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My current ITB template....

note that I do not use all of these in one project at all, but they are there in template 'racks' in Cubase5, waiting in bypass. I have many other plugins so the template method helps my workflow considerably. (Do Powercore / UAD / Liquid Mix / Duende count as ITB?? Well they are all digital plugins anyway... so I suppose they do for the purpose of the thread.) Algorithmix RED (mainly used for mids to highs. Sometimes I will use the dual mono instead for M/S) TC MD3 (mainly for bass, low mids EQ - usually in L/R stereo, but sometimes in M/S) Abbey Road TG12412 (alternative all-purpose EQ) TC Dynamic EQ (mainly in LP mode for sibilance or vocal 'shrillness' control if necessary, but occasionally in MP mode to add a little extra punch to drums or tackle wayward low-end note) Waves LinMB ( alternative "relationship counsellor" if necessary) Waves C1-SC (love the upward comp mode on this thing, but the upward expander is very useful too) Sonoris Mastering Comp (sat there on demo for a week, a definite purchase I will make ASAP) Slate Digital FG-X (usually just for the comp or dynamic enhancement options, sometimes for peak saturation) TC MD3 (sometimes just for the soft clipper set to -1dB, rarely for MB comp although it does this very well when I want it) Voxengo Elephant 3 (shaping limiter) TC Brickwall Limiter (for handling ISPs if relevant, but sometimes as main limiter) BX Solo (Never rendered, but sits in the corner of my project so I can quickly check M/S) TT Dynamic Range Meter Rendered as 24bits. Finally, Izotope RX 2 Advanced (is used to do final QC or missed repairs, re-sampling if necessary, truncate silence, fades, and apply final dithering to 16bit. If tracks need obvious repair work when it comes in, I will load into RX before I hit Cubase, and again after with the rendered file) A few other plugins which get used from time to time... Waves MPX (started using this recently, can work wonders on some stuff) Sonalksis Free-G Stereo (for making handy gain adjustments between plugs) Sonnox Dynamics (sidechain mode is very quick and easy - usually for when just a snare or kick is poking out in a way that EQ can't reach)

Softube CL1B Powercore (nice for softening things from time to time) Flux Stereotool (for when L/R is out of whack 'noticeably', but also just as a handy phase meter) Waves Trans-X Multi (for getting underneath weak drum parts) Voxengo Transmodder (for getting underneath weak drum parts) Voxengo Soniformer (when I really need to work 'miracles') TC VSS3 (for fixing tails or edits, but sometimes a small amount across the whole mix if client wants it) Sonnox Inflator (sometimes where a little 'grit' is useful or last resort for "just make it louder - I don't care about the distortion so much" recalls)