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How strong is the infrastructure sector in India - is a question to ponder over amidst the global financial crisis and

economic downturn. A lot of economies have adopted the strategy to develop the infrastructural facilities for a fiscal thrust. In these cases, such economies have used infrastructure spending as a counterbalance against slowing economic activity and lower consumption.

Adopting this strategy has helped the Indian infrastructure sector perform comparatively better at a time when the other sectors were exhibiting slow growth. Presently, the infrastructure sector in India accounts for 26.7% of India's industrial output and is therefore an effective tool to balance the economy. Over the last four years the infrastructure industry in India recorded a growth rate of almost 8.5 percent.

Overview of Indian infrastructure sector

Will the next decade make the India Inc story strong with further development in the infrastructure sector? Providing an economic stimulus and also connecting different economies should be the driving force behind this. The government also has been focusing on infrastructure spending heavily and the last five years has been worthwhile in this regard. India is home to several top class infrastructure companies that have over the years established a reputation for themselves in the sector. In the last ten years or so the infrastructure companies in India have been faring pretty well and have surpassed all expectations. A recent survey on the infrastructure companies in India reveals that the sample of 22 companies, based on consolidated revenues have been able to withstand the global meltdown. The combined revenues of these 22 Indian infrastructure companies have surged up by almost 32.3% in the last two years, mostly due to the initiatives taken by the government.

Top infrastructure companies of India

Find below some of the best infrastructure companies of India: HCC Infrastructure: HCC Infrastructure Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HCC Ltd with infrastructure projects in the transportation (viz, roads, bridges, ports, airports) sector, power sector, and has in its kitty other special infrastructure projects. Mainly operating through the public-private partnership route, this player has huge scope. The company has come a long way since its inception. In the last two years HCC Infrastructure has grown its assets to ` 5,539 crore in 2009-10. The company has a lot of expansion plans for the next two years. HCC Infrastructure also has plans to expand its road portfolio to ` 15,000 crore. In the next five years, HCC has the potential to come in the list of top 5 infrastructure companies in India.

Particulars Total Income from operations Net Profit

Quarter ended 30 Sep, 2010

Quarter ended 30 Sep, 2009 86,220.82 551.49

Quarter ended 30 Sep, 2008 69,771.12 1994.35

` 898.5 crore ` 81 crores

Maytas Infra Limited: This leading player in the infrastructure segment has more than 20 years of experience in infrastructure development, construction and project management. They have handled various landmark projects across India.
Particulars Turnover Net Profit/Loss Year ended 31 Mar, 2010 Year ended 31 Mar, 2009 1335 (-) 489.79 Year ended 31 Mar, 2008 1637 99.64

` 955.44 crores ` 249.64 crore

Patel Engineering: This Indian infrastructure company has handled building bridges to dams to highways and varied other infrastructure projects. In a span of just 60 years they have a track record of building 75 dams, handling 30 hydroelectric projects, 30 micro tunneling projects and 250 kms tunneling works.

Particulars Turnover Net Profit

Year ended 31 Mar, 2010

Year ended 31 Mar, 2009 643.00 lakhs 36.34 lakhs

` 3081.08 crores ` 193.32 crore

Reliance Infrastructure: It is India's largest private sector power utility enterprise and has been the pioneer in the Indian infrastructure sector. In the infrastructure space, their focus has been on roads, urban infrastructure including the MRTS, Sealink and Airports, Specialty Real Estate (business districts, trade towers, and convention centre) and SEZ (IT & ITES SEZ and non IT SEZ).

Particulars Turnover Net Profit

Quarter ended 30 Sep, 2010

Quarter ended 30 Sep, 2009 3974 crores 325 crores

` 4043 crores ` 360 crore

Punj Lloyd: This company is a diversified conglomerate, which has forayed into aviation, defence, real estate and marine. With integrated design, and management services for infrastructure projects like roads, highways, flyovers, bridges, elevated railroads, metro rail, underground tunnels, seaports and airport terminals, this company has stood up the test of time.

Particulars Turnover Net Profit

Quarter ended 30 Sep, 2010

Quarter ended 30 Sep, 2009 3769.92 lakhs 110.60 lakhs

` 5844 crores ` 180 crore

Subhash Projects: Subhash Projects And Marketing Limited has almost 30 years of experience in both the public as well as the private sector. SPML has over the years provided engineering and infrastructure services in water, power, environment and infrastructure projects. SPML Group has been developing infrastructure projects whereby the investments have been estimated at `150 Billion.

Particulars Turnover Net Profit

Quarter ended 30 June, 2010

Quarter ended 30 June, 2009

` 359.6 crore ` 14.6 crore

` 281.6 crore ` 10.6 6 crore

Sadbhav Engineering: Sadbhav Engineering Limited is among the best infrastructure companies in India based in Gujarat. Incorporated in 1988 the company ha s come a long way in the construction field. Their main focus is on the roads, mining and irrigation sector.

Particulars Turnover Net Profit

Quarter ended 30 December, 2010

Quarter ended 30 December, 2009

` 13505.8 lakhs ` 267.6 lakhs

` 18523.63 lakhs ` 368.50 lakhs

IRB Infrastructure Developers: IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. had undertaken development of different infrastructure projects in the road sector right from its conceptualization. It has constructed, operated and maintained around 1200 km of road length till now.

Particulars Turnover Net Profit

Quarter ended 30 December, 2010

Quarter ended 30 December, 2009 9.00 lakhs 5735.48 lakhs

` 9,000 crore ` 385 crore

GMR Infrastructure: With interests in the Airports, Energy, Highways and Urban infrastructure (including SEZ) sector, GMR Group has been the pioneer in the core infrastructure areas.

Particulars Turnover Net Profit

Quarter ended 30 December, 2010

Quarter ended 30 December, 2009 1748 lakhs 356 lakhs

` 5,123.42 crore ` 225.34 crore