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(From "ll
Barbiere di Siviglia")
with optional cadenzas
(ed. Liebling)

for high voice



Any or all of the lettered optional passages give4 below

may be substituted for the measures correspondingly
lettered throughout the aria. The singer may choose
in each case the passage she prefers.

ra, - l, la vin


toc ca no, ah, a,h,

trap po - le,pri-ma di de - re, fa-rb gio - carl

trap - po-le, ah,

Copgright, 1938, by G.Sehirmer, fne.

r- 1o tin- I /|natri cl, l,(anot oei.
Una voce poco fe
There's a voice that I enshrine
Cesare Sterbini Cavatina from the opera "Il Barbiere di Siviglial
English version by Gioachiao Rossini
Natalia Macfarren (r?92-r868)
Andante Edited by Estelle Liebling

,r"rr Pdolce

U - na vo - ce po-co
I e?t-
There's a aoice that

fi qui nel cor mi- ri - suo - nir, il mio cor- fe- ri-tqi giL, Liu-
shrine fn- my heart, a.nd none ttust knout, Ah, -Lin - dor,- that aoice is thine, ,.for
"f2----- ?-;--:,
do-ro fu che il pie - gb. do ml-o sa f&r 1o- giu-
t my lt.eart doth gloto, do shall be- mine, f- haoe

1a- si, Lin - do ml-O_ Sa
for- - dtt
Yes, .Lin shall- be-

I z- ---/
lo giu ra la-- vin - ce ro.
I su)orn -for- useal- or- u)oe

Il tu-tor ri-cu-se io f in - ge-gno_a-grz - ze

llg in-tent f\l not re Though ruy g.uard,-ian should say
al-1a fin shc-che-te - rb, E con - ten-ta io
Ee my looe need not d,i - aine, ?ill my ha.ntl i


rb- mi-o sa - rh, giu

ro- shall be-tnine, /taae

Allegro moderato


--, -----__------
- -
I \+\_ {

ro mi la - scio reg 8'e - re, mi la-scio reg g'e-re, mi fb gui-
?no - I can. he rttl'd usitlt, ease, f ca.n be rul'd ruith, nor gui-da.nce

dar, gui - dar. Ma se mi toc- - ca-no tlov'- e-iI mio

s?urn, cta,nce- spurni .But iJ' you cross tuy uill, or ttshat f

bo - le, sa-rb u-na pe E cen - to

do- take ill, trika an - y ?er- A thou- sanrl

trap - po - le, pri-ma di de - re, fa - ro gio - car, fa ro_

triclc:s- f'llpla,y, but f uill haue- my xoay, this a.ll must lea,rn,-
- t lri:; all nnts t
- -

pri -ma di

c ar, e cen - to trap po - le, pri-ma di ce -de - ror fa - rb gio

learn; A t hott-sand trictbs f'll 1tlay, but f uill h.aue ?ny utay, tltis a,ll rtust

fa-rd gio - cari e- cen pri - ma-

- ?oco rit.

car, _ a- ro _ gro carl cen - to- trap po - le, pn-ma di_

lea,rnr- tlris- a,ll- rnust lea.rn; thou-sand tricks rll play, but f- utill

) a tenl?o

de-re, e cen- to trap - po le la fa- ro gro -

m.y tod!/, a, thou-sand tricks f 'lI- pelay, but toil l- haae ng-
tlo ci - le, so - no_ob be
g(in tI e-nes s, al I sr5ft e


d ien -te, mi la-scio reg- ge f€, mi fd gui - dar.

mo-tion, I ca,n be rulU utitlt ease, nor gui-da,nce .s?urn.

Ma se mi toc ca - no dov'-b_il mio de bo - Ie, sa-rb_u-na

.Rut i/ you cr0.1;s- tny utill, or utlta,t f do- ta*e i/1, lihc a.n - y


trap- po le, ah, &h,


v1 pe rar- "-.---'
sa ro; e cen- to trap - po - le, pri-ma di
oa ?er- r_ util I turn; /. t hctu-san.d trie k s r2t pla31, but f uill
- -
ce de-re, fa- rb gio car, _ rb- gro- - car I e cen-to
haac my aoay, tltis a.ll must lea,rn,- a.ll tttus t learn; A thou-sa.nd

I a tem?o

re, fa - rb gio -
) a tempo

trap po -le, pri-ma di ce de-re, fa-rb gio - car, fa -

tricks f'll play, but f toill haoe ,ny toa,y, tht,s all tnu,.st learn,-
- tltis rnust
- -

poco rit,

pri - ma.- di
?oco rat. 4

cen - to- trap pri- ma di-

tltou- sand tricks but I- uill

r€, fa - rb gio
)qt ,,?o

ce de-re, e cen-to trap-po - -le fa - fa --..-t- rb gto

haoe or! ute!; A thou-sand tricks I7l- plag, but- usill- haae ncy-

Pii, .U.gro, , ----\

ctr'; een - to trap - po- le fa - rb gio - ear, e_ cen - to

u,a,r/ i lricks fIl 7tlay, to ltaoe tny ua!/, lltou - sa,nds ol'

ca,r, fa gio car;

a'--\ :'.".-r
& 3 3
trap - po-le fa- ril gio- car, fa ro_ gio car,- fa ro_ gio
triclcs f\l play, to ha,oe m.y 0d!,-- to- haoe- my- ualr- to h.aae- ?ny _

car,-fa- rb o - car.
tuag,- to ltaae m.y .449.
A a tem.po

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