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OM 0D ee MID MID THE Best OF NO mM JOE COCKER wade MID MOP | Tue Best Or a JOE COCKER Contents Bird On The Wire Cry Me A River Darling Be Home Soon Delta Lady Girl From The North Country Honky Tonk Women I Can Stand A Little Rain Jamaica Say You Wili Just Like A Woman Lawdy Miss Clawdy The Letter Love The One You’re With | Marjorine Up Where We Belong With A Little Help From My Friends You Can Leave Your Hat On Edited by Peter Foss First Published 1989 © International Music Publications Limited Southen Road, Woodford Green, Essex IGS 8HN, England Reproducing this music in any form is illegal and forbidden by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. 215-2-592 oun 18 20 22 15 29 32 34 36 41 44 48 51 > BIRD ON THE WIRE Slow relaxed ballad tempo Words and Music ser by LEONARD COHEN on the — wire, — still - born, — Hf in a mid-night ehoir,— have tried with his horn, — have torn in my to be free. ev-ery - one who reached out for me. © 1970 Stranger Music Inc, USA. MAM (Music Publishing) Ltd/Chrysalis Music Ltd, London WIN 9AF Bi from some old-fash-ioned that I've done— —w: book, rong, saved all 1 will make ———— on Oh, if ha saw a beg-gar. have been un - kind his wood-en — eryteh | as oe hope that you said to me, F uit] 8 a I have saved 1 will make ——— just for thee. ———— up to thee~ just let it— must not ask— ae go— by. for so mueh.” And if I, Anda pretty — vom mn og += |S = 3 F have been un-true, in her dark-ened door, =— Well, I hope you'll know it was nev-er to She cried to— me, "Hey why not ask for iL 2% 1p alGcoda fee Ha Hg Fa FRB ws 1) CRY MEA RIVER Words and Music by ARTHUR HAMILTON Slowly and rhythmically 2 = = — oe Hh | Now. you say you're ; oe = Ome; ape ——— atempo "poco rit. 4 = |] *p-2f lone - ly, ——_ You cry the long night thro, Well you: can. en Bee Pt y Geer cme cm? Fm? Gm Bb+ Ebmaj7_ pmy G7 $ = Ss $ + Sa emis Foe ae fF = =u aH cry—— me a riv-er, Cry mea riv-er,_ I cried a riv-er o-ver =——_ =~ i —— oma Gaim C7F Fe Fm? Bby = Fm7 you say youre sor-ry.—— ro f P—F#— el Eb6 Abm6 Cm Ab cmé6 Cm oe ae Ebdim © 1953 & 1955 Chappell & Co Inc, USA Chappell Music Ltd, London W1Y 3FA Sas 7S gy LULL} For be-in’ so un - true,_________ Well, you can cry. me a riv-er, fe ee or Ss be d | =f. — = = les o f | Gm bbe Ebmaj7pmy 87 Gm7 Gdim C74 Cry me a riv-er,— Icried a riv-er o-ver you. >i 71 - . ye) rl riF ——._§ Youdrove me;_near-ly drove me out of my head, While you_nev-ershed a tear eo zo *. ome D7sus. D7 Gm Gmé Re-mem-ber?__I__re-mem-ber All that you said;_— t Gm Gme cmé 2 7 cm6 D7 D7sus. Told m me you were thro with me, An’ = > =— aa Come on, lecried a riv-er ° an’ - ver cery—— mea riv-er, C7+ Fg =a & | 3 33 73 is + tt = SS i Now_______ you say you love me, Well, just to prove you —— — : a Se =F he 7? ‘ oe £ So 2 cm Bb+ cm6 Cry_ me a riv-er,— a ————__— youl § DARLING BE HOME SOON Words and Music by JOHN SEBASTIAN Moderate swing and talk a-bout the things we did to - day— laugh a-bout our fun-ny lit - tle While we have a fewmin-utes to Am Cc G c Bm % breathe- AndI know that it's time you must leave———— So dar-ling be home soon- G Cc Bm Am G Am7 © 1965 Hudson Bay Music Co, USA Sub-published by Robbins Music Corp, London WC2H OEA I could-n't bear to wait an ex-tra min-ute if you dawd-le- = dar-ling be home soon— It's not just these fewhours but I've been waiting sinceI For the great re-lief of hav-ing you to talk to. a quarter of my life is al-most passed think I'vecometo see my-self at last—— And I see that the time spent con- Was the time that I spent with-out you—— feel my-self im-prove-————————_ 80 darr-ling be home soon— 1 Cc Bm Am