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News 6 & 8
Latest news from the Middle East.
Gas turbines 10
By 2013 Oman will have two 750MW combined cycle
gas turbine power plants, thanks to a deal struck by
Siemens and GDF Suez.
Gen-sets 12 & 13
AEL, one of Pakistans Independent Power Plants,
supplies 32MWe of power to the national grid. based
on 8 MWM gensets of the TCG 2032 V16 type the
plant has an electrical efficiency of more than 39%.
Cogeneration 14
Saudi Arabia has ordered four natural gas-fired
150MW M501F gas turbines and generator from MHI,
reports MEP.
Gas engines 16
Syria is keen to produce 750MW from a gas-fired plant
to be built in Deir-Ezzor province by 2013. Ansaldo
Energia and Greeces Metka are the main contractors
behind the deal..
Gen-sets 17
Wartsila is providing seven 20V32 generating sets for
a Saudi Arabian cement manufacturer - Hail Cement.
FuelCell Energy leads the way 18
A new technology has shown how a 300kw DFC300
fuel cell can not only produce hydrogen but also clean
electricity and high-quality heat.
One MWM genset.
success stories.
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Our power portfolio includes
Oman has ordered two 750MW
SGT5-4000F units thanks to a
Siemens/GDF Suez deal. P.10.
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1
Saudi Arabia will get a cogen
package from MHI based on x4
150MW M501Fs. See page 14.
MWM GmbH is one of the world`s
leading suppliers of eco-friendly
systems for energy production
based on gas and diesel engines.
The main focus of the production
is on gen-sets for the generation
of electrical energy. See p.12.
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Power - as always bringing you
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cogeneration around the world.
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Aidan Turnbull
- Editor
Egypts investment remains undiminished
E has signed contracts worth US$300 million to supply six gas turbines and associated
services to the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company for two new combined-cycle power
plants near Cairo which will support Egypts rapidly growing energy needs which have
been unchanged by a recent change of regime..
GE and its consortium partner, SEPCO III, have been selected for the expansions of Giza North
and Banha power plants. The projects will add 2,250MWs of capacity to the countrys power
grid, or 10%of capacity to the countrys grid, supporting residents and businesses in Cairo. These
$US300 million contracts constitute the largest power generation order between GE and Egypt.
According to Egypts Ministry of Electricity and Energy, the country experienced 13% growth in
electricity demand from 2009 to 2010, and the growth is expected to continue at a rate of
approximately 11% over the next five years. The Giza North and Banha plants are scheduled to
enter service by the middle of 2013 in time to help the country meet its peak power demands
during the summer.
GE will supply four Frame 9FA Gas Turbines for Giza North and two 9FA Gas Turbines for Banha,
along with installation and technical services. The 9FA Gas Turbines are equipped with GEs
advanced dry low NOx (DLN) combustion technology to support lower emissions at Giza North
and Banha power plants. GEs advanced DLN combustion technology is designed to help gas
turbine operators meet lower emissions requirements without the injection of diluents. More
than 700 GE DLN combustors have compiled more than 23 million hours of operation on almost
800 units worldwide. Dr. Hassan Younis, Egypts
Minister for Electricity and Energy, commented:
Egypt is heralding a new era in its growth story,
with a focus on the all-round development of all
economic sectors. Driving this is the power
industry, which is being upgraded and strength-
ened to meet the needs of the people and boost
business efficiencies. The partnership with the
major industrial energy companies will
accelerate the development of the countrys
power sector and, in turn, the overall
Mahmoud Balbaa, chairman, Egyptian
Electricity Holding Company, concluded: GEs
advanced technology produces power with high
efficiency and promotes energy sustainability in
Egypt. We are pleased to be working with an
industry leader such as GE to support us in
meeting the growing power demands in Cairo
and the country.
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In brief...
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 MI D D L E E A S T P O W E R
A new deal means that the Saudi
Arabian water desalination and
power generation company ACWA
Power International owns a
controlling stake in Jordans
largest electricity producer,
Central Electricity Generating Co
ACWA Power has purchased a 65
per cent share in Enara Energy
Investments, which owns 51 per
cent of CEGCO. ACWA Power has
also sold a minority stake in
Enara to the International
Finance Corporation (IFC), a
member of the World Bank
In June 2011, ACWA Power
entered into an agreement with
Jordan Dubai Capital to acquire a
controlling stake in CEGCO.
CEGCO has 1550 MW of installed
capacity, meeting 59% of Jordans
current electricity consumption
through seven power generation
sites across the country.
However, existing power plants
are close to decommissioning
and, as part of the agreement,
ACWA Power will be supporting
refurbishment of the power
infrastructure in Jordan.
