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System Narrative The Accounts Payable/Purchase Control System provides a company with the opportu nity to control and

track the expenditure process throughout the cycle of: determining which vendor should receive the order placing an order with the vendor printing the purchase order document receiving the ordered goods inspecting the goods processing the invoice deciding whom to pay and how much paying for the items balancing the checkbook allocating the costs to the general ledger reporting tax information to various authorities saving all of the information to history If the Project Accounting System (PA) has been purchased and installed, the Acco unts Payable/Purchase Control System can perform a before-the-fact audit to ensu re that a particular purchase order or invoice has been authorized for a given p roject or work unit. If accepted, this project-related purchase order and/or inv oice can be passed directly to PA, avoiding any keying effort into that system. System Features The Accounts Payable/Purchase Control System provides a broad range of capabilit ies for controlling, tracking and paying for a company's expenditures. The syste m also produces extensive management and accounting reports, as well as interfac es to other systems. Some features of the system are listed below. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment The ACH Payment module facilitates EFT processing by allowing for automatic depo sit of payments in lieu of printing and distributing regular checks. A file in s tandard ACH format with transmittal coding is produced for any company/bank comb ination. Payment notices for the vendor are automatically produced. A vendor can be flagged to receive normal checks or EFT deposits. Automatic Interface Module (AIM) Automatic Interface Module (AIM) provides Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) proc essing. High volume vendors can submit invoices electronically to save on the ke ying effort. Blanket Orders Blanket orders provide the ability to enter and maintain a buying agreement or a n intent to buy agreement with a vendor. The blanket order establishes dollar an d quantity guidelines, as well as other default information for purchase order r

eleases from the blanket order Cash Requirements Forecasting Cash Requirements Forecasting shows future cash commitments based on both invoic es and purchase orders. Check Reconciliation Subsystem The Check Reconciliation Subsystem matches outstanding checks with the bank clea ring transactions to ensure against missing checks, discrepancies, etc. Data Mapping Facility The Data Mapping Facility allows users to alter screens or create new ones witho ut requiring programmers to change programs This includes adding fields, removin g fields, changing edits, rearranging the layout, etc. Detail Receiver Tracking Detail Receiver Tracking provides complete receiver history and allows optional invoice to receiver matching, expanding the matching capabilities. In addition t o the normal three-way matching feature, the voucher may optionally be matched t o a specific receipt. Employee Expense/Advance Tracking Employee Expense/Advance Tracking maintains data on all payments made to or for each employee. General Report Writer The General Report Writer allows for the creation of customized reports from the current and/or history files. The General Report Writer has simple title and su btitle formatting, multi-detail line capability, all arithmetic functions (inclu ding and/or conditions) and work fields of varying sizes. Help The FAST-HELP facility provides the ability to obtain help text about screens, er ror messages and individual fields online with the press of a single key. This c omprehensive help facility retrieves information similar to that found in the da ta dictionary and displays it on the screen. Data from the help text can be brou ght back onto the screen using the smart cursor capability. The data can be modi fied to fit your specific needs and new fields can be added to customize it for your company. Inquiry-Assisted Entry Inquiry-Assisted Entry permits data that is already in the system to be used to create new transactions. For example, the vendor information will default to the purchase order or voucher when entered in the vendor number field. Interface to the Data Design General Ledger System The interface to the Data Design General Ledger System or the customized interfa ce to any other general ledger system validates distribution accounts upon entry and transmits posting records to the general ledger. Interface to the Data Design Project Accounting System

The interface to the Data Design Project Accounting System prevents ordering or invoicing unapproved items and transmits commitments and expenditures to Project Accounting. Item Master The Item Master is a comprehensive and easily maintained database of information on items you purchase. It helps speed the purchasing process, makes orders more accurate and provides information on sources and descriptions of commonly purch ased goods and services. An item database also provides a convenient link to inv entory, accounts receivable and order entry systems. Mainframe-to-PC Link (LINK) Mainframe-to-PC Link (LINK) permits mainframe information to be downloaded to pe rsonal computers for use with an electronic spreadsheet. Model Document Capability Model vouchers or purchase orders allow rapid entry of new documents from pre-de fined standard documents or distribution lists. Any existing document on the cur rent master files can be used as a model. Multi-Bank Processing Multi-Bank processing allows check writing against several banks or bank account s in a single check run. Different company/bank combinations can share the same check stock without operator intervention or multiple check runs. Multi-Company Capability Multi-Company capability allows numerous organizational entities to process inde pendently while sharing the same programs and files. Multiple Distribution The multiple distribution capability allows multiple account distributions for e ach line of a purchase order and its receipts, as well as for each line of any t ype of voucher. Non-PO Lines on PO-Related Invoices Adds additional lines to a PO-related invoice for miscellaneous charges that do not appear on the purchase order, and therefore cannot be matched. Often it is u sed for paying such things as pallet charges, restocking charges or for taking v endor credits and allowances. Online Entry The system enables online real-time entry of all information into the system wit h full editing and validation. Online Inquiry The system provides online inquiry of the master files. The length of time recor ds are available for inquiry is controlled at the company level. Online Interrupt

The online interrupt command allows the user to temporarily interrupt the curren t online activity, switch to other screens to research a problem, then return au tomatically to the original screen. Up to nine (9) levels of interrupt can be de fined and active at any one time. The interrupt command can be used in Accounts Payable, in another Data Design application or in VIEW. Online Real-time Query Module (VIEW) Online Real-time Query Module (VIEW) permits the creation of ad hoc online repor t definitions and the immediate creation of those reports without requiring batc h runs. PAINT - Screen Painting Paint is used to paint new screens, download and upload capabilities from and to a mainframe computer and validate entries for both files and inputs. Password Security Password Security prevents individuals from accessing terminals, screens, functi ons and company data without pre-approval. Optionally, the CICS User ID and pass word (from RACF, Top Secret, etc.) can be used as the User ID and password into the Data Design system. Payment Controls Payment Controls guard against the entry of duplicate invoices, determine which vouchers are paid and ensure that advantageous discounts are taken. Purchase Order Control Purchase Order Control permits pre-authorization of all expenditures and matches purchase orders, receipts and invoices. Recurring Payment Capability Recurring payment capability automatically creates periodic contract payments fr om a single repeat payment master voucher. Requisition Tracking Provides an automated approach to requisition approval, a global view of requisi tions and purchase order creation from the approved requisitions. Standard Report Controls Standard Report Controls allow the user to control report sequence, report total s, page breaks and selection criteria for standard reports. State and ZIP Code Validation For all domestic vendors, the state abbreviations and ZIP codes are validated ag ainst USPS standards. System Calendar Eliminates the need to enter dates and check and report controls on a daily basi s. Check cycles, as well as weekly and monthly cycles, can be scheduled a year o r more in advance. The system also maintains the starting check number for the n ext check cycle. Reports can be printed, in a calendar format, to show the sched

uled cycles. Use Tax Accrual Use Tax Accrual and reporting ensures proper handling of all use tax-related exp enditures, whether billed or not. VISTA - Online Report Writer The VISTA online report writer allows you to create customized reports or output files from up to five files via online entry of specifications. Records can be selected across multiple files under the same application or across multiple app lications. Mathematical calculations and field comparisons can be specified. Rep orts viewed online or in batch may be sorted by report request and headings and detail lines. Line spacing, page breaks and total definitions may also be specif ied. 1099 Miscellaneous Processing 1099 Processing withholding and reporting complies with all current IRS regulati ons, including Combined Federal and State 1099 Reporting.