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Who are We and what We are meant for?

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A Grand Feast of Knowledge Brahm-Bhoj
'Swa-Shradh Punya-Tithee

Who are We and what We are meant for?
( As per our History and Religious faith, based on scientific lines )

(This knowledge is very much essential to clear the aims of our life
and also to pave the way to achieve it)
(Simultaneous to subside all our miseries and suffering of our life)

Er I.L.Rathi
Chief Engineer (Retd.)
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Who are We and what We are meant for?

This book is dedicated to the holy feet of
Gurudev, Acharya Shri Ram Sharma &
Maa Smt. Bhagwati Devi Sharma
Shantikunj, Hardwar, India

Who are We and what We are meant for?

For the book Who are we and what we are meant for? written by Er.I. L. Rathi Retd.
Chief Engineer (Level-1), which is also being put in your any-time access at internet, I
feel immensely pleased to forward it. The author is a member of Gayatri-Parivar
since more than three decades now. When he was the President or U.P.R.V.P.
Abhiyanta Sangh, I had the opportunity to attend and address a number of work-shops
and family gatherings of fellow engineers, organized by him to carry forward the
Missions program. Now he has made him exclusively available for the mission after
performing his after death rites Swa-Shradh in 4/2008 in Shanti-kunj.
Though we all very well know that the ancient most Vedic-Culture is the root of all
other cultures and its Sumerian/Aryan gods are in the root of all religions but the
author has put in all out efforts to prove this fact as per evidence on record and this
deserves all-round appreciation. His efforts to explore the science in various tested
Vedic techniques are also commendable because 71% of worlds population between
the 21 to 35 age group can be easily convinced by concerted efforts of intelligentsia.
The most critical issue of increasing Thought-Pollution has been rightly raised by him and all the religions which are
basically working for the good of mankind shall definitely take its notice and act accordingly. Gurudev Acharya Shri Ram
Sharma launched Vichar-Kranti Abhiyan with the start of Publication of monthly magazine Akhand-Jyoti in 1940 and
the same is the mission of Akhil Vishva Gayatri Parivar. He has assured me to continue to work for the mission with all
his might till he breathes last.
I find that information given by Er.Rathi in this book would be very useful in Gurudevs Centenary year celebrations
(Sept.2010-11). I also wish that the readers of the book may find its contents inspiring and useful.

(Dr. Pranav Pandya)
Shradheya Dr. Pranav Pandya is renowned as a pioneer of scientific spirituality world over. He is a gold medalist in MD
(Medicine) and although in 1976, he had a lucrative opportunity after qualifying for U.S medical services, but he stayed in
India at the instance of revered Gurudev Acharya Shri Ram Sharma. He joined Yug Nirman Mission at Shantikunj as the
director Brahmavarchas Research Institute in 1978. A significant phase of his life started after Gurudevs Mahasamadhi in
1990. From here on, he took on the leadership of All World Gayatri Pariwar which blossomed into a world wide
organization now having established-branches in over 80 countries with nearly 90 million followers. He is a shining
example for his determination in spreading the message of Yug Nirman Mission world wide from, Russia to China. He
addressed joint session of House of Lords and House of Commons in UK in 1992. As the Head of the Organization, he
disseminated the message of Indian culture (Dev-Sanskriti), in its true spirit, across the globe. Furthermore, under his
dynamic leadership the Dev Sanskriti University at Haridwar is establishing new milestones and reforming the face of
modern education, and it aims to mould the new generation of inspired youths on the lines of ancient Indian Gurukuls of
Nalanda and Taxila with the same emphasis to take on social service along with their own development.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Prof. S.P.Dixit was Head of the Department of Hindi in Lucknow University where he served for about 45 years. He is the
Founder President of the department of Patrakarita and Jan-Sanchar. He is visiting professor of Lucknow, Allahabad,
Sagar, Baroda, Ujjain, Goa, Vardha and Kochi (earstwhile Cochin) Universities. Under his able guidance 85Ph.D. and
D.Litt. degrees have been awarded from six different universities. He has publication of as many as 54 Research
papers and 450 articles to his credit. He has been the editor of Utkarsh, Udbhav, Avadhi, Gyan-Shikha, Kul-
Sandesh, Sahitya-Bharti, Sanchar-Shri and Chanakya etc. He has the honour of receiving the Sahitya Bhushan
award from U.P. Hindi Sansthan in 1998. He is the recipient of Sahitya Vachaspati from Hindi Sahitya Sammelan
(1999), International man of the year (1998-05), Distinguished Personality of the World (1998-04), and Deen
Dayal Upadhyay Samman from U.P. (2002). He has been the President of Bhartiya Hindi Parishad (1997-03). He
continues to be the Secretary of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan- Prayag since 2001, President of Public society of India since
1998, President of Bihari puruskar Birla foundation since 2000. He is also the former President of U.P.Hindi Sansthan
in 2004. He has also visited 16 countries and has been honoured as Diksha-Guru. Sahiya-Manishi and various other
books have also been published by him.
Looking at his entire life and works, it becomes apparently clear that he is indeed a Pride of the Nation fully
dedicated for the upliftment of National language and its Vedic-culture
Good Wishes
I had the opportunity to work with the author, Er. I.L.Rathi in U.P.
State Electricity Board for about three decades and thus was able to watch his
personality very closely. After his retirement also, our nearness continued and
fortunately I have gone through almost all the material published and distributed by him
on various occasions. What I find is that, as usual Er. Rathi is deeply interested in
spreading the scientific background of the Vedic culture and its religion. It is the result
of his regular study on the subject that in the present book he has now proved with

(Er. S.P.Agarwal)
Who are We and what We are meant for?

evidence that Vedic culture is the mother of all the cultures of the world. This makes the heads of all Indians sky-high and
our self-pride now knows no bonds.
We have exchanged our thoughts many a times and find that as visualized by our ancients, Vedas have the scientific
expression of the secrets of the Creation and embodies all those techniques, practicing which our Sumerian ancestors
attained unimaginable heights of technological advancements, even in the prehistoric period. Undoubtedly it is very
difficult to understand Vedas and as explained by him, one has to become expert not only in Sanskrit language but
specifically in Sanskrit language of Vedas. Virtually, only for the lack of knowledge to understand Vedas, these were
discarded earlier by the people having biased mentality. On the contrary, the entire Vedic text simply means that
Almighty did not only create us but provided ways and means to be in real happiness Anand. These secrets, as explored
by the untiring efforts of our Sumerian gods, are now with us all in black and white. All this unambiguously sounds to be
correct, as the generous and kind hearted Almighty would never create us for keeping in the ocean of miseries as is seen
presently all around. This is a fact that none of us has experienced that Anand, which these Sumerians are hinting at. As
such, these sacred books and the associated literature definitely need revival for overcoming the constant grief and
sufferings causing hopelessness and helplessness amongst masses in the entire world.
Once Er. Rathi expressed his heart felt pain that during the long slavery period, the Hindus too, who are the descendents
of Vedic culture, have missed the essence of this rich heritage. Thus contrary to their ancestors, instead of making
themselves more and more mightier for tackling all the odds of their lives, even their worshiping of God has become
simply an act of begging, to fulfill some or the other ambition. All other acts of Religion Dharma are also demand
oriented. Had we been clear of the correct concepts of specified routine worshiping exercises, we must have become
ourselves the elevated-souls with strong will-power and strengthen self-confidence, capable not only to meet all our
requirements by ourselves, but also to help needy ones as per religious traditions of our ancestors. Thus the concept-
clearing mission of Er. Rathi deserves whole hearted appreciation and support.
We know, even when he was in active service, Er. Rathi continued to practice various religious acts in many innovative
ways, to muster first hand experiences. Now after retirement also, his lust of carrying out experiments on the self has gone
much more rigorous. Of late he has carried out his own last rites Swa-shradh and for this he has written that, apart from
constant reaffirming the feelings of detachment, he is interested in establishing contacts with all those friends and relatives
who have earlier departed during his life time. His circle is rather much bigger, wherein he goes for daily peace-prayers
Shanti-Path for all astral bodies viz. gods, Rishies, Dev-Manavas, Heroes of the nation, and those who were killed
due to some or the other natural or man-made calamities. It is indeed a daring step but exactly in accordance with my
views, he is sure that all the elevated souls are always eager to help us in the noble cause of elevating our souls. Such a
visualization of extra ordinary help, always at our back is surely sufficient to kick away our entire inferiority-complex.
A much higher proportion of worlds population, especially the youth think that, no such help or damage by any astral
body is at all possible. They forget that the Hindus are the descendents of such a great culture, heroes of which elevated
themselves and became so charming that they mustered all-round respect and occupied not only the whole world but due
to their high moral values, they won the hearts of the natives where ever they went. Although times have changed but one
can see the persisting influence of the hard work Tapasya of these self-realized persons on the Indian soil, that Indians
have never ever enforced war against any country. Even after becoming slave for their simplicity and gentleness, getting
freedom with Ahimsa even in the era of war-mania, is again a unique instance of the history of man-kind. He has
described in detail, in other parts of this book, some very useful exercises as documented in Vedas with which, these
ancients became so worthy of worshiping, that they now help in the same way as they were helped by
their superior Sumerians.
I am the man who has personally experienced that these gods, or angels or pitters, do influence us and affect us. Such one
instance of my life is being narrated below so that those who do not believe might take lesson from it.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Due to serious mental sufferings and miseries to self and our other family members we visited a few years back a Temple
known as SRI BALA JI DHAM situated in Rajasthan State on AGRA-JAIPUR road a place called GHATA
MEHNDIPUR on the advice of known some relative Mahatma to get rid of all mental problem in the family. As per
system/process to worship SRI BALA JI (HUNUMAN JI) GOD power an ARJEE in the form of BHOG SAMIGREE
(Ladoo Bundi Riped urd ki dal riped Rice) to all three GOD POWER known as SRI BALA JI (HUNUMAN JI) Sri
BHARAV BABA and PRETRAJ SARKAR respectively with full devotion presented in the morning hours with
PRAYERS to kindly remove our all mental sufferings / problems. Then myself had taken special Prasad of ladoo known
as peshi ke ladoo.
Then in the afternoon of the same day when we all family members praying GOD-PRETRAJ SARKAR then specially my
mother asked me to pray GOD PRETRAJ SARKAR BABA with full concentration/Devotion to kindly remove our all
mental sufferings due to effect of BAD SOULS /SPIRITS. Then immediately myself realized that in addition of my
SOUL a different BAD natured spirit (Papatma soul) entered in my body and captured my own mental thinking and my
all physical actions through five sensing organs start working as per thinking of that bad spirits such as abusive language,
crying loudly, weeping badly as soon as punishment is awarded by GOOD (Dev Doot) SOUL (Punyatma Soul) another
soul also entered in my human body. Then this bad spirit starts giving the explanation that why he has started giving
mental troubles and what are his desires. Then on reasonable demand of Papatma soul, as allowed by Dev Doot soul
and on fulfillment of his desire get away with promise, not to give any further mental trouble etc. Thus in this way with
the same process, entering/removing of about Ten Papatma souls continued at different prayer timings within the period
of 12 days stay. Finally I and other family members get rid of all mental sufferings and miseries and everyone feeling
quite good and light. Then before we all left this DHAM / TEMPLE OF GOD SRI BALA JI, blessed myself with a very
powerful DEV DOOT (PUNYATMA SOUL) for the self protection and protection of other family members from the bad
effect of such type of other Papatma souls in future throughout the life. More over it was also advised by Punatma soul
that till prayer / devotion with SRI BALA JI continued, blessings of Powerful Souls (Noble/Punyatma souls) shall remain
continue. More over as and when myself pray Sri Bala ji GOD or they wanted to bless / wish to me / us shall enter in my
Human body and help us all the way in future life, and particularly on special occasions like Ram Janam Day, Krishna
Janamastmi, ShivRatri, Devi Nav Ratra etc.
Thus with the above narrated self realization of own atma and other different kind of souls it is beyond doubt that WE
as we love and serve God. Hence the most practical way to reach GOD for the common man, to express the language of
Heart, while attending to his daily life duties, is to speak lovingly, think lovingly and act lovingly towards all mankind
irrespective of caste, creed, taking GOD to be present in each and every one.
In the last, I am sure that the matter of the book shall be very useful to all of us and should be taken seriously.
Undoubtedly the wise lot also has an opportunity to make their human birth successful by understanding the Vedic
concepts clearly and educating others.

Er. S.P.Agarwal has served the then UP State Electricity Board in various capacities and finally retired in 3/2002 when he
was chief General Manager of Uttarakhand Jal Vidut nigam Ltd. at Dehradun. Although he had varied experience in
regard to influences of Papatmas (Sinful souls) and Punatmas (Nobel souls), yet through out his life, he managed the
help of some Mahatmas (Elevated Souls) to tackle various problems. He has now put himself at the disposal of all fellow
engineers and can be contacted for any service at 301 B, Alaknanda Apartments, B-51, Rajpur Road Dehradun 2480001
(U.K.), India. L.L 0135/2713318, M. 9837424418.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Er. I. L. Rathi has made a great and courageous effort in writing this book Who are we
and what we are meant for? I know him personally and have severally utilized his rich of
engineering experience. Although his spiritual life is also well known to me but it amazes
me to see his deep knowledge in history. As I have also seen his personal life very closely,
he has a great passion to do something for the society and for this he has been striving
hard through out his life, especially during last decade of his service in U. P. State
Electricity Board. His urge and concern to improve the deteriorating condition of the
society, especially the presently degrading moral values and unbalance of various virtues
has probably brought this book before us.
The book attempts to educate the present society specially we Indians, who have almost given up our religious system
Sanatana Dharma and it will help us to know our past which we have almost forgotten. Our ancestor Sumerians had high
virtues technological advancements due to which they had risen to the position of God-hood. The author has been
successful in making every Indian to feel proud for their rich heritage and history. He has illustrated the technical analysis,
logics to explain how our ancestors have been able to achieve the heights, parameters and performance which now look
almost impossible to the present society. The book successfully links the history of Sumerians from very old prehistoric
period as old as 10 millennium BC, to Indus Valley Civilization, to Proto-Elamite Civilsation, to Aryan Civilization to the
present day being followed as Hindu Civilization.
Once we know who we are?, the sense of pride is automatically generated and the reader is inspired to know the
techniques to become virtuous and powerful alike our Sumerians ancestor. The book successfully teaches us the various
techniques for acquiring these virtues. We shall then start attempting unconsciously, even what we are actually meant
for? Depending up on our anxiety i.e. Jigyasa in due course our soul elevation may reach to such heights that we shall
be able to achieve what ever we can imagine. Normally fulfillment of the needs of the material world are the prime
concern for most of us, but it should be understood well that if we could elevate our soul, meeting all these will require no
extra efforts, since inculcation of more and more virtues goes automatic with this elevation. As evaluated in the book, the
prime most amongst all the virtues is wisdom. The author has profound the philosophy of Unity as explained in Vedas
and Vedic philosophy by establishing links with all parts of the world and proved that the whole world is like a family i.e.
Vasudev Kutumbakam. The book deals with the Vedic philosophy of Creation. The Almighty has expressed Him in
the form of Creation with the help of Pranic energy. To highlight here the important part of the book, the entire
Creation is a conversion of Pranic-Energy (MassEnergy) and this energy also keeps the creation in action as per its
design criteria, at the determination Sat-Sankalp of the Almighty or the Chetna-Punj. This is clearly affirmed in
Bhagwadgita where in Lord Krishna says This material nature which is one of My energies, is working under My
direction, O Arjuna, producing all the moving and non-moving beings. Under this manifestation is created and
annihilated again and again. The book rightly describes that it is possible only by adopting Vedic teachings how to go
for self-discovery / self elevation / self realization. Some practical tips on Reiki, Pranic-healing, Power of positive
thinking, Yoga practices etc. will lead to improvement of present birth to future births and improvement of human race.
We acquire our present body because of our Karmas. The author rightly says the real goal of life is understanding
reincarnation i.e. to become free from the painful cycle of birth. The lord Krishna says in Bhagwadgita As the embodied
soul continuously passes in this body, from child-hood to youth, and then to old age, the soul similarly passes into another
body at death. A knowledgeful (Gyani) person is not bewildered by such a change. I congratulate the author for his great
efforts in awakening the spiritual wisdom of readers which will help in high level of success, happiness, sense of identity,
unity, awakening for self realization and ultimately addressing the suffering of mankind. I sincerely wish that human
society will benefit from this knowledge. At present no nation/society is in a sound condition of this knowledge, but if

Who are We and what We are meant for?

