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Shaikh Jalilu Issah

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

English Transliteration

[002. 006 Inna allatheena kafaroo sawaon AAalayhim aanthartahum am lam tunthirhum
la yu/minoona
[002.007 Khatama Allahu AAala quloobihim waAAala samAAihim waAAala absarihim
ghishawatun walahum AAathabun Aaatheemun]


[002.006 Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you warn them or
do not warn them, they will not believe.]
[002.007 Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes there
is a covering. Theirs will be a great torment.]


After Allah Subhana-Wa-Ta’aala has mentioned five important things, the first one is
belief in unseen, and the second one is our relation with Allah Subhana-Wa-Ta’aala. A
salat is a connection between a servant and his Lord. Third thing Allah mentioned the
Shaikh Jalilu Issah

belief in all the prophets. The fourth is the books what Allah gave them. And the fifth is
the belief in the Day of Judgment. After He mentions of these things Allah told about the
people who are entirely opposite. The opposites are the opponents – the disbelievers.
Allah says indeed those disbelieve. The word Inna in
Arabic language is translated as indeed. In Arabic if you are talking to someone who
does not have any doubt about anything, you don’t have to speak the word Inna. Inna
comes in the sentence to take away the doubt of the person you are talking to. For
example he is talking to a man and telling him that someone is coming. And the person
you are talking to about the person, and if he has any doubt, then in order to take away
the doubt he would say Inna. It would be used to give emphasis that really a truth is
being conveyed. And if there is no doubt in the speech as the person you are talking to
and if he has no doubt in what you are telling him, no Inna would come. So Inna comes
when there is some kind of doubt.
Allah also uses the word Inna to take away the doubt if they have. That’s why He
says that indeed those who disbelieve. And then He says
what is the meaning of Kafir? Did you ever think about it?
Before Islam when the Arab used to say the word Kafir they had different meaning of it.
Kafir is also used to convey the meanings of Al Kufer. It also means to open a piece of
land and to put something in it and then cover it. It was also a meaning of Kafir. Or to
open something and put something in and cover. Now we discuss very important point to
make the picture clear. Every single person before he was born he had a belief that Allah
is great. Before coming to this word it was acknowledged by us that our Lord is Allah.
That’s why Allah said in Surah Yasin
during I take your commitment from you all
the sons of Adam that you would not worship any one but Me. So when a man comes in
this world and when he changes his Lord and puts something else in his heart and covers
it with his wrong notion of belief that he is right. Then such kind of person is called
There is some kind of similarity. That he digs a piece of land and puts in it
something and then covers it. The heart is also a piece of land then the disbeliever puts
wrong concepts in it and then covers it. There remains no difference in it. They both are
the same. And the Kafir makes a whole in his heart and covers it with wrong thoughts.
So both actions are Kufr. The doer of it would be called Kafir. Allah says
that indeed those who disbelieve – Allah says for them

the people who reject the

truth it is the same that whether you warn them or not, they would not believe in what
you are telling them. Then Allah says If I call to them it is
the same if you warn them. These people are different.
Shaikh Jalilu Issah
There are two types of people. Some people warn and tell others about the right and
wrong path. Some people take the warning but don’t act upon it.

The same thing also takes place in our daily routine life. We tell our children and
students about the right path. Some accept and really act on the advices what are given to
them. But some accept it but don’t act on them. Though they know that there is some
kind of loss or risk or danger in it. But despite the fact they don’t bother to act on it.
Allah is telling us again and again that the people whose hearts have become
stone they never change. They never pay attention to the advice. And they never mold
their minds to the advices of the mounmins and they never feel fright that what Allah is
saying them. So they always try to cheat others and Allah. But Allah says that actually
they are cheating themselves. Nothing is going of others. And the severe punishment is
waiting for them in the hell.
Allah created intelligent life and this life has been given a system owing to which
their errors and the effects of sins remove. They get a new life and new way to work for
the sake of Allah. Because, their hearts are not covered with. Allah gives a chance to
every human being to accept and analyze the truth. This is a great blessing of Allah on
us. Just imagine had there been not a system what Allah likes, what would have been the
concept of human life here? There would have been no reconciliation, no forgiveness, no
justice, no compensation, no remorse or compunction et al. This is the pattern of life of
the human being. Because through this way a human being has to achieve the fine holy
merits of the holy Quran. And through it the human life has to bring a change in its life
for the progress and improvement. Through this we can fully understand Allah and His
blessings. Though it we recognize the holy lives of the Ahlul Bayt and holy Imams.
Allah helps those who help themselves. Allah sends knowledge to them who desire to
seek it. So if the people have covered their hearts and minds not to let the light of holy
Quran enter then Allah doubles the darkness in their hearts, This is the punishment on

So the people who do not use the organs of their intellect Allah attribute them like
deaf, dumb, and blind. They are blind to the wisdom. They turn a deaf ear to the wisdom
of holy Quran. They remain dumb to speak intelligent affairs of life in accordance with
the holy Quran.
Some people are happy. They follow the instructions of Allah Subhana-Wa-
Ta’aala and obey the commands of Allah in true letter. This group of people would go to
paradise. And other group of the people is for the fires of hell. These people sell their
hereafter for the mortal world. Before we proceed ahead just have a bird’s eye view
about different schools of thought that what they say of what. One group says that
humans have been born with no choice to them. They are bound to do what they deem fit
according to their own desires. So what actions a man does, it is approved and endorsed
by Allah Subhana-Wa-Ta’aala. This kind of group is called Al Jabriya.
Other is Al Muqawaa. They say that human beings have been given what they
want and Allah can not stop what humans may do. And Allah does have no concern what
humans may expect to do in practical life.
Shaikh Jalilu Issah
There is one more school of thought called Al Jaferia or Isna Ashria. These are
the followers of Ahlul Bayt. Imam Jaffer Saddiqu said a man has his own choice. Either
to select a sinful path, or to go on a right path of siraate-e-mustaqeem. It depends on us
to choose what we like for this world or for the hereafter.

In this case Allah is not responsible what we do. Allah told us and gave us the
holy Book. We have the holy family. We have the lives of holy twelve Imams. We have
the life of Imam Ali (AS). Then we have to choose and select the way. We are directly
responsible for our heavens and hells.
Its further dimensions would be discussed in next coming session Inshallah!