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CV _Julius T P Silalahi

Name Place, date of Birth July, 1972 Sex Marital Status Height/Weight Cell Phone Education Email Passport : Julius T P Silalahi : Sibolga (North Sumatra), 11th : Male : Married : 172 cm / 78 kg : +62-812-752-7511, +62-817-7272-17 : Marine Engineering Sepuluh Nopember Institute Of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, 1990 95 :; : Indonesian Passport valid until 2012


1. PT. Istech Resources Asia (Jakarta)

Position : Senior Contruction Principal (from 31-Aug-2007 until to now) Project : EPCC Jabung Gas Booster Plant Project Jambi, Sumatera, Indonesia Client : PT. Transportasi Gas Indonesia (Transgasindo) Role & Responsibility: Project Execution: - Eligible to TGI as client representative - Assist Project Manager of project management consultant (PMC) supporting Clients project management team (PMT). - Assist TGI Construction Manager in coordination with site activities of EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning) Contractor for project progress vs plan, and implement the execution strategies, resource planning, contractors monitoring and crash programs/contingency plan to accelerate the achievement meet to commitment. - Involve in review and endorse of project safety, quality, construction/precommissioning/Commissioning plans and procedures refer to scope of work, specification and applicable standard/code. - Lead and coordinate discipline Engineers and Inspectors of PMC to ensure all activities are carried out and stewarded to project scope especially meet the engineering design, specification, procedures and other prevailing rules/standards. - Coordinate Engineering team in constructability, review of project documentation, field change request, design modification considering to FEED against actual condition. - Lead technical meeting concern to construction including engineering concern/precom progress/plan/achievement, and interfacing with procurement. - Monitor the performance of contractor and its Subcontractors during execution until commissioning phase and advise/suggest Contractor for any project issues for acceleration. Project Activities:

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CV _Julius T P Silalahi
Daily interface with Contractor to ensure alignment with Contract obligation, technical specification and terms and conditions. Ensure that check list for pre-mobilization plan of all resources (Equipment, Manpower, Material, construction specification/procedures/drawing, safety, etc.) are in place prior to start of construction up to completion, and brief team involved for any requirement need as detail. Ensure material receiving and inspection are completely carried out and meet project specification. Ensure construction of earthwork, equipment concrete foundation, steel structure building-shelter-platform, concrete building, equipment installation, piping installation both above and underground, electrical and instrumentation device and cables, and all accessories are in place including testing required. Ensure required QA/QC systems are in place and that adequate staff are assigned to projects. Ensure the precommissioning as well as design i.e piping (line check, flushing, hydrostatic testing, drying, Nitrogen purging), mechanical (installation check, cleaning, individual motor running/un-couple running), electrical & instrument (cable check, loop test, function test, tubing leak test). All documentation are in place prior to commissioning including manufacturer certificate and testing approval. Incorporate with commissioning phase, make sure all system and its sub-systems are in place, tighten, and tested and documented. Ensure the Contractor supervision and QC team is adequate to monitor and control the execution meet to technical specification and plan. Ensure project lessons learned are documented and reported. Project Consists: Mechanical: Gas Turbine-Compressor Packages, Gas Engine & Diesel Engine Packages, Air Coolers, Filter Separators, Closed Drain Tank, Fuel Diesel Tank, Fire Water Tank, Fuel Gas Filter Separator Package, Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages, Air Receiver Tanks, KO Drum, Load Bank, Fire Water Engine & Pump, Utility/Potable/Raw Water Pumps, Nitrogen Blanket Package, HP & LP Vent Stack. Piping System: Process Gas, Fuel Gas, Utility Air & Instrument Air, Instrument Gas, Lube Oil, Fire/Potable/Utility/Raw Water, Diesel Fuel, Vent Gas/Open Drain/Closed Drain, Nitrogen Instrument. Electrical: Main Switchgear & MCC, UPS, Battery Package, Lightning Protection, Grounding system, Lighting system, Cathodic Protection Instrument: PCS, DCS, Weather system, Fire & Gas Protection System.

