoriums Responsible for 90% of Jewish deaths


Loaded into cattle cars Cattle car doors open and selection begins Women stayed with children and elderly Sent straight to gas chambers to die Healthy Jews that could work survived Had to help run the extermination process Run the crematoriums, etc.

After war was over Jews still had nowhere to go
Everyone blamed them Stayed in Displaced Persons Camps (Concentration camps) Conditions were better inside camp but still cant leave Fences were put up and camps were locked down Eisenhower see conditions, Tells Patton to change it Patton refuses and is relieved of his duties Not much heard from Patton since


Israel formed Max Exadus

Everyone loosens up and starts letting Jews in