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Adding tattoo

level 1 - From catalogue on skin 1. Open tattoo picture 2. Select tattoo usind any selection-making tool (e.g. rectangular marquee tool) 3. Copy (Ctrl+C) 4. Open target picture 5. Paste (Ctrl+V)

6. Change size, set layer mode to multiply, (this acts as printer, will not print white, will it?)

7. Change opacity to about 70%.

8. Hurrah! Lets make our own tattoo studio, shall we? Level 2 - From skin on skin 1. Open tattoo picture 2. Select tattoo usind any selection-making tool 3. Copy (Ctrl+C)

4. Open target picture 5. Paste (Ctrl+V)

6. Change size, change layer mode to multiply (this acts as printer,and as I said before, printers dont usually print white, do they?)

7. Use Image/Adjustments/Levels with following settings

8.Transform it, opacity 87%

9. That's it, you have just earned your surgeon degree !!

And when we managed to make all of the above, we can do plenty more. We can just change layer mode (e.g. to screen when using lighter colors, or multiply when using dark colors) and use the same efect many times for variety of purposes.

or maybe

So long, I hope you enjoyed.

Adding a Person Summary: A great technique for taking a person from one photograph and adding them to another photograph. This is useful for adding people to completely different scenes. Step-By-Step Instructions: 1. Open both the photo that has the person (Person Photo) and the photo that has the scene (Scene Photo) in Photoshop.

2. The first thing we need to do is remove the person from the "Person Photo", so that we can copy and paste them into the other "Scene Photo". 3. Go into Quick Mask mode.

4. Use an appropriate sized brush size, select "Black" from the Swatch palette, then begin painting the person. When you are in Quick Mask mode, the brush will paint a transparent red. Paint over every part of the person.

5. If needed, you can select smaller Brush sizes to get in corners and the finely tuned areas, such as small hairs.

6. When you are finished, click Edit in Standard Mode button.

7. Goto Select > Inverse. You should now have a selection of just the person. 8. Click Ctrl+C to copy the selected person.

9. Open the "Scene Photo", then click CTRL+V to paste the person onto the scene. 10. Click CTRL+T to go into Free Transform mode. You should now see shape handles around the person. Use these shape handles to shrink the person to fit proportionately to size within the new scene.

11. Goto Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Adjust the Saturation level to match the background. (If needed, you can also apply steps 11 and 12 to the background scene, so that both the person and the scene blend perfectly.)

12. Congratulations! You should now have your new photo of a person within the new background scene.

Sutures and Stitches Without a doubt, this is a handsome man. What were to happen if we were to change that. In this tutorial, we'll utilize some techniques in order to apply sutures, stitches, and scars to this face. This is a great tutorial for anyone interested in special effects makeup. Enjoy! Step-by-Step Instructions: 1. Open in Photoshop a photograph of a person for adding sutures, stitches, and blemishes.

2. The first thing to do is add a scar. Considering the straight on angle of this photo, we'll start with the cheek. 3. Create a new layer over the person's photograph and name it "Redness". 4. With the "Redness" layer active, select the painbrush tool. Choose a variation of red for the color. Set the opacity of the paintbrush to 30%. Also, choose a size paint brush that is adequate for creating a line that will be used for the bruising that surrounds the stitch.

5. Now is where we have to add some realism to the cut. To do this, we use the smudge too. Select the Smudge tool, set the "Strength" setting to 15%. Then begin smudging the line that represents the bruising line you created before

6. Next, add a very thin dark red line that goes straight through the bruising mark. Be sure to use a very fine brush size for this. Select the smudge tool again and ligthly smudge this dark line.

7. The time has come to add the sutures and stitches to the cut. Select the paint brush tool, choose "black" as your color, and set the opacity to 100%. Start by creaitng cross hatches of small black lines across the dark red line that you made before in Step 5.

8. Now add splotches of bruised red at the end points of each of the sutures or stitches. Don't make the splotches too pronounced or they won't appear realistic. If necessary, create a new layer for the splotches and use your smutch tool to tone down the redness.

9. The last step is to desaturate the image. The reason for this is that it give the person a battered appearance. So goto Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. 10. When the pop-up appears, move the Saturation slider to the left just a bit. This will help blend the stitches withe the face also.

Learn how to create a great looking torn photo effect. 1. Open the photo you want to tear.

2. Convert your image to layer by double-clicking on the word background. 3. Create a new Layer (Shift+Ctrl+N). 4. Using the Paint Bucket Tool Fill the new Layer with white. 5. Then drag the Layer with the white color under the layer with your photo. 6. Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, make a selection similar to the one below:

7. Then click Delete. 7. Go to Select>>Modify>>Expand. Set it to 6px and then hit OK. After that, go to

Filter>>Distort>>Ripple and use the setting below:

5. And youre done. You should have something like this:

6. Moving one of the sides and adding some drop shadow, you can create a great effect.

PhotoShop - Realistic Blood

Well here you will be taught how add realistic blood to a pic. 1) Open the picture that you want to blood to. This is the one i used

2) Next pick the lasso tool and make a outline of where you want it to be. MAKE SURE it is on a seperate layer then your picture. Now fill in with a red color. Make it fairly dark, but not too dark. Now set this new layer as color burn.

3) Now go to ur tool bar and pick the color burn tool (left pic) and the smudge tool (right pic). Well we be using these alot.

4) Ok now with the smudge too, pick a brush size that is about 1/4 the width of your blood spot. Now start smudging. Try to make the blood like as though its dripping. Keep doing this

until your satisfied with what you have. This is what i have so far.

5) Ok now use the burn tool to darken the blood where the cut runs deeper. Heres what Idid.

6) Now to get a look as though the blood is on her face we well texturize the blood. Go to FILTER > TEXTURE > TEXTURIZE and this box will pop up. Use the setting i have here.

7) And now your done. here is what my final result looks like