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This is for level 11-20 as a Guyver

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Base Attack Bonus +0 +1 +2 +3 +3 +4 +5 +6/+1 +6/+1 +7/+2 +8/+3 +9/+4 +9/+4 +10/+5 +11/+6/+1 +12/+7/+2 +12/+7/+2 +13/+8/+3 +14/+9/+4 +15/+10/+5

Fort Save +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +10 +10 +11 +11 +12

Ref Save +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6

Will Special Save Mega Smasher 1d10X5+5, Vibrational -Swords, +0 Telepathy +0 Uncanny Doge +1 Head Beam, Gravity orb: Lvl 1 +1 Mega Smasher 2d10X5+5 +1 Sonic Buster, Gravity orb: Lvl 2 +2 Uncanny Dodge +2 Mega Smasher 3d10X5+5 +2 Gravity orb: Lvl 3 +3 Power Punch +3 Mega Smasher 4d10X5+5 +3 Mega Smasher 5d10X5+5 +4 +4 Gigantic Transformation +4 +5 Mega Smasher cost no longer goes up +5 +5 Mega Smasher cost 10% less +6 +6 +6 Mega Smasher cost 20% less Mega Smasher Cost 30% less

Guyver form Armor ClassGuyver Form Base Attack Bonus Bonus +4 +3/+0 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +8 +9 +9 +9 +10 +10 +10 +3/+1 +4/+1 +4/+1 +5/+1 +5/+2 +6/+2 +7/+2/+1 +7/+2/+1 +7/+3/+1 +8/+3/+1 +8/+3/+2 +9/+3/+2 +9/+4/+2 +10/+4/+2 +10/+4/+3 +11/+4/+3/+1 +11/+5/+3/+1 +12/+5/+3/+1 +12/+5/+4/+1

Hit Dice: 1d10 per level. +5 HP per level (like when barbarian rages) while in the Guyver form only. Energy Reserves: The guyver uses its host bio energy. The hosts energy is equal to one point of energy for every two points of HP in Guyver form. They regains two points of energy per level for every hour when not in Guyver form. Class Skills: In truth this class only provides a few skills: Intimidate (CHA); Jump (STR); Survival (WIS); Tumble (DEX); Spot (Wis.). Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4+ Int modifier. Class Features: Starting Feats: A Guyver starts with these following feats: Exotic Weapon (SonicSwords), Zero-G Combat. Genetic Mutation: The host is no longer considered human (Only while in Guyver form). A simple genetic scan will revile the symbiot in his/her body, but it can not be discerned as to what it is. The only outward singes of having bonding with the Guyver symbiot are two tumors like growths on the back of the neck. These growths are small at about half an inch to 1 inch in size, but they do not grow any larger and give off no actual indications of being cancerous in anyway. The character in or out of their Guyver form now has Telepathy, only their telepathy is natural and entire conversations can be carried. Normal only Guyvers communicate with other Guyvers. Guyver Transformation: The act of transforming into the Guyver requires only a single thought, or some people have a word or short fraise that they say to help them mentally trigger the transformation. Transforming requires a Willpower check to be made, the DC is 15. If the check is made then the user transforms into their alternate self, if the check is failed, they are unable to focus enough on the task of activating it. The DC can be enhanced upon by different factors like the character being under a great deal of mental or emotional stress will increase the DC of the check from an additional 1-5 points. When transforming the Guyver can pay 25% of his max Energy to heal 25% of his HP (limit max hp). The act of transforming summons a Blast Shield an Omni directional bubble of hyper space energy around them that does 1d20 per level to everything in a 1' radios.

