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Fuman Industries Incorporated is a marketing and distribution company, representing globally renowned brands for a wide range of industrial products. We specialize in welding & cutting equipment and consumables, and abrasives. A dynamic company, we are consistently providing top quality, comprehensive welding and cutting solutions all over the Philippines. Fuman Industries operates with a team of competent individuals, positioned in different areas of the country. With head office in Cebu, we extend our reach through our sales offices, service centers and warehouses in key cities all over the country.

Our Company Background In 1988, Fuman Industries started out as a trading company, sourcing and distributing industrial products in the local sphere. Founded by Engr. Pete Militante, our vision is to make the Filipino globally competitive by introducing world class technologies to the local industries, With this vision, the company explored the international scene and ventured into the welding industry. By 1997, Fuman Industries was bringing in cutting edge welding and cutting technologies to the Filipino market. Through the years of consistent performance and strong business commitment, we were entrusted with the exclusive distributorship for several world-leading brands for the Philippines. Today, we continue our search for new technologies to provide a comprehensive line of welding and cutting solutions to our customers in order to make them globally competitive.
P. Remedio St., Cabancalan, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu, Philippines Tel.: (6332) 346-4530 346-4531 346-4532 Fax: (6332) 346-1583

Our People At present, Fuman Industries is team of 50 competent individuals. We have 30 marketing and sales people strategically positioned across the country, supported by a group of skilled technicians, the accounting and logistics groups, all working together towards effective marketing and customer service.

Our Reach Our head office is located in a 15,000 sqm facility in Cebu, the center of the Philippines. We also have branch offices, service centers and warehouses in key cities all over the country. We have offices in Manila and Laguna to cover the northern area; Cebu and Bacolod to cover the central region; Davao, General Santos and Cagayan de Oro branches to cover southern Philippines. Our dynamic group of marketing and sales people reach out to our customers in the shipbuilding, manufacturing and agricultural industries all throughout the country.

Our System of Distribution We, at Fuman Industries value customer relationships. We treat our customers as our partners in the industry and give them our full support. We employ a hands-on and personal approach in educating our market regarding our products and face the challenges together. Moreover, our policy of healthy stock management and efficient after sales service ensures that we will continue to be a reliable partner in providing quality products that deliver value and operational efficiency.

Our Products Fuman Industries strives for excellence through delivering quality and reliable products that are essential in bringing out the best results. We carry a wide range of products from simple to highly advanced technologies. Through our professional marketing and sales engineers, we work in partnership with our customers to introduce the best product solutions that will help them meet the ever changing demands in their industries. We carry the leading technologies in welding equipment, durable cutting outfits, high definition plasma cutting systems, a wide array of welding consumables & accessories, representing established and widely renowned brands in the industry. We also have a full range of quality abrasives, as well as pneumatic tools, and products for protective packaging. (See Annex A for the list of products.)

Challenges of the Future Fuman Industries directs its efforts to innovations in welding and cutting technology that will take our customers to greater heights and a more progressive future. It is our intention to expand our product range that will cater to the ever changing demands of the industry. We are committed in finding ways to continuously improve our services and bring more value to a broader spectrum of industry partners and customers in the Philippines.

ANNEX A Product List

MMA Welding Machine/Inverter - Minarc - MasterTig MLS AC/DC - Kemppi Pro Evolution MIG/MAG Welding Machine/Inverter - Migger - Kempomat - Kempoweld - Fastmig - Weldforce - Kemppi Pro Evolution TIG Welding Machine/Inverter - MinarcTig - Mastertig MLS - Mastertig MLS AC/DC - Mastertig AC/DC - Mastertig 2300 ACDC - Kemppi Pro Evolution Full Range of Welding Equipment

Manual and Mechanized Plasma Cutting Machines - Powermax 30 - Powermax 45 - Powermax 190C - Powermax 380 - Powermax 600 - Powermax 1000 - Powermax 1250 - Powermax 1650 Torches and Consumables Accessories and Spare Parts

Mild Steel Electrodes - RD-718 (E7018) - C-10 (E6010) - D-60 (E6012) - RC-8 (E6013) - I-10 (E6019) Cast Iron - CIN-1 Pure Nickel - CIN-2 55%Ni and 45%Fe Electrodes for cutting and gouging Non-Ferrous Electrodes Stainless Steel Electrodes Hard Facing and Maintenance rod Special Alloys

Abrasives - Grinding Wheels - Cutting Wheels - Paper Discs - Fibre Discs - Sanding belts - Flap Wheels - Floor Sanding Paper - Waterproof Sandpaper - BearTex Surface Finishing Products

Abrasives - Metal Grinding Wheels - Metal Cutting Wheels

SCR Controlled DC Gas Metal Arc Welding Machines

Oxygen & Acetylene Regulators Heavy Duty Cutting Torch for Acetylene Heavy Duty Cutting Torch for LPG Industrial Regulators

Inverter Arc Welding Machines - Rilarc 160A - Rilarc 200 Inverter Tig Welding Machines - Riltig 200S - Riltig 200A Inverter Mig Welding Machines - Rilmig 200S - Rilmig 250S Air Plasma Portable Cutting Machines - Rilcut 40 - Rilcut 60

AC Welding Machines Pneumatic Tools Impact Pistols Orbital Sanders Jitterbug Sanders Angle Sanders Belt Sanders Angle Grinders Die Grinders

AC Welding Machines

Welding Accessories
Super Flex Welding Cables Twin Hose R-Grade Twin Hose T-Grade for LPG Dual Line Hose Face shields Welding and Cutting eye shields Welding helmets Eye goggles Welding Blankets Electrode Holder Cable connectors Ground clamps Cable lugs and splicers

Damage Prevention - Shockwatch Label - Tiltwatch Monitor - Tiltwatch plus - Shockwatch Clip - Mag 2000/ Mag 2000 w/ timer & date - Shocklog - Micro Shocklog