D7 Am? D7 Am? DT Am? I could-n't bear to wait an ex-tra min-ute if you dawd-le——————._ My dar-ling be home soon- It's not just these few hours but I'vebeen waiting since! tod-dled- For the great relief of hav-ing you to talk to— Gmaj7 Am pe G beat your crazy head a-gainst the seebeyondthehousesthat your eyes— Sil-hou-ette a-gainst the moon. c G Cc Bm Am D7 Am™D7 Am7 D7 D. % AL FINE 8 DELTA LADY Words and Music Heavy Rock beat by LEON RUSSELL ee hie ah ie Wo - man of — Please don't ask— There are — con— the coun — try how man— y crete moun — tains Long - ing Stand-ing And pret- ty ei na ked = in —— the ger — wo men live — in - side— whis-per sighs— think of | days— yet it seems — © 1969 Teddy Jack Music, USA Assigned to Stuck On Music administered by Rondor (London) Ltd, London SW6 4TW For UK, Eire and all PRS administered territories to sat -is- fy — your long ——_— ——— For the warm— and dif-ferent ways— I held —___— _——— 1 held you the ci- ty scene— is lack ———___ ee I'm so glad— s a pert FH aay To#coaa — and ten— der shel-ter of — my bo close - ly to— me, yes, our heart— was beat ‘Oh.yes, you're — you're _wait — ing for me in — the count Yes, you're 4 Dm a i ; Slower and smooth —, ae ee == on, and I'm ov Pick up speed think-ing you, love, ————————. Be-cause 1 love— _— Repeat 4x Yes, you're o JAMAICA SAY YOU WILL ° Words and Music by JACKSON BROWNE Moderately Slow 1, Ja - mai - ca was_the love - ly one, 1 A E/G¥bass Ftm Ffm?/Bbass E A/Bbass SS SS played her well ___ as we lay, in the tall grass__where the sha -dows fell. Fert a E A E/G#bass Fim = Hid-ing from the chil=dren so they would not tell we would stay__ there till her sis - ter rang the s F#m1/Bbass E ET A SS eve - ning bell. JA-MALCA, SAY___ WILL_—__help me find © 1970-1972 Atlantic Music Corp-Open Window Music, USA Loma Musie Co Lid, London NWI OAP. For The UK & Eire, E A Fim F}m7 ET Cin . cunt ff] GR GR Ee Be E E Ev A Gim/Dfoass — these emp - ty hou-rs. of Ctm C#m/Bbass A B/G#bass BY will —___ come a- gain to - mor- row. 2. The SI — daugh-ter of a cap-tain on the roll - ing seas she would stare a-cross___ the wn -ter from. mai -ca was a sweet youngone,I loved her true she was a com-fort and a mer-cy, thru — r f ft E A/Bbass | E A E/Gtbass Last time he was home he held ber on his knees and said the Hid- ing from this world to -geth - er, next thing I knew they. had brought_ ! Py Fem = — = next time they would sail © a - way -—— her things ___ down to the bay, s help me find help me find = Fim7/Bbass E JAMAI-CA SAY JA-MAL-CA SAY just where they pleased, —_ what could 1 do. these life -less sails these sails EV YOU WILL_ YOU WILL ‘and then we'll E Gtm/Dtbass— |* C#m Cfm/B bass A ships can find the C#m/B bass > wa -ters have run pe * GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY Moderato, gently Words and Music : \ i / by BOB DYLAN 3 = = i F = my wei for ———————— % Ab Eb7 if you're = trav — ‘lin’ © 1963 M Witmark & Sons, USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd, London W1Y 3FA Db EbT Ab Db Eb7 Ab DS. & Well if you go in the snowflake storm When the rivers freeze and summer ends, Please see she has a coat so warm To keep her from the howlin' winds. Please see for me if her hair hangs long, If it rolls and flows all down her breast, Please see for me ifher hair hangs long, That's the way I remember her best. I'm a-wonderin' if she remembers me at all, Many times I've often prayed In the darkness of my night, In the brightness of my day, So if you're travelin' in the north country fair, Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline, Remember me to one who lives there, She once was a true love of