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Sent: Mon, August 1, 2011 6:17:54 PM Soule, Bradtke & Lambert 155 N. Michigan Ave.

Suite 504 Chicago, IL 60601 312-616-4422 August 1, 2011 Dear Mayor Weisner: Thank you for including me in your e mail correspondence of this evening. The MOA is a preliminary outline of terms with the developer chosen by the AHA one year ago, at which time the AHA authorized a contract to be entered with the developer in question. The MOA sets forth typical terms in line with HUD requirements concerning mixed finance/mixed income redevelopment efforts. The various circumstances of which you are aware that have taken place since the developer was chosen a year ago have delayed that process up to the present, including the AHA's agreement at the suggestion of the City to withdraw its successful January 2011 preliminary application for low income housing tax credit fincancing concerning redevelopment of the Jericho Circle property. The MOA that the Board approved last week very specifically incorporated the time line and process agreed to at your request by the AHA Board in April 2011. That time line and process was approved by the Board and has been posted on the AHA web site since April 2011. That approved process/time line document reaffirms the AHA's commitment to redevelopment as well as reaffirms that if suitable alternatives are not found feasible by this Fall, the AHA will proceed to redevelop Jericho Circle, the property that it currently owns and for which it has approval to demolish existing units in favor of redevelopment. These facts have been transparent. The April 2011 AHA document in draft form was provided to you and Ms. Ergo and was modified taking into account your feedback. The MOA of last week incorporated that time line and process to specifically indicate AHA's current exploration of feasible alternatives, and undergoing additional community dialogue. Thus, it is the specific intent of the parties to follow the April 2011 time line, as referenced on the face of the MOA. Against this backdrop, the AHA is in a potentially untenable position concerning whether or not to demolish Jericho Circle as it stands, in light of not having plans in place to redevelop it (there or elsewhere). HUD permission to relocate residents and demolish the property was conditioned on AHA's plans to redevelop it, as AHA requested. The present exploration and dialogue process is anticipated to be concluded or near conclusion prior to a finalized contract being signed with the developer. The developer has indicated it will redevelop at the Jericho Circle site or elsewhere. In general, it is not in the interest of the AHA and its various obligations to forego and indefinitely delay preliminary engagement of a developer who is ready, willing and quite able to undertake redevelopment that will benefit the community and be in accord with AHA's mission. The City has not indicated that intended to request this of the AHA. As you know, the LIHTC application process is annual and is upcoming. The AHA must balance various time tables, interests and obligations. I hope that this clarifies the nature, intent and context of the MOA approved by the Board last week, after many months of delay. The incorporation of the April 2011 timeline into the MOA expicitly recognizes the bonafide nature of the community dialogue process. It is my belief that the Board is acting to further its mission, legal obligations and various areas of responsibility. I can also confirm that the AHA has approached the community process you requested in earnest and with good intentions, as it did the earlier discussions and presentations of its Strategic Plan in 2009 and as it did with the earlier community meetings concerning redevelopment in 2010. Again, the support and participation of the City in this process is welcomed and appreciated. Sincerely, Jennifer Soule Counsel for AHA