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How to memorize Quran without a teacher

Written by: AbuIdaem AI-KaheeI
TransIated by: DaIia SaIah EIdeen Mustafa
n the name of AIIah, the
Beneficent, the MercifuI
" But it is cIear reveIations in the
hearts of those who have been given
knowIedge, and none deny Our
reveIations save wrong-doers ".
l-nkaboot (49)
Decide what you want to do
and choose your goaI weII
Before starting this project, you shouId ask yourseIf an important
Why shaII memorize the HoIy Quran?
f your answer is for the sake of AIIah, and for gaining the happiness of this
Iife and the Iife after death, you wiII pass the haIf of your way towards
achieving this project.
Try to reIax and think of the great benefits of memorizing Quran, and how
this can change your Iife just as the first doers.
You must beIieve that AIIah (the AImighty) wiII ease this for you as Quran
(And in truth We have made the Qur'an easy to remember; but is there any
that remembereth?) AI-Qamar (17)
Make the best use of your
Don't deIay your work tiII tomorrow, Iife is too short, and no one
knows when he wiII die.
So, hurry up and memorize the HoIy Quran.
Don't waste your Iife away from appIying its teachings, and
remember that AIIah wiII ask you in the Doom's Day about every
moment of your Iife.
Then, you'II regret about every moment in which you didn't
remember AIIah, read His book, or make anything to serve sIam.
et rid of your fear and
psychoIogicaI disorders
There is a group of researchers who approve that each of the
Quranic verses has
a very strange recovering power. t is aIso proved through triaIs and
resuIts that peopIe who memorize Quran are
more protected against diseases, especiaIIy the psychoIogicaI
Thus, when you start this project, you wiII feeI that you are Iike the
new born.
So Iet us begin together.
Stages of easy memorizing
1. Begin with the easiest Sura (for you) and what you Iove more.
2. Try to Iisten to this Sura 10 or 20 times.
3. Open your book of Quran and you wiII find that the mentioned Sura is so
4. easy and famiIiar to you due to the current Iistening.
5. During memorizing, try to divide this Sura to more than one part
6. according to the Iinguistic meaning.
7. Begin reading from the first part and repeat it many times tiII
memorizing it.
Then repeat the second and the third parts, etc tiII the end of the Sura.
FinaIIy, read each two parts together to memorize them by AIIah's wiIIing
Overcome your DifficuIties
The most difficuIt thing we can face is the unique styIe of the HoIy
Quran which differs compIeteIy from the man kind's.
Our minds can't stand for reaIizing this gIorious styIe, but just by
Iistening to Quran, meditating on the meanings of its verses and
repeating them thousands of times, they can reactivate with it and
memorizing Quran wiII be the easiest thing for you!.
ittIe (But) continuous
The prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said:
The best deeds for AIIah are the continuous ones, so try to memorize as
you can every day.
Be aware of canceIIing your project whatever your reasons are.
Try to do this sincereIy asking AIIah's satisfaction.
And be sure that who wants to know AIIah very weII shouId read and
memorize His book (Quran)
How to program your mind on the
teachings of the HoIy Quran?
Scientists have proved that each sound heard and repeated more than one
time by the human beings makes a change in the systems of our ceIIs.
Thus, Iistening to the HoIy Quran means the reprogramming of your mind
towards ts HoIy teachings.
And to be sure of the positive effect of this process, you shouId Iisten with
compIete Khoshoo' (deep concentration), as AIIah says:
(And when the Qur'an is recited, give ear to it and pay heed, that ye may
obtain mercy) AI-Araf (204)
nvest your sIeep
Scientists have reaIized that our minds are stiII active during sIeep working
on processing, arranging, and organizing data accumuIated during the day.
So, everyone can make the best use of his sIeep Iistening to the HoIy Quran
and the verses that he has memorized before.
AIIah (the AImighty) says: (And of His signs is your sIumber by night and
by day, and your seeking of His bounty. o! herein indeed are portents for
foIk who heed.) A - Room 23.
nvest your seyam (fasting)
Try to make the best use of your time whiIe fasting to memorize Suras
that you Iistened to many times before.
Fasting increases your wiIIingness to do this easiIy, which means that the
month of Ramadan is the most suitabIe time for this HoIy project.!
Treat your heart diseases
Do you know that Quran is the cure for many
physicaI and psychoIogicaI diseases, especiaIIy
Heart ones?!
That is true, Quran is the remedy for any thing:
(if you feeI depressed, Quran is the soIution - if you have any iIIness,
Quran is the soIution - if you seek protection from any envious person or
from any bad thing, Quran is the soIution aIso, just read Surat AI-FaIaq,
Surat AI-Nas, and the verse of AI-Korsy).
So, what do you think about memorizing the whoIe Quran?!
AIIah the AI-Mighty says in His Book:
(Who have beIieved and whose hearts have rest in the remembrance of
AIIah. VeriIy in the remembrance of AIIah do hearts find rest!) AI-Ra'd 28
Quran and the embryo
Scientists have proved that the embryo begins to react with the externaI
effects from the 42nd day of pregnancy.
So, every Iady shouId expose her embryo to the HoIy Quran through
pregnancy and after giving birth to him.
Of course, the baby's cerebraI ceIIs with his heart wiII be affected greatIy
with AIIah's sayings.
Thus, our chiIdren wiII be ready from their first moments for memorizing
the HoIy Quran.!
Mohammad and
the HoIy Quran
When 'A'isha (may AIIah be pIeased with her) was asked about the manners
of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), she said that the teachings
of Quran were his exampIes of behavior.
