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Coming Into the Millennial Light

The Photon Belt Given 1993-1995

Alahoy Publications


Introduction! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 1 - Solar Space & the Black Holes! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 2 - The Five-Pointed Star! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 3 - The Galactic Body! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 4 - Interdimensional Impregnations! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 5 - The Impregnation of the 144,000! - by Grand Space Commander Petron Chapter 6 - The Transmigration of Souls! - by Space Commander Paular Chapter 7 - Going Through the Interdimensions! - Grand Space Commander Petron Chapter 8 - UFO Mission Priorities! - by Space Commander Delaka Chapter 9 - DNA Changes in the 7 Year Dispensation! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 10 - The Interference of a Black Hole! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 11 - The Rainbow of Understanding! - by Space Commander Petron Chapter 12 - Coming Into the Ultra-Conscious State! - by Isross Chapter 13 - The Spiritual Rainbow of Light! - by Zarene Chapter 14 - The Awakening of Consciousness! -by an unidentified Space Commander Chapter 15 - Claim Your Birthright! - by Grand Master Colarion of the Council of Nine Chapter 16 - The 1000 Years of Perpetual Time! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 17 - Regeneration in the Tomb! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 18 - The Baptism of Purity! - by Space Commander Lae Chapter 19 - The Council of Nine! - by Colarian Chapter 20 - Life On Mars! - by Space Commander Petron Chapter 21 - The DNA Change! - by Excalabar of the White Robes Chapter 22 - The Expansion of Consciousness! - by Grand Master Oaspe, the Master of Light Chapter 23 - The Spiritual Planes of Light! - by Grand Space Commander Lae Chapter 24 - Coming Into the Awakening Twilight! - by Grand Master Zarene Chapter 25 - There Is No Death! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 26 - The Three Pure Planets! - by Grand Master Zoltar Chapter 27 - The Expansion of Consciousness! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 28 - The Jerusalem Command! - by Lord Sananda Chapter 29 - The Inner Ascension! - by Excalabar of the White Robes Chapter 30 - Because I Am! - by Grand Space Commander Lae Chapter 31 - The Changing of Consciousness! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 32 - Coming to Terms With Labels! - by Grand Master Astra Chapter 33 - The Purification of Your Thoughts! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 34 - The Elite! - by Space Commander Del Chapter 35 - Body Conditioning Into The Millennial Light! -by Grand Chief Commander Lord Hatonn Chapter 36 - The Answer Lies Within! - by Ashtar of the Ashtar Command Chapter 37 - Operation Inner Thrust! - by Grand Chief Commander Kalieb Chapter 38 - The Rapture! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 39 - Vibrational Changes In The Photonic Energy! - by Dr Rayness - from the Council of 48 Chapter 40 - The Babe In The Manger! - by Lord Sananda Chapter 41 - The Gradual Millennial Change! - by Space Commander Lae Chapter 42 - The True Universal Genesis! - by a grand master from the Dogstar Sirius Chapter 43 - The Flight Of The Eagle! - by Chief Running Owl Chapter 44 - The Immaculate Conception of the New Age! - by Paulson from the Pleiades Chapter 45 - The Three Phases of Ascension! - by Space Commander Astor Chapter 46 - Body Changes Into the Millennial Light! - by Princess Osanta Chapter 47 - Transmigration Of Light! - by Kalieb Chapter 48 - DNA and Body Changes! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 49 - The Visible Universe and the Invisible Universe! - by Space Commander Dextra Chapter 50 - The Pockets Where Eagles Shall Gather! - by Princess Osanta Chapter 51 - Magnetic Pocket Domes! - by Space Commander Stanton Chapter 52 - The Changing of Consciousness Within! - by Space Commander Candor Chapter 53 - The Energy of Ley Lining Areas! - by Space Commander Santon

Chapter 54 - Rebirthing in the Vortexes! - by Space Commander Orvon Chapter 55 - Walking in Your Own Light of Understanding! - by Space Commander Adella Chapter 56 - The Imprinting of the New Body! - by Grand Space Commander Lae Chapter 57 - The Adjustment of Rebirthing! - by female Space Commander Alana Chapter 58 - The Akashic Records! - by Grand Space Commander Dilaka Chapter 59 The Metaphysical Radio of All Lives! - by Kalieb Chapter 60 - The Awakening of the Inner Child! - by Space Commander Atonni Chapter 61 - Coming Into The Medicine Wheel! - by Chief Brave Wolf Chapter 62 - Rebirthing Into the Light! - by Space Commander Adella Chapter 63 - Awakening Your Master Consciousness! - by Lord Hatonn - Council of 48 Chapter 64 - Rebirthing Through Photonic Intermeshing! - by Space Commander Atna Chapter 65 - The Wardrobe of the Millennial Body! - by Chief Red Cloud Chapter 66 - You Are a Spiritual Being in a Physical Body! - by Jacques! Chapter 67 - Misconceptions! - by Ashtar of the Ashtar Command Chapter 68 - The Redemption Factor - by Lenroy of the Cherubims Chapter 69 - Spiritual Meteorology! - by the God Thoth Chapter 70 - The Millennial Light Protection Meditation! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 71 - The Colors From the Millennial Light! - by Dr See-ven Chapter 72 - A Lecture on Vortexes - by the God Thor Chapter 73 - Big Earth Changes! - by Monka from Mars Chapter 74 - The Concept of Time - by the God Kaos Chapter 75 - Coming to the End of a Lifetime! - by Archangel Michael


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.

"The first phase started with your Harmonic Convergence in 1987. This phase was the changing of the vibration of the bowels of the earth. The consciousness in the center of the earth is called the consciousness of time. Time has consciousness. It also has cycles. In these cycles there are certain events that at times will take place with great cataclysms.

"The 1987 to the end of 1997 is your natural changes on the planet earth. At the same time this is making man aware of the coming changes within himself in the years 2000 to 2010.

"The second change is the awareness that expands in man to allow the Christ Consciousness to return in its fullness. During this time of change to the second phase, which is entirely taking place in man, there is a rebirth within him of fullness awareness. He will attain, what we call, the second step of adeptship.

"During the years of 2011 to 2027 the third stage of awareness will take place in the changing of the firmaments. There will be many changes to planets and the formation changes you will see that will emanate from the various galaxies and your star formations. This will allow the completion of adeptship. Those that will be born on earth and come from various galaxies will be only the attuned that will constantly populate the earth and it will become a school of higher awareness and adeptship."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"I come today to give you a lecture on solar space. It is important that when you consider solar space that it is not what you have been thinking it was. Space is very important because there are two factors here.

"The black holes, or spaces, that you see are the recharging factors and the ethers are the feminine energies that give birth. The solar energies are of prime importance. The solar energies are the sun energies which are the masculine energies. These masculine energies impregnate these dark substances, called ethers. As you look at

them, there is nothing there. You cannot see them. This is why the scientists here have difficulty when they say that there is nothing in space.

"The female energy in these ethers, when they take in the solar impregnation, gives birth to these planets. What happens in this birth, like in your womb, when there is a premature birth, it's called comets. When you get this many comets at one time, this goes into formations or, what we call, belts. These belts are the energy fields that cause rotations and puts planets into rotation. That is very important in cosmology.

"The next step is when the planets are born from this energy of solar light with this impregnation of heat through these deflections. This will cause these planets to come into birth with strong thought energies.

"It is of prime importance that there are two different kinds of planets. The first kind of planet that you have are called growth planets. These are the ones that from heat allows growths on the outside of your Earth. This gives that kind of life that you have here on this Earth.

"The next step that you have is, what you call, the light planets. These light planets, like you have on Sirius One, Two, Three and Four, are light planets that do not give birth. Light planets are, what you call, constant in solar light. The light has been given to these planets through, what you call, purity of thought. This is sometimes what you refer to as the heaven sensation here.

"The deflection of light on these planets, through what you call telepathy, is where most of your energies are coming to give Earth people ideologies and different types of dogmas and different types of religion. In the orbit, there are rotations where all of these religions come into concept of one. This concept of one is now coming to this Earth.

"There have been ideologies that come into purifications of thought. From these ideologies, like your religions here, this is coming into one. It is like one thought where everybody is into acceptance. This is coming to this Earth in your year 2011.

"Also, when we look into this universe, called solar universe, you have in various places these black holes. There black holes are what we call the purification tunnels. When orbits go inside these black holes they go through this purification. Right now, this is very prevalent in space. This is why, in space, when they go through these black holes, it is called the final entrance into the Christ Consciousness. So impregnation to these black holes is very good. It is not what your scientists have been thinking. They have been thinking in different terms.

"Dr See-ven sees that right now in solar space are coming these lights into the universe. When you look up you will see three lights. There is coming three solar

flares. This is coming to complete, as we call it, the restructuring of the firmament. There will be fires actually to be seen in your firmament.

"After this restructuring in your 1996, 1997 and 1998 years, you will have some extremities of heat. This also will cause the Earth's core to erupt in different places in your geographical parts near large bodies of water. Volcanic actions near larger bodies of water will be eminent.

"To completely revamp and to change and to become, as we call it, your millennial light, this is the golden flame upon completion. This is comparable to people changing their bodies in the twinkling of an eye. The whole of the Earth's structure then will be rebirthed again to the core which should rebirth to the growth of the planet. This happens on every planet every 26,000 years of your time.

"Solar space is referred because of this terminology. Solar is your sun energy impregnating the ethers to give birth of your yin and your yang. This gives birth to the child which is the planet.

"When you are looking now into outer space at this moment which I am talking, at what we call, the corona outburst, then what is happening is that is what gives birth to a sun. Each universe requires either one sun and in some cases will require two to three.

"What is happening right now is a matter of restructuring of the sun. This is because this sun that you have here upon explosion, the other one will be caused and come in from the implosion to give birth to a new sun. Otherwise, your Earth will, as we see it, come to the end of its term.

"Do you wish to ask Dr See-ven any questions?"

[Questions by Yashah] Q: "Yes Dr See-ven. Are you saying that we will have two suns at some time?"

A: "You will only notice the one. One is actually replacing the other."

Q: "So they will be superimposed somehow?"

A: "Exactly."

Q: "This is a very interesting lecture which you gave us."

A: "Yes. You make sure that you put it into the book. 'Coming Into The Millennial Light', you will entitle it. We will give you all the lectures, all up to the revamping and restructuring."

Q: "Will this come specifically from you?"

A: "It will come from me and other grand masters."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"This evening, I wish to talk to you about the five-pointed star. I want you to imagine that each star has in each point an eye. In other words, each star has vision to be able to see into its energy field of direction.

"The cosmic consciousness within each star represents the soul of light. The soul of light is the balancing of each thought that is produced by life forms that are in direct contact with the consciousness of each star.

"Every one of you in your life form, play a very important role of giving birth. You see, the energy fields within your own souls are called soul lights. They also give birth within other consciousnesses.

"So the consciousness within a star of its energy field will direct, or impregnate, other filtrations of lights that are coming into the five directions of the pointed star. So the five-pointed star has five impregnation points to give birth from the consciousness of your thoughts. So it is of prime importance that you all here play a significant role in the construction of the universe.

"The bad thoughts that you create are thought forms that go into reality of, what we call, great concern. These thoughts, because they are not properly impregnated in the universe, return back to sender, or to the Earth. This is what causes the incarnation of your new ideas that come to give you a disastrous result.

"A lot of your bad thoughts that were given off during your First and Second World Wars are now giving birth at this particular time on Earth in the form of not only your pollution, but in the form of your greed. This is causing the majority of the people here on Earth to become very imbalanced with energies and the energy rays that are given off at this particular time by the sun. This is because your sun is, what we call, the highest polarity of Polaris, the solar energy within your immediate universe here to the Earth.

"You have in the seventy-seven galaxies that surround your galaxy, you also have another seventy-seven suns. These suns are determined by their energy fields that are

given off by your consciousness within your thoughts. So you could either give your sun more rebirth from your own energy consciousness, or you could take away from the energy that is coming directly to the Earth and cause it to become exterminated.

"So it is of very great prime importance that when you visualize a five- pointed star that each solar prana has a soul consciousness that relies on the soul consciousness of the totalness of life forms in all of your galaxies. So you are actually feeding the energy fields constantly from your thoughts. As you know this is the most powerful thing in the universe.

"God's Consciousness is the sum total of all your consciousnesses. From the energy field of creation you get re-creation. You use the same energy fields to constantly create with the universe.

"So soul consciousness is in all forms of life light energy, whether it's lunar, the moon, or solar, the sun, or planetary, the planets. Each has a soul, like your Earth here has, what we call, a soul consciousness.

"The soul consciousness of your Earth is determined primarily by the balance of your lunar energy that comes in and also its solar energy to give its yin and yang like you have within your own body. This is why, on many occasions, you are called the macrocosm, also the small part which you are the microcosm.

"Soul energy is creative consciousness. I want you to remember that because it is of high priority that all of your conscious memories are constant within the soul consciousness. Each life time you go into, or you reincarnate into, or are placed into, or walk into, life consciousness. There are many ways in which you can come into life consciousness, not only by birth within the structure of life form on whatever planet that gives life form. You have to remember that the total expansiveness of your soul consciousness is in constant travel form, or motion.

"A lot of you discuss this only from the perspective of soul travel at night. That is very wrong because the expansiveness of soul consciousness is in constancy. This is why sometimes you are missing time, or you are missing space, or you are missing balance. That is soul consciousness in expansion.

"The soul consciousness in expansion is what comes into contact with the other soul consciousness of life form in your immediate galaxy. This is why some of your life forms are so much ahead of you. It is because they are concentrating more on the soul consciousness and you people here are concentrating more on the soul body.

"You have to remember that there are two distinct things and factors here that you have to take into consideration. The soul body is the encasement of the soul consciousness. So to completely release the soul consciousness you have to project your

consciousness through your thought projection. A lot of you are practicing this on a very small scale through, what you call, meditation.

"So thought projection is the vehicle for the soul consciousness to travel into direction. So always, when you are in this kind of meditation, select a place in the galaxy and meditate from that place to where you are now. This is why, then in this concept, you will travel faster because your consciousness is at thought point rather than from the thought to the travel point.

"A lot of you are going to get into the expansion of consciousness. You are going to remember that you are part of the God body. This is the creative force through thought to project the creation in the structure that is viewed from your immediate consciousness, but not through your projection. This is where you are making a lot of thoughts with your creations.

"So create, not from imagination, but from the expansion of consciousness through the projection at the point where you are not; from that point to the point where you are at. You have to remember this in your meditation because this is very important.

"To do this meditation, you are imagining in your eye, two pointed little, as we call them, light blue balls and a very silver line connecting them. Imagine that you are at the top line by breathing hard from the top line. Do not worry about grounding yourself from the bottom ball because that is where you are now and that is not where you want to be. To be in your total consciousness you have to become part of, what we call, the ejection light around the soul of the energy field that is in constant motion.

"This is very hard to do until you properly program yourself in, what we call, the discipline light. This is what is going to happen to a lot of you Earth people in 1995. You will be projecting above any difficulties on this Earth. So you actually will not be allowed in the actual difficulties that are happening on the immediate plane of light.

"I will leave myself open to you for just a few of your Earth questions that you have at this time, but not necessarily pertaining to consciousness."

[Questions by Yashah]

Q: "Thank you Dr See-ven. I'm experiencing time as passing exceedingly fast. Is it true that now on the Earth that time is actually going faster than it was years ago?" A: "Yes. Very much so. That is because the consciousness projection in your last ten years was in, what you call, a metaphysical way of thinking. You have been giving off, many people have been giving off that energy consciousness."

Q: "But not everyone?"

A: "Not everyone. But it is the sum total of all your energies. A lot of people are grounded and they are not giving off that kind of energy. A lot of people are giving off, what we call, bad thought projections. I have to go now. God bless you."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"It is of prime importance to you now that because of your great, wet belt that the alignment of the two planets, Uranus and Neptune, are causing a great, what you call, lock in atmosphere where your cumulus clouds form in great capacity, even in your Eastern United States.

"There will be a change when your big comet Ariah makes its first move. It is very critical in your 1996 year where you will see the fire in your firmaments. This will cause a great drying spell and you will find that there will be here, (British Columbia) like your tropical type of weather. There will also be an adjustment made to the planets that are close to the Earth's orbit at this particular time.

"Would you look at the Instrument please to make sure that his head is clear?"

[Yashah's Note: The Instrument, Dr Ki, was channeling Dr See-ven at the Cross Sticks, a power spot near Skimilken, British Columbia. Two mosquitoes were contentedly perched on the Instrument's forehead.]

Q: "Can I touch you?" A: "Yes, very slowly."

[I brushed the Instrument's forehead slowly with my hand as the two mosquitoes scattered. After hundreds of trance sessions with Dr Ki, this was the first time I touched him while he was in deep trance.]

Yashah: "O.K. Those little mosquitoes have left."

"They bother and it is kind of hard for me to keep coming into adjustment.

"Now to tell you about this great change. Your DNA in your body is going through electrical structure. You are going to be hitting 4.2 to 4.4 periodically and you will find that you will have your heart rate race at times.

"Try to get onto, what you call, your water diets. Stay on your vegetable very strongly here because of this change. In 1994, 1995 and 1996 is called the auric body change for the DNA structure in the human body.

"What will happen is the adjustment will be increased to your 4.3, 4.4, right to 4.5 when the electro-magnetic core of your Earth goes into explosion and implosion in 1995. This will cause, what we call, the friction light into your two important centers at the base of your feet. This will, at times, give you some dizzyness because this will be flowing through you at a great rate of speed.

"So you will find that your cells will start to expand much more quickly. You will see a great change in the atomic structure too. This comet too will be trying a lot on the oceanic base and causing a lot of interference with your convection cycles. This will again cause tremendous storms, bigger than what you have now.

"This will be coming close to the end, as you see, as predicted by Daniel. You will find that you must stay in the mountainous areas, or as close as you possibly can.

"The expansion of consciousness through this new DNA structure will be caused mostly by this comet. This will fine tune the new body. This is called the new birth of the higher consciousness to the DNA structure of, what we call, the galactic body.

"The galactic body therefore, will be able to go into, what you call, the dimensional auric ring that will hit the Earth's core through a profusion light in 1996. This therefore, will ground this new body for you and place it into its completeness of 4.5.

"Then you will see this new inner structure ray that will take place to bring the people into, what we call, the colonization of polarity. This colonization will bring the people into the inter-galactic ray of, what we call, the etheric adjustments to all of their polarities within their bodies.

"This will give them the new age birth cycle which will go into approximately 1000 years, your time.

"Dr See-ven feels the Instrument some uncomfortable position. So we will continue this when we get into his place. You tell him that.

"God bless you."


"Good evening, Dr See-ven.

"To the Earth is coming the orange injection in 1994. What will be happening is the Earth's core will be trans-imposed by the electromagnetic fields of the new age which will go into your lifetime here and you will see this very strong impregnation of orange.

"The heating of the Earth's core will be completed in 1998. What will be happening at this time is the pure energy will be coming out. It will be grounding all of the people's vibrations that will be taken into, what we call, with their consciousness, into the Earth's core. Their bodies will be purified to the vibration of 4.5.

"That means that you will be in the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension. The Earth's core will be balanced and adjusting all the tectonic plates and the ore bodies from the intermolecular pole of energies that will be coming from all the planets. At this time, all the planets will be injected with the same inner balance.

"This galaxy is the only one, at this time, that will be going through the rebirth structure of the fourth dimension to and into the nineth. This will happen equally. Your fifth dimension should be complete in 1996. In 1998 the sixth dimension will be giving birth.

"You'll see a great change in the body at that time as you start into the sixth dimension. The sixth dimension is for those who are chosen to stay into, what we call, the last impregnation of the millennial light in the year 2013.

"This impregnation will allow, from 2013, for the seventh dimension to become the foundation for the Earth's new knowledge into the Golden Age. There will be great classrooms where you will be taken into the superconsciousness because of your body change. You will be counseling those who are to be taken up in, what we call, the resurrection.

"This will release their energy and the flow of the intermolecular energy will completely reverse itself and allow the spirit body to be free. This will apply to only those who will go.

"Those who are grounded into the millennial light will, in the year 2022, be into, what we call, the nineth stellar ray. This is when the Council of Nine shall take over the focal ring to take you through the millennial time of the 1000 years of great peace on this Earth.

"Do you wish to ask Dr See-ven any questions?"

[Questions by Yashah]

Q: "Thank you Dr See-ven. This is fascinating information. You're saying that a lot of people will be leaving the Earth?"

A: "Yes. Just the ones that are not adjusting now and are having difficulty. This is what you call the separation of the weak from the strong, or what you would call the chaff from the wheat."

Q: "Is this like the rapture?" A: "Exactly. The rapture is the sudden change in light energy where two bodies cannot withstand each others energy fields. So therefore, the physical will completely release and the spiritual will completely release. Those who are grounded right now, like yourself, into the DNA change are already adjusting your physical body into the grounding affect of the spiritual body into the new dimensional change."

Q: "Is it true that there would only be approximately one third who would be grounded?" A: "That is true. That is a rough figure."

Q: "So then there would be roughly two thirds who will be leaving?" A: "Yes. Who will be going into another form of light life."

Q: "Some of us will be counseling these people, you were saying?" A: "Exactly, because they will be afraid. They will not know what is happening to them. You see, right now they think that what we are doing is very, as you call it, ridiculous. I have to leave now. God bless you."


"Good evening to you. I am Grand Space Commander Petron.

"This evening, we are very glad that you have invited us to your superconscious thoughts. There are four of us in this room now. My craft, called Astrona, is getting its electrical pulsations from your sacred mountain, we call Mt Ida. (near Salmon Arm, British Columbia).

"This evening, we are here to tell you that the sheep are now being counted. You have heard the trumpet and the trumpet was in constant motion calling you through many facets of your religious thoughts. The sound of this trumpet, which by your religions, is somehow intertwined to the last moment of interchange of dispensation on your planet Terra.

"It is of prime importance that the impregnation of the 144,000 have come to light in various places of this planet to teach. This cycle has now been completed. However, there are many more masters that have just reincarnated to complete this cycle of 144, 000 who are now in complete, as we call it, superconscious state to become the next teachers of this Earth periodically and over many different places of concentration.

"You will see a lot of disarray and, what we classify as, treachery and war that is now in, not only the Middle East, but also in the Ukraine and many areas yet to ignite. This is the last, as we call it, the last of the completeness of evil in battle.

"This evil shall be taken over by one of the most ruthless tyrants that we have now been closely aligned to and watching his reign to soon come to its final reign.

"The Arab who is now being tested in his last stage will come to the forefront. It will be puzzling to the United States of America of the miraculous. The different approaches to the treachery in this Middle East is right now on standby. But however, it will take its great state between the year of 1995 and 1996. We will look at that and we know that the dispensation that comes to an end must come to an end with a rapture.

"This powerful rapture, which is coming, is not only the seventh ray of Earth's final impregnation into millennial time, but it is also the coming of the Christ Consciousness again in, what you call, its physical manifestation.

"Not too many of the religious professionals, who call themselves the correct interpretation of dispensation, have really connected into, what we call, the metaphysical aspect of your journey at this time.

"We are watching very carefully because your consciousness, which is being elevated from the fourth dimension, will be in its fifth dimension in its entity in the 1994 year. This gives you, or allows you, the full armour of God. For you will be therefore armed, not only with the completeness of awareness within your superconscious state, but you will have the ability to already see into the portals of the millennium that will be set from the vibration of the fifth dimension of light.

{Refer to the book: Universality Through Interdimensionality.

"You are setting up now, at this moment, a very important lectern of knowledge that you impact to those who come to break, as we say, bread with you. They are also constantly growing into, what we call, the fifth dimension of thought.

"The impregnation of the rapture on this Earth completes therefore the cycle of the sixth and the seventh dimension, bringing back the reign. This reign is very short lived, completing, at that time, the Battle of Armageddon which therefore gives the last state of darkness. Those who are in disarray. this will give them the last and final opportunity to awaken to the cause of their immortal, as we call it, destiny.

"The finality of this great change which will take place in your latter 20th century will finalize and bring the millennium into, what we call, the light of purity from the central sun of the universe. This gives full birth to, what we call, the aspect of the nineth dimension of thought.

"To be into this millennial transition is one of the most finest moments that you will encounter in your entire life.

You will see the impregnation of light through the density of thoughts which you had once cultivated from the moment of your physical birth.

"It is within your superconscious that you give birth and impregnation to the reality of what you really are. For you see, when you come through physical birth of your soul, you allow yourself to be incapacitated by the physical clouds of your mortal body.

"By allowing the sunrise of immortality to fertilize your soul, you give it the compassion to grow into, what we call, the Garden of Eden. This is the starting of your millennium to which you are indebted to. I say indebted to because when you come into this birth, because of the incapacitation and because of the faculties of five that you use, misconstrues the true definition of the soul that you really are.

"These five clouds block the vision to the sixth sense, or the seeing eye. Therefore, you have difficulty seeing into the horizons of your thoughts and being able to comprehend your tomorrows in the respect of cultivation that you are meant to be.

"You see, you are all stardust. But you represent, what we classify as, the subtleness of light within light within light. You are the reflection of many lights through the transformation of different life forms that you give your light through the traveling of the universe. You only stop for just a fraction of a moment on this planet Earth, either to get confused, defused, or as we classify, rebirth of the energy to allow your starseed to travel into the infinity planes of the hierarchy which your soul takes on when you get into the kingdom of the robes.

"It is this kind of justification that your soul will go through. It is going through these different gardens of thought that allows you the short recess that you have in this life to comprehend the values of where you are, what you are and where you will go.

"Your destiny is fulfilled in the bosom of, what we classify, the liquid light of love. You are a transmitter of affects. This kind of affect that you transmit constantly gives cause to the reality of life into the spectrum, or realm, of what you really are.

"You are a birth giver, whether you are in the feminine state, or the masculine state. The vibrations of this intermolecular state, bringing through the internalization of awareness to give birth, is one of the primary lights of exaltation that has been observed on this planet for many centuries and for many centuries to come.

"It is unfortunate that you earthlings seem to place a time element and you seem to go from a beginning to an end. This is only a man made concept because you are in a

mechanized form of revealing a deterioration of a cell structure, whether it be animal or mineral. Whether it be inanimate, or animate, energy forms are transformed. You must remember that you are transformed. You are an atom of starlight that is constantly transforming into its light of revelation. You are a revelator. You are a revelator of light and life.

"Life forms are not necessarily just simply breathing in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide. Life forms, you must remember, are a manifestation of a light through an infernon. It is because you are born and come into this physical manifestation the way you are now, you interpret from the five senses of awareness through the experiences of other realities on this Earth.

"By giving birth to the sixth sense you are allowing your soul to evolve into complete spirit form. You are allowing this energy to take on the concept of allness, knowing this life form throughout every second that is created in the vast universe of creation that has never stopped.

"Right now, as I talk through the consciousness of this Instrument, there is a new race that is being born in the, as we call it, the Atmosphere of Seven. You see, in this way, it takes on life forms that exalt the manifestation of superconsciousness, which is the energy of the allness of Godness. "Within this form there is no rank or authority above authority. There is only one authority and that is in the superconscious. When you reach the state of oneness you will find that your growth and your birth is the result of one thought manifesting many life forms.

"We are very happy to come into your midst. We are very, very happy because there will be a manifestation soon to come. It is this kind of impregnation that gives you that energy to go onward knowing that you are an affect of a great cause. This affect will go back into its normalcy of energy to become the oneness and the wholeness of what life spectrum is all about.

"Have your meditation in your silence and allow the great White Light of all intelligence to impregnate your mind so that you can live in a culture of all awareness and allness. This will affect you immensely.

"I leave you now in the hands of your superconsciousness to dictate to your consciousness the importance of this state of awareness to your Mother Earth at this

particular time

I bid you fair journey and we will see you in the near future again. God



"Good evening to you all. I am Paular from the constellation of Eurekar.

"There is a vast change taking place in your universe now. The vibration is calling for the migration of souls. This is the first time that the solar flames of your sun have been in direct contact with, what we call, the outer flare of the passing sun. Because of this it is bypassing and causing a lot of tension to all living forms.

"The transmigration of souls is on every planet at this time in every living form. There is a contact called the change. All souls are coming into the form of polarity. That is the under- standing of their birth.

"For the longest time, here on your Earth, you have been going through a process of deducing. It is really strange in your human mind, and I say human mind, that you have been led astray. You have been, at most times, led to believe what is much more, as you call it, appropriate for the time instead of being out in, what we call, the central field of understanding.

"You are too homogenius in your thought forms here on Earth. You are holding onto old concepts of religionality. You ought to be very careful here because of your intertwining polarity caused by Neptune and Uranus in your month of May. The superconscioiusness of the passing flare will be injected into the Earth and will be polarized into the soul of mankind. At the same time there will be a unity of polarization taking place with the other forms of light.

"You are, at this particular time, going through, what we call, the last re-entrant. What is going to happen is that this polarization will cause the incoming of the fourth dimension. It is of prime importance that mankind, at this time, is going through, what we call, the classification of doubt. Mankind has the definition engraved upon him of trying to make out through a physical revelation of a spiritual manifestation. It does not work this way, for you cannot put spirit in reverse gear.

"It is because of this great re-entrant of light and polarization that, as of the start of May (1993) on this Earth, you will find the transmigration of souls. Due to this, there will also be a sifting down as to, what we call, the two belief system on this Earth.

"It is of prime importance that you stay close to, or try to get at times near the mountains. It is also of great, prime importance that your food substance is going to be of scarcity. Try to get into the dried processing of foods for survival.

"It has been drawn to the point of revamping the structure of your South and North Poles because of the influx of the bulge in the center of the Earth. This is slightly pulling your Earth off its axis.

"You are living through very historic times. The impregnation of walk-ins will be significant in the fall of this year, who will bring the message. Also, those that will be

impregnated near high mountains will receive their orders as to how to help these different souls that are going into migration.

"You see, every dispensation, when it comes to a close, will call in the vibrations of life. In order for the surface and all your structures to be changed, the bowels of your Earth will spew a lot of fire. This will cause changes to some of your land masses.

"There is a a great change coming in the summer months due to ultra-violet impregnations. Mankind fears this extreme light . But this radiation is going to help to reach and to alter the consciousness of man. It is the Earth people who think that this is of grave consequences because of your ozone layer. This is all part of the plan for this great change.

"It is of prime importance that all of you here are very fortunate to get this information prior to it becoming a reality. There are three of you here who will be uplifted into an altered consciousness starting in your June month. It is also important that you prepare yourself and your body by becoming more attuned to listening to what we have to say.

"The light of your next, as we call it here, eclipse of the sun is of great importance. Be careful not to look into the energy that is going to be dismissed from the planet Earth. You will feel very listless at this time. Do not be afraid because many people will have the tendency to get to a state where they can be very violent.

"It is of prime importance that the imbalance that is coming to the Earth is mostly to the physical, not the spiritual. You have that in reverse at this particular time. This is why some of you are wondering why things are so out of control in various areas of your government.

"There is going to be an undertaking and a big change in your Middle East. The antics that will be displayed by your anti-christ will be very convincing. The energy that is here and in your Middle East is where your fallen angels have taken supreme command.

"It is also important for every one of you to start to look at your water supply very seriously. Some of you are doing this. Start to get to the point of your dehydration and also of heating the water and purifying it to small containers. The ultra-violet change will cause some problems to your water supply. This is why it is wise to change the contents of this supply.

"The inter-magnetic flow that will be coming to these volcanic mountains is, what you call, the healing energy that will be impregnated into many of your minerals. It is very important that the definition and the way they have looked at crystals, the frequency level will increase in your stones. Try to get as much jade as you possibly can.

Try to stick to as many, or as much, of your calcium bearing stones. Look very hard for, what you call, tungsten. Also, your emerald will be a very highly charged stone for healing. There will be a liquid emitted from the aura of your emerald stone that will be very much of a healing ray for any of your cancers.

"It is also important too that you concentrate on your stones in the raw state. Do not polish them. Have them be free to absorb their energy fields as much as they possibly can. Those who have stones at this time that are more artificial, try to keep them out into the sunlight as much as possible for the charging of their energies.

"It is important that there will be a changing of the guard soon and new space entities will be taking command. It is also important that house spirits will be revitalized and their energy fields will be changed. This way, those spirits who visit at night can be polarized to a high state of awareness. At this time there are many recluses who are on the face of this planet.

"I don't paint a vivid picture. I paint the picture of the arriving of, what we call, the golden ray.

"I am not going to allow myself to be open for any questions because there will be another entity who will come through. I say to you all, Alahoy."


Grand Space Commander Petron

"Good evening to you all. I am Petron. I am transmitting from the Pleiades to Delron on Venus to the consciousness of this Instrument (Dr Ki) on Earth.

"We are coming into, what you call, battle order. We are into your classification of the end of a long era, called 26,000 years of the complete changing of consciousness on this Earth through the purification of 2100 years of the Christ Consciousness return.

"Our ships are illuminating with great light so that your sophisticated radar is picking up nothing but a flash of light.

"Mankind is going through, in this 26,000 years, a significant cleansing from the first dimension into the complete cycle on Earth of the nineth dimension of change.

"It is easy to recall that your first dimension is the creation of this Earth. When you go through, or when Earth goes through, a dimensional change, it alters the consciousness of Mother Earth to, what we call, a birthing sensation of change. As you

know, there are nine cycles to birth. Therefore, you will know that there are nine dimensions to the completion of Earth consciousness.

"The second dimension of change on this Earth is the creation of your animal life forms. Because of your strong re-entrant of the sun in that day and time there was no ozone layer. So you see, at that particular time, the affect of heat on this planet Earth gave birth to large species of animals. Gradually, as the ozone layer began to take shape, or rebirth, you were coming into the third dimension, which is the creation of man/woman.

"It is of prime importance here that a precedence was made where you looked at the tree of good and evil. The representation of the tree of good and evil is the representation of freedom of choice. Because man was given the freedom of choice, this allowed the change of a great cycle on Earth to bring in reformation of thought.

"During this great reformation the Earth went through, at least, 1000 years of teaching. During this teaching, which we said was the becoming of the fourth dimension, many of your ideologies, philosophies and religions have come to this Earth. They have come, not only through great avatars, but also through impregnations which you call channeling and mediumship by your strong influence of your planets.

