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I. INTRODUCTION Hysteria is an extreme psychological condition in which a person reacts out of proportion to the stimuli. The reaction could be expressed in the form of extreme anger, hatred, fear, frustration, depression or similar emotion ( There are several reasons on the occurrences of hysteria among young girls and the ways how to treats this mysterious disease.

One of causes for this mysterious disease which mostly occur at young girl is the person who gets affected by unmanageable fear. What is exactly fear that become nightmare for certain individuals? According Watson & Ekman (1938), fear is an emotional response to a perceived treat and one of a small set of basic or innate emotions. In addition, fear will be response until the persons heart-rate and heartbeat may quicken suddenly which related serious emotional problems including the feeling of worry anxiety, horror, panic, and terror. Nevertheless, fear also can be widely classified into two types of fear which external fear that caused by something out of our horrible dislike usually to avoid like fear of spiders while internal fear is something inside our mind in negative thinking. In my view, fear will happen when a person in bad situations such as lonely in darkness


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A. There are several reason on the occurrences of hysteria disease :

1. Unmanageable fear. a) According Watson & Ekman (1938), fear is an emotional response to a perceived treat and one of a small set of basic or innate emotions. i. Fear will happen when a person in bad situations such as lonely in darkness (personal observation) ii. Females are more emotionally expressive and perceptive which more sensitive and far more likely than males to become upset and lead experience fear (Joseph,1988) 2. Fear in the chronic stage (personal observation) a) The hysterical person may be alright normally, but there could be fear factor that could precipitate the wild reactions. i. Suddenly meeting an undesirable relative or friend (personal observation) ii. iii. iv. Death of a loved one (personal observation) Unexpected failure of loss in business (personal observation) A bitter word or a false allegation made by someone (personal observation) v. Chronic stress due to the unfinished homework (personal observation) b) This may lead the person will become unrational or uncontrollable thinking and instant reaction to something presently happened (Dr.Sayeed,2004)

3. Sexual repression a) Mental trauma or physical hurt in the past due to the parent abuse (personal observation) i. ii. iii. Difficult to forget old memories (personal observation) The child is an easy to remember the past (personal observation) Household in which children have been constantly scolded and brought up as introverts need to rectify their situations for their children could grow up with several development defect ( repression )

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b) Experience or bitter memory of past experience i. ii. One of victim rape ( A victim of bullying during the past (personal observation)

4. Heredity factor a) Heredity plays an important part in its causation because when a person who get affected heredity disease they cannot avoid the fact (personal observation) i. According to Douglas (1988), Heredity is the passing of traits to offspring from its parent or ancestors ii. Scientific study on heredity which more on focused DNA detail have shown that a person who inherits disease is mostly affected or transmitted by female gender (Frank,1998) iii. Generally, 80-90% of those who may be subsequently effected are women (Colligan & Murphy, 1979) iv. Mostly when a person from heredity hysteria it occur in the range of age fourteen to twenty-five years old among young girls (Joseph, 1988) b) A background physical disabilities family (personal observation) i. ii. Lack of confidence to the community outside Having problems depression and feelings of low self-serious

B. The way to treat this mysterious hysteria disease : 1. Modern treatment a) Drug therapy b) Psychotherapy or cognitive therapy 2. Traditional treatment (
a) Hysteria treatment using Honey b) Hysteria treatment using Guava c) Archipunture or yoga treatment d) Religion treatment or Islam treatment

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CONCLUSIONS Hysteria is the mysterious disease that hardly to predict and to cure which mostly occur among young girls in range of fourteen to twenty-five years old. Sometimes, hysteria can be too dangerous because it can kill a person who is got infected. Expertise has made a research about the causes of this mysterious disease and the way to treat this disease.

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