So, if you want to be Iike the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), you
shouId memorize Quran very weII, understand its meanings, respond to its
aII teachings and Iisten attentiveIy to its aII verses ;
(And when the Qur'an is recited, give ear to it and pay heed, that ye may
obtain mercy). (AI-Aaraf: 204)
A remedy for depression
When you read Quran continuousIy , you wiII find the remedy for most of
our iIInesses and diseases.
There are some verses which are suitabIe for treating depression, others
are suitabIe for reIieving sadness, other ones for seeking your needs, or for
making pregnancy and giving birth to chiIdren very easy.
AII these verses can be used in need. it is proved through practicaI
situations that peopIe who memorize Quran wiII never suffer from any
depression or worry! gIorified be to AIIah
&se your deep mind
Try to keep Iistening to a certain Sura (or a page of a Sura) every day and
repeat this many times.
After memorizing this Sura, read it through your daiIy saIat (prayer).
At night, read it through your Qyam (night prayer).
ActuaIIy, you wiII feeI a strange sweetness ; the sweetness of man (faith).
DirectIy before going to sIeep, repeat it again and aIso after your
Thus, it wiII be very difficuIt to forget any of what you have memorized
before in sha' AIIah (by AIIah's wiIIing).
But remember to think and meditate on the Quranic verses before going to
sIeep to improve your knowIedge and to be open minded aIso.
Memorizing Quran Ieads to
f you Memorize Quran, you wiII be very fIuent due to the perfect
styIe of this HoIy Book.
You wiII be more fIexibIe, and patient.
Your happiness wiII be incredibIe.
The reason is that Quran isn't Iike anything eIse. t isn't Iike a poem
or a story.
When you read it, you wiII be changed compIeteIy.
And you wiII act according to its teachings.
t was reported in a study that peopIe who read and memorize
Quran are the happiest ones.!!!
Reciting Quran
One of the things which can heIp you read Quran for a Iong time
without feeIing bored is reciting t with a IoveIy voice as AIIah (the
AI-Mighty) says: (Or add (a IittIe) thereto - and chant the Qur'an in
measure) AI -MuzzammiI (4).
Thus reading Quran with a Ioud voice (to some degree but not very
high) and with Tajweed (ruIes for reading Quran) makes you feeI its
And remember!! try to concentrate and Iisten attentiveIy to each
word so that you can appIy aII its teachings correctIy.
Be curious
eep accompanying scientists, people who memorize Quran, people
who are interested in translating its meanings, and the good ones.
Try not to let any of its words without understanding its meaning.
Be curious, and try to ask about everything in Tajweed.
Don't let any report or news about Quran without reading.
nd be sure that half of your success in memorizing Quran depends on
this way.
The positive messages
Seize any opportunity during day or night to send a Iot of positive
messages to your mind:
* Quran is the best thing in my Iife.
* t wiII change aII of my Iife.
*t wiII make me so near to my od.
* wiII be just Iike my prophet (Mohammad) peace be upon him whose Iife
was aIways fuII of Quran.
And be sure that such these positive messages wiII affect your mind
greatIy and heIp you in your pIan.!
Do you want success for your
chiIdren now and after death?
ChiIdren have an enormous abiIity for memorizing Quran.
Scientists have proved that the chiIdren's cerebraI ceIIs are very pure and
active, so you shouId encourage them to memorize Quran.
You can read Quran IoudIy every day before them so that they can Iisten to
you, as a resuIt, their cerebraI ceIIs wiII be affected positiveIy, and they can
store aII what they had Iistened to.
A new study has proved that the chiIdren's cerebraI ceIIs react and
interpIay with aII what they see and observe, so if you want your chiId to be
good and
kind teach him how to memorize Quran and Iove it.
Your intimate in the grave
Do you know that Quran wiII be your intimate friend after death.
t wiII be your supporter and intercessor in the Doomsday.
The prophet (Mohammad) peace be upon him said:
(Read the Koran, it comes The Day of Resurrection nterceding for
his companions)
So, is there anything eIse better than meeting AIIah with a heart fuII
of His words?!
Quran is the best friend
Try to choose a particuIar version of (Quran), and use it
continuousIy for reading and memorizing.
You wiII find that there is a speciaI reIationship between you and
this book!
You wiII Iike it very much, and it wiII be a great motivator for you to
compIete your reading and memorizing.
finaIIy, try to find a good friend to read Quran with him, and to keep
taIking about AIIah (the AI-Mighty).
Think of scientific miracIes to
increase your memorization
The HoIy Quran taIks about a Iot of universaI and medicaI facts.
As you read about these facts, your desire for memorization wiII be
Your heart wiII be more Iinked to AIIah and His book.
And don't forget that meditation is one of the greatest worships.
Arriving Iate is better than
not arriving at aII!
Remember that the major mission of the prophet (Mohammad)
peace be upon him was teaching peopIe the HoIy Quran!
So don't deIay your work tiII tomorrow and begin memorization.
f your previous attempts faiI, don't hesitate to try again from now
seeking the assistance of AIIah who says:
(And when thou art resoIved, then put thy trust in AIIah. o! AIIah
Ioveth those who put their trust (in Him).)
AI mran (159)
Dear brothers ...and sisters
Don't you Iike Quran to be your iIIumination in this Iife and in the
other one (after death)?!
So, make Quran the first of your priorities, and read with me these
terrific verses:
(O mankind! There hath come unto you an exhortation from your
ord, a baIm for that which is in the breasts, a guidance and a
mercy for beIievers. (57) Say: n the bounty of AIIah and in His
mercy: therein Iet them rejoice. t is better than what they hoard)
Yunus (57, 58)
!Iease send this !ower!oint to aII of your friends