mine. HONKY TONK WOMEN Words and Music by MICK JAGGER and KEITH RICHARDS a ppp = ay gin soaked bar—— room queen— in Mem-phis, div-or - cee — in New—— York Cit - y, 3 abe Hida ce & = ay 2S S55 F(C bass) pets FF == SS ft Es eae = tried— to take-me “up —. stairs—for a ride had to put up some— kind — of a fight G(D bass) yeas sp ee a + $f: 3g yer = = had to heave me right a - cross-her should— er, Ja = dy then she cov — ered me— with ros es, c F(C bass) © 1969 Westminster Music Limited/Abkco Music Inc, London SW10 0SZ 2 Bad) just can't seem— to drink — you off — my— mind She blew my nose,— and then— she blew— my-— mind c G DT IW 2—d-— aos 3 a. == 2 * = = = —= = + = (Chorus) It's the Hone ———— ky Tone Gim-me, gim-me, gim-me the honk-y_tonk G G Cc Cfdim = G Am7 G I CAN STAND A LITTLE RAIN Words and Music by JIM PRICE Slowly ‘Tacet mp ey t if eb =e LS 3 wilh pedal throughout Guitar + Em D (Capo % 900 o Srd fret} eth] Piano Gm F “Eb — stand. a lit-tle rain, aa] a lit-tle rain, © 1974 WB Music Corp & Extreme Music USA Wamer Chappell Music Ltd, London W1Y 3FA 23 ime 0000 SS Gm FE E stand___ a_ lit-tle rain, 1 can stand a_lit-tle_ pain. rain comes-through the floor-boards, a lit-tle — sor-row, stand a lit - tle strife,_ gradual crese. just an-ot lit - tle love, stand a stand a lit - tle love. Bi Ee i D7 == Se 7 — ¥ But when ['m on my last a - round, — can sis ‘Cause I've made it be - fore and = -4 —— a z a Fee $$ = = Ss Tempo Io c/D G Am7 ELLs EEE BYE Te Bo it be- fore — make it some more. — crese. make — it some =o oe I— can make it _ some more. A little slower (JJ = J79) c Cm g G x000 0. G7 @ cm G x00, 0,0 sh iii Bb ve Eb m Ge —— eS SS | yb > —-—# — = JUST LIKE A WOMAN » Words and Music by BOB DYLAN Moderately slow, with a beat s 7 1, No - bod-y feels an-y pain to - night as I stand’ in-side the 2, (Queen) Mar-y, she’s my___ friend, Yes, 1 be-lieve I'll go see her a - 8 La just don't fit, Yes, 1 be-lieve it's time for us to 3 % Ev-'ry- bod - y knows that ba-by's got new clothes, But No - bod- y has to guess that ba- by can't be blessed Till When we meet a-gain, andare in- tro-duced by friends, 3 I see her rib - bons and her bows have sees fin - ally that she's like all the rest, With her don't let on that you knew me when. I was ——— Sr: 4 + 7 = 7 7 =z = q SS 1966 Dwarf Music, USA. Sub-published by B Feldman and Co Lid, London WC2H OEA eg] Chorus 2 cs 2% from her 9 curls, 2. Sh her am-phet - a - mine. and her pearls, H2y Be and it was your world, 3. Ah, you — = : $ F all ou a takes fake Just dust Like Like Wo Wo >> - man, - man, rd Wo - man,—__ Wo - man, Gil But But you Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, she breaks just break just 3 she you 3 do, 3 she you 3 do, like a like a does, does,__ She You And she Then you 3 lit - tle lit - tle 0 Inferiude ¢ Interlude ET ° — rain- ing from the first__ and I was dy- ing there of thirst so I came in here, 3 EZ ay And your long - time curse hurts, but what's worse Fe Gi G7 Gu G7 ae x60 és pain in here,_ I can't stay in here, Ain't it m3. =< 3 32 LAWwDY, Miss CLAWDY Words and Music by LLOYD PRICE Slow Rock > a “sg a a ee Z - z 3 : oo Fs 2. 