2. PT. Tripatra Fluor Consortium (A Consortium between Tripatra Engineers &

Constructor and Fluor Indonesia) Position : Construction Superintendent Corporate (22-Jun-05 till to 30-Aug-07) Project : Flexible Program Management Project Riau, Sumatera, Indonesia Client : PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) Role & Responsibility: Support Management: - Assist Construction Manager for construction strategy and the contingency plan to meet project schedule and performance. - Involved in TF Construction Management committee to discuss and allocate budget within all area in Riau particularly based on clients priorities and subcontractor capability aspects. - Support Management in sub-contracting plan and strategy to initiate the project. - Involved in TF Close Out and Risk Management for project close out.

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CV _Julius T P Silalahi
Subcontracting Phase: - Develop technical bid document (i.e. cost estimation draft, scope of work, project schedule, identify the specification and procedures required, other requirement on technical matter). - Involved in tender committee during subcontracting process. Review technical documents (i.e. Project Execution Plan, Organization Chart & Key Personnel Resume, Construction Procedure & Process, Project Control Plan, Mobilization Plan, Security Plan, Local Content and Plan to Maximize Local Riau province, Project Schedule). Participate in technical clarification, and negotiation with bidder(s). Project Execution: - Report the weekly projects performance summary to the Construction Manager. - Endorse the subs technical document prior to release the notification to proceed. - Review and make sure the project preparation and mobilization all requirements are in place prior to execution. The main concerns into project documentation and resources mobilization. - Review and endorsement of organization plans for the construction phase of the projects. Work with other Field Superintendent and section leader to ensure projects are appropriately staffing and in place for the execution phase (Construction Engineer, HSE, QA/QC Engineer, Material Control, Project Control & Planner, and others as necessary). - Interface with other respective Departments (both internal and external) in performance of project execution and ensure Project Execution Plan is implemented until close out. - Review Subcontractors performance for the contractual commitment, execution meet the project schedule, and progress tracking (S-Curve) performance. - Monitor the project execution and coordinate with execution team in compliance with contract scope, schedule, specification and procedures. Project Coordinator for Hydrocarbon Transportation department of CPI to manage of maintenance works such repairing, replacement, and modification starting from subcontracting process, engineering, procurement, construction up to close out. Interface and closed coordination with TF team (construction, QA/QC, HSE, SCM), Subcontractor considering the tight schedule of execution to ensure no damage and shutdown on the operation of COMPANY facilities. Interface with Engineering for the design change and constructability. Ensure pre-commissioning, startup and handover (dossier) to Operations plans and procedures are implemented. Ensure effective project closeout.

Company Objectives & Leadership Activities: - Support and communicate corporate policies, practices and goals. - Maintain project budgets within cost estimates and with effective controls. - Steward group mission, objectives and priorities, job descriptions and individual personal objectives. - Provide leadership, supervision, construction technical guidance and mentoring to personnel (sub-ordinate and Subcontractor PIC). - Ensure weekly progress meeting and monthly safety meetings are conducted in associated with Client. Achievement: Completing various scope of work of sub-contract document, involved tendering process, work preparation prior to execution, and especially good performance in coordinating, interface, and communicating with subsidiary, subcontractors and Client in all project phases of HCT department. Assignment in subcontracting phase, preparation, and execution:

