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Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006--07

It was nearly two years ago; a North Carolina family in a white Pontiac
mini-van drove up McIntyre Rd on the way to Grace Bible Church.
Evening had set, the snow was falling, and the van was slipping. Final-
ly, it was over; we were skidding in our tracks. Kind saints got be-
hind the minivan to push us out of our predicament. I remember
well when a gentleman, whom I referred to then as “Charles Spur-
geon,” but now know as “George,” asked me unabashedly, “Are
you really sure that you want to come here?”

Well, here we are entering our third December, and

wouldn’t you know it, last year it snowed only once. We’ll see what
this winter has in store. We hope that you find this
newsletter informative, uplift-
ing, as well as entertaining.
Grace Bible Church is
going through an exciting period. partake of the greatest of joys as
The Lord has blessed us with new you hear the greatest story ever
leadership as three out of four el- told in reverence and awe.
ders and our deacon have just
completed their first year of min- We especially offer ourselves to
istry. He has provided us with a serve you and ask God’s blessing
blessing of new members with upon you in this season of
their varied gifts and vitalities. He Christ’s birth.
has provided us with an intern, a
fully-paid facility, and above all, For Him,
the gift of His own Son. Charles J. Busada
We want to share this blessing Grace Bible
with you. If you have never vis-
ited our church, we invite you to
[1 ]
Amongst western Americans,

Pastoral Report
East Indians, Armenians, Roma-
nians, Russians, Greeks, and Arabs,
we enjoyed a fellowship of genuine
discussion and challenges.
For one, I was really impressed by
the genuine love for God and the de-
Over one year ago, we began our study into the Gospel sire to serve God and man that these
of Mark. In it I have learned to meet two persons in a new young men share as they prepare for
their ministries.
and refreshing way. The first is John As for me, I have really enjoyed a
Mark. I have come to know him as a continuing education course at St. Charles J. Busada
man of few words, but a genius with an Tikhon’s Theological Seminary in
action story to tell. No word is wasted,
and I know him as one who is deeply Our Services
concerned with me. He wants me to
see Jesus as he has come to know Morning Prayer 9 AM
Him. He has a story to tell, and he tells Sunday School 9:30 AM
it well. Sunday Worship 10:35 AM
Now, when we meet Mark, we also Evening Worship 6 PM
meet another Person. We meet the
Wednesday Gathering 7PM
Holy Spirit who guided Mark’s pen. We
realize that the Holy Spirit has a story to Youth Group: Wednesday
tell, and that He deeply loves the Son
of God, and tells us that His name is
Jesus is the third Person that we
meet. At times He is meek and mild, at East Canaan, PA. The course
times He has a holy anger, but He “Orthodox Spirituality” centered on
never fails to amaze us and the people the universal problem of man, and it
around Him. led us to the Garden and the Fall.
As first, as the token Protestant of
We are now entering Jesus’ dark
days as Mark takes us
through the 12th chapter on
the march to the Cross. My
prayer is that our hearts will
be broken to see this
amazing Person suffer our
fate, and that we will come to
the Cross at His feet and
realize that we crucified
Him. Only there will we be
blessed by the One upon
whom we esteemed not and
saw no beauty in Him. But
only there will we hear His
words, “Father forgive them.”
the class I felt somewhat out of
What is this “short story” of Mark? I place, but soon, the universality of OK, OK. This deserves an ex-
think that it is quite simple. Mark tells us Christian love overshadowed all of
that Jesus loved God and Man with all
planation, but you have to get to
our diversity.
of His Being, and He desires no less of Page 14 to get it.

