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End of Energy Crisis Series: Volume 1

Rejuvenating Perpetual Motion for A New World to Realize the Dream of Free Energy In the Light of Basic Essentials of Vedic Thermodynamics Dr. Ramesh Kumar Menaria


This document provides the list of forthcoming EEC series of books on perpetual motion comprising of 18 volumes which fill up more than 7000 pages! The greatest exploration of perpetual motion ever undertaken! The objective of this present series of the books entitled Moving Towards The End of Energy Crisis (EEC Series) is to set before young students in a bright and interesting way, and without the use of technical language, methods of construction of a Gravity perpetual motion machine and accounts of some of latest phases of invention. It aims to introduce them to a right history of perpetual motion and expose follies of laws of science that rejects perpetual motion. Due to shortage of energy and high cost of energy, we are bound to spend less energy. Our ignorance of the true nature of energy and defective methods of energy generation have caused burning problem of energy crisis. There is need to review our ancient wisdom and recover lost art of perpetual motion. The need to eliminate energy crisis, and the steady demand and increasing popularity of perpetual motion and free energy- of which hundreds of patents have been registered since first patent appeared in 17th century, and progress thereafter in methods of free energy generation- have brought the present End of the Energy Crisis series of books into being. It attempts to correct the errors in the foundations of science to validate the production of free energy from the gravity perpetual motion. The series invites readers to learn the forbidden secrets of the mysterious gravity perpetual motion invented by Orffyreus around 1712 which has taxed the minds of hundreds of research scholars. It is first time that in this series of books author has released sufficient information for any competent perpetual motion inventor to replicate a version of the Orffyreus perpetual motion wheels. The work which follows is based on wisdom of Vedas and it is an effort to bring to light forgotten and neglected elements of the perpetual motion and Science and Technology of Energy Creation as revealed in Vedas. Dr. Ramesh Menaria is celebrated author of present series of books entitledMoving Towards the End of the Energy Crisis consisting of eighteen books including the acclaimed popular book Wisdom of Vedas and Follies of Science. While new trend in free energy research is discovery and the development of the various over-unity devices, Dr Menaria has still stuck to old perpetual motion, the Over-balancing; there are sound reasons for it. He has accumulated vast experiences in gravity perpetual motion. At very young age of 18, he embarked on research into gravity. Over a period which stretches over more than three decades, he grappled hard with more than 150 designs. He began in chemistry, grappled with alchemy, and, then went into perpetual motion - where he revolutionized the field - and he brought his work on perpetual motion to bear on a complete study of what he calls Science And Engineering Of Perpetual Motion. He sees and studies the synergistic effect of natural forces, which lets us design better and faster perpetual motion

machines, as comparable to any of energy prime mover. He is founder member of ZERO. In EEC series, author represents an overview of modern scientific theories of energy, matter and universe and their incompleteness to explain essence of energy, life and other strange phenomena. Subsequently, he presents an alternative paradigm of energy, science and perpetual motion from Vedic perspective. He defies bugaboo of energy crisis and considers it as due to ignorance of man. He demonstrates that primary sources of energy are not limited when reinforced by art of perpetual motion. Drawing heavily on his personal experience as a practicing perpetual motion inventor, he suggests ways by which designing a perpetual motion machine can be a playful activity. His interpretation of perpetual motion leads to a higher level of understanding of natural realm. His works describe how perpetual motion embodies a universal and infallible system of power generation in which force employed never gets exhausted. By this, he infers that natural forces are constitutionally endowed with capacity to perform work ad infinitum as demonstrated by gravity motor which is capable of meeting energy demands of home and industry on a universal scale. The EEC series of books comprising of eighteen volumes provides the greatest exploration of perpetual motion ever undertaken. Each of the eighteen volumes is a complete book in itself and deals the subject matter in accordance with respective title. However, to fathom the profundity of the energy and perpetual motion, author suggests readers to go through entire EEC series. First volume presents the overview of EEC series. Volume 2 deals with primary energy resources and shows their limitations in comparison to readily available, free of cost gravity, easily harnessed by gravity motor. Volume 3 explores Vedic thermodynamics which is in flagrant contradiction with laws of thermodynamics as Vedic philosophy; astronomy and cosmology are based on perpetual motion. Five volumes, no. 4 to 8 are devoted to explore perpetual motion, suppression of inventors, limitations of science, fallacies and flaws in laws and structure of science; frauds in science. He inspires us to return to ancient wisdom. Three volumes 9, 10 and 11 deal with history of perpetual motion in ancient and medieval times, Renaissance including works of Cornelius Drebbel, Edward Somerset and other inventors. Volume 11 is exclusively devoted to Orffyreus and his perpetual motion wheels, and Volume 12 and 13 show that development of law of conservation of energy is a long stride on a wrong path with which science went wrong. Volume 14 explores recent advances in free energy. Volume 16 Energy From Nothing and Mystery of Zero Energy deals with popular subject of science and religion and shows how perpetual motion by creating energy out of nothing serves as a link between both, science, technology and religion. Author also represents his own story of perpetual motion in volume 17. Volume 18 The Loud Cry of A Perpetual Motionist. Is He a Crackpot or genius? An Enquiry into the Methods, Philosophy And Life Of A Perpetual Motion Inventor deals with general philosophy of perpetual motionists. Above all, author discusses the nature of gravity, how to identify proper natural force to design a perpetual motion machine. It is hoped that knowledge of methods contained in volume 15 will enable readers to design a gravity motor for themselves to create unlimited power out of nothing to perform all kind of works. In writing of