Once transformed the character under go some unique changes besides that of their appearance. First off their STR, DEX, and CON increase by 4 points each. Next their base speed while moving and not attacking is tripled, also if they run all out then their speed is x5 . Their range of sight is doubled, they can see in the dark or in total darkness (Darkvision). The armor also acts as a sort of environmental suit and allows them to traverse and survive in any hostile environment from a gas filled room to the blackness of space. Extreme heat and cold (Giving them Fire and Cold resistance 25+1/Guyver levels) will still harm the Guyver, but gases and liquids do not harm the Guyver and they can remain in the environment for an unspecified amount of time since it is believed that the armor produces oxygen for the host while they are in an environment that is harmful to breath in or has no air. The Guyvers AC bonus is added to the normal AC, but only while in Guyver form. Of course the Guyvers special weapons/powers can only be used while in the Guyver form. The Guyvers above listed defense bonus is basically the Guyvers AC rating bonus while in the transformed state. In the transformed state the Guyver is tuff enough that physical attacks form individuals with a STR (only if the Str would help do more damage) of 15 or less damage. Ranged weapons that fall under the primitive category do no damage all other weapons do full damage (Damage Reduction 15/ adamantine). With Energy the character gets to make use of the boost in Energy for being a Guyver both in and out of the Guyver form. However the character can not begin to regain lost Energy points until they have assumed their normal human form again. The Guyver can regenerate lost or destroyed body parts while in the Guyver form only, if the host looses a body part and then transforms they will instantly regain it, but will need to remain in the form for a specific time while the Guyver regenerates the severed, or missing limb. The Guyver regenerates at a rate of 1 inch per 2 minutes. Also the Guyver heals damage done to it or its host. They regenerate any lost HP at a rate of 1 per level per 2 round. The character can not exit out of the Guyver form until they would have total HP or max . Hyper Sensors: While in the Guyver form the character is vastly aware of their surroundings. At any time the character can use their sensors to detect motion, or life forces around them. A Will check, (DC 15) is needed to concentrate on the task. The DC increases depending on the situation and the number of distractions, like being in combat would boost the DC to 20 depending on the fierocity of combat. Alternatively the GM can control this function, at one point the Guyver may not sense anything, but then suddenly they detect motion off to their right. Unfortunently the Guyver can't detect specific actions, only positions, movement and life signs. Essentially at anytime it provides a +6 to Spot and Listen checks so long as the character is in their Guyver form. Powers/Weapons All of the character weapons are what are called bio-weapons. An individual bio-energy or Energy powers these weapons in the game. If the character expends all of their Energy points they will automatically revert back to their human form, unless they are in an unsafe environment in which case the character looses consciousness and the Guyver kicks in its auto-defenses and makes every effort to get its host out of the area, and deactivate. Energy is not regained until the host regains consciousness. Mega Smasher: The Mega Smasher is possibly one of the most devastating weapons ever seen. The Mega Smasher is comprised of 2 cannons and is designed to effect a specific area and up to a sustain range away from the Guyver. The cannons can be fired either together or separately. The cannons are located under the chest panels, and are considered a last resort weapon due to their immense power. As the character goes up in level as a Guyver the power of the Mega-Smasher also increases. Attacks made with this are considered full actions regardless of how many cannons were fired. Fire Arc: Front, has a beam width of 12 ft for both cannons or 6ft for 1 cannon. Attack Bonus: +2 to hit due to the size of the blast and how quickly it fires. Damage: 1d10x5+5, gains an additional 1d10 at levels 4, 7, and 10. This weapon is an atomizing weapon that effectively ignores hardness ratings, cutes DR in half and cutes Regeneration in half for a day. Damages everything in that pat the same as it does not stop when it hits.Range: 1 mile per level (always max range)Energy Point Cost: 5 per cannon, the cost increases by 3 every level of advancement in the Guyver class. For both cannons the cost would be 10 plus 6 per level of advancement in the Guyver class. Vibrational Swords: The sonic swords are 2-4 small blades that extend out from the forearms. Normally these achward weapons would incur a penalty for employing them since they are exotic weapons, but with them comes an innate knowledge on how to employ them properly. Role a 1d4. 