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Boholano artist's exhibit in Berlin


The Philippine Embassy in Berlin reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs that as part of the Asia-Pacific Week 2005, an exhibit by Filipino visual artist Noel Gene Lungay, which portrays emotional content and Filipino cultural substance, was opened on Sept. 19 at the Philippine Embassy in Berlin Chancery.

Ambassador to Germany Minerva Jean Falcon, who officially opened

the exhibit entitled "Kapaw

"Mr. Lungay is one of the few Asian artists who, despite interactions with the European art community, has retained the Asian touch and

emphasizes adherence to root culture and it art."

Echoes of the Sea Children," said that

The artworks, oil on canvas and terracotta figures, about sea nomads in the Asia-Pacific region are visual interpretations of the artist's experiences with Badjaos or Philippine sea nomads, where he tries to show certain parallelisms between their interactions with their natural environment and the urbanized societies. These artworks show certain conflicting aspects of primitive cultures, which are stiff clinging to their preserved traditions, despite living and mingling in the modernized global society. They also show the skill and style of the artist, as well as the emotional content and cultural substance that the artist feels toward his subjects.

Lungay's recent artworks portray the artist's sensitive ability to derail light and color on a specific scheme, and the heightened visual perception that allow him to freely move through art on experimental levels in modern realism. Such levels include eagle perspectives and underwater scene with subjects purely retained from memory. Lungay has been residing in the State of Hesse since 2004, and has had four exhibitions in Germany since 2004. In a recent art competition, he won the first prize "Kunstwegen II" from the city of Eschwege.

The culmination of the Asia-Pacific Weeks is the closing concert of Philippine performing artist Grace Nono and her ensemble.


In his exhibition, the Philippine artist Noel, Gene' B. Lungay visualize culture and myths of Badjaos, Philippine sea-nomads, revealing their life between modernity and primitivism, technology and tradition. Oil paintings and sculptures reflect the artist's personal childhood experiences with Badjaos, and later from his immersion with fisherfolk in his home province. His chosen isolation enabled him to create unique culture-based artforms with substance and feeling for his subjects.

His visual projection is impressive like his play with light and color in varying contrasts. He experiments in perception, painting bird-eye and underwater perspectives from memory.


tropical colours and dark skinned characters in the golden island sun,

and plunged into the blue-green depths of the Pacific.

in Neo-realism and impressionism shows complimentary

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