The state-owned National Electric
Power Company (NEPCO)
produces most of Jordans
electricity (94%). Since mid-2000,
privatisation efforts have been
undertaken to increase
independent power generation
facilities; a Belgian company is
set to begin operations soon at a
new power plant near Amman
with an estimated capacity of 450
megawatts. Power plants at Az
Zarqa (400 megawatts) and Al
Aqabah (650 MW) are Jordan's
other primary electricity
providers. As a whole,
the country consumed
nearly 8 billion kilowatt-
hours of electricity in
2003 while producing
only 7.5 billion kWh of
electricity. Electricity
production in 2004 rose
to 8.7 billion kWh, but
production must
continue to increase in
order to meet demand,
which will continue to
grow by about 5% .
Deal for Jordans power sector
Next stage of Saudi
infrastructure begins
The Saudi Electricity Company,
the state-backed power supplier,
has signed deals worth US$307m
with Saudi companies to build
the next stage of the countrys
power infrastructure.
The company said the first
contract was to construct a
transformer station in Qassim;
the second is to build two
electricity lines, one linking
Makkah and Taif and another
linking Tabuk with Dhaba. The
contractors have yet to be
identified. The initial announce-
ment was made by Ali S. Al
Barrak, SEC CEO. Saudi Arabia
has been grappling with rising
energy demands and a swelling
population in its biggest cities.
The main responsibility for
invetsment is with SEC, and in
the last year the company has
awarded billion of riyals in
contracts to local and interna-
tional contractors to build plants
and extend existing facilities.
Marubeni heads Oman power consortium
A consortium led by the Japanese
conglomerate Marubeni has won a
contract for the construction of
the US$1.5bn Sur independent
power project (IPP). This will be
Omans biggest green-field power
project to date.
The consortium - which also
includes Qatar Electricity and
Water Company - is tasked with
the design, finance, construction,
operation and maintenance of a
new 2000MW facility.
The project is being launched
under a 15-year power off-take
agreement with the state-owned
Oman Power and Water
Procurement Company (OPWP). In
addition, the consortium has
signed a gas supply agreement
with Omans Ministry of Oil and
Marubeni is confident that the
consortium can meet OPWPs
implementation timeframe, which
requires 400 MW of power to be
available by the summer of 2013,
with the remaining 1600 MW
becoming operational for summer
The Oman Electricity Transmission
Company (OETC) has
commissioned consultants and
contractors to build the necessary
infrastructure to transmit power
from the IPP to the Main
Interconnection System serving
the northern half of Oman.
US$17m order for
Yanbu plant
ABB has won a US$17m
order from Hanwha
Engineering & Construction
of Korea to extend an
existing substation at Yanbu
in Saudi Arabia. The project
at Yanbu involves the
integration of additional
power capacity from two
new generation blocks. The
Yanbu power plant is owned
and operated by Marafiq,
the regional power and
water utility. The new
blocks will generate an
additional 500 MW, raising
the plants total output to
1500 MW.
UAE energy growth at
A report on the power
sector of the United Arab
Emirates (UAE) projects a
growth of nearly 40% in
generation capacity by
The UAEs demand for
energy will rise by 43.6%
from 2011 to 2020, with
growth accelerating from
17.6% for 201115 up to
22.1% for 201620.
By 2015 the UAE will
account for 7.33% of Middle
East and Africa (MEA) power
generation, according to
the report. Between 2011
and 2020, BMI has forecast
an increase in UAE
electricity generation of
39.6%, near the bottom of
the range for the MEA
30% clean generation
for Turkey
The Turkish government is
planning to install smart
grid projects and partner
that with 30% clean gener-
ation capacity by 2023.
To meet Turkeys projected
6-8% future increase in
electricity demand it will
have to rely on imported
gas. The countrys only
significant source of
domestic power is lignite
coal, which has been
rejected due to
environmental concerns.
A new smart grid project is
under development.
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Sept MEP Pg 7:Layout 1 27/09/2011 12:35 Page 1
In brief...
US$93.7m Alstom deal
Alstom has won a 66m
(US$93.7m) contract with
Iraq to build and install a
power station in the north-
ern province of Nineveh.
Due online by the end of
2012, the deal for the plant
specifies that Iraq will pay
10% of the cost to Alstom
in advance and 40% a year
after the start of
Iraq's available power
capacity is about 9 GW and
installed capacity totals
1112 GW, according to
Iraqi officials, but
summertime demand is
estimated to hit 14 GW.
