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Andy Collins Eytan Bernstein Frank Brunner Owen K.C. Stephens John Snead troduction s 3 hhapter 1: Armor a mot Properties, é ‘5c Armorand Shields 16 rand Shield Augment Crystals a hhapter 2: Weapons............- 27 Properties 7 fc Weapons M6 pon Agent Cystle a hapter 3: Clothing 2 Pek lmao te hhapter 4: Tools. Weekes A hapter 5: Magic Item Sets.-........0.0...000 494 ofthe Watching Mast wb ofthe Mamticore bs Se Warriors Arty 7 ‘he Hunting Cat 198 is Monae Ars. 280 uments ofthe Blood Gif an iment ofthe Four 2m ent ofthe Stormvalker 20s sis ofthe Hero 20 Introduction sms are an integral part ofthe DuxcEoxs & Dracoxs* perience. As long as D&D has been around, there have 2 +t swonisand potions of healing—theyte as inextricably linked gums identity ax 1Sth-love fighters and mag Every fighter saves up for his frst magic weapon, and no played a paladin hasnt dreamed abour wha it would eto wield a holy avenger iemsalso make upacrucal paraf every D&D characters bilities. A magic weapon can slice through a crearure’s eduction, a ring of pratacton diverts otherwise deadly anda handy potion orscrllean tipthe balance in aeritical cer A character without magic items slike a wizard with her spells propared ora fighter who hasn't bothered to his feats—he' simply incomplete. ompared to spells and feats, magic items haven'treceived "quality time’ i che current edition ofthe game, Not they scattered acrossdovensat books with litle sense of ation or theme, bu their effets ae often poorly defined frequently—some might even say usually—ovee xrunderwhelming. As result, only a handful of magic «actually widely used ranging from the humble + long the renowned ring ofinvisiily no longer the case tam Compendium ushers in a brave new world of magic a world with clearly defined effects and activation times, teresting items at every price point and with exciting, wvely priced options for every class and character lev! ng hundreds ofrevised and repriced items from previow wajvuload uf beanlaiew, severbeforescenor agined magic items, chs book is your D&D character's the candy store jon just take our word for it Go ahead, starr turning the heck out che revarmped armor and weapon propertiesin ‘and 2, Marvelatall the swifeation-acrvation gloves, CONTENTS Regalia af the Phoeni 208 Seven Veil 20 Vestments of Divinity 23 Wratis Woe ‘Chapter 6: Using Magic Items. Ideniyng ems Body Slot. Suze and Shape Activating Mage lems Special Magic tem Rules Augment Crystals Relics Runesats Synergy Properties Magic Item Sets tem Level. Placing Male ems Buying and Selling Magic Teens, Cratlng Magi es Appendix 1: Magic Items by Price... Appendix 2: Random Treasure... ‘Magic Item Record Sheet . boots, and belts in Chapter3. Drool over the handy adventuring tools in Chapter4 and imaginehow cool your charecter will lool ‘when he's decked out in one ofthe item sets in Chapter S. And that doesn'teven cover the book's exciting new take on relics the immensely handy augment crystals the array of ‘sorcerers best friend? runestaf®, and 30 on Traditionally, magic temshavebeen divided into categories based parcallyon form and partially on function, creating system chat doesnt always help the reader know were ta gol hing. An item holding SO uses ofpartcslarist-r4eh-evel spell iscalled a wand, but a similarly shaped ine that has an unusual onspell effece chat it ean generate a few times per day might be you weir that provides a but i ing for some ara or even a wondrous tem. An item continuous magical effect is probably a wondrous item might be rine or even suit af soe This book instead divides magic items into four basic catego ries—armot, weapons, clothing, and rools—with each category receiving 2 separate chapter. This classification has no effect on game play—you still use Forge Ring to craft an item deseribed 254 ring (ot, more important, an item that has Forge Ring a5 &| pretequisite)—but it should make ie bt easier for you to find ‘Armor (Chapter 1) This category includes both specific, pre constructed magic suits of armor or shields as well asthe various properties thar can be added to any appropriate suit of armor or shield Guch as fortification or acid sesistance). I doesit include robes (or other items worm in the sime body sl as atmo since most ofthose toms don offer the sime kinds of effets, nor does itinclude bratysofarmor or other tems that provide situiar pro tection—those are both clothing items, ‘Weapons (Chapter 2) This category includes both specific preconstructed weapons as well as the various properties that can be added to any appropriate weapon, I also inclades rods