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moving. lbod - approx7 daystbod. Tlte ship catnot makehet or\,'11 waterwiilst :n port.

Q9. What is the cunentconditionsofthe passengen? A9. No majorhealth issLres to 50%of thePII haveviral oonjrmclivilis, - llp some recoveringliolll gasloenled:is, headcolds,dehydralioa, diahorrea.

Froml Sent: Subject:

OViking croupComman Fridav. 23 | 2AA9 1 Operations



!##",r,f.'. rlv ocEAtilc VIKTNG

TI4PORTANT: * T his rransmission


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is i n re n d e d

* Uns olic it e d c o mfte rc i a l u n fe s s p ri o . e m a i ts MU S T N OT be forw arded c o n s e nt has been qj ven. to the

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ori gi naror of t his

From: Sent:
to: Cc: Subiect:

Friday, October 23 200914:0.j

Update regafding - l\4edical OCEANTC VIKtNG



belov/ aomlrhom

Aust'alian Adarctic Division l arul

infectious disease advice obtainec.l, bi po'ssitfv n"rn n"iiel

publichealth /

Thenunberof gastroenteritis onboard remains four. cases OV at Advice fromJon OV is thattheleare lew cases gastloentedti*portr ir,o*. o, ,o, no of io i i-tirui"tir. p"opt"ur" rou. lecovefl!9.
Onboald OV, infectiol1colltrol measlresinciuding regular cleaning is being undertahen. Giventhatno ne\a' cases havearisen past15hoursandthe four people recovedng, in are I recommend that we continuefo monitor the gash.oenteritis situatioi unai"uoi". U.f+t if any new casesofgastroenta tis presel1t, beyondthe currentlbur. Conct-rr?

*---Original Message-*To

Cc: Subjecti Greeiings All Ijurdlea our teleconference: to Juslhaclteleconl'erence OVf with Iledical statusup.jat:

te-semi-urgent 23l10 13

1. Gashoertedtisillness - l\O n. w r i.cs since| 80rrfi6rr, 1 1 cases rvithVorniting(settled) with diarrhoea adtlt males - 4 crLdent -3 1 ali s ) , mJl o ,n d lti c a l n e .t n l ym ainlJil,ing n r ehJ( Lr ltion re o o\ All hJvebcenllaced in Jsolltion/seporlte ftom otl]efpax tbr 4ghours. area Isolatiolnot optimal nol 23/10/2009

olutc as lhey tend to wanderdudng the nigirt. Shipsdr feelsthis is separate Viral Urti andcorjunotiviis to although some ofthe four cases have di<l conjunclivitis too. Hygieneandinfection control procedues piace. in Await DOIIA public health/infectious disease advicercgardinggastrcillness. 2. Ilpper respiratoryhact infection(Coryza-sore thloat) - 2 crew affectedsymptomatic treatmentonly 3. Womenandchildren No new concerns-all well 9mthold babysome redness ofeyes-this infantis thought be theindexcase to ofthe Upper respiratoty illness

Stockswere replelised lvith Odon airdrop 5. Medical slatusovenll


From: Sent: To:


er 20099:56AM

Scawolfe 0,) updxle-scmi-urgenl2J Subjcct: ll': Roth/Op 05 I



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Saturday, October 24 200913:38

Subject: Fwd:Roth/Op Seawotf O5-Og 24l.10_Update

Please find latest update Appearsgaslro ilhess hasabated thus no cunenr cases Shouldthus not impedeany disembarkatton

Beginforwarded message: From: Doctor

0-Update Good flrther casesofgastro for 4g hrs No and so the 3 pAX in quarantine have beenliberated-all asymptomatic inot that they were compliant ,fr" "ry""y1r,itl The 9 month old is afebfile andhappy on her Amoxil
hqlra iLihd" ",,^L ^ _ L--j ^,, , today. I am investigating if we

, , which P:":-,Ilg.:'":o Io datesugan th"pti.-;gi,i"".p.i_#il:;*ff'"t; 1 larley Lhe]are sulleringill-ellects as

Thehunger strikecontinues wif ti 2,t brs at lunchtime .

a1ldrinling riater.