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 MI D D L E E A S T P O W E R
Egypt's Orascom
Industries has been
awarded a US$181m
million contract for
work on 1,500 MW
combined cycle
power plant in Giza
while power supply
shortfalls in the
region should
provide the
company with more
opportunities within
the industry.
OCI said that the
latest project was
awarded by the
Cairo Electricity
Company and is
expected to be
completed in about
32 months. The
company is
currently construct-
ing several power
plants in Egypt and
Algeria with a total
power generation
capacity of 5,250
MW. Mr Osama
Bishai of the OCI
construction group
COO told MEP: "The
construction group
continues to target
key power projects
in its Middle East
and North Africa
markets as these
markets continue to
face severe power
supply deficits. The
group has been able
to secure sizeable
contracts and we
believe the power
sector in the region
will continue to
provide great
opportunities for
OCI. The project is
backed by the
Finance Corp, part
of the World Bank
Orascom is behind
US$181m CCPP
Siemens is working on combined cycle plant
Siemens Energy is working to ful-
fill a $1 billion order from a Saudi
consortium for the supply of com-
ponents for a combined cycle
power plant at its Ras Az Zawr
facility, about 75 km northwest of
Jubail, the company said in a
Ras Az Zawr will be the fifth
large-capacity power plant built
by Siemens in Saudi Arabia after
the Shuaibah IWPP, Jeddah III,
Ghazlan and Al-Khobar projects,
it further said.
Under the deal, Siemens will be
supplying 12 gas turbines, 10 heat
recovery steam generators, five
steam turbines, and the associat-
ed auxiliary and ancillary systems
to the consortium comprising
Saudis Al Arrab Contracting
Company and Chinese SepcoIII
Electric Power Construction
Corporation. the start of commer-
cial operations scheduled for
early 2014. Ras Az Zawr is one of
the most important mega proj-
Sharjah Investment
Center (SIC), a first
of-its-kind multi-
purpose project
being developed by
awarded a major
contract to GECO
for the full supply
and installation of
eight 33kV main
power stations over
a period of 14
months, to supply
11kV of power to
all the project's
The agreement was
formalised at a
ceremony attended
by Dr. Omar Al
Manager of SIC,
who signed the
agreement on
behalf of SIC, and
Mr. Ali Rizvi, GECO's
General Manager,
who signed the
agreement on
behalf of GECO.
Commenting on the
deal, Dr. Al
Mashaabi told MEP:
"This contract is a
new addition to the
progress achieved
in the SIC, and a
reflection of our
towards investors
and clients to
supply electricity
and carry out all
related works. We
will have the
project delivered to
its investors as soon
as possible."
Supplying reliable
power for the
nations mega
projects on a
national scale is
considered the
biggest challenge
facing Sharjah.
Nexans has been
awarded a 90m
turnkey contract by
DEWA (Dubai
Electricity and
Water Authority) to
construct Dubais
first Extra High
Voltage (EHV)
underground cable
system operating at
400 kV. The project
will play a key role
in DEWAs plans to
upgrade its power
transmission infra-
structure to meet
the constantly
increasing demand
for electrical power
created by the
rapid expansion of
Dubai Emirate.
DEWA is currently
constructing a new
400/132 kV
substation at
Mamzar Beach. The
Nexans project will
link this substation
to two existing high
voltage substations
at Mushriff and
Nahda via several
kilometres of 400
kV XLPE cable
circuits. These will
be installed below
the streets of Dubai
in specially
concrete tunnels,
complete with
ventilation and fire
protection systems.
The turnkey
contract includes
the supply and
installation of
around 60 km of
400 kV XLPE cable
and associated
accessories & cable
GECO builds new
Sharjah power plants
DEWA gives go-ahead
for EHV underground
cable system
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KOHLER to come through. Without fail.
Tony Arroyo of Kohler prescribed two 2,000 kW
KOHLER generators and KOHLER switchgear
to protect the productivity of a major
pharmaceuticals maker.
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S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 MI D D L E E A S T P O W E R
iemens is to build at least two 750
MW combined-cycle gas turbine
(CCGT) power plants in Oman for a
consortium led by French utility GDF
Siemens will build Barka III and Sohar II
with its South Korean partner GS E&C.
Both units will begin operations in simple-
cycle mode in May 2012, with an
extension to combined-cycle to follow by
April 2013.
The overall investment is about
US$1.7bn. Barka III will be near to the
coastal city of the same name in northern
Oman. Sohar II will be located in the
Sohar industrial park about 200 km west
of the capital Muscat.
