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Ingls Instrumental AULA 6

MSC. Tomas S. Martins

Unit 10 CAREER MOVE I will ... I will be .. I will have...

Unit 10 CAREER MOVE By 2010: Ill have opened my own business. Ill be earning more Ill have a better job

Unit 10 CAREER MOVE By 2020: Ill have graduated Ill have finished my postgraduation Ill be fluent in English

To get ahead in life

Set clear goals Learn how to reach them Stay focused Review our progress every six months Dont give up.

Industrial Democracy p 186

Ricardo Semler used to be an underachiever at school: he would never do more what was necessary to get by. Rebellious by nature, he started clashing with the old management style.

Industrial Democracy p 186

Ricardo started cutting costs and firing managers. Very quickly, he became a workaholic broke down and ended up in a hospital bed. He would shape his company according to the lifestyle he wanted to have working less, making more money and in a pleasurable way.

Industrial Democracy p 186

He organized workers in small productivity units and gave them more freedom and responsibility. He set up profit sharing schemes. The company would become a self-managing organism, with decentralized control and great participation of all parts involved.

Industrial Democracy p 186

Semco is a great success Ricardo is recognized all over the world as a revolutionary mind.

1. Name (Julian Lindberg)

2. Personal information: address (48 South St.) phone number (1234589) email (julianlind@....)

3. Objective (management position) 4. Summary - OPTIONAL 5. Education (formao): Bachelor of Business Administration, April 2003

6. Courses Taken (outros cursos)

7. Experience (detalhar summary, com datas)

august 2002 to present august 2000 to august 2001

Susana Silva Rua das Palmeiras, 230 (41) 322 22 22 Objective: secretary


Techinician in Management August 2008, Fatec Internacional

Highschool, December 2006 (Nossa Senhora das Graas) Couses Taken: Computer Skills (word, excel) English (basic level)

Experience: City Hall, January 2004 to present Office skills Secretary of plannings assistant

Brothers Associados (January 2000 to November 2003)

- Responsible for planning and organizing parties

Job interview
Getting late is an unforgivable mistake Dress a little better than what is expected for your position Pay attention to everything around you Smile to people

Job interview
A confident handshake is a good start Make eye contact with the people you talk to Pay attention to you posture

Job interview
Listen carefully to everything the interviewer says Use the interviewer name in the interview.

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