1-2 means that you have 2 vibrational swords (one on each arm), 3-4 means that you have 4 vibrational swords (2 on each arm). Damage: 2d6(sonic damage) each for a single blade, 2d10(sonic Damage) for a paired set. These weapons ignore hardness ratings. A lightsaber blade can not cut through a sonic sword due to the sonic energy field that is produced by the blades. Critical: 19-20 Energy Cost: 2 for unlimited use in combat (can extend and retract at anytime with out having to pay an additional amount so long as it was paid to begin with.) The amount is for both blades use. Uncanny Dodge: See Page 48 in the PHB for details on both types of uncanny dodge. Infra-Laser: This is the Guyvers reactionary weapon and general purpose ranged attack. Although it isn't very powerful it is extremely accurate, and can be fired as a Reflex action in response to an attack aimed at the head, or as a defensive measure. The beam of the laser is green in color, and it is fired from the forehead just above the control metal. If the character makes a Reflex role (DC 15) they can fire the infra-laser at no Energy cost, if they fail they must pay 1 point to fire the infra-laser. Damage: 2d6 Critical: 19-20 Range: 40 meters. Energy Cost: See above. +4 to hit Gravity orbs: This is a small orb at the Guyvers waist that allows them to control gravitational forces to a minor extent. There are 3 levels to this ability, each offering new and different application. Level 1: At this level the character can enhance their leaps to incredible heights. Essentially there are 2 different applications of this level, they can either make themselves heavier, or increase their jumping abilities. The user gains a +6 to their Jump skill. Or they can use the gravity orbs to hold themselves in one place also providing a +6 to any roles needed for this. Such roles include keeping form being sucked out into the vacuum of space, or to keep form being picked up or knocked down. The character can perfume other actions while using this ability, but they must make an additional Willpower check (DC varies depending on the task base 10) to keep using this ability while doing other things. Using the gravity orbs to enhance ones leaps costs nothing in Energy, but for using it to keep from moving will cost 2 Energy per melee the user wishes to be immovable. Level 2: At this level the character has gained some new applications to their gravity orbs. They can now concentrate and focus gravitational energies into a ball of gravitational energy, which is then launched at a target. This attack is called the Pressure Cannon. Damage: 2d6x2 Critical: 19-20 Range: 30 meters Energy Cost: 10 Next the character has also gained the ability to goctrole gravity around them and fly. Effectively he can fly at a speed of 120 feet, has a max altitude form 1-foot off the ground up to 480 feet in the air. They can also use this ability to either slow or stop their falls with a Willpower check (DC 20). At anytime the user can take to the air but it requires some amount of focusing of energy in order to activate the ability, beyond that it takes little concentration to remain aloft, however they can be knocked out of the air easily enough. It costs 4 Energy points to take to the air at anytime, but flight capabilities can only be maintained for either 1 round in combat, or 10 minutes outside of combat. A character could fork out 8 Energy points to remain in the air for 2 rounds in combat, or they could pay 4 at the start of combat, then pay another 4 in 3-4 melees. Knocking the character out of the air takes either a successful ramming attack and the character fails their will check to keep form falling, or they are hit with the equivalent STR of 20+, or they take 15+ points of damage from one source or a combined barrage. Level 3: At this point the pressure cannons damage increases to 3d6x2 max. But thats not the big thing though. When the character hits this level they can now create a powerful gravity shield. The shield provides The characters Guyver level times 10 in shield points. The shield recharges the energy it expends into the shield at a rate of 1 point per 2 rounds. Once the amount of shield points does not instantly recharge if the shield is drooped and then the Energy cost is paid again to bring back up, your stuck with what ever amount of point you had left in it. It costs 12 Energy point to bring up the shield. The shield can be held up for only 1 round, before collapsing and thusly forking out another 12 points to reactivate it. The shield range is limited to the character in a semisphere like form, anyone behind the character can make use of the shields cover. The shield is visible, as it is a swirling vortex of gravitational energy. Sonic Buster: These deadly weapons are designed to target a person's cellular structure essentially vibrating the persons molecules until they "shatter". Next to the mega-smasher this is possibly the most gruesome and deadliest weapon on the Guyver since its attack is totally invisible. Victims get to make a Fortitude save for half damage at a -2, but if they make it they are stunned and weakened gaining a -4 on all actions and are reduced to 1 action for 1 round. Those that