people understand the knowledge of Vedas, and if they actually broaden their outlook, all social, national and
international problems will be solved automatically. Let us pray Sarve bhawantu sukhina, Sarve santu niramaya, Sarve
bhadrani pashayantu, Ma kaschid dukh bagh bhavet. OM SHANTI :

(R. P.Jamloki)
R.P. Jamloki graduated in Engineering from M.N.R. Engineering College, Allahabad (now NIT) in 1971. He is a fellow
of The Institution of Engineers (India). He retired as General Manager from Power Transmission Corporation of
Uttarakhand Ltd. Dehradun. He has worked for about 36 years in Power Sector in all disciplines i.e. 22 years in Hydro
Generation, 10 years in Distribution and 4 years in Transmission. He has many achievements to his credit and some
innovative approaches have been adopted by him for the first time in the country. During his career he has also served in
various organizations associated with the Engineers i.e. Uttar Pradesh Abhiyanta Sangh, Northern India Power Engineers
Federation, All India Engineers Federation and Indian Engineers Federation (Northern Zone). At present he is working as
Chairman,The Institution of Engineers (India), Uttarakhand State Centre, Dehradun and Secretary General, Northern India
Engineers Federation. Besides engineering he has inclination towards spiritual world and believes in a simple and holistic
life, maintaining a complete balance of physical, mental, social and spiritual health.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

(The spread of Sumerians/Aryans world-over as per History vis-a-vis Vedic text is being
given in a consolidated form for at-a-glance study as this feature is interesting as well as
very important
(Although Archeologists and Historians have already established the world wide spread of
the Sumerians even in the prehistoric period, but it is much wider as given in the Vedic
literature and shown again as below to muster our confidence in their approach and
teachings. This calls for a change in our angle of vision and to save time, further
investigations must be done on the lines as indicated in the Vedic text. Whatever has come
to light by now, it establishes the supremacy of Sumerians in all spheres but the techniques
discovered and used by them are needed to be adopted for our better progress in material
and astral worlds).
In this part of book Who are we and what we are meant for?, the baffling fact which has
been disclosed by the author is that, though we the human beings are the wisest species of
earth planet but have so far failed to answer the basic questions connected integrally with our survival. Not only this, as yet we
do not know even our origin. Now if we do not know who we are, how we can decide the ultimate aim of our lives and make
efforts to achieve it? We can easily appreciate that if we somehow could have the knowledge of our achievements and
debacles of our past, we would be in a position to take lessons and an inspiration from there, to overcome grieves and
sufferings of our future lives. Thus the knowledge of correct answers of both questions of this books title is essential for
deciding our top most aspiration of this life and methods to meet the same.
We further know for certain that even before 10,000 BC we did have a very advanced Sumerian race and their footprints
are available all over the world in the form of many prehistoric megaliths, Stonehenge, Stone-circles, Ziggurats, Malta-
style temples, Pyramids and other structures looking at which, even today we simply stand puzzled as neither their
techniques nor their purpose of creating such wonders becomes clear to us. The perfect astronomical alignment of some
structures really baffles as sphinx in Egypt is in constellation of Leo of 10500BC, but it is a fact that all the works of
Sumerians were done for the welfare of masses in general. The whole world is not sure as to from where this Sumerian
culture originated and where have they disappeared. In this part-1 of the book, it has been worked out and proved beyond
doubt that this world-over respected Sumerian culture originated from India with which not only their descendents
Aryans flourished in India, but the same culture is still alive here with Hindus.
Vedic Text in fact covers documentation of those techniques, practicing which they became so much advanced even in the
prehistoric period that the present technological advancements are still much below their standards. Unfortunately we still
continue to commit mistakes right since we started to trace our origin. Though pretending to be intelligent we did consider
it better to proceed on scientific lines as this is the only way to find out the truth. There is nothing wrong in this concept
but the whole beat of science is limited only to physical world. We however forgot that the physical world itself has
originated from abstract transcendent realm of non-physical entity, which is a subject matter of religion. Unfortunately if
we look back at the history of man kind, in contrast to its sense and meaning, people started implanting Religions
(Dharma) disassociating it from science. For them, though the association of Religions with truth continues but every
religion kept its own truth as supreme. Very soon people even stopped thinking of Absolute Truth. It looked as if a
religion has nothing to do with science. This deviation from the correct course started when the Vedas, which are the
embodiment of the knowledge of the highest order, were discarded due to their difficult grasp. Of course these are the
initial religious record of human history on this earth but as far as their originality is concerned, it lays embedded in their
basic concepts. For instance, the concept of this initial document can still be proved to be correct that all the religions are
Er.Gulzari Lal
Who are We and what We are meant for?

capable to usher all the claimed benefits if these are taken with full faith and devotion by their followers (refer and .in). It has been further clarified in this Part-1 of the book, that almighty is the origin as well
as our final destination and during all our births we are only required to make efforts for achieving the same. As clarified
further, most surprising aspect of making these efforts is that, there lay hidden secret of our becoming mightier and
brighter alike our Sumerian ancestors. Although Religion, which serves as the lone base of our existence has to deal with
only truth, but with out referring to this original and tested religious record, we have so far been searching our origin some
where in material world only, and here too we failed firstly, due to our limited knowledge of natural laws governing time
and space and secondly because of being completely dishonest and maintaining a non-religious approach.
Factually, Vedas were not only ignored but were doomed and declared garbage. All for biased reasons, Vedic culture was
also not only condemned, but Indians were deprived of their cultural heritage by implanting Aryan-Invasion like theories.
The most unfortunate result of such a callous action is that the whole world suffered irreparable loss and at present, such a
bitter situation has culminated that the whole planet has become totally unsafe because of a number of reasons. How long
we can evade the answers of a few burning questions viz. Why terrorism can not be contained? Why every day a new big
fraud or embezzlement is coming to light? Why people take the law in their hands so easily? Why adulteration is
assuming such frightening dimensions? Why the moral values, which kept the whole world hypnotized are deteriorating
so fast in India and so forth. We, the declared successors of Almighty, have brought down ourselves to the status of a
permanent beggar, and that is why only for fulfillment of some of our wish, we always go to some or the other place of
worship. Those who consider themselves to be wise must realize the seriousness of this situation and find out ways and
means to come out of the present morass. Fortunately the foot prints of ancient most highly advanced Sumerian race, who
were not only most versatile but were also of highly self-elevated beings, are available to keep their memory refreshed in
our minds. Also the techniques, which they practiced and became so capable and powerful to achieve any thing whatever
they could imagine, are lying preserved in Vedas and in the connected text. Although the elaboration of said techniques
are under the purview of this book but to practice for desired gains, it is essential to first muster the required will-power
simultaneous to enhance adequate self-confidence on these techniques. For an automatic gain of this virtue, it is being re-
established here as to how the Vedic culture happens to be the mother of all other cultures of the world and how the
Sumerian/Aryan gods are in the roots of other religions. The Vedic vision is, that being the wisest and superior most
species; only Human being can save all other beings and the world against any odd. It thus needs adopting the Sumerians
techniques in a responsible manner with out wastage of time. A word of caution is however necessary here that in the
present Silicon-Age, Information Technology has reduced the world to become a global village, the truth can not be kept
hidden in Forbidden-Archaeology stores and the new generation will never forgive us if we still continue to read and teach
the wrong history.
2. As per few details given in the Part-1, while trying to find out the origin of mankind in the material world, though we
failed to account for many abrupt changes due to various natural calamities, yet in ancient times due to sea levels being
lower, all the plateaus were much bigger i.e. without that much gap between them as is visible now. For instance, up till
10,000 BC in Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka was so big an island that it was connected with India mostly by land routes.
Madagascar in Pacific Ocean was also much bigger connected with Africa and had land routes right from India. Thus the
communication and transportation was not that difficult as we generally think. Although many natural and other
calamities continue to occur causing a sea change in terrain and climate and also sometimes the rise in sea level up to 10
ft/century was recorded, changing the whole scenario constantly. Similarly due to much longer age of human being
(Around 900 years), many such happenings were easily possible for which the religions are misunderstood simply as the
consolidation of myths.
3. At various depths of excavation it is observed, that with the availability of copper, after Neolithic (new Stone-Age, after
10,000 BC), the Copper-age was first established by Sumerians (Ancestors of Aryans) on the banks of River Saraswati
now in Punjab (Pakistan). This is the same civilization called as Proto- Elamite in old Mesopotamia and Persia. As per
Vedic text, six warriors of Chakshus (Manu) race won over this area much before the occurrence of famous Deluge
Who are We and what We are meant for?

(Pralay). The artifacts of excavations here, clearly suggest that after the period of Old-Stone Age, in Neolithic and Copper
Age (5000 BC), the world known Deluge occurred. The Bronze Age is definitely there in the upper layers. Those not able
to link up the background of Sumerians, even their successors, the Akkadians, state that after coming from some
unknown place, the Sumerians flourished in Mesopotamia during Bronze-Age. These are however the same Sumerians
who as per Vedic texts, were created (Mantra Srashti) on some best of the mounts Su-meru somewhere in Himalayas.
Sumeru is a Sanskrit word meaning thereby- a good mount, after which the race originated from here was named as
Sumerians and later-on with the advent of cultivation, most of them came down in the areas of Indus Valley (Sapt-Sindhu,
area of seven rivers covering to 2,50,000 sq. km) and also spread in the world, generally near the confluences of rivers and
so in Mesopotamia. In India these Sumerians / Aryans covered West coast of India extended up to Gujarat & Delhi, and
for this more than 2500 archaeological sites of small towns and big cities (starting from 7500 BC), Gulf of Cambay
(Khambat ki Khari), Mehrgarh, Mohenjo-Daro and Harrapa, stand as witness. It is almost the same story of creation of
Sumerians as revealed in the text of some other religions and also supported by various artifacts that initially it was an
asexual creation or it was a production by genetic manipulation by superior Sumerians of some other planet (named as
Planet X). But for sure, the movement of these ancestors of Aryans started from India and to prove this, the author has
rightly cited much older sites which have been excavated as stated above. The logic further suggests that still older sites
shall come up if we proceed on the lines of spread as in the Vedic text. The new generation would never permit teaching a
wrong history on to them and therefore the connected parts of entire world history based on Aryan-Invasion theory needs
to be revised forthwith. At least those who created history can not be compelled now to read the wrong History. Aryan
invasion theory in fact derailed the whole truth as this was implanted earlier under much confusion, and for this Max
Muller, the principal architect of this theory has confessed in his last book- Six systems of Hindu Philosophy- that
Vedas and Vedic culture are of much depth. Moreover with the fixing up of revised date of drying up of Saraswati River
as 1900BC, the entire scenario has changed and the date of composition of Rig-Veda has now gone prior to 3000BC. A
few scholars consider the date of composition of Rig-Veda 10,000 BC as plausible, in view of the epi-Paleolithic
agriculture or Proto-agriculture civilization dating back to similar or even earlier period.
4. If we maintain the positive attitude, the text of Vedic Purans, is the history of these Vedic heroes in between the
lines, and is capable to clear the facts by erasing out all sort of misgivings. As said, in the Neolithic era (around 10,000
BC) the Sumerians had tremendous capacities and long life spans. As per their religious texts, even Adam and Noah of
finishing 5
Millennium lived for 930 and 950 years respectively (Genesis). As no other advanced race has ever lived
in that ancient period, all Megalithic structures, Stonehenge, Ziggurats, Malta-style temples and other stone circles
of that era are the foot prints of Sumerians available in the entire world. Such heavy jobs and that too in perfect
astronomical alliance can not be carried out even today with the support of entire technological advancements.
Cunningness in mankind has come much afterwards when man started failing to meet his aspirations. These Sumerians
were capable to tackle all their odds. It might have been some genetic planning that for millenniums these selfrealized
persons never liked to disclose or mind their identity. Their moral values were so high and their personalities were so
charming that wherever they went, the natives of that area automatically became their disciples (not slaves as some
historians have written). They were taken as monarchs and due to their full faith and belief in them, devotees even started
worshiping them. As per Vedic text the complete earth was for the first time distributed by Priyavrat (the eldest son of
Swayambhu Manu, the very first renowned personality of Vedic culture, having come to light of era much before
7000BC) among his ten sons. When the period of 35 Prajapaties and five Manus of this branch ended, Prathu s/o
Uttanpad (the other son of Swayambhu Manu) started cultivation for the first time and in his name the world was named
as Prathvi. This was the time that these wandering heroes and their subjects started settling at places near water,
depending on the seasonal crops first, and on the round the year cropping system later. The period of 6
Manu starts from
his younger son, Chakshush Manu. Daityas, Devs, Danavs and many such other dynasties have originated from Diti, Aditi
and Danu respectively married to Kashyap Rishi, who were among other 13 daughters (Total 60) of Daksh (Last
Prajapati). As the formal distribution of land continued, the entire world was occupied by all these dynasties emanating
from daughters of Daksh and the land of Asia, Europe, Africa, Arab, continents specifically around, Caspian Sea (old
Who are We and what We are meant for?

