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Initial conceptual note in preparation for field visit on TRIP - Towards stimulating and identifying Cultural and potential

SME products and services at the 4 locations of the TRIP project Negambo, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and NuwaraEliya. 2nd June 2011 The guideline for identifying Cultural products could be based on three criteria or groupings, i.e. interesting places and sights to visit / or do, that fall into the following groups: 1. Past History ( Eg. Archeology, Temples, royal and community buildings 2. More recent and Current/living History (Eg. Negambo Batik making; local fishery culture; N Eliya Horse ridding, Sigiriya/ Damubulla A kamatha in operation ; etc) 3. Environment Unique sites, Natural History and biodiversity (Eg. Visits to sites , by vehicle or hiking, cycling /kayaking/ boating, etc. and providing the necessary technology / equipment. Matters to consider 1. There would be various players both big and small business whose services would be required to deliver a particular tourist supportive services. Eg. Boat service boat owners and service repair personal. The latter must have access to proper training exposure and supplies, to ensure sustainable standards. 2. For the TRIP project to give financial backing for cultural products - Consider the non financial elements i.e. effective link to continuous market , policy protection both at local (i.e. local thugs) and national levels ; to ensure sustainability For Specialist team to visit Project sites to discuss and promote this aspects Arrangmentsto meet with the differentclusters of trade/activity/ biz persons identified would be useful to present the three main guidelines, and solicit their ideas and proposals, for later review by market, policy and financial specialists in the team. Linkages between the different operators to promote SME can be explored. i.e. Supply of travel services to the guest houses and hotels to do short package excusions catering to local and foreign tourists. Package it products in a smart way not to hinder each others market. RanjithPinnapola sreport (reject papers of which I found near the printer) identifies the following categories of persons met a) municipal/provincial members and personnel; b) government institutions; c) NGOs/CBOs/ and d) Hotels. It seems the TDA Tourism Development Association that has been recently set up needs reorganizing. If each category area can present their - bottlenecks faced list/ priority action list that can initiate some discussion to revamp the community need for this forum for their own sustainability, and new project ideas and policy protection. In presenting product ideas the product clusters to be advised to address Technical, social and environmental concerns and responsibility. An underlining theme cross cutting would be to buildawareness and community interest to promote clean, safe, attractive, interesting and interactive, without being disturbing, i.e. touting, environments for tourists both local and foreign, as well for their own satisfaction and enjoyment.