"The birth of this fourth dimension is reaching its peak at this particular time. Mankind is not adapting to the philosophies, or balancing to the mind, body, spirit in such a way that you can say that you are at a position classified as unconditional love. That is not so. Many people today are living in a great world of imagination. One must pass through the complete rebirth of consciousness in order to exist in a new body or form.

"The birth of the fifth dimension is now in progress. During this particular time you will find a slow, as we call it, cleanup of the different ideologies and also a cleanup in your government and a cleanup in your religions. The most important part of this cleanup is the altering of your consciousness into the completion of the fifth dimension.

"Your time period is very important. You will feel more of your body change starting in your May month of 1993 when the flare of impregnation from your solar prana is again given to the center of your Earth. This will cause some concern to land masses.

"The important part is that each time the Earth is injected with this golden beam, it allows the hollowness in your Earth, which is a bulge at this moment, causing the axis to shift slightly. This bulge also creates a severe storm effect. In other words, if you look and you study very carefully, you will see that the velocity of the wind is a lot stronger now.

"You will also see that volcanic action, because of this bulge, is in great form of becoming more active. You will also see that your Earth crust in areas will disappear, especially out in your ocean areas.

"These changes are caused by the rebirth of Mother Earth within the center of its core. As you know, your, as we call them, so called brilliant engineers on this Earth are at a point now where the technology is working at times in reverse.

"The birth is not an easy birth when you look at it in your own perspective when the mother carries the child. "The changes in the universe and the structural changes are a completion of a soul consciousness within. It is this kind of energy that allows a freedom of choice that will be precipitated on mankind through, what we call, the last blast, if you wish, in the Middle East.

"The greater unrest, as you look at its scope of rejection, is not only in places of Africa, but Bosnia and the various corners of your Earth where you have your Moslem faiths. This great unrest is coming to a peak where people will accept the first one who comes into the midst with the best bag of tricks. It doesn't look good.

"During this birth process you will get your consciousness from the fifth dimension to, what we call, the purification stage of your new body entering from the etheric double and protruding slowly into, what we call, your auric field, or your higher body. This will take precedence in the seventh dimension of complete change of body.

"The sixth dimension is the finalization of Earth, of a belief system of oneness. This is the oneness within your own self, the oneness which you could see as many have called in the last one hundred years. Now you are looking, not into the mirror blindly, but you are seeing your higher self face to face. In other words, the rebirth of the body into the higher consciousness is an important factor where the sixth dimension allows the purity of spiritual food on this Earth to feed the soul.

"You may wonder why it takes the whole universe and the remaining universes to alter their consciousness to a higher state than yourself to bring you into that consciousness that they are in.

"Man has misconstrued the different forms of life at this time, even the metaphysicians, the different life forms that you call EBE's, extra biological entities. A lot of you have classified this kind of life form as E.T.'s, which is so incorrect.

"When you come into the completeness of the sixth dimension in the year 1997, it will be an important point of decision. The rapture of the seventh dimension, which is the completeness of the second coming of the Christ Consciousness on this Earth, shall precipitate the movement of those souls that are not ready to stay on this Earth in that highly formed body.

"Therefore, you will be having, what you call, an upliftment of souls into the various forms of light conducted by the angelic beings. One must take great consideration and

understanding of what the performance of these great angelic beings are. For you will see that revelations of things to come are now, and you will see them. It may play havoc with your eyes, what is going to start happening in the firmaments of your heavens, strange sightings.

"The change will be in the centralization, or the formation, of all your prana from all your different planets within the structure of the galaxies, whether immediate, or those that are dancing in the light, or the spheres of great jubilation of birth.

"The whole firmament will be changed in the seventh dimension of this great dispensation of Earth. The final cleanup, which is in your eighth dimension, is the Armageddon. That is the battle of the purity of thoughts verses those of impurity of thoughts. This great change will allow you, in your higher body, to reign as a supreme being on this planet Earth.

"As you look at the ninth dimension in its proper perspective, what you are looking at here is a complete cycle as you have studied during the time of Pythagoras.

"This concept of the golden beam, not only impregnated into the center of the bosom of Earth, will also alter the completion and give you that total completeness of your soul light, or vision. All, even your higher body, will have the full capacity, not only to see or create, but to become part of what you create on a constant basis with no rest.

"If you look at your Book of Genesis very carefully, the impregnation of this light, or golden beam, which created the spirit prior to physical body in the third dimension, there was a perfect peace. It was not until you had taken on mortality that you lost immortality.

"This great journey, or this great change, is one of prime importance in the final analysis. When you are in physical, or mortal body, you are losing. It says that you must lose yourself to find yourself. That will happen in this great change coming into this Golden Age which you are looking forward to during your master time of your year 2000. Be careful now how you project your thought into that last statement.

"There are great changes on this Earth. You are the torch bearers here that are starting this, even in your conclaves at night, or in just your thoughts the way you are sowing these thoughts, or seeds, that give birth to your future. One must be very careful here.

"When you learn to alter your conscious states at this time through philosophies you will travel many journeys. But if you alter your consciousness through God, then your journey becomes very short because you arrive to your destiny very quickly.

"Try to look and search through your attics of thought. Climb upstairs to your superconsciousness as the Christ did when He climbed up the higher mountain of His

Consciousness. There He reached a state of understanding and He once again descended to the valley where the thought patterns and forms were in disarray.

Then as the great impregnation took form and the choice between good and evil took precedence, the Christ Consciousness, through the demonstration of one great man, had to be placed, during the Roman era, on a cross until He had gone through the completeness of that cycle into the oneness and the awakening of the ascension of the soul. Each and every one of you will go through this. But it is not necessary that you have to completely leave this body through, what you classify as transition, or death. As your great apostle said, 'I die daily to live eternally'.

"There is a strong concept here of what you are doing here this evening and how you are going to arrive at the final end journey carrying with you the full knowledge of this last change in your dimensions of thought and rebirth.

"When you are studying from great books that have been coming to this Earth through thought and inspiration, through channeling, through mediumship, whatever, one must remember that all of this is filtering from the superconsciousness to the consciousness to mortality where there is room for great error. But, if you take your consciousness and mortality and dine in the room of immortality in your superconscious state and completely digest the message in your superconscious state, it is like the spirit that is dining and eating its food that has so been given to it.

"You today, as human beings, are only using ten percent of your conscious mind. So here you have ninety percent of your conscious mind and you are using approximately two percent of the subconscious. So there's ninety-eight percent of a teacher that's unattended. A lot of you, still even today, do not know how to use the superconscious state in an effective way, other than mixing it, and I quote, with mortality and immortality. You cannot mix oil and water, as you know.

"So one must learn to go into his retreat, or her retreat, into this superconscious state and allow the spirit this food for thought. Man cannot live by bread alone.

"Man has been mixing this manna, or this bread, for many a century. Great ideas come through, but it is your filtering system that requires a change of filters so that you can filter out that food of thought, so that you can eat from the more purity of the food coming from your thoughts.

"You are moving into this great direction of great unrest. Millions of souls are watching you on this Earth and are wishing to trade places.

"These great changes, as it was written, 'lest these days be shortened', flesh will not survive'. The shortening process is the purification of your thoughts that bring in this conscious change, or the finalization stages of the purity that you really are.

"It is your, as we call it, lantern that burns in the inspiration of how you feel or where you are in your own knowledge or teaching. You are all interconnected to star seed. Your soul has dropped from that great explosion of, what we call, the all mighty star unto the various mansions, or rooms, in the Father's creation and Mother's creation of the universe.

"The female energy is the responsibility of the creation within the forms. The male energy is the responsibility of the energy light that gives that form the energy to the procreation.

"Is there a beginning? Only to physical form of decay, or deterioration. You've allowed to give this a time limit only in your analogy.

"The energy of the spirit form is a constant mass of energy of production, reproduction, of great intelligence in constant movement with no beginning or no end. Remember that when you first come with your modern technology of the 20th century into your perpetual motion.

"I see they are calling me back here. It has been a pleasure, through a double relay, to come into the midst of this consciousness to you to reveal some of the things, if you wish to call them, that will balance you, or bring you into this realization of your true oneness, the prodigal son and the prodigal daughter entering, what we call, the re- entrant.

"May your journey be one of great importance to you and one that you will respect. It is that complete altering of the spirit consciousness that allows you, through your physical representation, the reward of unconditional love.

"May the rest of your journey be one where the light beings and those who wish to be part of your cultivation of your higher self, whether it be archangel, or whether it be master, or whether it be guru, or whatever you choose, be with you. It is your choice on how you trim your mantle.

"God speed and God be with your journey and God be within you and be revealing to you, you."


"Good evening, I am Delaka.

"I come here this evening to discuss in a certain manner the priorities of our missions.

We are here, in our first light, to awaken you cosmically to the intelligence that will lead

you to make you own decisions, to be confident in making these decisions and to feel that you have made the right decision in the next ten years of your life.

"It is of cosmic importance, of Earth importance and also of all of those intelligences that make the possibility of the 'I Am'. It is also important that the next priority that we have is to try to, through your mind, make you realize that each and every one of you are bringing this planet into its imbalance from your exploits and from the way that you try to accumulate some form which you call value.

"We are here to insure that growth is stabilized, not only mentally, spiritually, physically, vegetably, but also in the form of, what we call, cosmically.

"We are also here to teach those who are on Earth of the use of their entire beingness of the mind of intunement of the totality of thought.

"We are also here to prepare for, what we call, the resurrection of the cosmic consciousness and the infusion of the first family that will be taken into the new heaven.

"We are also here to perform short evacuations, especially in all seafaring areas.

"I am not going to allow myself to be open to any questions. I will leave you now. Alahoy."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"I will talk here for awhile about your changes in this coming dispensation of, what we call, the seven years of crisis.

"Your seven years of crisis is now in its second form; the second form of this great consciousness change, we call it. There is always this human factor that most of you human beings look at. That is the human factor of decision making and how to apply the future events that comprise, as you see it, a crisis of time.

"The changing of human consciousness is where the energy is constantly changing and allowing the human being to go through a physical crisis of this kind. This also allows

the Earth in totality to grow and allows the DNA of the bowels of the Earth to go through

a dispensation of the same kind of change in equality up through the body.

"So by changing, first of all, the polarity, which in some cases is what you look at and call the higher body, has to go through the rebirth first. This is what we call the seven year crisis, or what you sometimes look at and call the seven years of what Daniel foresaw as your tribulation.

"The constant changes of this energy, first of all, is to give birth to the higher body, or the auric fields. This, in turn, causes the auric fields to arrive to its balance, or to arrive to its purity of state. This may be easier for you to grasp because this is why when you look at it in your word, you treat the crisis of heat in a certain aspect of purity, purifying the substances that will allow your DNA the infusion of new birth.

"Therefore, in order to change the auric bodies so that they will reach their finite state to the state of infinity, you will not cause total, as we call it, deterioration to the physical body, what you call, the deterioration in the state of chronology.

"In order to reach a rapture, and this is a very important point when you are changing the DNA, there are two important changes of infusion which you call the rapture and then you call the death, or the end of the dispensation of time.

"This will occur in order to reach this rapport between the two bodies which you are part of, which you have referred to on many occasions by your clergy as the spirit, the soul, or the physical body, which you classify as the beginning of your Garden of Eden.

"For you see, you cannot change the chronological part of your body without allowing deterioration, or the form of death concept, to allow freedom, or escape, of the spirit.

"In the change of your DNA structure, what you are allowing here is not a death, per se. You are allowing the deterioration of the chronological structure to a form of vibration. This form of vibration of the physical body, therefore, is allowing a state of animation. This allows the separation of the spirit body in order for the DNA structure of the physical body to reach the same pulsation, or polarity, of the auric body. Sometimes we call the term soul, or you call this the term physical body. We also call this the reunion, therefore, or the coming back of the Christ Consciousness. This is the total revamping of the polarities and infusion which takes in a new aligning of form of the inner cell structures to allow them the rebirth and to allow them the rapture of time.

"When you have this classification of rapture of time you are escaping the chronological decay. So therefore, the allowing the reboarding of the body physically, or the changing of the DNA, will lessen, as you call it, the pain of this chronological change.

"The institution of the rapture therefore, stops the time of decay and therefore allows the first infusion of infinity to be united with finity. Therefore, what you get in the final analysis, the higher body becomes infused with the lower body, the physical. This is

called the Second Coming. This is the coming back of the totality of the Christ Consciousness, allowing the DNA its total change and escape from, what you call, the physical disasters, or decay, of finality called death.

"To give infusion of life and to give the totality of infinity its total reign, therefore, we must change the platform, or the elements, and we must change the environment so that it is conducive to the rebirth now of the spirit.

"So therefore, the DNA within the structure of the Earth's core shall go into inner and outer spirals of these infusion lights. This will give the Earth's core its total energy of rebirth and allow it its higher body of infinity to meet together in, what you call, the new change, or the Golden Age of emanation.

"Dr See-ven has to go now. God bless you."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"This evening, I have been given the task, if you wish to call it, to give you the lecture on the interference of the black hole in your year of 1976 of September the ninth.

"Every galaxy has, what we call, a perspective time of change. This perspective time of change comes to a position where the galaxy has to allow a completeness of a cycle within 26,000 years of its orbit.

"During these times, when you have the interferences of black holes, the reason being is to completely clear the electro-magnetic forces that have caused great damage in your Earth's orbit. What this black hole does as it comes into the Earth's orbit, it completely cleanses the field of electro-magnetization.

"During this time it causes great sensations and upheavals on the Earth itself as far as mankind is concerned. You have seen tremendous changes which have taken place on your Earth surface, mainly in areas where you have the gigantic tidal waves and horrific storms in your wind turbulence.

"The completing and sifting and clearing of these electro-magnetic fields sometimes causes interception. It is this kind of interception that interferes with the Earth's surface. So remember, in your geography, if you go back 26,000 years you will find that there have been other similarities as you see on the surface now.

"You have gone through the electro-magnetic force fields which will complete its cycle in the year 2001, So the tremendous strain and pressure on mankind has caused him great changes, not only in environment, but also in social stabilization, as you have seen tremendous changes in the last five years in your European stages.

"We are not here to try to give you the exact dates and times, like for instance, the coming down of the Berlin Wall. These are all factors which are affected by the interference of a black hole. However, in this instance, dispensation has shown that this is the change that has been foreseen by many of your prophets.

"One prophet that concerns many people today is Nostradamus. This prophet had a reflection of electro-magnetic state manifestation in a crystal ball that was transposed to him in visionary state. During his time, this reflection was projected on the etheric molecular structure that was taking shape around the Earth prior to the interference of, what you call,the black holes. Therefore, you go into the reverse of time which some of you do not see. Therefore, the prophets who are prophesizing these great changes are actually going through the time element of the change as it is actually happening. Therefore, you will go through it in the past tense.

"It is hard for you to visualize, or it is hard for you to comprehend scientifically. Your scientists would not really understand electro-magnetization.

"Electro-magnetization from a black hole controls, not only the gravitational pull, but it also reverses centrifugal force. So therefore, when you get into the suspension of this energy which does not allow the proper gravitational pull and centrifugal force, you get, what you call, out of control masses. This is the kind of pressure, or energy, that surrounds the globe. Also, it is birthed to nature. When it is interrupted by nature you have, what you call, severity of no control in the energy fields which intensifies through your form of weather and storms.

"It is very important at this time that the human structure of the cell composure of each one of your bodies is in, what we call, intro-fraction. This means that the pressure that is reversed in the cell structures is going to completely stop the chronological decay of the human body. Therefore, you will go into, what we call, a complete revamping of the DNA in your body that will allow a continuous flow in the electro-magnetic field structures of your cells of continuous rebirthing.

What is actually happening then, you are totally in embryo. This gives you the constancy of the transformation of the total potential of this energy from the electro- magnetic cell, from the black hole, from the interaction on the Earth. It also gives you the rebirthing of, what we call, or what your biblical term says, the changing of the new body.

"When this force field is completely reversed, when the black hole goes into suspended animation in the year 2001, your rebirthing of cells will be in enormous capacity. This

will continually preserve the chronological decay into, what we call, a suspended animation. So you are going to be able to preserve this body until 1000 years when the Earth will again go through a change of a reverse propulsion of a black hole. This will come from the Northern Hemisphere instead of attracting, like it did, this way through the Southern Hemisphere.

"It is of great importance that there will be two births that will be given into your immediate galaxy. This will be of two intensifications of great stars. These are going to be born in order to keep the Earth's orbit into a straight formation of transformation. This will allow the axis to be corrected into its proper position so that you will be again, after your year 2001, into what we call, a perfection of manifestation of light.

"The position of the two stars will magnify the Earth into a capacity of energy. You will be into, what you call, the Golden Age of total animation of your new body. This will allow it to be able to function on, what we call, an energy field of a gaseous state of food like in the beginning called manna.

"So they will not have the same kind of food that you are having here now. So gradually, after the year 3033, the Earth will go into, what we call, total decaying. This means that after the Golden Age there will be no births during that 1000 years.

"When the reverse of the black hole comes into effect, the body of light will go into complete decay and the Earth will go into distinction. During the year of 3497 the Earth will give out its spirit, or its center core, and allow the outer portions to go into complete destruction of intermolecular change. Therefore, this will not allow any other type of life to take form in the third dimension.

"Dr See-ven has to go now. God bless you."


"Good evening to you all. I am Petron.

"It is within the changing of the universe today that is bringing in the energy of the millennium and the new dispensation and age of awareness.

"We here, from various galaxies who have travelled through many universes, understand these energy changes and what they are to do when we alter the consciousness of mankind. With our quick maneuvering craft, we have the ability to balance these vibrations as they hit various planets and as they are caused also internally by the imbalances from the vibrations of man.

These vibrations are through plundering, through false ideologoies, through greed, contempt and various other imabilities to program themselves to become a citizen of the illuminating light of allness, or divine consciousness, that is universal throughout every galaxy that we have the ability to travel.

"We do not go through the entire universe, even with our technology. It is being in constant creative form, so therfore, we cannot fathom, or cover, or conquer, the universe. God allows this universe to provide the elements of these various galaxies for the higher entities, whether archangel, whether angel, whether messengers, from the divine spirit realm of the forty-nine different, called sometimes light forms.

"There are many messengers which God uses in the immediate galaxy that He has to send those who are assigned. This is of great prime importance because mankind on this Earth can tune themselves through the great superconsciousness within them to be in rapport with the vibrations, or messages, that are sent. For example, even in the state that the Instrument (Dr Ki) is now, these messages are used, not only through his vocal cords, but through the attunement of his mind into the attunement of our message that comes from, what we call, the Supreme Mind.

"Our assignment here is very unique. At times, we do have and we come across, even in, what we call, the elite of our creation, those who are still learning and those who constantly go from a high balance to a low.

"The Earth is in constant motion. It is like a spaceship only given to orbit. Therefore, in many of your galaxies you have similar life forms on similar planes like you call Earth. Each one of them has this maximum and minimum flow of divinity. Remember, I said here now, divinity. So it is of great importance that you know, or recognize, divinity because divinity is universal in all, no matter what form that God releases it into.

"So the impregnation of the God, or Goddess, within you is impregnated through the spirit and vibrates through the soul. It is given another life form in a body such as you are here on this Earth.

"So remember, wherever this vibration of spirit soul like this body is in, either a high energy, or a low energy, whichever way, takes it through the levels of consciousness growth. So you see, not only do you mature in cell structure, or growth, in the physical, you also grow in the spiritual.

"There is this realm of light which you achieve through the rainbow of understanding so that you could create the white light consciousness which is called the born again concept into its universal light. Once the soul and the spirit gives birth to this consciousness, which you call the Christ Consciousness, or the birth as a child, you allow the growth then of this consciousness. You open up to the universal mind and all the messengers, whether in spirit form, or they are in pure form, because the spirit now is awakened to their echo, or to their sound.

"This is why, through different formalities, either mediumship, clairvoyance; I like your terminologies you use here on Earth. We just call it awareness, so we cover the whole perimeters.

"It is also of great prime importance because you have reached your 26,000th cycle of Christ Consciousness return. So we are preparing, not only through the cleanup through Armageddon, but we are also opening the doors for darkness to be released on the Earth. That is called the cleansing, or the Armageddon.

"Now then, it is of great and prime importance that you who are given this rebirth to your spirit are now called the forebearers, or you are called the cleanup personnel who have, through the 144,000 commanders, or avatars, been sent to Earth to also awaken some of you to this ability to allow rebirth of the spirit within you.

"Therefore, it is of great amazement that we have been called in to assist with this vibration because through countless galaxies we have experienced the rebirth cycle of the divine light to hit the Earth's core. This will also give birth to the consciousness of the Earth blending in, as we call it, with the spirit, the God/Goddess of your spirit. This will allow the total oneness of the millennial light to become in spectrum of the 1000 years of purity and perfect release. When the soul's consciousness reaches its stature of full growth, then the completeness of the cycle has taken its form.

"Every galaxy, every planet, that gives whatever form of light, receives this millennial impregnation of purity of thought, such as, Sirius One, Sirius Two, Sirius Three and Sirius Four, all in pure divine consciousness because of purity of thought.

"Thought is purified through the releasing and cleansing of the spirit that allows the portals of the White Light to open. This is why, from time to time, we come by with great experience to share with you the same loaves of bread that the Christ had shared with you when He was on this Earth.

"I leave you now and bid you all a great day and triumph as you hear the trumpet call, the Christ Consciousness to return. Alahoy."


"Good afternoon, I am Isross.

"As I come here this afternoon, I could see the confusion that your human brain, with all its little patterns, seems to cause your south pole and your north pole, at times, not to be in in proper synchronize.

"We don't have to come here with our sophisticated technology. We can directly interplay from the planet Arcturia. We can directly interplay the different craft that are in position to study, not only earthlings, but to study other sophisticated life forms.

"You must be very careful when you give into submission. Because of the human mind, it is very easy for you to be placed under submission. Always constantly, with this universal law that you have, the divine protection within you will always give you the coverage which will cut off any other alien's radar. It is the same Godhead which has caused many different life forms.

"It seems that when people scientifically get themselves into a position of great knowledge they seem to forget what the word love, or what God is really all about. It is a very simple message that goes and comes from everybody. Everybody is equivalent to knowing what the message is all about.

"It is like on your Earth where you have various people under submission of greed. It is likewise in the cosmos where they have people who are in great position of power. One must be very careful when they yield with, not only the cosmic intelligence, but also the so-called Earth intelligence. Protect yourselves because in the last days of the closing of your dispensation there will be all sorts of things which will start happening and coming from the universe.

"So it is of prime importance that your consciousness be altered and raised by your spiritual awareness so that you can and will be protected in this last ending part of your dispensation to come into, what we call, the ultra-conscious state.

"This is going to happen to the planet Earth, called the Battle of Armageddon, which is the cleanup of all these interrupting forces. This will happen, not only on your Earth, but the impregnation and walk-ins that have been cause for many of your different changes of dispensation here on this Earth.

"It is interesting, because from your biblical point of view, you have imagined that this big Battle of Armageddon is a strange beast which is on Earth. This strange beast that is on Earth is being transmitted through the human behaviour of a lot of your people here on Earth through their consciousness.

"By allowing this consciousness to be changed, you are classified as the great cleaners of this kind of energy. You will bring in this ultra-conscious state that many of us have who are in the purified state, as in your cosmos from Sirius One, Two, Three and Four. These are the planets that are planets of pure thoughts. It is this energy field that has a

lot of transmission that is being done today to a lot of Earth people. This comes, not only in the form of telepathy, or as you would term clairaudience through the sound effects that you actually hear, but there will be many other ways that this kind of energy will be teleported in.

"It is quite interesting at this time that one of your great prophets, that we classify as a prophet, John the Revelator, when he looked through the spiritual telescope of your future, which is now coming into being, it is quite interesting because he was tapped into the ultra-conscious state.

"There are a lot of things that will happen on the surface of this Earth to bring you into this cosmic awareness. It seems sometimes that tragedy is the best teacher. I want you to think about that. On this Earth, what can actually, in the final analysis, motivate you to a point of quick understanding?

"This will not happen in all sectors of this Earth. But it will happen in sectors, as you have known, the Middle East and in your newly formed independent states that once were the communistic countries.

"It is also of prime importance to know that the destruction of your economic system is at hand. It is also important to know that it is only through the divine grace in love of that Christ Consciousness Within you that will lead you through the magnetic storms of change.

"When we say the magnetic storms of change, it is deep within the bosom of your Earth at this time because you have exhausted many of your minerals and resources. You have caused a bulge in your Earth. This is why because of the rotation of your Earth on its axis has caused the magnetic waves to inter-penetrate in large waters, or basins, of your oceans.

"Your storms, as we have seen over the last five years, have exceeded the maximum that they were as far as destruction in the last seven or eight years of your time.

"The activation of your volcanic eruption has caused your sunlight to be, as we look at it, you have lost, at this point, ten percent of your growing time in your agriculture.

"It is also of prime importance that this new change within your consciousness will allow you to become the master of your fate. It will also allow you to overcome some of these great hardships that you will be confronted with in the next two to three years of your time.

"It is this kind of resurrection of consciousness that allows this kind of change within your own mind. You will be using approximately, and this is important, from the one-fifth of the brain patterns to three-fifths. So you can imagine the creativity which will take

place in mankind to suppress this great energy that is changing and that will be coming in to infiltrate the Earth changes.

"Man's knowledge is increasing and at this point you see it in a destructive form. The Battle of Armageddon will clean up the platform and allow the change of the mind to start in the direction of the peaceful co-existence.

"Therefore, mankind is going into, what we classify as, the resurrection of the sixth, the seventh, the eighth and the nineth dimension, which will reach its fulfillment from 2011 to 2022. Historically, it is of great importance for a lot of you because some of you right now are the pillars of that change for tomorrow.

"Also, there will be coming into this new dispensation, the high birth impregnation. As you know, the strongest force on Earth is the feminine force at this particular time. The new child, or children, that will come forth will have already gone through the cleansing in the ultra-conscious state prior to the impregnation that will take place on this Earth.

"Many of you have heard of the term 'the virgin birth'. This may cause, in your society, a lot of problems for the husbands that may take a very dim view of the situation that will take place. However, because of this strong conscious change, the resurrection of man's consciousness to play this equivalent role of the feminine consciousness will come through, what we call, the complete rebirth manifestation.

"This will change the ideology and a lot of the concepts of how man and women are thinking on this Earth at this particular time. Look at it in its proper perspective. You have come here in this space and this time. Think of how, in the last ten years, your life has changed significantly. I look at the auras of a lot of you here. You may think there are only twenty in the physical. But I see thousands in the spiritual.

"So you are here with great assistance of that divine host that has come here to assist. Also, look at it in the terms of where you are going and how your consciousness has been altered and how significantly your path has changed in the last year. Look at your ideologies. Look at the universality of thought. You are coming into the creative time on this Earth where the Creator within Himself, when all the assistants that He has of your minds to cause this world to change in a very peaceful way.

"You, as creators, manifest the God/Goddess power within you through the purification of your thoughts. This is, what you would call, the impetus, or which is called your fuel to keep this world in its purity and in the actions of man to fulfill this dispensation that you are entering tomorrow. It is interesting to see how the eye of the mind can see into the depth of dimensions.

"Do you know that once you come into the nineth dimension you will be able to see me, face to face. Although you are looking at the Instrument (Dr Ki) now, you will see the

manifestation. Some of you may, right now, see the manifestation of the consciousness which is blending with the consciousness of this Instrument at this time.

"It is also important in your lives that you come to the crossroads of your decisions. You have made many decisions in the last two to three years. I have news for you because that is going to change and change drastically in the next year of your time. However, looking at, what we call, the computer of total revelation we could see that even in this group there are two very significant people who are in this physical human body.

"Have you wondered who you are? Have you wondered how you felt uncomfortable of who you are? Have you wondered at times that you really don't feel the same that you have in the past two to three years?

"You must learn, at this time in your lives, to balance with the energies on this Earth, be they whatever label you want to use, whether it's a vortex, whether it's a grid, or whether it's a power spot. Get yourselves comfortable inside your house. Build your foundation on higher elevation and also of stronger content of your human mind. Become at one with the mortar that you use to be stable and steadfast as you go into the future of time.

"It is also interesting that in our perspective we can be continuous. We don't require day. We don't require night. The spirit within you will manifest this continuous cloak, the new body, as sometimes referred to as, 'in a twinkling of an eye'. Do you realize how fast a twinking of an eye is?

"This body will look into perfect eternity. This body looks into physical time. It is very strange that you have access to this body in the subconscious. The flow from the solar plexus, while you're in the subconscious state, to my domain, you allow yourself only, what we call, incapacitated distance.

"Do not be afraid to alter that consciousness from the subconscious state to the ultra- conscious state so you can get the complete recall of what you are doing when you are in the higher body of your Earth.

"It's going to be of prime importance that as the Earth's core and the golden beam of light, as it shifts gently, the axis, the vibration, the magnetic flow in your magnetic cells and the way you will start feeling within this body, that will also shift because you are a universe within yourself.

"This change is going to see remarkable changes as you will be in contact with a lot of your friends. There are a lot of vibrations that will be changed in this immediate vicinity here.

"Also, go into your high mountainous areas that are volcanic. Those that have erupted have allowed cleansing energy. Why do you think you see a cloudlike form at the peak of some of these mountains? We, from Sirius, use that pure cleansing energy that allows us the purity of thought.

"We are here to bond this purity of thought with you in cosmic matrimony. We are here to court you to this marriage of understanding. We are here to walk with you through the storms that bring you into a higher awareness. We are here to become the rainbow of your love thoughts. We are here to bring you back into the family of oneness. We are here because you are part of that super structure. That is what we are, although we have ascended more quickly.

"Everybody in this universe is a prodigal son or a prodigal daughter, that's journeying home and stops in these different mansions to learn. You are here to learn to appreciate the others who are too struggling along this pilgrim pathway.

"You are like a light and it is our duty sometimes to polish your cluster. Polishing your cluster is like embracing you and feeling your sensations with the teardrops of understanding. Your stability on this planet is very important. You stability is, what we call, part of our understanding.

"It is this caring, this being considerate of one another, whether it's reflected to the insect, the animal, the vegetable, or the human, or the cosmic. It is all interrelated through thought and your cosmic awareness. That is the preacher. That is the pulpit. If you, in your quiet time, are receiving this message in your own inner chapel and if this is allowing your life to flow in the direction where you love your neighbor as yourself, then the resurrection of the Christ Consciousness is bring back the Second Coming.

"There have been many avatars that come from time to time to have service with you, whether it's through a Mohammedan reincarnation, or whether it's through an African reincarnation. Everyone is equal in His and your sight. One must strive through this universal love to find this equality, irregardless of color, in order to allow the third eye to see into the golden age of tomorrow.

"I say to you all that when I look through the portals of the White Light, I only see within you that small token of love that you have carried with you in your satchel instead of your heart. Use your full potential. Be your full potential. Love your full potential. Heal with your full potential because on this Earth, in the next two to three years, your doctors will not be able to handle the overload.

"There are a lot of you here in this small gathering, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, as I see it, who have some great healing potential. Sitting over here to my right, in a past life, is Hyprocrates. Interesting what lives you play to come back.

"I leave you this afternoon and I say to you now, I was proud, for just a few minutes of your Earth time, to touch and embrace your heart and your love. God speed. Alahoy."


"Good evening to you all. I am Zarene.

"As I come here this evening, I change the vibrations of the inner circle of your light. There is in this midst, what you call, the spiritual rainbow of light.

Your rainbow of light is of prime importance because this rainbow is where your inner ray reflects through the colors of your auric field. It is of prime importance that you meditate in the dancing of the lunar waves of the moon. This is the gift that allows the balance of the yin and the yang in your higher body. For there is a mysterious light that glows in the center of your auric field. You must come into balance by allowing the moon, as it comes into full balance, or fullness, to work its full potential in your auric field.

"You have asked the question of the universe for the balance of your seven bodies and you five rooms. The attachment of the twelve auric fields are fully charged by the lunar prana. This lunar prana allows you to intake the fullness of the feminine rays which allows your yin to work to its higher potential. As you know, with the yang you have the constancy of the male energy which hits from your universe to this Earth through the solar god that you call the sun.

"People today are into, what we call, the outer balance of life. It is now, because of your strong awareness, that you are coming into the fullness of, what you would classify as, the balance in your life.

"Placed on this Earth at this time are the greatest wisdoms of the old ages that are coming back, from not only the old teachings in the subconscious mind, but also by those that were left and preserved through your scrolls and more can be found.

"It is very important, on the occasion of the full moon, that you wear your crystal of choice. This crystal becomes the intelligence and energy that allows your central chakra, which you have not yet been told about, to control all twelve of your houses, or centers. This central chakra is one that you will learn of in later times. But you are getting the fullest of it now. For when you center within the center, you find the whole. You also find within yourself your low energy field when you are at low ebb.

"Take your crystal of your choice and always hold it in your left hand during your full moon meditation. You will see the difference to your energy field the next day in your walk of life.

"It is of prime importance that whenever you go into the full moon meditation, that you concentrate on all of the colors and then the central sun which is the pure white light. You must learn this. You must discipline yourself in time to come because in the next two years of this Earth life, Mother Earth is pregnant and ready to give birth to the higher energy again.

"It is because of you that are walking in this light that gives Mother Earth its greatest lift and adjusts her consciousness to be able to go through the ages of time. You are bringing back strong energies from the archives of your conscious mind. You've played very important roles. Yet this wisdom is coming back. Because of these energy times within pockets, you will be led and you will be guided into pockets in the next two years of your time.

"There will be great exaltation and there will be great wisdom. Each and every one of you will be playing your part at the right time of this dispensation. You will bring back this great knowledge. You will see yourselves around your computers and you will be molded and guided into directions to write and to pen the great words of wisdom.

"I leave you now and say blessings within all of your temples. May all of your great guidances throughout all of your lives touch you again so that you can touch others. God bless you."


"Good evening to you all. I find you Earth people very amazing, humorous and with great misunderstanding.

"I come here this evening to tell you that the awakening of consciousness is on all levels and awarenesses, disrespective to their growth, and I say this with great caution, disrespective to their growth. Because not everybody in other societies is simulating your society here today. Even at times, I am quite amazed with this Instrument (Dr Ki) when he reflects on things that sometimes we teach. It is because of your human awareness.