2 = + S js = = a = = ev F Bb A C Bb F Bb6 Bdim F FG : ‘ ° ~ F “tt 1 Oh!now Law-dy,Lawedy.Law-dy,Miss Claw-dy, Girl! You sure look good to me -causelgiveyou all my mon- ey, Girl! You just wont treat me right z 3 Pa) a es | 4 = = eae SPs . , ee ees a a _— et E + +e. E cz I ¥ FT F6 PF. F6 ¥F ‘B? B6 Bb7 —= = S fe ‘ ae = Shr Ss ee i f ae Well please don't ex-cite me ba- by Tho? it cant be me You like to ball in the morn-ing dont come back un-til night hi cy F6 C7 Gm C6 Om Om © 1952 Venice Music Inc, USA Carlin Music Corp, London W1X 2LR —— ZT FT $ Tr Tr Ft ee ee oe £ + + + as } r F = = = a 2 + + =——}- F Bb a © bb F Bb6 Bdim ¥ Fé 5 = : ae © # f= 3. Imgonna tell, tell my ma-ma.Lawdlm gon-na tell her what yuu been do-ing to me 4. Well now Law-dy, Law dy,Lawdy Miss Claw-dy Girl! you sure look good to me 5, Well so bye, bye, bye, bye. ba- by Girl! 1 wont be trou-ble nomore a mS esl oe e “ 7 4 : + —@ e 3 rs - i= Ee ae + f —_ C7 Fe F7 Bb Be Bb or — = [SS aS 4 ane Im gon-na tell ev-ry- bo - dy that Im down in mis - er - y ct You just wheel-ing and rock-ing ba - by youre just as fine as you can be ms Good-bye Claw-dy oh dar- ling down the road Il go Bes eS i 7 oF 1 e- : = - bp == _»- —t Ee fe Z a = =—— - | Bb C7 F Fo Bb G@m7 c7 F [5-4 | 5 | + —— —— 5 — <= eT 4. Well now 5. Well sy gs oa = To ————— ——= > || ¢ —— at + BSS 34 THE LETTER Words and Music by WAYNE CARSON ah a = Give me a tick- etfor an air- plane I don't carehow much money I got-ta spend Gm gf Ha Ain't got time— to take the fast-est train Got - ta get back — to my ba- by a= gain— Tone-ly.days:nre: ‘gong: Gm ct = 7 ET ds *e ma Pm a-go-ing home my ba- by just wrote me a let - ter — let ~ ter Gm Gm sa a Fa Hie Well she wrote mea let— ter Said she could - BP F ep Bb He Fae ia out me no more ——____ Lis-ten mis - ter can't you see I © 1967 Jastian Music, USA. Chelsea Music Pub Co Ltd, 70 Gloucester Place, London WIH 4AJ For UK & Eire 35 Ba te fae gotto get back—— to my ba -by once more Ee BP F DT Ea a give mea tick— et for an air — plane Ain't got time— to take the Gm me fast - est train Lone-ly days are gone I'ma go-ing home— My cr ae D.S. al Coda ba -by just wrote— me a FH ie fi My ba-by just wrote- me a let -ter * LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH Words and Music by STEPHEN A STILLS Moderately fast F/C you're down and youdon't re - mem and don't sit cry girl, © 1970 & 1973 Gold Hill Music Inc, USA MCA Music Lid, London W6 8JA. F/C F/C Cc 37 who you'retalk - in' to —__ con - cen = tra 0 = ver good times you've had, there's a and you're a boy. well, get it to slip a - way, right next to you, make it nice, F/C C of HEE ‘cause your ba - by is so far a - way. and she's just wait - in' for some - thing to you ain't gon-na need any more ad - a > 3 Well, And > there's a rose And the fist and the ea - gle flies and if__ you can't with the dove, with the one hon - ey, love the one_ you're with, Sa love the one— you're with, =: one — you're with, love the one— you're with, dit dit dit_ dit dit___s dit dit dit, dit) dit dit_.— dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit, Turn your heart - 40 Coda love the one you're with, love the one_ you're with. dit dit i dit dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit, dit dit MARJORINE “ Words and Music by JOE COCKER, Moderate, with bounce CHRIS STANTON, TOM RATTIGAN, FRANK MYLES Bbm? Hl Mar ~ jor-ine, Where have you been? Did you meet the queen, Let me know, Why did you go? Why don't you show, Mar-jor-ine? down by the sea, ; aa - St Mar~ jor-ine. © 1968 Writers Workshop Ltd, London SW10 OSZ. see your face — in a crowd, call your Mar-jor-ine, Life is too short. You'll just get caught, Mar-jor-ine. Hard to find, on your mind? Won't be un-kind, Mar-jor-ine, clouds start to —— Life gi call your can be clean, 43 ci Keep-ing you werm,— Mar-jor- ine. form, 3 3 Where have you been,— oh, - jor -ine. Ebmai7 Br —— back home (Repeat 3x) name — a— loud. 3 “ UP WHERE WE BELONG Words by WILL JENNINGS Soulfully d =69 Music by BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE and JACK NITZSCHE —3— —3— D_ GID A/D Gmo/D > Fee ETE Hay : —3—, - —_ 1, Who Imows what to - mor- row brings; in a world, few hearts sur - 2.