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Reflection about the New Dimensions in Assessment

Context This paper aims teachers to handle better assessment methods to find out what the students know. This deals on how are judgments made about the student s performance and attitude. Science is given emphasis on this paper. Assessment helps teachers distinguish between teaching and learning. This paper contains the fundamental educational principles that form the foundation of all assessment that supports effective education which are the following: the content principle, the learning principle and the equity principle. Experience As a new teacher, I still have a lot of coping to do in terms of assessment. I realized that teaching indeed is not that easy. It entails real dedication and passion to remain steadfast and strong in the competitive demands of the society. There are a lot of things to consider when we talk about assessment. I want the best for my students. In assessing them, though difficult and taxing, I see to it that they have to strive and work hard to earn good grades.

Reaction It is said that the only constant thing in the world is change. Through this paper, once again, it boiled down to me that the ultimate goal of education is to offer nothing but the best for the learners. A good assessment is indeed necessary for teachers to teach more effectively, enable the students to appreciate the essence of what they are doing and learn the best from it as well as getting the parents involved in order to follow-up the performance of their child. Being in the teaching profession even just for a short time already means a lot to me. Teaching requires passion and dedication beyond compare. Application It is not enough for a teacher to be equipped with all the knowledge and skills but will not bother at all to apply it. Being a Science teacher is so challenging and but fun. The ultimate goal of the teacher is not only to fill the minds and hearts of the students with knowledge and desire to get acquainted with all the scientific processes but more in letting them apply all they had known inside the classroom in the real world. I may often hear my students complaining that Biology for them is so difficult but still I do whatever it takes to make them realize the essence of learning it. I want them to be the kind of students who are competent and equipped in everything they do. They may not be able to realize automatically the value of what they are doing now but I know in the future they will do. I will always be a teacher who looks at things at a wider and broader perspective. The new things I learned about assessment will also be a tool for me to improve and enhance myself for the better.

Reflection about the Changing Face of Educational Assessment

( B. The Relationship Between Assessment and Teaching and Learning)
Context The relationship between assessment and teaching and learning is the second factor contributing to the need for assessment reform. Today, learning needs to be constructive and must be viewed holistically. Assessment methods must not only be limited to the traditional ways and means like multiple choice exams but also with contemporary methods like hands-on-activities. Assessment and learning are interrelated concepts that a teacher needs to understand fully. Assessment practices are needed to mirror the learning process. Assessment could either have a direct or indirect effect on learning. This text about assessment which links it to teaching and learning would show that the reform of assessment practices is long past due. Experience As a new teacher, I find it so hard but challenging indeed to connect assessment, teaching and learning. My MA lessons help me to cope with the different obstacles in my teaching profession. I see to it that there will be a balance between traditional and authentic assessment methods. In our school, we focus on the ideas of Progressivism , Constructivism and Multiple Intelligences . It is important that the learning process is studentcentered . The students are active participants in the teaching-learning process. As a teacher, I play to be a facilitator of learning and not the ultimate source of knowledge. Reaction A singular kind of assessment is not enough to cater the needs of the students. A teacher needs to fully understand the kind of learners he or she has to be able to adequately guide and nurture them. The assessment tools used by the teacher would be dependent to the needs of the learners and the changing society. There is no single best method when we talk about assessment. The teacher must be equipped and competent and the students also need to participate actively for the successful interplay of assessment, teaching and learning be achieved. Application As a teacher who needs to cater to the Multiple Intelligences my students have, I need to provide them with varied instructional activities. In making exams, I see to it that there is an equal number of easy, average and difficult questions to cater to the different IQ levels of my students. Assessing my students calls a great task for me as a teacher. The result of an exam for example must not be the only basis of students learning. Their performance in everyday activities counts a lot. I also would like to give them a chance to express themselves in their own natural way.