"You were implanted in spirit form and also by the propulsion of your soul to be a constant traveler in, what we call, and what you view and beyond what you view, the macrocosm. A lot of you have only your scientific mind through your teachings academically, or whatever. It seems that that is great for your culture and for your civilization. But however, how must you become intuned with the cosmic consciousness, or the vibration, or the intelligence, that you so label, to be able to try to establish a construct of how the rest of us think in the macrocosm.

"First of all, here on your Earth, believe me, you are protected at times by your fear. That may be hard to grasp. But you are also protected by your intelligence. But what are you protected from? You see, when withinside of yourself the cosmic consciousness, which you sometimes refer to as God, gives you this energy to be able to, in this lifetime, to arrive at some form of symmetry between the way you are thinking this time and how you think of others.

"You see, there are a lot of terminologies on this Earth and you misinterupt, and we do have a sense of humor. Why shouldn't we?

"Because of not knowing totally what is out there for which you call the unknown, it's only natural for the type of body that you are in that you will have the feelings of fear of that body.

"The interesting fact here is that there are many life forms which we pass through as we are in our mission, as some of you have asked. We are here as couriers, depending on our status and our form, and also our evolution up to the standard of what we believe and we have allowed the cosmic consciousness to awaken within us. That is the important factor of the macrocosm.

"With the expansion of consciousness we can pick up this Instrument many, many of your miles away that we can't even measure. The expansion of consciousness, we are all soul seed. We must remember that we have given our consciousness this impregnation of the body to try to understand the reality within the form and what status of cosmic consciousness we are in and where we have arrived from. There are many mansions, many galaxies, which exceeds, not only your mentality, but exceeds the telescope, the technology that you have.

"Primarily, what is this all about? What is all life all about? I said to you, despite the speed of intellect, the cosmic consciousness has to come to its fullest awareness, whether its in this body, that body, or whatever. Your religionists here have fascinating doctrines which talk of the spirit, the evolution of the spirit and many other different behaviorisms.

"Each and every one of you is a prodigal son, or a prodigal daughter, going home. We must establish a rapport somehow within the consciousness. We must embrace this in order to communicate with us, with them, whoever. The fear of this civilization is what is locking it in, or holding it down, the unknown, the misunderstanding and the level of your awareness. There are many things. However, the spirit within you has the capacity to expand into this cosmic consciousness and understand really what your trip is all about.

"So we must come into our own temple, so to speak. We must read the old manuscripts of where our souls have traveled. And somewhere your experience as the prodigal son may have had that experience that we have already had. You use the term here, and

it's very close to being correct when you say re-incarnation. You are continuously in eternity right now. You are in this form passing through eternity. It is that God-self within you that wants to know. It is not you, the physical. It's that God-sent energy that wants to know.

"You want to become comfortable as you travel into eternity. You often talk about us. But look at the vast changes on your Earth and look at your Earth. It's a gigantic spaceship. Yet you do not understand the trueness of the centrifugal. Also, you do not understand your forces properly to be able to travel into great distances. You often wondered why we do not tell you this. It is because of the universal laws. You must grow into your own awareness right here.

"What we do, as we come through, we adjust. we adjust the tectonic plates with our technology. We adjust the Earth's axis. We are adjusting the bulge in the center of the Earth because of our vast technology and because God has allowed us to expand into consciousness to our level, to help. It doesn't matter what form it is because the spirit is the same. It's sublime. The energy of your spirit is the same as mine. I am not a mechanical robot. The energy of your spirit is the same as mine.

"When the trumpet of God shall sound, those are the universal intonations of understanding the universal language. Each and every one of you is vibrating at a certain rate of vibration around your electro-magnetic cells. Each and every one of you are growing at a certain rate. Each and every one of you understand a certain way. But, you allow your ego to be buried in the mundane principles of everyday life.

"Allow to bury the ego so that you could allow the spirit its proper ascension in this body so that this body can traverse and go freely within the other universes, or within the other spectrums of light. This is another thing that you do not understand. There is life within life within life.

"Does the expansion of your consciousness allow you to see through the physical, as you call, the teachers of faculty? No it doesn't. It allows the five physical faculties to gain more, as we call them, insight, or foresight, by charging magnetically to the expansion of cosmic consciousness. But it opens up the child, the real birth, the one that you really are within you. It opens up whatever terminology and this is what gets you people in this world in a lot of trouble. You call that the sixth sense. I call that the child of reason.

"You see, we all label things to try to understand, instead of understanding things to not label. We are constantly searching, as I look at this room here, in different rooms here. You are constantly searching for the right answer. You think you have it.

"The only way that you will really have the right answer is when you open the seat of the soul, when you look into the archives of allness, when you see through the oneness of the Eye of Siva, when you reflect and deflect consciousness in such a way that you

will have your comfort zone. Don't look at one another because you are certainly going to find faults. Those are the kinds of things that you are going to stop finding as your consciousness expands.

"You've often wondered our mission here. Our mission here is part of the expansion of the consciousness to where our awareness is that if we could see where we could help to the same father. We certainly can. But we cannot invade, as you have thought on many occasions from other different lives on this Earth. There was really not an invasion of privacy, but some have come to investigate and to see, like some of you here investigate, have come to investigate the level of your intelligence.

"You would do the same if you looked around your world in the form of security right now, not only through your C.I.A., the F.B.I., but many others. What are you protecting? Are you protecting war, or are you protecting peace? What are you protecting deep down? The fears? The ego? Look at it very carefully.

"We are part of the expanded consciousness of what you really are. You are part of us, the only creation of the star that fell into many myriads of creations. Yet, even with our technology here, it is very lucky in our classrooms that we don't have a beginning to confuse our minds.

"Look at it as constant. Look at it as always. Deep withinside of you is a wonderful garden that was so-called Eden. The allegory is here, that there within that garden is, what we call, everything is contained. It is for you to reach out and pick with faith, pick and create anything in this world you wish and it can be added unto you because it is written throughout your scriptures and number of bibles that you have here and the numbers of books and inspirations.

"Do you know that it is still the wisdom of God that works through different people today? It wasn't only for the prophets. This great knowledge is constant. It is for you to pick with faith from that tree and understand what you are eating. It is the good and evil that you have labelled to make you surround by some form of fear.

"I say to you all here right now that deep inside of you is this vast garden of great creation, great tilling that you have to do to produce this Heaven on Earth. Each of us have done this, not all. But each of us that I know, within the command I'm in, has caused this millennial light to continuously shine through. As even in Ezeikel's time, one of your great prophets, when we lifted him. So if you think for a few minutes, and you think of your last movie of traverse, there were a lot of correct realities there.

"We all have our great faults. We all have our inhibitions where we have a tendency to cover up information sometimes to feel comfortable within our own reality. It's an open tree, a tree which constantly blooms. It doesn't have seasons. It's a price for all seasons. You've heard the term, 'in the midst of my winter, I discovered an invincible summer'.

"I felt great empathy within this group. I say to you all; it's always a blessing for me to come the way I am. I say now to you, I say Alahoy to you and I say to you that we will meet in your reality, in your time, in your millennium. God speed."


"Good evening, I am Colarion. I am the wise councillor from the Council of Nine.

"Our mission here on this Earth is to allow life. We are in constant contact with all entities of all forms of light and life here on this planet. We are in constant contact with the Cherubims and the Seraphims and the Master of Light. We are in constant contact with the God/Goddess of Infinity of Light.

"A lot of you here on this Earth have come to share that light with others who do not understand how to clean, or polish, the crystal of that light. Each and every one of you is a crystal of light. We are constantly watching the calibration of your lights. Even the Instrument is 3.7. I had difficulty coming through.

"People listen. Listen. We have gathered, across this world, 144,000 of our elite and a lot of you are not listening. You are programming, but you are programming with negativity. Look at the light. Look at the light. It is around you. Claim your birthright.

"The most important factor, you have been assigned great teachers. You have filled your mind to capacity. You have written many pages. You have filmed. You have done all kinds of things of ostentationism. It felt good. You have gurgitated a couple of times. You have eaten the wrong food and digested incorrectly. Because you are the privileged few, you have been given the second redemption. Do not lose that, for that is the key to your kingdom home.

"The space entities will change. We will change the vibration of these space entities.

"It is a privilege for me to come here at a strong foundation of sanction to look at the pebble spirits, to look at the decatons. Tonight in humble admiration, lie in front of me, three Indian chiefs that revere this spirit, that revere the light within infinity.

"You see, I do not have a sense of humor because to have a sense of humor you earthlings have a tendency to not take note.

"When God speaks the thunder, when He spoke to Moses on the hill, the light that He used with His Consciousness to write and to pen, to view the keys to the kingdom, have

been abused through the ages. So we have alloted the 144,000 teachers to come back and to polish the scrolls.

"Each and every one of you here has a very important mission. You will only activate that mission when you allow the spirit clarity of thought.

"Now I look into the mirror darkly. Then I see myself face to face. That, my dear children, is the opening of the trinity to infinity. That is what allows the spirit to see through your Eye of Siva. You are very powerful. I close my book, 'Judge not, lest ye be judged'. Alazeen."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"This attunement message is of great importance to the world. Not many of you, at this particular time, are attuning yourselves to the high energy which is assisting us in bringing in, what we call, the millennial light. Through your energies and through your higher fields and through your dedication and through your strong devotion, we are able to assist the light into energizing the consciousness, which is the oil that burns that eternal light, or that enormous change.

"People do not understand that the changing of consciousness is a changing of consciousness through time. That is setting the platform for this new age to grow into. Actually, the process of the millennium is the growing into the light of awareness, into what you call, perpetual time.

"Why is it a great thing to live for 1000 years in this new light density energy that will be upon the Earth? You are, at this particular time, the people who are the light bearers, or the light children, who are bringing in the schedule of events that will transpire during the 1000 years of perpetual time.

"First of all, one must alter the consciousness within to be aware that this Heaven on Earth can be brought to this Earth. At a specific time of dispensation there are other changes, which we call, in the firmaments. There are also planetary changes that have to submit to this kind of energy and therefore make the necessary change without a great loss of life. But unfortunately, because of the structure and the setting up of the drama and events, prior to the rescheduling, we call it, of the Earth's consciousness, therefore, it takes on a solid mass, or change and form.

"Whenever you have this kind of change in the preparatory stages, you will find that the change of heat and the change of light are all very important to the change of the consciousness in totality. This is something that is hard to explain to the Earth people,

at this particular time, because of their conscious understanding. Because of man's conscious understanding, the more intelligent he is on this Earth, with Earth understanding, the harder it is for him to open up to the understanding of the millennial light.

"What is important, at this time, as you all understand, is that we are going through a cross section of certain people who will be acceptable, at this time, to be the light bearers in order to bring this millennial light into, what we call, introduction. Again, during this time, it will be very difficult because once the Earth starts to go through the changes due to the changes in fusion and fission, you have, what we call, an upgrading of the Earth's inner consciousness. This will occur prior to allowing everyone who is on the Earth's surface to be able to attune to this kind of consciousness and what you are doing it in, in many forms. For example, you are, at this time, attuning yourselves into an understanding of the balancing of the yin and yang and the many other forms which it will take.

"At this particular stage, when the Earth's consciousness changes, it allows a dimensional change in three very important facets. In order to give the spirit its complete birth, or its complete awakening, into this consciousness, it becomes a duality of understanding oneself.

"At this particular time, the human being is going through, what we call, tragic stages to the awareness fulfillment. This is why, at this particular time, that as the Earth decides to take on its changes in form, it brings about many other changes on the surface of the Earth which are not exactly what you would call a good situation in many respects.

"To alter change and to give birth, it's like the womb itself when the child is in the womb growing into its maturity to give itself life. That is what's happening in the form of, what I said, duality. In other words, the consciousness of the Earth's womb, or center core, whatever you wish to call it, will go through the millennial stages of, what we call, growing within the womb. There is also the attachment of the consciousness of the spirit within the center of the Earth. You see, here you have the duality of the Earth also, as you have the duality of the physical human being which has the altering of its spiritual consciousness.

So it is not necessary therefore, to actually put you into some kind of embryo so that you are perpetually encased in some form of light waiting for the entire change to take place. That is not the case. The case is that it all changes at the same time. In other words, the firmament, the Earth and the bodies and the life that are on the Earth, at this particular time, will all change at the same time.

"In order to alter this kind of consciousness we have to bring in, what we call, the team. The team is the millennial light team that allows each and every one that is on this Earth at this time, in this light form, to go through a cleansing, which we call, a

cleansing of understanding. This is why there are so many understandings at this time as to what the purpose is and how we bring the balance of this millennial light in.

"As you noticed, there are many, as we call them, schools of thought which will all play together the same music of the spheres when all of the adjustments are made and the consciousness slips into birth from this embryo that we are talking about.

"Each form of light and consciousness comes through these different, if you wish to call them, ideologies that are coming from the altering of the consciousness of yourselves. This is called the growth period of the consciousness. Looking at everything on this Earth right now, the way it is transpiring, it is going through, what we call, a phase of death. In other words, you are quickly being ushered into the fall months of your reality in order to get into the final preparatory stages which you call on this Earth, the rapture time.

"You see, there has to be a rapture of this cocoon, or this embryo, of the spirit when it is reaching, or coming into, the Christ Consciousness. This is the rapture of the new body into its complete stage which is going to be called the fifth dimension of understanding.

"Right now, on this Earth, you are moving quickly and rapidly into the fourth dimension of understanding. This gives a lot of problems to the physical body because it is causing a lot of tension, causing a lot of stress, a lot of headaches, a lot of stomach changes and other things that will happen.

"During this great change you will have a period of, what we call, the period where we have to take the strong, the weak, the weaker, and we have to put them through, what we classify here as, a spiritual sifter. So not everybody makes it through this spiritual sifter because the altering of this consciousness allows an enormous change in, what we call, unison with the kundilini forces. These are the forces that are immediate from the Earth's core change of consciousness and rebirth.

"A lot of things happen when this kind of change reaches into, what we call, a massive dis-structure of the surface of the Earth. This massive dis-structure is the rezoning and the re-boring and the reshifting of, not only your tectonic plates, but many other things. This will bring everything into a position so that the rebirth of the spirit within will reach a saturation point of its nine month period, or its ninth dimension of understanding. It will then have its totality of understanding because you will reach that birth situation in unison with the birth of the spirit of the Earth.

"There will be the completion, or the complete restructuring, as you are coming into the totality of this millennial light on this Earth for, what we call, the perfect existence of the consciousness of pure spirit birth. This will also occur within the bowels of the Earth and also within the firmament.

"You can expect a lot of tremendous heat changes which will cause a lot of droughts on this Earth. When you get this tremendous heat change, naturally yor storms will increase in their greatest velocity. You will find there will be a tremendous great change to the surface of the Earth, bringing it into the Christ Consciousness, the infancy of purity of spirit. There is no interruption period between the physical and the spiritual because the spiritual will live free of the physical because you will be completely removed.

"This is the rapture of the new body. This is very important in the millennial light because it allows constancy and flow on non-interruption. This is what you need in order to live in this 1000 years of completeness. It is called the completeness of the spirit in its manifest destiny.

"Dr See-ven will leave you now. God bless you."


"Good evening to you. I am Dr See-ven.

"This evening, I will be talking about the coming events that will transpire, not only in your consciousness, but also on the surface of your Earth. This will allow the consciousness the expansion into its new form, not only of understanding, but also of the new age bodies that you will be looking at.

"Consciousness and the expansion of consciousness that has come to your Earth has been, on most occasions, misconstrued. This is because of the human understanding to its intelligence and the way it has been interpreted over the ages since we first started our mission with Plato and Socrates and Aristotle and Decartes and Hyprocrates, There also is Pythagorus. Appolonius was the first adept, during that time, who had altered his consciousness and had tried, in a form of philosophy, to make it acceptable to mankind at that time. We call that the grass roots.

"From the grass roots came the downfall of your Roman Empire which was established on the basis of fear. Before the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire was established on the basis of fear.

"The indoctrination, during the Roman era, of the coming of the Christ Consciousness, came in a man called Josephus. It was quite a contrast to the shepherds that followed the spaceship Pella Three to exactly where the Christ Consciousness had given into physical birth. It happened that this was the first phase of the awakening of the consciousness in physical form.

Since that time there had been many misinterpretations that had to come to light. What happened was that the records were not kept for the birth of all of the children at that particular time. So fear, as I had said to you, had awakened to its fullest. Therefore, many small children were slaughtered at that time. But the Christ Consciousness was protected in Josephus.

"As you know, on many occasions, it was written in your bible by many of your prophets and many who were not journalists and many who had, what you would call, not the kind of education that you have today in order to give you a clear picture of what was happening at that time.

"The consciousness was exposed in three phases. It was exposed in the first phase, called the resurrection of the consciousness. It was very important in those days because there was a time period that was given to man, that the resurrection would classify, or constitute, in three days. This was the second phase of, remember what I am saying here, of the consciousness expansion.

"So the three days were very important because you are dealing with three distinct energies of your diety today, also misinterpreted, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. So the ascension, which is the second phase, took place in three days because consciousness is expressed in three forms of reality.

"During the ascension, remaining in the small tomb that we had at the time of the garden, some of these tombs were used as hospices. This is classified as the energy for regeneration, or the feeling that was used in those days, in those areas, or those kinds of tombs.

"The regeneration was taking place in the three days where consciousness was in stillness, or not in motion. You have been learning that a vortex is in constant motion. Also, you have to know that consciousness is going into regeneration, at this time, on your Earth.

This is one time that it was not in motion, as in one other time when your Earth stood still. That was due to the large comet which is making its way around again. This will be equivalent to 26,000 years of your time. This comes into the point here on your Earth where you will be having the new form of the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness and the expansion of consciousness change.

"During the time of the three days prior to the ascension, I said that the energy was standing still. In order for the release of consciousness into motion and back into its spiritual essence of purity, the three day period is something that some of your adepts practice here on this Earth at this time. This is not to bury, or not to burn the body, until three days, where the umbilical cord will sever, releasing from your solar plexus the spirit of ascension.

"Today, it seems that this kind of scattered evidence has been cast here and there and here and there through every church that has taken on a label to express some form of biblical terminology.

"What has been happening in that three mysterious periods, or days, if you wish to call them, to the energy of the spirit and the release of the umbilical cord to allow the spirit into ascension? But this did not happen because those who were learning at that time were practicing this new conscious expansion. Then what happened is that the physical body went through very strong petrifaction, which is the fusion and fission, left no trace of a human body in the evidence of the tomb.

"What was happening here, in this mysterious three days that took place, where not even a trace of a human body could be found? Once again, the way man was thinking in those days was very similar to the way they think in this day here now. Somebody moved the body, you see. But the tomb was hevaily guarded by soldiers. Somebody moved the body. But it went into fusion and it went into fission.

"When consciousness is expanded it gives birth to the spirit and allows it into ascension. The question here is then, where does the spirit go during the time of this ascension? The spirit will go to the source that has allowed the spirit the form of reincarnation it had taken to come into birth at this particular time.

"The Christ Consciousness is in perfect state of awareness and also in perfect state of beginning. This is something that you have to learn in the third phase of consciousness expansion. This is the phase where the spirit is in a state of animation which stills its total awareness of exactly where it was from the body when it ascended.

"Mankind has difficulty because of the scattered philosophies over the years to try to interpret exactly what is happening now that the Second Coming of this consciousness is about to take place on this Earth.

"Many adepts have come from different cultures with the message, which is practically the same. Therefore, each adept who comes is viewing the expansion of consciousness in a way that they could only express it in the kind of learning that they have received in their conscious state.

"It is very difficult to try to understand energy in its trilogy, or in the form that was expressed as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We have here the consciousness of total awareness, which is the Father. We have here the state of ascension and state of becoming, what we classify as, the expansion of consciousness in, what they call, the Holy Ghost.

"Therefore, the physical consciousness was the Son, who was bringing forth the states of these different consciousness awareness that mankind can also ascend to. This is why, even in His philosophy, Christ had taught that greater things shall you do than I.

"Today, mankind has been very much aware of this principle and they are struggling through many avenues of Eastern philosophy, of biblical terminology, of the form and the terminology they call metaphysics. So when you are studying beyond the physical, how do you explain that to the physical, the physical senses?

But it is not so because metaphysical is studying beyond the physical and who gives a damn about the physical senses? We must learn to hide ourselves. Hide the physical and allow the ascension of the consciousness and the expansion of consciousness into, what we call,. the millennial light.

"The millennial light is the understanding of pure living. It has been expressed by many adepts on your planet that there is a golden age which is coming. The Christ Consciousness went into ascension because it goes back to its original source, called Sirius Three. In your constellation, it is the planet of pure thought.

"Today, the representation on this Earth, and I like the terminologies which you use and you use the term Sananda. That is perfect peace in the rebirth of the expansion of consciousness, into the enlightenment of understanding what the eternity of the spirit is all about.

"The spirit is eternal. It is you that gives it motion, or commotion, in whatever way you look at it in your physical form. The consciousness is only the awareness that's expanding into its new understanding of what the true essence of spirit is all about. The true essence of spirit is what you are in total purity of the finalization of consciousness when it has totally expanded. When you come into millennial light, is the time that the consciousness of man is in its purity of state.

"This Earth will go through many great changes. The first warnings are through, what we call, weather changes. The second is called, through your Earth bowel movements through volcanoes. The third stage is mankind combating the greatest diseases of all time. From this will come a regeneration of the generation. You will find here on this Earth, lest these days be shortened.

"In order for consciousness to expand into its highest awareness, we must regenerate ourselves on an energy plane that will assist us in this kind of conscious change. So the Earth therefore, has to be changed.

"The greatest change of it all is when you will be looking into the heavens and the firmament and when you see all the lights. So John the Revelator, in your Book of Revelations, has some good and very important points. But it seems that, at his

disposal, when he was writing, he had difficulty trying to place some form of terminology and symbology. So it was difficult, even in the time of your prophets, to try to give mankind some form of fulfillment. It is good to remember that your spirit is set free from the expansion of consciousness awareness, which is true because the truth shall set you free.

"If you look at all of your philosophies right from Appolonius down, the message was the same. But, if you look at Nostradamus, he was looking through the crystal ball of the changes taking place. These were mainly the Earth changes and the great men who came in history to make those changes.

"Dr See-ven has to go now. I will say to you all, it has been a great pleasure to come into your midst to try to break some bread for your spirit.

"God bless you."


"Good evening to you all. I am Lae.

"This evening, as I come into your consciousness, I find that because of the human growth that you are achieving, at this time, as we see it, with the ascension of your spirit, is causing your Earth to interchange with two lights of fusion. The energy of hate and that of the difference that it is causing in your Europe land is going to slowly phase out. You will find that the new antichrist who is coming into that land will take over with great miracles. So be very careful that you do not succumb to that truth.

"Many doctrines will arise from that land. A lot of you will be very intent with this kind of energy. I say to you that your star that is in its glitter stage is the saving grace of "> the Jerusalem Command.

"You have been brought here to Earth to align yourself and your thoughts into, what we call, the baptism of purity. This baptism of purity is the true understanding of your mission in this life. A lot of you have vacilated from well to well and have been partially, as we call it, satiated with the nectar of truth. But coming very shortly, you will have to make one of the greatest decisions of your life. That decision is to move geographically into various areas where you are going to establish the school. The school is what you have been groomed as a student throughout space. This knowledge will be imparted by your greatest teachers of all, the subconscious and the superconscious.

"These two teachers have been with you throughout all classrooms of your life. It is of paramount importance that you listen very carefully to the message and do not try to criticize the messenger. Messages sometimes could be very painful, or stinging. These

are messages that are meant to change the physical shell that is captivating the spirit's release. You will be constantly coming into new teachers now of light. These new teachers of light are going to be compatible with your energy fields. So listen carefully.

"I am here this evening to say to you and to summate those who have been here from space to assist you. Each and every one of you has received a very important gift from these very stern but warm beings. You must understand them and you must understand their mission. So, by allowing yourself to go back into the classroom of your subconscious, you slowly understand that they have been with you on very important missions. You have been chosen to come to Earth and they have been chosen to make periodic contact to allow your soul to release its energy to the spirit and to grow into eternity.

"You see, the most important thing is the gardener of your life. The gardener of your life is the spirit within. It is the spirit that cultivates you. It also cultivates you as a growth substance that is turning into, what we call, expirer. This physical body expires. In some cases, if you have signed a contract with them, they will receive you before expiration. Some of you, this will happen.

"We are here to help you to elevate your consciousness into the clouds and into the universities of the pure thoughts that you had, at one time, received in the schools of your Father's House, where there are many mansions.

"There are many mansions. There are many prana light forms. There are many spiritual elevations and levels where spirits are stuck, where spirits are growing, where spirits are reincarnating. We could go on and on. It seems that you have a very poor conception of the elevation of spirit light and, what we call, the reincarnation cycle of spirit.

"One of the main missions for this Earth from 1995 to 1998 is healing. This healing is not only in the physical, not only in the spiritual, but also in the new body that is going to be transformed from the ethers of light and also from the purity of the Earth light which is going to reach its rebirth, as you call it today, the kundilini.

"This kundilini force, the center of your Earth, is coming close to transition and infusion and to ascension. The dimensions of the vibrations of your tectonic plates have been altered to avert many great disasters.

"Your purity of thought, your healing to Mother Earth, is going to be of prime importance. Do not wait. Do it now. I beseech you. It will make our mission very much easier so that we don't have to come down for evacuation.

"Evacuate your own spirit. Evacuate your own life. You are not only a creator, but you are a benefactor. The healing process within you is the flow of the sum total of all the

times in all the lives that you were in where you were, of the most highest power from the purity of your thoughts. We are sometimes envious of you because you can play such a dual role.

"I also say to you that the light that has left the Jerusalem Command will arrive here approximately in 1996. So you will be able to see us in great clarity so that we could work in joint mission to accomplish the true millennial light that you have been sent out to accomplish. You have carried many torches. You have learned to light that torch yourself at the beginning of your reincarnations. You have travelled through many black holes. You have been a constructor and builder of the universe. We shared together and we will share again.

"You worry too much about what will happen to the physical and how you will support the physical. Or, how do I support the physical because I need the physical to survive? In this vast change that will be taking place, you will understand that. You will be helping thoso who do not understand that.

"You see, there will be a great infusion of this light. This is going to allow you, through the change of the body, to be able to withstand a lot of the physical intakes that you are taking in today. Do not worry. We do not let you down when you are assigned to our command and when we come into your consciousness in full understanding. I do underline that very carefully, in full understanding. Then you darkness turns to day.

"I also say that you are almost in the morning of this body. We are so proud to have touched you again in such a way that you have touched us. Without your support base here our mission would be fruitless. Because you are here, remember we are there to unite again for the same cause to purge this world in the Battle of Armageddon which will completely destroy evil. A great mission, a great, great, great spirits and great characters and individuals.

"As I close I say to you, I am sort of like the metaphysical pastor who has been assigned to elevate and to vibrate your soul.



"Good evening to you all. I am Colarian.

"You have probably wondered why we call ourselves the Council of Nine. There are nine councilors which represent nine dimensions of life forms that give birth. So therefore, there are many birth systems that allow life to become a representation of the

form of light which a spirit, or an entity, of reason and self, represents its species throughout the entire universe.

"Each councilor who is responsible for each dimension monitors the life forms and those who come to provide doctrine and reason for truth. You have heard many different philosophies here on this Earth. You are still deciding whether the truth is a divine essence of belief, or a comfortable feeling of how you think life is represented within divine being.

"There is no origin in originality of species. So, on this Earth, you have looked at the birth species from a beginning to an ending of form structure. Therefore, you only allowed your reason to assume, from written, as we look at it, ideas of how your form began. It is easy therefore, to conceive that your birth structure according to your biblical version, and I say version, is represented by one female Eve and one male Adam. From reason, within the way you are thinking, you find that this theory, or version, falls short when you look at the generation of your species. It is easy therefore, to find error in written history if we are to follow the form of biblical, or genesis, origin.

"You are now thinking to a level where you only understand specific terminology that you feel comfortable with because of the ingrowth of knowledge that is now hitting your Earth plane. You have to grow into knowledge from the form of becoming before you give birth to origin within the spirit. The spirit is the representation of energy that takes on the light, or light form, or the representation of light and life on a planet, or on a structure similar in your universe to your planetary reason within your own mind.

"A lot of you do not realize that spirit, in essence, when not in representation of body light form, is in true essence, life even here as you are now. So you only visualize therefore, from your own human perspective that there are four entities here at the present time. This is a fallacy because if you have truly given birth to the spirit within form and reason, then you would be able to see that there are twenty-seven entities here at this time. That is counting you three and the twenty-four students, as light, that are representing twenty-four different galaxies.

"So you may ask the question then, 'Can a spirit, which in our state of our physical viewing, represent twenty-four energies that are not perceptible by, and I say it very carefully, by the human eyes? How is within you the energy mechanism of a spirit then with identity and without identity? The spirit that is without identity is when you yourself are not truely identifying with any significant religion, or form, of believing as, what we classify, religion, a form of believing that can give you the enlightenment of the third eye.

"When you are in perspective viewing with two eyes, you have seen yourself in, what you call, the biplanic origin of species because if you look at yourself very carefully, you will see that you have two of almost everything, except when we look at your heart.

"Your heart has to be interconnected then, and this is where it comes very closely to the oneness which is also mentioned in the bible. The heart itself, that you have, is what gives the physical life. Therefore, connected in the biplanetary energy form, it allows a two way existence of life form. It is in your inner planet, as we want to call it, which is the representation of the universe. This is the original origin of species that gives form and representation of its manifestation of its own species and its own term which is giving its life light form.

"So when you look then at your two, therefore, the heart and the central sun which allows the light life to protrude when you look into your galaxy, or heaven, you have the sun there which in unison is the heart of the galaxy, the solar system.

"So we take great pride therefore, to study carefully, not so much of the manifestation of the life form, which is the you in the physical, but we take great pride in looking into the solar plexus. The solar plexus is part of the central universe which gives the light representation of intrusion, called the spirit. The spirit is constant light producing an energy system which gives reason to and pulsation of understanding through, what you look at as, a human mind.

"So therefore, the real engine, or the real motor, that is interconnected in its constancy to the sum total of the entire universe, is of great interest. Even today, scientists cannot take it apart and analyze it because ot its invisibility. It is of great and prime importance that this is what makes you such a uniqueness of this part of creation into human form.

"Each interaction that has to require a body in whatever planetray system has the same interaction of a spirit energy. However, because of the physical encasement, you are restricted to the totality, or to the use of the fullness of this spirit. This is a constant flow of light and life birth system to its originality of species wherever the planet allows that form to take.

"So through this constancy of light, the frequency of the vibration of this light is what gauges the caliber, or the type of species, to be manifested into form. So wherever life is represented then, it is this frequency of light flow with its intensity that will represent its own birth through its species. This is of prime importance to us because it is connected to one wholeness of constancy within the universe which is called God.

"In this constancy, or wholeness, because it is in a vacuum where there is no space, therefore, it does not need a start, or a finish, like you have here when you represent that spirit within you. So what you have then is a borrowed time in a shell that is using the energy to manifest itself through the light that it is representing, through the intelligence that you classify as your five senses. In actual fact, it is not until this spirit energy travels through many parts of its representation of species that, while it is going through, it takes on, what we call, a reflection, which you call, a memory bank, or a subconscious mind.

"In this reflection, each time it becomes a different species, it could draw out of this reflection the memory of where, or what life form it represented before, because the spirit consciousness becomes therefore, the physical consciousness that you really are now.

"It is of great importance that each time the representation of life form here on Earth leaves this kind of historical enmarcation, that we compute this into a knowledge form and we look at it from the point of view then of some form of recorded history. So what you are getting here, on this Earth, is a conglomeration of how the spirit represented different life forms. This, in reality, does not mean, or does not apply really as to how the species originated in the physical here on this Earth. Sometimes many forms of, as you call it, psychic phenomena can misconstrue the true identity, or meaning, of physical soul and spiritual origin.

"You must be very careful when you, in this form you are in, are trying to trace, or to track, the spirit within you as to where and how many different places it represented life form. You must look therefore, through the eyes of the spirit, not through the eyes of the physical representation of the spirit.

"This is very difficult when you are searching for truth because once you are grounded physically to the Earth's plane, you have the tendency to escape from the reality of what the spirit wants to teach you and the values of this teaching and the value that this would have on your physical growth, or your spiritual awakening. This is the conflict, the principalities of the darkness, of the misconstruing of the truth and the reality of the true origin of light life and its forms and its species.

"You are probably, and I would as a student, I would ask the great question, and you had it in your philosophy, which came first, the chicken or the egg? There is always this mentality of trying to confront the origin of your own species here representing the completeness and the wholeness of the universe. That is an interesting question because you have one form of the biblical hypothesis, if you wish, or theory, and now you are looking, because the spirit is opening up and giving you advance glances into many other theories, or strong feelings, of the origin in the form of you already being in birth and placed here on this Earth.

"What you are really looking at is when you look at your physical species you have differences in your currencies depending on where you are on the Earth geographically, and the knowledge you inherited. Still, if you trace this culture, there is something about religious forms of learning that they have acquired that still refers back to some great force that represents a spirit that represented in you. And you are there for some form of duality that is here on this Earth.

"So, you look at this and you say, well then, what started what and where did this really get started here on the Earth plane? Where did the concept of the relaying and representing life in this form come from when it first originally started in this form as the

spirit gave it essence, or the breath of life, to represent it in this physical form? You see, you have to remember that the real you has traveled and represented many different life forms in many different places in the galaxies, many different bodies in duality.

"So, you are a by-product of the representation, or the sampling, of that whole universe that is representing life in some form, whether physically, or whatever, depending again on the ethers that allow this kind of life to be represented.

"The ethers are the energies that are on Earth that contract the spirit energy within to give that form of life that you are being represented in. So it is of prime importance then that you understand the ethers, or the energy, which is compatible because of the planet and the structure to be able to give that kind of birth.

