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Eagle Sightings

Friday Harbor Elementary Monthly Newsletter

95 Grover Street Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Important Dates:
August 15 ~ FHES Office Opens August 22 ~ Class lists posted August 30 ~ Open House~2pm August 31 ~ First Day of School September 5 ~ Labor Day ~ No School Curriculum Nights 5,6 Thursday, September 8th K,1,2 Tuesday, September 13th 3,4 Thursday, September 15th Our new school year is upon us. Starting a new school year gives us the opportunity to make new plans, set new goals and implement fresh ideas. I believe that in order for all students to be successful we must continually monitor success through various engaging learning opportunities at school and at home. The collaborative effort between FHES highly effective educators, committed parents, and involved community members will ensure that our children are well prepared to meet any challenge the future may hold. I want to invite you to join us as we SOAR to excellence this 2011-2012 school year while we embrace the richness, culture, and uniqueness that each of us brings. Lets pull together and celebrate the unity that makes FHES a wonderful place to learn, grow, and achieve! Join us at our Open House Tuesday, August 30th, 2:00pm.
Connie Martin

Principals Corner

Camp Eagle Rock!...ROCKS!!

Camp Eagle Rock has provided a fun summer for children of the Friday Harbor Community. promotes self-esteem, increases learning skills program This camp and pro-

vides the opportunity for youth to develop a variety of life-long interests. Children have participated in arts, crafts, games, sports, music, field trips, creative play and swimming over the summer months. Camp Eagle Rock was held in FHES and is coordinated by Island Rec~San Juan Island Park and Recreation District. Thanks Eagle Rock for giving our children a safe place to learn and play!! Look for their new after school program (STAR) for FHES Students...Coming Soon to FHES!!!

Ill meet you at the Fair!!

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pm 18th 5-7 ay, August Thursd 3-5pm gust 20th turday Au Sa BBQ h 5-7pm ugust 20t A Saturday

Staff New ctions trodu In

Connie Martin ~


Helping to create a better future

for our youth is my lifes passion and commitment. I love being involved in a process so critical to the well-being of people. I have been fortunate in my many years as an educator that I have enjoyed every bit of it ,and I am extremely excited to continue my journey at FHES. I bring with me 25 years of experience at both the elementary and middle school levels. Ive been a classroom teacher, PE specialist, reading specialist, and assistant principal. I am married and have two adult children of my own. I love spending time with my family and my dog Apollo. I enjoy kayaking, boating, hiking and of course learning! ~Connie

My experiences as a consultant and professor in sport psychology led to my interest in becoming an elementary school teacher. I have worked in elementary education for four years; two as an instructional aide and two as a first grade teacher. I passionately believe in implementing life skills in the classroom and guiding students in their academic and life pursuits. In my second year at FHES, I look forward to working with students as the Math Specialist for grades K4. Children can be successful in math when they believe in their abilities, build on their strengths, challenge themselves, see it as a part of their everyday experiences, and most importantlyhave fun! Believe and you can achieve! Diane Heller ~ ~Diane

Math Specialist

Staff New ctions u ntrod I

Kristy Raichlen ~ First Grade Teacher I graduated from Washington State University with my bachelor's degree in elementary education and an endorsement in early childhood development. I later earned my master's degree in education. After college, I taught Language Arts, Social Studies and Reading in Bellevue for five years. I worked at a very challenging alternative middle school and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I took some time off from teaching when I had my children. My kids are now in school, and I am thrilled to be back in the classroom. When we moved to the island two years ago I started substitute teaching at the elementary school. Last year I was the Reading and First Steps Math specialist. I worked with small groups of students in 1st through 4th grade. I absolutely loved working with the staff and students of FHES. I am very excited to be teaching first grade in the fall. I hope to create a classroom environment that fosters a love of learning and engages every student. ~Kristy

I have taught English Language Learners in a variety of settings over the past fifteen years for students of all ages! I have enjoyed each of my experiences and am enthusiastically looking forward to joining the wonderfully talented Friday Harbor Elementary School staff. I enjoy the variety of backgrounds and experiences that ELL students and their families bring to the school. There is much that I can learn from my students! My commitment to each and every one of my students and their education is strong. It is my goal to support and motivate my students to enjoy learning as they strive to achieve academic success while improving their English language skills.