In addition to turnkey construction,
Siemens will supply each plants main
components including two SGT5-4000F gas
turbines. GS E&C will supply heat-
recovery steam generators and cover
items including the civil works,
transformers and ancillary systems as well
as equipment installation.
The proven SGT5-4000F is characterised
by high performance, low power
generating costs, long intervals between
major inspections and an easy-to-service
design. Optimised flow and cooling add up
to the highest gas turbine efficiency levels
Omans latest gas turbines -
the SGT5-4000F units
for the most economical power generation
in combined-cycle applications, says
Siemens. Its state-of-the-art technology is
based on proven design features.
Similar technology is used at the single
shaft combined cycle power plant (CCPP)
in Ribatejo, Portugal. This plant is
equipped with SGT5-4000F gas turbines,
SST5-3000 steam turbines and SGen5-
2000H hydrogen-cooled generators. Each
of the three single shaft units has a
capacity of 390MW.
Modern Siemens gas turbines are
produced at the new large CCGT plant in
Charlotte, USA. In the picture below a
SGT6-5000F gas turbine is being processed
on a tooling machine controlled by a
Sinumerik. The SGT6-5000F has also
proved its effectiveness in around 6 mil-
lion operating hours and represents a
combination of tested technology and
advanced design. It features 98%
reliability and 57.5% efficiency in CCGT
Increasingly fierce competition fuelled
by deregulation and privatisation is
dictating ever lower power generation
costs. One approach to cost-cutting is
economical plant operation centering on
low investment costs and in particular on
lowest life-cycle costs, a Siemens
spokesman told MEP.
Omans newest engine - the SGT5-4000F
Siemens Gas Turbine (SGT) is
described as a high-performance work-
horse is tailored to meet exacting
requirements. The SGT5-4000F is based on
the SGT5-2000E/SGT6-2000E.
With its innovative design, materials and
thermodynamic processes, the SGT5-
4000F is characterised by the use of two
rotor bearings and a cold-end generator
These gas turbines are of proven
ruggedness, with more than 380 machines
sold and operating, reports Siemens.
Internet link Internet link
By 2013 Oman will have two 750MW combined cycle gas turbine power plants, thanks to a
deal struck by Siemens and a consortium led by French utility GDF Suez. Key to the power
generating operations will be two advanced SGT5-4000F gas turbines. MEP has the story.
GAS.TURBINES.SIEMENS.MEP.p26:LHP.MEP.p26.qxd 26/09/2011 20:53 Page 1
Sept MEP Pg 11 final:ad page 2 halfs grid.qxd 27/09/2011 12:38 Page 1
Decentralised power generation for
Pakistan & the Middle East
There are many reasons for the increased popularity of natural gas to generate both power and
energy in the world, says MWM. While the cheapest fossil fuel, coal is far more damaging as it
releases the highest levels of pollutants. In fact, new gas firing technologies are allowing natural
gas to play an increasingly decisive role in the generation of clean electricity, says the manufacturer.
n efficient and uninterruptible
power supply has become a major
challenge for Pakistan industries in
the last decade. Higher costs for energy
and shortages of power supply from the
grid have brought the private, public and
industrial sector to search for a
decentralised, efficient and clean way to
produce energy. Power generation with
gas generator sets as well as cogeneration
(CHP) or trigeneration (CCHP) is one of
the most efficient and affordable ways to
produce energy. These technologies have
been proved and tested in the market for
decades, therefore today efficiencies up
to 90% can be achieved by producing
energy together with heat and cold.
MWM GmbH is one of the world's leading
suppliers of highly efficient and
environmentally-friendly systems for
energy production. The company, based in
Mannheim in Germany, can draw on over
140 years' experience in the development
and optimisation of combustion engines
for natural gas, special gases and diesel.
Together with its partner Descon Power
Solutions from Lahore, Pakistan MWM is
plans to extend its market presence in
Since 2009, Descon Power Solution, a
subsidiary of Descon, one of the leaders in
Engineering, Chemicals and Power
industry within the region, has offered
services such as engineering and design,
supply & installation, commissioning
operation & maintenance, the supply of
spare parts and emergency
troubleshooting for MWM generator sets.
AEL Engine Room.
GENSETS.MEP.SEPTEMBER11.p12:GENSETS.MEP.MAY11.p12.qxd 26/09/2011 09:42 Page 1
H 09 50 043/DMWM-0071 06.09.11 BL Motiv: MWM_Anzeige_Ernder_2_1/2_englisch Diesel & Gas Turbine WW DU: 06.09.2011 Format: 407 x 130 + 3 mm OffsetV2 4c Step 1
Thinking ahead about innovation.
Which gas engine is the right one
for you? Ask the in ventors.
