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An Analytical Study of Consumer Preferenes and expectations of Customer for Colour Televisions with reference to Next Retail in Nashik

A Report

PUNE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT Report on Summer Training Study of the Consumer Buying Behavior in Next Retail: A Study of Nasik Region In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of Degree of Master of Business Administration Submitted by: JAYA PRIYA Roll No - 13 DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT MET BKC IOM

Sometimes words fall short to show gratitude, the same happened with me during this project. The immense help and support received from Next Retail overwhelmed me during the project. First of all I would like to thank the Management of Next Retail for giving me the opportunity to do SURVEY PROJECT. In my whole endeavor to complete this project I own immense gratitude to my project guide Mr. Prashant Sinde for extending his guidance and co-operation throughout this project. I express my sincere thanks to all the Faculty Members of University for their valuable cooperation and giving me valuable information in preparing the Report. I am highly indebted to Mr. Prashant shinde [Sales Manager, Next Retail ] for his continuous support and encouragement. I would also like to thank Saurabh Kumar for extending their guidance and support during this project. Last but not least, I express my sincere gratitude to all the respondents who helped me in the project. I have extended my work appreciation to the sources which provided various kinds of the knowledge base support for me during this project period By, Jaya Priya MBA [Marketing] PUNE UNIVERSITY Roll No:- 13

The information provided in this report is accurate and true as per my knowledge & understanding. Mr. saurabh Kumar, Faculty, PUNE UNIVERSITY , and Mr Prashant Shinde, Sales Manager, Next Retail are my Project Guides during this Project Period of Next Retail. This Project report represents Study Of the Consumer Buying Behavior in Next Retail: A Study of Nasik Region Under the title head of Sales Promotion with reference to Next Retail The pages count in this project does not include Front Page, Table of content, and Annexure, Declaration, Executive Summary, and References, do not constitute part of the page limit. The page count in the main text excluding the aforementioned points is 46 pages. Report style has been adopted for presentation as per guideline and attempt has been made to maintain the different parts and tasks as distinctive as possible but yet linking key elements together to avoid repetition and to communicate the significance

Table of Contents 1. Introduction about the Topic

Objective of the study Importance & Relevance of the study Scope of the study Methodology used Limitations of the study

2. Next Retail World


History of Next Retail History of TV History of Next Retail In Nashik Distributional Channel and Market in strategy Organizational Setup Methodology

Introduction Data Collection Method Data source Research Instrument Sampling Plan 4. Theoretical Input

Promotional Activities for Customer Promotional activities in Next Retail 5. Data Analysis and Interpretation Key analysis and Findings 6. Suggestion & Recommendations 7. Conclusion 8. Bibliography

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Training as we know is essential to supplement to theoretical knowledge with the practical knowledge . It was observed that due to lack of practical knowledge most of the managers are ineffective in their job. Due to this reason summer training of 40 Days has been made an integral part of the curriculum of MBA program. Summer training report is considered a major component of the training. Summer training remains incomplete till the report has been presented and/or written. The purpose of summer training is not well served unless the findings and experiences gained are made known to others. Writing of report is the last step in the Summer Training Program. Thus, the purposes of training and subsequent of report writing are meant both as a mean of gaining firsthand experience in the organization and also an academic exercise. In the abovementioned context, I had a privilege of getting this practical training. The training is done under NEXT RETAIL Nashik. In the days when it was business as usual companies succeeded by producing their products and supporting them with hard selling and heavy advertising. The topic Analytical studies about CTV was selected to understand the various activities involved in marketing during supply of product from plant to end user, like promotional activities, sales promotion, advertising, distribution channel etc. The report gives a true picture of the practical activities done by me within jurisdiction. The effort has been made to collect the relevant information regarding the topic. The project not only manifests the minds of the potential buyers but provides the image of the company in the existing customers also. This affords a nice pipeline of penetration in the market leading to drawing up of better strategy for marketing. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those persons who help me in the preparation of the project.