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CV _Julius T P Silalahi
1. Various Diameter Pipe Sleeves; Scope: construction phase. Consists sleeve the corroded pipe and thickness less than the minimum requirement. 2. EPC - 30 Pipeline replacement; Scope: construction phase, which are the online replacement using Hot Tap and Stopple Plug system including install the temporary bypass. 3. EPC - Gas Qualiy Monitoring in 3 Units Gas Plant; scope: Subcontracting and EPC phase. Consists of new gas chromatographs and synchronizing to existing for gas monitoring at 3 units Gas Plant (Sebanga/Libo/Waduk GP). 4. EPC 30 Pig Launcher/Receiver and Certification at HCT Dumai; Scope: Subcontracting phase and EPC phase. Consists of2 units Pig Launcher and 1 unit Pig Receiver installed at Duri, Bangko and Dumai area. 5. EPC Pager GS (Gathering Station) Upgrade Stage 1 & 2; Scope: Subcontracting and EPC phase. Consists of multi discipline works (earthwork, civil & steel structure, mechanical i.e 3 units pressure vessel, 3 units tank/pump system, E & I, and commissioning) to upgrade Pager Gathering Station facilities. 6. EPC Balam South GS and Pager Tank Upgrade; Scope: Subcontracting and EPC phase. Consists of multi discipline works (earthwork, civil, mechanical, piping, E & I). Equipment installed i.e new shipping & wash tank (56,000 bbls) at Balam and 3 units of shipping/wash/skimming tanks at Pager, complete with piping, pump system, electrical/instrument connecting to existing. 7. EPC Pager GS Upgrade Remediation Stage; Scope: Subcontracting and EPC phase. Consists of existing demolition, earthwork, civil, mechanical (new gas boot, gas scrubber, liquid drum, vent stack), pump system, piping, E & I work, and commmissioning work. 8. EPC Kotabatak GS Tank Repair and Alteration; Scope: develop owner estimation process. Consists of repair and alteration 3 units wash tank including new concrete foundation, replacing water leg system with control system. Execution phase on CPI direction. 9. Temporary Meter Facility at 4 units Test Station; Scope: Subcontracting and execution phase which are the fabrication and installation work and temporary system to acquires data of gases content at 4 units test station in Area-10 10.Various Local Companies Partner; Scope: subcontracting phase. Indicated small procurement and construction projects into Heavy Oil by utilizing local company through tender process.

3. PT. Mitra Prana Abadi Sentosa - Jakarta

Position : Project Manager (22-Jun-04 till to 28-Feb-05) Project : Pressure Vessels Repair and Certification Project Riau, Indonesia Client : PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Role & Responsibility: - Report to President Director - Manage project performance in according with contract scope. - Implement CPIs Procedures & Specifications and applicable code and standard. - Check and review internal work procedures. - Make sure that all documentation required and WPS/PQR and Welder are completed and meet specification/code/MIGAS. - Make sure the repair engineering comply with applicable Code/Standard and with Client approval. - Coordinate with Third Party in order to accommodate MIGAS involvement for certification and make sure all preparation, documentation, communication, and inspection are well prepared and properly satisfy as required. - Coordinate with Client in order to cover working inside each Gathering Station, emergency response, equipment traffic inside, and make sure no waste material and oil abandoned. This waste is delivered to designated location.

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CV _Julius T P Silalahi
Make sure the procurement status is comply with specification and on time in delivery. To make sure that all resources such manpower (labor) is skill, and equipment is meet requirement. Ensure the Execution is following with QC Plan and applicable standard and code (ASME VIII Div. 1, API 510, ASME IX), coating. Sub-ordinates: Site Coordinator (1), QC Inspector (1), HES Inspector (1), PCE (1), Supervisors (2).

5. PT. Dinasty Masa Bangkit, PT. Gugun Artha Natama

Position : Site Manager (18-Nov-01 till to July-03) Project : Earthwork DSF Area 11 Riau, Sumatera, Indonesia Contractor : PT. Truba Riau Mandiri Engineering, PT. Punj Lloyd Indonesia Client : PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Role & Responsibility: - Report to Director as joint business partner - Responsible to manage overall project performance including resources in achieving company goals. - Responsible to develop budget and schedule, weekly and monthly project report - Check and review internal work procedures for construction. - Ensure project performance comply with engineering and related Procedures and Specifications. - Make sure the Quality performance such soil test, density testing, etc are accepted. Sub-ordinates: Civil Supervisors (2), Mechanic Supervisor (1), QC Inspector (1), HES Coordinator (1), General Affair Officer (1) Construction Phase: loading, transport, backfill, compaction and testing of well pads, road and location, and Test Plant. Equipment provided i.e. excavator, 10 wheels dump truck (60 units), bulldozer, sheep-foot and vibro-compactor, smooth roller, motor grader, and supporting by surveyor team.