name Kashyap sagar- after the name of Kashyap Rishi), Persian Gulf (old name Ksheer-Sagar), Red Sea, Black Sea,
Arabian Sea were under the occupancy of these three mighty dynasties.
5. The world initially considered Mesopotamia as the place where village settlements began to spring up near the mouth
of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, in present-day southern Iraq and the oldest Sumerian race flourished around 5,000 BC.
Of late many historians have agreed and suggested that they were of Armenic or Armenid extraction and established one
of the first centers of civilization in the lower part of Mesopotamia. This means that initially they inhabited in Armenian
highlands and gradually descended to Northern Mesopotamia and eventually spread to further south. But no one speaks
correctly in regard to their initial origin. The Vedic text as above narrates that these Sumerians have in fact originated
from Indus valley. Based on the archaeological findings, some historians also agree that they migrated from west coast of
India, but surely it was an extension of Indus valley. In their mission worldwide-spread, their coming to Armenia first, is
also correct. Even the religions books like-wise give us a fascinating glimpse into the Sumerian origins and their culture.
In the great Epic of Gilgamesh, the Sumerians recount the land of their ancestors, the Arattans in the Highlands of
Armenia. Many scholars agree that Aratta [Suburi - Sumerians also known as Suberians and called themselves
Shinar[ar]s] was in fact the first Indo-European state that existed in the first half of the third millennium BC. Archaeology
has revealed that in between 2,800-2,600 BC, astronomer scientist high priests observed the rising of Sirius, and
worshiped it. Sirius [Dog Star] symbolically stood for Matron Goddess Aya-Inanna-Ninhursag [later Anahit] of Aratta.
Enmerkar, the grandfather of the hero Gilgamesh lived around 2,750 BC and the King of Aratta through his herald sent a
message to Enmerkar stating that Inanna had abandoned neither Aratta nor her house therein -- the Ziggurat Temple that
was a primordial astronomical observatory and an origin site of metal smelting foundries.
6. As for as come back of Sumerians to Mesopotamia is concerned, it was much after wards to their initial origination.
According to Vedic text, Five sons of Chakshus Manu naming Ur, Pur, Taporat, Atyarati, Abhimanyu along with Angira
s/o Ur, total six Bharats, entered in leftover areas of the west. Ur after conquering Africa, Syria established a State Ur after
his name, in Babylonia. Urvashi of Vedic text-the famous dancer of gods court-belonged to this place. Ural Mountain is
also after his name. Pur named his State as Pursia (Persia, the old name of Iran). Taporat, settled on high land spaces and
called it as Taporia, after his name. Vedic Baikunth-Dham was also located on Damavand high land of Elburz mountain.
Ararats, who suffered most due to Deluge, are the descendents of Atyarati. Atyarat (Adhrat) state was located on
highlands of Ararat mount (Armenia), which is also supposed to be the landing place of Noahs Ark. Angira s/o Ur settled
in Africa and also built Angira-Pikuna and he and Manue are the subject matter of Iranian Epic Hebrew. In Avesta -the
Parsis religious book- Angira is called Ahirman and in Bible as Shetan. He is Satanic Host of ancient western literature.
Abhimanyu (Manue) of famous Epic Odyssey is Atyaratis brother. He is Memnon of Greece. He is Agamemnon, the
conqueror of battle of Troy. John Milton sang admiring songs of these warriors for 40 years. Fortunately a number of
Sumerian inscriptions, dating from somewhere between 2750 and 2500 BC have been preserved.
7. When the famous flooding occurred for which more than 270 legends still survive, Matasya race of Babylonia saved
Manu (Noah of Bible and Avesta) during the deluge. Due to the devastating floods, almost all Aryans went back to their
homeland. However when the water receded permitting start of resettling work, Varun, the eldest of Devs (Total 12 sons
of Kashyap Rishi from Aditi d/o Daksha and the youngest being Surya F/o Vaivshvat Manu (the Seventh Manu),
reclaimed the entire land from waters by digging deep canals leading to Persian gulf (Vedic Ksheer Sagar). He Reclaimed
Susha city (Susa, east of Tigris,) which was earlier built by Atyarati s/o Chakshus Manu and is Amravti of Vedic text.
Zoroasters of old (Iran) worshipped Varun and this was called Zoroastrian Un-itarianism. Thus there should be no surprise
to find the same pantheon of gods were here, as that of the Vedic period in India.
8. Amongst the descendents of Bhragu s/o Varun, Tvashta (s/o Shukra and Ushna) was called Vishvakarma by Devas
and Maya by Daityas. He is taken as all time high Architect and is the God-man of Mayan-culture of Central America.
He was monarch of southern Kur-area (Kurdistan), below Armenia. After his conquering Syria, Babylonia and Egypt,
Surya got a title of Trivikram, he got married with Renu, the daughter of Vishvakarma and was blessed with sons viz.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Vaivashvat Manu and Yam along with daughter Yami. From other wife Swarna, Surya got a son Shanishchar (also called
Shrutikarma), and daughters Tapti and Vishti. Shrutikarma headed Yaman (Greece), and Helios race here are his
descendents. From Sandhya w/o Yam orignated Scythian race of old Egypt and Greek. Thus in long list of his descendents
are Vasus, Maruts, Bhanus, Ghoshs, Sandhyas, Hans, Vishvakarmas, Manishies, Dravids, Hoons (also white Hoons),
Mangoles, Ramans, Dhars, Hetals, Kushans etc. etc. Germans are probably Sandhyas. The desendents of Rudra (s/o Dhar)
belong to Herat (Afganistan).
9. The Abrahamic religions trace their lineage to Yahweh. The Jewish and Christian God is called YHWH in Hebrew and
spelt as Yehweh or Yahvah. However Abraham of Judeo-Christian traditions are a-brahmn, means Brahminism of Rig
Veda traditions. Their In-Sushinak (Semetic god) corresponds exactly with In-Seshnaga, the serpent lord (also supported
with archaeological evidence). In old Sanskrit, In means lord. Semetic god Yahveh corresponds to Yahvah of Rig Veda
or Elamite god (6000BC Aitareya Brahmana, which speculates Rig Veda). The name Yahvah occurs 21 times in the
Rigveda. It may be compared to Shivah, an epithet for auspiciousness in the Rigveda, that later is applied regularly to
10. The Vedic Text further reveals that most of the inhabited world was under the control of various dynasties originated
from ancient Sumerians, the area from Caspian sea covering up till Afghanistan and NW Persia was once with Daitya-Raj
Hirnakashyapu, and Babylon along with adjoining areas were with his brother Hiranyaksh.
11. Norway was called as Kola-Varah Peninsula. Varah-Race of this area killed Hiranyaksh at the instigation of Devs.
Thus Varah race came much closure to Devs and their one branch came under the fold of Nrag, the other son of Manu,
while he was also holding Babylon. He is the same Vedic Nar-Singh who terrorized and killed Hirnyakashyapu as he
became very week after the assassination of his brother. He is named as Naram-sin in the history there.
12. Boguzs Koi (Turkey) near Asia Minor once the capital of Hattusha of Aryan tribe, the Hittites. The clay tablets (1907)
invoke the names of Typical Rig-Vedic deities like Indra, Nastya (The Ashvins), Mitra, Uruvana (Varun) and others as
written on a piece of treaty following a battle between the Mitani and Hittite Tribe around 1400 BC. This only confirms
the presence of Sumerian gods, the ancients of Aryans, here from Neolithic period. The author has specifically displayed
Shikha and Swastika which are the prime identification marks of Vedic culture, as have been discovered from the
oldest Anatolia race seasonal camp site in Nevali-Cori -Turkey (10,000BC)
13. In the post flood scenario, not only the Operation-Rehabilitation launched by Varun-Dev has been narrated in this
part of the book, but how Vedic Devasur- Sangrams continued in the Caspian region has also been elaborated. It is only
after 5
such battle that Manu s/o Surya-Dev along with his son-in-law Budh-Dev s/o Chandra Dev along with his wife
Ila (or Ela d/o Manu, on whose name the area was named as Elam or Ila-Vrat) had to shift to India. Both of them carried
with them their Aryan culture and flourished their Surya-Vansh and Chandra-Vansh here. Ikshvaku (s/o Manu is the
first king at Ayodhya in whose 39
generation Lord Ram took birth and much later in Chandra-Vansh Lord Krishna was
born. Thus out of 12 Adityas, those who settled out side India were called as Devs and the descendents of Surya-Dev,
who came back to India were called as Aryas and the whole area this side was named as Arya-Vrat. The other elder
eleven Adityas spread in Iranian Plateau, Egypt, Palestine, Arab, Tibet and China. From the period of this mini-
immigration of Aryans, the remaining Devs and their descendents headed by Varun-Dev considered it better to distinguish
from Aryans and called themselves specifically as Sumerians associating themselves with the name of their Indian
ancestors. As regard to Aryan invasion theory is concerned, the theory is a perversion of scientific investigation. It is not
allowed to evolve out of facts. On the contrary, the theory is preconceived and facts have been selected to prove it. It falls
to the ground at every point. The Western theory is in conflict with the Rig Veda on a major issue. The Rig Veda being
the best evidence on the subject, the theory which is in conflict with it must be rejected and to this there is hardly any
other escape.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

14. Some centuries later, there occurred one more major happening the cognizance of which has been well taken by world
history. 50 Kaushik families were exiled by Aryans from Indus valley civilization which by that time extended up to
Gujrat and below it. They travelled to the biggest extreme south plateau and named it as Andhralya (which with the
passage of time became Australia). The details of emerging Ravana of Vedic text have been given in this part of the book,
but one can easily see that at that time, from Andhralya (Australia) to Lanka (Ceylon), the Plateaus of Yav (Sumatra),
Bharat (India), Bali-Dweep, Kush-Dweep (Africa) were much nearer to each other and these along with many more
Plateaus were the kingdoms of Nags, Devs, Daityas, Danavas, Asurs, Manush, Aryas, Katyas, etc.
15. In regard to American continents which so far remained unspoken in this narration, the history speaks that the pyramid
type ziggurat-temples of Mayan culture of central and northern America were constructed by Indo-Americans. In Vedic
text the god-man of Mayan-Culture was Vishvakarma (Grand son of Bhragu s/o Varun) to whom Asurs called as Maya.
The spread of Mayan culture covered 5,00,000 sq. km. and spanned through 3000 years. Similarly the Incas Culture of
South America too was an off-shoot of Aryan-culture. There fore complete world had witnessed the spread of
Sumerians/Aryans right from the prehistoric period up till the start of Iron Age.
16. It has been summarized in this part of the book that in their civilization, language and writing, Sumerians are the
origin of the Britons, Anglo-Saxons, Cymri, Irish Scots, Scandinavians, Early Germans, Goths, Phoenicians (All,
Phoenician dynasty in Persian Gulf and Phoenician as Barats or Brit-ons and their sea tutelary as Britannia), the ancient
Greeks (The Greek art with reference to Bacchus and his representation-is of Hitto-Sumerian origin), Etruscans and
patrician Romans and their civilization, (coverings Trojans, Ionians, Cretans, Hittites and Amorites), ancient Medes and
Persians, Egyptian civilization pre-dynastic and dynastic and its authors. The Indo Aryans are however the one of which
Hindus still maintain their Cultural, Linguistic and Genetic continuity. It is also seen that where as similarities between
Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, German and Celtic languages have already been discovered, it is seen that Pali or Pahelvi in which
the work of Zorasters was written was a branch of chaldaic stock and that a branch further to it used to be priest of Persia.
The modern language Parsi of Persia is a dialect or the Zend modification of the Sanskrit. Thus Chaldaic, Hebrew or
Arabic are the children of Sanskrit, as these three are all one.
17. In Genesis and Sumerian texts, it has been given that the pantheon includes--(A) Enlil: ruler of all other gods
represented by the air or wind; (B) Anu: the Sky god; (C) Enki or Ea: god of the earth and water; (D) Ishtar: (Inanna)
referred to as the Whore of Babylon in the O.T., she was the goddess of astral powers viz. love and fertility, i.e. the
backbone of entire strength. One can further easily trace back the word Anu coming out from Manu and finally leaving
the word An (meaning-a god) which in due course suffixed with lil for water and Ki for earth. These are thus the same
Vedic gods IndraDev (Sky god), Varun-Dev, (of Waters) Vayu-Dev etc. Regarding philosophy of Enki and how it
manifests and explains itself in early Mesopotamian and Egyptian thoughts, and further linage after Abraham (Ur), can be
traced in western literature as after immigration of Manus (son of Surya- Dev) family along with daughter Ela and her
husband Budh-dev (s/o Chandra dev) to India, though both Aryan dynasties Surya-Vansh and Chandra-Vansh
flourished in India, breaking their contact with the families of other eleven Devs. This was however, imminent because of
the historic split. It may also be due to the terrain having gone harder to tackle all over the world.
For these Aryans (descendents of Sumerians / Vedic culture) Gold (Laxmi) was definitely a direct concern of the superior
Lord Vishnu, whose abode is taken as heavens Baikunth-Dham (may it be on this planet itself or on a planet called as
Planet X, revolving in an orbit of 3600 years around its home star/sun "ZAOS", named as Nibiru in Sumerian text, and
Marduk in Babylonian and may be that the residents of that planet were called as, Anunnaki, Nephilim, Elohim- plural for
god, and Mardukians, but these Aryans in India, appear to have remained totally unconcerned with the various ongoing
twists and distortions in the western literature of that period, in regard to whole Anunnaki race. Even in so many
confusions however, one aspect still prevails in the entire old literature of the prehistoric period is that, there might have
been some genetic manipulation by some superiors. As a result the oldest and highly advanced race called Sumerians
after the name of their superiors came into existence. All other old races which came afterwards such as, Aztecan, Inca,
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Mayan and the ancient Egyptian are directly connected with them. Although as a general rule, if some similar legends are
prevalent, the oldest has to be considered as nearest to the truth, but unfortunately the oldest Vedic literature has been
ignored badly through out, paving way to erupt confusions and thus gossip mongering also some time appears to have
succeeded. It can not be termed as wise if, even after complete satisfaction of its antiquity, the direction less search for
origin and development stages of human race is not given the Vedic vision. It might have suffered with some twists and
distortions as a natural course, but instead of reading between the lines, those who consider entire Vedic text as myth,
should not forget that Troy was also a myth until its remains were found. We are still mistaking not to link it with
Agamemnon the conqueror of battle of Troy, who is actually the Abhimanyu of Vedic text, one out of five sons of
Chakshus Manu.
18. Further evidence worldwide spread of Sumerians was reaffirmed by the Ling-Worship (Phallus-worship) which
prevailed all around and with over all accepted Symbolism traces of which can still be seen in every religion.
19. It has been asserted in this part of the book that, this has enhanced Indias pride of becoming the originator and
preserver of such a culture,whose moral standards have hypnotized the whole world. But after getting recognition as the
mother of all cultures of the world beings, a responsibility lies on the shoulders of all Indians to enhance their might by
exploring their hidden virtues, adapting the Vedic techniques and then to exhibit their worth in the upliftment of masses
of entire world, like their Sumerian ancestors.
20. From Rigveda to Gita, among the key points of Vedic culture as cleared in this part of the book is that, our brains and
bodies are fruits and flowers of tree having stem and roots in invisible astral and causal worlds. Accordingly for any
ailment, treating these directly is fundamentally wrong. Thus for any ailments of physical body, this needs treatment of
astral and causal bodies and for the ailments of brain; this needs treatment of our inner four Antah-Chatustya. In Vedic
techniques, the treatment of these roots is an in-built gain from the exercises for exploring the hidden virtues, needed to be
undertaken to get rid of our sufferings and miseries, not only of the present birth but of all births to follow with an
ultimate merger with the Par-Brahm. The concept of Vedic Culture is that for this whole Creation there is one source of
energy (The Almighty) expressed as Sat-Chit-Anand and the rest are the conversion of fraction of His energy, some
times also referred to as His rays, as seen in the form of entire mass and all other beings of the whole Creation. His Chit
or Chetna is the driving force of the mother Pranic-Energy which materializes His thought of Creation. All beings are
blessed with the fraction of his driving force known as Soul, andit is only in Human birth that we have an opportunity to
clear our souls aforesaid Antah-Chatusthya [mind (Manah), Intellect (Buddhi), Consciousness (Chit) and Ego
(Ahankar)] to let its divine light fall finally on our thoughts of Manah. If it so happens, the Pranic energy takes care to
implement the intent of the thoughts instantly. Thus aim of all our exercises (deeds) gets fixed and we go oh becoming
brighter and mightier, as much as we practice for achieving this aim.
21. It has also been clarified by the author in this part of the book that A little knowledge is always dangerous. After the
historic identity of Vedic gods having come to light, it is possible that our dependency on them might loose grounds, as
they might be considered possessing no godly virtues. Therefore Vedic scholars wisely introduced Symbolism. Idol-
Worship Murti-Puja, which is a part of symbolism, has attracted much of the criticism, with out understanding its
doctrine. Factually our Sumerian ancestors attained the status of gods by practicing the same Symbolism. The answer of
this question that why the descendent Aryans/Hindus failed to become as versatile as their Sumerian ancestors, lies in this
fact that they got slowly and slowly overpowered by all the five indifferent tendencies of Mind Manovraties. But with
the same techniques already documented in Vedic texts, any one can attain all the heights as seen any where and can go
ahead to elevate our souls by toeing the same line. Besides attaining a faster speed, the understanding of the science
involved in these techniques / process is by itself very much attractive.
After clearing these basic concepts, we can appreciate and take benefit of this part of the book Who we are, and what we
are meant for? in which Er.I.L. Rathi has put his heart and soul. I am indeed delighted to have this opportunity, provided
Who are We and what We are meant for?

by him to work for such a noble cause of bringing the basic truths of human history to light. I sincerely wish that the
efforts made by him may give inspiration to the world to visualize and utilize the Vedic-concepts for their uplift.

(Gulzari Lal)
Er. Gulzari Lal graduated in Civil Engineering from AMU Aligarh in 1965. He served as a lecturer in Engg. College,
AMU Aligarh for 3 years and thereafter in UP Irrigation Deptt. for 30 years. He was known as a very devoted and result
oriented officer on Hydro-Electric projects. His approach and working was such that he remained popular equally both in
UPSEB and the Irrigation Deptt. After retirement, he has decided to work for the common cause and finds pleasure if
approached for any such service. He is available on telephone No. 01334/228608.

Who are We and what We are meant for?