don't make the save and yet survive the attack get a -6 on all actions and are still at 1 action, but now for 2 rounds. The attack does however require that the target be in direct view of the user for the attack to work. The attack is considered a full melee action. The sonic buster are located at were the 2 orbs are on the face about where the mouth would be. Damage: 4d6+4 (sonic damage) may make a save for half damage at a -2. Range: Very limited making it not very practical in ranged combat; max effective range is 12 feet. Anything outside of 12 feet is unaffected by the attack. The attack is also focussed to the user front only. Rate of Fire: Due to its energy requirements the sonic buster can only be used once per round. Energy Cost: The sonic Buster suck down 16 points per use. (NOTE: Guyvers are immune to each others sonic Buster attacks.) Power Punch: This is a single powerful physical attack that the Guyver can make. The attack is full melee action, but it is devastating to what ever it hits. The characters physical attack (usually a punch or kick) now inflicts 1d10X3 damage for that attack plus the characters strength mod. The attack however may only be used once per round. It costs 5 Energy points to use the power punch. Limitations/Draw Backs: Unfortunently the Guyver does have its own share of problems and weaknesses. 1. Acids: When in the Guyver form the character takes double damage from acids, although the acids effects do not last past the initial hit due to the Guyvers healing abilities, it does delay healing in the area where they were hit. If weapons like the Mega-Smasher is hit they are rendered useless, however with the Mega Smasher the chest plates must be open unless they are hit with a very potent acid that eats right down through the chest plats in a single hit. (GM's discretion on this.) But if one weapon is rendered unusable that doesn't mean that the other weapon (if it has a twin like the Mega-Smasher and vibrational swords) is not. Acids will eat through any part of the Guyver except for the control metal which oddly enough is the only thing on there that is immune to the effects of acid, and just about anything else. 2. The Control Metal: This is also another odd part of the Guyver. In the forehead of the Guyver is a metal orb of sorts that glows every once in a while. This orb

in fact regulates the Guyver/host symbiotic relationship, keeping the Guyver from "eating the host alive". Luckily the control metal can only receive permanent damage while in its inactive state, once active (considered active after bonding with a human host) the control metal is virtually indestructible. It has hardness rating of 25, and 60 HP and it can regenerate its HP at a rate of 2 points per round. Striking the control metal can still be done, but in doing some it will effect the host in a unique way. A successful hit on the control metal may not do damage but it will harm the user in a way. For 1 melee the user is at a -5 to hit and are can make nether other actions besides defensive actions, on top of which they have only one action. Should the user get hit again in the control metal right after they were hit there they must make a Fortitude save against being paralyzed. If they fail they may not take any actions for the rest of that melee. If they recover with in a melee with out being hit again in the control metal then they are back to normal only suffering a -2 to their actions for 1 more melee, after which they are completely normal. If the Control metal is forcefully removed form the head of the character it will cause the symbiotic to go out of control and devour its host within a few seconds (the characters CON mod in melees). During these last fleeting seconds of life the character can perform 1 action per melee that they have left, after which time the character dissolves into a pile of goo, that slowly evaporates. If the control metal was not damaged at all while it was inactive the control metal can regenerate its host at a rate of 1 inch per 2 minutes. A person standing in at 6ft even would be 72 inches tall. It would take the control metal to regenerate itself and the host in the Guyver form 144 minutes or 2 hours and 24 minutes. The host will be unconscious once the regeneration is complete and the Guyver will be in what is called raged defense mode. As soon as the character regains consciousness, (takes their CON in minutes to regain consciousness) they will then assume full control of their actions and can or will revert back to normal depending on how much Energy the Guyver spent whiled in its rage mode. Note though that when the character exits out of the Guyver form they will be buck naked, since the Guyver only regenerates living material, clothing thusly is not included in the package. (This tends to make things interesting in games; a friend you thought was dead in that last battle just before you got captured suddenly appears in front of you all as your making your exit. As soon as you get away he/she reverts back to normal but only to find that they are now missing their clothing. Generally an embarrassing situation unless the character