With 72 hrs

ry49s1 lilS ilXXi,Llltli-'^11f


) /t/1O/)n/)q

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Medical Officer -r OceanicViking Austrcliai CustomsSeryice

li;;ffiT8":ll,';ifr#lj:j,lli::': ov c".".""" ii;l::'dj"";;;';;;#;i :l::yJ:I?1" immediarelvil;l';:TJi:i:l ;ijfiffi"""",, :j *t:;TSHi"u""'' ",r,r(-ma,rb)terephoning b) or B;ffi8ifl"

Visit oLn web site

ofAusralia ,#['f#iT#,,i1:,:,Division - commonwea] r nrsransmission js

irr.raea ro, rte ajJ.J#l only. If r ouarenorrhe

u,, or,, .,]tin"i,Xo''


, \|

From: Senti To: Subiecti

OPs, s or ' v 'ol Lhe delay.

OViking Group Commande Tuesday, October 27 2009 BordefProtection Operatio

S|JREP 22u-,2709

-' v e

e mc_


i ssues.

T he I nd D i r a n d s ta ff mo v e d o ut to the poop deck and tri ed to tal k to l he PI I 'S. The PII'S at fi rs ! re fu s e d to ta l k to the Ind D i r and they refused !o commence r he pr oc es E in g / p a rti c u l a rl y i f i t w as to be on an i ndi vi dual basi s, then th e I nd Dir of f in gr oups, but No. In th e e n d the P II' S sl arted quest ions to sw amp the hd D i r rit h har d luc k s to ri e s ..c h e n i t b ecame ernoti onal . . . duri ng w hi ch l he pl l ' s sta t ed ir hy t bey wouldr ' l g F E o ff i n -n d o n F s :a a-d E he counrry qui ce -nLhusi asclca_. I | -r_-l ci sed Lo der off in l ndonesi a and nacur ally r hey

T hE P I I gleny)


now quite


\,/ith faced

down the


F ood/ W at e r

,ri s e

w e a re



pol nE



bei ng

abl e

co return

to aus

( cI ) ,





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Tuesday, October 27 200915:01

Cc: Su b.ject:

(1500 1100 local AEDST) 27 Octobef 200 -

tmponance: High

Co leagues Updateas ai 1100 ocal,

. Baeakdown agencyof Indonesian by offrcials attending vese(s) is as follows:





Coordinating l\4inistry Poliiicai, for Legaland Security Affairs lmmigrasi -3 TNI 3


* * "

Quaranline Doctor Nurse

2 1 1

Kind Regards -l\,4 nisfef Cou"Sel o' (Cusio-ns & Border orotecron) Regional Directof -

Australlan E
PH: [,408:
ple/DFATL 27110/2000 AM--on 10:03

271141200910:41 AM


Page of8 2

Colleagues, Update at 1000 as local,

. Delegation travel'ing vessellsl to consists 201 of n officials tDEPLU. Coordrna[ng Ministry for Political, Legat and securjtyAftairs, lmmigrasi, TNt_AL) 2 AEBpSi;d;;;;]; #;"";. and and KindRegards

RegionaJ Difector
P Hi

ounsellor (Customs Bofderprotection) &

n 27110/2000 At\,i---09:02

27/ 10/2AA9 02 AM A9

Colleagues, update at 0900local, as



AustrA!&Embassy Jakada
M OB: protectjoil) lor (Customs Border & Regional Director

261102 0 0 6 :0 1 P M 9

updale1700 tocat- october2 26

.7 /1n11009

q y,ll-Ftouer or.:o zoog



security ctasstricatiot, _f
Spoke withBob. Teleconfwithpassenge'"'unt*u|l"i@ng|ishspeaKerslsnoi

tl"^::Ig:j:piclure roremainins passenseri. emph;iis;ih*-nJ"o 6i."dii r" ;nr.rpr"t r. nl,:ns" qtg infant wjthecxema. Doctor noconcerrs has foi
med/long term The arri\

is becoming criticat again.Hopefulty asotution bothwjtibe at handwithp&O to

DirgstorOperations protection Planning Border Command


/ '*7

Senli -fo:

Subjsct: Classif .5ecurity ication :

O V S -1 r'

9 L .l o ,


- dl so


show ed an i te m o . ) r e: ':' e i ' d o b) horeoor -n d . ao:i bo-r - -epol E ed as te' p' ofl i cers ..." . bacl .

bei. g

cane aboard ov
i nl ernal s el c.