6. PT. Truba Riau Mandiri Engineering

Position : Site Coordinator (11-June-01 till to 12-Nov-01) Client : PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Role & Responsibility: - Responsible to manage 2 packages of construction project and 1 of chemical supplying. - Acting project control representative during pipeline project. - Responsible to prepare, manage and review: project performance, manpower, material, tools & equipment, temporary facilities, subcontractor and dealing with local authorities. - Responsible to coordinate staff and subcontractor/vendor in implementation of specification and procedure, HES Plan, and Quality Plan. - Carry out coordination with third parties (independent Inspection). - Responsible in budgeting, scheduling, develop weekly and monthly project report to PT. CPI and PT. TRME. - Sub ordinates: 4 nos Site Supervisors, 1 no Civil Engineer, 1 no QA/QC Engineer, 1 no HES Officer, 1 no Personnel & Admin Officer, 1 no Material Handling Officer, 1 no Warehousing Officer, approx. 200 nos Labors Project completed and ongoing (after resignation) 24 Main Steam Line From Area 3 to Area 4/5 Duri Steam Flood (completed)

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CV _Julius T P Silalahi
Kota Batak Gathering Station Tanks (scope: fabrication and installation 2 nos wash tank and 1 no shipping tank) (completed) Procurement and Stocking Barrite Chemical (vendor stocking 2 years to CPI) ongoing

7. PT. Truba Jurong Engineering - Jakarta

Position : Mechanical Engineer (30-Sept-96 until 30-Jun-00) Role & Responsibility: Project assignment: 1. Optimation II Baturaja Cement Plant (1999-2000) South Sumatera; Scope: Expansion with build new completed cement plant package with responsibility into construction package both mechanical & steel structural works. - As Fabrication Engineer report to Deputy Site Manager. - Responsible to execution of mechanical fabrication (2300 tons-weight) both static and local manufacture part & casing of rotating equipment including machine precision work, steel structure fabrication (3500 tons-weight). All fabricated material until painted finish. - Prepare Bill of Material and Material Take Off for Procurement data to purchase. Coordinate with Procurement to make sure the material is refer to specification/properties and met the size required. - Coordinate the drafting team produces shop drawing and cutting plan. Strick to manage material utilization efficiently to minimize unexpected waste/scrap. - Ensure the cutting, bending, rolling, fit-up up to welding process within tolerance after assembly. - Advise and support installation team for assembling method and process during installation - Sub-ordinate: 5 nos Supervisors, Painting Inspector, Painting Subcontractor, approx. 250 nos labors 2. North Duri Cogeneration Steam Power Plant (1999) Amoseas, Riau; Scope: Construction package of new cogeneration steam power plant consists of civil, mechanical, electrical, instrument, pre-commissioning and assist commissioning works. - As Project Engineer report to Project Manager - Involve in cost estimation, bid document prepation and contracting phase. - Coordinate and interfacing all department during project preparation including organization and staffing getting efficiency, effective and clear responsibilities. - Coordinate other department in preparation all necessary resources (tool, equipment, material, etc) and deliver to project location. - Involve in project control plan and monitoring for detail budgetary, cash flow, project schedule, progress tracking and S-Curve associated with company goals and target. - Daily communicate with project team for update and review project performance and report the status to Project Manager. - Close communication and coordination with Procurement team and its Vendor for completion and delivery project stuff and supplying through a proper term from Purchase Order until arrive at site. 3. Optimation Urea Plant Pupuk Kaltim (1998) East Kalimantan; Scope: Construction and support Commissioning package consists completion in area of desalination system, chlorination system, utility system, granulation system, turbine & compressor package with detail of mechanical (static/rotating), piping, instrument, electrical, steel structural, and fabrication/painting. - As Mechanical Engineer report to Construction Manager

