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Carrom Rules

1. Qualifiers will be played as singles matchups, while the main draw will hold only doubles with regard to the gender combination of the players 2. Except the final of the main draw, which is a best of three games match, rest will be single game matches 3. Toss will decide who gets to start first 4. Whichever team calls correctly at the toss, gets to decide if they would strike first or second
5. Team striking first will get to pocket white pieces and black pieces will be for

the other team

6. Two players from each of the four teams supposedly selected through

qualifiers will get to play in the semis and final of the main draw
7. Semis will be in knockout format, while it will be a best of three finals

8. Players from the same team will sit opposite to each other
9. Follow the rules for arranging the pieces; arrange the Carrom men on the

centre circle of the Carrom board, with the red queen at centre. The white should be arranged in such a way as to form "Y" shape with two sides aiming directly towards corner pockets.
10. Each player sits on his side and can strike from that side only 11. When placing the striker on the board to strike, it should touch both the

baselines or on end circle covering it completely, or not touching it at all. The striker should not touch the diagonal arrow.
12. Striking style depends on individual comfort, which ever grip is comfortable is

fine as long as you flick the striker and dont push it. For forward shots, you can either use your index finger, middle finger or scissors shot.
13. No back shots, using thumb or any other finger, are allowed. To strike pieces at

the back (behind the baseline) only rebound shots can be used. 14.Pieces on arrows that are on the side of the striker cannot be struck directly 15.Opponents last piece left on the board cannot be struck directly

16.If you pocket the opponents last piece left on the board with the red queen still left then you lose the match 17.If you sink your last piece before the queen, you lose the board 18.If you pocket any of the opponents pieces, it stays pocketed, while you lose your turn
19. Except your hand, any other part of body should not cross the imaginary

diagonal line along the corners of the Carrom board. Also make sure that only your wrist touches the board.
20. While shooting for the queen, if you also sink one of your Carrom men in the

same shot, the queen is automatically covered, no matter which went first.
21. The red queen can be pocketed after sinking the first piece but before your

last one. After pocketing the queen, you must sink any of your Carrom men, covering it in the next shot, or else queen will be returned back to the center point of the board.
22. Once the queen is covered, who ever clears all their Carrom men first wins the

23. If a team pockets the red queen, they get five points. If they also clear the

board first, then they get additional one point for each of the opponent pieces remaining on the board. 24.If your team clears the board first, but loses the red queen to the opponent, you still get points for each of the opponent pieces left on the board
25. A game consists of only one board i.e. clearing of all their pieces by one of the

26. Sinking the striker costs you one piece and one turn. If you sink any of the

Carrom men in the same shot then you shoot again after turning in a piece at the center as penalty. 27.After sinking the striker, your opponent places the due piece(s) within the center circle. If you haven't sunk one yet, you owe one. 28.If a piece jumps off the board, it is placed on the center spot. If pieces land on their circumference or are overlapping, they are left that way.

29.If the center spot is partially covered when replacing the queen or a jumped piece, the piece should cover as much red as possible. If totally covered, the piece is placed opposite the next player behind the red spot.
30. If the striker moves but does not leave both the base lines on your attempt to

strike, you will retain your turn.

31. On your attempt to strike, if the striker leaves at least one of the baselines it

gets counted as a shot, though it may not have touched any of the pieces. 32.You cannot move your sitting position or move your chair to suit the angle of the shot that you are attempting
33. All discrepancies not covered by this set of rules will be settled through

consensus among the Carrom organizers xxxxxxx