This year, on the sacred anniversary of my Swa-Shradh, I have managed to bring out Part
of my book Who we are and what we are meant for? and the same is being made
available at my websites / The other Parts
) shall as well be up-loaded timely. You are most cordially invited to visit these
sites for your valued appreciation of the covered matter, which is Prasad of Brahm
(Gyan) Bhoj, being served on this turning day of my life. I shall remain obliged to your
acceptance of this meek offering.
The complex-most human mind & body and its built-in virtues, by itself speak that the
opportunity of having it, has been given to us with some definite purpose. We need to
confirm twice if the purpose, as imbibed by our mind and concept, is correct. Further, we
can not reach any destination with out moving towards it and this again needs confirming
if the direction/path adopted by us to meet the purpose, is also correct. The book is aimed
to assist you in reviving the answers of a fundamental questions, as to who factually we
are? as only after knowing this much, we shall proceed automatically to attain what we
are actually meant for? As it is true for the whole universe, any continuous process here
has also to be cyclic. There fore, if a natural course is allowed to be maintained, the origin
and the final destination of our journey has to be one and the same. Here our journey is elevation of soul and the final
destination of all beings is largely accepted as the Almighty or His store house Mahodar but the obstruction of the
natural course is our illusion, needing corrections.
In regard to currently sticking gloom of our lives, which is our immediate and prime concern, we have been severally
told by so many elevated souls that our ignorance is the only reason for all our present day misery and sufferings. For the
sake of all my esteemed guests, I stand committed to the best of my might for erasing-out the entire ignorance, having
erupted out of our illusion and causing obstructions in our natural course. This naturally needs your co-operation.
Unfortunately though the Almighty created us in His own image, i.e. capable of attaining what ever we can imagine, but
we have mistakenly taken our present as our incontestable destiny. On a larger scale this mind-set is affecting the entire
world very badly. But for just keeping ourselves worried, most of us do nothing for rectification of the burning issues that
are clamping the entire world and making it a place not worth living. Led away by the illusion, we completely forgot even
this basic fact that if we are here to live peacefully, it can be only together or not at all. Look at the fast decline of moral
values, we presently find none as trust worthy. Most of us are totally ignorant that we have already entered in an era of
most dangerous and highest ever Thought-pollution. Thought being the seed of Chetan-Srashti, under the influence of
polluted thoughts, right and to-the-point thinking is just not possible. The blind game being played by us mindlessly has
already put challenges on a lot many fronts. We are fast loosing our built-in immunity, half of the world stands deprived
of a natural sleep and hypnotized youth is already available in market as human-bomb. Just imagine for a while as to what
a great risk we are carrying with us? and that too in this silicon-age. Where as, in His image we were here to take care
of entire creation, alas our ignorance has brought us at the brink of our own extinction?
Needless to say that such a grave situation needs our immediate attention for its correct visualizing and its effective
tackling. This is however not possible merely with the help of our intellect, the dream of cultivation/harvesting of which,
is being seen in our laboratories. It factually needs Sharp Wisdom and inculcation of all other godly virtues, lying
dormant with in us. We as well have to understand that this best of all the virtues i.e. Sharp wisdom too, can not be
sustained to help combating our challenges with out corresponding elevation of our soul. For sure however, such an
attempt to make ourselves mightier and brighter can definitely change the entire future scenario on all the fronts. Once we
maintain our soften dedication Sajal-Shradha to wards our cause of raising in us the level of wisdom Prakhar-Pragya, it
now simply requires to come in union with His higher level. Yoga means the same enjoining. With a determined mind to
Who are We and what We are meant for?

inculcate the Sajal-Shradha and Prakhar-Pragya (Divya-Yugm), being the basic prerequisite, our Sumerians/Aryans
ancestors could lay hands on easy Yoga-techniques and by adopting the same, they succeeded in attaining even the
godhood. They still continue to inspire every one who ever looks at them for it. Though ignorantly in the recent black
chapter of world-history, some dominating characters succeeded in getting discarded the entire Vedic-philosophy and
attempted dooming down its culture, but we still have with us, these thoroughly tested techniques to serve our desired
purposes. A fraction of the Yogic-exercises which are limited only to take care of our health, has already mesmerized the
entire world, which hither-to allured us, as much advanced on this front. Attempts if made to adopt a few more Vedic
traits, such as for inculcation of our hidden virtues called Asht-Siddhies, the instant gains to each one of us, can
not be even imagined.
We know for certain that in carrying out either job, the self-confidence matters a lot. From the Vedic philosophy, even if
we could understand correctly as to who we are? our boosted-up self confidence concept shall fall heavier on our present
day problems. It is so, because the thoughts, as we succeed in maintaining, guide our actions and fetch the results
accordingly. This has been summarized by revered Guru Dev, Acharya Shri Ram Sharma, in the words One becomes
what one thinks and does. The answer of question As to what we are?, becomes very easy, because We are as we
believed us to be. Basically these are the first steps of his endeavor to assert the wider fact that one makes his own
destiny. The book being released covers explanation of such fundamental processes on scientific lines, i.e. in the
language of the intelligentsia of the day for their easy digestion. Indian soil is fortunate to be too rich to provide us all that,
as referred. Inspired by the philosophy of this worlds oldest Vedic-culture, a lot of hard work has been done here by its
ancient researchers Rishies/ Munies for the welfare of entire man kind. After millenniums of slavery and in spite of
several odds, the way India is fast emerging as a great world-power is yet another proof of rich-fruitfulness of its
sanctified soil. With an apparent world-over tilt to understand its oldest Vedic culture, the worlds entire intelligentsia has
an open opportunity to display and prove their worth in saving the world by adopting, propagating and attempting to
awaken the masses in regard to these Vedic techniques. The world has been saved many times earlier at such junctures
and for sure, making available help of numerous elevated souls for any such noble cause, is a design feature of His
automation scheme to carry out the business of the entire Creation. Besides meeting the emergency that has already
knocked our doors, our concerted efforts for uplifting of the masses shall go a long way to open a completely fresh era
worth naming as Golden age Sat-Yuga. As we daily observe, unity in thoughts fetches unimaginable results to even a
small team or a group, this is the basic reason that Vedic philosophy propagates the concept of the whole world as one
family Vasudev-Kutambhkam. If a storm of Pranic energy is to be activated to become a divine power for rescuing
us from the critical situation ahead, there is no option other than bringing a unity in thoughts for this great cause. Indian
brothers owe a greater responsibility and would like to take their due lead. For this we must have to adopt as a way of our
lives, the feeling of brother hood with entire man kind. In this way, besides making our lives a success, we shall be as well
able to leave our own marks on the sands of time for the inspiration of our generations to come.
The book which basically covers the reply of a few queries generated at my above mentioned websites, aims at reviving
the sanctity and clearing the important concepts of Vedic culture. In the present Chaturyugi covering the period before
and after settling-over the aftermaths of ice-age (before 10,000 BC) and then after settling of the left-over of Noah/Manus
Deluge Pralay, India continued for millenniums a guide or the master of the entire world Jagat-Guru. It became
possible only due to the hard work of its Sumerian/Aryan gods who documented the tested concepts and thus provided us
a rich Vedic heritage. Being important, this point has been specifically summed-up by Er. Gulzari lal, my ex-colleague
and co-worker on the present task, in the forwarding pages of the first volume of the book for the ease of our at-a-glance
grasp. Vedic techniques do not only provide easy solutions to all the chaos and challenges that the mankind is facing
presently, but makes clear important design secrets of the Almighty adopted in carrying out the entire business of the
Creation. For the sake of an individual, the techniques cover inculcation of virtues and only a few out of the lot, are
sufficient to make us best, out of the rest. For instance, we even do not know to enjoy a conscious-sleep? With the
result, our subconscious never gets complete rest. Therefore we could never have a taste of our real efficiency and
stamina. If such exercises of Yog-Nidra (Shav-Asan).are included in the curriculum at primary level, only one
generation can change the entire fate of whole nation / world. Further inculcation of hidden virtues if attempted, these
Who are We and what We are meant for?

do not take and leave us only in Heaven or the Brahm-Lok or the Gou-Lok, but from our initial stage Bhukti, we
shall cross even the point of liberation Mukti from entire Illusion Maya to reach to a stage Bhakti where, as declared
by Vedas, even the Almighty shall become our devotee. The wheal of Time has rotated to such an angle that this rich
heritage, which needs a lot of research work for the uplift of masses, continues to be neglected in its own birth place and
the followers of Vedic culture are unaware of even their own history. But the way the situation is taking turn, it is
becoming a case of now or never and we are left with no option other than to revert back and to depend on the
dependable treasure of Vedic-knowledge. The world over tilt to wards Vedic techniques is indeed a silver lining. Let us all
first have a feel and maintain in us the thrill of the proud of being the descendents of first-ever and the best-ever
Sumerian/Aryans. That shall induce in us a confidence that what ever we shall plan, we will be able to accomplish.
Instead of all the time referring to internet, in case you wish to have a copy of the book for you and for your relatives and
friends, please send the present postal addresses (for which the reply card was also sent earlier with the Gist of the
book), to enable me to post these GIFTS (Prasad) directly. If contacted for clarifications or for any other service as
deemed fit, it shall turn to be my extreme pleasure and I shall try to respond the same till I breathe last. A serious notice
has already been taken by me of the mounting pressure to bring out a Hindi translation of the complete Book and I shall
soon try to come to expectations. In the mean time 1
Part of the book is being released keeping in mind of those who in
the world, have drifted away from the culture of land of their own origin and for the sake of those who understand only
English language better.
The Gist of all the three volumes of this book sent earlier, is also available and if desired the same shall also be sent, if
not received by you as yet.
You shall find all my assertions helpful for a life full of self-pride, energy and enthusiasm. As my return gift, please keep
smiling ALWAYS and do keep me in mind while giving a smile to all your problems at each critical juncture of your life.

Chief engineer (Retd.)

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Er. I.L.Rathi was born on August 16, 1940 in a village Pandoli, (Nagal) Distt. Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh (INDIA). He
got his primary education in a Village-Madarsa (Urdu) and up till Intermediate he studied in the connected Township-
School and in Saharanpur. His completed rest of his education in Aligarh, except one year of his M.Sc. in Meerut College.
He graduated in Electrical Engineering with ranks from AMU Aligarh in 1964. He joined U.P. State Electricity Board,
where he got opportunity in all the disciplines Viz. Distribution, Vigilance, Rural Electrification, Transmission, Design,
Construction and Maintenance of Hydro Power Stations. During his 36 years service he remained posted in Jhansi,
Etawah, Sultanpur, Faizabad, Varanasi, Dehradun, Haridwar, Uttarkashi, Tehri, Srinagar, Roorkee, Agra and finally got
retirement in 8/99 as a Chief Engineer (Level-1) from HEP Dehradun. Right since his college days he had an inclination
towards the science of Vedic-Philosophy. Where ever he went, he became popular, especially for his Vedic ways of self-
control. His few recollections, in connection with the results of his such experiments during the service period, have
appeared on his website He has been writing and presenting not only Technical papers connected with his
profession but also on Spiritual matters and has exhibited his will power as his core strength at many critical junctures.
Once, as the President of UP RVP Abhiyanta Sangh, while informally addressing the members, he disclosed that right
since his birth, he has been confronting unimaginable odds after odds through out his life, but all these instead turned as
boon in strengthening his will-power by making slight change in his attitude and way of thinking. His becoming
disciple a deekshit-shishya of Acharya Shri Ram Sharma in 1884 gave new dimension to his personality. According to
him, as thought is the seed of Chetan-Srashti, missions like Vichar Kranti Abhiyan of Gayatri Parivar (Shanti-Kunj,
Haridwar) can only save the world from the prevailing chaotic conditions. He has come out with a much encouraging fact
that the world-accepted oldest and advanced most Sumerian-Race originated from India and combating of most dangerous
present menace of Thought-Pollution is only possible through the tested techniques of Vedic-culture of this race as
embedded in Vedas. He has taken up the mass awakening towards these facts and suggesting tested steps for effective
measures, as a mission of his life. He rightly considers that this is the best way to elevate the soul and that the inculcation
of hidden virtues has to go automatically with it. He plans to incorporate in his book all Vedic experiments; he has been
doing on him, along with the results of his own experience.
We feel indebted that he has considered us worth associating with such a noble cause being done by him for the sake of

(Er. Samir Rathi) (Sr. Anil Gupta) (Dr.Shweta Rathi)
GIIT Classes,JWP,Haridwar NIIT Hardwar center Daksh Tutorials
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Who are We and what We are meant for?


Important, Very Important

Chapter-1 Our Origin As a Species
Tracing the Origin of man has so for been a half hearted approach.
Before conducting the exercise to trace the origin, it first needs consideration of
mighty disorders and long interruptions of our past.

Chapter 2 Our Origin- As a Civilization.
Tracing back the origin of civilization also needs thorough scrutiny.
Sumerians are Indian indigenous right from the prehistoric period.
There is lot more of Pre-historic period, which needs scrutiny.

Chapter 3 Our Origin - A correct Picture.
Clarity of ancient Indias scene has improved with the Aryan invasion theory
loosing its credibility, and it is now easy for the world to see clearly that India is
the origin of the first superior most Sumerian civilization.

Chapter 4 India as Origin of Oldest Sumerian Culture.
(History and Modern Science-Need Vedic Wisdom)
It is high time to look in to all the concepts of the modern science in the light of
Sumerians Vedic wisdom.
Chronology of the events in formation of Earth, and the activities of the
Sumerian gods as described in the Vedic literature, needs thorough

Chapter-5 Why Tracing of Our EXACT Origin is Essential?
(Intellect needs taking bath in Deep Waters of Vedic knowledge)
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The Vedic vision is that the attempt to search our own EXACT origin brings
down miseries and sufferings at every stage of making progress.
The loss caused to human race by ignoring Vedic literature, can never be
Depth of Vedic text is beyond the imagination of human beings.

Chapter - 6 Ancient Vedic Culture is still alive in India.
India is the Origin of worlds oldest Sumerian Race and their culture, which has
been carried over by Aryans, as documented in Vedic literature, is still alive in
There is plenty of evidence available to exhibit that the oldest Vedic culture is
still alive in India.

Chapter -7 Being the wisest, Human-Race Needs To Understand its Responsibilities.
The Vedic vision is, that being the wisest and superior most species, only Human
being can save all other beings and the world. It thus needs adopting the
Sumerians techniques in a responsible manner with out wastage of time.
It thus needs to lay hands quickly on all the techniques that made the Sumerian
so powerful.

Chapter-8 Punarjanm / Recycling
Punarjanm or Recycling is a prerequisite of the continuous process of this

Chapter-9 Exploring the Hidden Virtues
In Vedic approach of exploring hidden virtues, help of elevated Souls must have
to be taken, which is abundantly available
Vedic procedure of Invoking gods for exploring with in self the virtues associated
with them.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Chapter- 10 Vedic gods were Historic Characters as well.
(Vedic Culture was wide spread even in the Prehistoric world)
The Historical Truth of gods and Rishies and their world wide spread as
described in Vedic Literature.
Six Thousand years BC
Three Thousand five hundred BC
Second Vedodaya-Kal
Daitya, Danav, Nag, Garud and other Dynasties.
Rudra-Daksh Duel.
Indra-Dev, Surya & ChandraVansh.

Chapter-11 Symbol Worship.
Scientific reasons that promoted Symbolism of Sumerians in the entire world.
The swastika symbol is one of the oldest symbols on the Earth which is found in
all religions and traditions of all continents.
Ling-Worship originated from Vedic culture too was prevalent in the entire

Chapter-12 Symbolism, the best mode to start with the worship.
Symbolism is very effective to get rid of any distraction due to persisting
confusions while fixing the self in emotions during concentration-practice

Who are We and what We are meant for?

You have laid great emphasis on making constant efforts and practice with occasional testing of the self on the lines as
suggested at your web site for enriching and enhancing your self- confidence for exploring the hidden
virtues. You also insist to take help of Vedic gods and say that this assistance for making of your will-power stronger is
abundantly available just against our constant mental surrender and submission before them. Please elucidate the under
mentioned points.
A. Who are we and what we are meant for? How so that though the man considers himself as the wisest
species but he is neither aware of his origin nor he is sure of his final destination?
B. What evidence you can put forward to prove that the worlds first most advanced Sumerian civilization
originated from India? In some of your books you have indicated that Vedic culture spread all over the
world right in prehistoric period and the same is still alive in India. How so that the world still fails to
appreciate these bare facts that its world wide spread in that primitive period is the clear cut evidence of its
high potential and that its survival since time immemorial, and that too, against its worst times, is a proof
for that it is based on truth.
C. Please elaborate the Basic concepts of Vedic culture and the techniques of Sumerians as documented in
Vedic and post Vedic texts, practicing which they became so powerful and also attained exemplary heights
of their moral values in an ancient period while the world was still learning to work with the fire and to
control it.
D. Please give details of Sumerians Vedic gods and their history. We generally consider them as some
supernatural beings and invoke them through Vedic rhymes Mantras and Vedic procedure Karm-
Kand. If these are the characters of our own past history and get subjected to the endless cycle of birth
and death like us, then how they come to our rescue at any hour of need?
E. If these gods can still help us by invoking through Vedic concepts, how their help should be best utilized,
for making our human birth a grand success?
F. Intelligence is definitely one such top most virtue with which all that we aspire can be achieved. Scientists
showed us the dreams of harvesting the intelligence, but why they failed to do so?
G. When Scientists have failed, the sharpening of intellect can be very well taken as a Divine gift. Kindly give a
detailed account of the efforts which the Vedic religion suggests to attain a matured wisdom. What is the
scientific base of such efforts?
H. It is a fact that as a slave, India could not help earlier to the worsening situation all around but now after
having achieved independence and after coming back to self, why Indians are not serious to quickly attain
those heights of their old golden period when the whole world was surprised and hypnotized of their high
moral values. Is it not disgusting for a society having such a shining past to have come now on the sliding
grounds of moral bankruptcy? Having earned now the honour of a preserver of such a revered Sumerian
Who are We and what We are meant for?

culture, which is indeed the mother of all cultures, does not India owe a responsibility to start doing
practical of its own best perception of universal brotherhood Vasudev-Kutumbhakam.
I. Should the Indians also not work hard now for wiping-out the miseries and sufferings of the entire
mankind of our mother planet and again to convert in reality its concepts of happiness, health, and zero
worry all around i.e. Surve Bhavantu Sukhina, Surve Santu Niramaya, Survey bhadrani Pashyantu, Ma
Kashchid Dukh Bhavet. Did We achieve these standards earlier in Ram-Rajya as well?

