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Fourth Grade Treasures

Unit 1 Week 1
Phonics Skill: short vowels
Vocabulary Words: assignments, consideration, allergies, accuse, suspicious, evidence,
consume Spelling Words: sum, plot, odd, shelf, flat, band, left, wealth, plum, bluff, cash,
crunch, bell, dock, mill, hint, grim, blot, past, build Review words: snack, step, pond
Challenge Words: heavy, shovel

Unit 1 Week 2
Phonics Skill: long (a)
Vocabulary Words: shimmer, eerie, lurk, swallows, climate, silken, lumbering
Spelling Words: pale, cane, break, claim, face, slate, ache, steak, crate, today, drain, neigh, clay,
bail, faint, mane, stray, rail, flame, graze Review words: grim, plum, cash Challenge Words:
neighbor, railway

Unit 1 Week 3
Phonics Skill: long (e)
Vocabulary Words: roamed, completed, journey, natural, wildlife
Spelling Words: beam, weep, deal, deed, tea, sleek, please, feet, chief, heal, leak, breathe,
squeak, tease, league, speech, peep, thief, reef, wheeze Review words: neigh, pale, bail
Challenge Words: freedom, appeal

Unit 1 Week 4
Phonics Skill: long (i)
Vocabulary Words: endless, realistic, universe, astronaut, sensible, protested, paralyzed
Spelling Words: file, wipe, sigh, climb, drive, inside, shy, minding, kite, height, prime, fright,
pies, pride, sly, twice, die, spy, pry, slight Review words: chief, please, sleek Challenge
Words: highway, wildlife

Unit 1 Week 5
Phonics Skill: long (o)
Vocabulary Words: disgusted, raft, scattered, cluttered, downstream, nuzzle
Spelling Words: goal, own, groan, lower, mole, fold, stole, sole, stone, flow, foam, blown,
stove, mold, mows, bolt, chose, toll, roasting, quote Review words: kite, shy, climb
Challenge Words: coaster, motor
Fourth Grade Treasures

Unit 2 Week 1
Phonics Skill: digraphs (ch, tch)
Vocabulary Words: legendary, muttered, gaped, snickering, insult, fluke, flinched
Spelling Words: choose, sketched, ketchup, patch, kitchen, chant, cheap, snatch, marching,
chance, chopped, arch, touch, branch, latch, stretching, chatter, hitch, chief, pitcher Review
words: stove, goal, mows Challenge Words: chemical, checkers

Unit 2 Week 2
Phonics Skill: digraphs (th, sh, wh, ph)
Vocabulary Words: overheard, opportunities, border, unions, strikes, citizen, boycotts
Spelling Words: rush, washer, fifth, phrase, northern, photo, whisk, headphone, brush, graph,
thirty, width, shed, whole, bother, nowhere, thanks, these, shove, whirl Review words: arch,
ketchup. cheap Challenge Words: theater, wherever

Unit 2 Week 3
Phonics Skill: complex consonant clusters
Vocabulary Words: temples, dynasties, heritage, preserve, overjoyed
Spelling Words: shred, throb, screech, straps, through, throat, straighten, strain, sprout, shrink,
sprang, strand, sprawl, screw, shriek, script, split, shrimp, splashing, thrill Review words:
graph, brush, these Challenge Words: threaten, strictly

Unit 2 Week 4
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (ar, or)
Vocabulary Words: hilarious, convinced, mischief, independence, handy, dizzy, whirlwind,
Spelling Words: door, ford, smart, bore, dart, core, charge, guard, fort, cord, worn, ward,
morning, spark, argue, warp, carpet, award, stormy, barnyard Review words: screech, shrimp,
throat Challenge Words: charcoal, forecast

Unit 2 Week 5
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (ar, er, ear, eer)
Vocabulary Words: weekdays, cardboard, slithers, genuine, apologize, harmless, ambulance
Spelling Words: gear, hear, compare, yearly, scare, rear, spear, tear, fear, stair, beard, lair, cheer,
airfare, area, mere, spare, career, appear, snare Review words: fort, dart, worn Challenge
Words: sincere, staircase
Fourth Grade Treasures