INTRODUCTION India with a population of more than 1.2 billion is potentially one of the largest consumer markets in the world. With urbanization and development of economy, tastes and interests of the people changes according to the advance nation. Marketing is about winning this new environment. It is about understanding what consumers wants a supplying its more efficiently and more conveniently . The consumer market may be identified as the market for product and services that are purchased by individuals as household for their per sonal consumption. Electronics product is a typical consumer product purchased by individual to fulfill there all basic need. Different types of electronic products are available in the market and more or less content of all products is same. The market of electronic products is facing a difficult competition and many companies are floating in the market with their products with different brand names. In such a situation different factors which influence the people choice for electronics product are brand, quality, images, easy availability and the product cost of advertisement. In The World of Next Retail we get each and every brand of every electronic product and which create broad view for customer and easy way of selection of good brand. Here my topic is related with only one electronic products i.e Television. It comes in market many years ago. Previously there was only one tv Known as Black n white. As India grows with the development of country many Segment of TV comes. And now there are 5 -6 varieties of Tv Such as - Plasma, Ctv, Led, Lcd etc. Thus in a country like India where more than 5 0% of the total population exists below poverty line, the consumer cannot afford such high price for LCD, LED for such customer Ctv, plasma are present in the market. As a result the trading

activities of the electronic product industry are concentrated in and around big cities and town where the purchasing power of population is considered comparatively high.

An electronic product Industries in India has an annual sale of about 4000 crores. So, marketing is both philosophy and technology. It is technology because it suggests ways and means for effective production and distribution of goods and services in the market to g ive maximum satisfaction to the consumer. The marketing manager is responsible for both determining and suitability of goods and services in the market to give maximum satisfaction to the consumer. The marketing manager is responsible for both determining and suitability of goods and services presented by the company to the market, and also determining about potential market and make better relation with retailer and customer. In this regard the marketing management with have to apply to marketing technology in the conceptual philosophy of a system. It is the process of system analysis in the marketing management for effective research and can be defined, Systematic objective and exhaustive study of tasks relevant to any problem in the field of marketing.

Products of next retail


Dvd player Mobile Phones Mobile Accessories Cameras and Photography Flat panel display Home Audio Standard Television

Home Appliances Washing Machines

Air Coolers Irons Vacuum Cleaners Refrigerators Air Conditioners

Kitchen Appliances Food Processors Juicer Mixers Mixer Grinder Water Purifiers Microwave Ovens Induction Cookers Rice Cookers and Steamers Toaster

Computers Laptops Hard Drives Pen drives & SD Cards MP3 Player Microphones & Headphones

Computer Accessories My focus was on standard television only. IMPORTANCE AND RELEVANCE OT THE STUDY
This 40 days training in an organization is not the answer of all problems, which arise in practical field. There is no certain formula for any particul ar problem but the aim of this study is to develop the ability of decision making. Right decision at right time itself helps an organization to run smoothl y. The training in any organization gives us an idea of different marketing activities and main emp hasis is given on Promotional activities aspect and also it is seen how business is taken tactfull y when any problem comes to an

executive, the way of problem solving, right decision making and knowledge of different t ypes of marketing activities gives m uch importance to this study. Segmentation is very important in all marketing activities. Segmentation ma y be based on the abilit y of different groups of customers as long as it has a relevance of any particular product or services, known as Target Market. Consumers vary widel y in their ages, incomes, education, taste, abilities, lifest yle etc. Hence marketers treat the market to consist different segmentation based on these categories. But it doesnt necessaril y mean that consumer will always respond posit ivel y. Through onl y in 40 days it was not possible to understand it so deepl y but overall ideas would be developed. The main aim of any organization is to increase their profits, sale and provide maximum satisfaction to the customer. And all the projects are done with keep these points in mind.


NEXT is a Change India Program. It aims at changing the way an Indian consumer shops for electronics. NEXT Retail India Ltd with more than 600 stores across 26 states with a presence in 239 cities spanning metros and large towns is Indias Largest Electronics Retail Chain; a giant in the organized retailing of consumer electronics, home appliances and IT products. NEXT Retail India Ltd. is Indias largest electronic Retail Chain incorporated in 2003. Next is one of the emerging giants in organized retailing of consumer electronics, home appliance, IT, imaging, accessories and small home appliances. It has been formed to tap the immense potential promised by the retail industry. NEXT is a multi-brand multi-product showroom and stocks an entire range of consumer durables. Planning 35-40 stores in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and their long run expansion plans are expecting 100 stores within a span of 3 years in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Looking for investors who have minimum 1000 sq ft space, Investment requirements need 25 lakhs, experience in durable industry will be an added advantage but not a compulsion.