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
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Elders’ Message
Our Father looked
beyond the magnif-
icent Temple and
stared right into
Solomon’s heart!
Just as then, He
still yearns for the
integrity of our
hearts, our upright-
ness, and our obe-
dience. Our joy
and thankfulness
for a building free
of any mortgage is
Dr. David and Mrs. Marlene good and right—
Hamilton but, God would just as soon meet us Him, obey His commandments, and
under the shade of a scrub tree in the serve and worship Him alone. As for
African bush, if would walk in integ- the exalted Temple, God would make
A mortgage burning—it happens
rity, uprightness and obedience to it come to naught and even ridicule
daily across our country in myriads of His Son, it. Why would He do this? He would
churches. It marks a memorable day do this because they would forsake
in the life of congregations as it did for God had more to say on this occa- the LORD their God.
us as we ceremoniously burned our sion:
mortgage recently. Beyond the We give praise to God for the bless-
“But if you or your sons at all turn ings He has bestowed upon us. We
comforts of knowing we have paid for from following Me, and do not keep
our facility, beyond the realization of give glory to Him alone for all He
My commandments and My statutes has accomplished in our midst, in our
the dream of the church building, which I have set before you, but go and
hearts, and in our lives. God’s church
beyond all of this, is there something serve other gods and worship them,
is His people purchased by His Son,
God would have us consider? then I will cut off Israel from the land
which I have given them; and this
not a building. His church sang,
In 1 Kings 9 we discover a glimpse house which I have consecrated for My “Great is thy Faithfulness” after the
of God’s heart for his people. Solo- name I will cast out of My sight. Israel mortgage burning. The last verse
mon had just finished the building of will be a proverb and a byword among reads:
the Temple and offered up his prayer all peoples. And as for this house, Pardon for sin and a peace that
of dedication. God appeared to Solo- which is exalted, everyone who passes endureth
mon and spoke to him of the finished by it will be astonished and will hiss, Thine own dear presence to
work. In these words, we find our and say, 'Why has the LORD done thus cheer and to guide;
exhortation also. to this land and to this house?' Then Strength for today and bright
they will answer, 'Because they forsook hope for tomorrow,
Jehovah God first spoke of his bless- the LORD their God, who brought Blessings all mine, with ten
ing. He told Solomon: their fathers out of the land of Egypt, thousand beside!
and have embraced other gods, and
“If you walk before Me as your father worshiped them and served them; May we, the “pardoned” of Grace
David walked, in integrity of heart and therefore the LORD has brought all Bible Church, be as vigilant and ded-
in uprightness, to do according to all this calamity on them’” (1 Kings 9:6- icated to our walk with Him to
that I have commanded you, and if you 9). Whom we owe everything as we
keep My statutes and My judgments, have been to those we owed our
then I will establish the throne of your Again, we see God’s heart for His mortgage. And to God be the glory
kingdom over Israel forever, as I prom- people; He desires them to follow for great things He has done!
ised” (1 Kings 9:4–5).

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
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An Active Role
By Harold Brecht

As I sit in my tree stand on the

Deaconal Message would be very limited. I would
first day of deer season, I have encourage you to reflect, meditate
Then Haggai, the LORD• S messenger, spoke the
time to reflect on many things. I LORD• S message to the people, saying, "I with and pray as to how you can play
enjoy the quietness and solitude, you, says the LORD." 14 So the LORD stirred up the
spirit of Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, governor of Ju-
an active role in the activities of
punctuated with the occasional dah, and the spirit of Joshua the son of Jehozadak, the GBC.
high priest, and the spirit of all the remnant of the peo-
gunshot. I enjoy God’s creation. ple; and they came and worked on the house of the Harold Brecht
LORD of hosts, their God, 15 on the twenty• fourth day
In between looking for deer, I of the sixth month, in the second year of King Darius. 1
read John MacArthur’s The Book ¶ In the seventh , on the twenty• first of the
month, the word of the LORD came by Haggai the
of Leadership. It applies to every
church member as he discusses
the qualities of leadership. We all
lead in various ways and can all
benefit from the information he
shares. Time is also spent reflect-
ing, meditating, and praying. I would like to thank those volun-
teers that clean the church, mow
Deut: 6:4-5 the lawn, take care of flowers,
teach Sunday school, lead wor-
Hear, O Israel: The ship, play musical instruments,
LORD our God is fold bulletins, supervise the nurs-
one LORD: ery, lead youth group, serve on
various committees of the ladies
And thou shalt love ministry, help with special church
the LORD thy God projects and help with acts of Thanks Harold and Dave D. for
kindness. getting the cross on the steeple.
with all thine heart,
and with all thy soul, Also, I thank those who have
and with all thy faithfully provided through tithes
and offerings in such a way that GBC Service Times:
enabled us to pay off the mort-
gage 19 years early. This has been Sunday Prayer: 9AM
such a testimony of God’s faith-
As I think about my role as an of- fulness through his people. Sunday School 9:30AM
ficer, I reflect on how I can better
serve the congregation of GBC— In closing, I would like to encour- Sunday Worship 10:35AM
and I contemplate my need to age you to continue to volunteer.
spend more time in prayer for the The ministry of GBC isn’t cen- Sunday Evening Worship 6PM
families of GBC. When I reflect tered on the officers. They are
on GBC, I am thankful for the there to provide direction and en- Wednesday Fellowship
volunteers who give of their time couragement. Without the help of And Prayer 7PM
and talents to help in many areas. each person, the ministry of GBC