In 1880 Carl Benz invented the rst station-
ary gas engine, thus laying the foundation
for the company MWM. Today we are the
specialist in high-performance engines in
the gas and diesel segment. Our engineers
work every day on improving the perform-
ance values, ef ciency and reliability of
our engines further and further. Afer
all, each progress pays of for you in your
protability calculation. It also protects
the natural resources of course.
407x130_MWM_Erfinder_engl_DGT.indd 1-2 07.09.2011 11:05:25 Uhr
To date, in Pakistan, MWM has supplied
around 115 MWe of installed power
capacity in more than 20 gas fired power
projects that use different gas types with
the most running on natural gas.
One of the latest projects Descon and
MWM realised in Pakistan was a 5,4 MWe
power plant for the National Bank of
Pakistan commissioned in 2011.
Four generator sets of the series TCG
2020 V16 K where installed on a turnkey
basis along with 2 years of Operation and
Maintenance by Descon. The high power
output of 1,350 kWe of each generator
set, an electrical efficiency of 41.0% along
with the use of the waste heat for the
installed chillers for cooling of the
building ensures an efficient and clean
way of energy supply to the customer.
The banking sector is said to particularly
benefit from the fact that with the new
gen-sets a reliable captive source of
power generation has been achieved with
the new power plant. AEL, one of
Pakistans Independent Power Plants (IPP)
supplies 32 MWe of electric power to the
national grid. Based on eight MWM
gensets (TCG 2032 V16 models) with an
electrical output of 3,9 MWe each, the
power plant reaches an electrical
efficiency of more than 39%. At the date
of commissioning in 2008 this was noted
as one of the highest efficiencies for
gas generator sets. Today the TCG 2032
engine family achieves electrical efficien-
cies up to 43,5% at 4,300 kWe electrical
output. Descon is providing operation and
maintenance to the plant until today.
Since the introduction of the TCG 2020K
in April 2010 MWM has expanded the
product program of this successful series
using a genset with 1,000 kWe. The new
generating unit - with its electrical
efficiency up to 40.0% - offers operators a
wide range of applications on an excellent
price-performance ratio.
Low operation costs and minimal
maintenance costs together with the
dynamic load response capabilities and
robustness of the well-proven series
TCG 2020K ensure more profit and shorter
payback periods for the customer. An
improved reliability at bad air intake
quality through nano-coated charge-air
coolers has also been implemented. MWM
also recently launched its new improved
TCG 2016 C power genset series for the
use on biogas. It is available for both 50
and 60 Hz.
The TCG 2016 C genset continues to be
available in the V8, V12, and V16
variants. Systematic optimisations of the
ignition and control system TEM (Total
Electronic Management) ensure more even
load balancing over all cylinders. The
anti-knock control has been further
improved, and a new cylinder balancing
concept has been introduced. A package
including optimised butterfly valve
construction, a new actuator for the gas
mixer, and the nano-paint-coated mixture
cooler make the genset even more
durable and less susceptible to external
influences. Thanks to these efficiency-
boosting measures, the new gensets reach
a maximum efficiency of 42.8% with
biogas. Visit MWM at Power Gen Asia in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Booth 4C7,
27th 29th September 2011.
Internet link Internet link
GENSETS.MEP.SEPTEMBER11.p13:GENSETS.MEP.MAY11.p13.qxd 27/09/2011 09:18 Page 1
H 09 50 043/DMWM-0071 06.09.11 BL Motiv: MWM_Anzeige_Ernder_2_1/2_englisch Diesel & Gas Turbine WW DU: 06.09.2011 Format: 407 x 130 + 3 mm OffsetV2 4c Step 1
Thinking ahead about innovation.
Which gas engine is the right one
for you? Ask the in ventors.
In 1880 Carl Benz invented the rst station-
ary gas engine, thus laying the foundation
for the company MWM. Today we are the
specialist in high-performance engines in
the gas and diesel segment. Our engineers
work every day on improving the perform-
ance values, ef ciency and reliability of
our engines further and further. Afer
all, each progress pays of for you in your
protability calculation. It also protects
the natural resources of course.
407x130_MWM_Erfinder_engl_DGT.indd 1-2 07.09.2011 11:05:25 Uhr
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 MI D D L E E A S T P O W E R
hanks to an order from Canadas
SNC-Lavalin International for the
supply of four sets of its natural
gas-fired, 150 MW M501F gas turbines and
generators, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
(MHI) will supply equipment for a high-
tech cogen facility in Saudi Arabia.
