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‘ad, neck and brain Skull. from the front 1 Front bone 2 Frontal noten 8. Supraoritl foramen 4 Ort (ota cay) § aan, ] wing of ened bone us Sooo } ovo tssure 8 Zygomatic bone {0 Infe-rbtal foramen 11 Mala 13 cay } otmanae 14 Meal foramen (“ented 18 Merial protuberance {6 Antari nasal spine | 47 bnteror 18 nedeie. } 98a concha 19 Nasal septum <= 20 Nasal one 21, Frontal process of mexila 22 Lacimal bone 23 Nasion « 24 Glabella @ THM 25 inkeottal margin Supra margin | oars 2 Ht A) verses) stl ob slain he sol (cranial valor shal-cop) sid isthe upper pero he eran hal encloses the bra The rom pit of the shal fcr the facil skeleton, © The spr ori, nob snd mental foranin (3, 10 and {Uji in approximately the eame verteal pane Detlef individual nl ones are given on pages 26 038, of ‘he bones ofthe eit and nose on page 20, and ofthe teeth on of temporal bone ‘and spines ising sure +The palatine poses ofthe maxilla (2) andthe horizontal plat ofthe tin ‘moth nd oor ofthe nose) 1 Thespacs on edhe ste ofthe vomer (48 leading forward i the nal cavity are the posterioe nasal petres or ap medal othe zygomatic arch (13) indicates the lower par fthe temporal fossa, where it merges withthe upper ‘The carotid canal (38, recognized by is rand shape a the infroe surface ofthe aig up in he inside of the sul but takes ight angled poral to open ino the back ofthe foramen acerum (43), mens kil foramina se page 339, edly ihn te 18 cul wv © avalor ve 40 Pharyngeal 11 Longus cap 12 Roctus captie 13. Rectus capris a 14 Siyogloss.s 15 Siyohyoia 22 Trapezius 23 Somispinals caps 2& Superior obique 25 Rectus capitis 26 Rectus capitis po 27 Capsule attach joint 28. Capsule atach rmandloular jon The modi perygit itt passes srg bs 0 part of he sper co ictmedil and Intra surfaces respectively (3 a= slighty aera tothe mandible (page