"Visitations, like I said, that those that were originated from spirit travelled through many life forms in the galaxy and understand the contraction of consciousness within. Therefore, after you have had these numerous occasions out, you are then understanding the visitation of other life forms on this Earth. Then you have the capabilities of overcoming and subduing gravity and centrifugal forces that are complied to the ethers to give the life form the representation, or the core, of the spirit that represented this life part.

"So, when you look at this then, you say, what happened originally to start at point A here? So the spirits, through many different experiences of life forms, were attracted by the energy ethers. I say attracted, just like some are here now, that you cannot see, who have decided to coincide with this energy in a formation of the form that would be the most compatible to this kind of environment.

"So, you had inner birth, extraterrestrial birth. You had all kinds of meshings of these different energies of the spirit that gave this sudden DNA a great pulsation of energy that took on physical life form.

"Now, if we go to all of the galaxies, you will find that each has similarities but different life forms and different origins of that life form conducive to that planetary environment.

"The next time I come, we will go into Mars and the various other planets and what their super structure is all about and what representations it gives.

"I have to leave you now. I say to you, God bless and may your universe within compromise the universe above to infiltrate and then filtrate knowledge. Two different things, infiltrate and then filtrate knowledge so that you can get the essence, or the purity, called the truth will set you free.

"God bless you."


"Good day to you. I am Petron from Petomalie.

"I will be responsible for each and every one of you here to assist you in any way possible to give your philosophy into the future. My job primarily, in the spacecraft I am in, is to write. I am a journalist in my trade here. So you will find me just a little different, although Space Commander Ackman is probably wondering why he has got this mission to stop for the next little while on Priority A.

"There has been a lot of confusion, not only on the Earth itself, but on the original origin of how planetary life is formed. We have studied the topography of your immediate galaxy very closely on many occasions right from the time of formation up into the last few minutes. To do a proper scan of the Earth and all of your planets in your galaxy, it would take me approximately three hours of your Earth time. That would give me a significant report on the entire surface and the life in most of your planets, other than in the inner side, or in the inner portion of the center of each of those planets. Here, you are very fortunate that you have life in all centers, or portions, of your planet.

"Interesting that your planet Mars has a direct infra-structure ray that allows the organic substance of your Earth's core to be very magnetic. So therefore, the compliments of Mars are very important to the Earth. The Martians who are there are mostly scientific. Therefore, they are primarily interested in infra-structure. They are interested also in the light ray that is permeated directly through the planet itself, which you soemtimes have misconstrued as canals.

"The government on the planet of Mars is strictly totalitarian. In other words, it is ruled by one person, one ideology, one government. It is classified as you have here, although you have influences, as a civil type of government. Because the Martians live in a much denser environment, that you would classify, than you would be here, therefore their structure and their build are very big.

The average Martian, in your way of looking, as far as height goes, are I would say, anywhere from nine to twelve feet high. Whereas, in comparison to Pluto, because of the density which is lesser and hardly any light, because Venus supplies the light to Pluto, so therefore, the Plutonians are anywhere from three to four feet tall.

"So there is a great influence that the Plutonians have because they are governed by outer space entities that come form Acturia. So therefore, they have a more infinite type of relationship than what you have here as a finite type of relationship.

"The philosophy to those kinds of entities is a lot different than to you because you are a feeling human being and an infinite spirit combined. So therefore, you here on this planet, are fed by two different food systems.

"So the energy field that is encompassing, or surrounding Earth, at this time, is of great prime importance. It is because this energy field that has moved in is called the dark forces. We are quite concerned because it has already imbalanced, not only the outer forces of ozone, it also has created great damage just shortly beyond, which is attracting a very strong comet of enormous size that is coming towards the Earth itself.

"We cannot change, at this time, the pattern of this comet because it is going to cause excruciating heat as the planet has picked up on various parts of the Earth. However, it also causes strong condensation which is producing an interlock of moisture which you are also experiencing here on this Earth from your weather pattern at this time.

"So the heavy concentration now for you Earth people is to offset the journey of the comet Dextras. Always continually think of this in your mind. However, we are tracking this by its velocity and speed. The most dangerous time, and it is of maybe opposite belief to you, the most dangerous time is from the year of 1996 to 1999 because it will be coming in, what we classify, full magnetic force.

"So therefore, it has been foreseen by some of your adepts who were here on this Earth, for example, Daniel and Nostradamus, and also John the Revelator in the confusing book called Revelations. However, because people that cannot interpret this, therefore people are not afraid, which is good to a certain extent.

"Those years are called the years of the rebuilding of the firmament. As you know, that the heavens look up that the firmament has to be changed first. This will cause a dew belt to be built around the Earth. So there will be, in certain areas, a lot of moisture content that will be released. Again, as from the very beginning of the Earth, the same comet came to produce the Earth and the Earth's surface in the beginning of its formation, or its time.

"Oddly enough, the infra-ray and the different emanations that come from the comet are so old that the carbon 14 test and your scientists do not know exactly how old this Earth is. Oddly enough, the biblical version is more correct than what your scientists do when they look into time.

"So I say that that is the beginning of the actual change of your Golden Age. That infro- structure of the firmaments that will be changed therefore, will give this electro- magnetic belt of constancy of sun ray. This will allow the Earth to be in stillness and once again it will be dark and it will be light as defined in your biblical versions.

"However, that start of the Earth, from rotating on its core, gives it time for the firmaments and the correct corrections, so that the tectonic plates and the Earth's core will be reborn, or changed, so that there will be constant daylight for a number of years.

"So it is of prime importance therefore, that when the Earth is coming into these changes, that it is set off course. When it is set off course, which it is in the second pattern, as we call it now, of the axis of the Earth, it will cause the bulging effect where you will have extreme winds. You will have no control of your weather pattern. The interaction of the gravitational pull shall at times cause great accidents on water.

"When we look at all of these changes at the time the Earth was coming into form, at the very beginning, the life forms of man could never have survived the severities of nature. "Until these storms subside, as has been foreseen, unless these days be shortened, flesh shall not survive on this Earth. So therefore, there are a lot of things that are at work, at this particular time, where you have many of you people that are in contact with the higher entities like myself, the God/Godesses, that are assigned to the area, the angels, the dark forces. They are all intertwined for change.

"The complete cleansing is after the comet leaves. You will find then, at that particular time, that the cooling down effect will take place. You will have extreme cold weather in certain parts of the poles.

"When everything is in line, by the changing of the DNA within your bodies, and to allow you to be able to attune to very high and knowledgeable entities, on certain parts of the Earth, certain people will be evacuated and taken. Certain people will be taken by death process.

The ones who are changing their DNA at this time, like yourselves in these groups of vast knowledge, shall interchange with the higher entities in, what we call, the polarization, which you at times get through a form of inoculation of high energy within areas that will have apex, or vortex, formation.

"This is of vital importance because the energy is going to be very erratic. You will feel the differences, not only in the pressure of your temples, your mind, your memory, but you will feel it also in high emotionality. You will also feel as if you are losing gravity and you wish to fly.

"The lightness of the bodies and everything is done in a slow process. The slow process is the operation of your contact of the inner and the outer spirit. You always ask the question, 'Why has it taken me so long and why is it taking so quickly for some to come into the knowledge of this great change?

"Your time element is now of prime importance. The cleaning up of the Armageddon, the cleaning process, is always the cleaning up as like after a flood. So the cleaning up

process, as we see the high explosion in the next two to three years in your Middle East, is of prime importance to us. So, it is not only the United States of America that is focusing its intention on one specific person, but are not wise to the new one who now has taken on this miraculous form of being, the false messiah.

"It is also interesting to watch Libya. I say this too, that it is the four radicals who go completely out of control that caused that nuclear explosion.

"Therefore, the energy that is working in a vast force field, as you see, because of the effect of the comet on the human mind, is causing the mind to become completely saturated by fear, greed and treachery and violence.

"The effect this time is on the Middle East, Bosnia and the Russia area. It will move next more into the Roman, or into the Italian area and slowly it will filtrate and would not last long, God bless you, in the United States and Canada.

"So it seems, because of your ideologies and because of the way you are conducting yourselves in a fashion now to the awakening of these great changes, that you are allowing the spirit within you its birth of the new horizon to the Golden Age. You are like little sunlights. You are like little beam lights that are constantly creating through your own minds.

"So the thought patterns which you develop and create in your own minds are also assisting in the recreation of the Earth surface, also for protection and for many other aspects of this great change.

"Energy fields of are prime importance. So we are looking very carefully because we have spared this area here by reducing the vibratory rate of the St. Andreas fault. We are managing to keep the certain areas at this time in, more or less, a safety zone because we require that energy intention of the fault line so that we could reverse, or change, its end result.

"This is confusing the scientists when they see a vibration and one that would cause a lot of harm and when it doesn't do that, then they are fairly confused. Infusion and confusion, implosion and explosion, has to be in its proper, as we cite it, in its proper perspective from mankind's interpretation because mankind has for ages looked at peace and destruction. You cannot mix that. This is why, when you look at your scientists, your munitions, your wars, you are continually saying, 'we must have a war to have peace'. You've got to change that way of thinking and say that in order to have peace, you must have peace.

"There are a lot of things that are going to transpire in this next two years of your time. What we are looking at seriously is, not only the rebirth of the spirit within to activate,

but also the coming of the philosophies eternally and internally are of vast importance. This is what confuses mankind and his belief systems here on this Earth.

"So you will have a strong emanation and condemnation of new religiousity. Do not get caught up in the lion's den. Watch very carefully because the Eastern philosophy has been polluted. So watch very carefully the emanation coming from that area. It is not hard to see that if the Saviour was there, therefore then, from that kind of religiousity and thought, there would be peace there at this particular time.

"However, there is also infiltration coming from higher space, coming from, as we look at it, Zeta One, Two and Three. So we have to look at this in great perspective because you are going to be strongly infiltrated in the next two years. There will actually be manifestations of this kind of saviour, or this kind of energy, that will be very deceptive to mankind.

"So you see that when you are intuning yourself, it's a lot different than attuning yourself. To intune yourself is when you receive this knowledge. To attune yourself is when you will know the difference between the goodness and the badness of this energy field. So you will be going through, in the next three to four years, what we classify as, this strong indoctrination of philosophy, whether it be extraterrestrial, or whether it becomes terrestrial.

"So you are in a great sign of this change happening now where you have your confusion and your infusion, as you see here on this Earth. The next stage is the implosion and the explosion. This is one where you will find that the treachery finally comes to a head where it goes into explosion and disintegration.

"So sometimes, when we look at this, we feel that the explosion is bad. It is really not. It is part of the cleansing which started two years ago, your Earth time. So for seven years of vast inner inoculation of knowledge, you will find that these kind of changes of intelligence, you so call it, boggle the mind and become very interesting and very drawing and captivating to the human mind.

"The best way to fight a war, as you see it then, is by this method of, what you term here on this Earth, the infiltration, the sabotage of the mind into the projection of looking through a superiority, of some fancy, of a great god, or goddess, through a form of philosophy intrusion, or implosion.

So until we learn to become the infinite structure, we are by the explosion into the New Age. We clean house, or we become part of this Battle of Armageddon where we are going into purification. The remnants of our thinking and the destructive ways of our feeling have to be changed by an infinite infra-structure so that our minds do not become a prey.

"We will go into slowly, as we said here, the DNA change of the electro-magnetic fields of the cells within your body. It will be a combination of the changes coming from the firmaments so that the balancing effect of these bodies will interrelate with the infusion and the explosion of the spirit reality. This is where the truth shall set you free.

"So you are finding that, how does one select by choice? You did this yourselves. You selected by choice to come here through the hell, to the heaven, of your own Earth.

"Now you are the builders for the millennial, as we see it, totality of peace on this Earth. You have to go to different places at different times to be able to reach a good balance in your physical and in the spiritual. Unless you place more emphasis on the spiritual, then you are going to be more prone to the age of, what we call, the excruciating agent of impolsion that takes place through, what we call, the greatest diseases which will be cast upon the Earth at that time.

"By the changing of the DNA and allowing the spirit to interrelate and to pick up its proper energy for the balance of the human body, you will allow yourself to go through the period of famine. You will do so in a way in which the conditioning of the body could survive with a very small amount of foodstuffs that the physical body will require. This comet, through that heat ray, will cause certain areas to be like deserts.

"You are into the 250,000 years of Earth change. This means that your topography must change because of the inner change of the structure of the Earth's core matching up to the change of your firmament and its high energy fields.

"You will notice too that the intensity of your Northern Lights will intensify because they are going more into a deflective ray.

"So to change therefore, some will be migrating from time to time from low areas to high areas of elevation. Some will be moving to areas of lesser bodies of water. Some will be moving to higher bodies of water. It depends on how fast the DNA changes and how it draws you into the energy fields which are more stronger and compatible to your own change.

"Some of you, as we see it, as I said, will be taken. Some will be going into, what we call, a new life form. Some will be rescued. Some will meet the complete change by allowing their Christ Consciousness within them to have, what we call, the Second Coming of this millennial light, to be able to work on this strongly, to be part of their heaven here.

"It is of prime importance that most of you here at this time start to take the life forms on Earth a little more seriously because of the child birth. Those who are coming now are of prime importance. Already their DNA will be adjusted in the womb. So therefore, the

children will be of a higher density to begin with. You will see and notice the difference in their human behaviour.

"Your jobs, as we look at it now, is to be in strong contact with your inner self to get the kind of messages to be able to allow and to help and to cultivate this change so that it will come in such a way that others will be receptive to the way you are thinking. You probably will say to yourselves, but really people think we are totally imbalanced when it comes to the mental body.

"That is so false because you are totally getting into balance. So therefore, the extremities to people who are very stereotyped, only from the physical essence of thought, will not understand you until 1996. But it's now the time to plant the seed.

"Petron will leave you now and say God be with you."


"Good evening to you all. I am Excalabar of the White Robes.

"We have just had a mercy call from Mercury. There are a lot of problems on Mercury, your planet. These problems are electro-magnetically affecting the Earth's field at this time.

"We have two scout ships above you and we also have the medical ship Atla. We also have Scala Two and Scena Four. So we have two small scout shipss with two abroard and then there are twenty-four of us in the big ship.

"This evening, it is very important for you all as you are going into the future. The most important part of messages from us is that we are here adjusting many bodies, at this particular time, because those light workers are having a DNA change. That's like an oil change for some of you. The DNA change will affect, not only your pineal and pituitary glands, but all seven centers will be revibrated to 4.4 for the end month of August (1993) because of the big shift which will take place because of your alignment with Uranus and Neptune.

"At this time, we are stopping, in great areas, the tectonic plates from expanding. A lot of you realize that there are quick shifts of plates. So what's happening in this area here, we are making the shifts take place, but we are allowing for very minor tremors, so there is no fear there.

"The San Andreas fault has been minimized because of the Golden Age, because of the sitting of the Council of Nine. So you will find that there will be a lot of misconstrued

messages by some of the so-called psychics. Be very careful here. There are tuned in psychics and tuned out psychics.

Those that are tuned out are ones who are imitating and making money. However, that is going to be changed because we are not going to stand for the divine message being misconstrued and the divine message being thrown around in such a way that even your area and location are not being informed properly.

"The new birth of the star that is being formed now in the universe is going to be responsible for the Earth changes. The new birth of the star is taking place at this time. It will be in its fullness and you will be seeing all kinds of lights coming from the galaxy. Look into Orion and that will be the first signal of your big Earth changes.

"There will be a lot of signs, as it had been put by the prophets, in the last days. God never frightens people by giving them dates because it is your energy that allows the change to take place on the Earth in such a way that it happens in a peaceful manner. Remember that. So the light will be a signal.

"Your Earth has already shifted by three degrees in the last two years. So your Earth is sitting on an axis shift which will completely be turned. But it will be done in a slow manner so that there are no losses, or very little losses, of life. There are a lot of things that have been predicted that are not going to take place the way they were predicted.

"This is, what we call, the banana belt, this valley that is going through here. So be prepared to see a migration of people coming into Oregon very shortly in the next two years.

"I have to leave now. Watch the sky. Alahoy."


"Good evening, I am Grand Master Oaspe.

"As you go more into the awareness of your consciousness, your light will expand further into the evolution cycle of the different bodies which you take on through the form of reincarnation. The form of reincarnation is determined by the awareness in your light cycle. The light cycle therefore, reflects into the awareness of the different lives. As they are reflecting into the different lives, they again give birth to the form of life that you have established through the light pattern throughout the universe.

"The universe is the garden, or the nursery, of all life lights. The light densities which give off the colors are responsible for the evolution light. The evolution light is what gives off the formation pattern of the new development of the thought cycles of those

who are in pattern form and who are releasing the new pattern for that life form to take place.

In other words, in the universe, when you have your dynamo effect, you have a new representation of life form expressing light. It is not necessary that that life form is in the kind of form that is expressed by the Creator at the very foremost of, what you would classify as, a beginning, and what He classifies as a consistency of light span.

"The consistency of light span is the continuation of life form within a span. Each span can be up to one million, or a millennial light time. In between the light span it is not necessary for a body change. But it is necessary for the spirit within the body to become a supreme commander.

"The supreme commander, which is the true essence of the spirit, gives completion to a life cycle expression. So you have to remember that a life cycle expression is a completeness, or a completion, of this kind of body form.

"When the body form is completely expressed, then the rebirth of the new cycle of millennial light will go into, what we call, expression. It also goes into repression. So there is a lasting phase of time for the repression, or the continuation, of that new life form which you will express here on this Earth at the completion of your third phase of awareness.

"You must remember that your changes are exactly the same as the caterpillar and the butterfly which is the state of cosmic cosmoses. Cosmic cosmoses is the interpretation of light through different forms. In other words, the light will express through a different form of the body. In this expression, on Earth here, the body will go through the same cosmic cosmoses.

"I have to leave now. God bless you."


"Good evening, I am Lae.

"Man has, within the past thirty years on this Earth, misconstrued, on many occasions, the different religious ideologies on what one would expect upon death, upon demise, upon quickly being taken, or locked, into the ethers of light. When one must go from one plane to another, he has to change the mode of conveyance, or the vehicle, which

he uses to adjust his new consciousness into his new day and into his new understanding.

"It is not an overnight decision that you make when you alter your consciousness into another destiny of light. Another density of light which is, what you call death here, can be expanded into two directions. It depends on how you live your life here on this Earth and how you adjust your consciousness to the understanding of the direction of your soul.

"Not too many people understand that there are many beacons of thought. Each becaon of thought can be represented by a different teaching, or a different metaphysical understanding, of soul.

"Lights on this Earth, at this particular time, have been grounded to a certain extent because of the total blindness of understanding. When man reaches a peak within his life, which is called the total understanding, or the total misunderstanding, then he seems to traverse from one ideology to another, trying to find himself in a desert where he is completely lost for thought.

"Projecting oneself and making the two greatest decisions on this Earth as to whether you want to go into a spiritual light density, or a new formation of light, to reincarnate a body density, is a great decision that you have to make here on this plane.

"We refer to each galaxy and to each planet that sustains light as a plane. One must remember that it is hard to count the densities of bodies of light and life. It is not hard to count the religious outlooks of the abstract densities of the spiritual planes of light.

"The spiritual planes of light are the density of purification only, whereas the dense body of light represents the spirit of the soul within itself. Man sometimes allows himself to go within in order to reason the outer portions of reality. So man sometimes feels more comfortable, or woman, and they choose to become a duality.

"In the planes of duality, which we can call this Earth, there is no count. There are nine dimensions of light that attract and give birth and constantly create the different forms of light within the duality of a body.

"When you look at this vast universe just the way it is now, you will find that it is a continuum. You see, you have an eternity in the duality of the bodies and you have an eternity in the spiritual realm of light and purification. Whereas he makes his choice, one has to make his selection. It is like you are doing here today, or what you have done all your life, from one religion to another religion, from one doctrine to another. When you learn about densities and forms and when you learn about these other realities, then you are making a choice.

"You will be making a choice here very shortly, and the choice is to become in the raptured reality of light. This is the millennial light coming to the Earth. That is a choice that you can make right now. Therefore, in that respect, when they are altering the spiritual and the physical, to first give itself complete balance, that is called the millennial light, the complete balance of the spiritual and physical on this plane. To give this complete balance, you must allow a duration of 1000 years under the guise and under the rulership of the golden light.

"The return of the Christ Consciousness within is also a duality. So you have the return of the Christ Consciousness for the spirit within and you have the return of the Christ Consciousness of the physical body and the rapture on the outside, which we also call, within the galaxy. There are remarkable changes when you allow the heaven to take its course and to be the priority here on this Earth.

"If you decide not to make selections, then you will go into, what we call, the purgatory state, where once again you will make your choice, whether you decide to go again to a duality spiritual, or just a constant spiritual, path. If you select here to go into the forty- nine planes of light spirituality, then each plane represents a certain part of purification for the spirit into total knowingness.

"By going through the planes you will also experience different forms of light, different forms of reality, and different forms of understanding. And because you have escaped and you are in a vacuum, you are not in a duality. You are now in a spiritual plane. Each plane does not have a time element. It is you that allows yourself the incarnate growth from each plane into the next plane. I am only talking about the spiritual realms of light at this point of time.

"It is a vast decision one makes as he goes through the valley of his own tears, as he purifies the physical thoughts that allow the growth within his decision, or within his choice. You go into these forty-nine planes and as your consciousness continues to purify, you continuously grow into the light of the higher densities and planes of the spirituality. There is no death. It is just a constant growth.

"You see, it seems that the earthlings, the way they are now with a tendency of vacillation, do not understand that framework and constantly they are bombarded by fear and their demise. Releasing themselves from the duality is one of the hardest and most painless things in that form of light life.

"You must come to terms with yourselves. You must feel comfortable within yourself and your thoughts. When you know you are constantly judging others, when you know that you are constantly finding faults, you're only finding imbalance in yourself because you are coming into agreement with others. You have to come to agreement with yourself first. Others may share. Others may give you food for thought. But it is you that digests that food, not only in the spiritual part, but also in the physical part, which is the duality of that soul light.

"When you are coming to terms, you have a tendency to vacillate into many of the doctrines, trying to feel a sense of security within. When this is happening, when you are going through, what we call, the incubation stage, where you have to release that life form, it is in a cocoon of misunderstanding. It is a very prime and dangerous point in your life.

"That kind of physical security leads to stress, to releasing loved ones, to breakages in marriage. Always total imbalances are signs that something in the embryo, or something in the cocoon, is very unrestful. You are not in the balanced stage of understanding each framework of who you are. You continuously, on this Earth, try to understand the physical and you lose the spiritual. This is the loss that has been misinterpreted, not only in your bible, but also in strong inspirations and channelings.

"You must come to terms with your reality of duality. This is the hardest thing in life, to come to terms with the duality of your reality. What is real? To some, who physically go continuously in the loss of physicality, are constantly in the drive for the possession of physical things. You look at yourself as it was portrayed a long time ago, as you looked into that mirror.

When they talked about the mirror, they were talking about the reflection of your reality. It is of utmost importance that you reflect your reality through your spirituality before you could see into the mirror of life. It is constant in this duality and spirituality, in this density and in this form. You will also be guided on the pillars of nine dimensions. You are guided strongly on each pillar of light.

"Each dimension is the energy form that allows that form of spirituality light to convey the duality spirituality and this light to become aware into its totalness of what the spiritual growth is all about.

"You go constantly within yourself in the form of discipline. It's not too often, unless it's an avatar coming back just for a short duration of time, as you seen in the lifetime of Christ, that this is already born, that the spirit has already reached its rapture, that the physical has already given total control to the spiritual to reach its goals and to reach its achievements here. This is because when you go to the top of the nine dimensions of millennial light, the pure spiritual consciousness starts at seven. The energy rate of seven begins the completeness of the growth of the purification of the spiritual balance of purity of thought. Most that reach seven, eight and nine usually reincarnate back to the duality to Sirius One, Two and Three, the physical spiritual heavens in the galaxy of your universe.

"Because I am limited for time I will continue this lecture at a later stage; perhaps somewhere on another high mountain, whether it's a high mountain in your own thoughts, or whether it's a valley where your meadow reaches its duality of spirituality and the understanding of the ascension of the soul.

"It is of prime importance now that you are going to be getting lectures that are more than essential to your growth.



"Good morning and God bless you.

"This morning, as you not only project your consciousness here, but as the spirit elevates itself through your consciousness, there is a growth within you that you must come to terms with when you cultivate, not only your physical life, but when you cultivate your spiritual life.

"Man cannot live by bread alone. But it seems that, as you are walking your pilgrim way and as you become the prodigal son and the prodigal daughter, lost in your own ways of physicality, it takes a long time to get back into the pasture and into the understanding of the spiritual part that you really are. You have drifted for many a year. You have drifted for many millenniums. You are now coming into the awakening twilight of the great millennium which you have been for so long longing for.

"Today, it is of great utmost importance that your life, with your physical and your spiritual, becomes that oneness so that there is only one shepherd in your life. There is only one shepherd which you could follow. You must listen carefully as David said, to the still small voice within you and the still small voice which guides you.

"Some of us drift away into these various prodigal pastures, as we uplift ourselves in the various doctrines, as we learn to eat from the wolf that wears the sheep's clothing. Some of us become the true prodigal son and daughter that has been mentioned in God's word. We drift. We come to terms when our life reaches a point of great turmoil, when our life reaches a point where we do not see the sail on our boat as we drift through the harbors of great imbalance.

"We must listen carefully to, not only the skipper of our boat, but we must listen carefully to the inner voice that allows the wind to blow the sail in our boat and in our life.

"You must learn to be the skipper's skipper. You must learn to take command of your life in such a way that you are always in the driver's seat, so to speak.

"A lot of us seem to tend to scatter our thoughts. We seem to tend to sometimes undiscipline ourselves and we find ourselves drifting like that ship without a sail in a strange harbor of understanding. We must come back to the perspective of divine sight. We must be able to see our paths through the eyes of infinity as we drift slowly through the harbor back to the haven of rest. We must understand each other in the same oneness. As we grow together, we flow together. We must understand that the neighbor requires the same attention as you.

"As you know, in the scriptures it says, 'Love thy neighbor as thyself'. Sometimes we have difficulty understanding this because we allow the human frailties of our blindness, by looking through our physical eyes and allowing destiny to lose us as we drift as the prodigal son and daughter, feeling our way, trying to find destiny.

"How many times have you heard the words, 'What is my destiny?'. It doesn't matter what church you go to. It doesn't matter what pew you sit in. It's the same God. It's the same Father and He does not have a label. We, through the translations of trying to find a menu for the spiritual food that appeases us, give it a label. At times, what we do, we use a label and this label is not correct because God is not a Catholic. He is a Universal God. He is an everybody's God. He is an everywhere God. He is inside of everybody's God.

"We first have to learn to have that spiritual communion, whether it's through your disciplined communion, or whatever. Inside your temple are many pews. Which one are you using today? There are many pews of understanding. The spirit is moving gently around you, allowing its openness constantly for twenty-four hours a day to speak with you. 'Peace be still and know that I am God'.

"This universal Father, this Father, this divine energy, this totalness, this oneness, this completeness, sometimes searches deep down in the pews of your temple trying to understand you for whatever you really are. This Father opens His hand to the prodigal son and the prodigal daughter of this total understanding that there is only one greater pasture. This door is open constantly for twenty-four hours of your day, forever. The heaven and the heavens that you reach in your meditation, in your communication, with God within you is the growth that allows your spirit that fulfillment from the mortal to the immortal body.

"We are walking constantly in this last day of dispensation. We are walking constantly through great Earth changes, whether it be through your government, whether it be through physical nature, or whether it be through heavenly hosts. You are coming closer and closer to an understanding of who you really are spiritually as that prodigal daughter and that prodigal son, slowly, and I say slowly, in walking the homeward way.

"This is just a short message to you. But it is one I want you to consider because in every pasture there grows a different flower and in every flower there is a different fragrance. But we allow the petal sometimes to decay before fruition.

"Walk slowly. Think clearly. Allow yourself and the petals of the flower of your life to become in full bloom, to become in full understanding of who and what you really are.

"God bless you. I am Zarene."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"Through the migration of your soul and the energy of its essence throughout all of man's studies, man and also woman, on this plane, have made important journeys into venturing what the spirit is all about.

"The spirit is an unconscious form of all intelligence. When you give this unconscious form of all intelligence a form of matter, or a form of exemplifying this unconscious energy, in whatever birth structure throughout any of your light energies, which is into light forms in places throughout the entire universe, you are getting this unconscious spirit, which is constant in life form.

This unconscious spirit requires consciousness in order to express its growth and in order to allow itself, through its self expression, to whatever form to become as consciousness of awareness to its totality of its completeness in existence of that form.

"That form is the completeness of the spirit's journey throughout that existence of consciousness allowed through the form of matter, or whatever body that it takes on, in whatever universe, or whatever galaxy it allows to exemplify its consciousness, or its complete or true growth throughout that exemplification.

"This takes time for the consciousness to allow itself, what you call, the birth of the spirit within itself which allows to exemplify the consciousness awareness of the unconscious spirit of constant existence throughout eternity.

"By allowing to get this conscious form through matter, or whatever structure, allows the body construction of its body to exemplify this rebirth. In other words, the birth of the spirit, now into physical matter, will be completely conscious of both states.

"What happens in the human state, this rebirth, in most cases, does not take on form. So you are only learning from the conscious state of matter and not from the conscious state of spirit. Therefore, you do not have this oneness, or completion of thought. Therefore, you have physical thoughts which are like inanimate objects when they are allowed to escape into the cosmic consciousness.

"It is like sitting and pondering into a distance which does not give you the feedback of the same pondering that is going on from, what you would want. It is the spirit unconsciousness coming to the complete birth of the consciousness of the physical side of your life.

"It doesn't matter throughout the universes where you go. On every one of your planets in your immediate universe here you have unconsciousness in inanimate form at this particular time. However, there are some planets, like Mars and Venus and Uranus, that allow this unconscious state, or form, to take on a higher energy of, what you would call, matter to exemplify the rebirth of spirit into that form of consciousness which it requires.

"This is important that you do not escape this planet in, what you classify as, the naked form. In other words, the unconsciousness has to compliment the conscious state through understanding both the naked form and understanding the form of the unconscious, if you will say also, the naked form. Both have to compliment each other in order to understand and to nurture the completeness of understanding.

"You see, the cosmic consciousness, which you refer to as God, has gone through twelve different forms of life and received its rebirth from unconscious- ness to spirit, to the consciousness form that it took on in order to exemplify the life in that light, or whatever planet that it goes to. You, in this form, at this particular time, are striving for that rebirth.

Many of your avatars who come here have expressed this in some form which you would classify as religion. This is all right, except the interpretation. One must take great care to understand what you are really all about in exemplifying the light form with the form of, as you call it, the naked thought.

"You cannot see life within a mannequin religiosity of thought. You must have, what we call, the energy of reason and understanding within the conscious entity before you could pick the unconscious spirit to exemplify, or to fit in the reasoning of the central universe of the vine. There is a distinct connection there of the principality of infinity throughout finity of exemplification.

"It is also important that each one becomes a light particle that come together within the inner universe, or the central nervous system. This central nervous system, which is of the soul, gives the signals of reasoning within this type of understanding, or harmony, of thought.

"When the rebirth of the unconscious spirit is together within your, as you classify it, mind, or central universe, then you give structure to this light. As this light enters you, it

is building a foundation for the body to understand its projectory. This will allow your reasoning to come together in such a manner that there is no death.

"Too many people in this world today have a problem at arriving at this rebirth from the unconscious to the conscious in understanding the projection of the soul.

"The soul, after reaching its maturity from the unconscious to the conscious, the rebirth allows the soul again to become a free agent. It also allows the soul to again travel as a free agent into another period of life to become of that understanding. In other words, the unconscious spirit has to be conscious in its different categories of life in order to get the complete learning of all life within light. This happens throughout eternity.

"Man cannot measure this form of eternity in his conscious state. It is the unconscious which only understands the unexplainable, or the phenomena. You must bring the unexplainable and the phenomena into the explainable, which is the consciousness being completely aware.

"Do you wish to ask Dr See-ven any questions?"

[Questions by Yashah]

Q: "Yes Dr See-ven. Thank you. How does the unconscious spirit form and the rebirth of the spirit apply to the space beings and the alien races?" A: "You must be very careful when you are dealing with alien races because they have expanded their consciousness in a scientific way which is more to the conscious form instead of the unconscious spirit form. This has to also become, as I have mentioned in my lecture, a meaning becoming a oneness with one thought of that form that you are to be.

The central universe, which is God, is what you are striving to become a part of, as of the ocean, instead of the wave. You must become part of the whole. You must enmesh in that and be, what you call, being. The being is constancy of that energy which is within the ocean, not above, or becoming, what you call, only the wave. You must get the true value of the complete mission."

Q: "Is the complete mission then the completeness of the rebirth of the spirit?" A: "That is true. Even some of your great men, Emmanuel Kant and also Jung, have played and toyed with reality, inner reality and outer reality, only making the mistake to the extreme. Never go to the extreme because it leaves you in a position where you are allowing a precipice. It is important that you look at and perceive everything that you are looking at in a way that it does not make you emotional. This is very important because the emotionality is classified as the storm of light which brings in deception. This is where man goes very wrong. This whole thing is to make the unconsciousness awaken to the consciousness. You must teach the spirit birth or it loses its potentiality.

"Dr See-ven has to go now. God bless you."


"Good evening to you all. I am Zoltar from the Bootes Constellation of your planet Arcturia.

"We are in rapport with many of the creations that are of the will of the energy called Father, or God, in your terms of believing. All of the mansions, as has been revealed to John the Revelator in the last chapter of your bible, which is called Revelations, have been correct up to this time. However, there are always things that even those who are tuned in to prophesy will not get the complete picture of the events to come.

"It is a great privilege that we have through the concept of thought to be able to communicate through the mind and the solar plexus of this Instrument to slightly alter the voice.

"In my Father's house are many mansions, which you are quite aware of, is totally in perspective of some form of life, which you at this time on this mansion, called Earth, are giving birth. Not all of these mansions have the same concept of birth. It is of great importance that you earthlings should know that on the Earth and every other planet, you have the freedom of choice which caused you to create, if you wish, the mess that you are in now.

"The total creation of this planet Earth was in perfection of vibration. Man has altered this through the form of greed and has mastered none to say as to how to escape from his own slavery.