The gas turbines and generators will
form the core of a proposed cogeneration
facility for the Wasit gas plant project, a
large-scale gas processing project by
Saudi Aramco, the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia's government-owned company.
Expected to be delivered in 2012, the gas
turbines and generators will be installed
at Wasit gas plant, located in the eastern
province of Saudi Arabia to process the
gas produced from the Hasbah and
Arabiyah non-associated gas fields. MHI
will supply the four M501F gas turbines
and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will
provide the four generators. This order
brings the cumulative number of M501F
gas turbines ordered for Saudi Aramco to
11 units, says MHI.
The latest order brings the cumulative
number of M501F gas turbines ordered for
Aramco to 11 units.
The combined cycle power plant being
built at Wasit is of a type recognised as
one of the best thermal power plants due
Saudi Arabias
cogeneration package from MHI
to its high efficiency and cleanliness.
As the primary equipment of the
combined cycle power plant, the gas
turbine is key for improvement of the
combined cycle power plant efficiency.
The F class gas turbine [right], with
1,350C class turbine inlet gas
temperature, was developed in 1989, and
is predominant in the current market due
to its constant reliability improvements.
In 1997, the F series gas turbine was
uprated by applying G series technologies
such as TBC, advanced turbine blade and
vane material and seal technology to the
original F. The up-rated F (i.e. F3) series
gas turbines, which have been installed in
various countries, have accumulated
operating experience and
realised high performance
and reliability.
The original and up-rated
versions of the F series gas
turbine are basically the
same design such as the
stage number of compressor
and turbine, the number of
combustors, the rotor
configuration, the rotor
material, the bearing span,
the compressor and turbine
aerodynamic design and so on. Large
combined cycle power plants using
advanced gas turbine technology are in
demand worldwide due to attractive $/kw
installation and operating cost
advantages, says MHI.
A combined cycle plant has been
operating since 1997 to determi ne the
long -term reliability and hot parts
durability of 1,500C class M501G gas
turbine technology which uses steam
cooling of the combustor hardware.
The verification process & full
experimentation procedures are being
conducted at MHI's in-house combined
cycle verification power plant known as T-
Internet link Internet link
Saudi Arabia has ordered four natural gas-fired, 150 MW M501F gas turbines and generators
from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), expected in 2012. These will form the core of a
cogeneration facility for the Wasit gas plant project, a gas processing project from Saudi Aramco.
CHP.COGEN.GE.MEP.p14:LHP.MEP.p26.qxd 26/09/2011 20:52 Page 1
on the top
with mobile energy
diesel generators from 50 to 5000 kVA
whereever needed
well founded know-how
quality controlled
stationary and mobile
tailor-made solutions
operating worldwide
88N Icreiqn Attitities |etilitetes rcturement enJ sul c|
tethnitel meteriels enJ turn-ke rcjetts.
88N lorelgn Actlvltles 8v, Lngelenburgstraat , )g AM 1wLLLO, 1he Netherlanos
1. (+) )-i) 6g oo, l. (+) )-i) 68 oo,
Sept MEP Pg 15:ad page 2 halfs grid.qxd 30/09/2011 10:39 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 MI D D L E E A S T P O W E R
nsaldo Energia and Greeces Metka
are to build a 750 MW gas fired
power plant in Syria.
The facility, which will cost 700m
($975m), is to be built in the northeastern
province of Deir-Ezzor. Around 80% of the
project is to be financed by loans from
the European Investment Bank, the
Islamic Development Bank and Arab
development funds, with the balance
covered by the Syrian government.
The plant, scheduled to go on-line next
year, will strengthen development in
eastern Syria, electricity minister Ahmed
Qussay Kayyali was quoted as saying. This
is the fourth contract signed this year in
the power generating field, after three to
expand existing facilities.
The contract with the Syrian public
electricity generation company PEEGT
(Public Establishment of Electricity for
Generation and Transmission) involves the
supply of a combined cycle plant for tDeir
Azzour site.
Ansaldo Energia will supply the plant
with two AE94.3 A4 gas turbines plus the
relevant generators and auxiliary systems,
and one RT30 steam turbine with relevant
Gas engines for the
hotspots: Syria, Egypt & Tunisia
generator and auxiliary systems.
The company will also provide spare
parts and assistance with the assembly
and start-up of the plant.
In March 2011 Ansaldo Energia signed a
contract worth over 245 million with
Cairo Electricity Production Company,
which forms part of the Egyptian
Electricity Holding Company.
This Engineering, Procurement and
Construction (EPC) contract was for the
design and construction of a turnkey
600MW open-cycle power plant in Egypt at
the site known as the 6 October, on the
outskirts of Cairo.
