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Green Earth Nano Science, Inc.

Expands Operation to Qatar with Exclusive Licensi ng Agreement Qatar Nanotechnology Company partners with Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. (GENS) to bring Green 3D Shield infection control system and self-cleaning photocataly st nanotechnology into Qatar market Toronto, Canada, October 05, 2011 -- Green Earth Nano Science, Inc., (GENS) one of the first of a new class of Canadian companies specializing in commercializat ion of new sustainable environmental technologies, recently signed an Exclusive License agreement with Qatar Nanotechnology Company in Qatar.

Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. (GENS) is a Canadian Corporation, finalist in 200 8 Green Log Award with Head Office located in Toronto Canada. GENS is one of the first of a new class of companies specialized in independent licensor-distribut or of nanotechnology based products and commercialization of new sustainable env ironmental technologies with the company slogan Green Technologies for Sustainable Future . GENS is working closely with researchers, scientists and technology compan ies to enable the commercialization of proprietary breakthrough technologies to reduce energy use, reduce greenhouse gases, air pollution and protect businesses and homes against pollution and bio-contamination and control infection. Compa ny markets our unique technologies under one umbrella Green 3D Shield . All of tho n technologies are wor king together to achieve our company goal to reduce energ y consumption, protect against bio-contamination and provide clean environment f or people to live and to work in. Qatar Nanotechnology Company is the first and only source for nanotechnology pro ducts and services in Qatar and the Middle East. Company mission is to help peop le in Qatar and the region to benefit from this newly developed technology with a high standard of responsibility and safety. Nanotechnology is regarded as the next industrial revolution. Nanotechnology will fundamentally change the world w e live in. Qatar Nanotechnology Company is perfect suitable partner, as a growin g corporation with an existing network of existing business in KEY industrial se gments will help develop a national network with added-value services and green products using GENS green technologies. Director of Qatar Nanotechnology Company stated: we are excited with our partnershi p with GENS and we are looking forward as nanotechnologies are already radically transform many industry sectors, from pharmaceuticals to computers, from energ y to chemicals, from agriculture to defense. Nanotechnology influences almost ev ery face of everyday life such as energy, clothes, environment, buildings and me dicine. With strategic licensing agreement with Canadian company Green Earth Nan o Science Inc. we are now bringing new materials and technologies to Qatar and t he region, being the first company to offer the full range of nano coating, cons truction material, and natural disinfectant products. Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, Executive Director and VP of Green Earth Nano Science Inc. (GENS) Global Operations, reported: Qatar market presents a lucrative and diverse opportunity for Green Earth Nano Science. With Qatar access nearly $1.0 trillion of investments over the next decade and strong commercial ties between the Cana da and Qatar our business will be expanding at a rapid pace over the next ten ye ars. Our partnership will play key role in the $60 billion dollars that Qatar wi ll invest in roads, infrastructure development, housing and real estate, health/ medical and sanitation projects in the next decade that brings unprecedented opp ortunity for GENS technologies and services of our innovative green natural tech nologies, we are very pleased with Green Earth Nano Science strategic alliance in Qatar. Contact : Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, Vice President, Green Earth Nano Science, Inc, C anada,

Qatar Nanotechnology Company, Contact : Miroslaw Chrzaniecki Vice President Green Earth Nano Science, Inc 181 University Ave. #2200 Toronto, Canada 416-800-0969