Looking to the challenges ahead, please throw light on all the related aspects and clear all the confusions which are
constantly giving rise to, worst kind of - Thought-pollution, which is reflecting in the form of increasing terrorism and
can as well be seen in every day reports of democracy turning in to the mob-o-crazy and thus threatening our daily peace
and finally endangering even our own existence.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Very Important
Many such virtues which have been referred as
god like or godly-virtues in this book lie
dormant in each individual human being by
invoking which, he elevates his soul to the status
of gods. Extra to self practice 'Tapassya',
followers of Vedic religion 'Hindus' are required
to take the help of individual god for mustering
in them the godly-powers which provides them
the strength and courage for invoking the virtues
as associated with the concerned god. Yet there
are some divine- virtues which can be invoked
only by God Par-Brahma by His Divine
powers, at an appropriate stage. For example
'Lord-Brahma' had the powers of all the gods yet
when Vedas were infused in his subconscious
mind, he remained unable to understand them
till Divine-powers were also bestowed on Him
by 'Par-Brahm.'

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Our Origin As a Species.
The knowledge of this truth might surprise us that we did not consider a number of
natural calamities of our own past and thus failed to trace our own origin.
Tracing the Origin of man has so far been a half hearted approach.
Man continues to remain totally confused about his own origin and it also remains uncertain as to
when and where the first civilization of the world flourished. The main reason leading to such a
deplorable situation can be unambiguously attributed to our faulty approaches. Although many
examples can be cited in favor of this statement, yet a few only shall serve the purpose.
The largely accepted conventional theory suggests that the man originated first in south African
land nearly 100,000 years ago and came to Asia and other parts of the world from there some
40,000 years ago and finally to the new world of north America 30,000 years ago and then to south
America some 15,000 years ago. Further to this, we have with us the massive work of Charles
Darwin in regard to Origin of Species and we can side by side proceed right from the Stone Age to
the present era of advanced technology. Various religions are also there, throwing light for
improving visibility of man, not only from where he has come but also to where he is to reach in
future, ultimately. The largest community of the world believes, Genesis 1:27: God created man in
His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. This event
is perhaps taken as of 6000 BC. We however, find that not only the aforesaid conventional theory
but also the evolutionary model of Charles Darwins Origin of Species (1859) collapsed when it
had to face the evidence of tracks of the foot prints of man along with those of mighty Dinosaurs
discovered in Texas. This finding suggests that these two species, which were hitherto being taken
as very old and very recent respectively, virtually lived together many million years ago. Instead of
blaming any religion we also simultaneously need to understand clearly the purpose of a religion as
to how it is supposed to serve and how it can serve us to get the desired soul elevation, otherwise
we shall remain innocent even to our own totally indifferent behavior. In the year 1880 the
California State Geologists discovered gold mines labourers tools, some 300 ft below the earth and
that dated back to 55 million years. Such a vast deviation from even the conventional theory could
not be digested and in a state of shock a common ideology prevailed to term such disturbing and
unexplainable findings as Forbidden Archeology. Though presently some documentation of such
a forbidden archeology is available but at that time, keeping the secrets behind locked doors, gave
lease of life to conventional theory. But even then the said theory could not survive much longer,
when in the summer of 1966, the experts of American Geological survey discovered the collection
of some stone tools in Mexico dating back to 200,000 years. With many more similar incidents, the
highly intelligent being Man- could not trace his own origin.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Before conducting the exercise to trace the origin, it first needs consideration of mighty
disorders and long interruptions of our past.
A little insight in the matter shall reveal that many calamities need be considered which we have
faced right since ancient times. Many of these were natural and others were invited by us
ignorantly. After the Creation coming into existence (Big Bang Theory), 18 to 20 billion years
ago, the formation of our earth and its moon is the result of yet another celestial accident when a
moon of Nibru, (the 10th planet of our solar system) collided with Tiamat (a mass more than 4 to 5
times of earth), tearing it off in two parts, one becoming the earth and the rest forming the moon
and asteroid belt of Jupiter. This also caused the transfer of heavy metals to earth. The earth then
cooled down developing a rocky crust 4.6 billion years ago. It then faced torrential rains for
millions of years. From organism of Primordial soup, life is said to have originated in and around
3.3 billion BC. The seeds of civilization are also supposed to have been sent from outer space in
some similar colliding event [Saying to a stock Thou art my father, and to a stone, thou has
brought me forth- Jeremiah 2:27]. We further know for certain that what caused the extinction of
mighty Dinosaurs (Some of them were more than 30 ft. high and weighing even more than 90 T)
was also a result of some celestial accident causing clouds of dust not to permit .the sun rays to
reach the earth for years together. (Ice Age). We also know that every celestial event entails many
interim and continued disastrous events. For example, in 39,000BC when there was a Supernova
explosion some 200 light years away from earth, this started causing destruction in many phases.
The first phase started with wide spread destruction due to high intensity light and heat reaching to
earth. Then 7,000 years later, tremendous shock waves started gripping the earth and finally in
12,000BC, big Lumps of Rocks and Debris of this explosion started striking the earth. Thus right
since its inception, our earth has been facing many such calamities. One can very well imagine the
repercussion of the shock wave produced by a lump of merely 10 Kms mass moving with a speed
of several thousand miles per hour, striking with the earth, which is already moving with a speed
more than 66oo miles/hr around the Sun. Only due to the striking of these lumps, it caused the
tilting of the axis of the earth.
Among many other regular features for which the earth is said to be having 6-7 types of motions
that changes its magnetic and electromagnetic fields regularly, the one which affects us
tremendously, is the feature of our Sun oscillating over and below the plane of our galaxy, causing
variation in the impact of its intensity on earth. We are too delicate and our senses work only within
their specified range or spectrum. We can not sustain much variation in atmospheric temperature
and thus, both high and low intensity of Sun damages us badly. The heat emitted by our sun in 1/25
millionth of a second is more than that which kept us live in the past 100,000 years. Looking at this
fact that the global warming is similarly affecting all other planets, one wise lot thinks it impossible
for men to dent the atmospheric conditions.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Due to the said oscillation of Sun, after an ice age for many years the Sun continues to be on rising
trend of its warmth and its peak will come in the year 2012. Need less to point out that mass
extinction or irrecoverable damages during such fateful events can not be avoided. The high level
destructions and mass extinctions have thus occurred in the past, some times due to high intensity
explosions in the space and some times due to high intensity direct impacts and some times also as a
regular feature as in the discussed eventuality. Extra to outer space activities, many other natural
calamities of our own planet viz. volcanic activities, flooding, draughts and other abrupt changes in
seasons continue to play with our delicate Life but all these bring much lesser changes than the
outer space activities as discussed. The Noahs or Manus flooding was also an incident of
comparatively low magnitude but still so severe that it finds a mention in the old texts of the whole
world. There exist more than 270 surviving flood legends telling almost the same tales of one
surviving family with one couple of each species. There may be many more localized happenings
needing consideration for establishing correctly the origin and progress of the human civilization.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Chapter 2
Our Origin - As a Civilization.
Knowledge of this truth might be shocking that although ample of contrary evidence
was lying before us but we did not spare and deceived even ourselves constantly
during our entire exercise for tracing our own worlds superior most ancient
Tracing back the origin of civilization also needs thorough scrutiny.
The tracing back of the origin of civilization needs thorough scrutiny of all the major happenings of
the past, as ignoring either of the fact shall leave the study inconclusive. In this regard, some
messed-up conclusions are the results of our own indifferent attitude. We had perhaps proceeded
with a certain mind set. That is why we have been considering only Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian,
Mayan, Incas, Egyptian, Norte Chico civilizations and at the most the ancient civilizations of
China, Canaan, and Africa. Out of these the Mesopotamian civilization of Sumer Valley
(Sumerians) is widely supposed as the first highly advanced and complex civilization having
appeared on Earth with a reasonable size of settlements around 3,000 BC. It is supposed to have
lasted from the first settlement of Eridu in the Ubaid period (late 6th millennium BC) through the
Uruk period (4th millennium BC) and the Dynastic periods (3rd millennium BC) until the rise of
Babylon in the early 2nd millennium BC. Such an inference and awarding Mesopotamia the honour
to have given to the world the first advance-most race, is not correct. Correct tracing of the
emergence of Sumerians is essential as they are the primary contributors to human civilization on
the earth. For the world, though they emerged in southern Mesopotamia in 3500 BC but they were
not local people and had a completely different language. The language similarities the skull
examinations and the following facts reveal that they migrated from western coast of India. Their
links with Indus valley are already established with the finding of each others coins at both places.
Though some archeologists conclude this finding as an evidence of trade connections only but the
fact is that the Sumerians were Indian natives carrying out their business in the different part of the
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The Austric languages of some of
the branches of western tribal communities of India having origin in Indus valley (Kols and Bheels)
that migrated to Australia in ancient times are indeed similar to ancient Sumerians. In Vedic
literature there is a mention of the exile of 50 Kaushik families towards Australia which finally
became the ancestors of Ravan, the demon king of Lanka. They named the place as Andhralya to
which we call it Australia today. The west-ward spread of the Sumerians was first to the presently
known as Armenia and its surroundings and then to Northern Mesopotamia, by and by covering
entire land up to Persian Gulf. The activities of earlier Sumerians also dominate in and around
Caspian Sea, and Percian Gulf is named as Ksheer-Sagar in Vedic literature. Critical Examination
of skulls from Australoid, Eurafrican, Austric and Armenoid sites further establishes the same fact,
as these people are of medium stature, with complexion and hair like those of the Eurafrican, broad
noses, rather feeble jaws, and slight sinewy bodies. This is the same description that a famous clay
tablet from Indus valley clearly describes in regard to these regal Sumerians.
Sumerians are Indian indigenous right from the prehistoric period.
It is very well known to the world that the Sumerians were not the natives of Mesopotamia.
Sumerian is a race that comes down in India from prehistoric periods. Although their prehistoric
structures are available in various parts of the world, but none of their settlement site has been so
far traced around or nearby their job sites. That is why they were known as homeless wanderers.
The presumption of Mesopotamia as the first place where people started settling has also now gone
wrong. Findings of Indus valley (Mehrgarh) with evidence of farming and herding indicate still
earlier evidence of settlement dating back to 7000 BC. It is also cited even for the earliest evidence
of pottery in South Asia.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Therefore Mehrgarh is up till now the oldest village of the world. Archaeologists divide the
occupation of this site into several periods. Mehrgarh is virtually a precursor to the Indus Valley
As far as the first settlement of Mesopotamian size
is concerned, lately Archaeologists have recovered submerged settlement in the Gulf of Cambay off
Gujarat. Here carved wood pottery, pieces of sculpture and human teeth speak very high in regard
to persons lived there. Radiocarbon dating of one wooden sample suggests this settlement which is
of the Mesopotamian size, is of around 7500 BC. If the date is confirmed, the site of this oldest city
of the world could be one of the oldest Neolithic sites in India till date.
Thus the earlier view that the first city
appeared on the horizon around 3000 B.C. is the feature of bygone days.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

When some of the Sumerians Settled in Mesopotamia, they definitely flourished there but neither
their home land has been linked so far nor the world history is even clear as to where they have
gone from here.
There is lot more of Pre-historic period, which needs scrutiny.
The story does not end here. We find indelible impressions of far more advanced civilizations of
pre-historic periods. Actually we have been always looking for some regular and smooth progress
in the past and our mind never accepts that much advanced races existed even in prehistoric
periods. This is because we are ignorant of the events causing high order disturbances in the world.
But observations of well known Archeologists clearly expose this fact from the ruins of Megaliths,
Stonehenge observatories, Pyramids or of other Ziggurat and Malta style Temples found in the
world, neither their master builders nor their exact purpose is clear. In some cases extra to
transportation from query site situated more than 500 meters dragging of some 50 T stones is
involved. In many cases of Stonehenge circles the great precision works handling even more than
hundreds of Tons of stone-slabs and laying them at various heights in the perfect astronomical
alignments has been completed with a very high degree of precision. A site in Turkey known as
Gobekli Tepe (Karahan Tepe) a site only discovered in the late 1990s and still awaiting full
excavation, dates back more than 11,000 years.
After attracting attention of international media to certain
man made features on Mars, some Archeologists claimed that they had found a scale model of these
Martian man-made structures on Earth. (The area around Stonehenge and Avebury was a scale-
model of the Martian monuments). This is probably the strange approach to the megalithic mystery.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

. A few Archeologists are also said to have reproduced
the sound of someone speaking or clapping in Stonehenge 5,000 years ago, particular spots at the
site produce unusual acoustic effects, suggesting that perhaps a priest or a shaman may have stood
there, leading the ritual or for addressing the gathering. All these sites speak a lot of advancement
of their master builders. So often we see ourselves as a lonely, cultural pinnacle, superior beyond
all comparison. But if recent excavations at Stonehenge offer anything, they put our era in
perspective, reminding us of an unbroken lineage shared across continents and cultures. We are
simply an extension of an ancient age, living now in the next lost civilization.
Even the mammoth Sphinx of Egypt is observed to have been constructed in a constellation of Leo
in 10,500 BC. It appears that such monuments might have been erected by some set of advanced
people by camping from place to place; with the help of near by population. As no other race has
advanced to such heights, these were none else but the Sumerians who originated from India.
Look at the Megalithic constructions of Sacsayhuaman near Cuzco, Peru. These are not surface
cuts on a stone mountain. They are individual boulders, of many different origin, and weighing up
to 300 tons, (one hundred times as heavy as the surface blocks at the Great Pyramid in Egypt), yet
fitted precisely together. How was this accomplished? The Pre-Inca builders of the great walls
remain unknown.
Again look at the Carnac Bretagne, best known for megalo-megaliths and biggest Le Grand Menhir
23 meters 270 tons. These provide free passages to horse riders. However Portugal has the highest
dolmen 5 - 6 meters and the oldest 6th millennium monuments are the very beginning of

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Even in some jobs executed afterwards, it is most surprising that how our ancestors handled and
positioned stone columns of huge weight at high platforms. In a few cases to quote there are
(1)The unfinished obelisk of Aswan Query of Egypt (1168T), (2) At Baalbeck temple
Lebanon, among the other works of raising a 20 meter high plaza on the old ruins, there is a row of
three stones, estimated to weigh over 750 tons each. (3). Extra to these, there are many 500 T cases
viz. at Obelisk- Euthopia, Solomon Temple-Israel etc. Many more such structures looked as
wonders have now been named as, Sumerian zodiac, Egyptian year ritual, rock-carvings, megalith,
dolmen, ancient myths and astronomy, stone circle, Inanna myth, Isis songs, Kimberley girls, rock
art, calendars in zodiacs, long barrow, passage grave, origin of laws, time symbols, astro-
This is an open fact that we have been taking biased decisions or have been changing our minds
under duress. In doing so we did not hesitate to delete the information from our records what ever
did not suit us. It is surprising that those who were put on the job for discovering the Truth were
later on ordered to close discomforting sites forever and leakage of information from there was
completely blocked to suppress the truth. It is not that we were interested only to save our mind
from further taxation, but factually we have been working with certain mindset and for that we
never hesitated even if it required manipulations. Though the similarity of Mayans temples of
central and Northern America and the Pyramids of Egypt clearly suggests that crossing of the
Atlantic Ocean was not rare even thousands of years ago but the credit of the discovery of America
in 1492 is being given to Columbus only, naming it as his New world. Similarly the reference of
more than 20 maps recorded on the available authentic maps of Antarctica and that of Coast-lines
of America and Africa, precise to with in half degree of latitude (as found in Turkey in 1530)
clarifies with no ambiguity that the globe was charted a long back by some superior race but we did
not bother to change our history books. If our approach remains guided with such an attitude and
the fact finding missions continue to cook the information to be finally delivered, it has caused and
shall continue to cause a great loss to humanity. It would thus be observed that due to many
unknown happenings of the past and due to our working with a definite mind set, one still stand
confused in regard to tracing back the origin of man or tracing back the origin of civilization.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Chapter 3
Our Origin A Correct Picture.