Analysts suggest the
deal will go ahead
despite the regime
change in Egypt.
The noew plant here
consists of four units
equipped with four
AE94.2 gas turbines
plus the relevant
generators and auxil-
iary systems.
Ansaldo Energias
November 2010
contract - worth over
240 million - to
supply a combined cycle plant in Tunisia,
also appears to be going ahead.
Ansaldo Energia, a Finmeccanica group
company, in a consortium with SNC-
Lavalin, signed contracts with the Tunisian
electricity and gas company (STEG).
The Tunisian deal is for the engineering,
procurement and construction (EPC)
services behind the 420-MW gas-fired
combined cycle thermoelectric power
plant in Sousse on the Bay of Hammamet,
The facilty will also include a greenfield
power plant, which will be sited next to
the existing one.
Ansaldo Energia is currently involved
with a 640 million contract to build and
maintain a 865 MW Combined Cycle Gas
Power Plant located in Kocaeli-Gezbe, an
important industrial district of Istanbul.
The power plant will be equipped with
AE94.3A turbines manufactured by Ansaldo
Energia in Genoa and is designed for
operational flexibility allowing it to
operate as a cycling plant with the high-
est efficiency and environmental
standards, says the company.
Internet link Internet link
By 2013 Syria wants to produce 750MW of power from a gas-fired plant to be built in Deir-
Ezzor province. Ansaldo Energia and Greeces Metka are the two main contractors behind the
energy project which is worth in the region of 700m. MEP looks at this - and other contracts.
CHP.COGEN.MEP.p16:LHP.MEP.p26.qxd 26/09/2011 22:01 Page 1
MI D D L E E A S T P O W E R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1
rtsil has been awarded a con-
tract to supply the engineering,
equipment and construction for
an on-site power plant to be delivered to
Saudi Arabian cement manufacturer Hail
The Finnish engine OEM will supply
seven 20V32 generating sets, providing a
total output of 52 MW.
The engines will run on heavy fuel oil
but can switch to light fuel oil as a
back-up fuel. The equipment is scheduled
to be delivered during 2012, and the
construction of the plant is scheduled to
take approximately 15 months.
Wartsila already has a strong presence in
Saudi Arabia, with almost 1400 MW of
capacity installed and around 70% of the
Kingdoms cement manufacturing facilities
are powered by its plants.
Wartsila believes this number is likely to
increase, given that power demand in
Saudi Arabia is increasing by more than
70% a year, and new generating capacity
is being added.
In the diesel process, liquid fuel is
injected into the cylinder at high pressure
by camshaft-operated pumps. The fuel is
ignited instantly due to the high
Gen-sets for Saudi Arabian
cement manufacturer
temperature resulting
from the compression.
Combustion takes place
under constant pressure
with fuel injected into
the cylinder during
combustion. After the
working phase, the
exhaust gas valves open
and the cylinder is
emptied of exhaust
gases. With the piston in
its upper position, the
inlet valves open just
before the exhaust gas
valves close, and the cylin-
der is filled with air. In Wrtsil engines
the inlet valves close just before the pis-
ton reaches the bottom dead centre.
This method, called Miller timing,
reduces the work of compression and the
combustion temperature, which results in
higher engine efficiency and lower
Wrtsil oil power plants represent high
efficiency and low emissions. Proven long-
term reliability makes these plants
suitable for stationary and floating base-
load, and for standby applications.
Worldwide deliveries of our liquid-fuelled
power plants exceed 36 GW.
The modular design of Wrtsils oil
power plants enables fast-track delivery
anywhere in the world.
As an example, a 100 MW power plant
can be in commercial operation in as little
as nine months from order placement,
says Wrtsil.
Prefabricated, functionally pretested
modules guarantee consistent quality and
performance. Site installation is simple
and fast, a matter of assembling and
interconnecting modules.
As a clients needs change the plant size
can be altered by adding or removing gen-
erator sets. This means operators can get
started with a smaller initial investment.
Low emissions and proven long-term
reliability make Wrtsil power plants
suitable for both stationary and floating
baseload applications.
They provide a solution even in areas
considered too challenging for any other
form of power generation, such as remote
developing territories, islands and regions
with extreme climates.
Wrtsil power plants operate with the
transmission grid when demand for
electricity and - as a result - prices are
at their highest.
The plants are engineered for
applications with 10,00-6,000 operating
hours a year.
Due to their environmentally advanced
design, they are permitted to operate
more hours than the conventional peaking
plant profile of 100-500 hours a year.