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
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Bob and Kathy Selph were able to
community using the gifts that God
select items from the missionary box
has given us for His glory.
during their visit with the church.
Our October meeting brought the
Marlene and Cathy
women up to date on the develop-
ments of the Ladies’ Ministry. A
calendar for the remainder of 2006
It’s been a busy fall for the ladies through December 2007 was distrib-
ministry of GBC. Marlene and uted.
Cathy, along with the chairwomen,
have completed the structure of the “Relationships” was the theme of the Charles Busada 570-752-6398
various committees. The final drafts Carlisle retreat. Marge Tripp was the
have been given to our deacon, Har- guest speaker and several ladies from
old, for final review. We are look- GBC attended. The teaching was Ray Batdorf 570-799-0264
ing forward to meeting in the near very helpful and the fellowship with
future with the chairwomen of the women of like faith was wonderful.
Events, Hospitality, Missions, David Hamilton 570-784-6156
Church Care, and Outreach commit- No one went away hungry from the
Thanksgiving family fellowship
tees. They, in turn, will be meeting
with the ladies who have signed up meal. It was an evening of sharing in
under their committee. We appreci- a meal of thanksgiving to God for Ron Rohrbach 570-356-07947
ate the patience and loving spirit that His goodness and for one another.
has been displayed by our ladies and
their willingness to help and get in- Many participated in “Operation Harold Brecht 570-356-7962
volved. Most of all, we thank every- Christmas Child,” bringing shoe
one for their prayers throughout the boxes once again this year. Amy
past year as we worked on this proj- headed up the collection of boxes.
For a nicer appearance, changes were
The Events committee planned the made in the church foyer. A lamp
church picnic in August, along with was added to the table. In the fellow-
the quarterly fellowship in October. ship hall two tables were placed un- Mark 6:34 And Jesus, when
The ladies of GBC assisted Mt. Zion der the bulletin board for sign-up he came out, saw
U.M. Church ladies with the funeral sheets and other materials.
meal of Bessie Rohrbach by prepar- much people, and was
ing jello salads and cakes. In Sep- December’s events will include the moved with compas-
tember meals were prepared for Paul annual Ladies Christmas fellowship
and Lorraine, followed in October on the 7th, at the home of Marlene sion toward them, be-
with meals for George and Margaret. Hamilton, with a cookie exchange cause they were as
included for the evening. And, there
In September Barbara Garvine led will be a fellowship time with light sheep not having a
the ladies Bible study with an enjoy- refreshments following the Christmas shepherd: and he be-
able tea. Marlene and Ashley both program on December 17th.
shared their personal testimonies
gan to teach them
with the group. Judy Batdorf com- As we work together in the upcom- many things.
pleted her study on humility in Octo- ing year, pray that we might minister
ber. to one another and to those in our

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
[5] Page [ 5 ]
HUMILITY quires that humbleness of spirit
“Humble your-
self in the sight
that can say, “I am wrong.” We
can then repent of self-centered-
Sunday School
of the Lord ness, ask God for a greater infill-
and He shall ing of His Spirit, and be obedient
lift you up” to His leading. He will then cause
(James 4:10). us to be concerned and thoughtful
It would be of others. Selflessness is the
helpful to un- prime prerequisite to humility.
derstand humility if we knew how
to recognize it. We cannot do this We can learn many things from
personally, for if we think we see Jesus about humility. Though He
humbleness in ourselves, it is the was King of Kings, He came to
next thing to being proud of our earth as a helpless baby, and
own humility. A good definition “made Himself of no reputation,
Last Quarter, the adult class en-
of humility is a modest, appropri- … He humbled Himself and be-
joyed a “group-teach” in the book
ate sense of one’s own signifi- came obedient unto death” of James. Here we learned that the
cance. It is not so much having a (Philippians 2:7–-8). Humility and heart of the faith is loving the
lowly opinion of one’s self as it is the fear of the Lord go hand in downtrodden, being slow to speak
being unaware of one’s self. God hand, and by them God has prom- and quick to listen, and guarding
desires us to have a humble spirit ised riches and honor and life. the tongue. Thanks to our teachers,
because it is the exact opposite of (Proverbs 22:4) Charles Busada, Scott Shaw, Kurt
pride, and pride is the essential Olivieri, and Howard Long.
ingredient of almost all sinful be- By Judy Batdorf with help from
Emalyan Spencer, A Woman that This quarter we are looking forward
havior. Pride seeks to promote
Feareth the Lord, Decatur, GA: to a study Love Walked Among Us:
and please self. Learning To Love Like Jesus, a
Committee for Christian Educa-
book by Paul E. Miller. David
James 4:10 tell us to “humble our- tion and Publications (PCA). Hamilton will teach the course.
selves.” Can we somehow bestow
upon ourselves the quality of hu-
mility? That is getting it back-
wards. We humble ourselves
when we praise others and desire
to see their needs met; when we
perform lowly and menial tasks
without praise or thanks; when we
take the place of lesser honor or
importance; or when we have the
courage to admit our wrongs and
ask forgiveness. An attitude of
humbleness acknowledges depen-
dence on God and gratefulness to
Him for His goodness.