How to digest it? That in spite of total clarity, we were taught wrong history and we
are further continuing to teach the same to our children even now.
Clarity of ancient Indias scene has improved with the Aryan invasion theory loosing its
credibility, and it is now easy for the world to see clearly that India is the origin of the first
superior most Sumerian civilization stemming out all other cultures of the world.
A few more aspects of this subject have been discussed in this book while dealing with the
Historical truth of gods and Rishies of Indian Vedic religion, as revealed by Vedic Purans
along with the findings of various genuine Historians, Archeologists as available in various books
and Encyclopedias. An important point has been taken up here which has perhaps so far not been
taken up either in India or any where in the world and that is the movement of Sumerians from
India and their world-wide spread right in prehistoric period. Several independent studies of the
drying up of the Saraswati River bed indicate the same time period of 1,900 BC. The significance
of establishing this date for the drying up of the Saraswati River is that it pushes the date of
composition of the Rig Veda back to +3,000 BC. as enunciated by the Vedic tradition itself. The
late dating of the Vedic literature by indologists is based on speculated dates of 1,500 BC for the
Aryan Invasion and 1,200 BC for the Rig Veda, both now disapproved by scientific evidence. All
the more it goes totally illogical to even think of Aryans invasion on the IndusSaraswati basin
which was left un-inhabited much prior to the speculated period. Some scholars while correlating
the mention of the events in Rig Veda with the world history differ with its date of composition as
mentioned here, but in any case the composition of Rig Veda has definitely been pushed back to
much extent. Vedas were being already considered as the oldest religious text but with the aforesaid
development, Rig Vedas antiquity has further improved and now it has become the oldest literature
of the world. Simultaneously the misgivings in regard to start of formation of villages and cities, the
situation further becomes more transparent after findings of a near by Mehrgarh site (Bulochistan-
Pakistan) and Cambay (Gujrat) like sites pertaining to 7,000-7,500BC.
The situation might improve further with the findings of new sites in future, but on the material
information available so far, undoubtedly the Sumerians were the first who spread all over the
world and they are also the one who started the colonization and formation of big cities. Although
the scattered information from all corners of the world do confuse in respect of activities of the
Sumerians, but framing of a clear picture is possible if help of Vedic literature is taken.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

It shall also be realized that confusions have only erupted due to ignoring of this record of
prehistoric period. We have committed the basic mistake by covering the religions under the term
Mythology, which is supposed to contain the stories based on Myths only. It should not surprise
as to how the mythology has still been working, as technically it is our sustained belief that works
even in extreme conditions. (Refer But to save any further loss we need to
correct our Max Muller like opinion in regard to Vedic literature, with out any delay.
The bitter truth is that the early indologists wished to control & convert the followers of Vedic
Culture, therefore they widely propagated that the Vedas were simply mythology.
Professor Max Muller, perhaps the most well known early sanskritist
and indologist, although later in life glorified the Vedas, but initially he wrote that the Vedas were
worse than savage and India must be conquered again by education its religion is doomed.
Thomas Macaulay, who introduced English education into India,
wanted to make the residents into a race that was: Indian in blood and color, but English in taste,
in opinion, in morals, and in intellect.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

However, the German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer stated that the
Sanskrit understanding of these Indologists was like that of young schoolboys. He further wrote
that : I encounter [in the Vedas] deep, original, lofty thoughts suffused with a high and a holy

The well-known early American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, read the Vedas daily. Emerson
wrote: I owed a magnificent day to the Bhagavat-Gita.
Henry David Thoreau said: In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous philosophy of the
Bhagavat Gita in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seems puny and
So great were Emerson and Thoreaus appreciation of Vedantic literatures that they became known
as the American transcendentalists. Their writings contain many thoughts from Vedic Philosophy.
Other famous personalities who spoke of the greatness of the Vedas were: Alfred North Whitehead
(British mathematician, logician and philosopher), who stated that: Vedanta is the most impressive
metaphysics the human mind has conceived.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the principle developer of the
atomic bomb, stated that The Vedas are the greatest privilege of this century. During the
explosion of the first atomic bomb, Oppenheimer quoted several Bhagavat-gita verses from the
11th chapter, such as:
Death I am, cause of destruction of the worlds
When Oppenheimer was asked if this is the first nuclear explosion, he significantly replied: Yes,
in modern times, implying that ancient nuclear explosions may have previously occurred.
Lin Yutang, Chinese scholar and author, wrote that: India was Chinas teacher in trigonometry,
quadratic equations, grammar, phonetics and so forth.
Francois Voltaire stated: everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges.
From these statements we see that many renowned intellectuals believed that the Vedas provided
the origin of scientific thoughts. It is also observed that there is a world over tilt in favour of Vedic
literature and its practices. More and more Europeans are also trying to appreciate the worth of this
literature and the benefits they are contemplating from it, is forcing them to come out openly with
their whole hearted appreciations in its favour, as if they are paying the dividends of the injustice
done to Vedic culture by their ancestors.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

India as Origin of Oldest Sumerian Culture.(History and
Modern Science - Need Vedic Wisdom)
After going through the facts as above, can there be still any one who will not realize that a
colossal loss has been caused to entire human society by ignoring Vedas and post Vedic
literature. With the passage of time some distortions at places might have come as a natural
course but how that can become the reason of its en-masse rejection.
It is high time to look in to all the concepts of the moderen science in the light of
Sumerians Vedic wisdom.
If this entire episode of man kind missing his origin is looked with Vedic vision, any anxiety on this
account is uncalled for. Ancient Sanskrit writings tell us that mass devastation and regeneration is a
regular feature on earth. Vedic cosmic calendar of Yug, Chatur yugi, Kalpa, - - Brahmas Day (4B
320My) need to be referred. Accordingly the current day of Brahma has begun 2My now. With
much of confusion created so far and with a lot of work involved in tracing deep in the earth, the
origin of human being or culture has become a matter of merely academic interest. Once it is
established that we all are the descendants of Sumerians and after having clear cut proofs that our
these ancestors were much advanced in every respect, we must have to concentrate to explore as to
how they reached to such heights, so that we may also follow them and prove our worth instead of
continuing with so many miseries and sufferings all around. This means that instead of tracing the
origin of man, our purpose will be served better if we concentrate on the roots of our these
ancestors and their activities.
Vedas contain text which even Lord Brahma who was their initial conveyer, could not understand
and explain until He was bestowed with divine powers by the Almighty. Since these have been
scripted for the uplifting of common man, their simplification was necessary to serve the basic
purpose. Brahmans, Aranyaks, Upnishads, Up-Vedas etc. serve a lot of desired purpose and finally
the Purans cover the practical achievements and history of Vedic heroes, the Sumerians.
The word Sumeru is a Sanskrit word and as per Vedic deliberation in regard to the Creation of
whole Universe suggests that the Meru (high land) was created right in the very initial stages of
the creation, i.e., just after the creation of Sky and Earth. The requirement of high lands was quite
natural and very much necessary for inhabitation of the human race and other species, as the water
was to be created just after wards and that was to surround the globe. Meru is thus also referred as
the Celestial Sphere's Main Axis Resting Point, the Place of gods or say Mountain- Abode of gods.
Sumer or Sumeru - Su - Meru -> Epithet of Meru - The Good Meru, or best of the Meru.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Thus the term as Sumeru translates so in Sanskrit language. Some historians are of the opinion
that the word Meru has been derived from the word Maru which in Sanskrit means as sandy
desert. Such school of thought links this word directly to Sindh deserts of Indus Valley where the
old Sumerian cities are located. This is also referred as Garden of Edin.
The word Maru is still alive in the name of
Marwar, the Rajputana section of the great desert of Indus valley. In any case Sumerians are Indian
indigenous. Their Identity can not change if some word in different language has the same meaning
as Meru. Such as Meru means the same as Akkadian word Etin or Edin, so Maru might be
considered as a translation of Etin or Etina. Thus all these words mean the abode of Sumerian gods.
Our attention is required on one important aspect that although these Sumerians reached to the
height of advancement in every field but no traces of any big paraphernalia or infrastructure are
available any where around the monuments they erected. It appears that they definitely had
altogether totally different way of working by employing the explored virtues. While we consider it
important to check concepts of modern science with a Vedic vision, this needs the study of the
event from the very beginning and the activities of these Sumerian gods.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Chronology of the events in formation of Earth, and the activities of the Sumerian gods as
described in the Vedic literature needs thorough understanding.
As we know when the globe cooled down, at first the crust was formed. Then torrential rains
occurred for million of years. Vedic literature describes the set of events in the same way as
followed up after every major flooding. The land below the waters could be seen only after
separating the waters and carrying it into the seas. The wet land is then left for drying up. In the
initial times of creation it was first named as Earth (Bhoomi) and the high lands (Sumeru) when get
covered with plantation are usually named as Heavens. This is so presumed even in outer space
high skies i.e. in celestial bodies. All those who came to earth from these heavens were named as
Sumerians. The creation of first group of all beings was done here on Sumeru through Mantras
(Mantra-Srashti). Further also, for various happenings occurring there, the word Sumer-mount has
come many times in history narrated by Vedic-literature. The human beings are a fool proof, highly
intelligent but much delicate design of Almighty and those who inculcated a lot many virtues with
the experiments under the guidance of their Superiors were also called as Sumerians, in the
same manner as the name of father is suffixed even today. The whole world accepts that in
prehistoric periods no other race has ever come in to existence matching with any of the expertise
of the Sumerian race. Thus all the Megalithic structures, Stonehenge (Ancient astronomical
precision clocks), Mighty sphinx and Pyramids or Similar type of Temples and other artifacts or
structures, some of them afterwards known as the Wonders of the world, erected before 2500 BC
can be the jobs of none else, but that of the Sumerians. Look at the world wide cluster of
Stonehenge or that of Megaliths or that of pyramids or similar temples etc., their structure-wise
erection techniques and the purpose of their construction matches so closely that these apparently
look jobs of one interested community. Such a megalithic society can be surely taken as the mother
The Sumerians have definitely used the other human beings (Manushya, as created by them) of the
respective area to serve their purpose. But the dedication and submission of these persons to these
jobs, as is evident in such works, clearly shows that they did develop different sets of persons who
were like their disciples or devotees instead of as mere slaves. In due course these masters must
have felt requirement of developing big colonies and then big cities. To settle on lands, confluence
of rivers was naturally the best choice to flourish after developing round the year crop system.
Sapt-Sindhu the area of seven major rivers with their tributaries, i.e. confluence of River Sindh
and River Saraswati, had to be the first safest and the best choice in the entire world. However, the
History of the world as taught today also establishes the fact that the seeds of civilization were
carried by these Sumerians to other places. Thus a little later to the start of colonization in Indus
valley region, the area of southern Mesopotamia, was considered equally good site due to the
confluence of River Tigris and River Euphrates.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

As per history of this area, several cites came up around a temple of its monarch in the center. It can
also be said with confidence that the Vedas did not appear simultaneously with the Sumerian Race.
The documentation of their tested techniques was got completed by them only after several
hundreds of years, at a stage when the Superiors of Sumerian race were satisfied with the results of
their experiments even on a common man (Manushya). They were kind hearted and desired to
communicate these techniques for the benefit of the masses in general. The Vedas embody a sound
based language which means that with the change in the way of recitation, brings the change in
emotion and thus net effect also gets changed. Rig Veda has taken in account (RV 1.164.45) four
parts of language that guarantees the perfect and effective communication of the intent. Three parts
are deeply secret and no body stirs them up (Madhyama, Pashyanti and Para) and only fourth part
(Bekhri) is spoken by men. Such a communication is very necessary as man is cosmic which
means that his one part is all beings (mortal) and the rest three are immortal in heaven (RV X.90.3
cd). Deeper layers of mind remain untouched in Bekhri (speech frequency) communication. The
Vedas carry intuition and equal skill is needed to understand and get influenced with the intent of
shlokas. One can thus appreciate that to attempt explicit understanding of Vedas, knowledge of
Sanskrit is necessary, otherwise the translation of Vedas in other language may be some times
counter- productive. Even for those who have mastery over Sanskrit language shall understand and
translate Veda-Mantras as per their own nature Prakrity (Satoguni, Rajoguni or tamoguni). The
Vedas were thus first communicated from mind to mind which is a technique on which scientist are
concentrating now. Further Vedas were transferred from generation to generation by the process of
cramming and reciting which is called as Shruti-Parampra. In the mean time the script was
developed to spell the language for easy communication even to the lesser developed minds. For
this purpose it appeared that it had to pass many stages viz: Symbols, Cuneiform, Proto-Brahmi etc.
Kharoshthi script was also developed for fast writing but was found unsuitable for Sanskrit. This
script was later used by Persians and it is now known as the Persian script. After wards came
Sanskrit and Devnagri. Great advancements in Sanskrit literature have been made after Panini
revised the rules of grammar.
The Vedas are not only known for presenting historical
and scientific knowledge but also for expounding subtle sciences, such as the power of mantras.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

We all recognize the power of sound itself by its effects, which can be quite dramatic. Perhaps we
all have seen a high-pitched frequency shatter an ordinary drinking glass. Such a demonstration
shows that Loud Sounds can produce substantial reactions. The same power can be felt while
enchanting the mantras and can be made to hit the target directly. It is commonly believed that
mantras carry hidden power which can in turn produce certain effects. The ancient Vedic literatures
are full of descriptions of weapons being called by mantra. For example, many weapons were
invoked by mantras during the Kuruksetra War, wherein the Bhagavat-gita itself was recited by
Lord Krishna.One can imagine the tremendous power which can be generated by Vedic Mantras if
impregnated with emotions.
It is thus not at all a surprise that the Sanskrit language so brought on earth in the ancient times has
been proved to be the best among all other languages developed afterwards. Recently a new study
reported in Science shows that the earliest Indus script too was not merely a chain of symbols
but it does encode a language. A new statistical study compared the pattern of symbols found on
Indus valley artifacts to five types of natural linguistic systems and four types of non-linguistic
systems and with the artificially created computer programming language, the decisive finding was
that the conditional entropy of Indus inscriptions closely matches those of linguistic systems and
remains far from non-linguistic systems. This is how; the interesting features are coming to light
only now. Meanings of symbol could not be unfolded as no one ever sincerely tried to understand
the Indus language. In the Indus valley there are only short inscription stamped seals (not
cylindrical), terracotta tablets (lesser signs) and graffiti. The improvements to this situation are
clearly visible in Mesopotamian artifacts. According to the ancient doctrine the four ages that are
found in Babylon have gone only from Indus valley with the Sumerians having gone there from
Indian west coast. Recognition and acceptability of Swastika-Seal as Chapter 11 can be a very
good evidence of world wide spread of Sumerians philosophy, much even earlier to coming in to
existence various other sects / religions.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Why Tracing of Our Exact Origin is Essential?
(Intellect needs taking bath in Deep Waters of Vedic knowledge).
How we can deny this fact that correct knowledge of self can only become a sound
base for us to understand those techniques of Sumerians, practicing which they
became so mighty and powerful.
The Vedic vision is, that the attempt to search our own EXACT origin brings down miseries and
sufferings at every stage of making progress.
We have been so far discussing, as to how we have come on the scene in this world either as an
individual entity or as a civilized culture. We have as well observed that due to our faulty
approaches with a definite mind-set; we instead created many complications even to reach to these
targets of the material world. Attempt to visualize our EXACT origin needs undertaking a journey
with in the self. Here Who are We? means who with in us sees, smells, listens, tastes, and feels.
In a dead body, all the Sense-Organs Gyanedries, viz: the eyes, nose, ears, tongue and the skin
still exist but what is that which comes out of the body that renders all these organs ineffective. Do
not get mistaken. The Pranic energy still exists and as per the circumstances of the death, all of it
takes time to come out of the body after clinical death. The life originates from some where else.
Vedic vision discloses it as Atma, which has been said as Soul, Rooh etc in other religions
afterwards. For simplicity of understanding the Atma can be very well taken as a fraction of the
Almighty. To reach to this exact origin with in own self makes one self realized. Achieving this
stage can be the only one aim of human life. Making this attempt as mission of life is important
because it has direct links with the exploration of our virtues hitherto in a sort of hibernation
(sleeping) stage in deep layers of our mind Manah. The very attempt to contact this origin wakes
up all the virtues by and by. Practicing to do so is said Yog in Vedic terminology. Finally, having
established this contact, we become in-union with our source- the Almighty, and start becoming
exactly as the source is. This is called as the elevation of soul. The darkness of ignorance vanishes
which is the only cause of all our sufferings and miseries.
The Hindi word Yogyata which means enhancing capability has been derived from the word
Yog only. We too can become as capable in all respects as our ancestors were i.e. the Royal
Sumerians. The tested techniques for achieving such targets have been well documented in Vedic-
literature and our these superiors did develop the most appropriate communicative language
Sanskrit for the sake of the elevation of our souls, wherein the secret of becoming virtuous is
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Some light has already been thrown on the structure of Sanskrit language which gives an idea as to
how this language became so effective. Factually developing of such a language was possible for
Sumerians only since these Sumerians who originated us, were well in know of design and the
anatomy of our all the three bodies (physical, astral and causal). But to practice as per documented
techniques we must have to know as to what has been mentioned by our superior Sumerians in the
Vedic literature. As said the faulty and biased approach misled us even for the targets of physical
Lord Krishna said in Gita (15/2) that
bandhur atmatmanas tasya, yenatmaivatmana jitah!
anatmanas tu satrutve, vartetatmaiva satru-vat !!
(For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to
do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy)