Seven 20V32 generating sets, providing a total output of 52 MW and running on heavy fuel
oil, will be provided by Wrtsil to form an onsite power plant. This is destined for delivery to
Saudi Arabian cement manufacturer Hail Cement by 2012, reports WIP.
Internet link Internet link
GEN-SETS.MEP.p17:RHP.MEP.p27.qxd 26/09/2011 22:45 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 MI D D L E E A S T P O W E R
n a first-of-a-kind industrial
application, US-based FuelCell Energy
has shown manufacturers how they can
use a 300 kW DFC300 fuel cell to produce
hydrogen for use by the metal processing
industry - and create clean electricity and
high quality heat as well.
Financed by US$2.8 million from the US
Department of Energy, FuelCell Energy is
now showing how a Direct FuelCell power
plant can produce clean energy based on
A fuel cell has been installed at a metal
processing facility owned by ACuPowder
International, located in Union, New
Jersey, US. The metal processing industry
uses significant amounts of electricity and
heat, along with industrial gases such as
hydrogen, to treat metal prior to
stamping, shaping or forming. ACuPowder
uses this process, termed annealing, to
make powdered copper. The DFC300 can
generate sufficient hydrogen per day to
generally meet the daily requirements of
the ACuPowder facility.
This fuel cell configuration allows us
to operate more efficiently by reducing
electric, heat and industrial gas costs at
Fuel cells, metal processing
& creating clean energy
our New Jersey location, Edul Daver,
president ACuPowder International LLC,
tells MEP.
These costs are substantial and
represent a significant portion of our total
operating expenses so this project has the
potential to make our Company more
competitive globally, he comments.
FuelCell Energy, Inc. recently signed
two multi-year service agreements with
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)
to operate and maintain two 1.4MW
Direct FuelCell power plants previously
purchased and located at two California
FuelCell Energy was contracted to install
the plants and will maintain the power
plants under the service agreements. Both
plants are installed and have generated
Utility-owned fuel cell power plants
provide ultra-clean distributed baseload
generation which lessens reliance on the
electrical transmission grid and represents
incremental capacity that avoids or
reduces investment in the electric
transmission and distribution system.
"Services are a key portion of our value
proposition to our customers and a
cornerstone of our business model," said
Chip Bottone, President and Chief
Executive Officer, FuelCell Energy, Inc.
"Service agreements allow our customers
to focus on their business while we focus
our expertise on maintaining the power
Direct FuelCell power plants are
generating ultra-clean, efficient and
reliable power at more than 50 locations
worldwide, says the company. The
company's power plants have generated
over 800 million kWh of power using a
variety of fuels including renewable
biogas from wastewater treatment and
food processing, as well as clean natural
gas. FuelCell Energy has over 180MW of
power generation capacity currently
installed or in backlog.
Internet link Internet link
A new technology with plenty of applications for the Middle East has emerged in the US. MEP
looks at how one company found a way to use a 300 kW DFC300 fuel cell to produce hydrogen
for use by the metal processing industry - and produce clean electricity and high quality heat.
FUELCELLENERGY.MEP.p18:LHP.MEP.p26.qxd 26/09/2011 23:27 Page 1
Our Grid India Organization aims to be an expert in our
domains, constantly working to improve the Indian electrical
grids efficiency and quality, be the trendsetters by pioneering
new technologies and being opinion leaders in the field.
It will be my principal endeavour to support them to retain
this leadership position in India.
Henri Poupart-Lafarge, President Alstom Grid
Get a closer view of the US$600 bn
Indian power industry
Largest one-stop-shop: Choose from
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switchgear, 100 Instruments &
Instrumentation suppliers on display
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investment opportunities
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networking and career advancement
Student & academic innovation
The Asian edition of a leading global Smart
Grid/GridWeek Asia; makes its debut at ELECRAMA
2012. Designed to bring together several hundred Smart
Grid stakeholders from all around the world to India, this
event sets to explore Smart Grids impact on the
economy, utility infrastructure, consumers and the
investments in infrastructure coupled with ever increasing demand for power.
India also boasts of a vast resource of young engineering talent who are delivering
a new, globally relevant paradigm of 'right technology@right price'. Global leaders
are discovering this new phenomenon called the
Catch the India Power factor in full flow at , where the global
power transmission and distribution community will converge as one. An
unparalleled showcase of technology and products from 110V to 1200kV,
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If power is your business, then ELECRAMA 2012 is where you should be.
ndia is the world's favourite destination of the power sector, thanks to growing
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Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India
Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Government of India
Ministry of Power, Government of India
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The world will discover the Be there. INDIA POWER FACTOR.
ELECRAMA 2012 | 18 -22 JANUARY 2012