Next Directory a major influence on High Streets throughout the UK since 1982

The NEXT retail chain launched in 1982 and ever since has been a major influence on shaping the future of fashion retailing. NEXT Retail India Ltd. is Indias largest electronic Retail Chain. Incorporated in 2003. Next is one of the emerging giants in organized retailing of consumer electronics, home appliance, IT, imaging, accessories and small home appliances. It has been formed to tap the immense potential promised by the retail industry. NEXT is a multi-brand multi-product retail chain and stocks an entire range of consumer durables right from Air-conditioners, FPD (Flat Panel Display), CTV, DVD, STB, Home Theater systems, Cameras, Mobile phones, Gaming, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, and Microwaves to small home appliances. NEXT retails worlds most popular brands such as LG,Samsung, Sony, Electrolux, Kelvinator, Whirlpool, Onida, Philips, Kenstar, Videocon, Sansui, including its own brand under its stable. NEXT also stocks Xbox of Microsoft, computers & laptops of Acer, HCL, Lenovo, HP. The company is independently managed by the board of Directors currently operating over 600 showrooms across 25 states with a presence in 300 cities & towns spanning metros and large towns under the brand name of NEXT. Next aims at changing the way an Indian consumer shops for electronics and plans to build a chain of over 1,000 showrooms throughout the country with an estimated annual turnover of 5,000 crore in the next three years. NEXT has more than doubled its last year's turnover in the current financial year. Plans ahead are more ambitious with a targeted turnover of 2500 Crs for current fiscal with 800 plus stores. Mint Pitch Synovate India Retail Brands Survey 2007* rated NEXT as all India No. 1 in consumer satisfaction in the consumer durables category.In the Consumer Survey NEXT

scored 1345 on satisfaction index which is way ahead of its closest competitor (with an index of 482). The Survey finding is an endorsement of NEXT leading the organized consumer durable retail sector and the destination point for consumers. NEXT Retail has won three prestigious awards this year. That's the "Franchisor of the Year", "Best in Category - Retail Value" at the Franchise 2010 event organized recently. NEXT Retail was recently awareded with the "Most Admired Mobile Retailer" award by the Asia Retail Congress.

Marketing Strategy is the complete and unbeatable plan designed specifically for attaining the marketing objective of the firm. The market objective indicates what the firm indicates, what the firm wants to achieves, the marketing strategy provides for achieving them. It is a well outlined plan, and there are different ways to formulating it. Basically formulating of marketing strategy consists of two main steps. 1.) Selecting a Target Market, 2.) Assembling the Marketing Actually, the target marketing and marketing mix together constitute the marketing strategy of the firm. When the Next Retail entered in the market, the market was already prevailed by Samsung plaza and Big Bazar, Next Retail tried to establish in India with a unique marketing policy, the brand next took into consideration of youth segment target market. Though the advertisement of Next retail and its free cost service centre attracted more and more custom er and highlighted the style of living of young generation with different walk of life. In Samsung plaza showroom we can buy all the electronic products of only one brand i.e. Samsung. But in BigBazar and Reliance no doubt we get every brand of every product. Reliance has its own foot print, Reliance trend too, so there main focus was not only in electronics product. But in Next Retail we get better service,

availability of all brands of all electronic products which attracts more customers towards it.


Unit manager Finance Unit manager HRD Unit manager F.O. B.O. Unit Manager marketing Unit manager Lo gistic

Managing Director






P .A.M.

P lant






Management Trainee


Title of the project

Study Of the Consumer Buying Behavior in Next Retail: A Study of Nasik Region Objectives of the Study A project cum Training is an essential part of MBA Curriculum. This study was conducted on An Analytical Study of Consumer Preferenes and expectations of Customer for Colour Televisions with reference to Next Retail in Nashik On the following objectives survey was undertaken are: 1. To determine the factors on the basis of which different competitor sale there all electronic products specially TELIVISION. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. To find out the companys position in the market. To find out the offers of electronic products and its competitors. To find out the promotional activities in Next Retail. To find out the market share of Next Retail against its competitor. To identit y the organizational features of Next Retail .