entire EEC series, author combines the wisdom of great philosophies of the east and west and experience of earlier inventors and applies them to rejuvenate perpetual motion once again. Through his works, perpetual motion is once again attracting the minds of intellectuals and general public. The author is a perpetual motion enthusiast, a laboratory experimenter, and his personal interest and experience in perpetual motion evidently outweigh that of many big names in the theoretical physics, this makes the EEC series all the more interesting because it illuminates from a new angle the mental attitude of many men and their rare works whose names have not stood high in the history of science. To learn more about the author, Orffyreus and his perpetual motion, please visit:

18 Volumes of the EEC Series of Books on Perpetual Motion

Hopefully, you will agree with my views that you will find in the pages of my EEC series of books but I am also equally aware that you may not agree with me on certain points discussed in these volumes. Before arriving at any definite conclusions to anything published in these books, I shall advise you to do your own research & contribute your own unique creative insights. My views and thoughts contained in these books are mostly anti scientific establishment, nondogmatic. They contain explorations of ideas largely found in Eastern ancient Wisdom like Vedas etc, as well as my own creative ideas with freedom of thought. According to doctrine of Syadvada in Jainism, no truth is final, therefore, never bound yourself to saying this is the only truth. Truth is always plural and that which is plural is not the absolute truth! -Dr. Ramesh Menaria

Volume 1 Moving Towards The End of Energy Crisis, Rejuvenating Perpetual Motion For A New World and Realizing the Dream of Free Energy. The Greatest Exploration of Perpetual Motion Ever Undertaken In the Light of Basic Essentials of Vedic Thermodynamics Length 375 pages Volume 2: Why to Live with Less Energy? We Want Free Energy. Primary Sources of Energy and Their Limitations

Gravity Motor: Golden Road to Unlimited Power Length 375 pages Volume 3: Wisdom of Vedas and Follies and Myths of Science A Treatise on Vedic Thermodynamics. Exploring Philosophical, Astronomical and Cosmological Foundations of Perpetual Motion in Vedas Length 700 pages Volume 4: The Journey of Man: From Understanding of Motion to Perpetual Motion, Basic Fundamentals of Perpetual Motion Length 550 pages Volume 5: The Suppression of Inventor and Crucifixion of Perpetual Motion Lenght 250 pages Volume 6: The Mystery of Dynamic Universe: As A Perpetual Process, Exploring Intelligent Design Argument Length 250 pages Volume 7: Truth of Perpetual Motion and Limitations of Science, Exploring Ancient Wisdom Length 350 pages Volume 8: No Flaws in Laws of Allah! But Flaws, Fallacies and Follies in Name of Science, Where Science Went Wrong? Exploring Bad Science Length 300 pages Volume 9: The Story of Mans Hunt For Free Motive Power and Energy, Perpetual Motion Retold, From Discovery to Innovation. Part I History of Perpetual Motion in Ancient and Medieval Times Length 550 pages Volume 10: The Story of Mans Hunt For Free Motive Power and Energy,

Perpetual Motion Retold, From Discovery to Innovation. Part II History of Perpetual Motion Since Renaissance Length 600 pages Volume 11: Councilor Orffyreus. Forgotten Inventor of Perpetual Motion, The Man Who Could Have Revolutionized the World. Length 350 pages Volume 12: The Law of Conservation Of Energy: A Long Stride on a Wrong Path Part I Development of Mechanics Length 450 pages Volume 13: The Law of Conservation Of Energy: A Long Stride on a Wrong Path, Part II Development of Thermodynamics and Modern Physics Length 350 pages Volume 14: Free Energy Revolution, A Brief History of Free Energy, Making the Dream of Free Energy A Reality Length 275 pages Volume 15: A Treatise on Design of Gravity Perpetual Motion, Free Energy from Gravity: The Golden Road to Unlimited Power, From Discovery to Innovation Length 350 pages Volume 16: Energy From Nothing, Perpetual Motion Bridges Science, Technology and Religion Length 250 pages Volume 17: How Did It Happen? The Brief Story of My Journey of Perpetual Motion Lenght 200 pages Volume 18: The Loud Cry of A Perpetual Motionist. Is He a Crackpot or

genius? An Enquiry Into The Methods, Philosophy And Life Of A Perpetual Motion Inventor Length 450 pages

Dr. Ramesh Menaria's entire EEC series of books with 18 titles fills up more than 7000 pages. At present contents and page numbers of EEC series of books are subject to minor changes as all the 18 manuscripts are being edited and reedited until they finally get published by Deva publishers. Click above the respective title to find more information about the books.