Betsy Ridwan ~

~ Betsy

ELL Specialist

Dealing with Back to School Jitters ~

Going from long, lazy summer days back to the rigors of a classroom can be a bumpy road for your children. It's normal for them to experience a range of emotions about returning to school. Though each child responds to going back to school differently, you can take steps to address jitters and make the transition time smoother. Could one of these issues be causing your child's fears? Life Changes ~ Starting at a new school can present an especially daunting challenge. Similarly, if your children recently have experienced an upheaval at home, such as moving or divorce, they may be especially susceptible to feeling stressed about returning to school. If this is the case, asking open-ended questions can give them the space to figure out their own feelings. If they express a specific worry, you might say something like, "What makes you feel that way?" and see where the conversation leads. Academic Challenges ~ A new grade brings new challenges. Perhaps your child will be expected to do homework or write a research paper for the first time. With fears of not measuring up academically, the best defense is a good offense. Getting organized and establishing reassuring routines can go a long way to making a child feel competent. Rumors of a particularly hard teacher may fuel fearing or disliking a new teacher. Do help your child to keep in mind that one person's dreaded teacher can be another kid's favorite. While it's okay for your children to express their dislike of a teacher, they should be expected to remain respectful. You can encourage your children to be open-minded and to approach it as an opportunity to help them to learn how to deal with a person they find difficult. Listen to their issues and plan to attend parent-teacher night to get your own take on the situation. Social Worries ~ A new class roster can mean adjusting without friends who have provided a social base in previous years. Try to present this as an opportunity for your children to widen their group of friends, rather than a tragic loss of familiar faces. If possible, set up a play date before school starts so that your child will have a new friend to look for on the first day. Establish time for your child to catch up with old friends too. A new school or classroom may spark concerns about finding friends at all. An outside class or hobby such as ballet or a sport can provide a conversation starter and the opportunity to meet kids outside your child's usual circles. Talking to your children about other challenging situations that they have successfully navigated also boosts self-esteem. Getting Help ~ Most back-to-school anxiety is anticipatory. If the level and type of anxiety seems a marked departure from your child's usual behavior and lasts well past the beginning of the school year, consider seeking outside help. Start by talking with your childs teacher. Next, a school counselor or psychologist can provide valuable tips and resources. Anxiety disorders do affect children and are often overlooked because such children do not tend to act out. Be Supportive ~ It is normal for every child to react to going back to school in his/her own way. This can make it tempting to apply your own experience to your child's life. Although harkening back can provide insight, remember that your child is not you. Be calm and matter of fact. Listen and provide reassurance, but try not to heighten anxiety with old memories and good intentions. In the end, the most important tool you can use is to know your own child. Observe the situation, but also try to keep it all in perspective. For most kids, back-to-school jitters will melt away as easily as summer slips into fall.

FHES Needs You!

Join me at my
The PTA is making plans for the 2011/2012 school year and we need your help! Please consider lending your time and talent to enhance our students educational experience. There are many options available in a wide variety of areas. If you would like to help, please contact Meghan Hoffman or Roxanne Angel or contact the school and indicate your areas of interest. Thank you for your support!

Principal's Caf Blog

District Looking for Parent Volunteers: The San Juan Island School District has announced two volunteer opportunities for parents and community members. The first opportunity is to serve on the Superintendents Advisory Committee. The committee meets quarterly at a time convenient to the majority of the members to discuss challenges and opportunities in the district with the Superintendent. This is a continuation of the existing committee which met during the 2010-2011 school year. The second opportunity is to join a facility advisory committee to study, review, and make recommendations about district buildings and grounds. The facility committee will be new this year. Anyone needing additional information is invited to call Maude Cumming at 378-4133.