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RE: Interim Response (Florida senator Marco Rubio )

From: Sent: To: Cc: elMayo elMayo ( Tuesday, August 09, 2011 4:30:24 PM;; (; (;;;;; (;; (; (; (;; (; (; (;; (; (; (;;; Gitte Toldsted ( 1 attachment FBIMiamiAnswer.pdf (73.7 KB)

Answer to the corrupt FBI-MIAMI.

Your officer named BRIAN located in the USA embassy knew about my case before Barack Obama came here to Denmark on October 2, 2009 and December 18, 2009.

You were reported and recorded in the Washington-Field office about my case. Listen the tape recording in YOUTUBE:

This is the Indictment against ROBERT S. MUELLER III, Director of FBI that you are hiding. ROBERT S. MUELLER III has to explain in front a judicial court and in front the USA Congress how he knew about my case of torture here in Denmark and what inspired him to conspire to silence it.

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8/9/11 4:46 PM

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You know perfectly that to change an address from a person without his concern as the MIAMI DADE ELECTION DEPARTMENT is doing without my approval is a Federal crime violation, a case to immediately investigate and bring the corrupts in front the Justice for you the FBI . You know that you are jeopardizing my Constitutional rights to vote when your conspire to hide this crime.

You want to change me in the background without my approval to delete me as USA citizen, because in Hialeah where is my address, it is obligation to LINCOLN and MARIO DIAZ BALART to protect me as USA citizen.

This is my accusation against LINCOLN DIAZ BALART.

This is the extradition to USA to NICOLAI CEDESRKJOLD, ANDERS BITSCH and JENS RASMUSSEN that you the FBI are hiding and not prosecuting because they are racist Danish policemen. You, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and the QUEEN OF DENMARK MARGRETHE II, all of you know about this.

But I will make all the possible and the impossible for the whole World knows the MAFIA job style that you have been doing there against your own USA citizen. You are the real MAFIA, you are the real TERRORIST against your own citizen. You knew, you silence, your obstructed the law!!!

You are not going to silence me. Give your face mother-fucker as I am giving to you. Cowards!!! Give your name, rank and all your crap, because you have been knowing about me for long five years.

You are there stealing the USA citizen money, the taxpayers, you owe me protection as USA

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8/9/11 4:46 PM

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citizen mother-fucker, I pay your fucking salary, your fucking bill with my taxes CORRUPTS!!! Keep this email to your fucking records FBI because I will call this email in front a USA court as evidence of you continuous corruption, knowledge and conspiracy silencing with these mother-fucker racists Danish policemen that tortured me with the help of the USA embassy and your official Brian there.

How could you explain in front a USA court that you did not know about my case in all these years? What kind of job is what you the FBI do there? The same kind of job when you could not see in front your eyes the swap of the Libyan prisoner (Lockerbie-Panam) from Scotland prison to Libya and Robert S. Mueller called the mockery of justice?

My case of torture was happing in front your own face FBI, in the same local where it is your office inside the USA embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The two times that BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA came here to visit Denmark and the PET came also to my home the exactly same days here to harass me, and wire taping my home phone, it was with your cooperation FBI. This fucking RACIST SUTUPID-PET does not have COJONES to act by they alone, you FBI were notified and you coordinated together to harass me. Your officer BRIAN and JEFF HOWARD has to do with it. The PET are too cowards to act against a USA citizen without your approval FBI.

IF you FBI and all USA officials inside the State Department that collaborate with it, because you have been silencing this for FIVE LONG years, and you keep letting me without options. If you do not protect me immediately as USA citizen and give my case numbers of every one of 26 accusations in hands of ERIC HOLDER, PAM BONDI and JOHN MCCAIN.

I will ask FIDEL CASTRO RUZ to protect me in USA denouncing publicly your coward and racist CORRUPTION inside the USA government.

I will ask the same person from who you protected me in The United Sates of America under the CUBAN ADJUSTMENT ACT (1963), for exactly the crimes that has been committed today against me here in Denmark with your approval FBI. Torture, kidnapping,

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8/9/11 4:46 PM

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lack of judicial guarantees, hiding evidences in court, USA officials corrupts, exactly the same you have been criticizing always about CUBA.