Scope of the study The market survey was conducted on A study of other retail outlets, customer reaction and their promotion Activities for Television in Next Retail. This study was done In the Next -Retail in Nashik. The geographical slope of my survey was limited to Nashik only. The survey covers a wide range of activities and factors, which influence the customer to buy the electronic Products i.e all segment of Television. The sample of 150 respondents was taken to represent total electronic products in Nashik. The validity of the findings of this survey is limited to the period during which the field survey was conducted i.e., JUNE JULY . RESEARCH PROCESS OF STUDY Procedure: The procedure that followed enlisted below: Studying the product Decision on objective needed to be work on. Developing Survey instruments Getting questionnaire filled through interacting with different age groups, sex. Finally analyzing the data of various areas and trying to study about various influence factors. Process adopted: Gaining knowledge about the product: Reading about the product was the first step undertaken. This gave not only in depth knowledge about what is been offered by the insurance but also proved useful while developing the questionnaire. Steps in the Development of the Survey Instruments The main instruments required for survey was a well-developed questionnaire. The questionnaire development took place in a series of steps as described on the next page:

Step 1

Research objectives been transformed into information objectives. The appropriate data collection methods been determined

Step 2

Step 3

The information required by each objective is being determined. Specific Questions/Scale Measurement format is developed. Question/Scale Measurements been evaluated.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Research objectives been transformed into information objectives. The number of information needed is being determined.

Step 7

Step 8

The questionnaire and layout been evaluated.

Step 9

Revise the questionnaire layout if needed.


The Questionnaire format been finalized.

The Research process

RESEARCH DESIGN Exploratory and Descriptive experimental research

The research is primarily both exploratory as well as descriptive in nature. The sources of information are both primary & secondary. A well-structured questionnaire was prepared and personal interviews were conducted to collect the customers perception and buying behavior, through this questionnaire. A two stage Research been conducted:

1. Primary Information Which are collected from outside the organization through survey with questionnaire and
observations? 2. Secondary Information Which are collected from within the organization through negotiations with Marketing Division? As far as my topic regarding Marketing analysis on Television is concerned, I have collected primary, as well as secondary data. I have collected information from the customer and companys employees. Documentary Observation:I have used secondary source like books, published material and unpublished material from the Marketing Division. Field Observation:During training period I visited market place to observe other electronic showroom like Bigbazar, Reliance digital to see how they sell their product and how they discussed with consumer about the product.

Personal Discussion:There is certain information on the subject, which are well known to the different departments of the marketing division and also to the marketing manager. So, I went to them to get more information. As has been earlier stated, for targeting the right customer at right time it is necessary to procure the list of all customers who have already purchased Television like LED, LCD, PLASMA OR CTV. According to

Data source: categories.

The various source of information broadly divided in 2

(a) Primary source:

Source from where first hand information are gathered

directly are called primary source and information thus collected is called primary data. Survey method was employed for primary data collection. A set of questionnaire were prepared for customer who visited the next and accor dingly it customer were divided into different category and keep these things in mind we can show the product and can easily satisfy the customer need. (b) Secondary source: The data that are collected for another purpose already exists somewhere is called secondary data. With regard to my study the secondary sources where records of the company were available in Magazines, papers & through Internet . DATA COLLECTION METHOD The following methods are widely used for collecting data. (1) Survey method. (2) Observation method.

In the above mentioned method. Survey and observation method was mainly used for the undertaken topic. Survey method was mostly used for collection of data through personal interview with the help of a framed questionnaire. As far as customers are concerned beside survey. Observation method was also used to get data by watching the different types of customer. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT: SAMPLING PLAN: The samples were on judgment and convenience. A sample size of 100 respondents was taken. The sampling unit was customer of Nashik for which this sample size was considered. Of these, 30 were from business, 20 were from trading community, 25 were from private sector, 10 were unemployed and 15 were from public sector. I have taken very less no. of sample size as I have to do my survey based on customer who visited the Next Showroom in Nashik. For analysis & interpretation of data the research used:-

Percentage =

No of respondent Total No of respondents

X 100

As has been earlier stated, for targeting the right customer at right time it is necessary to procure the list of all customers who have already purchased Television from Next-Retail. In areas of my study, Next-Retail runs in competition with Reliance Digital and Bigbazar. This makes it further necessary to find out those customers who buys there Television from reliance or Bigbazar. It was very difficult to find out the list of those customers, but I myself try to find out. So my requirement demands a methodology to fulfill these tasks. Three things obvious: need, affordability and desire which influence sales. Need * Affordability * Desire = Sale