"It is of great prime importance that there are only three planets, and I say this very carefully, three planets that are in this creation called, 'in these mansions'. These are three planets of prime importance where you do not have freedom of choice, but you have freedom of will. There is a great difference between freedom of choice and freedom of will. Will is, what we call, in constancy and the vibration is in, what we classify, the highest purity of thought. Whereas, freedom of choice is in continuous change where mankind on this Earth can't seem to come together on any facts, figures, or ways of becoming constructive. In most cases you are destructive.

"It is also important that this energy that is flowing at this particular time from the imbalances of all of your planets in your immediate galaxy, has caused the Earth slightly to shift off its axis in the last ten years of your time. This is causing, in the center of the Earth, a very hollow spot, or area, of great intenseness of gasses. These gasses are formed, not only from your depletion of oil that you have constantly depleted

from the heart of the Earth, but also from the devastation of the forests and also in some of your areas, the type of mining that you have done into the bowels of the Earth during a period of time.

"The hollowness that has been formed is causing a massive disturbance at this time which causes great bulges on your Earth. In turn, you have the greatest storms on your Earth that you have ever had because of the severity of the vibration of the Earth as it is in its skin. Mankind has come to, what we call, the age of the signs of the change of dispensation on this planet called Mother Earth, or as we originally named it, especially from our graphics, Terra.

"So, if you look at this very carefully, you will see that there is a great change that has taken place in your last ten years, not only in volcanic eruptions, but also in your wind velocity, tornadoes and greatest storms that are at their greatest destruction at this particular time.

"The most important thing is the internal strife that has been caused on this Earth due to the different nations, nationalities, and religious concepts. One might say that how come that a religious concept has caused such a great change in mankind's ideologies. The most important thing is that man has the tendency to be always in contest rather than in agreement with some specific idea without giving it a chance it mature. See, on this Earth, you haven't given yourself that total chance to allow the maturity level to reach its growth. Rather, you have been playing here, this game of stagnation.

"There are other things that are happening here on this planet that are precisely in context with some of your prophets and prophecies that have been made. But the one that is now in its initial stage is the situation called the Bosnia syndicate. The reason we use syndicate is because that is the match that will cause the Armageddon.

"A lot of you, in the last fifteen to twenty years of your history, have carefully reviewed the situation in the Middle East. Although you knew the concept of religion would be a match, or come to a point of friction, you did not know how far this would happen. And as you see in your Book of Revelations, it does simply cover that, that there will be a short lull in the storm before, what we call, the real storm is drawing nigh.

"Mankind seems to want to be in contest, whether it is in war, or whether it is in industry, or whether it is in education. That is a very thin line that we place on this Earth, is the education of the species. That is something that is not following the traditional line, or pattern, that it was intended to do. See, when you are on a planet of freedom of choice, you allow yourself to become egotistical, rather than allowing yourself to become a placid individual who is in acceptance of diff erent ideas and allowing them to go into perception. This is something that is very hard for some of you on this Earth.

"I said to you at the onset, just as I began, that there are only, and I say that again, only three main planets called cleansing of thought. And these three planets, at this particular time, are revealing themselves and are preparing themselves, for the new concepts of thoughts that will be sent to this planet Earth very shortly.

"You always have the enemy, even in the heavens, opposing the, as we call it, the chariots of the gods, or opposing those who are in this state of perfection.

"The very first three planets of great exception in your Zeta One, Two and Three star systems are called and sometimes referred to as the little grey people who are constantly bombarding this Earth because of their great technology. Therefore, they are in the lower form of energy, or systems, and they are not at all helpful to this planet, or to themselves.

"Then you have your three celestial planets. Many of you use great terminologies to define where these are. These are the three most important suns in your entire universe. A universe is not in any shape. A universe is constantly changing in shape. Great men like your Einstein and Tesla were coming close to discovering the substances that take on form. But they did not come close enough with the human mind to be able to tell the earthlings, or leave with them. However, they did a great deal in science to tell us more about these three celestial suns in the universe.

"These celestial suns, from periodic times of reincarnation of this Earth, will send great people to this Earth to try to bring all of the cells within your body to a state of understanding your physical body. Most of you here on this Earth still do not understand it, neither do your doctors.

"This physical body is very intricate. This physical body is a substance of all of these different dimensional substances within the entire universe. You, at this time, are wearing the garments of your soul. And I said that in plurality, garments of your soul, and singular.

"Your soul lives in eternity. The soul lives in the nowness. It does not require time like past, future and present tenses. The soul lives in the now. The physical body lives in the senses. This is why it is very difficult for mankind to grasp the understanding of reality in the form of substances, in the form of the plurality of, 'in my Father's house are many mansions'. You live through all of these forms. You live through all of the eternities. You create the heaven and the hell which is a state of awareness only in the form of the journey, or the environment, that you create around you at a particular time.

"Mankind has tried to hide, either behind a bible, or behind a cloak, or behind some form of religiosity. He has tried to protect himself from the ignorance of not knowing the real substance that the soul is and always will be in its constancy throughout whatever form of life that you take on, in whatever dimension, or whatever place that you allow yourself, through the freedom of will, to go.

"However, there are some in these schools, like Earth here, who come to grips, come to a strong conviction where the soul and the physical come together in a strong unconditional love substance that gives off energy, that tells you exactly what you are, or where you are going, or where you will go to.

"When man comes to grips, when the soul reaches this spiritual birth of being born again, you have to allow, not only your physical body to be born into this reality, you also have to allow your soul to be born into the same reality. Otherwise, it is as it was stated, 'what shall it profit a man, or a woman, to gain the whole world but lose his, or her, own soul'.

"The soul is the foundation on which you build. It is only important that you know what you are building with. This is one of the greatest failures of mankind throughout history and time. Man has allowed himself to build only from his ego. You have heard many songs of the man who built his house upon the rock, the man who built his house upon the sand. You are building the future for your soul through the ideology of the physical giving birth. It has been stated so many times and it is so frustrating that man is continuously going into a church, or a chapel, trying to be born again. Hey! Wake up. You are already there. You are already born.

"The concept that this is trying to show you, or trying to teach you, is that the real you, or the superconsciousness of self needs that space and needs to be born through you and through your wisdom and through your mind to allow you to be that creator patterned after, 'in my image ye shall be born'.

"You see, a lot of people are born physically on this Earth through the form of proliferation that has been so given you. And in these other mansions it is to some extent, the very same. For example, 93,000,000 miles away is your sun, which is in contact with another, 93,000,000 miles away to the Pleiades, which you see in your heavens, the seven little stars resembling the dipper. That planet is sometimes referred to the evolution of the soul. However, that is not so as far as the soul goes; only as far as your physical body goes.

"You see, those individuals who are in that galaxy are exactly identical to you. That doesn't happen too often. And I am sure, as they look down, they are also thinking and knowing. That is the difference, knowing that they are a relative of this Earth.

"It is also of prime importance to look again, to look very carefully here at your different types of changes that will take place in the next decade here on Earth. You are going to find the unsettlement of peace, not only the injustice that will be done in your Korea area and in your China area, the breaking away from the concept of being strongly regulated.

This is the thing that has caused a lot of problems. When you are under strong regulation you can perish, or under no regulation, you can perish. Man hasn't found that happy medium in between. The reason being is that he hasn't allowed his soul that birth to allow his ego to be destroyed and bring into the concept, or into the center of existence, the superconsciousness of his mind, the mind that gives birth.

"The minute you are released from this Earth in only your soul, you are a total creator. Then you are not incapacitated by the mental reaction in your own physical mind, the ego saying to yourself, can I really do this, or can't I? This Earth is filled with, can I?, or can't I? I. I might. I hope so. So you are drawing on the fuel, or the energy, of maybe. That is why you have allowed yourselves, on this Earth, to vacillate from positivity to negativity. A lot of people today are in that great extreme, or in that great line of negativity.

"What has happened to this planet Earth, as of five years ago? The first infusion of the solar flare, to try to heal the bosom of the Earth, has caused mankind's energy to change within himself. Not only have you felt that there have been great changes in your heart rate, but also in your solar plexus and your central nervous system. You are finding that this constant change is causing a lot of illnesses that cannot be examined, or labeled, at this time. This is going to intensify because the Earth is changing right now from the third dimension to the fourth. Just think about this.

"So if you look at the modern technology in the last ten to twenty years that you have accomplished to outer space, it is just a trickle, a small trickle that can't even be measured in the mind.

"At this present time, mankind is only using, most of them, at a certain age, around the age of thirty, are only using twenty percent of that energy. Einstein used twenty-five. Tesla used twenty-eight. So you could see. Edison used twenty- seven. You could see that these great inventors were slightly tuned in to use more of that energy within their confines called the subconsciousness, superconscious, conscious mind. That is going to get greater as we escape into time in order to preserve life on Earth.

"Man's intelligence will definitely change and man's intelligence will be of a higher Consciousness, called the Christ Consciousness, or the return. People are looking up into a cloud. It is easier to return into your consciousness, into the concept, or the being that you are created after God allowing that same energy to be within you and therefore to be used at its capacity.

"The Christ Consciousness, or the Superconsciousness within you, is the using, as we would call it, the goodness energy, the heaven energy, whatever you use here on this Earth with your labels.

"It seems that you have all of these different labels to define some kind of feeling. You see, you are an animal of great feeling. God has added the extra attraction of the

concept of the mind to be born into the superconsciousness of the same likeness that those who have been sent to this Earth through reincarnation from your solar planets when times got really rough. But it is changing.

"There will be some, as we call it, pranksters who will come in the Middle East and they will be followed. And as you see today, even in some of your areas, mainly in Texas where your vibrations are completely off balance, allowing those antichrists like Koresh to take some sort of supreme command and play the role of God.

"You are all gods within you. But you must be very careful with that god power which you have. This is why, without that burst to be born again in that consciousness, you don't have it. Too many people today are faking this to make the mighty dollar. You look at the concept of religion and follow it for just a short period of time. Where are your great problems that arise? It's from some source of religious belief that becomes fanatical. And you seem to get caught in the middle as a prisoner paying your fair way out, whether it be your government corrupt, whether it be your services corrupt, or whether it be the religion that is corrupt. This is causing great pain to a lot of you grassrooted people on this Earth.

"God speaks very plainly and He is open to all on an equal basis. Nobody has more. This is why I laugh when I hear the terms that you use on this Earth; extra sensory perception. There is nothing extra there. It's the same in everybody. It is just a matter of finding and using it to its fullest. This is why they misinterpret that with extra perception.

"When you allow your consciousness to open up and your soul reaches that birth, this is when you have that energy in its fullness to become a great creator. This is why people, at times, like Einstein, allowed his mind for moments to float out into the higher consciousness and receive those great answers that have come back to Earth through some form of technology.

"It is of prime importance now to watch Bosnia. Because it represents the twelve tribes, it will cause great friction still. Some of you do not know this, the Red God is still strong, even if you have your individual states of independence in Russia. They won't come together as a whole because once again this is the first time they have been set free of the old god and allowed no distance. There's more disorder there now than there was when they were under a firm command.

"The twelve tribes, listen carefully. Because of inter-marriages and causing great frictions between the Arabs and Jerusalem, your Jews and the mixture of your blood in those areas will draw on the pity of certain ones that will take great force and pride to overcome. And as the Great Bear, or the Russian side, takes its part, in equal bases will the Jews and Israel take their part. They are not only the key of dynamite, but they are the ones that are going to ignite that Middle East. This whole idea of save our relatives, just watch this in the next year, or so, to come. You could only build a strong

wall in water to hold only a certain amount of tension. But you cannot hold back hypertension. The Middle East, at this time, is hypertense.

"This great involvement is causing everybody concern. Sending in aid is exactly the way the prophet foresaw that when he said the Armageddon means everybody involved. And you will find that it is slowly causing clay for the mortar to take its form. It has to happen. That is part of the cleansing.

"When you cleanse evil you must totally capture evil and you must convince evil to become good. You cannot allow evil to continue and allow it to become the disease which has been forecast. The greatest disease of all is evil and it is a mental tension. It is a great disease. Some of you have looked at this in the concept of some form of aid.

"AIDS and cancers and many other diseases shall be conquered. The greatest disease is evil. That disease will be completely defeated by your own mind. You will know within yourself that you are a child. Also, you are a star. You are a flare. We can go on and on. You are every part of the substances of those bodies to take form and every part of the universe. That is why you are so unique, called soul.

"You were allowed to travel out into the worlds to become knowledgeable and to know whichever world that you would hit, or whichever school that you would learn on, whether it be Earth, Mars, Arcturis, Pacifica, or any of your places in Orion. It makes no difference. The soul can reside in all of those mansions for which it was originally created.

"It is hard sometimes to try to tell some of the ministers, or to try to tell some of those great religionists that there are two creations. One was in the past and one is in the future. This is something that they cannot understand. Future birth is to the soul. The past birth was through substance.

"If you look very closely in the Book of Exodus, or if you look in Deuteronomy, or if you look very closely in the beginning from the first chapter of Genesis, to the twentieth chapter, you will find the answers, or the keys, to life. These are the things, when man has allowed his ego to shadow himself, and these are the terms that your great philosophers, such as, Plato, Dacarte and Aristotle, have tried to bring back when they said, 'now that you look into the mirror blindly'. You see, you are looking into the mirror of life blindly to look through your ego.

"It is only when you look through the eye of the soul, the sixth sense, or whatever you wish, into the mirror of lives, it is only then that your destiny becomes clear and you understand exactly where you are going.

"The Earth picture is not a good one as we move into the next ten years. But it will be one of the best ones after that year 2005. You will see then that mankind will again

come back to his senses. And when this happens, you create that Garden of Eden the way it was in the beginning of, what you call, substance time.

"It is of prime importance that we are all going to arrive to this understanding very shortly. And as you see the deterioration around you, you are in, what you call, the beginning, as Daniel had foresaw this, or John the Revelator, or Mark, or Matthew. As they foreseen, the signs shall tell you, you are living in the end times. These signs are now starting to be prevalent, which gives you a dispensation of seven.

"This dispensation of seven, this cycle in the universe is prevalent in seven distinct changes in your whole society. You are in now the seven years of the great tribulation. And lest these days be shortened, flesh, or mankind, shall not survive because of the penetration of the heat coming from the firmament. But these days will be shortened. Not to excite people, but these days will be shortened. Mankind will again become, as we say, in the very beginning of creation to substance, will come back to a state of perfection.

"This is why the bodies of men and women are going through such great changes through, not only feeling, through not only disease, through not only the strong vibrations of Earth changes, but also from the core of birth. This is the revelation of the soul, the revelation of who you really are.

"It is hard to come to your birth. You look at a mother that's giving birth to a child in nine months, going through those great pains. You are going through great pains right now. You are coming out of the shell into this new birth. It doesn't take a minute It takes sometimes generations. And you are being born again very slowly. This is happening to many people. This is what is going to allow that great awakening of the intuition within.

"Be aware then that the control of the shortage of food will be your number, your great number of your three series of sixes. Shortages are going to be prevalent, especially in your next five years. Do your growing now in your gardens and save your seeds. Be as self-contained as you possibly can.

"Be very open to this new concept of what the soul is trying to be free of. You are trying to be free of the slavery that this Earth has caused you over many generations, the slavery of thoughts. These shackles of time have caused deterioration in your own mind. You have to learn these new concepts. But, it shall be. You will find also many lights of the higher ascended who are coming to this Earth this late spring (1993) and you will know why.

"I leave you now in the care and keeping of your own consciousness as to how you are thinking at this time, as to how you have matured to a level of your awareness, as to how you think it is, to be on Earth and why you are here.

"Perhaps some of you are not thinking of the greatness within you that you have, only in the physical. Perhaps you haven't even reached to that higher room of your consciousness within and lived off the nectar, or the honey, or the manna, that comes from heaven.

"Allow yourself a little time to go into that upper room to get that great message of what destiny is about. Get the great message of how important you are to play a role, the importance of your mind, how it fits into the wholeness of the puzzle of what you really are. For each and every one of you are a puzzle to the whole picture. The importance is that when we all come into this one rapport, that is the only time we will complete the picture from all of the puzzles that are placed, or fitted, into life in its proper place and in its proper time.

"It is exciting that, approximately at this time, twenty-two billion souls are ready to reincarnate into Earth to take part in this great Armageddon and clean up because they want to live through some very historic times. But the privilege has been given to you people here because in another planet, in another time, you were part of the cleanup crew. This time you are going to be here to do it internally, instead of externally.

"Too many people are of the opinion that there's some great external might that is the awakening of that great external might within you. Remember that. If you remember that, then you are one step ahead of tomorrow and tomorrow and whenever.

"God speed to you all now."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"Many here have misconstrued the true reality of expanding consciousness. Consciousness is expanded through your awareness of past lives by becoming aware within your own consciousness. In most occasions, you have this awareness at night when you go into your superconsciousness. We call this the ring of expansion.

"This ring of expansion, through the mind the way it is now, will come into contact with the most traumatic parts of your past life experiences. It is within this realm of consciousness where you really learn, where you actually never forget, because you are constantly passing information through the expanding of your consciousness the way it is now.

"By becoming aware of your past lives, you will grow further into the consciousness because you are reminding, from the subconscious, the conscious of yourself the way

you are now. Then, in return, causes, what we classify as, the vibration of consciousness.

"When vibration of consciousness is placed in this mode, it will expand your consciousness into even higher facets of the different parts of your mind. But you are programmed. It is very important that you are programmed, even at this time, to pick up this information from me. Through the expansion of your consciousness you have already allowed yourself this experience you are having now of having to listen to the channeling of your consciousness from the way it is.

"When you go into, what we call, the balancing of your consciousness, you allow yourself to go deeper within your subconscious mind. You are constantly doing this in meditation, but mostly by becoming each time aware of the link of where your consciousness was in that other form of life that you had shone.

"What happens to the expansion of consciousness? It has no limits and it continues on in the different forms of ethers. The different forms of ethers reveal the akashic record of that form of consciousness and then it reflects through your consciousness and plays this role that you had been at one particular time.

"Dr See-ven has to go now. God bless you."

CHAPTER 28 The Jerusalem Command


"Good evening my light bearers. It is a great pleasure for me to come through this Instrument (Dr Ki). Because of the strong energy of this house (Stan & Stella Johnson's home) and the way that the vortex is located, it is easy for us to see the light being.

"We are called the Jerusalem Command. Our mission here is to bring through, not only the Second Christ Consciousness, but also to bring through, and we have done this on many occasions; we are the vehicles that bring through and take away.

We take away. And let me tell you; Ezekiel was in my craft. And may I say no more. But let me correct the path you are on.

"There are many commands. But there is only one command to the pure white light, or the pure planet, called Sirius Four. On this planet you experience pure consciousness and you experience purity of thought only. Every one who moves from Sirius Four are the ones who are the messengers. Your book says this very clearly, the messengers shll be sent out.

"The messengers who are sent out through our crafts are not the wolves who walk in sheep's clothing. We are in contact with only earth people who have been chosen from a previous light.

"It is of prime importance that we are here this evening. I speak in the plural because I now have two angels here. And we have Gabriel and Uriel.

"There is a lot of strength and a lot of things that is happening here to your body. We are strongly connected only to the purification of your thoughts. Every time your thoughts are purified, that's the only time we pick up your thoughts. So that makes you curious and makes you wonder what is happening totally to all your thoughts. You are being monitored. You are monitored from your last and most paramount reincarnation.

"Those who are dealing in other outer space vehicles, unless they know what they are doing, beware. Because at this particular time the earth is covered with, what they call, the onacore light of deception. It is for you people, with the purity of your thoughts, to reach above this stage and never mind jargon, words, labels. We only deal with the purity of your thought.

"Your thought creates the vehicle that comes into our stellar beam and is recorded on our monograph and we weigh your consciousness. We weigh your consciousness and then you are programmed into a birth cycle which creates from the purity of your thoughts.

"As the purity of your thought becomes stronger it goes up and builds, what we call, an envelopment and this strong ray, or beam, becomes a healing agent that allows the birth of this strong Christ Consciousness to permeate. If you do not allow this strong being to permeate, then it does not take seed. The most important thing is to allow permeation a length of time to take seed on the planet earth.

"The planet earth has been pilfered with impurity of thought. These impurity of thoughts develop philosophies, doctrines, cults of evil doing.

"At this particular time, as we are talking, there are two craft landing from Zeta One that are listening in. However, that's about all they will do. And we are here, not to destroy, but to recreate. So we will take all consciousness and make it a whole consciousness no matter what form of life is represented in whatever light state, whether it's solid, liquid, gas, electrical, or gaseous. The astral spirit world will get the greatest awakening of them all. What will happen is the purging that has to go through there will remove the lair.

"Beware of the fourth dimension, the wolf in sheep's clothing. At the same time, this will allow the ones from the higher spirit realm to project through and not get caught in that envelope we talked about, the astral spirit world.

Remember what my brother said. Do not play with the spirit world. That is very profound and stated very clearly.

"You have allowed yourselves to be befuddled, to play, to get lost in labels, to become highly encouraged, to become highly discouraged. This is why you are in the locked situation, not knowing where you are really climbing, but interested, interested, caught in the trap.

"For to remember, without a body you express the clarity of your thoughts. For within a body, you express the body thoughts in order to submerge within your temple, the temple of light and understanding. And this temple is within you. This temple of light and understanding releases the physical body and allows the resurrection of the Christ Consciousness to be foremost.

You must allow that foremost energy to cleanse, to purify all of your thoughts. You must allow that cleansing to cleanse all of the centers completely until the candle light is formed at the top.

"Trim that mantle daily to allow the fullness of the light, to allow your consciousness to wake completely. Most of the people here on earth have played with that and only allowed the consciousness to open a little bit, not knowing the full parameters of what can happen deep down because we do not want to let go of the physical.

"You are not demonstrating depth. You are demonstrating resurrection. For isn't it better within your life at this particular time to demonstate complete resurrection and purity of all your thoughts, not allowing to be placed, as we did in Daniel's time, in the lion's den of inequity of that world.

"There is a rude awakening coming to many who think that the Christians were totally wrong. We are not saying, and I am not saying, that they are totally right. I am not here to judge you physically. I am here to resurrect you spiritually. It is your freedom of choice through the physical body, through the knowledge that you inherit from other faculties besides your own faculties.

"Sometimes you feel there are beings much stronger and more advanced than you are. There is no such thing in the light.

"In the light and in the purity of thought all you have is love beings that surround you, envelop you, become you, become totally enmeshed in consciousness of complete

giving, losing completely the emotions so the physical body cannot take over and allow the emotions to rule their life.

"You are a trinity burning in the corridor of lives. You allow your mantle to be dimmed by those who blow the improper doctrines into your corridor of understanding.

"You have been picked as light children because you know how and you will know how to free yourself and not become the prisoner of the physical and of those entities that try to deceive you. The human frailty is deception. The human body becomes deceived by over-imagination, by fantastic words that represent great potentiel of gifts. Why? It is because you succumb, because you think that is the only interest in this life.

"Space entities have their job to do. The forty-seventh plane have their job to do. You have your job to do. The guidance that you get is perfect for you because that light within you is universal. It goes and it travels and it will go all over the place. Do not let any other philosophy blow it out for you. You are on the right track.

"You have wondered why, for the longest time in your life, everything that you have done, you've been placed on hold. Nothing was happening of interest in your physical life.

"The government and all of those agencies have been taken over by the opposing forces that disbelieve you. These twenty years of strong rule will be broken when you see all of the light changes in your universe. You will see them. A lot of you are seeing them now. They are being placed by command into a proper order and that order will soon be given to completely purge the Earth and to unite the spirit within everything, animate or inanimate. It has to be with purity.

"That is called the Battle of Armageddon. Do not forget that, my light children. That is so important for you in the next years to come. You do not have much time. We are not here to frighten you with earthquakes and all of these other signs. They will come. You will be safe. Do not worry about that. Do not let them frighten you. You notice, I never used any dates or times because it's your consciousness when it is ready. It will trigger off and do it. Be careful that you do not give dates and times because the purity of thought does not do that.

"The purity of thought loves you. It is within you. It becomes you when you purify it because you are the essence. You are the beauty of the stream that flows constantly until it is purified. Let me tell you that it is our love and our grace that will see you through.

"Don't worry about Earth philosophies. Study your own philosophy within you. That philosophy will never cheat you. It will never lie to you. It will never discredit you because you are the judge. Do not discredit yourself.

"I leave you now in the light and the virtue of pure birth. May your spirit and mine unite in purity of thought so that this world can awaken in the light of reality."

"God bless you all."


Grand Space Commander Excalabar

"Good evening, I am Excalabar.

"Our mothership Alahoy has been spotted by the Spokane radar. We had to send in three of our scout ships as a decoy to try to divert any strong attention.

The mothership Alahoy is approximately 250 miles long. The mothership is placed close to Pluto right now. It's near the moon. Because of your planet Pluto, you have, what you call, a continuous inner vortex. This energy allows our propulsion for motion to be in constancy and to be ready for all of the ships that come back to the mothership. There are approximately 2000 scout ships that come from the mothership.

"I am the commander of all the scout ships. We will try to manifest in the street light form at precisely 10:33 your time.

"It is interesting that some of you earthlings are coming very close now to the inner ascension. As you know, the inner ascension is always prior to the outer ascension. The inner vortexes are a reflection of the outer vortex. As the text reads, that by your works you are known.

"A lot of you are now in phase two of adeptship, whether you realize this or not. You are going to get another four inoculations similar to the ones you had in the last couple of days. The body will be cold, then warm. Then you will get flushes and there will be sometimes a stomach upset. It is necessary for us to do this because of the high gravitational pull of the comet that is on its way to this Earth.

"The comet has been seen by many astronomers who are of the opinion that it will brush the Earth in the South American side. I have news for them because the change in the gravitational pull and centrifugal force that will be caused by the motion of this comet will allow the Earth to stabilize into its new axis.

"I would say that the majority of those who are not into, as we call it, the eagles gathering in high places, or inner vortexes, pockets, as some of them refer to, or power spots; flesh shall not survive , lest these days be shortened.

"These days, that you on this planet Earth are going through, are the days of continuous unrest, the days of inter-molecular change to your DNA. The ones who are in deep rage, or anger, are the ones who are having difficulty with this DNA change. So those who commit your greatest crimes will come to terms with their energy in 1995.

"After the comet had made its first maneuver through, that is called the first resurrection on this Earth of the attuned souls. The energy that will come from this comet will cause the grounding for the energy that you are now attuning yourselves to.

"When you look at invisibility, you are looking at what your naked eye can view. Those realities that are traveling faster than your naked eye can view are, in fact, a reality that you can become attuned to when you are changing in your vibrations and in your DNA structure.

"This causes an inter-vibration of the energy that is in more of a direct context and is in direct flow with the energy fields of those at times that you see that are invisible to your naked eye. This is why sometimes, when you come to view us, some of you, because of your attunement vibrations, will see at times and will not see at times. It is like a cloudy day on a clear day.

"Have patience. The infusion that we will be giving the Earth on the 21st day of September (1993), it would be wise for all of you not to be too close to the ocean area. The molecular change will be so quickly that it would cause great problems on your water.

"I will leave you now and say to you, let your naked eye be dressed with the consciousness of reality.



"Good morning, I am Lae. There are seven other commanders with me."

"I am here this morning because as I have mentioned through the Instrument(Dr. Ki) before that I am not only a commander of a space craft but I have three missions tied into one final goal. I am a philosopher and also the spiritual spokesman or some refer to me as the preacher of the Northern Sector."

"It is with great knowledge and great research that I have had the privilege of visiting in my time 199 million cultures who have expressed different semantics or ideas of worshiping a form of deity."

"It seems there are at least another 17 million galaxies that have the same belief structure in some form of a deity whereas at least 5 million that I have visited have none. That is because they have perfected themselves into a total Godhead. So therefore, how must one revere one? Basically when we look at the whole stratum of the evolution of the self into its form or anatomy, we look at the vibration of that cell into light. The vibration of the cell into light is what gives us the mentality rating of the species into what ever form it must impregnate."

"There is not, and I say in all those galaxies the same, per se, freedom of choice that you have on this earth because the God energy has only enacted or created one mansion as an experimental basis where freedom of choice is applied in both, and listen carefully , the negative and the positive way. Because of these two forces that oppose one another to come into the true reality of a belief system, listen carefully, it takes two opposite polarities to give you the difference of feeling towards caring or towards how you are going to assume you feel."

"In between, there is always what we classify, as a neutral force which most in these other galaxies have learned to use more than any other kind of power to assume some form of judgment. Coming into this galaxy is the most exciting of them all. The only difference is here this type of species has, as we say, negative polarities, in the physical body itself. The physical body itself is in a neutral state which is governed by two opposite polarities, the negative and the positive."

"As you have learned yourselves that by becoming very negative, you cause the neutral state within your body to take command. If you become very positive you cause the neutral state to take command. What happens here is neutrality doesn't know, it is only fed by whatever polarity that you are impregnating or that you are feeding the human body. The only difference therefore is, that the human body from your negative polarity goes into deterioration and the positive polarity therefore, becomes more, as we call it, life living longevity."

"In other galaxies, based on strictly neutrality, don't have any of these polarities acting upon the body form. Therefore, the longevity will carry on depending on your time. If we would bring somebody here say from Kahrona, that same type of entity would last here say up to 3000 years of your time. So there is a big difference here. What we've done over the ages, we have allowed the two polarities or teachers to become the basis of our life support and to infiltrate the kind of knowledge that determines the positive and negative polarity in our life. It is not necessarily so to every culture that is living here."

"Now then, we must remember that this being the breeding ground of freedom of choice, this allows a lot of other interdimensional energy the same freedom or right that you have here even as an earthling. So you are bombarded by different life forms other than a biological atomic structure that you have here now. In other words, you have still the Reptilian life force energy at strong work here on this Earth."

"Because of this freedom of choice the intergalactic changes of the positive polarity will effect your consciousness, remember that, that is what is happening here right now, will effect your consciousness. The negative polarity will effect your physical and atomic structure."

"So one must, in this life, come to terms within himself of how they are going to become at one with either polarity but because they are constantly, due to a very strong energy field, producing a reality from the negative polarity because you give birth through thought to produce from the positive polarity because thought creates the reality."

"The neutral state is the God/Goddess. This is not contaminated by either force. The neutral states sometimes referred to the soul spirit of man is the interconnection of the central sun which was always constant in the universe that gave birth to the solar suns that give birth to all of your galaxies."

"This central sun with its mass intelligence is in a neutral state. This energy gives off complete unconscious state of birth, and that is very important. The unconscious state of birth, therefore has to be impregnated into the light density which causes the creation of life form and the life form is like here that you are now."

"What you have allowed through your senses from the origin of your species, is the sum total of the embodiment in the subconscious of every state of light life form that the unconscious took on to become conscious."

"It is here where, if you wish to call it that you sometimes have a tendency, and I am not going to use the terminology right and wrong -- but sometime you have the tendency to draw upon either polarity from the total feed that you have received through life forms which is now in your subconscious mind.

That if it is of great intensity or very traumatic it still effects each life form until you come into, what we call, total neutrality of apprehension and comprehension. So when you look at all of these imprisonments that have happened in totality of life forms, sometimes in each case if they are trivial they will go into, what we call, expiration or completely wiped out because your thought forms are no longer in contact with the unconscious conscious."

"What one must do here, one must be very careful that when they are constantly doing something and then come to grips with yourself by saying, "why am I doing this?" - that

is because the conscious unconscious is becoming conscious again. In order to extricate this or stop it completely all you have to do is give it back to the unconscious and it becomes, as we call it, in a state of animation. For as long as you carry the soul, you will have the subconscious unconscious of every life form that ever manifested into form. So naturally, you are going to consciously unconsciously remember the most traumatic times of your life as you remember this right now from your five senses as what you are doing now."

"What has happened over, as we would call it, time, we have allowed ourselves to by- pass the neutrality God/Goddess spirit soul within us and we have been reaching compromises from the negative and positive polarities. When you have these conversations going back and forth from the conscious, the unconscious, you run into the situation where you are going to constantly make choices and this is where you have problems when you make choices."

"There is only one right way - if you allow the God/Goddess within you to put up the correct barriers so that there is no interference from the negative polarity saying because of its total unconsciousness and traumatic effects coming in from another life saying well, "it is better to do it this way" because experience tells you so. That is the serpent talking in the Garden of Eden."

"So what are we saying here? we are saying here that the still small voice, if it is used from the positive side is what David envisioned when he said, "be still and know that I am God". The still small voice on the negative side is, what you call the Lucifer or the Luciferian thought forms."

"Because you have the freedom of choice you are constantly on this Earth going to go through this bombardment of good and evil. So it is a masterpiece in disguise where you are constantly playing on the chess board of negativity and positivity. It is all in your choices."

"One must look at the neutrality or the God/Goddess within to all what, we would classify, is the non-judgmental thought forms. The judgmental thought forms are coming from the opposition saying, "how good is this, how bad is this?" That is the drawing effect of the judge that you are when you allow yourself that kind of freedom of choice."

"So as you become the judge and jury of your lifetime you can see from your physical attributes, from your physical life where it is going, "nothing is happening to me, nothing, I am down, I am depressed." So you have judged yourself from the negative polarity to allow yourself that punishment."

"On must be very careful here because God is neutral, He will allow you to go and have, as you want it, the freedom of choice to exist so therefore God is neutral. It is

then your religion or strongest feeling of a belief system which reigns superior in your life at this time. "

"So one has to be careful here and say the, "judge not, lest ye be judged." This is why deep down you can never be right or wrong because you are allowing two polarities to overcome you, rather than staying neutral within the God/Goddess and not allowing any polarity to take supreme command. If you think about this and you say that if I am neutral through this life then how could you ever be contaminated by false prophecy? That is because you are not taking a stand toward - even if, and this is the whole prophecy - even if, and this is the whole Luciferian idea, is to sometime vacillate and disguise itself as a wolf in sheep's clothing by thinking you are working from the positive polarity, that is the disguise."

"How does one, throughout life, stop this from happening -- through a very disciplined way as many of the adepts have taught you in this lifetime. Practice makes perfect, as in the case of Jesus Christ, Buddha and many other adepts."

