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Sri Sukta To that golden coloured, gazelle-eyed, most garlanded noblest queen, salutations.

I offer my appeal to that Laksmi who is golden as moonlight, she who knows all beings. She who is golden, who knows all beings, whose compassion extends to horses and humans, may she not abandon this (devotee). She who bestows first horses then chariots then kingdoms then enlightenment, to that glorious goddess I call. Hear me favourably. Be tender towards me. Who is she that is seated on a lotus, who is also lotus coloured, smiling sweetly? She it is whose illuminating blaze overflows the golden ramparts. In all this world nothing affords such satisfaction as giving offerings to that glorious one. I surrender to her who is gracious as the golden moonlight, whose illuminating glorious blaze is unequalled in the world of the gods. In my affliction surrendering at her lotus feet, my evil destiny is caused to disappear. O divine sunlight-coloured goddess your splendid heat is born from the Lord of the woods. You are the tree which overflows with fruit. The fruit of your heat is my unfailing support whose indefatigable marvellous inner power drives away the strongest evil fate. O famous friend of the gods, come hither with this precious invocation. You must now become abundantly manifest in your foedestroying form here, in this earthly realm. O most beauteous Laksmi who thirsts to devour impurities and who causes the non-existence of foes, wholly drive them from my house, for I am perishing. I call to that ruler of all beings, to that strong, bounteous one who is unassailable, she who is constantly putting this world to rights again and again. We pray our desire from the heart with true speech. O splendid one you who have attained majesty over all creatures, may this grain of rice be taken to represent me. Offering garlands of lotus flowers to you Mother, even as these have prospered from impurity to fragrance, so you must raise me and my community, you who are the source of all beings. O waters of tenderness, grant that the mother goddess of prosperity may descend to abide in my house extending her fragrance to my family. O Laksmi, tender and moist as a thriving pool of lotuses, tawny eyed, lotus garlanded, golden, shiny, bright and lovely as the moon, may you who understand all beings bring your grace to bear even on me.

O thou golden garlanded brilliant support, tender as a splendid female elephant, golden as the Sun-god, O knower of all beings, may your grace fall even on me. I adore Her, that Golden Sovereign Laksmi who knows all beings, who gives me cattle and servants, may she never leave me. The Goddess Sri says: Who ever desires distinction and prosperity and protection and recites these fifteen slokas continuously while ladling the ghee to the radiant rising flame (of Sri Agni) I, who am that primordial oldest One, I will come forth. Laksmi Sukta O thou who art seated on a lotus, O lotus-eyed, lotus-faced great source of comfort and bliss, please be accessible to me. O you who are fond of lotuses, who dwells in a pond of lotus, whose features are lotus- like, thou universal heart/mind, loving everyone, when you cause your eyes to open they are like flowering lotuses. Be kindly disposed to me keeping your foot always on my heart. O Devi, giver of abundance, of horses, cows, grain and wealth, you must grant all my desires. O mother you must give me a son, grandson, abundance of corn, elephants, horses, boats and chariots, progeny and long life. Treasure of Agni, treasure of Vayu, Essence of Surya, Essence of Vasu, Essence of Indra, of Brihaspati, of Varuna and essence of the Asvins. O You who move everywhere as Garuda, You who encloses the celestial waters, who possesses the divine elixir, You must give that prize to me. Having done meritorious deeds with prayers and devotion and auspiciousness, we seek your holy protection from anger, envy and lust. O adorable one, beloved of Visnu, You who stands above the water bearing a lotus in your hand, dazzling us with the brightness of your compassion, melting us with your grace, You who presides over the three worlds mounted on a white elephant, please bless me with Your presence. Your own splendid glory blesses this life of mine with abundance of food, cattle and children. I rejoice in shining health and longevity. Om Mahalaksmi, All-knowing wife of Visnu, in your wisdom grant us that laksmi tatva. Om to Mahalaksmi the all-knowing. May she grant her wisdom to us. Om to that all knowing Mahadevi, beloved of Visnu, may she grant our prosperity

Beloved wife of Visnu, patient, enduring, Spring-like goddess, dear one of Madhava, thou Laksmi, dear friend of the gods, incline to me your imperishable tenderness. O goddess Sridevi, slender wife of Visnu, as the flowing water bestows prosperity to plants in the impurity of mud, bestow your bliss on my children and me.