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CV _Julius T P Silalahi
Responsible to installation and testing static and rotating equipment, precommissioning, and assist commissioning. Ensure survey coordinate suit to the design, rotating pre-alignment until final alignment after piping re-instate follows Client specification within tolerance and instruction manual. Piping alignment to machinery without stress. Pre-commission the rotating equipment by un-couple motor testing through check vibration/temperature/RPM, electrical/instrument functional running. Pre-commissioning by hydrostatic testing of piping system including flushing/chemical cleaning/drying/purging comply with specification. Assist commissioning for full system functional test. Responsible to manage and supervise painting activity for piping, static equipment, and steel structure until final coat after installation. Sub-ordinate: 2 nos Mechanical Supervisors, 1 nos Mechanical Inspector, Painting Subcontractor, and approx. 70 nos labors.

4. Indarung V Cement Plant Padang (1996-1998) West Sumatera; Scope: Construction and support commissioning package consists of fabrication, installation in area of package such interconnecting belt conveyors, sets of apron conveyors/vertical bucket elevators, Pre-heater, Clinker, CF Silo, Cement Mill, Raw Mill, Cooler, Electric Precipitator, and Kiln. - As Mechanical Engineer report to Site Manager. - Act Project Control during preparation stage for 3 month. - Responsible to fabrication, installation and testing of mechanical work (static and rotating), piping, and steel structure. The fabrication was included machining precise part of local manufacture. - Prepare Bill of Material and Material Take Off, and interface with procurement to make sure material properties and size follows specification. - Coordinate the drafting team produces shop drawing and cutting plan. Strick to manage material utilization to minimize un-expected waste/scrap. - Ensure the cutting/shearing, drilling, bending, rolling, fit-up, welding process within tolerance including its pre-assembly. - Responsible to manage and supervise painting activity. - Ensure survey coordinate suit to the design, rotating pre-alignment until final alignment after piping re-instate follows Client specification within tolerance and instruction manual. Piping alignment to machinery without stress. - Assist commissioning for full system function test. - Sub-ordinate: 3 nos fabrication/Erection Supervisors, Painting Subcontractor, 80 nos Labors Back Office Activities to support project execution: Project Execution - Identify and get client approval for change order and additional work. - Breakdown to detail schedule, and provide weekly and construction report within responsibility area. - Align with Project Control department to control and manage the works according to progress tracking plan/S-Curve, and submit feedback for improvement. - Interface with other respective department to successing works and the completion meet the project schedule and other Key Performance Indicators. - Ensure such report from Supervisor is well documented consists detail completed work information and its progress. - Ensure the record and report of technical data installation and testing including mark up status are well documented. Business Objectives & Leadership Activities Maintain dedicated budgets through controlling manpower utlization (effective & efficient), cost, material requisition and usage, tools/consumables efficiency,

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CV _Julius T P Silalahi
and equipment utilization. Take necessary strategic plan and implementation to align with Project Control Plan. Maintain and disseminate knowledge of business processes with train Supervision level with specification and procedures interpretation, and for Labors with work practice method and Standard Operating Procedure, drawing interpretation, safety and quality related. Align with all functional counter parts, and Company goals objectives. Recognize and award every individual or team for good performance achieving and significant contribution to progress/cost efficiency.

TELADAN Award (for demonstrating a good coordination, supervision and show a good example of safety behavior) / by Chevron Indonesia/2007 Professional certification: Inspektur Tanki Penimbun (MIGAS Tank Inspector); Cert No: 141/ITP/MIGAS/2005 (Private Member)/The Goverment of Indonesian Oil & Gas Dept/2006 Safety In Design/Chevron Indonesia/2005 Fundamental Safe Working Practice/Chevron Indonesia/2005 ISO 9001:2000 (seminar)/RWTUV/2003 Project Management Practice (training)/Truba Jurong Engg/2000 Total Quality Management System (QMS)/Truba Juorng Engg/1997 Award from President Director for Contribution into The Best performance Project Team year 1997/Truba Jurong Team Audit Management

Resumed by, Julius T P Silalahi

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