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HBL established operations in Pakistan in 1947 and moved its head office to

Karachi. Our first international branch was established in Colombo, Sri

Lanka in 1951 and Habib Bank Plaza was built in 1972 to commemorate the
bank’s 25th Anniversary.

With a domestic market share of over 40%, HBL was nationalized in 1974
and it continued to dominate the commercial banking sector with a major
market share in inward foreign remittances (55%) and loans to small
industries, traders and farmers. International operations were expanded to
include the USA, Singapore, Oman, Belgium, Seychelles and Maldives and
the Netherlands.

On June 13, 2002 Pakistan's Privatization Commission announced that the

Government of Pakistan had formally granted the Aga Khan Fund for
Economic Development (AKFED) rights to 51% of the shareholding in
HBL, against an investment of PKR 22.409 billion (USD 389 million). On
February 26, 2004, management control was handed over to AKFED. The
Board of Directors was reconstituted to have four AKFED nominees,
including the Chairman and the President/CEO and three Government of
Pakistan nominees.

HBL has the largest Corporate Banking portfolio in the country with an
active Investment Banking arm. It encompasses product offerings and
services in Retail Banking and, in recent years, Consumer Banking as well.
HBL is expanding its presence in principal international markets including
the UK, UAE, South and Central Asia, Africa and the Far East.

HBL is currently rated AA (Long Term) and A-1+ (Short term). HBL is the
first Pakistani bank to raise Tier II Capital from external sources.

Our brand identity is the outward expression of what we stand for as an
organization. This is summarized in our vision, mission and is supported
by our values.

“Enabling people to advance with
confidence and success”.

“To make our customers prosper, our
staff excel and create value for
Our values are the fundamental principles that define our culture and are
brought to life in our attitudes and behavior. It is our values that make
us unique and unmistakable. Our values are defined below:

This is at the core of everything we do. The
markets in which we operate are becoming
increasingly competitive, giving our customers an
abundance of choice. Only through being the very
best - in terms of the service we offer, our
products and premises - can we hope to be
successful and grow.

We are the leading bank in Pakistan and our
success depends upon trust. Our customers - and
society in general - expect us to possess and
steadfastly adhere to high moral principles and
professional standards.

We understand fully the needs of our customers and
adapt our products and services to meet these. We
always strive to put the satisfaction of our customers
We believe in giving opportunities and
advantages to our employees on the basis of
their ability. We believe in rewarding
achievement and in providing first-class career
opportunities for all.


We believe in the advancement of society

through the adoption of enlightened working
practices, innovative new products and
processes, and a spirit of enterprise.

R. Zakir Mahmood Sohail Malik

President & CEO Group Executive, Risk Management

Sima Kamil Nauman K. Dar

Group Executive, Group Executive, International
Corporate Banking Banking & CEO, Habib Allied
International Bank Plc.,UK

Ayaz Ahmed Abid Sattar

Group Executive, Group Executive,
Chief Financial Officer Retail & Consumer Banking

Jamil Iqbal Zafar Aziz Osmani

Group Executive, MISYS / Group Executive, Human
Business Process Re-engineering Resources & Organisational

Jamil A. Khan
Group Executive, Mudassir H. Khan
Global Operations Group Executive,
Chief Compliance Officer

Faizan Mitha
Group Executive, Salim Amlani
Global Treasurer Group Executive, Audit,
BRR & Investigation

Mirza Saleem Baig

Group Executive, Aslam Gadit
Commercial Banking Group Executive,
Asset Remedial Management

Kashif Shah
Group Executive, Yousuf Nasir
Investment Banking Group Executive,
Information Technology

Aly Mustansir
Head of Marketing Nausheen Ahmad
& Brand Management Company Secretary
& Head of Law Division

HBL caters to all market segments, offering products that are as diverse as
the people we service. We remain resolute in our commitment to provide
products that are competitive and services that are exemplary.

Whether establishing a new venture or expanding an existing business, our

team understands your banking needs and works closely with you to realize
your goals.