Humility and repentance go to-

gether, because repentance re-

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
[6] Page [ 6 ]
the damp weather to enjoy a bonfire preparation on my part can change
Men’s Studies built by Jason George. The evening
was enhanced by GBC’s generous
that. I was abundantly blessed by the
generosity of my family and friends
supply of snacks (a special thanks to at GBC. God showed me the impor-
Dan and Kelly Renno, Nancy Krum, tance and significance of each mem-
and Judy Batdorf for helping setup ber of the body of Christ using his or
and serve the food)! her gifts to work together for the
The Sunday school rooms good of a project. Each task, no mat-
served as make-shift bedrooms for ter how large or small, was important
some of our visitors, but several to make the weekend an enjoyable
brave guests camped outdoors. and profitable experience for our
Saturday morning brought guests. THANK YOU to each one
sunny skies. After a filling breakfast who contributed for giving of your
and much deliberation over the plans time, resources, or self to provide a
for the day, we decided on a trip to blessing to your brothers and sisters
The GBC men have continued to Knoebel’s. It was fun to see several in Christ. My
view the Francis Schaeffer series, So people from a group of approxi- prayer is that
How Shall We Then Live. The atten- mately 15 experience the park for the you will be
dance has been low, but the rewards first time. Thankfully, we only greatly blessed
are tangible. Don’t forget ladies, briefly lost one person (seriously!). in return for
you’re also invited (as long as you He was quickly found with a little your service to
bring food). We meet on the third cooperation from the group. The les- us and for
Tuesday of the month at 6:30PM at son learned here is to always stay in Christ!
the fellowship hall. one place if you get lost…it speeds
up the search time! We returned to
the church for a late lunch and a On another
quick game of volleyball and our note, please
second presentation of how the Bible pray for this
came into the English language. ministry and
By Deborah Rohrbach
With the weather now dry and the direction
sunny, Mark Rohrbach provided a God would
The second annual
hay ride to the corn maze, followed take it. My
college and career
by—yes, you guessed it—more food! hope is that we
retreat once again began with cloudy
Our guests kindly made the clean up can have more
skies and heavy downpours. The
process much easier by staying to interaction
weekend’s activities began when ev-
help out with washing dishes, vacu- with students
eryone came together to enjoy a time
uming, and straightening up Sunday from Blooms-
of praise and worship music led by
school rooms before they returned burg Univer-
Dr. Busada and Jonathan Busada.
home. sity while maintaining the
Then Dr. Busada presented the first
The weekend was a great time relationships that have been formed
of two sessions on the history of the
and truly a blessing to all. Many with friends from the Bloomsburg
textual transmission of the Bible.
commented on how much they en- Southern Baptist church, Grace Fel-
Approximately 25 people were in
joyed the weekend and expressed lowship Church in Hazelton, and
attendance. The evening continued
their deep appreciation to our church other sister churches. If you would
with a time of fellowship spent re-
for hosting this event. Planning the like to be involved in any capacity
newing old friendships and forming
weekend was a chance for me to with this ministry, like to know
new relationships. Some attendees
learn that no matter what the circum- more about it, or have suggestions
chose to stay inside to play music or
stances, God is truly always in con- for activities, please feel free to talk
games while others ventured out into
trol. No amount of worry or with me.