So first it is necessary to create the need among the people, sensation in their mind. Then affordability means which type of category these customer belongs, there income, status etc. At last what are their desire which type of product they want to buy and at what rate they can afford, Marketing Research is a process of collecting and analyzing marketing and ultimately to arrive at a certain conclusion. The survey method of marketing research is essentially exploratory in nat ure so I opted for Questionnaire method for conductive survey about the marketing of different types Television like CTV, LED, LCD, PLASMA etc. though customer who visi ted in Next Retail showroom in Nashik region only. Importance of marketing Research: Marketing Research have its importance not only for consumer market; it also effectively to the producer of goods and services The use of marketing research in consumer market may be explained on the basis of following services by it: 1 2 It ascertains the position of a Next Retail in specified market. It indicates the present future trend of Next Retail and points out how the companys affairs are to be turned up. 3 It helps in development & introduction of new product.


Promotional Activities (for Retailers)
Promotional activities consist of various means of communicating persuasively with the target audience. The important methods are


Advertisement: Where an identified sponsors pays media (such as TV) to transmit to target consumer.


Personal selling: Where sales representative employed by the firm engage in interpersonal communication with individual consumers and prospective customers.


Sales promotion: Where the Market utilize displays, demonstrations, premiums, contests or similar devices.


Publicity and Public relation: Help to stimulate supportive news items about the firm and its product that have greater credibility with public than advertisement.

Of all the methods of promotional activities that constitute the promotion mix, sales promotion is the only one method that makes use of incentives to complete the Push pull promotional strategy of motivating the sales force, the distributor and the consumer transacting a sale. According to American Marketing Association sales promotion refers Those activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity that stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness, such as display, S hows and Exhibition, demonstration and various other non -recurrent selling efforts not in ordinary. Sales promotion is also known by the name of Extra Purchasing Value (E.P.V.).


Sales Promotion 1 Price off offers

Meaning Offering product at lower than To the normal price.

Objectives encourage immediate non users,

sales, attract

induce new product trial. 2 Quantity off offer Offering free a cheap electronic To attract more and more products at no extra cost or a customer by giving gifts on very nominal increase in the purchasing products. price of electronic products

which a customer is likely to buy. 3. Premium Offer of an article of To encourage purchase,

merchandise as an incentive in stimulate loyalty, off season order to sell product or service. sales promotion, induce trial of new product, ensure

reach of premium to the consumer. 4 Consumer contests When individuals are To create brand

and lucky draws

invited to compete on the awareness and stimulate basis of creative skills. interest in the brand

The latter is based on the interested consumers with chance or luck factor. brand usage and benefits, promote advertisem ent

theme of the company. 5 Discounts Other than normal trade To push more sales to and cash discounts. trade early cash recovery.

Advertising & Sales Promotion in Next Retail for different segment of television
Advertising and sales promotion activities play a vital role in entire marketing efforts. Without these aspects a quality of product cant survive in the market. Advertising and sales promotion tools are most essential for the modern global marketing. This chapter has therefore been devo ted to the studies of advertising and sales promotional activities in Next Retail. The two basic objectives for carrying out such various promotional activities by Next Retail is to generate more sales as well as to create and maintain an image of its product. It also helps in communicating the need satisfying of Television to facilitate the sales eventually to contribute towards the profit in long run.

The tool used by Next Retail especially with LCD and Led for fulfilling the various purposes of its promotional activities are the followings: a) b) c) d) e) f) Exchange Offer. Discount Umbrella Display. Free another electronic product. Lucky Draw Prizes.


I was given to study the various distribution and marketing aspects, which are responsible for increasing market share of Television in Nashik in Next Retail.

I Studied:-

1. Market price of Television. 2. Next price of different segment of Television. 3. Price of Telivisions in the different retail outlate. 4. Maximum discount which are provided to the customer when they by any segment of telivision from next retail. 5. Comparision of rate and discount with Next Retail To Bigbazar and Reliance digital.