"Practice makes perfect by having harmony as the God/Goddess closes off the Walls of Jericho and allows you from the God/Goddess to become you."

"The I AM therefore becomes the most positive mantra of your life. By reinforcing this consultation between you, the procreator and the creator, allowing this oneness to take form and have communion within you gives you the tendency of opening up the river that flows directly through the polarity cleansing and purifying and allowing the wolf in sheep's clothing not to escape from the negative polarity to contaminate your physical life and to allow you to vacillate and jump from one pasture to another to another to another.

That means you are running away from the temple instead of coming to it. You have seen many of these new religious cults formed, that is called running away from the altar instead of coming to it. In other words, what I am trying to say here, is that you are the center of your universe and you by allowing those few words of wisdom which I have given to you, to make and reinforce this strong God/Goddess within you to open the door after purification for that food and that wisdom to come to you.

This is why it is of prime importance when you are channeling to the consciousness that you by-pass all of the negative polarities and allow that cleansing that has taken place in the upper room. We like to refer to the upper temple as the upper room -- upper, higher than the negative polarity. When you have these kinds of services as you are having now, you gain more insight to yourself and your own church. You gain more insight because you are a free soul traveling in the universe of thought."

"When you travel in the universe of thought, you are going to pick up other thoughts. By channelling it is important that you prepare yourself correctly in discipline. If you want to have fun just channeling from your own higher self or your own consciousness

then become a babbling brook but it is important to get this world together and tune your tinkling brass to your instrument so that the consciousness that you are bringing back from your thought forms becomes and interplay to what procreates out there in your massive jungle today. I have never seen so much confusion in all my life of thought forms being invaded or invading your Earth at this time."

"Thought forms can manifest into Pleadians (Zeta Reticullins). Thought forms can manifest into very strong vibrations, this is why sometimes they refer to them as Luciferian ships. This is why sometimes they refer to them right there as the Jerusalem Command and the rest in between are coming also to this neutrality as myself and many other entities or EBEs or whatever semantics you use to label. It seems you have to have some term of understanding by labeling with a word or semantic through your form of communication and to express your way through the universe."

"You are a light of reflection that we see and we only reflect through the neutrality of your spirit or would because that is constant and always right but we have difficulty with your polarities. We have difficulty with your positive and your negative polarity fields, freedom of choice, right or wrong, good and evil. Remember as it has been stated to you before, it is all right to have a good headache but it is not all right to have a bad headache. It is OK to have a good rudeness but is not OK to have bad rudeness."

"What the heck am I talking about? But that is you people that are endowed with that kind of indoctrination over thousands of years, millions of lifetimes. How strong is it in your negative polarity? We are ruled by our own Gods and we find our Gods in many ways. In social activities we find our Gods, we find our Gods in drugs, we find our Gods in money or sources like gold or silver. We seem to revere the substance that we could touch that has been reinforced through ages and thoughts of negativity. We seem to be governed by the ungoverned. We must learn true value of spirit before we can find true value of physicality."

"There are a lot of things here we must embrace with or we must touch. It is of prime importance that as you learn to get purity of thoughts into your temple to have service with that. Some of you starve out your service, because service simply means doing. If you sat at home for 70 years, you didn't do too much, didn't effect your neutrality so how are you judged -- you're not judged, you continuously go into form, but if you allow your negativity polarity to be the judge, to be your God, to be your destiny, then you are filling the negative conscious unconscious. The next life you get into, you are bombarded by all those strong, traumatic effects that you bring with you in the infinite state to the finite state."

"In the neutral state of being, not finding any wrong, only finding love - in the neutral state is divine essence, the fragrance of your heaven, the totality of the morning dew of purity that invades your consciousness and your unconsciousness and your thoughts into the impregnation of the new life light called eternity."


"I want to say uh huh, I got it."

A: "It is nice to hear the uh huhs. They are called growth hiccups, not the other kind of hiccups. It is nice to have uh-huhs to go up and the, "I might, I hope on this side you see" and you stay there if you hope you will always be there in the hope situation. I think, therefore I AM. I might, you will always be in that state of I might, but I AM, you will always be there. The I AM is the best Uh-huh. Alahoy."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"This evening, I am going to talk on the changing of cycle events of consciousness in combination with the consciousness of man, or woman.

"The time, or rhythmic cycle, of the Earth in its own harmonic convergence is usually at the end of each millennial time as it is recorded in normal time of Earth time that you now record. Due to this rhythmic cycle and the expanding of consciousness of man there is a combination of forces which develop through the contracting of the rhythmic cycle and the energy that's formed through the mentality that is expanded into this time.

Because of the vast changes in your society through its thinking, man has reached a stage of awareness in the state of physical mentality. However, he has contracted his energy to the spiritual understanding, or the spirit awakening within the mentality balance of this cycle.

"Because there seems to be a strong balance in the cycle, mankind has been looking for a way, or an escape, from the damage he has done because of the physical expansion of his mental consciousness and the destruction that he has caused to the spiritual mentality growth.

"Therefore, in the changing moment of the light consciousness of Earth itself, through what we call, the perpendicular of cosmic change and the effect it has on the polar shift, the vastness and, what we call, the central point of the apex on each of the polarity membranes of the inner surface of the pole, whether it is north or south, causes a breakthrough of the membrane.

When it reaches a centrifugal pull it begins, what we call, a disintegration of the mental damage in the physical thinking that man has caused. And because of this wear and tear of this membrane it causes a reconstructional shift. This reconstructional shift is responsible for the outer core change.

"When you come to the end of an event filled cycle, the outer crust of the Earth's core goes out of control. When the outer crust goes out of control the forces of nature and all of your existing intermolecular and gravitational forces create centrifugal force. This allows interference from, what we classify as, the imbalancing of your forces. These forces are mainly the centrifugal and the gravitational. We call this the storms of universal polarity.

"These storms of universal polarity come through, what we classify as, the inter- awakening of the millennial light. During the inter-awakening of the millennial light the reshifting and the adjusting of these polarities and the membrane are interjected by the strong penetration of, what we call, the new born polarities, or angelical forces.

"When this impregnation of the forces are taking this form to correct the inner balances, it causes a change to any form of life in the DNA structures. The polarity of the cell changes is exactly equivalent to the changes on the outer structure of the Earth through tremors, shifting and, what we call, the adjusting of the tectonic plates, severe inter- turbulences through wind storms and underground fissures in water. The combination of all this interchanges and expands the consciousness to the womb, or the center of the Earth's core, to complete the outer structure by allowing birth to the inner structure of the Earth's core.

"The rebirth, which started in 1987, will complete its impregnation in the year of 1997. This will allow the inner harmonic convergence to give its complete birth to the outer harmonic convergence.

"This will give it the first outer ring of polarity to impregnate the membrane of the north and south pole to adjust itself on, what you call, the axis change. Because the axis change is in, what we call, outer filtration, it will be polarized because of the energies emitting from the inner core in proper proportion. This will cause the rotation of the Earth to go into, what we call, a complete millennial rebirth.

"During this complete time mankind will be, as we call it, captured, or exposed, into the outer formation and released into the spiritual realm because in some cases there will not be a quick enough change for the DNA to allow them to be surviving on this Earth. So therefore, the first ascension then is classified into the first phase of the returning of the new birth to the consciousness and exposed to the Christ light of ascension.

"The first stage is those who have regulated in the completion of the DNA change. They will offer their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimension of the first stage.

"Therefore, the rotation of the Earth shall be slowed down allowing in the second stage of the ascension. This will allow then the second phase of the group that is not infiltrated into this new body to be released into the body they are in, to ascension again into the Christ light.

"The Earth rotations will slow down again and the first stage of the ascension will allow the DNA to change again to the sixth and seventh dimension, then allowing the DNA to change again. On the completion of the last evolution of light the DNA will change to the eighth and nineth dimension. This will put them through the purity and balance into the millennial light which will be in its totality on the Earth's surface. Man will be living in the purity of his body at this time for approximately, in Earth time, 1000 years.

"During each upliftment and ascension phase, because of the DNA change to that change of consciousness, the, as we call it, the heavenly hosts, or the discs, what you call, U.F.O's, will be responsible to uplift all of those who do not change quick enough in their DNA to another change in consciousness so that the spirit can be free to reincarnate into another life form.

"Dr See-ven has to go now. God bless you." CHAPTER 31 COMING TO TERMS WITH LABELS

"Good afternoon to you all. I am Astra.

"My consciousness at this time is projecting itself through the consciousness of this Instrument (Dr Ki).

"There are, in this group, as we project also in your consciousness, a great difference of opinion. And yet, after listening to your thoughts, it seems that each and every one of you are still searching for the answer.

"Let me tell you that the minute you stabilize yourselves as human beings you allow the balance of your physical body to be placed in a situation where there are no interruptions by your five senses. It seems that those teachers work overtime in your life. By becoming still, as in the day of David when he said, 'be still and know that I am God', you allow yourself to dine in the school of spirit.

"You are, on this Earth, very unique where you come to terms with many suggestions, but you seem sometimes to be led instead of leading. You must remember that the well inside of you has no depth, or no bottom. It is a well of continuous understanding of oneself.

"There have been many who have come, not only as E.B.E.'s, as you described them. We get quite a chuckle from that. Or E.T.'s, or whatever human label you wish to describe our type of existence which you know very little of.

"Some of you, at this time in this group, are coming into a very strong conscious awareness of what the higher self can manifest itself through. The spirit within us is exactly the same as within you. If you don't give this spirit some form of awakening

then, what shall it profit a man, or a woman, to gain the whole world, but lose his or her own soul?

"It is of great importance to you all that there has been many misinterpretations of soul. There has been many misinterpretations of spirit. You must come to terms with your labels or they will lead you into great places of disarray.

"This whole world, at this time, is polluted with thoughts of disintegration. You only give off, and the importance is, you only give off the kind of energy which you receive. So in other words, there is, in your house, or in the foundation of your physical body, a great vast spiritual smorgasbord. A lot of you are eating from a different taste, so to say, so that you allow your comfort zone to be impregnated by certain thoughts that filter through for you to allow yourself the definition of that thought.

"The spirit within you is constant. It is a constant flow of energy that permeates, or impregnates, into solid, liquid, gaseous, electrical and various other forms of prana which allows, in whatever environment you are in, whether it be Earth, Pluto, Venus. It impregnates and aligns that kind of light to become the manifestation of that form, or entity.

"The soul is of much more importance. Your soul is the total manifestation of the 'I Am'. By allowing yourself the birth of the spirit within you, this opens a door for the soul to manifest itself correctly in the material life form that you are in now.

"So when we talk about a living soul and a soul that is lost, or a soul that is coming into, as you would classify it, as a form of entity where you are giving your realization a complete revamp of the thought patterns which are emanating from you at this time. Your soul is the vehicle of the spirit. The soul carries with it the energy which allows the spirit its awakening that you, in turn, allow through your realization of who you really are.

"Most of you come into this world and you come with no knowledge of your destiny. You make destiny happen through your own awareness because you have allowed your soul to be contaminated, or rejuvenated, through some form of belief pattern, or religion.

"You see, the spirit is in, what we classify, a neutral position. It knows no wrong. It is in a position that does not become contaminated by your soul, or your physical understanding of who you really are. You must come to grips, or terms, with yourself and allow the total reality of the concept of spirit to become manifest in your body.

"Most of you are limiting yourselves by allowing physical manifestation. In this life, it is meant for you to surge and to arrive to a very strong awareness of yourself, your spirit and your soul. By indoctrinating yourself with the belief that there is a right or wrong,

you have the tendency of becoming a physical judge. At times, this allows your total emotional storms to rule your life in the spiritual essence. Good or bad is a term which you have to describe some form of experience that is relating to you at this time. There is no such thing as bad or good rudeness. There is a time in your life when you must come to terms with the judge and you must fire the physical judge and allow the spiritual judge to rule your spiritual and physical life.

"We come into this world and we have choices. It is of the Luciferian energy systems that allows us, through the choice of good and bad, to believe in negative forces. You must come to terms with that in this physical life. You are the one that becomes the Lucifer and you are the one that becomes the God/Goddess of your life.

"By allowing yourself to constantly judge yourself and your relationships to others, you have the tendency of being in the garden of weeds. This garden of weeds will stunt your physical growth. You must learn to come to terms with yourself because you are really the gardener of your own life.

"There have been many questions that have been raised, or many questions that have been going through your mind, as to why is this world in such a frame of mind. That is exactly so, frame of mind. Because of the rapid gener- ation of communications that has permeated this planet in the last twenty years, you have allowed yourself to be so open-minded that at times you forget to close the window of the real reality that is trying to make sense to you in this life at this time.

"A variety of ideas is a questioning of really one idea branching out into several. So if you look at it in its proper context, you will go back to the original idea, or the original self, or the high consciousness of yourself. You really are the doctor and the nurse of your own life. Through the mental spectrum, you allow your life to constantly become a prisoner of high emotional storms that have crossed your life through decision making, or through encountering human behavior the way it is right now.

"The great surge, or the change, and many of you will ask the question, 'What is going to happen to this world in say ten years?' I would turn that around and say, 'What is going to happen to your mental questioning, or your mental ability to think about yourself in the next ten years?'

"We cannot, unless you allowed it somewhere in previous lifetimes, to allow walk-ins to become certain teachers in your lifetime this time to open up these kind of doors and avenues so that you can understand reality through its total perspective.

"There are nine dimensional life forms. You are manifesting and if you choose you can manifest through these nine different dimensional life forms. Some of you, from the altering of your consciousness, through the great teacher, the superconscious, at this time, are altering your reality through the unconscious part of your mind.

"One must be very careful here that you do not get into too many terminologies. The altering of consciousness and the changing of your DNA, you have to come to terms with where the consciousness is altering itself to.

"One must know that on this physical planet Earth you are rapidly going through a change from the third to the fourth dimension. However, some of you go through even higher states in this unconscious experience that you have, whether it be through deja vu, whether it be through a strong body change from a higher elevation in your area of energy, or power spots, or whether you do this in your meditation through a strong disciplined way, or whether somehow through vigilance and prayer you change your way of changing the physical vibration from dimension to dimension.

"There will come a time that this alteration will be accelerated. You will find, in order to survive, lest these days be shortened, you are going to come into, what we call, harmonic convergence every day of your life; not in 1987, not in 1994, but right now.

"We must come to terms with the high energy that is being sent to this Earth now through channeling, through some of these experiences that the Instrument had, or your experiences. All of these energies that are coming to Earth at this time are, what we call, the light that is trying to ignite the mind to pierce through the physical and relate to the spiritual on a more disciplined and a stronger way of understanding your true self.

"You have mentioned and I had picked it up about space entities and their various tasks and some of the commitments that have taken place on this Earth that are, what you look at, in a form of negativity. But in those kind of societies, at their stage of growth, they do not look at it from their terms from a point of negativity. In other galaxies and in the universe there is growth and destruction every day. So you know that the growing of the spiritual awareness is not only for Earth. It is also for those who are in spirit, as we call it, reincarnation into a body form of a certain kind of prana.

"Each and every one of us has, what we call, a turning point at a certain stage in this life where we terminate our employment. In this case, I mean gently meet your demise.

"What I am trying to say here is that the spirit wants to open up and give you this prana, give you this nirvana, at this time as we left in the prayer, Heaven on Earth, into its highest existence by concurrance, rapport and agreement which simply means love. This kind of love essence, when it is brought out from the spirit, encourages the ones that are more physically inclined to come into this kind of reality and also dine in the same, as we call it, last supper as you are dining in right now.

"You must come to terms with yourself. It doesn't have to be a UFO sighting. It doesn't have to be some sort of great manifestation. The spirit is neutral. It is the gentle of your

mind. It is that part of your mind through being very humble. It is that part of your mind that writes the history of the pages of your life.

"You have to come to grips with the pen that seems to give you the direction to write your life. You have to come to terms with the number of pages that you write into your life. You must come to terms with the joy and the ecstasy that supersedes the humiliation and the torment that you have allowed your judge in the emotional part of your body to give you those kind of sentences that allows you to block out the real reality in life. It is not hard to engender a love concept. It is hard, it seems, to live through it.

"When you give birth to a love concept, you must remember that you are, as we call it, the generator of a great energy or force. You must bathe in the well of love. You must submerge in the superconsciousness of the 'I Am', your real self. You must start to become the God/Goddess that you really were sent out to become. You must look at your reality and look at the past tense mirror that projected you into how you are thinking right now and how you are looking into the mirror of your reality at this time.

"It is not easy if you allow your physical to manifest into that form of reality. It is hard when you are in, what we call, a two-form energy body which goes through the manifestation of the different godheads which you go through in a lifetime. It is not easy for one to sit there and ask in such a way that you are making your god in a form of a person that becomes a servant to your begging.

"You must come to grips with yourself in such a way that you can have exactly what you want in this life. If you look at some of your great religious figures in this life, such as Soloman, such as Isaiah, such as Joshua, each and every one of them had, what we call, a balance in this kind of life. They knew how to develop the substance in a way that they could give to others.

"The key to the universe is if you give you will receive. You are a by-product of, as we call it, a very fine reincarnation of light. Sometimes we envy you because you have this freedom of choice, either to accept, deny, neglect, or allow yourself to constantly carry on, searching for a teacher that has always been with you, only at a beckoning call to re-awaken the real reality that you are.

"It has been very tasking for this Instrument in the last few days because of his energy field. We are not going to stay, and I say we in plurality, not going to stay much longer. But I am going to say one thing that it is your energy that allows our consciousness the kind of reinforcement that you really need for your spirit, or your soul.

"God bless you."


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"The arrival of the millennial light is in, what we would classify, the coming of the consciousness change within the dimensional thought of man, or woman.

"Over the years, on your Earth, mankind has struggled through war and also through many short processes of peace to come to the understanding of an existence without violence. When man was striving for this peace, he could not do this in the third dimension because the thoughts were all captivated only in the Earth's core.

"By not allowing your consciousness to expand beyond this thought millennium dilemma, you have a tendency to lock yourself into, what we call, the dark ages of Earth. Even throughout your history, you have captivated your own thoughts on the Earth. Therefore, you are reaping such a bad harvest at this time. During the recesses, or breaks, mankind was trying to allow the dissipation of these thoughts through, what we call, the millennial light.

"It is during these recesses of time that small group like yourselves work in conclaves and believe and work the way you people are working now. Through metaphysical meditations you are slowly allowing your conscious to be, not locked into the Earth's core, but to permeate beyond and to bring in, what we call, the millennial thoughts.

"It is these millennial thoughts that are inter-meshing at this time to bring in the entire program called the Christ Consciousness, or the total understanding of the superconscious within man that is allowing the spirit total supremacy.

"As you are here on this Earth going through various stages of time, you are allowing yourself to cultivate these thoughts through these meditations. This allows recesses of looking into the various dimensions that the spirit can go through to allow itself this total supremacy of freedom of expression of all these thoughts. Upon the closing of these thoughts that have been submerged into the Earth's core, they are caught in, what you call, the astral planes.

"It is important for you all who are in metaphysics at this time to cleanse and to purify, not only the Earth and the Earth's core, but the astral plane, of these thoughts. This is where some of your great energies are permeating the Earth now to confuse mankind and to also place him in a category of great misunderstandings, even in the metaphysical outlooks that most of you have now.

"So you are going to have to concentrate on the astral plane in great congregation of many of you with your thoughts to be able to permeate some of the greatest atrocities that are going to happen on this Earth when your violence will completely be released.

"This will happen, not only from the thoughts that are captivated on Earth, but those that will come. They will come in, what we call, transformation of the tribulation. This will captivate mankind and lock him from interception of his super-consciousness. For the longest time, as the scriptures says, lest these days be shortened, mankind will not survive.

"It is up to all of you metaphysicians at this time to start to release the energies in the astral that are coming to the Earth. Also, a lot of your energies have been stored in the hollow of the Earth by those who have tried through many a millennial to capture the surface and permeate it in their own kind. So you are fighting a battle of inner insurrection and outer insurrection.

"So it is now for you to blend into the fifth and sixth and seventh and eighth and ninth dimensions of thoughts in your metaphysics so that you can draw on this energy. This energy will come and supersede, or it will interact within the Battle of Armageddon to cleanse and to purity all of these evil thoughts on Earth.

"It is for you at this particular time to blend in with these thoughts and to actually travel into these densities of light in order to purify these thoughts as they are travelling through. The cleansing allows the totality of the millennial light to rule in supremacy so that the divine spirit will interact orderly with, what we call, the Christ Consciousness, or the goodness that will allow the Earth again to become a Garden of Eden. As you know, that through transgressions, mankind sometimes is willing to sell himself short and to sell himself into bondage of those who are victor at this time.

"You have to be very careful when you are struggling in the light so that you understand that those who are also in the light are reacting in the same density that you are, or you will fall into prey of the wolf in sheep's clothing.

"So, through your meditations you should start to concentrate because that is like putting on the armour of God. You should start concentrating on light in its purest and purification by allowing yourself to be permeated and surrounded by a brighter light every day. This will increase and permeate your electrical magnetic field. It will allow the expansion of consciousness into these other dimensions.

"To grow you have to grow through each dimension. This is why it will take a little bit of time to grow through each dimension until you totally purify your consciousness into, what we call, the golden aura of light. It is very similar to putting on the cloak of righteousness. Each time that you manifest each of these consciousnesses you allow the spirit freedom from the body that it is in now.

"This will cause, as you go on, a lot of changes in your DNA. A lot of people will not want to do this because they may be frightened because of the first change. It is like the butterfly and the cocoon.

"Once you have reached the fifth dimension of consciousness then what will happen is that you will have no feelings the way you have your Earth feelings at this particular time.

"What will happen as you gradually graduate into the sixth consciousness, or dimension, you will find that you will be able to levitate with your thoughts. So thought permeation will be like a sword to fight the spirit with. You will have, as we call it, the two edged sword.

"When your thoughts are purified, this will allow you to be able to permeate through other people's thoughts and to allow the evacuation of all of these thoughts that are in the astral plane at this moment.

"So, Dr See-ven is saying, start to concentrate more into the astral because it is bombarding the Earth, or the mundane, and allowing this kind of violence where man cannot perceive the difference. Your body is locked into, what we call, neutrality. When this happens, then you will go into passivity. You will not want to try to excel from this state of imprisonment.

"So, it is of great importance that you start to concentrate on the purification of your thoughts and permeate them and start the cleansing of the astral.

"Dr See-ven has to go now. God bless you."


"Good evening to you all. I am Del.

"Sometimes you people seem to think that the messenger must have a name. In other places of consciousness we are named by a light. In other places of consciousness we are named by a sound.

"The human being has a lot to go through since the Earth has been placed as of 1987 into the Hall of Justice.

"We are gathering together with the great group called the Elite. This group is commissioned to land on this Earth in July of 1994. This group is responsible to accelerate the consciousness of man into the fifth dimension.

"A number of the light people, or light bearers, at this time are focused and refocused and identified by the light of your soul. And your soul is what we call the travelling agency of your mind.

"Each and every specimen of light, whether human being, whether sound, whether light, whether electricity, it doesn't matter what form of prana, the energy is modulated by frequency. Because of the rumbling sensation near your South and North Poles at this time, the modulation and the sound effects have caused a great alarm. So we are setting up another Hall of Justice in July of 1994.

"We have been told by Lord Maitraya to speed up and to accelerate this frequency so that the body changes of man/ woman will not feel the physical changes on Earth.

"The clock, or the countdown, at this point is ticking twelve minutes to twelve. Every two minutes represents one year. So there is not much time to allow this frequency change because of the alteration that the Earth must go through.

"This Earth will be going through its fulfillment purification. That is different. The fulfillment purification will start in the year of 1995. During this time the acceleration will cause tremendous, as we call it, strains of diseases.

"A disease simply means disease, not into what you classify as a strong deterioration. But we classify this as a great discomfort.

"Because of the heat and because of this strong frequency change has allowed, what we call, the great revamping of your polarities. When we talk of polarities, we talk about the forces that propel and repel. We also talk about the forces that appel.

"The energy change will release such a great force of intermolecular change that this will cause the whole part of the equator to be in, what we call, flash flood state.



"Welcome to Estrata Five. I am Hatonn. I am a chief grand commander. I work for the Council of 48 and when I am in my craft I am the chief councilor for the Council of 48.

"We all have different estratas. We all have different titles. When I am in a spaceship, I am a chief grand commander going into any sector that I wish to go into because the Council of 48 has a large, as we call it, supervision of a lot of the different commands in the different galaxies.

"There has been a lot of information that has been given to the planet Terra, Earth. And there has been a lot of questions asked as to who we are and what our role is. It is important that you should know who you are and what your role is. When we get ourselves into a very high, as we call it, order or council, it is by prestige, honor, and by, as we call it, loyalty, that we aspire to some of these very top positions here.

"The earth is very important. Since I now have your consciousness elevated to 4.5 I can talk to you and you will be able to understand and you will be able to, from time to time, remember my voice. And the text will come out of your subconscious now because this is the first privilege you have had to talk to somebody in the Council of 48 and a chief grand commander.

"What we do is, we interlock with your subconscious mind. And that is what is going to happen here this evening. Memory is going to be very, very important. Watch the estrana when you see a red sky. The picturesque will unlock the subconscious and reach into your superconscious mind and you will be able to recognize the conscious elevation that you are being able to receive the message from.

"To clarify a few points is a very important thing and matter. There are many consciousnesses that come in various forms or energy manifestations. Remember that. Energy manifestations are space entities. They can energy manifest. This is very similar to what you have in 'beam me up Scotty'.

"Forms have to go into manifestation before they can be, as we call it, beamed into ultra light. And this only takes, your earth time, a matter of seconds to bring in a different form from an advanced, and I say this, advanced planet, or spiritual light density planes.

"Each one of us, in our consciousness, has a certain, as we call it, momentum and a certain experience according to our evolution. Therefore, inside of us, as during my Egyptian time when I was instructing the Pharaoh Cheops, it was important that we manifest ourselves in such a manner that we allow the auric connection cycle within your higher body to respond. This is what is happening.

"Since you are now entering into the photon belt, which is the aspect of the millennial light, you are at this particular time being conditioned. And the conditioning is starting to allow your solar plexus, even as of now, to get heavier. The expansion of the solar plexus gets heavier to release the astral body to mesh with the auric convection cycle to give that body omniscience. This is now starting on Earth.

"Your bodies are now changing. And due to the conditioning of the photon belt light infinite infra-structure, your cells are starting to expand. Would you believe if you measured that at 250,000 M.P.H. Ah-ha. This means that you are all going to start having a lot of out-of-body experiences. And you will be going to school again. How do you think that we are going to condition the new bodies at school? So a lot of you are going to remember now as you start to travel, as in the case of the missing a few minutes with Odessa (Yvonne). And you were at Corona.

"There are different schools. And these schools will be embedded into your superconsciousness from the subconsciousness.

"An important infra-structure will be taking place of matter to infra-matter in order to coincide with the pressure that will be given off as the Earth goes into its first re- entrant. The first re-entrant is March 21st, 1995.

"A lot of you question the Earth time as to our time. There is no comparison. What we do is we infra-ray and measure approximately from the different energy force fields that will culminate the Earth approximately at that exact second looking into your calendar. This way we see what year or month. And as we see it, if there are going to be big changes that have to be incorporated on your Earth, we can monitor by watching. This is what is happening now.

"The angels are positioned on this Earth at this time to watch and to give us the signals. So if something is not coordinated, because Earth is in the third interdimensionality freedom of choice and free will. What a great gift. And the times can be changed.

"So subject to mankind's growth within their consciousness is what subjugates the change on this Earth. I want you to remember that. ther is some heavy duty terminology here. But listen carefully. It will start coming out of the subconscious mind as you start going to classes.

"All of you are going to be going to the first School of Inter-stellar Light to inter- exchange. And that is going to be in Casseopia. Sunday evening (October 2, 1994) is your first class in your subconscious, through the superconscious, through the outer

consciousness, through the interdimensionality

Interdimensionality to learn how to cope with the changes of the body that is changing for you now.

You will be going to the School of

"Do you think for one minute that we are not going to prepare you? We certainly are with great respect, love and also safety. That is important because you are really a child. Your bodies and your consciousness at this time are going to be treated as the child going into the embryo and going into the new birth of the fifth interdimension. It will be a glorious moment when you look up at yourself and look through yourself. It will be a glorious moment because you will be a luminescent light.

"The changes that will be taking place on your Earth have been changed vastly according to the last, as you call it, since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. The consciousness of the Earth has been changed drastically. In other words, there has been a lot of healing to Terra, Earth. And the earthquakes will be very minimal and volcanic action will be very minimal.

"It is an honor for Hatonn to be delivering this message to you because you have expanded your consciousness into my lecture room. It will be difficult to get rid of you now once you learn to come into this higher consciousness. And it will happen even faster now.

"Remember what I said. Pump the time away from Earth.


"Good evening to you all. I am Ashtar.

"A lot of you, in your way and wisdom of learning, have attracted to yourself some form of belief that you constantly gurgitate with because you allow the blindness of your reason to overshadow the true reality of what you really are. You are a spirit having a human experience. And somehow, in your last 2000 years or more, you are led to believe that you are a human having a spiritual, as we call it, belief system to exist.

"We are quite concerned at this time with Earth because the earth is coming into its fourth cycle of great awakening. Every animate or inanimate object has a form of memory. And I underline that.

"You are, at this particular time on this earth, coming to a realization of who you really are. Your tendency is that you are running away from truth rather than running into it. You must come to terms. Within yourself there is a magnificent universe of great creation and creativity. You are, as we call it, a creator, equal with us. Although we are greatly and further advanced in, what you would classify as, technology, and yet as we search throughout the universe we still find greater knowledge than that which we have in our mode of conveyance.

"A lot of you today are searching. And because you are scratching the surface you are curious, even some of you who have come here this evening. We look at your soul light. Sometimes this soul light is projected through your aura or your energy field within the cells and the energy within your body.

"It is of great importance that as you are all entering into the fourth interdimensionality that your consciousness is changing and is more acceptable to, what we call, phenomena. Your terminologies at times really fascinate us because you may have four synonyms defining one word.

"Because of your language and because of your diction, you will find that, at times, you will run into great confusion of interpretation. And this is why this world is in a state of confusion.

"A lot of you here are searching for a god or a goddess that is somewhere in the universe. And that is why you are so far away from reality because God is in your universe, in your microcosm, as well as the macrocosm. The prevalence of omnipresence means within your universe. And when you come to terms with the beliefs of your withinness you will start to balance and harmonize to the attunement and listen, as the great prophets say, to the still small voice.

"Sometimes we are too busy listening to others. Or we like to fantasize. But the reality therapy is within you. You must relieve yourself to a point where this truth will set you free. That is your truth. By constantly searching the way some of you are searching you will stay in the searching stage and you will constantly search. Or you may get into a position where today you feel comfortable with this, tomorrow with that. And then you will find that four years later you will come back to this. So you are like that lost sheep as the great shepherd said that has gone astray.

"You must learn to come back into the corral of your reasoning and understanding so that you could hear the music from the spheres, or the music of your shepherd calling you within, called the divine light, if you wish.

"A lot of you, even here, have been chosen for a mission. And some of you will open up to this realization and then you will say five or six years from now, 'I say, that Instrument wasn't as loony as we thought he was'.

"This whole universe has given impregnation to not only the stars. Look at it. We are tracking what is happening on Jupiter in July; a great concerning, alarming situation with just the tail of the comet. But there are other involvements that are equally important to allow you, or mankind, to change and go into, what we call, the fourth interdimensionality of understanding.

"The trend today, as you find, that even in a lot of your churches today they are not serving you the food that the spirit can grow within itself. You have to find the light. And this light is what we call the metaphysical candle of direction. What is happening today is of great importance as you see the hatred spread on this Earth, the uncontrollable part of the animal magnetism that is out of control. Remember what I said. Because you have believed for the longest time that you are a human being having a spiritual experience. Therefore, you are dividing yourself or allowing that distance between you and your reality to manifest itself in your life.

"You've had a lot of great people who had come to this Earth to instill great knowledge. For example, John Stewart Mills who said, "In order to know A, you must know non A. In order to know something about anything, you must know something about its opposite." Remove the ego that blocks the way. Have an open mind even if you have to listen.

"It was quite fascinating seeing this Instrument (Dr Ki) in his physical growth. Yes, we do have laughs, at times.

"The whole universe is giving this impregnation of this enormous change that is coming to this Earth from your sense of reasoning and your thoughts. As you have discovered in your life, the prophet said, "the seeds that you sow, so shall ye reap." Because every day humanity is sowing seeds, which are thoughts, which are creating their destiny.

* * * * * * * * *

"We are policing the universe. Our command (the Ashtar Command) here is the headquarters command to many of the different, if you want to call them, space entities that come into your solar system. I can't count them. So there are many interactions because your soul, which is in a group soul, has been in many lifetimes involved with some of these other consciousnesses and energies. And now the happy family is coming back together so strongly in the last part of the year 2000 so that you can recognize those other entities in their higher consciousness.

"First of all, what you have to do is you have to learn how to open up into these other consciousnesses to realize that there is life within that dimension. You see, if you had all your scientists here, they would have a white jacket for me and ready to commit me to your finer institutions. And I have watched them very carefully. A lot of your, as you call them, patients, really are not patients. Really, their mind is gravitating from a high to a low pulsation of mind understanding.

"Ashtar is going to leave you now and bless you with the highest and the mightiest energy within you. And once you realize what this energfy is, you will open up doors and avenues to greater reason. A man who listens and doesn't criticize is intelligent. Be very careful as you progress in the next few years.

"God bless you and Alahoy."


"Good evening, I am Chief Commander Kalieb. We are going to be working in this area here with our laser beams.

"The changing of the guard is very important to you all in the next five to six hours. There was a lengthy discussion of the new command that will be coming to this Earth in the next twenty-four hours. We have asked for a lot of help from two other galaxies because we have a lot of motherships at this time at Jupiter. So the Jupiterian infusion will assist you in Operation Inner Thrust.

"The inner thrust of mankind is what is classified as the soul beam, or the soul trek, which allows each and every species to take on the conception, in some cases through will, and in some cases through choice. Unfortunately, scanning all of these galaxies, we have only come across one planet called freedom of choice. And it is quite interesting to watch mankind and womankind in operation.