So to tackle Manah is a much tedious job and here the sincerity and open mind approach is the
prerequisite. Any insincerity shall mean as deceiving the self and any sort of doubt shall be totally
counter productive.
The composition of Vedas involves a labour of many generations of our ancestors. The loss
caused to human race by ignoring Vedic literature, can never be replenished.
A vast number of statements and materials presented in the ancient Vedic literature can be shown
to agree with modern scientific findings and they also reveal a highly developed scientific content
in these literatures. The great cultural wealth of this knowledge is highly relevant in the modern
world. Still much superior is the realized knowledge of the Vedic Rishis which is beyond the
objective knowledge of modern science. The Vedas are therefore more renowned for their Para-
Vidya or spiritual knowledge, communication of which to lesser developed minds was a very hard
task for Sumerians. Naturally understanding of this knowledge is much more difficult and to this
we have further added complications by our totally indifferent attitude towards Vedic literature.
Being the oldest, deciphering the earliest form of the communicative language of Vedas is virtually
the tracing back the origin of script writing. On this front, so far it was being suggested that writing
developed independently in at least three places Egypt, Mesopotamia and Harappa between 3,500
BC and 3,100 BC. But with the findings of a Harappa Archaeological Research Project, the
primitive inscriptions found on pottery at a site in Harrappa may pre-date all other known writings
developed in this world. It is unfortunate that for more than 130 years of site excavations, the Indus
script could not be deciphered.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The delay has actually helped nourishing to many misgivings and thus making simple things more
complicated. Factually this aspect perhaps carried no interest to many archeologists, rather the
outcomes of the truth of these sites were to simply cause headache as earlier the Aryans, who are
the descendents of the Indian Sumerians, were already declared as foreign invaders. Incidentally
those who implanted the Aryan invasion theory were themselves foreigners. Is it not a joke that
while implanting this theory none of them bothered to show evidence, if any, of foreign intrusion-
archeological, linguistic, cultural or genetic. They did not even bother to at least locate the Aryans
homeland from where they came to India. Even prior to tackling the answer of this question, one
more important point must have received their attention, as to what is historic record of Indus-
Saraswati civilization of which more than 2500 sites of ancient villages and cities have come on
record which covered an area of 2,50,000 sq. miles and out of this nearly 1600 sites are of 6,500-
7,500 BC. Though a volume of Historical record of its Heroes of that era is available in Vedic
literature but, how is it that a vast network of Archeologists of the world did not show any anxiety
to trace the sites where this Vedic culture developed. It is none the less a biggest mystery of the
world that these sites provided all the artifacts linking it directly with the Vedic culture but these
were not linked in their own country. A preponderance of contemporary evidence now seems to
indicate that these are one and the same cultures. This certainly eliminates the Frawleys paradox
and makes perfect sense, to an unbiased researcher. Not only this, the finds include a lot many
seals of rulers of various parts of the world originated from here, which exposed the world over
spread of this culture but all these important facts missed their recognition. This not only deprived
the Indians from their Vedic heritage but in this egoistic approach, the cause of mankind in general
has suffered. The entire Vedic literature, in which the Sumerians got documented not only their
tested techniques of becoming superman but also showed the correct path to live and die happily,
were considered just a garbage and Indians being slaves had no right to question.
The fact however remains that it is not easy to understand the intent of Vedas. Scholars have
suggested that one who wants to study Vedas must learn the grammar first. For this, one has to
learn Ashtadhyayee and Mahabhashya which normally takes one and a half year for each. For
understanding Essence formulae Vedant sutras, finally one has to go through the ten Upnishads
Eesh, Ken, Kathh, Prashn, Mundak, Mandook, Aitraiyee, Taitraiyee, Chhandogya, Vrahadarnyak
alongwith Bhashya of six Shastras- Purvamimansa, Vaishaishik, Nyay, Yog, Sankhya,and
Vaidant, where the different shlokas of Vedas have been explained in details. This might take
another two years. Only then one can expect to get the knowledge of four Vedas along with four
Brahmans- Aitraiya, Shatpath, Saam, and Gopath. All this takes at least another six years, subject
to the condition that all necessary requirements for proper recitation are maintained along with an
inner urge to understand the intents between the lines. In case however, mastery is to be ensured in
all the Vedas, it might take two decades. Vedas embody the advancement of knowledge in six
fields, viz. Jyotish (Astronomy), Chhandas (Literature), Vyakaran (Analysis), Nirukta (History),
Shiksha (Script) and Kalpa (Inventions).
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Thus all the Vedads, Up-Vedas, Brahmans, Upnishads, Purans and Up-Purans cover the present day
subjects viz. Administration, Law and Justice, Sociology, Civics and Economics, Artillery, Yoga
and Medical science, Dance and Music, Engineering and Architecture with Vastu, Astronomy and
Astrology, Geography and Geology, Metallurgy etc,etc.
The effective communication and effectiveness of Mantra-Shakti of Vedas can be interpreted like
this, that the script and language of Vedas has been designed to activate Pranic-Energy to affect
the concerned region of human body. As we know Pranic-Energy is the mother of the entire mass
and other various types of energies working in the entire universe. The whole design of Vedic
preaching upgrades the moral values of the receptor and soul can be elevated to any extent, which
in other words means exploration of ones virtues infinitely and It is a proven fact that with out any
sincere effort to understand Vedas, these were declared as garbage merely due to racial bias.
thereby bringing him at par with the Super Creator Par-Brahm. Other wise the Vedas are the
documents which contain all those techniques adopting which the Sumerians did not only explored
their hidden virtues but exhibited some of their skill all over the world in the form of huge and
megalithic structures, and that too in perfect astronomical alignment, which are a matter of wonder
even in the present day world of technological advancements.
Depth of Vedic text is beyond the imagination of human beings.
While going through the Puranic literature including Ramayana and Mahabharata, which are
the factual history of heroes of Vedic culture, one stands amazed in every other line of the text as
all their deeds look like that of supernatural ones. If some one thinks that these are simply fairy
tails, it can never help exploring virtues, important one of which is up gradation of the moral
values. People who practice on these preaching can still be found carrying out jobs which look
impossible. While the world has faced two world wars of deadly weapons, ending in real victory
to none, but immediately there after Mahatma Gandhi emerged victorious with his virtue of
sticking to the truth. After independence of India, the Indus script is still being deciphered and
Vedic text has not yet started emitting its light properly, but the eyes of the world have gone wide
open looking at the effects of mere Yoga physical exercises. As a matter of fact, even after pooling-
in all resources of present day medical advancement, one can not be assured of having a disease
free healthy body. But such a body is the first achievement of Patanjali Ashtang-Yog exercises,
the concentration and meditation steps of which takes care of mental health simultaneously. The
Vedic literature is still far-far deep where the body is treated taking consideration of the whole
cosmos Yatha brahmande tatha pindey. It aims to put at work all the 14 billion neurons of the
skulls gray mass out of which only 3 to 4 % remain active through out our life. If one can resolve
to think for a while before taking some serious decisions in the religious matters, what reason can
be given to be indifferent to such a culture which simply advocates following religiously your own
religion. But not only the Roman church continued to suppress the truth of Sumerians for about
1500 years continuously, many direct attempts were made to wipe out the Vedic culture and its
followers altogether, in its own birth place.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

How many times Delhi faced massacre and how many months the library of Nalanda University
was kept burning?? Only bad times can be blamed for such an era but the purpose of mischievous
minds is very clear. India or Indians are not the only losers, this caused a colossal loss of the whole
world as it has just deprived the whole human race from all those bigger gains which is the birth
right of every individual if at all we claim that, ours is a progressive and civilized human society.
Why to blame only Nature, we our selves have caused many big interruptions and are now trying
to trace back the master builders of the ancient Megaliths or Stonehenge (Astronomical Luni-
solar or Eclipse calculators) or the Pre historic Pyramids and the like temples, of which hundreds of
sites have been deciphered around the world.
It should not surprise us as to why the Sumerians did not care much to leave their footprints at such
monuments. The fact is that they were self-realized beings and as such did not care to do so in this
mortal world.
In the same tradition, still today all elevated souls of every religion declare that they belong to no
where. We are thus left only to decipher the script and symbols of their disciples and devotees. In
case of present day inventions we find that these were already discovered by our ancestors long
back, but we kept the facts out of sight either ignorantly or deliberately. No useful purpose to
elaborate such examples, but the valid point is as to why even after holding keys of elimination, the
miseries and sufferings should be allowed to dominate the human society, a great section of which
is still compelled to pass their lives lower than the status of animals.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Think! Who are you?
(But keep controlling the ego)

1.SOHUM (I am That): In deed potentially I am That Absolute Truth Consciousness incarnated in
human form. Attaining higher spiritual levels are easy for me. I am a Devotee (Sadhak) whom Yug
Rishi has given an opportunity to do Sadhna towards Self-Realization.
2.SHIVOHUM (I am akin to lord Shiva): Shiva means auspicious. Essentially I am a blessed
person; so how there can be any place for evil in my thoughts, feelings or actions? If any
inappropriate trait has stuck to me due to bad company / surroundings, it is foreign to my essential
nature and I resolve to rid myself of this dross.
3.SACHCHIDANANDOHUM (My intrinsic nature is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss): Why
should I be affected by falsehood? Why should I chase a mirage? I am innate bliss; why should I
vainly seek happiness in the transient world?
4.AYMATMA BRAHMA (Thy soul is a spark of Brahma (divine): As the ocean is water so
also a drop. Every ray of Sun has the qualities of its radiator. However small the Soul confined by
the ego may seem it has the capacity of uniting with its origin-Brahma. Both tap and tank are
capable of giving water. So why I should remain caged in the false sense of identity with the ego
and feel miserable, why not become Omnipresent?
5.TATVAMASI (You are That): You inherit the attributes of the Supreme Soul and the whole
creation is your embodiment.
We are sparks of the Eternal and Imperishable spirit and our souls are here in their upward path to
immortality. The essence of our being is Supreme spirit (Parmatma-Brahma)-the source of the
creative cosmic play and we are here to awaken to the reality of true identity.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Ancient Vedic Culture is still alive in India..

(Enhancement in self pride in Indians for their Vedic culture, after its assuming the
status of mother of all cultures of the world, identifies them to exhibit their worth in
the uplift of masses of entire world by practicing and exploring their virtues on the
same lines as done by their Sumerian ancestors.)
India is the Origin of worlds oldest Sumerian Race and their culture which has been carried
over by Aryans as documented in Vedic literature, is still alive in India.
As discussed earlier, in the Mesopotamian myth of the Sumerian legacy, the term Sumerian is the
common name given to the ancient inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia by their successors
Semitic Akkadians, but these Akkadians neither knew about the native land of Sumerians nor they
could tell from where this word Sumer has come and was being used by them for this area. The
Akkadian word Shumer however may represent this name in dialect and Biblical Shinar. Egyptian
Sngr and Hittite anhar(a) could be western variants of umer. These Sumerians are known for
their technological advancement, e.g. they used aircrafts and deadly weapons. For the world, the
Sumerians called themselves sag-giga, literally meaning "the black-headed people". During their
time the whole of the civilized world was Black while fair skinned pre-Semitics and the pre-
Europeans were mainly uncivilized-Hill-tribes living on the fringe areas of Sumer described in
Sumerian literature as the Sabarians, Gutians and so forth, people who knew not homes, families
with children and so forth. They gradually became civilized through acculturation into Sumerian.
The fact in regard to Sumerians emergence in Mesopotamia is that, the so called Proto-Elamites,
who had gone to their native land (Indus Valley) due to floods, came back afterwards around 3,000
BC and as per Vedic narration of the events, twelve sons of Adity from Kashyap Rishi on whose
name the sea falling in their domain was named as Kashyap-Sagar now known as Caspian Sea,
the eldest was Varun Dev and the youngest was Surya Dev. All those who hailed from Sumeru or
Maru of Indus valley were known as Sumerians but after their post-flood return, those headed by
Varun Dev were specifically called as Sumerians and those headed by Surya Dev were called as
Aryans. There is no disappearance of Sumerians from the Mesopotanian scene, as has been debated
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The Vedic literature has a mention that not only 11 elder Dev-brothers, headed by Varun Dev but
other dynasties who hailed from Indus valley or from its extensions on the western coast of India,
such as Asurs, Daityas, Danavas, Nags, Garuds, Maruts, Gandharvas, Kinners etc. etc., continued to
live out side India and only those headed by Surya Dev came back to India, continued to be called
as Aryans. Historians and Archeologists have further linked many of descendants of the aforesaid
dynasties. Details of descendants of Sumerians and the other dynasties are available in the literature
of respective place, but king lists suffer some distortion, changes in the spellings and pronunciation,
which with the passage of time, is a normal feature. The exact pronunciation and Spellings could be
stabilized after stabilization of scripts but still there are some differences in some areas according to
the language of the area. This is how narrations of events in the books of various religions, many
times, match so closely. Such as Sumerian king Noah of Bible and Avesta is the same savior of the
great floods as the Manu of Vedic literature (of the present Manvantar-a specific Vedic time
period). Ram Chandra who came in 40th generation of Manu was the first to become famous world
over. Fortunately, a study of Sumerian history provides a fairly vivid flesh-and-blood picture of this
great Hero. The highly authentic Sumerian King-list shows such hallowed name as Rim Sin. Sin
was the Moon god i.e. Chandra and as the cuneiform symbol for Rim can also be read as Ram.
Hence Rim Sin is the same as Ram Chandra. Some wise lot indicates the history having two Rim
Sins. In regard to the spread of Sumerians outside India, Asia Minor is the land which worked as a
bridge in between Europe, Mesopotamia (in Asia) and Egypt (in Africa).
It has been found that
75% of English words are derived from Sumerian roots with identical forms, sound and meanings.
Because of this, it is correct to say that the language of Europe and India belong to of Aryan family.
For this reason however, some wise lot also thinks that primitive Aryans belonged to central Asia,
NW & central and SE Europe, but this is wrong. It is correct that similarities between Sanskrit ,
Greek, Latin, German and the Celtic language have been discovered but how these are merely the
offshoots, this truth can be traced back easily from the history of ancestors of Aryans as given in
Vedic Purans, who ruled all these areas. This history has also been briefed in chapter 10- Vedic
gods were Historic characters as well of this book.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

All prevailing confusions have erupted because of our deliberate ignoring of this valuable ancient
history record just for some distortion having come as a natural course. This record of history states
that movement of Vedic heroes to all other parts of the world, called Sumerians later, started from
India. In Nevali-Cori (Turkey), the traces of earliest settlements of seasonal camps have been found
which date back to 10,000 BC, after thousands of years when big settlements based on round the
year agriculture came up. Traces of this ancient most lost civilization of Anatolia were found which
are similar to that of Mehrgarh (Bulochistan - now Pakistan), in terms
of economy, agriculture, domestication of animals and lay out of large settlements. Both important
Hindu signs Viz Shikha and Swastika are also visible here, which from their ancestors
Sumerians / Aryans still continue with present day Hindus. Swastika has been found here as well
on pottery articles. Though the utility and other details of this sacred symbol has been discussed
separately in Chapter 11- Symbol worship of this book, yet it would be worth while to mention
that even if its world-wide spread is traced, it shall prove best to the satisfaction that Vedic culture
is the mother of all cultures of the world. The antiquity of maintaining the Shikha however can be
seen in the free-standing anthropomorphic figures of limestone excavated at Naveli-Cori (belong to
the earliest known life-size sculptures). Comparable material has been found at Gbekli Tepe,
currently considered to be the oldest temple in the world at c. 9,500 BC. It is correct that the
language of Europe and India are of Aryan family and 75% of English words are seen as derived
from Sumerian roots with identical forms, sound and meanings. Because of this, some wise lot
thinks that primitive Aryans belonged to central Asia, in NW and central and SE Europe but that is
wrong. Their hopes of finding lost history of this generally Nordic race in this regions
archeological excavation shall never bear fruits.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