HBL provides the following products and services to meet its individual
customer requirements:

 Debit Card
 Deposit Accounts
 PhoneBanking
 BancAssurance
 Mutual Funds
HBL offers a wide range of accounts suited to meet individual customer
needs. They are:

Term Accounts:

Offered in a variety of tenors with deposits as low as Rs. 10,000.

Current Accounts:

Our Current Accounts offer features that meet your daily banking needs.
Saving Accounts:

HBL’s Saving Accounts cater to individual saving habits.

Foreign Currency Accounts:

Offered in multiple currencies with interest paid on a quarterly basis.

HBL and New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited (NJLI) introduce
Amaan (Retirement Plan) and Tabeer (Child Education & Marriage). These
products have been designed keeping HBL’s customer base as the focus and
will provide life insurance along with an investment option.

Amaan - Retirement Plan:

A pension plan that offers attractive investment returns.

Tabeer – Children Education:

An insurance plan that enables parents to cover education and marriage


HBL Visa Debit Card allows you to pay for your purchases directly from
your bank account. You don’t have to carry cash and your monthly
statement provides you with a complete record of all your transactions so
you can manage your expenses with ease.

It has the following prominent features:

No Interest
Ease & Security
No Liability
International Recognition& Acceptability
Spending Limits
Free Account Statement
24 hour Customer Service
Global Customer Assistance Service

Your bank is just a phone call away.

You can now call HBL PhoneBanking and save a trip to the branch. Your
query will be resolved in a single telephone call from anywhere and at
HBL has a long history of being a partner of growth for business and
industry. We provide tailored banking solutions to business customers of all
sizes in a wide range of industries.

We cater to the needs of a broad spectrum of clients. To do this, the business

banking group is segregated by the size of the customer. For customers with
an annual turnover between PKR 50 million to PKR 300 million, our
Commercial Banking group provides a wide range of products that meet
specific customer needs.

The Corporate Banking Group focuses on personalized services to large

corporate borrowers who need tailored facilities. The Corporate Bank
manages a diverse portfolio, being an active player in a multitude of sectors
including textiles, sugar, leather, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, petrochemicals,
power, aviation, automotive, telecom, oil and gas and FMCGs.

The Investment Banking Group is a market leader. It provides innovative

capital strategy solutions to major local and multinational entities.

HBL offers a wide range of products and services for its business customers.
They are as follows:

 Commercial Banking
 Corporate Banking
 Islamic Banking
 Investment Banking
 Cash Management
 Asset Management
HBL Corporate Banking Group comprises a seasoned team of Relationship
Managers (RMs) to meet the demanding service standards of large
corporations. A long history of financing and nurturing relationships in
Pakistan has given HBL a unique insight, enabling us to provide timely and
effective financial solutions for our customers to meet the growing
challenges of a global economy.

If you are a corporate customer, with a turnover of at least PKR 300 million,
we have a range of solutions designed to help you with your banking needs.
Our RMs have the expertise you need to create tailored financial solutions
catering to the specific requirements of your business.

Whether establishing a new venture or expanding an existing business, our

team understands your banking needs and works closely with you to realize
your goals.
• Services vices
We provide the following services to meet your funding requirements:
• Working Capital Finance, including Overdraft, FE Loans, etc.
• Pre and Post Shipment Export Financing (PKR and USD based)
• Import Financing (PKR and USD based)
• LMM Funding
• Receivable Discounting
• Islamic Banking facilities
• Cash Management Services

• Trade Services including Letter of Credit, Letter of Guarantee and

Standby Letter of Credit, etc.

Centres C
Corporate Center, Karachi Stock Exchange, Lahore
Export Processing Zone, Karachi Corporate Center, Islamabad
PIA Branch, Karachi Morga Branch, Rawalpindi
Karachi Port Trust, Karachi Corporate Center, Faisalabad
Steel Mills, Karachi Corporate Center, Multan
Stock Exchange, Karachi
HBL’s Commercial Banking Group targets medium sized companies with a
turnover of at least PKR 50 million. Our business units are located in
Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Peshawar. Each unit is
dedicated to service business clusters located within these cities.

We have the ability and the resources to meet the needs of your business
with our pro-active, responsive and experienced Relationship Managers who
are committed to understanding your business.