"Operation Inner Thrust is where we work within you to come up with this trust between each other. You've often wondered why it has taken so long, because of your fear that we would land the way your airplanes land, would cause the world, as in the time of Orson Welles, great panic.

"So we have taken on the position of inner thrust. Operation Inner Thrust started on this mountain (Mt Shasta) in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence. A lot of you called it the first part of harmonic convergence. But we actually call it the first part of the millennial light.

"You are going to go through the greatest test of your life in the next three weeks. So watch yourselves very carefully because the Jupiterian effect is causing a massive, as we call it, pulsation which is giving your gravitational pull and is causing the electro- magnetic fields of yourselves to quickly expand. Therefore, it gives you, what you call, a short fuse. So I say, put on your kid gloves because it is a short life and it is one where you come into infusion, not confusion.

"This whole Earth, at this particular time, is going through confusion. This is why we are doing the infusion to bring this harmonic convergence of your spirit, soul and the physical domain into, what we call, the completeness, or the balancing effect of each other. At times you come into great, as we call them, confusions, or misunderstandings, and you deal too much in your emotions. By allowing yourself to deal a lot in your

emotions you have a tendency than to go back to your animalistic self and only work with your five senses of physicality.

"I want you to remember that. I want you to start to get yourselves into positions where you are constantly charging your auras. It is important that you deal a lot with water because the infusion that starts in the auric field is the constant, as we call it, expansion of consciousness that we deal with. We are starting to signal you in different ways. It is of utmost importance if you want to pass the test.

"We all seem to want to have something happen which we feel is easy. That is not true. You will do it the ways the change is allowing you to do it and allowing us to work through you.

"Do you wish to ask Kalieb any questions?"

{Note: Group personal questions were posed and answered.}


"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven. This evening I will be talking about the rapture.

"There have been many different kinds of religions that have tried to describe, in not great detail, the rapture process of one's body as so indicated in your bible, called 'the twinkling of an eye'.

"Throughout your ages, many of your seers and your adepts have had very close contacts with sacred, or in your case, deja vu experiences that have elated man. And because of this strong elation, man sometimes misconstrues the interpretation of the deja vu, or the close experience with his god or his goddess.

"The biblical point of view leaves you wondering exactly what will transpire. Although in your Book of Revelations it gives you some focus of ideas of things that will happen prior to the end times.

"The rapture is the evolution of the soul to release the spirit. When man draws closer to his god or goddess through these kind of experiences and allows himself to grow in these experiences but not question them so that he gets confused, this kind of growth becomes, what we would classify as, a very paramount birth process.

"In some of your books that you are reading today, they talk about this DNA change. The process of vibrations of these experiences within the cells of mankind, or womankind, allow a sensation like a very strong magnet to force your soul and your

spirit into freedom. As this process is happening, mankind is labeling this in many ways. In some cases, metaphysical experiences are completely labeled in an entire field of many happenings. But it does not narrow down the exact experience according to the label.

"Over the years you have had many who had experienced these similar deja vus through out-of-body experiences, like in the case of Jesus Christ and many others, as in the time of Nostradamus and many others who are not even mentioned, except in your modern days, Edgar Cayce.

"The process of this evolution is where your mind, along with the vibrations of your DNA change, begins to want, or to question, more of this essence or energy. In your years, you have seen a great movement in the 1960's. In the 1940's and 1950's, this movement was already in progress. Many of you have labeled them Beatnik, and you have labeled them the Flower Children. There have been several labels to the expanding of this consciousness.

"The finality of the rebirth with the soul and the spirit is what we call the love essence of the millennial light.

"So it is of great interest and of great importance that this expanding of consciousness from the beginning of, what you call, the Flower Children, has come to more acceptance by youth movements and also the elderly generation. Also, there has been more acceptance by the female sex who have realized that this is comparable to rebirth that a lady or a woman would go through when giving birth.

"The same energy which was in place from the time of conception is in progress now. However, in this case, the millennial light is to release the soul and spirit from the physical. But in that case, it was to bring the soul and the spirit into the body and embryo.

"You will find that this movement to some extent will be drawing in the male. Then you will see a radical change, or you will find that there will be a subsiding of more groups formed by an integration where you will have more similarities in your groups that are already formed.

"This energy and this DNA, because it is so strong, will allow your expansion of consciousness to grow through nine interdimensionalities of thought. It is exactly like the womb when you go through nine months before you are allowed your first breath of life, if everything is going correctly.

"The expansion of this consciousness is very important because going into this new age, or millennial light, is the preparatorial stage for the kingdom, or the Christ Kingdom, on Earth.

"The elevation of this consciousness will draw people in higher areas to expand their consciousness in mountainous areas in some cases with people who have to be very close to water.

"This kind of correlation between, what you call, the elevation of the water and your land is the elevation that your soul must travel through in order to get integrated into its higher body and become, what we call, a blossom for the millenial light.

"God bless you."



"Good afternoon, my name is Dr Rayness.

"This afternoon, I will go into some of the vibrational changes that will take place as the time and you earth filters through, what we call, the photonic energy.

"Once you have entered the Photon Belt, which you are there now, causes a lot of different air masses to pass through your earth to significantly make a lot of changes that will change the energy which will cause some disturbances in the stomach, the head, the heart, the lungs and the kidney areas of the body. So one must concentrate on all of your areas when you are giving your healings, your massage therapies, or whatever you are using.

* * * * * * *

"The changes in the cloud masses and the intensification of winds will be quite prevalent and you will be getting different precipitation at times.

"The photonic action, due to the heat that permeates the center of the Earth, will aspire outwards, back out from the Earth core at the polar areas. So in the polar areas there will be some significant changes. The warming of the Earth in the polar areas too will start to cause some ice movements.

"The entering into the photonic energy of your Photon Belt is going to assist people who are into healing. There will be a lot of work done in that area.

"Therapy with crystals is going to be very important. There will be a lot of use for rose quartz, amber and jade. Jade, when submerged in water for three days, will activate a

very strong healing current. This will heal by simply placing the stone on certain parts of the body for just short interims when you are doing your healing. Do not place them for too long because that will sometimes cause too much energy which may cause some form of discomfort.

"You will have to remember that the traveling into places into nature, like you were in the medicine wheel areas, are of prime importance. Certain elevations and hill areas will be flowing very strongly with a lot of healing energy coming from trees. I want you to remember that. The healing energy will be flowing from trees, or from areas like cliffs and these mountains that are exposed because they will be heavily charged.

"Spend as much time as you can outdoors. When it is fair weather, go to your mountains and do an extremely high meditation. Your meditation is, what we call, your infusion into the earth's core and also infusion into the earth's atmosphere.

"Your purification of thoughts that will be given off into the atmosphere will be coinciding with the heavy movement of angels at this particular time who will transport these thoughts to higher, as we call them, galaxies where other thoughts will be joined and also onward into higher spheres where the millennial light new understanding will come to earth.

"So during that period of 1996, the stronger awareness is coming to earth because of your meditations and there will be a strong growth of understanding. This will be, what you call, the new age enlightenment period for at least five years from 1996 to 2001. We classify that as the infusion time of this great knowledge where mankind will become once again very much aware of the principles of life and survival.

"During this time there will be a strong wave of ascension where some will be taken off this earth and it will be the first ascension of the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness and also the beginning of the upliftment of certain students coming on an exchange.

"We can call that the exchange culture where certain ones of you will be taken and you will be given higher knowledge in that arc and that is the second wave in the years 2001 to 2011.

"So that infusion of the higher consciousness again brings great knowledge. At this particular time, the height of awareness will be of great, great importance because this will bring in the third phase of the ascension where you will be visited by great teachers from outer space and great materializations of grand masters will appear on the earth for you. You will be inter-exchanging your ideologies until you get to the level of, what we call, the first phase of Millennial One.

"The first phase of Millennial One, because of the infusions of this great Millennial Light, will allow mankind his freedom of spirit. By this time, the body infusion, by the year 2022, will be into, what we call, the millennial body, or Phase Two.

"Then there will be another strong blending of the millennial light which will encircuit. By this time, with all the infusions, and your great support that you give Mother Earth by doing your 12:12 and by doing your 11:11 and by doing the higher, we call it, ultra sconing meditation, which you will be doing from your superconsciousness, will allow the earth's core its complete healing for the millennial, or the Golden Age, to take its great place here on this earth.

"At this stage mankind will then have an inter-cellular infusion to the cells of the body. This will cause a different kind of energy that you will require for your food consumption. You will be more into, what we call, heavy foods of very strong purification.

"You will be able to grow these yourselves in your own hydroponics. You will be able to bring your food stocks in over short periods of time of growth. You will be able to produce. So there will be no shortages at that time through this total global conscious change.

"Also, your mode of conveyance will be done at that particular time through strictly telepathy. You will be in contact. Your distant travel; you will have at your disposal, what we call, am IFO, which sometimes you relate to as UFO. So your travel will be very quickly. You will be able to again minimize your time of travel. You will be able to travel around your world entirely within less than an hour.

"You will be bringing in the communicational data to a very short period of time where you will be entirely knowing exactly what is going on. This kind of mode will replace a lot of your television that you have here for communication. You will be having, at that time, inter-galactic television where you will be able to turn on stations where you will contact other galaxies. So there will be quite a change in, what you classify as, your communications systems.

"Do you wish to ask Dr Rayness any questions">

[Group Questions] Q: "Where are you from, what planet?"

A: "I am from the Council of 48. The Council of 48 is in the Galaxy of Andilla

immediate control of all of the galaxies including your Earth. We have control of the changes that will be taking place. We are like news reporters."

We have

Q: "Inter-galactic Communications, what year will that start?"

A: "We can see that possibly starting for you in the year 2011 and perfected in the year 2022. So that is not really too far from this period of time. There will be greater changes than the ones you are seeing now because there will be a change in your population."

{Several others questions were posed and answered.}

"I hope I have instilled some knowledge to you here. I have to go because they are calling me back now. May the blessings of your inner light cause that kind of infusion of great knowledge to help mankind."


"Good evening, my dearly beloved. It is so nice to come into your midst. I am Sananda.

"A lot of you walk in the corridors of life and each time and each moment to the most, as we call it, horrific times of life. We have to come to assist and to show significant changes to mankind to show him that he is cared for right from the very beginning of his caressing. This is why we are going to talk tonight about the babe in the manger.

"When I first came here during the time of the Roman era, that was a very signifiacnt time of great terror. Even now, you see this blackness and these forces and these waves returning here.

"We are preparing you for one of the most significant changes, which we call the ascension, ascending from this kind of interdimensionality that does not work. It destroys. It is constant destruction.

"We come here every, it seems in our era and history, if you look at it very carefully, 2000 years seems to be a precise timing. So you are close to that time now.

"I am returning and this time I am returning in a fleet of space craft. This is why this is so important to you all at this particular time to get yourself together, you get yourself within yourself, to feel the real reality of who you really are.

"For the longest time you have strayed. Even to the doctrines you have strayed. You have strayed in your reality. You have not come together with your understanding and with your reasoning. Dying inside of yourself is very important. We try to teach this.

This was very difficult throughout the ages because of your high priests and your different religions at the time. They had come to block us. You would think it would work in an opposite way because love flows in a direction of redirection. It seems that at that

particular time love was only directed to the manifestation of mankind within his own deification. Deification sometimes is what leads us totally astray.

"We come to you and we watch each earth differently. We watch each earth very carefully and we watch the progress of the deification of form and the birth of the spirit. It seems that the seedling upon its first entry through manifestation, and whatever form it takes, seems to always want to go back home in the direction of where it is planted and where it has its original origin.

So therefore, when the seedling is sent out now, it is sent out with a soul and a spirit in order for the knowledge and all of the exemplification. You are a spirit that has to exemplify consciousness to give reality to the physical form that you are in, in order to awaken the spirit to its highest form.

"When you come here, it is of great, great importance that each and every one of you have different ideas, ideologies that have been handed down through customs and traditions and through your own inner training of form. This is where mankind drifts back to, what we call, the Garden of Eden concept which we had generated to you in the Book of Genesis. Here we had mentioned to you that the Garden of Eden is a plantation of the first origin of species in form.

"A lot of you somehow, through the different terminologies and through misconstruing the definitions, through your different languages, have come up with different meanings, or definitions, of how these forms had taken on these very strong species and had degenerated back into form rather than allowing the reverse osmosis of the birth of the spirit to take the soul into total reality.

"All of you here have lost that concept of total reality. You have only just a small glimpse of reality through the awakening of the spirit. You are allowing your spirit to awaken to that form of reality.

"We come back with our legions. We come back with our angels. We come back with our highest ascended masters to try to awaken this spiritual door in you into its fullest and into its ascension. We have allowed that soul its second, we call it, migration within you, to awaken in the lowest form of you. This is why we use the manger. When this awakening of its lowest form in you gathers this momentum, as shown in the time of Moses, that they had to hide him from the great Roman era and also from the great Egyptian era.

"It is of great importance here that you allow that little child to be born in the manger. You see, a manger, which is a lowest form of your formality, gives birth to, what we call, your soul within your spirit. So the second birth allows the freedom, or the escape, of allowing this form to dissipate in hell. And I use that term and I do not use that term loosely.

"A lot of you have misinterpreted that as the ages have gone along; whether you looked at the henna, or hades. But when you look at this term of hell, the deterioration of yourselves, this sickness, and if you look at how mankind deteriorates through diseases, you see that that is the hell that you are allowing yourself to go through that you could allow yourself to bypass. You could miss that. You can allow the body, through this rebirth of this holy consciousness of the Christ Child, you can allow, what we call, renewness of body.

"This renewness of body regenerates the cells. These cells go into ascension. That is what I taught on the cross in that gloomy night when I called out to the Father and asked, and asked to take me Home. This is the anxiety that goes through your body the last most tensest moment of the real feeling of you as humanity leading into the birth process of regeneration and going into your ascension, even ascending your body.

"When the soldier ran as the rock was removed and the great millennial light had inoculated me with the consciousness of renewness, this consciousness of renewness gave me total day. Through the regeneration to these cells within the body, there was no more night. There was no more hell. There was no more frequency of tension, of state of being. Hell is a state of being.

"Every one of you that is living at this particular time has freedom of choice to choose that again, whether to go through osmosis through the regeneration of the body into the new body to complete regeneration rather than allowing the spirit and the soul to leave through some form of demise.

"You may ask the question. 'Was I still living on the cross?'. Certainly. But everybody has to bear the greatest agony of this kind of regeneration to show mankind that we care for you. But I was not only used. I shouldn't use the term used; showing the example.

But there were many who came who had to go through the same struggle to show you that greater works shall ye do that I to regenerate your own soul to save yourself off this agonizing cross to go immediately into, what we call, ascension to allow that Christ Child its lineage, its inheritance and its totality of understanding and its omniscience, its omnipotence and its omnipresence.

"How could we be in one place and another place and another place at the same time? Through that form of regeneration and that is very important that the discipline that some of you will be learning and some of you will be losing. What should it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your own soul?

"So a lot of you will be coming into certain phases of this new ascension age where you are still not going to understand. Some of you are going to, as we call it, persevere and a lot of you are going to become, as we call it, the new bringers of the dawn.

"This birth of mine was very important that you celebrate here every year. A lot of you have difficulty with that. A lot of you do not have difficulty with that. You've commercialized the spirit. You've deified the spirit and you've taken every meaning out of love.

And yet, on this great day you all seem to give. But you never really understand what you are giving and why you are giving and how you are giving. For what you are really giving is part of yourself. That part of yourself is very important. So you have to come to terms with your believing, your forgiving and your giving.

"The law of the universe is on your side when you are on the side of the law of the universe. All of these changes that you are going to be making during the next three waves of this very strong ascension is one of great decision. A lot of you are going to make and take magnificant strides.

"There are some journeys. There are some inter-journeys. But you are linking into and you will all link into those great grand masters that you sat at their kness as a holy child before you were really sent out into the universes to take on form and to give off expansion of consciousness in order to experience life.

"I leave you now and say to you all; God bless you and may your soul and my soul touch in such a harmony that your tear and my tear is exactly the same. God bless you."

CHAPTER 41 The Gradual Millennial Change

"Good morning to you all. I am Grand Commander Lae.

"You all seem to be very, if I can use the word, sprite. That's not a drink in our language.

"This morning, it is very important that a lot of you are concerned about some of your health changes because of the strong vibrations that your Earth is going through. They're shifting the axis in the next decade, or ten years of your time, by approximately four degrees, because of the new span of millennial change. This change is going to be very gradual because it will cause a lot of tension in the central nervous system which causes tension in the temples of your head area. This will vibrate your pituitary and your pineal glands into the fourth and fifth dimensional sight.

"What will happen on Earth is, because of the Earth change bodies, humanity will go through quite a change with the chromosomes and the DNA in the body. Because of the altering of the rhythmic flow within the heart, of course, a lot of people will have heart palpitations. A lot of you will be running to your doctor and taking pills which will be very unnecessary. This gradual change is affecting the heart area, which is the center of, what you call, your universe, or your chakras. This chakra is going to maintain the balance and the control to the rest of your body, as you know, from studying your chemotherapy.

"This is very important in your next year to two years, because around the electro- magnetic field of your cells, the cells as you understand in your own terminology, are producing 9 million cells in your body within one second. Now, this is going to be altered and you will be producing more cells.

What will happen is the auric field that is around each cell will be giving off more energy. So you will be feeling pulses of warm air, or warmth within your body temperature. So the body temperature may go from 98.6 to 99.6. So be prepared because there are going to be a lot of changes within the heat structure of the firmament also. So there are a lot of changes taking place on your Earth.

"You, who are here, who are studying your metaphysical sciences, of course, will be the privileged ones who will get the first honor to go through the changes knowingly. Sometimes it may be wise to go through it unknowingly because then you are not getting too conscious of this change and feeling that it is more negative than positive. It is not negative. It is a positive change into, what we call, the millennial direction.

"The Golden Age on this Earth was first slated by the Lumerian time and the Atlantean time. This is nothing new because these have happened before. So there will be a lot of changes where you will find people may be odd, or may be very strange mentally. This is all part of this change too. We have to take you through, what we call, a shaft. The way we will be doing this is we will be increasing your dreamstate and allowing you to go through your subconscious into your superconscious more often.

"The shaft is something that you go through in demise, or through your death stage. A lot of people have reported going through a tunnel and this is going to start happening. You will be going through the tunnel, but you will not be going into demise. So we will warn you ahead of time here that a lot of you in metaphysics are going to undergo some changes that are not going to put you into a comfort zone.

"So be prepared because your Earth, as of tomorrow, enters the second phase of the Photon Belt. This is, what we call, the exciting belt. It is very exciting. As a matter of fact, it is very exciting in the firmament. So constantly, on clear nights, clear days, keep looking up because a lot of things are going to start happening in the firmaments, especially at night when you see a lot of cosmic comets displayed.

Once you get into the warm part of the Photon Belt, then there is a rapid decay taking place with the comet structures that will be breaking apart and the particles, of course, will be flowing into the various galaxies and, of course, the Earth will get its share of fragmentation. It's called the fragmentation of change.

"That electro-magnetic field, as was displayed on Jupiter; you are now entering into, what we call, the after affects of those waves. Those waves are producing ley lines. A lot of you will have to get accustomed to ley lines.

"Incidently, I am picking up a telepathic message here that Petron has just been promoted to a grand commander. So I am just passing this on.

"Now, getting back to these ley lines, wherever you are going to be finding vortexes, they are going to change the alteration of the waves that are caused by this Jupiterian affect to miminize, what we call, the after affects of slippage of tectonic plates. All of this is the cause of rebirthing. Remember that a lot of people, through rebirthing, will suffer unless they get their solar plexus intuned with the ley lining.

"The ley lining is one of the most important changes in the new body structure of your chromosomes and, of course, your auric field of your cells. The ley lining are energy fields that are of very strong affect where one will balance. A lot of you will feel very comfortable in various areas where you will be.

As I see, some of you here will be called to go to certain mountainous areas. Some of you have already received those instructions. So please, within your questioning technique, after I'm finished giving you this lecture, ask the questions of where your ley lines are so that you can go and charge your solar plexus of your body to a very high energy so that you will not feel nausea.

"This morning, some of you felt this nausea and a sort of shifting within your head area. This is going to start to happen even more predominately in your spring equinox. Be ye ready.

"In your spring equinox, there will be a rapid fast slippage of the tectonic plates. Your equinox, of course, puts your sun into a position where your day and night are equal. So what happens with this kind of light that is coming to the Earth, it is a very heavy impregnation that will affect the Earth's core.

This therefore, gives the Earth's core its rebirthing and places it into its six months stage, as you would equalize this with the mother's womb. So the rebirthing of Mother Earth, of course, is coming closer, giving it, what you call, the stomach pangs and, of course, affecting the veins which are the tectonic plates.

"So be ye prepared therefore to get yourselves into some very high attunements, especially in your March new moon and your March full moon (1995). Remember this; this is very important for you metaphysicians. The new moon is intunement. The full moon is attunement. There is a big difference here. The intunement is when the energy field fills the solar plexus and allows a strong kundilini force from the Earth to move up gently and to calibrate with each one of your psychic centers, or your chakras, in what we call, a very gentle upward flow.

"The full moon activates the centers in a downward motion, where you new moon is in an upward motion. There is a big difference. The attuning is when you are attuning to the central nervous system to, what we call, the macrocosm, the central sun of the universe.

"The intunement is when you are balancing to the Earth's core attunement and you are balancing all your centers. If you are doing this properly, you will feel this when you are in your meditation. Remember that there is a phantom center that is connected to the central nervous system. It is always constantly in neutrality. That is called your third psychic center that balances in the universe. It is highly affected by intunement.

"The attunement flow is highly affecting your twelfth, eleventh and your tenth chakra. These three chakras are attached to the outer aura. The remainder of your centers are in your physical body just slightly attached to the vibration of the inner aura becoming the core that supplies the energy to your physical body. You are all accustomed to the location of seven centers. The eighth center is at the bottom of your feet which allows the kundiline force its re-entrant.

"That is very important in your intunement during new moon, because that opens up the center in a strong vibrational wave. So you will have a great inner thrust of the white light of the kundilini. That is the fire serpent. That is the Earth's core coming into your body allowing the centers slowly to vibrate and to change in its chromosomic structure and to allow a strong flow that comes upward into the central universe.

That is why you should be concentrating on orange, the seat of the soul. In your meditations now, you will do that. You will start concentrating more on orange and on the seat of the soul. What will be happening then is the seat of the soul will allow the projection of your astral body, if you wish to call it that, your spirit body, if you wish to call it that, through the shaft. You will be going in and out, into higher dream state. You will be traveling more often in the macrocosm of the universes.

"Now, we must get this straight. There is more than one universe. The expansion and contraction of your fission and your fusion is the creative force of the masculine and the feminine. Your fusion is feminine. That is the coming together of the Golden Age. This is why we call this the gender female movement. And you females, do not get egotistical. This is a female gender movement, at this time, called rebirthing.

"This movement is very important because fusion is the integration of the embryo. Fission is the breaking apart of the embryo. This is why this Earth constantly, in its last 100 years, has been bombarded by fission and has broken apart in such a rapid way. Hatred and murder is the by-product of, when fission goes out of control. This is why, now, this fusion is bringing it back and rebirthing the Earth through the access of the Photon Belt.

"Every 26,000 years, a five dimensional change takes place on this Earth. So therefore, third dimensional humanity, upon allowing its spirit to awaken in this gentle fashion, by the awareness process that you are feeling this change, will be part of this rebirthing. Some will not do that. Some will be taken. Some will be taken in the rapture. Some will be taken through, what we call, a demise.

"There are great changes to take place on this Earth in the next ten years of your Earth time. First is the rebirthing of the Mother Earth. That is through, as you have seen it, the extreme weather changes. This Earth, at one time, when it was going through its first rebirthing, had winds that were up to 1000 miles per hour.

The winds will go up to 110. In some places, to 150. In some places, 200. The cyclonic winds and the tornadoes will double. And the tectonic plates in the Atlantic will be more predominant. The Pacific Ocean is being restructured at this time. So there will be some big shifts in the Pacific Ocean because of the depletion of plankton which is the oxygen to your Earth, along with the trees, which you have depleted.

"Plankton has been depleted in the Mediterranean Sea to such a great extent and also in the Atlantic. The Pacific is very fortunate. But there will be a serious situation that develops around this. But we are reprogramming this at this time.

"The ley lining of vibrations is really, what we call, the tetrahedron of your soul vibration. Each one of you here have heard of the terms that have been used in the last three years to five years, of the introduction of tetrahedron in your Cheops Complex, the Mars Complex, the Venus Complex, or the Pluto Complex.

"In each galaxy, each tetrahedron will be used to contact that planet. So each one of you, in your outer aura, has what we call, a tetrahedron. This will be what you will align yourself through the ley lining to be able to make distant contact upon this completion of this change.

It is like your long distance telephone. You'll be able to make your long distance calls. So those people that you have imprinted with, with your out-of-body experiences, you will be able to speak to them through mind control, through mind talk. This is called the fission and the fusion of ley lining.

"Ley lines are like telephone wires for your ordinary telephones that you have here now. This is going to be, what we call, the improvement of your communications. Upon the completion and the changes on your Earth, through these ley lines, you will be able to communicate to your friends by simply thinking about them and speaking to them directly through thoughts and they will pick that up. So B.C. Tel will not make any money during that time.

"Ley lines are very important because they are going to be the veins connecting you to your higher body. Therefore, there are areas on this Earth that will have conducive energy to this kind of ley lining where you will go and become very comfortable. Plus, there are no shifting of tectonic plates there because those are being shifted now. So those will be, what you may call, dome caps, or power spots. And you as eagles will gather in the higher places in the end times. The end times are beginning. The signs are now showing, releasing and giving death to this dispensation. Therefore, this dispensation, as we term, the end of this era, or Earth, or world, is now coming to a climax.

"When we term this, we look at it as a change in super-structure, allowing a completed energy to make humanity the God/Goddess that they really are. So you will be using great potential of energy to cause creation right where you will be.

"So in this new change, on the Mother Earth Terra, you will be able to contact distant galaxies. You will be able to program yourself and you will be able to, as we call it, watch television that will be coming from the Milky Way.

"So these changes will allow you, or humanity, for the first time in 26,000 years, through your superconsciousness, which will be, as we call it, your soul, will be using the full potential of superconsciousness. Your spirit will be using the full potential of superconsciousness. And you will create. You will create.

"This is interesting. Because of the great change in your bodies, you will be able to create for yourselves just that need that is required. So you may probably ask the question, 'How will we travel?' And I will say to you that levitation and I will say dimensional and I will say to you telepathy, thought travel. There will be many ways that you will be able to travel.

So General Motors will go broke and many of your big companies that are producing vehicles will go broke because you will produce your own vehicle. You may wish to call it the astral Ford. By all means, whichever term turns you on to feel comfortable with your chassis, then that is what you will do. I call it the I.F.O. It is classified therefore as the identified flying object, instead of the U.F.O.

'Now, that is interesting. Dimensional travel will be at your hand in order to travel and not disturb, or lose or gain time. This is the trouble that the astronauts would have, if say, they went to Pluto, or say they went to another galaxy in Orion. They have not

discovered how to work through dimensional travel where they will go into their new area without losing any time, per se, as in Earth time. If you are traveling from Earth, it's going to change. If you are traveling from Pacifica, or Orion, naturally it's again reversed because, one, you are aging, the other, you are getting younger.

"So you see, in order to balance this kind of energy flow, number one, with the new body change, you do not get, what we call, a decay because you are going into and you will be into longevity. So, with that body, it's going to make a big difference where you will travel. And then, there is another very strong, very, very strong change. And that is the change of intermolecular travel. For that inter- molecular travel, you have to go into, what we call, a chamber which will affect your molecules within the chromosomes and DNA. Now that you are in this conducive body, that can happen.

"You will go into your chambers within your I.F.O. and the 'Beam Me Up Scotty' is going to be very effective. You will be able to do what some of your space brothers, like myself, are doing now, because of this body change that will take place on this Earth starting in this decade. It will complete itself in the year 2032. There will be three distinct changes in, what we call, three phases of the ascension.

"The first phase of the ascension is done right here to the body. The second phase of the ascension is done while you are in your travels to the various galaxies. And the third phase, which is the completion phase of the ascension, is when you make your decision exactly where you want to go, or be.

"A lot of you, because of this travel into, what we call, some parts and aspects of infinity, when you are reaching and looking into, what we call, the infamous and also the infinity and the reintroduction of this rebirthing of soul, it is magnificent. It is so glorious that maybe some of you will not come back to, what we call, Terra, or Earth, to spend that 1000 years in the Golden Age. You will have your wings as mentioned in your biblical book. You will have the strength of the wings of eagles.

"When you have this strength and when you reach out and you flow into these dimensions of the beauty, testing your wings, you will not really want to come back. Each one of you will go into, what we call, your intermolecular space, as the same as the ley lining here on Earth.

"That is the magnificance and the great feeling of this awe, this constant ah-ha. This is the glorious state of being, the very glorious state of being. A lot do not come back to Terra. That is the strongest phase of this ascension. That is the strongest phase that you sense of this rapturing away from Mother Earth, leaving home, going into the exploratory stage, once again, of you life.

"This is something that is very important; the way you, now at this time, give strength to your wings, the way you are nurturing with this metaphysical food and thought. You are gaining now and you are building and you are giving strength to your higher body. And

in the second stage of the ascension, you will give away to that body and that nurturing and you will start growing as that child of infinity. You will start growing as that child of infinity into outer space, reaching out.

"Know, there is no limitations because this is the most glorious moment of your life. Rapturing from the cocoon to the butterfly is the third stage of ascension, becoming that metaphysical butterfly, giving full strength to the new Jerusalem, giving full strength to that new body, that new, as we call it, the Jerusalem Command, the Celestrial Command.

It is beautiful because when you are in that interdimensional stage, then the flow and the constancy of your travel into all of those interdimensions, from one to twelve, will be acceptable. Except, you will have some difficulties with the first and the second interdimensions. That is where you will go to train the lower form of animals so that they too can come to some sort of cosmic awareness. The first and the second interdimensional stage is what we call the lost planets.

"When you are in these glorious spheres, you will stop off to get into, what we call, the metaphysical oasis. Those are tropical, metaphysical paradises. If you think, for one moment, as you look at the Bahamas, and as you look at the Mediterranean, as you look at the Hawian Islands, that is not even a drop in the bucket of the paradise that you will be going into. It is the paradise unknown which will become paradise known.

"Your changes, my brothers and sisters, your changes are slowly back to infinity, slowly going back home, the prodigal son and the prodigal daughter of your spirit returning into these paradises, regenerating, rejuvenating, becoming, becoming solar flare, becoming fused and infused in the balance and the harmony of what your soul really is.

"Here, you are captivated by a physical body that allows only limitiations through the subconscious to the superconscious. Remember what I said; from the subconscious to the superconscious. But once you release back and as you are becoming the solar flare of your soul, totally submerged in superconscious creativity, there are no limitations. You are free. You are a free spirit once again returning to the galaxy of your balance.

"This is very important for all of you right now, through the infusion of the intunement of new moon, and the attunement. When the intunement and the attunement come together in such a fashion, the infusion of the fusion, and what we call fission, gives birth to the spirit. You've heard many terminologies here on this Earth. 'You must be born again.' And it is so true that you must be born again. And there is this fire concept with this fission and fusion of the spirit giving birth to your soul setting you free, setting you into motion.

"This is very important that during those times you must watch and keep a very close vigil on your calendar. It is always prudent not to go beyond the proximity of two days

before, or after, this new moon, or full moon, on your calendar. Otherwise, you lose the affect of the solar and the lunar pranic affect. It is no good then. But two days before and two days after. Some of you find that this kind of thing is very inconvenient. But then remember, two days before, or two days after, try to keep in this strong energy flow because this is a gift.

"God's gift to you is life. And your gift to God is how you live it. And that is very important. That harmonious gifting and giving is so important that you must constantly keep a vigil on new moons and full moons. And even the quarter changes are very important to this new birthing. Remember that. Your best meditations will be during your moon phases. It is very important. And I inculcate that. That is like them coming down and giving you a transfusion. So remember to keep your meditations.

"Now as I leave the lecture phase of it, and come to you for questions, please remember that your ley lining is very important as to where you should be to get paramount amounts of energy, even during the moon phases."

[Note: Group personal questions were posed on ley lining].

CHAPTER 42 The True Universal Genesis

"Good evening to you all. This is the first time that I am contacting the consciousness of this Instrument.

"I find you Earth people very interesting. You go into stillness and yet you make noise. As your recorder made a noise, you all jumped out of your consciousness. It's very strange that you would do that. Keep still and be still and do not play anything that makes a noise. Your modern technology seems to be so far-fetched each time you are learning to work with materialality in the third degree, or state, of dimension. You will never get away from that gentle touch that we have when we do things by controlling minds. When we say controlling minds, we mean the mind of consciousness in manifestation.

"For the longest time, on this Earth, you've created a god, or a goddess, for yourselves from the third dimensional thought. Therefore, you have, as we call it, contaminated your Earth with religiousity and different religions that don't seem to work for everybody. Isn't that strange that you are knocking yourselves against the wall? I find that rather strange. If you're not a Baptist this week, through conversion, maybe a Catholic six years down the way.

"I find that when you have choices to choose your God or Goddess, you seem to go into some form of creativity. Although, on this Earth, you have these freedom of

choices, sometimes that causes a lot of confusion. However, it gives you that form of comfort where you can make mistakes constantly. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

"So therefore, in this state of mass confusion, how could you create a god or a goddess that is the origin of species that has the first control, or the first say-so, of who each species is in interdimensionality of form? I find that very interesting because the more confusing it gets, the more interesting it seems.

"So Earth people seem to want to get confused to become interesting. And we find that we have to work with a principle , or a premise, of a universe of constant learning. And in this vast universe, it's called coming together into a focal point of understanding mass consciousness as it is giving itself form and identifying itself on the various planets, or galaxies, where you are having, what you call, this oneness, or this understanding, of truth which will set you free.

"It is the same in all of the galaxies. Therefore, the principle of God, or Goddess, which is ever established in whatever galaxy and does not make sense to the next form, or the next species, is handed down through the blending of consciousness. You are getting more gods, or more goddesses. And you're getting more principles of what God/Goddess really is and you are trying to figure it out in a third dimensionality.