P l anni

,-- , - 6r i. lnr r 1a 22t 54


l4essage----31 october
r o. o pe.-'

Senr-: saturday,

'o .;

a .' ops,


g o rd e !

P o .e


i - r.

0zo:T0 9

3 009162O CT09:

AEP Tean






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:..i r ::





* T his tra n s mi s s i o n cont air i s i n i e n ded for the use of the addressee onl y and nighl r ecipie. t . p ri w i L e qed If you are N OT the i ntended i nfornati on. o r l e q a ]Iy s ens it iv e is slr lct ly of thi s conununi cal i on y ou are n o ti fi e .i th a E a n y use or di sseai nal i on pl ' ease noti fy lhe aut hor i n error, t.ansmi ssi on pr ohibite d . rf y o u re c e i v e thi s wiih . toget her transni ssi o. copi es of thi s a n cl del ete al l im ediate l y b y te l e p h o n e * T he A u s tra l i .a n C u s to ms S e rvi ce D oE S N OT A U TH OR IS E the reci pi ent perni i ssi on of the ori gtnal or. c o n te n ts t,i thout enail o r i ts t his * Uns o L i c i l re d c o me .c i a l u n l e s s p ri o r t r ans ni s s i o n e nai l s MU S T N OT be forw arded c onsent has been gi ven. ro the to f ur t her discl(

ori gi naLor

of t his

From: Sentl

OViking GroLrp Commande l\4onday, October 1tl6 26 2009


T he r I I t s lo _t helr Rat he{

a re a g i ti a te d a n d a ski ng re q u e s ts fo r i n fo rn a ti on. k n o w w h a ts i ri ' s i o 1 6 for

questi ons

sti l 1

haven, t

recei ved


them now , rat


,Q t e

ov 09/10-05

II,IPORTANT: * I his t ra n s m i s s i o n :L s i n te n .l e d for the use of l he addressee onl y and miqht cont ain s ens it av e o r l e q a l l .y p ri v i l e g e d i nfofl l l ati on. If you are N OT the i ntended r eci. pier LL, y or l ar e n o ti fi e d th a l a n y u s e o. di ssemi nari on of thi s conmuni cati on i s sr r ict t _y pr ohibit ed. If y o u re c e i v e th i s !ransnrssron rn el l or. pl ease noti fy t,h e aut hor if t m ediaieL y b y te fe p h o n e a n d del .er:e al L copj es t' tt a.l * T he A ustra l -i a n c u s to n s Se .v i ce D OE S N oT IU TH OR TS E rhe reci pi ent lhis em a i L o r i ts c o n te n ts F i l hout perni ssi on ol the ori qi na' tor. * Uns olic i te d t r ans nr s s io n c o me rc i a .l e ma i ls u n l e s s p ri o r.o n s e n t MU S T N oT be forrarcj ed has been gi ven. to the


fur t her

disct ose

ori gi nator


r his


REQUEST FOR INFORMATION BY DFAT .On 23 Oct .coneeming vessel the designated rcqusted answers a numberof questions to BPCresponses provided are below.

for fuel Q7. Wlat wasOV'ssuitability sbiling,p(ovisions, etc? . \ater - some maLing 'e:rictlons

From: Sent: Toi Subiect: OvikingGro!p Commande Thursday, October 22 2009 Border Proteclion Operation Charts Tanjungpinang for 2l -

