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Hypoglycemea and Diabetes By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., Phd. (C)Copyright (2011) by Anthony J.

Fejfar Hypoclycemia is considered a type of diabetes which results in low blood sugar with a typical symptom of light headedness. Diabetes is a medical condition

where the human body can no longer process sugar appropriately, with the result of symptoms which include blurred vision, excessive thirst, numbness in the extremities, frequent urination. The tendency to have either hypoglycemia or diabetes is thought to be genetic. However, I have an alternate explanation of what is going on, namely, a form of toxic shock. I am asserting that many drinking water sources contain both arsenic, cyanide, and methyl ether, either naturally and or from industrial pollution. What happens is that arsenic and cyanide attack both the pancreas and other organs, such that the first effect is Hypoglycemia caused by Blood Volume Deficiency Disorder. What happens is that the human body goes into a type of toxic shock where the body can no longer produce sufficient blood for normal functioning. You see, the water

coming into the body I poisoned with cyanide and arsenic so that the body does not want to produce more blood because the blood would be poisoned. On the other

hand, the body also starts experiencing a blood shortage and then begins to crave sugar so that the body can produce more blood, so that it can function normally again. This eventually produced Diabetes as a result of toxic attack with cyanide and arsenic on the human liver, which reduces natural insulin production. The result then is both high blood sugar and at the same time low blood volume, with the result that the patient is both Hypoglycemic and Diabetic at the same time. The result is that the patient is hypoglycemic at blood sugar levels such as 500. A specialized diet is need to combat Hypoglycemia-Diabetes. The patient must alternate low sugar soda pop with unsweetened ice tea, and also put plenty of protein in his or her diet, eating beef and pork on a regular basis. Also, it is good to drink chocolate milk with whey protein added. Eating chicken or beef liver once a week is also helpful. Insulin is still used, but on a more intermittent basis. Also, it is important to only drink filtered water or distilled water, where the water is treated in your own home or apartment. The foregoing is also consistent with a diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis and Blood Volume Deficiency. Moreover, the foregoing could also be the explanation for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Note: Methyl Ether can manifest in river water when cyanide in the water combines with wood to produce toxic methyl alcohol, which then combines with

salt in the water to produce the toxic anesthetic, methyl ether.