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
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His son-in-law gave his testimony playing king of the straw moun-
about growing up in Communist tain, smelling, I mean seeing
Hungary, and described his salvation Mark and Ashley’s pigs, cows,
experience. It was a thrilling testi- and other various animals, (or was
mony to the Grace and Mercy of
it just Mark?) and of course – eat-
God, and the residents seemed very
attentive. Other Prime Timers helped
with singing, reading scripture, and But, out of all the youth activities
visiting with the residents. It is al- over the last few months, the
ways a rewarding experience to go Road Rally topped them all. A
there. We thank Deborah Rohrbach big thanks to Dr. Hamilton for
for playing the piano for us. planning the Road Rally that took
Our special thanks go to John Rob- us all over Columbia County –
erts who, along with Roy Bunger, including the Ferris Wheel at
had the Nursing Home Ministry for Knoebels.
many years. We appreciate their We have also been having a
Motto: 55 and still alive time, effort and faithfulness.
great time on Wednesday eve-
We would enjoy seeing some new
nings singing (thank you Michael
faces in our group, so those 55 and for playing the guitar), studying
older are encouraged to attend. You 1st John, and playing games. We
do not have to be a member of this especially had fun playing Char-
The Prime Timers meet twice month- church. Call Ray Batdorf at 570- ado (charades with play dough – it
ly, usually the first and third Mon- 799-0264 for more information. is actually more fun than you
days of the month. think!), Pictionary, and Sardines.
The next youth activity is our an-
Special programs this quarter in- nual Christmas Party and
cluded a night when the Longs Christmas Caroling. We will
shared the pictures and mementoes of By Dan Renno
begin the evening singing our fa-
their trip to Hungary. We welcomed King of the
Howard’s cousin and his friend as
vorite Christmas Carols to those
straw moun- in the community and will end
special guests. The fall foliage in- tain – that’s
spired our Autumn Mystery Trip in with a Christmas Party and White
right! I am Elephant Exchange (what ever
October. The weather was rainy and
very foggy, so part of the mystery king of the happened to those beaded cur-
was trying to see where we were go- straw moun- tains?)
ing. In spite of the inclement weath- tain. Well, the
er, we were able to enjoy the colored other guys
leaves when the fog cleared, and in- might not
dulge in our favorite pastime – eating agree, but I think it is safe to say
at a good restaurant. Our group has that at the Youth Group Fall Festi-
such good fellowship, and we just val I dominated—I think . The
enjoy being together. youth group had a great time at
the Fall Festival going on a hay
We are getting more involved with
ride, shooting apples with sling
our church’s Nursing Home Minis-
try. In November, Howard Long shots (not at anyone of course),
spoke on the topic of being thankful. going through the corn maze
(Mark didn’t get lost this year!),

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
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Prayer requests:
1. That Grace Mission would
achieve legal registration so they
can carry on the activities of a This year we plan to have two
recognized non-profit entity. Christmas ori-
2. That the church plant would be ented services.
able to constitute as a self-gov-
erning, local New Testament
Don and Gail Donell church. Pray that men would be
On December
17, 6PM, we
raised up to lead this new assem-
Children: Rachel Selph plan a Christmas
bly as church officers.
(married), Ryan, Amy, Ian 3. Pray about other opportunities
Fellowship Ser-
Grace Mission in Carlos Paz which have opened up for possi- vice. Come and
Argentina ble preaching points and church enjoy the music
planting outreach: Laguna Larga, and refresh-
San Nicolas and Oncativo. ments.
Sending Church: Grace Baptist
Church, Taylors, SC
The Donells, RBMS missionar- Praise:
ies, have been in Argentina
preaching the gospel, planting For the Palabra Fiel (Faithful
churches and training leaders Word) Conference held
for five years. They have estab- recently. The Conference costs
lished Grace Mission, and dis- came to $3,000.00, and when the
tribute Gospel literature in the total gifts were added, the amount
city park, and throughout the came to $3,000.00. Praise the Then, on Sunday
region. Don has begun a Mon- Lord! One man who attended the evening, 6PM, December 24,
day Night Bible Institute that Conference said it was like a (Christmas Eve) we plan on our
provides additional theological "stake driven into his soul and second annual Christmas Eve
training. ministry" to establish the truth of Candlelight Service. Come, enjoy
the gospel. the festivities, the music, the
Scriptures and the beauty of the
Light of the
A New Look at Wednesday
Starting in January, our Wednes-
day gathering will take on a dif-
ferent format. We’ll have a short
time of prayer followed with a
Bible Study. Additionally, we’ll
devote a separate portion of our
evening Sunday service to Cor-
porate prayer.

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
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An inside look at an officers’ meeting.

The smile of a champion

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
[ 10 ]
Page [ 10 ]
More of a Baptist Thing

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
[ 11 ] Page [ 11 ]
A Pie and a Smile:
Happy Thanksgiving

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
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Grace Bible Church
Issue 2, Winter, 2006
[ 13 ]
Page [ 13 ]
I have no clue as to what this is.

Dear Abby letter.


Little pink riding Ruth

Look up in the sky!
Just gleaning away.
It’s Betty Greene

Did the last supper have Grace Bible Church

eggs? Issue 2, Winter, 2006
[ 14 ] Page [ 14 ]
For the Kids

Favorite Missionaries with

special smiles



Grace Bible Church

209 McIntyre Rd
Catawissa, PA 17815

Grace Bible Church

Issue 2, Winter, 2006
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