Fbod (Note rhis

Chr is t ans Is ta n d )



w i thout


rati ons

ow i ng ra


change over


:r.:i":r::"i"mi,.. i;!:i:n:ff"i'i.,F,,::lii*ri.fil;;:*i i::i;# "0

J"?:I":;i:::"fi::il"i::";5:H:t'r 2box; cucunbers 1bo:; oranqes_r< x 2bo:;

;:i::,":iii::.ii: *,,1?,1,,
cheersF r on:

x1b.x;'oneyd c..r.u ;.'i;::j.m:::jiltitr:i"i i:*!i+1"":.i:::'"::;::ff"":,,uce :itii i::i:::",;g.;.1;,;i?;l' , y:i.ii:,:,ii'i:::iii ,.""":l

j' + .;-l':-'-- 'j-'

O v l k i n q Gro u p C o n rn a n d e r T l ru t 2 2 A c t 2 0 A9 1 4 t2 4



IMPORTANT: * This Lransmission is inrende.l for rhe use of sensltive or leqally infornarion. ,t vou are notiried rhat anv Lrse or disserninarion rr you receive rhis rransnission in f::!l?'f"9 rhe addressee onry and nighr conrain r,."-.."'r,rOi"tr.e intended reclpienr, -.;^.",I".t tr i" "ierror, pt;;;;-;".,.y r." r. "i.i.iiv-"' rne aurhor


," rerephoneand delere au copies


lr.i! i.."".rl.ion
reci pi enL

roserher with any

furt her : disct ose

*, T he A ustra fi a n C u s ro n F S e rv i c e D oE S N oT A U TIi oR IS E the ihis em ai l o . i i s c o a re ;ts w i rhour permrssaon of the


1. Are rhere any speciat needs tnar you can i denti fi y i n a general sense rhal we can provide to you or reconmend rhe recepti on conmi t t eF nas access too? special needs required 2
> 3. F o o d d o y o u have sufficienr on Requ e s t fo rw a rd e c l tnrough Canberra BPC

ffi!?on^o-ou MV
O C E AN IC VIK ]N G IMPORTANT: * r his rra n s n i s s ro n s ens r r a v e o r l e g a tt) i s i n rended p ri v a Leqect of-the addressee onty and m isht

prohibi:e.i. rr you receiwe this r:ransnLission j.n error, i;""::i;:1" t,; rFrepr,onF and derete ar1 copies tr,i" i,""".,""ion "r=."" "3ii?l toserher wirh l1:iil:;lI "t
N OT A U TH rhis enait or irs conrenrs withoLlr permissio" OR IS E the reci pi enr .r i;"-".r"i""i"il * T he A u s tra ]i a n C u s ro m s Servi ce. D OE S ro iur t her discl


:::-:l :-:" "

ln.ended recipien

cont aj


u n te s s

connercial enairs MUsr Nor be forwarde.l to the oxisanator of this p ri o r.o nsenr has ql ven.

From: Sent: To: Subjecti Oviking Group Commander Thursday, October 22 2009 Respons

- sor.y -Iwas

s ti L f

w o r ki ng

on thi s

More as fol l ow s;

Fron: Oviking croup Conmander Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 18:08 +1100 Msg: A07817_192815 subj ect: Response


r o : l l =t


1. I n g e n e ra l te n n s , i s th e qroup settted and conpl i anr? Y E S q u i te s e ttl e d a n d c o mpl i ant, no probl ens > 2. If th e re a re a q g re s s i v e peopl e, w ho are rhey and w hat tevet of > s u p p o rt c l o th e y a p p e a r to cornmand w i thi n the group o. sl rb groups? No ag g re s s i v e people

Ol u / . ?

> 3. Are the aqqressive types physicarly inposrng? > types appear to be darqerousty unsiabLe of sinpty No agqressive people

Do the agqressrve disqrunri;d?

