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Week of August 14-20

Welcome With school getting ready to start back up again, be sure to recognize all the school-aged kids in your group. Let them share what theyre excited about this school year. Make a BIG deal about them & express your support. Opening Prayer Be sure to recognize any guests who may be in attendance. Ask one of the older kids in your HG (in private) if they will open up your HG tonight in prayer. Involve the younger generation in the life of your HG as often as you can.

Become (Spiritual Disciplines, Care) // Pick at least one from each category to use in leading your group
Suggestions for Family Time A) When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That means that we should persevere & be faithful to the task...keep going, dont quit...even when its a very hard thing to do. God wants us to be faithful to Him even when its hard. Why is it hard to live for God sometimes? (ex. when your friends dont do right; you get lazy; you dont spend time with God, etc.). Read Hebrews 12:1-3 & talk about how Jesus persevered & was faithful to God even when it got tough. B) Memorize the Core Comp creed for Faithfulness: I have established a good name with God & with others based on my long-term loyalty to those relationships. To be loyal means giving or showing firm & constant support or allegiance to a person or institution. How do you show faithfulness/loyalty to God? (Ex., praying, giving, telling others about Jesus, going to church & Home Group, etc.) Suggestions for Kids Time A) How would you feel if you were playing in the hot sun for hours, but you knew the ice cream truck was on its way? Youd be okay, right? You can put up with the heat knowing that relief is on the way. Well, we believe that Jesus is going to come back to earth someday to set up His kingdom. Even though it may be difficult to live faithfully for God, knowing that He is coming back helps us to persevere. Read James 5:7-11 & emphasize verse 11. How great is heaven going to be? B) Put a puzzle together...almost. Get close to the end & then quit just before you finish. Play Red Light, Green Light, but quit the game before a child gets to the finish line. Talk about what it means to persevere till the end. Quitting a game before the end is frustrating, isnt it? Sometimes things will be very hard for us to do, but why is it important to persevere to the end? Talk about the Core Comp for Faithfulness: Sticking with God, no matter what, makes me a winner. Suggestions for Adult Time A) Paul persevered in his walk with God despite great opposition & persecution. Read II Corinthians 11:24-29. Also, read Acts 5:17-42. How crazy is that?! These Christians rejoiced to suffer for Jesus! How could this be true? What would it take for us to have the attitudewe will live for God no matter what the cost? B) Find a copy of the book Jesus Freaks by dc TALK (your Christian bookstore should have a copy). Read some stories of believers who faced great persecution (& often death) for their faith. How does hearing these stories affect you? Suggestions for Prayer Time A) Pray for Christians around the world who suffer greatly for their faith...modern day martyrs. Pray for them to persevere but also pray for their persecutors, that they would be saved! (Refer to for facts & stats.) B) Pray for those is your group who are facing great challenges & trials in their lives. Pray that they would remain faithful to God & persevere no matter what they face. Read Hebrews 12:1-3 again & praise the name of Jesus Christ!

Beyond (Evangelism, Recreation, Volunteerism, Extending Compassion, International Missions)

Community Calendar Most schools will be starting back up again this month. Talk with your HG or your CG about having a Prayer Night for your childrens schools. Pray for your kids to stand out for Christ. You might even prayer walk around their campus. Church Calendar Did you know that PBC has its own smart phone app? Go to your online app store & download it today. Search Pantego Bible Church & there it is! What a great way to stay connected to the ministries of our church & share with friends!