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PSGG P Governor
Imp provedCastIronC CaseorA Aluminum mCase Applicat tions
The PSG gov vernor is a speed-droo op governor for peed of controlling sp small diesel, gas, and gasoline engines or sm mall steam and industrial gas turbines, isochronously or with y droop. The governor is used to contr rol engines or tu urbines driving alternators, s, dc generators pumps, or s. compressors Pressure compensation provides the PSG governor with the neces r ssary stability t control isoch to hronously. Optimum s he dle temperatureadjustment is attained by th proper opening of the need valve. The t compensated speeder sprin minimizes speed drift caus by tempera d ng sed ature change. The governor has its own oil pump powere by the drive shaft, and req ed e quires oil from a an external sour (usually eng rce gine lube oil). A oil supply fr An rom a separate sump can be used. Rotation of th drive shaft can be in either direction. The PSG governor can be fitted with he c r e check valves to allow drive rotation in both directions. s h The manual s speed-setting shaft can be on either or both sides of the ca s n h ase. The terminal shaft can be from e either or both sides of the cas s se.

onous or Isochro droop c control Pressure compen nsated Lever, motor, or pneuma speed atic setting Temperature compen nsated Torsion vibration nal n filter Rotary or linear output Cast iro or on aluminu case um

Descript tion
The PSG gov vernor provides hydraulic pow s wered travel in the increase-fu direction on A uel nly. return spring is used to prov vide travel in th decrease-fuel direction. Th standard PS cover he he SG n are with provides for a vertical return spring in the governor. Governor models a available w horizontal ret turn springs, or the governor c be fitted w a customer supplied exter r can with rnal return spring. Spring-driven and oil-damped ballheads a available to filter out torsio n are onal vibrations. A special tempe erature-compe ensated needle valve can be s supplied to com mpensate for temperature effect on stabil lity. Droop be g h movement of a adjustment inside the an Droop may b set in some governors with a permanent m cover. Other governors are equipped with externally adju ustable droop. External adjus stment is available on e either side of th case. Droop is adjustable from 0 to abou 7 percent in a he p ut all governors. Speed Settin ng Electric spee ed-adjusting mo otors or pneum matic speed-sett ting is available for certain remote e speed-setting applications. In most cases the speed-sett g ting shaft does not extend fro the om case when ot ther types of re emote speed se etting are used d.

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SPEED SETTING Manual Motor Pneumatic Either or both sides of the case: plain or serrated shaft; less than 45 degrees shaft rotation for full speed 12 or 24 Vdc Pittman Motor. Converter boxes are available to change supply voltage to the proper voltage for a Pittman motor Direct or reverse: 21 to 103 kPa (3 to 15 psi) most common signal; other signal ranges of 41 to 207 kPa (6 to 30 psi), 62 to 103 kPa (9 to 15 psi), 21 to 138 kPa (3 to 20 psi), 34 to 414 kPa (5 to 60 psi). Hydraulically damped against hunting due to air compressibility Splined 1200 to 4000 rpm 1400 to 3600 rpm 249 W (1/3 hp) to turn drive shaft at normal operating speed and temperature Clockwise, counterclockwise, or both Balanced between ballhead centrifugal force and speeder-spring force Rotated as part of governor drive shaft Gain selection of 1, 2, or 4 round or 3 slotted

GOVERNOR DRIVE Shaft Speed Range Recommended Operation Power Requirement Rotation PILOT VALVE Plunger Movement Bushing Porting

CONSTRUCTION Case and base are cast iron, cover is aluminum or cast iron. Governors with aluminum cases are available. MOUNTING Install vertical or horizontal with power servo down. CONTROL CHARACTERISTICS Steady State Speed Band Typical Optimum Response Recommended Variable Speed Control Range Pressure Compensation Droop Spring and Oil Damped Ballheads 1/4 of 1% of rated speed 6.5% off speed with 0.8 s recovery time with full load change on a 50% per second accelerated engine 1200 to 4000 rpm Buffer spring 0.5 to 1.8 Nm (4.5 to 16 lb-in) with 1.1 Nm (9.6 lb-in) standard. Effective needle-valve opening up to 3 turns from closed From 0% to 7% over full output travel; internal or external adjustments. External adjustment includes lock screw and max and min stop screws Undamped natural frequency selections of 100, 180, 200, 290, 400, and 550 cycles per minute

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Outline Drawing (Do not use for cons t struction)

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HYDRAULIC SYS STEM Oil Supply Pressure Fro engine lub om bricating syste or separat sump with foot valve em te Min nimum of 172 kPa (25 psi), max of 517 kPa (75 psi) f 2 from engine lub bricating syste Maximum of 305 mm ( inches) of suction lift from em. m (12 f sep parate sump. Torque and w work capacity values vary according to supply y pre essure Fac ctory set for n nominal 517, 1207, or 1896 kPa (75, 17 or 275 psi) 6 75, ). Op perating press sures are the relief valve pr ressures plus supply press s sure to the pump e Pea demand of 7.6 L/min (2 USgal/min) d ak 2 during transie ents. 1.3 L/min (0.35 US Sgal/min) durin steady sta ng ate 40 m (nominal) for 7.6 L/min (2 USgal/min) ) n Mu be betwee 50 and 300 SUS. Norm performan is based o 100 ust en 00 mal nce on to 3 SUS 300

Relief Valve

Flow at Normal Visc cosity Filter Visc cosity

OPERATING TEM MPERATURE E Oil vi iscosity at ope erating tempe erature must s stay within a 50 to 3000 SUS (Saybolt U Universal Sec conds) range. Ideal oil visco osity at operat ting temperat ture is betwee 100 and 30 SUS. Amb en 00 bient temperature range is 29 to 93 C (20 to 200 Consult W F). Woodward if operating bey o yond these lim mits. Hydraulic fluid pour po must be b c oint below the low west expe ected starting temperature. OUTPUT Terminal Shaft Lin nkage Return Spring S WEIG GHT/MASS Basic Manual Sp peed Setting Type Pla or serrated ain d Eng gine torque o output and terminal-shaft tr ravel should b approximately be line ear 2.8 5.6, or 8.5 N (25, 50, o 75 lb-in) torque at opera 8, Nm or ating pressure of 690, e 137 or 2068 kPa (100, 200, or 300 psi) r 79, respectively Cast iron weighs about 6.1 kg (13.5 lb). Al s g luminum case weighs about 4.3 kg e (9.5 lb) 5 Add about 0.7 k (1.5 lb) for pneumatic or motor speed setting d kg r d PS Governor w Cast Iron Case SG with n PS Governor w Aluminum Case SG with m Speed Adjusting Synchronizi Motor g ing Go overnor Linkag for Butterfl Throttle Va ge fly alves

REFE ERENCES Manual 37017 3 Manual 37013 3 Manual 03505 0 Application Note 50516 5

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