is something of an exhibitionist.) Also note that the control metal of an active unit that was undamaged is resistant to lightsabers and other weapons that ignore hardness ratings. Damaging the control metal in its inactive state requires that its HP be reduced to below 10, so at anywhere between 0-10 the control metal is considered damaged, regeneration takes twice as long, the control metal can't regenerate the host and Guyver form if its removed, its Mega Smasher is only half as powerful as it should be, along with the infra-laser, and the pressure cannon, and it can not use the sonic Buster. A damaged active control metal is not resistant to lightsabers or weapons that ignore hardness ratings, reducing its active HP to -10 will destroy the damaged control metal. With an undamaged control metal should its HP fall below -30 it is then considered destroyed and can not regenerate. 3. Raged Defense Mode: When ever the character suffers some amount of head damage that would be enough to take a chunk out of the characters head, or the user is rendered unconscious in some way the Guyver will kick in to a defensive mode. While in this mode the Guyver will attack anything that moves with in 12 feet of it. The Guyver can not distinguish the difference. There are only 2 ways to avoid being harmed by the Guyver while it is in this mode: 1) Lay downs on the ground and do not move toward it or reach for any weapon. 2) If it approaches you either follow the previous info or you can freeze exactly as is, drop any weapons you are holding and don't move, the Guyver will then perceive you as non hostile and move on. Although with this case it usually dictates that he Guyver is moving to a safer locations for its host to awaken. In either case the GM should control the character while it is in this form. It will remain in this state until the damage done to it to render the host unconscious is regenerated. An outward sign of it being in this state are that the eyes turn form whitish yellow to a glowing blood red. While in rage he has the same benifis as a Barbaran in rage of equal level. 4. Time Limit: Unfortunently the host can only remain in the Guyver form for a limited amount of time, after which they revert back to normal unless in a hostile environment in which case the Guyvers Raged Defense Mode kicks in. The character may only remain in their bio-boosted form for 1 hour per PC level. Also should the character spend all of their Energy down to 2 points they will automatically revert back to normal and will be exhausted. The character must rest at least 4 hours in between transformations, or if they use up most of their Energy they must rest 8 hours minus their Con mod in extra hours before they can handle the stress of bio boosting again. A character can bio-boost at anytime though so long as they have at least over 10 points of Energy, each transformation made with first resting for at least 2 hours incurs an accumulative -2 to all actions and skills If they rest for only 2 hours then the penalty is only an accumulative -1. Jedi characters can meditate to cute the rest time in half since 1 hour of meditation is equal to 2 hours of rest. The Gigantic Cocoon Gigantic Transformation Bonus stacks 1. The transformation takes 1d8+2 days the first time it is created, but after its creation it only takes 1d4+2 melees to transform the Guyver into a Gigantic Guyver. 2. The Guyver gains a +3 to their height, and 290 lbs. to the hosts weight. The character is now classified as a Large being while in this form and thusly they get a -1 to their AC do to their increased size. 3. The Guyver gains a +5 to their STR, and CON, their DEX is at a +3, and their CHA is at a -2. 4. Their HP (WP) bonus is doubled in the Gigantic form. (Energy to be 4X) 5. Their AC is at a +3. And they have a DR of 15/+5. 6. Their Senses range is doubled. 7. The Guyvers healing and regenerative abilities double to make it each round instead of 2. 8. Th Guyvers Fortitude is vastly greater at a +4. 9. The Guyver may only assume the gigantic form only twice a day. 10. The Guyver must pay 1 energy each round to remain like this. Weaponry/Abilities On top of some of its original weapons the Gigantic Guyver boasts some new abilities and weapons or it enhances on the originals. 1. Flight: No longer does the character have to rely on their gravity abilities to fly, now the can fly at speeds far greater than before. Normal flight speed is 110, but for 5 minutes the flight speed can be temporarily boosted doubled up to 220. After 5 minutes flight its speed can not be boosted again for another 50 minutes. This is mainly used as a form of transportation, in combat the character is at a -2 to hit or when speed is boosted -4, but this is for in flight only In combat boosted flight is only good for 2 rounds, and the Guyver is at a -4 to hit as well due to the high speeds that they are traveling at, but they can stop in and instatn with no ill effects. 20 energy is used to activate the boosted speed. 