We cater to the needs of a broad spectrum of clients. To do this, the business

banking group is segregated by the size of the customer. For customers with
an annual turnover between PKR 50 million to PKR 300 million, our
Commercial Banking group provides a wide range of products that meet
specific customer needs.

We offer financing for the following:

• Working Capital
• Procurement of Inventory
• Receivables
• Procurement of Machinery
• Expansion of production facilities
• Import of raw materials
• Exports

• Guarantees

Centres C

Al-Noor, Karachi Panorama, Lahore

Foreign Exchange, Karachi Badami Bagh, Lahore
Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi Peco Road, Lahore
Napier Road, Karachi
Saddar, Karachi Kashmir Road, Sialkot
S.I.T.E., Karachi Paris Road, Sialkot
Tariq Road, Karachi Small Ind. Estate, Sialkot
Circular Road, Faisalabad Gujranwala Trust Plaza
Peoples Colony, Faisalabad Peshawar Super Market
HBL offers full-service Investment Banking capabilities to its clientele. This
year alone, HBL has closed over thirty transactions with a cumulative worth
of over USD 2 billion. This is a testament to the out-of-box thinking and the
innovative products we bring to our customers.

The Investment Banking Group functions in three specialist business areas:

 Project Finance,

 Debt Capital Markets & Syndications and

 Equity Capital Markets & Advisory.


Islamic Banking is a growing market segment that offers attractive

opportunities to potential and existing customers. At HBL, Islamic Banking
offers Shariah compliant products and services to meet the short and long
term requirements of business and trade.

Islamic Banking provides Ijarah (leasing) for vehicles, plants and

machinery to meet long-term customer resource requirements. Murabaha
(local & import) facilities are provided to meet the short-term financial
needs of mid-market and corporate customers. HBL’s Islamic Banking
products are fully Shariah compliant and duly certified by independent
Shariah Advisors.


Visit our Islamic Banking branch for the following services:

Opening of Current Account and Basic Banking Account (BBA)
Collection of Foreign/Inland Bills
Acquisition of Assets on Ijarah
Purchase of Raw Materials, Semi-Finished/Finished goods or
Store or Spares through Murabaha
Foreign/Inland Remittances
Utility Bills Collection
E-banking/Internet Banking services

HBL offers a comprehensive platform for customers to avail Cash

Management Services throughout Pakistan. Our Cash Management Services
reduce the cash turn around of your company, thereby making it cost

 * Centralized Collections / Funds Transfer
* Centralized Payments / Disbursements
* Customized MIS Reporting
* Centralized Customer Support through
I IT/Operations

Products and Services Collections

* Easy Collect
* Standing Instruction via Debit Authority (SIDA)
* Outward Bills for Collection (OBC)
* Salaries / Expenses
* Online Cheque Payments (Vendor Payments)
* Utility Bill Payments

* Electronic MIS reporting through email
* Viewing of account statement through E-Banking
* Dedicated Customer Support Officers for Query
Handling and Reconciliation
HBL’s Agriculture loans are spread across the country and provide financing
through over 800 branches. We have the largest private bank portfolio in the
country with over PKR 18 billion in various agriculture sectors. HBL’s
presence in all agriculture belts of the country ensures easy access to farmers
in rural areas.

We provide loans to small-scale land owning farmers as well as large

institutionalized and alliance based financing to boost the country's economy
and yield better harvests. HBL enables farmers to buy good quality seeds,
fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural implements and non-farm setups through
its various product programs.

The following products ensure that customer needs are fully met with respect
to their farming requirements:

Revolving Agri Scheme

Haryali Farm Transport Scheme
Agri Development Loan
Agri Development Loan (Fish Farming)
Agri Development Loan (Drip Irrigation)
Agri Production Finance
Haryali Livestock Loans
HBL Asset Management Limited - A Wholly own subsidiary of Habib Bank
Ltd. was incorporated on 17 February, 2006 as a public limited company
under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and was licensed for Investment
Advisory and Asset Management Services by Securities and Exchange
Commission of Pakistan on 3rd April, 2006.