> 4. A re th e re a n y a p p a re n t facti ons or subqroups? If yes, > wh a l d i s ti n g u i s h e s o n e qroup from another? No s u b g ro u p s , all a re T ani ts > 5. l l a s a q .o u p l e a d e r o r l eade.s been i denti fi ed? No r e a l g ro u p L e a d e r, p l e nty of E ngfi sh speake.s > 6. Are l h e re a n y o th e r i ssues rel ati nq to group dynami .s > t o .a i s e ? c i v e p a rti c u l a r reference to anyrhi 4g that ny > unr e s t u p o n d i s e n b a rk a ti o n ?. NI L a t l h i s s ta g e > Medical s i tu a ti o n rhe qroup? nunrl re. of vi .uses ctrcunsrances. is the narure

> f . i th a l i s th e q e n e .a l stai e of heal th of Reas o n a b l e . H o w e v e !, p u b ti c heatth E i th the we a. e a d .tre s s i n g th e b e s t w e can qi ven the 2. If aDy people
,o sb b1 r "- -


a nat of

concer n

a re



i nj ured

6o 'h

w ha!

and e:tenr


Up r o 5 0 s o f PIl ' s h a v e v iral conj uncti vi ri s 2 Chi l d .e n w i th v i ra l h e a d col ds 1 o -1.7c o " 1 ro ro o d -n,o , o. - o " 2 new c a s e s o f v i ra l q a s troenteri hi s
2 v ir a l head colds anongst rhe p & O crew

> 3. Are th e re a n y s p e c i a l provi si ons thai need to be naoe upon a{ ri val > lo re c e i v e (If yes N ames and detai l s people. ill pl ease ) ? > 4. D o PII h a v e a d e q u a te cl .othi nq eg hats shoes etc or shoutd N GOS be > pr e p a re d to a s s i s l :L n i :h i s regard.? No P II' s o n i ,o a rd h a v e fo o twear. They have at teas,; one change of ctothes > 5. H y g i e n e - h a v e th e prl been abte to Y es / th e y h a v e h a d a c c e s s i o shor.r' ers once dai l y (nen) . The w omen and chit or e, L loc ai, e d i n a s e p e ra te c a b r n a.ea an.t have consl ant access :o shorer f acilit ies

d! e



OViking Group Commandef

r 20091 Doctor; Borqer Pfotection Op;Ail6iE


The Doctor has no pediacric ofm - of 39.9 C a n d h a s a



09l10 0s

IMPORTANT: * This transmission is intended for

in n


use of
i ^n




and might


y ou ar e n o ti fi e d th a t a n y u se or di ssemi nati on of thi s communi cati on is sr r r ct ly pr ohibiE e d . l l )o u re c e :w e . l hi s transni ssi on i n e, ror , prease noc" y Ehe a, Eholnm ed' a E e l y b r L e -e p h o n e a -cl del eE e at1 cop-es of Lni s E -aasr_ssrol -' o96 Eha. w'Eh * The Australian Custons service DOES NOT AUTHoRISE the rJciDient lhis en a i f o r i ts c o n -e n l s urE houE permi ss-on or .ne or i 9 ral o' . * uns ol i c i te d c r ans m -s s i o n c o n me rc i a l J n L -6 6 p -i o e m ai l s MU S T N OT be forw arded c o-sen! has been 9-l -n. to the




ori qi nator


t his

iJ ,,o.n,
Sent: to: Subjecti

fl J:9, Operations x" Protection %"9",:;IHnoerts Border

OPs, '1916002OCT0S: OP completed, x 78 Cheersf

ENFC|\4DROV 09/10_05 IUV OCEANIC VIKING embarked (generally healthy complian$.I and


* Thistransmission is intended theuseof the addressee andmight for onry coniain sensitive reg or privileged information. you are NOTthe intended lf recipient, you noifi.d that use or dissjm "re is strictty,prohibited. receive iransmission error,pieasenotifythe "ny lf you this in :jIf_:_?T.r:.!I"?!i.n rmmeorarery telephone deleteall copjesof this transmission by and togeiher withany attachme;ts. * TheAustralian cusioms service DoEs Nor AUTHoRIsE recipient further the to disclose em this itscontents permission theorigjnator. without of

* unsolicited commercial emails MUsr Nor be fomarded ihe originator thistransmission to of unle prior consent beengiven. has