2. Teleportation: Unlike that of the cocoon this is a very limited form of teleportation. The user may only teleport not only a limited number of times, but they have a vastly limited range. The user may only teleport either to a location in their line of site, like during combat, or they can teleport up to their Wisdom Mod in miles. The Guyver may only teleport a number of times a day equal to their Wisdom Mod. Teleportation is instant, but only good for just one person, the Guyver. 3. Hyper-Smashers: These are the upgraded forms of the mega-smashers enhanced by the addition of 2 gravity orbs on each chest plate. The hyper-smasher is ment as a last resort weapon. After it is fired the user must make a will save to attempt and remain in the gigantic form, (DC 15), should the fail they will automatically revert back to their normal Guyver form. Damage: The x5 is now that of x10 instead, but only while in this form. Range: the beam fires width and range are doubled, so the width is now 30ft for both cannons, and 15ft for one cannon, while the range is at a max of 20 miles. Energy Point Cost: 10 per cannon, the cost increases by 6 every level of advancement in the Guyver class. For both cannons the cost would be 20 plus 12 per level of advancement in the Guyver class. 4. Swords: The swords of the Gigantic Guyver are much stronger and sharper than the original swords. Also they gain an extra set of swords while in the gigantic form. Role a 1d4. 1-2 you get 1 extra pair of blades marking you up to either 2 or 3 blades, on a 34 you have your normal number as you would in the normal Guyver form. These may be employed an unlimited number of times. Additionally, a Gigantic Guyver can extend into a whip like tendril for a range attack (treated as if it has a natural reach of two squares) 1 Blade: Damage: 2d8(sonic damage), critical 18-20/x2, slashing/piercing. 2 Blades: Damage: 2d10(sonic damage), critical 18-20/x2, slashing/piercing. 3 Blades: Damage: 3d12(sonic damage), critical 18-20/x2, slashing/piercing. Energy Cost: 2 for unlimited use in combat (can extend and retract at anytime with out having to pay an additional amount so long as it was paid to begin with.) The amount is for both blades use. 5. Tri-Beam: The Guyver now has 2 more infra-laser emitters on their head. Although it is still under powered it now has 2 extra emitters for triple the firepower. The weapon still retains its accuracy. The tri-laser can be fired an unlimited number of times. Damage: 2d6X3 Critical: 19-20 Range: 80ft. Energy Cost: If the character makes a Reflex role (DC 20) they can fire the infra-laser at no Energy cost, if they fail they must pay 3 point to fire the infra-laser. +4 to hit6. Sonic Buster: This power is unchanged however its range is doubled. 7. Gravity orbs: Although the character loses their ability to fly via the orbs, their power is instead routed to enhance the hyper smasher, and to create even more powerful pressure cannon blasts. Damage: 3d6x3 max Range: 60 meters. Energy Cost: 10 8. Shield: At any point in time the Gigantic Guyver can activate their shields to provide extra protection for them selves or others. These energy shields have an effective AC of 18, and provide a DR of 10. The shield is emitted form the 2 orbs on the shoulders, more than 1 shield can be created with in a 60ft area, but it takes away from the strength of other shields The shield effectively provides 20 HP /Guyver level to either the user or a target(s) of their choosing. The user can divert the HP into forming several shields, but they must place at least 10 HP into a shield. Doing this requires an active thought (2 actions, or a full action which ever comes first), while creating one just for the user is easy (1 action) 1 point of shield HP is regained every round of combat, out of combat the energy of the shield is back to normal as soon as the gigantic form is deactivated, and is like that for 1 hour. Destroying one of the shoulder shield emitters will cut the amount of HP generated into the shield by half. It takes about 20 points of damage to destroy an emitter, and it requires a called shot to the shoulder, and that all of the damage is done at once. The character must pay 24 point of energy to activate the shields for 4 rounds; with in that time they can pass it around or drop it as they wish. 9. Gravity Knuckle: This isn't so much a power as it is a special attack. This powerful attack is produced when they fires their back thrusters for rocket like acceleration and channels some of its shield energy into their fist. The attack like most of the others is a full action. Unfortunently it is a strait line attack, but it is difficult to dodge. The attack is treated as a charging attack. The punch does 2d6x4 damage on a successful hit, plus the character bonus to damage. The character must have their shields activated as to the fact that the attack costs 20 points of shield energy. Beyond that the attack can be used as often as once per melee so long as the character has their shields activated and the HP in the shields to use the attack. +10 to hit After 15 level the energy cost no longer goes up for the Mega Smashers (and the Hyper Smashers). At 17, 19, and 20 the cost for the Mega Smashers (and the Hyper Smashers) goes down a percentage.