Unit 3 Week 1
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (ir, ur, er)
Vocabulary Words: interfere, awkward, proclaimed, agile, guardian, tottered
Spelling Words: dirty, curb, twirl, purpose, purse, person, swirl, blurred birth, shirt, herb,
sternly, curl, worse, turkey, serpent, curve, hurl, turnip, pearl, Review words: hear, spare, lair
Challenge Words: spurt, further

Unit 3 Week 2
Phonics Skill: silent letters
Vocabulary Words: unfair, ancestors, numerous, segregation, unsuspecting, avoided, injustice
Spelling Words: hour, thumbs, honor, doubt, lambs, honest, known, knead, knew, answer,
combs, wriggle, wrench, honesty, wrapper, heir, kneel, plumber, knives, wrinkle Review
words: curl, pearl, shirt Challenge Words: knuckles, wrestle

Unit 3 Week 3
Phonics Skill: soft (c, g)
Vocabulary Words: identifies, enterprising, persistence, venture
Spelling Words: center, bridge, strange, ginger, once, badge, police, wedge, dance, circus,
certain, arrange, germs, cement, orange, sponge, spice, glance, ounce, village Review words:
combs, kneel, wrench Challenge Words: general, ceremony

Unit 3 Week 4
Phonics Skill: plural words
Vocabulary Words: sores, loosened, mysterious, amazement, midst, responsibility, patchwork
Spelling Words: clams, parents, caves, patches, mints, couches, arrows, mistakes, props,
glasses, enemies, berries, aches, hobbies, babies, mosses, dresses, engines, ranches, armies
Review words: circus, germs, spice Challenge Words: batteries, compasses

Unit 3 Week 5
Phonics Skill: compound words
Vocabulary Words: technique, foolishness, inspire, evaporate, microscope, magnify, negatives,
Spelling Words: fishbowl, overhead, loudspeaker, bedspread, lookout, waterproof, bookcase,
yourself, backyard, bedroom, grandparent, overdo, desktop, railroad, blindfold, clothesline,
campfire, snowstorm, newborn, undertake Review words: berries, dresses, arches Challenge
Words: eyesight, paperweight
Fourth Grade Treasures

Unit 4 Week 1
Phonics Skill: words with inflected endings
Vocabulary Words: neglected, appreciated, risks, bluffing, misunderstood, desperate, endured,
Spelling Words: tasted, flipped, tapping, discussed, ripping, cared, saved, saving, forced,
flagged, skipping, tasting, flipping, ripped, caring, forcing, tapped, skipped, flagging, discussing
Review words: bedspread, desktop, snowstorm Challenge Words: outwitted, underscoring

Unit 4 Week 2
Phonics Skill: words with inflectional endings
Vocabulary Words: cautiously, faint, disguised, crisscrossed, wisdom, fade, jealousy
Spelling Words: funnier, varied, jumpier, sorriest, families, marries, emptier, prettily, pennies,
carries, merrier, lazier, worried, easily, cries, happiest, replied, silliest, cozily, dizziest Review
words: caring, tasting, skipped Challenge Words: handily, factories

Unit 4 Week 3
Phonics Skill: words with (oo, ew, u_e, ui, ou)
Vocabulary Words: electrical, globe, fuels, decayed
Spelling Words: should, wool, stool, group, zoom, mood, cookie, stoop, tunes, suits, food,
move, brooks, crew, used, stew, you’ll, spool, grew, huge Review words: pennies, prettily,
funnier Challenge Words: crooked, juicy

Unit 4 Week 4
Phonics Skill: words with (oi, ou, ow, oy)
Vocabulary Words: rumbling, snoring, unique, dove, massive, tangles, politicians
Spelling Words: flower, gown, noises, wound, voices, pound, frown, grouch, tower, south,
hound, mound, cough, howling, pouch, grown, cowboy, annoy, thousand, voyage Review
words: cookie, zoom, huge Challenge Words: drought, downtown

Unit 4 Week 5
Phonics Skill: words with (au, a, aw,)
Vocabulary Words: coral, reef, partnership, current, eventually, brittle, suburbs
Spelling Words: walker, caught, caller, talking, chalk, drawn, half, awe, laws, halt, straw, shawl,
stalk, strawberry, small, false, bald, fought, thought, squall Review words: south, pouch,
annoy Challenge Words: wallpaper, awkward
Fourth Grade Treasures