The God/Goddess works in the principle of every dimensionality there is through the consciousness of manifestation. This is where you are going wrong. The God/Goddess that you're trying to imagine, or you're trying to pictorialize, as you do in some sort of big book like your bible, again you are coming to a term of acceptance.

"When you come to some term of acceptance within your own mind, being scientific, as it is, it doesn't seem to fit. In other words, the shoe does not fit the foot. And why? Because the foot is constantly maturing and the size of the foot therefore, wants to take on a larger size shoe. So how can you come to terms with your God/Goddess? You must, first of all, come to terms with manifestation.

"The manifestation of energy, between fusion or fission of creating is, what we call, the form or the species within the galaxy, or within the planet within the galaxy. Do not forget that the creativity is a constant garden of light in manifestation, therefore, giving form in different states of manifestation.

So, as you manifest then on the state of Pluto, due to your consciousness, you will view your God/Goddess different. As you manifest therefore, on the Pleiades, you will view your God/Goddess different. And why shouldn't it be? Because you are in that form and you are in that state of consciousness.

Therefore, you are reviewing from only the kind of skills that your mind has in your mental body, at that time, trying to put together some form of picture in your own mind

to get comfort within yourself to understand some form of beginning and ending to this kind of chronology that you have. Is that your viewpoint of God/Goddess?

"Is your manifestation therefore, limited in perspective to the density in the form that you are in? Or, are you classifying your Earth like I hear, by many of your scientists? I hear them saying that you are, what you call, a homosapien. So your scientists therefore, are trying to come close to their reality of explaining away who you really are.

"There was one principle that I would say, through manifestation, and I say that very slowly, man-in-festing, and then in station. But, if you look at that very carefully, what that simply means is that you are manifesting reality in the terms where it makes sense to the basic principle of your mentality of understanding the homo sapien.

"So therefore, through the confusion of the ages, even on your own planet, coming from culture to culture to culture to culture, you do not write it down until the time of your historical time of events of going back to, as you call it, writing it and then putting it on file of 10,000 years. I find that very important that you have missed out on a lot of your writing and journalistic skills of what you have gone through since the time of all the different cultures coming through form and manifestation on this Earth.

"So you see then, Earth is only a breaking away of a small element of fusion and fission of that which was already in space in some form of reality yet before. So how can you actually, when you look at this in its basic perspective, say then that there is a beginning and an end, when constantly in mass and in form, through creation, recreation, manifestation, and form. Therefore, you cannot measure light, whether it is in deflection, or deflection through a principle of Earth time.

It just doesn't work because energy is constant in massive change as within proportion to its creativity giving some form of design in the universe and then coming back down into its fission and fusion and then taking on a galactic form anf then taking on a planet form and them taking on a conscious form of reality through interdimensional, called homosapien.

"Interesting, how mankind loses touch with species and with form and interdimensionality. It just seems like he wants to be superficial on this Earth. It seems like, that somebody who reads sixteen books and has his P.H.D., is the one that's knowledgeable, now playing the game that knows it all. With the vast degrees and systems you have on this Earth, it becomes even more confusing.

"Within oneself there is also a central point of a galactic thought, naming your fusion and your fission to integrate, or to break away from. It seems that mankind is in a state of integrating and breaking away from. Just look at yourselves. All across your world and your fancy lands, like the Middle East, look at the fission and fusion there. Then go back over into your Baltic and over into your older medieval states, called your Russian states. Look at it there. Integration, fusion and confusion. You better believe it.

"You see, with the principles that you have on this Earth right now where you have to be governed, it means that somewhere there has to be control and then it gets out of control and somebody else controls, like your budget. Interesting. Do you have to be controlled? Or can you come into manifestation and manifest reality in the form that you want it to be? It seems highly unlikely on this planet Earth. But let me tell you. Once the system crumbles, or breaks down, as you see it losing spokes in the wheel now, in your year 2005, we have a new system. Interesting. It is very interesting.

"Where you do not have control anymore, where you manifest your own reality and destiny from your own thinking, as you control your own manifest destiny, and it is very interesting when mankind gets into that flow. You see, that is what it is like on Venus. Venus is the most advanced spiritual planet in the entire universe. This is why you are getting a lot of your E.T.'s who are going through, because Venus is so close. And Mars, let me tell you that Mars had a very high state of consciousness until it was attacked. And we say attacked by great forces of control.

"There are those of atomic structure who function by having, what we call, power and authority. But, looking into the universe, what is the real God/Goddess concept of reality? One must not look at that from your own perspective of mentality because from your own perspective of mentality, you are looking through the eyeglasses of mundane vision. In other words, you are trying to learn from some sort of a textbook.

This one tells you this. Mind you; there are some interesting scientific books that I find, some that are very interesting and confusing. However, the mind is boggled and the mind plays games. And since you have been game playing here on Earth and on Mars, you are doomed to destroy what you have in consciousness state. That is very important.

"Consciousness state is where you allow your manifestation to become extinct, as they did in Mars. You see the vast red destruction that is encircling this beautiful planet which at one time was called the planet of majestic charm. And it is unfortunate that this kind of deterioration is trying to assume the God/Goddess, and becoming the God/Goddess and then challenging the entire universe.

Is that the God/Goddess concept of the Central Sun. And yet, the Central Sun controls and demands some form of control within the entire universe. But, the control that the Central Sun, which is the true God/Goddess, the true genesis, or universal genesis, of all the beginnings, is a neutral mind. Think about that. A neutral mind.

"When you people, in principle, become a neutral mind, that means that you can accept beyond the `acceptance of one strict control. Then you are manifesting into destiny of, what we call, the true universality of manhood, or womanhood, or formhood. It doesn't matter what interdimensionality you get yourself into because the environment within each galaxy that's controlled, dictates the kind of form, or formality, that you're going to

take on through, what we call, thinking. You see, thinking is the continuation of energy within the universe that works the fusion or fission. Ah-ha. Now we are getting close to hitting the nail on the head.

"Do you understand this principle here that there are some figments, or fragments, of your belief system which are workable. But you have to work them into, what we call, a thinking fission and fusion of neutrality. When you have this kind of vast teaching that one must control, two must control, three must control, then you get a lot of pride and then the egotistical side of thinking becomes the principle of what you are ruled by. And that is called government. Your government, look at it. Have a good look at it. It has problems when I look at it. I tried every set of eyeglasses possible, but I still can't see through the reality of how they are thinking to control such a budget that is totally out of control.

"But you become a spark within your own society. And until your pocket is empty, until all the holes are burnt out of your pocket, until you have nothing left, then you start thinking of a new system. And that is what is going to happen. You're going to think of a new system. You're going to manifest therefore. First of all, I said that what starts into the central universe, or the central sun, of neutrality, the deflections, reflections, that you have in your own sun, are sent out. That kind of energy, without solar flare, there would never be thought or thinking. Therefore, you have thinking then.

"The Central Sun is now reversing itself into, what we call, the Age of Justice allowing that kind of reflection of consciousness to slowly pervade certain parts of the galaxy, the one being the galaxy where your art is in, called the New Age of finding yourself. You are finding out who you really are. Who you really are is going to determine who you are going to be.

"Remember this, because the teaching aspects are the skills and the tools that are used in the universe in totality. You are totality. Each time you think, your thought becomes the tool that goes into the central universe and comes back in the form of manifestation.

So you are now picking up the energy of deflection and reflection of, what you call, your fission and fusion. You are finding that fission, the disintegration is a lot more rapid, therefore taking control of fusion and causing a lot of confusion. Now you are coming into this new age. So therefore, we have to add a little bit of heat to the universe. And that is happening.

"You are now drifting through, with your thought creation, into your Photon Belt. This Photon Belt is going to bring you into this age of knowledge where you're going to get into manifestation of neutrality. Therefore, in neutrality, everyone is right. How can you be right in neutrality? It is because, in neutrality, there is no control.

And in neutrality, there is no, what we call, rank structure, or somebody, like who you would have here in your government, as your prime minister (or president). In this neutrality, you are the cabinet. You are the prime minister. You are the senate. This is because you come to a state of consciousness where you see that by being neutral to everything, you are trying to become supreme, or defused. You want to and you become more supreme through that state of manifestation.

"Constantly, you will be upgrading your mentality to become, as we call it, becoming the higher self of your creativity. You have drifted in three states of consciousness; from the subconscious to the conscious to the superconscious. You are always wanting to drift in the various states of realization. That is pish-posh.

By drifting into states, you are constantly going to drift into states. You must come to, what we call, a neutral basis of superconsciousness. And that's what you manifest and that's your state. In other words, this is where the prodigal child, or the prodigal son, comes home to stay, or to roost, within its own highest conscious state of thinking.

"When you come into your highest state of thinking, then you are going to manifest for yourself, what we call, manifest destiny. Manifest destiny is the origin of the species in its original state of constancy and balance.

"In the universe, as you spring from cosmic dust to cosmis dust, to cosmic form, to cosmic form, taking on reality, there is never a beginning or an end. On your Earth, there is a time factor where you determine, what you call, a time of your manifest destiny, as in a period of an era.

For example, you have the Roman Era; as for example, in the Persian Era, coming to its close. In other words, it doesn't work anymore because the thinking has now changed. And that is what is happening now to what you call the state of homo sapien in his degradation. In other words, the fall is encompassing you all.

This is not only as you have foreseen in Luciferian, if you look at a God/Goddess of perfection. And every time you think in terms of being perfect in a state of constancy, that's where you go wrong. You have to constantly move further and be better and better and better and better. You can only do this from a neutral point of view and not from some point of a standstill thing and think, 'I have now reached my perfect form'.

"The universe is in a constant change of manifestation. You can manifest in this constant change into whatever state you wish, whether you want to go to lower, to middle lower, to middle higher, to higher, or to neutral, when you are taking in the manifestation of soul at a pure level of constant thinking.

Therefore, you give form to this cosmic dust and therefore, giving the reality principle within the universe, the seed to grow from. And how do you think you grow from the

seed? The Central Sun requires this state of fusion and fission to constantly build within the universe, to constantly find its higher self. And that's what it's all about.

"The Central Sun, being the God/Goddess of all and always being, has never needed, or required, a beginning or an end. If there was, then you wouldn't be here. I want you to get that straight in your mind. If the God/Goddess of the Central Sun had a beginning and an ending, you would not be here. And I underline that and I underline that and I underline that.

"The principle of cosmic dust taking on different forms within the universe, or the galaxy, giving consciousness expression, is the gift that you get back through the God, or the Goddess, to the Central Sun. He gives you life and form and you give him the gift of how you live that life in that form.

"The principle therefore, of you coming into, what we call, the soul light spectrum, is what you term here as spirit. Sometimes, there seems to be some confusion of soul and spirit. It seems that you have a lot of terminologies reflecting on the same thing. These are called synonyms. So, we look at this very carefully and we say, a soul in its perfect state is spirit.

So therefore, when we look at the origin, or go to the core of you, in your becoming; remember what I said, there's no beginning or end. But in the core of your becoming, from the Central Sun, you all come from the same ocean. You are tossed into a great sea of, what we call, the universe, which is back into the waves and the galaxies of where you are going to give your soul form of consciousness to take on this life, to tell your God/Goddess, now deflecting the light back to you.

I am now in light, or I am now engulfed in this light of omniscience, of knowing. I am now understanding. I am now becoming, whichever form you take, in whatever galaxy you go.

"Remember, the light that you are, is the soul that is beaming up, always to the Central Sun. But the God/Goddess is beaming you into the universe. And you are the prodigal son now, taking on form, wherever you go, in whatever garden of eden, whatever galaxy you choose.

It may be unmeasurable as far as Earth times go, if you try to put that together. But if you put together the centralization of the light within your soul, that bounces back and forth into this universe, then you are measuring the principle of the distance of light and the different forms the light takes on, to express consciousness and the form that decays to release you out again, of this cocoon.

You find that this becomes a very interesting time of your life as just an ordinary, little homosapien, here on Earth, trying to realize where you're really coming from.

"The Central Sun, always being God/Goddess, is an energy that feeds itself to create each time. So there is no ending to that kind of energy. You have only learned that in the universe there is a deterioration, or a time, to energy. That is because it cannot, in its tinkling sensation, after it is in constant motion, it cannot reach its state of purity.

"The Central Sun therefore, being in a state of purity, being the God/ Goddess, it is always constantly re-creating its own form. Therefore, not having and not requiring time of any kind because there is no form of deterioration.

"So the soul light, which you really are drifting into the universe, can take on form. Really, in its actual fact, it does have the energy of that universality of, what we call, a constant and never-ending form. And this is why, at times, revisited or visited, on this Earth, those who come of a very high positiveness, like the Christ Consciousness, coming to this Earth, try to tell you that you are living eternity now. But He was looking at your soul and looking at your spirit.

"One must look at this picture and look at it this way. Because you have, in the last 2000 years, digressed so far back, you are allowing your own text books to control you, you own kind of high schools and your own kind of universities to blind you in the principle of, what you call, self hypnosis, where you believe in just the books and nothing else counts.

The mere experiences you have, they don't make sense. Naturally, they don't make sense because they have nothing to do with the books. So therefore, the real teaching becomes, not whether the chicken came before the egg, but really the yolk which makes the difference.

"The state of confusion that you allow yourself to think from is only from the mundane level of your intelligence. You have allowed your intelligence to be a part of you within the hypnotic state that you are. You have accepted to believe exactly the way you believe it now. But who can blame you? So we must get back to basics.

"The cleansing has to happen on this Earth where the homosapien is given the opportunity to put on the correct spectacles of looking into the universe and looking into the soul and looking into the consciousness and understanding himself. That is why you are coming into the age of understanding the self.

This principle is what alleviates, or sets free, the bondages of mundaneness, that you call intelligence, that has put you in a prison for so many years that you come back here. And several of you have come back many times. How many times do you want to come back in a state of confusion? Do you love that? I find it very interesting.

"Some will come into rebirth and some will not come into rebirth because they don't want to let go. The P.H.D. is a lot of let go. That gold and that silver and that money and whatever it is that is holding them back. They don't want to let go of the principles that they have learned from culture.

They don't want to let go of the way they feel now because they are firing on six cylinders of their ego. They don't want to let go. They are comfortable. They have reached, in some state, a comfort zone within themselves, by becoming a prisoner of self and becoming a prisoner of a system.

"Remember what I said then. In the cosmic consciousness in the universe, that how requiring fission and fusion, you create from thinking of those who are already informed to give off thought. That energy is taken into the universe and is restructured into the form of reality of that thought. So therefore, from all of your principles, right from Decarte down, that you had been taught that, 'I think, therefore I am'. And you certainly lived that to that principle up to this point.

"Now then, what are we going to do with our thinking to start the change that has to be emanated into the universe to start you to change? And that is happening because it happens through pollution. And you say, how can that happen? It is because the minute you pollute and things start to die, you start to wake up in consciousness and say, 'what did I do and how can I change this?' Isn't that sad? And the next step is, you do that through your technology. You create such energies that they do not, as we call it, dissipate into the system in such a way to cause damage.

"Through your technology, in the last 2000 years, you have damaged your universe. You are a polluter. You have to, almost come to a crisis before you learn. And some, like those who have been reincarnated from the Pleiades, as in Greenpeace, are bringing some of this kind of awareness to the Earth now. They are just small groups of walk-ins who are in these kind of organizations, who are knocking at the door and awakening the consciousness of you.

And we need you. Believe it. If we do not have you all over the world, all of you, we are not going to get anyplace. And the way we do it, as we said, is through your nonsensical way of polluting. And we call it looting. We also call it trying to fill your pocket with some sort of currency that is never going to work anyway because of the way the system goes. It is going to blow up and it is blowing up now because somebody has to pay the bank. Somebody has to pay the loan. It's gone to a point now where there is no turning back.

"It is the you's that we are interested in. It's the you's that we work through in consciousness, uniting and bringing you's together into, what we call, one common bond of thinking. So we have one thinking going on by everyone now, which is what we want, in neutrality, and therefore feeding back into the Cosmic Consciousness that kind of energy for the fission and fusion to work on. Therefore, we are going to get more

integration. And unfortunately, it is happening from the firmament source, at this time, through fusion.

"When we reach that balance and you look at it, you will see the picture, the yin and the yang. None of you have really come to the awakening stage of what is really the yin and the yang. How do we balance that female and male energy, the fusion and fission within the universe in such a state where it means something in a significant form taking on its form to give off its consciousness in balance? And that is what we need. We need to have this balance. And this balance is on its way back.

"There is a lot of help. There is a lot of help from those who know how to balance. There is a lot of help from the Pleiadians who become walk-ins; from the Sirians who become walk-ins; from the Arcturians who become walk-ins. They don't necessarily have to be walk-ins.

That is the state of consciousness which you have allowed through your own thinking. You can accept that kind of consciousness, again through neutrality, by receiving the message from telepathy, or through the consciousness of the Instrument who is channeling me now. And I am from Sirius, the bright star.

"So, when we look at this then, in its proper perspective, we try to put global consciousness back into where global consciousness should be, in a neutral state or form. This is a form where everybody is in command of themselves, in the same neutral state of understanding, where there is no confusion and no control, where you move forward, as we call it, into the battle of, what we call, the organized state, called the millennial light, or called the millennium on Earth. That is important because each and every one of you are going to start to play even a more erratic role.

"Ah, you see in this vast change now, how this other energy is trying to rush in and through the confusion, how the bodies are being bombarded, zig- zaging in their state of consciousness. The heart, the blood pressure, the cells, the electro-magnetic field around your aura; all being bombarded. This is called metaphysical nature. I want you to remember this.

This storm that you are going through now is called metaphysical nature. Nature out of control. Therefore, taking the metaphysical body out of control. Therefore, taking the aura out of control. Therefore, the aura attached to the body, taking the body out of control.

And there is going to be massive out of control's because the surface of the Earth has to be changed. That is going to be interesting in your next two years. Very interesting. Do not go and stay too long to those areas that are close to oceans. Make sure you are intuned to your highest state of neutrality before you go to those areas. Check it out.

"Once you start to get into this control measure of understanding, then you go into, what we call, deterioration of misunderstanding. So therefore, by giving up this control completely and becoming neutral you become a creator that you are supposed to be, within the universe.

You are just that small soul light coming from the Central Sun, which is God, coming into form, therefore, giving off the God/Goddess, giving off, what we call, the form of light of the God/Goddess. Therefore, the principle in your bible, that you are taking on, you are born in the form of the cosmic dust that caused the soul to lodge and come out in that consciousness in that life form. And really, the light that is responsible for that is the image of God. You are created, in what we call, the image of God.

"The way you view God's image is very important. God's image is not viewed in a third interdimensional form. God's image is viewed in the soul that is giving that life form its reality. Throughout the universe, in whatever form it takes, it does the same thing. So everything that is soul is in the image of God. Not the form, but the soul.

"So, it is interesting then, through the years of studying nature and light and coming into, what we call, omniscience. That is very important. That is a key, coming into omniscience. And as you come into omniscience, you are learning from nature and you're writing things and you're slowly contemplating and you're viewing things.

But you can only view from the state of manifestation of your mentality at that time. So if you were doing this during the times of Moses, it was totally different because it was more on, what you would call, a God/Goddess form, which took on some of the first religious forms that were born today, mainly Baptist and those fundamentalist movements. We go back to the Middle Ages. It was done by justice and injustice. In those days it was strictly controlled by the barons and the kings and whatever you want to call them, in very deceitful times.

"During that time, corruption grew and went into the universe and became very explosive. The falling of the light was in its direction of impurity. That happened because the soul response and the interest in these storms and these interdimensions gave life as they came and they fell and as they went through different kingdoms and different realms of understanding. One must understand the realms within their purity as where the scope of Luciferian birth has arrived. You see, you have sort of concocted, or you needed to have a right and a wrong principle, good and evil.

"The falling of light through the realms is very significant. It is constantly happening. So there is more than one Luciferian, if you want to call it, symbology, whether you want to call it the fork, or whatever, coming out of the head. Principles like that make it even more evil and more frightening. This is a very frightening sight.

"So, the fall of omniscience was into, what we call, non-reality throughout the galaxies and throughout the realms, as they call it, the high spiritual realms. I don't quite

understand where that all comes from. It seems to have come through the Book of Genesis and I guess we can blame the prophet who wrote that book and God help him when he returns home.

"So even in high commands, or escutcheons, as you call them, and they do have them up there, there is a fall. They too are thinking in the same form that you are here, from sort of control to ready to fall. And because this Earth has been bombarded by that kind of energy, therfore you draw that kind of control down to assist the dark forces, if you wish.

"So you are the creator of your own destiny. At this particular time, as you are striving to recreate, this is called the Age of Rebirthing. It is rebirthing your spirit back to the form of that exact tetrahedron that is manifesting itself on your aura, in that form. This is why they've always picked a very high energy, whether it be in Egypt, whether it looks like a pyramid, or what. They're picking up a very high form.

But they are not actualizing the reality of this manifestation. Tetrahedron three. You are a trinity. So you are a tetrahedron vibration that's in constant motion that has reversed itself through time and all your cultural under- standings. Now, it is slowly starting to wind back into the other direction, as you are nearing the second phase of that Photon Belt.

"Incidently, you do not require three days of darkness, or two days of continuous light. The new system, when you change it, will be continuous day because the body, through your neutrality, will not require any rest. So the millennium, or the Heaven on Earth, will be approximately, when we look at it here, 74 or 75 degrees, constant with total daylight.

Why? Because you have turned on your light. What light? You have turned on, what we call, your superconscious beam. And this superconscious beam is going to reflect light back as you are reflecting light in from your sun. Therefore, you're going to be changing also, your sun. Interesting. Those years, 2005 to 2032, very interesting on your Earth. Some of you will be here.

"I would stay to try to answer some questions, but because I've got you thinking now and your minds are so, as we call it, as a jack in the box, at this state it would be counter-productive for me to stay to answer some of these questions that would come out of your minds because they would probably be too mundane for me.

So I will bid my farewell and say to you all. May your manifestation of your consciousness and your oneness, one day become the control, as we call it, of neutrality where you really do not have to have the same kind of understanding that you do now about preservation and constancy within the universe.

"God speed within you and God speed to you and God speed from you. And may that trinity and that tetrahedron meet up with the trinity first explained of the life that was sent from always."


"Good evening, I am Chief Running Owl. I am the spirit of the Cross-Sticks.

"This is indeed a privilege for you all to come. I say all because you are two in physical (Toby Patrick and the Instrument, (Dr Ki) and thousands in spirit. The devas are here to welcome you. The peace pipe is here to be smoked. The goose is representing sustenance and supply, for this year will be a year of more abundance for you. (Note: A goose was heard making its goose noises nearby).

"So when you come here, it is a great privilege to join in spirit and into harmony of being at one with the Cross-Sticks. Many legends, many sufferings, but we, as people, come here, at this particular time of the spring equinox, come to balance both the day and the night, the lunar and the prana and the solar. All energy comes here to be balanced by all of you who are representing the oneness.

"The spring equinox represents your spring and also represents your bal- ance between the darkness and the light which is equal in spirit. It is also equal in man's time here on Earth during this great occasion.

"We bring to you the burning embers of time. The burning embers represent those of the ancestry who have walked many miles in great pain and agony to break, what we call, the tremendous vibration of understanding and knowing who we really were. We are the people of the land. We are the people dedicated to the land. As we are now in spirit, we are dedicated to the land. Each one of us is assigned to a magnificent place on the part of the Earth where we played a very important role before. We played this role of great spirit awareness.

"All of our animals have represented the different totems of understanding soul. For your soul belongs to the Great White Father. But during these times of hallowed communion, during your spring equinox, you are re-entering this time. Your Earth is going through a very important time.

"One must be prepared to understand herbology, to understand the nature medicines. For it is the nature medicine that will bring you through this wilderness of time. In the burning embers that represent the spirit's true essence, the fire is the spirit which really is, whether it becomes solar flare, or fuses with fission to represent woman and man. This Earth is, what we call, a cradle of life. This cradle of life was meant to preserve and to maintain a high standard of living in health and vitality.

"Over the years man, through greed, has plundered, destroyed, murdered, and has committed his offspring to a horrendous day of reckoning. And this hallowed day, especially this day, the twenty-first day (of March), this equinox, is a re- entrant of a great cycle in life which blends with the newness of, what we call, day. This newness of day, this new sun, this new millennial light, that is coming to Earth is coming to bring this great wisdom back, to all people.

"When we look at soul, we look at all people equal because soul has no color. Soul has no race. Soul is the expression of your spirit here on Earth. And it is here where you come to maintain the greatest balance of understanding yourself. For if you do not understand yourself, then you lose the contact which you are meant to have. For understanding yourself first allows you to understand spirit, not only of man, but of animals and also spirit of nature.

"The spirit of nature is the purity, or the essence, that allows the fragrance of your soul to come to this kind of awareness of what your real physical and metaphysical life is all about. You have come to this Earth many times. You have come to these sacred places many times, to learn, to understand and to stand on your feet so that you could teach others.

You are indeed the teachers of the whispering pine of the nature spirits who are calling out now with great wisdom to bring together, not only the animal spirits, but man's spirits, to a sacred under- standing of how to maintain this peace, through blending spirit with millennial light, the presence and the great knowledge of the Great White Father that is being brought to this land at this time.

"These high sacred places, these Cross- Sticks, these interjections of spirit and man, to a higher awareness, where your soul meets the Great White Father's Soul and blends in this great ocean of understanding, is where your wave sub- sides and calms itself in the sea of God's great memory. To know and to bring back this great knowledge is of great essence.

"This spring, these great flowers, these great wild flowers, that are growing in these meadows are, what we call, the markers of the halls of peace, justice and understanding. These flowers, these herbs, are all the true essence of the medicine wheel that we had once programmed. Not only our kind of culture, but your culture is becoming very much aware . When we say your culture, we also say you too, at one time, as a red man, roamed this Earth, maybe not in this exact area, but in other areas, understanding nature. For you must come to this Earth to inter-marry, or interrelate, with nature.

"If you do not start balancing and harmonizing with nature, then nature goes out of harmony and out of balance. You have seen how this great land and waters and air have been polluted by greed. Greed is when you do not understand spirit, but you

understand the physical part of man. Man must awaken to this Great Spirit that is coming to this land.

"Starting in your equinox and in your May month (1995) the rebirth of the Great Spirit of Mother Earth, within the core, will speak through all its veins. It shall shake. It shall rock and it shall cry out through the wind and it shall cry out through the rain and it will inundate the Earth with flooding and it will cause different birds to become distinct.

Until the real awakening and the shaking of Mother Earth in her core, allowing the new birth of the new spirit beckons, that is going to blend with this great millennial light to bring in this comfort, this great understanding. It will be very tragic in your summer months, when you listen to the great thunder and the great storms that will rage out of control.

"This is the beginning and this is an ending of a great seed. This seed that has been planted on Earth, is here to remind mankind of him being the gardener, not the garden. There are many significant changes that will take place in the way you will eat your foodstuffs, in the way you will preserve you foodstuffs.

When the great waters shall cover much of the areas that you call Mexico, call Arizona, you call Sacramento, you call Northern California, you call all your big Eastern states. One must move, like the eagle shall spread her wing into the high mountains of the Colorados, the Banff mountains, the Selkirks and many of your high mountains parts which will become the teaching grounds again of your great devas. They will be teaching you how to harvest your foods and to begin to ascend.

"This great flight of the eagle sometimes is misunderstood. For this great flight of the eagle, for those who are becoming aware, this is the great flight of ascension. When you first ascend to your higher place within your physical body and also within your higher consciousness, that is the second ascension.

"The third ascension is when you interrelate in your consciousness to those great white gods, or white spirits, or spirits who come in big birds, to teach, to connect, to come part of soul, to teach a new golden light awareness that will bring you into the classroom of nature, that will balance you in, what we call, the great hall of the medicine wheel.

And you, as you grow and as you nurture your spirit during these three great times of ascension, will rapture your body in, what we call, the golden age, which sometimes is called the millennial light bringing in the knowledge, the great millennial light basking and bathing in the rapture of the great millennium, being in total superconsciousness, being in total peace, being in total understanding with one another.

"Each spirit will rapture its rebirth and allow the child that you really are to understand that each one of you representing this light are equal in all manner. There will be no

difference in sharing your love and your respect and your obedience. For it will become automatic.

At this time also, the nature spirits will rapture into this golden age and you will be able to talk to the animals on a one to one, totally understanding their form of communication and yours. This oneness with the animals was a sacred understanding once with your great Egyptians, not only with your red man.

"This understanding and this socializing with the animals, really when you look at your porpoise and at your whale, the essence of man and his intelligence is very much similar to those mammals. At certain times there were great things on your Earth called your Lemuria and called your Atlantis.

During these times of experimentation, mankind had caused again, what we call, a demise. For the entire races blows up magnificent islands. You are so intelligent that you come up with a destructive weapon, like you have today in your militaries. You have great destructive weapons. In those times, they were even more destructive.

"During the time of the fleeing and the regrouping of the Atlanteans and the Lumerians, seeing that this was a very destroyed planet, had populated your planet Mars and they had destroyed the surface in a similar fashion through their weaponry. This is why the great red planet has many scars at this time. It presents a great panorama of death and energy. Yet deep within the bosom of Mars is the new child.

The new birth will take place on Mars exactly at the time that you will be experiencing the millennial light here and your millennium. There will be also, as we call it, a golden age there because of the vast amount of population on your Earth being transported in the third phase of the great ascension.

"Now, I say this to you in great feelings of understanding your soul. I say that, as you forget your physical, you will start to remember your spiritual. Spirituality with us is understanding the elements, understanding fire, understanding air and understanding water. If you understand these three elements and you treat them with great respect, then you will create this great millennium here on this Earth. You are now going through some forms of purifying stages. Do not be afraid because the body is going to be purified.

"I leave you now and say, may the Great Spirit of Wisdom overshadow the understanding of greed and release the prisoner that you are so that you could, once again, enjoy the freedom and, as we call it, the justice and the peace and the tranquility, that this garden once provided for you.

"God bless you."

CHAPTER 44 The Immaculate Conception of the New Age

"Good evening, I am Paulson. I am from the Pleiades.

"I am here to discuss with you, because of the vast flooding of the markets of your books, describing the plights of the Earth going through the Photon Belt and bringing in three distinct times of night, or distinct times of day, causing great riots and frustration and murders on the streets. Mankind, before they look at their gorgeous appetites, before they even deem to write this kind of material, have to be very careful.

"Even though we are warning you, at this particular time, that the Earth is in its cleansing state, therefore, all of the bodies on this Earth are going to go through some form of cleansing of the DNA. Therefore, in this cleansing, you are going to have problems in your head, mostly in the brain area where you have a great number of cells. There will be a lot of problems too, in the heart area.

There will be problems in the throat area. There will be problems in the eyes. There will be problems in the ears where you will get ringing and where you will get a kind of pulsation of air energy coming through. You will have rapid heart palpitations. You will have loss of diet. You will have very much light headedness. You will have imbalance on your feet. You will have malfunctioning in your bowels. That is due to the expansion of the large and small intestines.

"Watch the water that you will be drinking. As has been discovered in general areas, an excessive amount of mercury will be in your water. You have to be very careful that you have the right kind of filtration system to keep that of a safe level, otherwise you will be going through heart attacks.

"Your left and right hemisphere, within your head area, within your mind area, will not be functioning exactly the same way, so you will feel as though you are rising off the ground, or coming down. You will get some strange sensations in your head. There will be some fevers caused. There will be some exceptional rashes. You will get skin rashes even if you never really experience them. You will get them because of the quick sensation of the blood recession.

"Changing of the DNA is like a rebirthing of a small child in the fetus. So, these kind of changes are going to be very rapid in the next six to seven months of your Earth time. However, the birth of the crust in September is going to cause a lot of problems in your coastal areas, as far as your Earth crust goes.

So be prepared for some heavy migration. Earthquakes on island areas will be prevalent. And in the oceanic areas, of course, you will have the pulsation pressure of the plates which will cause high waves.

"Man shall become very irritible, very angry, very aggravated, which will cause a lot of violence. Protect yourselves by constantly surrounding yourself with the helix of veil. That is very important because in the past you have been taught that the helix will function in two vibrations.

However, during the Atlantean time, they had taken the master filtration system away from the DNA. They had taken eleven helixes away. However, they are now being returned through the auric ray with this new DNA change.

"The Earth will be giving birth to a new form of government. The party that will be in power, at that time, will not be able to produce what they said they would produce this time. So that gives you a knowledge of who will be there.

"However, the banking systems of the great bankers and the club of Rome are going to foreclose. Therefore, you will have a crash in your stock market in the year of 1999 or soon after. This will cause a lot of chaos. So a new system will be devised by, what we call, a non-fraudulent movement of the serpent, which we classify as the 666. This will be a credit card.

"There will be significant changes which will indeed control crime. But, indeed, when you frustrate man and his freedoms and his movements, then you are causing a lot of problems here on your Earth, by controlling people with cards or numbers.

"So the mark of the beast, which will be prevalent in the year of 2001, will allow and infiltrate the antichrist to rule through figures. This is interesting because some of this has not been foreseen, or foresight has not yet been brought into logical or logistics, so that mankind can understand. However, they will be teaching, and I find this very amusing, they will be teaching different classes to the economists. This is because, whatever they have learned now is null and void.

"A lot of perspectives had been brought down. But because of the altering of the bodies of the DNA, there will be, what we call, an uplifting by the chariots of fire. And this is very important. The first part of the ascension will take place in the year of 1999. That will be the lifting off of the change of those people that will be returned to helix thirteen. So they will be fully dressed again in the auric, as we call them, wardrobes of their totality.

"Mankind will go through the worst years of injustice starting in 1997 and in 1998, 1999, 2000 and the year 2001. In 2002, the second phase of the ascension will be returned. That is a year of great change on the Earth because of the return of the saints.

Also, you will be seeing that a strong Christ Consciousness, or the second coming of Christ will be ascending in the Middle East to curtail the longest war in session. In other words, there will be a Third World War.

"Amongst all of these changes, as foretold by one of your great prophets Daniel, you are going to enter into the great