(See additional lyrics) 3 ———3- Sp Gmo/D D GID GmsiD | q i fia 2s All I know y when if's © 1982 Famous Music Corp, and Ensign Corp, USA. Famous Chappell, London WLY 3FA Em? ae 4s There are > ae Dire SG GiB DIC moun - tains, in = but we step ev - ‘ry —3— A GA a, D pre sc Bm Ei tal g Love lift Ss up where we be-long, where the se d ¥ ona moun - tain high, Love lift us up where we be-long,- yn | y - =, | a9 : J 7 Z SS ——= 7 — = j i | ie ! i \ DFE i FR fe HH Foe + _— = = + —_— — 3 — far from the world we — knows up where the Se ; of — + SS ES SS tf - T e E 1 FRiAs um Gm D GiD fe —i@_ fie oR ER clear winds blow, h h decrese. a Te r ion ome sl Bb/D Eo ft. El i Ea BR clear winds blow s = Time gees by, time to cry, decrese. Eb Eb/G aa EH tH Em. Love lift us up where we be-long,. AEH ca - gl 47 where the Eb les er on a + + a moun ~ tain high. Love lift us up where we be-long. Repeat ad lib and fade cm Aba fi = fe es far from the world we know; where the clear winds blow._ N y Verse 2: Some hang on to “used-to-be”, lives looking behind. is here and now: All our life, out there to find. The road is long, There are mountains in our way, But we climb them a step every day “ WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS Moderato} Bil ly Words and Music by JOHN LENNON and PAUL McCARTNEY By, cri EE (small notes 2nd time ad lib.) and I'll sing by the end ‘when you turn Lend me your ears How do I feel (What do you see 8 E 8 By, up and walk “Whatwouldyoudo____ if I sang out of tune wouldyou stan out oh fe. What do do_——when my love ig a - way (does it wor ry you tobe - a - lone?) Wouldyou be-lieve—— in a love at first sight yes I'm cer tainthat it hap-pensall the Po rf andI'll try day (areyou sad— Tight?) ST °ean't tell song. & +s = i gut tah of ass SSS SS SSS —— notto sing out of | key Oh “ et to. oii = Cat Sed Se] I get by. witha lit-tle help____ from my friends you but I know - it's mine ay rt tf page z o © 1967 Northem Songs Ltd, London WIP 1DA, E z A £ 49 = = . # 3 ea SSS He SSP _____‘ Mm, I get witha lit-tle help__. nom my friends Mm = I'm gon-na idl Oh I'm gon-na_ try) J ——— 34 ; tas = + SS ¥ f af SS] = « ff | ——witha lit-tle help—— from my friends __ e & ==} Sq 1 1 need some - bo- dy to love. just need = some-one to love_ PP SSS — (Couldit = be —________ 2 I want some-bo-dy to love_ ae (Couldit Wise ? I want some-bo-dy to love ——- witha lit-tlehelp_ from my friends__ MmI'mgon-natry___ witha lit-tle help __ from my friends get high _ with a lit-tle help — from my friends with a lit-tle help from my friends witha lit-tle help You CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON * Words and Music by RANDY NEWMAN Moderately slow Tacet Ba- by, take off your Ba- by, take off your shoes;_ ‘ aoe I'll take your shoes. _ Ba ~by, take off your dress,_ a, — —, _ © 1972 & 1975 WB Music Corp, & Randy Newman USA Warmer Chappell Music Ltd, London W1Y 3FA. 52 leave your hat on, you canleave your hat on, you can leave_your hat Go on o-ver there, turn on the light; no, all__ the lights, 53 Come back here, stand on this chair: your arms —— You give me rea-son to live, give me rea- son 34 Bm7 — me rea- son to live, you give me rea-son to Sus-pi-cious minds a - talk-in’, try'n' to tear us a-part._ You say that my love is wrong;__ 55 they don't kuow what love is. They don't know what love is, they don't know what love i they don't know what love is. know what love is, Repeat and fade E7 E7 , ‘a i Repeat and fade Reproducing this music in any form is illegal and torbidden Printed in England by the Copyright. Designs and Patents Act 1988. Panda Press - Havorhill - Suffolk * 4/93. May wd?