Unit 5 Week 1
Phonics Skill: words with VCCV patterns
Vocabulary Words: peculiar, snuffled, positive, selecting, consisted, advanced
Spelling Words: dinner, summer, swallow, planner, blanket, dipper, picket, member, willow,
foggy, witness, fossil, plastic, thriller, slender, rumbles, welcome, ticket, nodded, blossom
Review words: talking, drawn, shawl Challenge Words: cupboard, friendly

Unit 5 Week 2
Phonics Skill: words with V/CV and VC/V patterns
Vocabulary Words: selfish, bumbling, cranky, commotion, exasperated, specialty, famished
Spelling Words: river, limit, cabin, stolen, level, diver, wiper, promise, never, finish, habit,
razor, talent, famous, bison, pity, radar, spoken, cider, easel Review words: swallow, plastic,
rumbles Challenge Words: sequence, vivid

Unit 5 Week 3
Phonics Skill: words with accented syllables
Vocabulary Words: period, vessels, valuable, documenting, estimating
Spelling Words: above, unfold, petal, tutor, cancel, tender, woman, poster, remind, action,
weeder, behave, gather, monster, frosty, relate, between, chamber, clipper, excite Review
words: diver, finish, spoken Challenge Words: another, remember

Unit 4 Week 4
Phonics Skill: words with final (er, or, ar)
Vocabulary Words: skyscrapers, collage, barbecue, glorious, strutting, flicked, swarms
Spelling Words: grocer, tanker, zipper, harbor, pepper, singer, powder, anchor, barber, enter,
danger, elevator, grader, odor, cheddar, daughter, polar, collar, popular, victor Review words:
cancel, behave, tender Challenge Words: conductor, waiter

Unit 5 Week 5
Phonics Skill: words with (e,)
Vocabulary Words: descendents, sanctuary, glistening, threatening, coaxing, fragile, habitat
Spelling Words: uncle, pebble, symbol, bugle, turtle, channel, medal, pedal, total, local, bubble,
special, pencil, paddle, settle, ankle, oral, pupil, vessel, docile Review words: barber, anchor,
cheddar Challenge Words: animal, snorkel
Fourth Grade Treasures

Unit 6 Week 1
Phonics Skill: words with final (en, on, in)
Vocabulary Words: reference, prospectors, disappointment, annoyed, circular, outstretched,
Spelling Words: robin, sunken, cannon, common, button, eleven, muffin, proven, bacon,
cousin, widen, often, reason, woven, widen, penguin, cotton, raisin, ridden, skeleton Review
words: medal, pupil, paddle Challenge Words: violin, vitamin

Unit 6 Week 2
Phonics Skill: homophones
Vocabulary Words: wistfully, eavesdropping, scuffling, acquaintance, jumble, scornfully,
Spelling Words: root, dough, whose, patience, tale, moose, route, bolder, wade, prints, who’s,
doe, tail, we’ve, boulder, mousse, prince, weave, weighed, patients Review words: cotton,
muffin, eleven Challenge Words: straight, strait

Unit 6 Week 3
Phonics Skill: words with prefixes (dis, mis, non, un)
Vocabulary Words: fossil stumbled upon, paleontologist, inspected
Spelling Words: discourage, misplace, nonfat, unplug, disappoint, mislabel, nonfiction,
uncertain, disbelief, mislead, nonsense, uncomfortable, distrust, misstep, nonstop, uncover,
disloyal,. misnumber, unable, unclean, Review words: prince, weighed, bolder Challenge
Words: mishap, unravel

Unit 6 Week 4
Phonics Skill: words with suffixes, (less, ly, ness, ful, y)
Vocabulary Words: glider, unstable, wingspan, applauded, headlines, hoisting, assured
Spelling Words: spotless, barely, hopefully sickness, sunny, tasteless, happiness, joyfully, furry,
handful, goodness, aimless, really lifeless, sorrowful, breathless, hairy, illness, purely, certainly
Review words: disappoint, nonfat, misnumber Challenge Words: superbly, successful

Unit 6 Week 5
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (er, ur,)
Vocabulary Words: astronomer, investigates, solitary, territory, communication, nutrients,
prehistoric, overcome
Spelling Words: burrow, disturb, modern, service, furnace, alert, capture, eastern, concert,
perhaps, merchant, whirlwind, lantern, purchase, survive, surprise, thirsty, nervous concern
persuade Review words: really, handful, goodness Challenge Words: survey, emerge