You the FBI are conspiring to violate my CIVIL RIGHTS. It is suppose that the CIVIL RIGHTS are in your hands to guarantee protection to American people, not to use agaisnt American people, but obviously except the USA citizen Negro-Latino Mario Herrera. I am convinced that If I were a Jews you will be FBI sucking my dick up and down and will be receiving privileges over other USA citizens as is the case of ALAN P. GROSS in Cuba, that you knew perfectly was there with illegal visa inside CUBA.

I was never a criminal in my all life. Clean record, CLEAN! You only silence a crime made with me now, because it is about DENMARK your good obedient dog.

You know that I have been prosecuted and sentenced to prison here in Denmark for this phony-clown Danish court, for the only reason to exercise my FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. You know it perfectly better that everybody else. If this mother fucker racist supremacist Danish authorities take me to prison you are the DIRECT accomplish and responsible. This is happening thanks to you FBI.

This is the video I took in the court with this STUPID-CLOWN judge in Denmark H. S. KRISTOFFERSEN, which I want to extradite as well to USA to prosecute for violate my First Amendment of USA Constitution. In this video you can see that NOBODY from the USA embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark made presence despite my legal warning to LAURIE S. FULTON.

Your FBI were racist abusers when you extradited the simple woman CAMILLA BROE to USA, to my own city MIAMI, and make her pay six months in prison there. And now you are in silence in front this racist Danish policemen NICOAI CEDERSKJOLD, ANDERS BITSCH and JENS RASMUSSEN.

New proof and evidences are on the way, new tape recordings will be public.

You are cooperating with racist, supremacist Danish policemen against your own citizen on

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8/9/11 4:46 PM

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torture, cooperating with a foreigner country. Because not matter what, not matter how, sooner or later it will be need to explain what you the FBI allowed on November 1, 2006 two stupid racist Danish policemen torture a USA citizen and what is the role that you have been playing on it.

Marks my words. Never forget that what you exactly are hiding what happen to me here in Denmark is exactly what you have been always criticizing from Cuba.

It is my will that you FBI pass this email to Florida senator MARCO RUBIO and to Florida governor RICK SCOTT.

This email will be published as evidence of your knowledge about my case and corruption from you FBI in all these five long years.

Don't even think about it that I am going to be in silence. Whatsoever happen to me or my family it is with your direct accomplishment FBI.

MARIO HERRERA USA citizen. SS. 595-93-0602 USA passport: 047884147 Tel. +45 2929 5209. Hjortevej 2. Horsens. 8700. Denmark.

From: To: Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 06:57:43 -0400 Subject: RE: Interim Response (Florida senator Marco Rubio )

Unfortunately, after further review in regards to your complaint, no violation within the

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8/9/11 4:46 PM

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investigative jurisdiction of the FBI was identified; therefore, we are unable to assist you with your complaint/inquiry.

FBI Miami

From: elMayo elMayo [] Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2011 5:18 AM To: Washington Field; Miami Cc:;;;; Vaterland1; ANSA IT; ElPais;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Gitte Toldsted Subject: FW: Interim Response (Florida senator Marco Rubio )

To Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): This is my open letter sent to Florida senator Marco Rubio last 8/6/11 7:30 PM and my report with copy to you. I want this email will be presented to court at the time all those USA officials criminal that conspired to deprive my rights inside USA State Department and FBI.

See below receipt from the Florida senator web-form.

Mario Herrera.

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8/9/11 4:46 PM

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From: To: Subject: Interim Response Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 13:34:12 -0400 Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I have received your message and I welcome the opportunity to address your concerns. As you await a response, please know that our office is working towards best serving the state of Florida. I appreciate hearing your views, and I understand how important these issues are to you. Please expect my response in the near future. In an effort to serve you better, please do not duplicate e-mails into the web-form, as it may serve to delay the response to your concerns. If you need immediate assistance with a federal agency, please call (866) 630-7106 toll-free in Florida. You may also contact the Orlando regional office at (407) 254-2573 or the Miami regional office at (305) 418-8553. Please do not mail correspondence to the Washington DC Office as it will delay the response to your request for assistance

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8/9/11 4:46 PM