MARKET FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS Sample Size - 100 I) Market Share: Yearly sale of all segment of telivision Yearly sale of LCD and LED Yearly sale of PLASMA and CTV = = = 1500 500 1000

Total sale Therefore market share of LCD and LED Market share of PLASMA and CTV

= 1500 = 60% = 70%

In which season sale is at the highest

Serial No. 1 2 3 4 Seasons Most Prefered Sale Marriage Exchange offer New tv when launch No. of customer 30 30 30 10

No. of customer interested in which segment of TV

Serial No. 1 2 3 4 Television LCD LED PLASMA CTV No. of customer 15 25 30 20

customer interested
35 No. Of Respondents 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 LCD LED PLASMA CTV LCD 15 0 0 LED 0 25 0 PLASMA 0 0 30 CTV 0 0 0 20

Medium that affects sales most

Sample Size = 100 a) Television as a medium for affecting sales = 65 (19%)

b) Magazine / News paper as a medium for affecting sales = 34 (10%) c) Display as a medium for affecting sales = 95 (28%)

d) Wall paintings & Hoardings as a medium for affecting sales =150 (44%)

Do the customer think that aggressive advertising or scheme attract them more which increase the sales volume of Televisions in Next Retail? Sample size = 100 a) Yes = 68%



= 25%

80 70 60 50

None = 7%

yes 40 30 20 10 0 yes no none no none

Serial No. 1 2 3 4 5

Brand Name Videocon Samsung LG Sony Panasonic

No. of customer 20 30 25 15 10


1) Percentage of Discount should be increased as comparison to the competitor. 2) New offers should always be there so that we can pull more and more customer. 3) The commitment of supplying gift items should be carried out on or before the scheduled time. 4) The Sales Schemes should be properly communicated to the consumer and it should be on time. 5) The Next Retail must have available all brands and segment of TV such LCD, LED, CTV, PLASMA of Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic etc Otherwise it may lose its consumer and prospects. 6) Customer feedback should be taken time to time so as to insure whethe r customer are satisfied with Next services and discount. 7) Next must give proper care to there already existing customer, so that the existing customer may recommended others too to buy their electronic products from Next Retail.


The study reveals that the market share of Next Retail is 48% as compared to Reliance Digital is 62%. Thus Next having a clear edge over Reliance Digital.


BOOKS 1. Cooper & Schindel (2005) Business Research method Tata McGraw Hill; pp.138-149 2. Kothari, C.R (2009) Research Methodology- Methods and Techniques, Wishwa Prakashan, page . 39-67, page 55-62 3. Kotler, P. (2009), Marketing Management, 13th Ed. New Delhi: Pearson Publishers Ltd., page 308-310

MAGAZINES & ELECTRONIC JOUNALS o 4P's Business and Marketing o 4P's Business and Marketing50 o 4P's Business and Marketing44 o 4P's Business and MarketingURLs VOL. VI ISSUE 3, 25 FEB-10 MAR'11 Page 45 VOL VI ISSUE 6 8 APR- 21 APR'11 Page VOL. VI ISSUE 13 29 JULY-11 AUG'11 Page VOL. V ISSUE 23 3 DEC-16 DEC10 Page 66

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Name of customer:Address:-

email id:Phone no.:-

1) Most preferred Retail Company for buying CTV? a) NEXT b) RELIANCE c) BIG BAZAR

2) Generally is used:a) 2-Wheelers b) 4-wheelers c) both d) none

3) I am working in:a) Public sector b) Private sector

c) Business

d) Unemployed

4) Most suitable mode of payment for me is:a) Cash payment b) Credit card c) Through finance (EMI)

5) I would like to buy:a) 21inch TV b) 42inch TV

c) LCD

d) LED

6) Is you are satisfied by services provided by the Next Retail? a) Yes b) No c) Not sure 7) Is you are satisfied by the ambience of Next? a) Yes b) No

8) I would prefer to buy:a) Videocon TV b) Samsung TV c) LG TV d) Sony TV e) PanasonicTV

9) In Which season would you more like to buy this product? a) Sale b) marriage c) Exchange offer d) whenever new TV launch

10) I havea) Plasma TV

b) coloured TV

c) Black n white TV

d) None

11) I would like to know whether you have plan to go for LCD in near future? a) Yes b) No If Yes When:1) < 2 month 2) <4 month 3) <1 year 4) Not yet decided

Do you aware about the Next Retail is first shop of having all electronics products of every brand in Nashik? a) Yes b) No

12) Do you know Next Retail has got award from franchise? a) Yes b) No

13) Would you like to recommend others to visit next ones? a) Yes b) No c) Not sure

15) Are you satisfied by the rate of products available in the Next? a) No b) Yes

16) Are you satisfied by the discount provided by the next retail in comparison to other electronic company? a) Yes b) No

17) Suggest your view about Next? Ans:18) Suggest your idea to improve services of Next Retail? Ans:Thanks for visiting NEXT your valuable suggestion will be useful for us.