It is heartening to observe that many unbiased minds have worked and many inferences have been
drawn by them to prove the same versatility of Vedic culture as mentioned here under.
Sumerians are the origin of the Britons, Anglo-Saxons, Cymri, Irish Scots, Scandinavians,
Early Germans, Goths and Phoenicians, and their civilization, language and writing.
The ancient Greeks, Etruscans and patrician Romans and their civilization, language,
writing and religion are of Sumerian origin. (This covers Trojans, Ionians, Cretans, Hittites
and Amorites).
Phoenicians and their civilization, writing and religion are of Sumerian or Aryan origin.
First Phoenician dynasty in Persian Gulf about 3100 BC is of Aryan Origin and so is the
case of the Phoenician as Barats or Brit-ons and their sea tutelary as Britannia.
The Greek art with reference to Bacchus and his representation is of Hitto-Sumerian origin.
Indo Aryans and ancient Medes and Persians and their civilization is of Sumerian origin.
Egyptian civilization pre-dynastic and dynastic and its authors are of Aryan or Sumerian

Hence this concept needs mending that Sumerians appeared all of sudden as a full fledged civilized
race in Mesopotamia and have suddenly disappeared as a nation leaving no descendants after brief
existence (of their Dynastic periods 3rd millennium BC till the rise of Babylon in the early 2nd
millennium BC). The fact is that the Sumerians were Aryans in physical type, culture, religion,
language and writing and they were our own kith and kins living under the laws and speaking the
same tongue as later adopted by Aryans. Their spread out side India is more extensively covered in
Vedic literature as dealt in the chapter- The Historical Truth of gods and Rishies of Indian
Vedic religion in this book. Archeologists have also suggested that out of these, a great migration
of Indo-Aryans to Gangetic India took place around 700 BC.
Extra to the migration from this Kur area of Asia Minor, Turkmenistan and its Oxus Valley to the
East of Caspian Sea and North of Afghanistan added still higher proportion to this Aryans
migration and thus later is considered to be the pre-Indian homeland of the Indo-Aryans. Various
reasons viz. constant attacks of Assyrians and natural expansion of sandy desert are attributed to
this great migration. It is however apparent, that in the genetically developed Human race of
Sumerians, which was also named as Sumerians; there has been a constant decay of explored
virtues after the start of colonization. The aforesaid great migration looks like fleeing of Aryans
under the pressure of circumstances. The pre-historic Sumerians, who didnt know about homes,
were capable of mending all their odds. Vedic literature also refers to the shifting of one
community to India but that is just after settling of great floods fall out. This gave India two
famous dynasties Surya-Vansh and Chandra-Vansh. This shifting is however described in Vedic
literature with different reasons, the details of which have been given in the relevant chapter. Thus
the Sumerians Vedic culture remained live with Aryans and is still live in Hindus of India. It is
however surprising that, even after tens of millenniums, the present day followers of the Vedic
culture, continue to be directly connected with their ancestor Sumerian gods with their original

Who are We and what We are meant for?

There is plenty of evidence available to exhibit that the oldest Vedic culture is
still alive in India:
The motifs of the seals and tablets found in Indus valley unambiguously expose that Indus people
were Sumerians and their various dynasties ruled all over the world and by and by, the respective
monarchs also settled at their headquarters. All of them were devotee of mother energy and thus
venerated a high goddess. As a token of respect of mother energy, right since the start, women had
enjoyed the priesthood too. This is an example of height of social and religious freedom to women.
The Indus script also has many signs of female characters. The same tradition of women
commanding highest respects goes on till date from Sumerians to Aryans and further to the
followers of Vedic religion. The world history exposes this fact very clearly that the concept of
respecting women has been instrumental in easy fetching of peace and prosperity and whenever &
wherever mother hood Matr-Shakti of women has not been given due respect or was ignored, it
invited mass destruction. (Elaborated in Part-2 of this book).
The facts can be thus concluded that the Sumerians undoubtedly were Indian indigenous. The
Vedic literature provides all the details at length of their world wide spread-out right since
Archeologists have also suggested that out of these, a great migration of Indo-Aryans to Gangetic
India took place around 700 BC. rehistoric period. The Vedic text which is the oldest text as
accepted world over, does not only maintains by name, the details of a lot many senior Sumerians
(or say, ancestors of Sumerians) but their all such activities which kept the world wonder-struck,
have also been described in detail. All major events of the ancient times, right since the creation of
the universe, may it be the origin of man, origin of race and civilization, joint exploration of the
earth and seas for the benefit of masses, invention of the plough for agriculture, major flooding,
rehabilitation and flourishing again -all have appeared in the books of other religions similar to
Vedic literature. The Vedic literature also speak that the Sumerians used Air-crafts and Deadly-
weapons. The senior Sumerians carried out many jobs all over the world in prehistoric period and
in the absence of any other developed community on the scene in those days, it shall have to be
taken as true, that all megalithic structures or what ever of that period looking as Wonder of the
World, were created/erected by Sumerians only. Further, earlier in the Indus Valley (Old India)
and Sumer (Iraq) as well as the Babylonian sites, have been found to have each other's coins and
artifacts in their respective sites but with the shifting of date of drying-up date of Saraswati River,
these similarities in archaeological finding based on which the Aryan invasion theory was
implanted, automatically becomes the evidence for reverse movement of the ancestors of the
Aryans i.e. of Sumerians reaching to other places from Indus valley.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

They are part of the same Indus European Branches before the split between Persians and Indians.
Persians, Babylonians and Sumerians are all interconnected and one and the same - depending on
what level of frame one uses to look at the things - the same way Indians today can be Bengalis,
Biharis, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Rajasthanis, Tamilians, and so on.
one time, from Japan to Greece and Italy, from Ethiopia to Mongolia, there was one kind of Religion
and Language - that had its variations like we have today in the language of English and the religion
of Christianity.
It can be scientifically proven through archeology, the study of
cultural continuity, by linguistic analysis, and through genetic research that the Vedic Culture is
Indian indigenous. The language and symbolism found on the Harappan seals are very Vedic.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Here we find the Om symbol, the leaf of the Asvatta or holy
banyan tree, as well as the swast sign of auspiciousness, mentioned throughout the Vedas. Om
is mentioned in the Mundaka and Katha Upanisads as well as the Bhagavad Gita. The Holy Asvatta
tree is mentioned in the Aitreya and Satapata Brahmanas as well as the Taittreya Samhita and
Katyayana Smriti.
The pictorial script of these Harappan seals has been deciphered as Vedic and termed "Proto-
brahmi," as a pre-sanskrit script.
is piece of pottery from the lowest level of Harappan excavations with pre-harappan writing is
deciphered as ila vartate vara, referring to the sacred land bounded by the Saraswati River,
described in the Rig Veda. Additionally, other archaeological finds are culturally consistent, such as
the dancing girl, whose bracelets are similar to those worn by women of Northwest India today.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

The three stone Siva Lingas has been found in Harappa in 1940. The worship of the Siva Linga is
mentioned in the Maha Narayana Upanisad of the Yajur Veda and is still ardently practiced today.
There are many other links of these Vedic Sumerians with the Aryans and with present day Hindus.
Continuity is seen in astronomical and calendarical concepts, the typical Luni-Solar calendar with
its intercalation or addition of extra months or vast period of history such as 4,320,000 years (One
Chaturyugi) or allusion of the seven sages (Sapt-Rishis) and so on. A Pashupati seal also depicts
lunar astronomy. The Linga (Phallus) motifs in the Indus civilization have a clear parallel not only
with the present Linga but also with Pashupati legend that originates in the Rig Veda and that
has been elaborated in Aitareya Brahman. The world over worshiping of Phallus originates from
India and its details have been given in this book in a separate chapter. A unique similarity of
traditions is also clearly visible. Kumbh mela, which is the biggest fair gathering of the world,
takes at an interval of 6/12 years right since 3000 BC.
All this is too much precise to be mere a coincidence. Incidentally, while pondering over the vast
calendrical calculations of time-period of Vedic cultures cosmic calender, one stands wonder-stuck
as 1000 Chaturugis (total 4,320,000,000 years) have been taken as one day of Brahma, the creator
and after this the entire creation is supposed to face Pralay, a dormant state. This along with
Brahmas Night of the same period makes the one complete cycle of 8,640,000,000 years. While
finding the duration as same matching with the calculated cycle of oscillating universe, one stands
confirmed that our ancients had the basics intact. It is therefore imperative now to discover what
they further calculated further by saying that 100 years of days of this duration, will mean end of
the life period of current Brahma. Not only this, tracing the entire Hindu cosmology right from the
start till the last (Sixth Shaka-Karta) king of Kali-yuga, becomes important, details of which shall
be given in next parts of this book. A parallel of Hindu cast system also exists in Indo European or
Indo-Aryan Cultures and for some or the other genuine reasons, the people all over the world, as
and when happen to wake up, find reasons to stake their claims as the decedents of

Who are We and what We are meant for?

At present the claims of Hungarians, Dravidians, Elamite, Hebrew, Semitic, Babylonian, German,
and of others are available on the net. Alas they knew that those who have not so far claimed are
also Sumerians and if they are not being called with this name, it is due to our own adopted system
of division on the basis of language we speak. Is there anybody on this earth, who does not know
about Rama of Ramayan-the Sumerian King? His self sacrifice, piety, righteousness, and valour
have enthralled Indians for ages. Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, and Ravindranath Tagore
were inspired from Rama, which shows how deeply ingrained he is in Indian culture. Factually
such has been in general the basic character of Sumerian gods. The historians ignore this
characteristic while writing that where ever the Sumerians went, they reduced the natives of the
area as their slaves. The fact is that their personality was so charismatic that where ever they went,
the native people used to become their disciples. In Vedic culture the supreme one is named as Par-
Brahm, which literally means the one who is biggest, and who helps others to become the biggest.
The Ramayan once influenced a great part of humanity than any other Epic. It was also popular in
Iran, Central Asia, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan and even
Philippines. The books of all religions have events similar to as in Vedic literature, composed in
Indus valley in the third millennium BC; the Gilgamesh Epic swayed the whole of the civilized
world from this valley to Egypt. Thus we can conclude that the Sumerians- ancestors of Aryans- are
in the roots of all religions. Egypt. Thus we can conclude that the Sumerians- ancestors of Aryans-
are in the roots of all religions. The Archeologists have confirmed that Sumerians worshipped the
same gods and goddesses under the same names and under the same representations with same
attributes and symbols as Aryans in pre-Christian Europe (Briton, Anglo-Saxons, Irish Scots,
Oymri, Early German Goths, Scandinavians, Classic Greeks, and Romans), their civilization,
language and writing was the same as in present day India. They possessed the same Heroes and
Saints. They never used the word Sumerian and this was arbitrarily applied by Assyriologists to
these ancient imperial people now disclosed to be the early Aryans. Sumer title was also applied
to Akkadians, the Semetic people of Mesopotamia. But all this was done arbitrarily. Arya literally
means, in both the Indian Sanskrit-the old classic language of India and in the ancient Persian
language, The Exalled or Noble one derived from exall, lofty, shining glory which is also
disclosed on the remote Sumerian root of our modern word Aristocrat or Noblest or most
excellent Governor derived through the Greek, a word which well defines the older ethnic
meaning of the word Aryan for the civilization of the old world. The word Aryan is also linked
with its meaning connected to plow. This is also correct as their ancestors introduced cultivation
when various parts of the planet again gained warmth to the extent of making agriculture perfectly
feasible after ice age (around 10,000 BC).

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Chapter 7
Being the wisest, Human Race Needs To Understand its
The key point to be very carefully understood is that our brains and bodies are the
fruits and flowers of tree having stem and roots in invisible astral and causal
world. For any ailment, treating them directly is fundamentally wrong. Instead by
treating the roots only we can get rid of all our sufferings and miseries. Thus for
the physical body, this needs treatment of astral and causal bodies and the brain
needs treatment of our mind Manah.
The Vedic vision is that, being the wisest and superior most species, only Human beings
can save all other beings and the world. It thus needs adopting the Sumerians techniques
in a responsible manner with out any further wastage of time.
Man is the wisest being on this earth and the virtue wisdom has been provided only to him, and
not to any other beings including the plants. The conditions as seen are however such that we are
ignorantly acting against each being and sparing not even to the self. We are destroying, rather
burning our home planet as well and very soon it shall not be left worth living. Look at the
prehistoric period of our Sumerian ancestors. Even with out any resources we were so advanced
and powerful. Our down fall has started with the loss of peace. Peace of mind is essential both,
for development of mind and for putting the whole mind at work. Our serious drawback is that
ego occupies and keeps much of our mind away from tackling problems. For some or the other
egocentric reason, we willfully become ignorant from the repercussions and close our minds
obstructing completely the inflow of much valuable information. The fact has to be appreciated
that just by thorough study with open mind only; we can take lessons from our past after finding
the explanations of even many varied deviations and vast blank periods in steady developments
on earths history. How a pigeon can escape the danger of having come in the reach of a cat by
just closing its eyes? How can we take effective steps first to save and then to flourish ourselves
with out going to the roots of various problems?
When the archaeological finds that did not suit us, were stockpiled in dark stores under the name
plate of Forbidden Archeology, was it not an act that deprived every body to proceed to work
for the good of mankind? We forgot that Truth can never be kept hidden for long. A more
serious mistake has been committed by us by considering the Mythology as stories based on
Myths. Vedas which have now been proved to contain highly rich and advanced technical
knowledge were earlier declared as garbage and thus the Vedic religion was doomed.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Now when it has been accepted in one voice that the Vedas are the oldest religious texts, it was
certainly a blunder to make them un-accessible, considering as if the entire composition was merely
a conspiracy of some perverted persons to deceive the future generations. Unfortunately a lot of
confusion has been created by such acts of suppressing the truth which has brought the human race
at the brink of a more severe disaster. Now we are to proceed very carefully. Extra to further
bickering, no purpose can be served in insisting to correct all the misgivings of the past. It will not
be correct approach if some one insists that Flood legends of Vedic text should first be accepted
by the world as true, as it comes out from the oldest text. There is no use of the weeping at the spilt
milk. More so when we know for sure that the progress on spiritual path does not depend on the
knowledge we possess but depends solely on the degree of faith we maintain on whatever we
know. Similarly the thorough study of various catastrophes can explain many blank periods and
ups & downs of the human race but no useful purpose will be served and our sole aim now should
be to concentrate as how to come out of the present morass and at least now we must take the help
of Vedic vision with an open mind. What a pity that on the one hand we realize that it is our
ignorance which is the root cause of all our miseries and sufferings, and on the other hand a vast
treasure of knowledge of Vedic text is lying untapped. Many life time devotees to the work of
tracing back of the origin of man and civilization are of profound opinion that we are a race resulted
from an experiment of genetic engineering conducted by a much superior race having come on
earth from outer space. Space base on Mars and other artifacts there; also prove such visits of extra
territorial beings and same is the indication of the archeological findings on earth. Some such
findings depict these superiors, landing like eagles, meaning thereby the landing with eagle shaped
spacecraft. They gave this world a race, called- The Sumerians who are a well accepted first
superior most race of the world, the standards of whom could not be so far touched even after the
present day technological advancements. For example: we have recently become capable in tracing
the locations and establish communication between two Mobile phones in any part of the world, but
the Sumerians already had the techniques to trace and establish Mind to Mind communication.
They were made capable to neutralize the pull of gravity and were able to move with very high
speeds. Thousands of clay tablets and other inscriptions are still available to throw light on the
inherent qualities and acts of this race in various parts of the world. We shall now proceed to trace
the origin of this Sumerian race in Vedas, which happens to be the undisputed oldest religious text
of the world. The history of respective area where ever these Sumerians have left their foot prints
shall as well help in establishing the origin of Sumerian culture. Genesis records that around 5500
BC, a Babylonian site was visited by Yahveh from outer space for inspecting a tower which was
being built by Sumerians. The tower was to be used as a launching pad to proceed to Heaven. After
inspection he remarked that hence onward the man will be able to do what ever he will be able to

Who are We and what We are meant for?

This naturally implies that the lessons and the techniques as provided by them have been clearly
understood by this race as genetically created by the superiors. All such fundamental techniques
take consideration of the intricate working of the entire Physical, Astral and Causal bodies of
human beings and implementation of what we think completely depends on the strength of Pranic
energy, we embed in our thoughts. The website and clarifies this
aspect. The Vedic text in fact is the documentation got done by superiors with mind to mind
communication covering all such techniques, by practicing which many Sumerians became much
advanced. Firstly such advanced Sumerians acted as monarch and where ever they went, because of
their advancement, the native population automatically turned as their disciples and devotees. Very
soon people started worshiping them and they became the gods having their own temples covering
the population of their city and nearby area, so called City-States. Needless to point out that in
addition to Indian Sumerian gods many Indian Rishies (The Researchers) and many ancient races
have proved themselves as real superman and to show off their explored hidden virtues, some races
e.g. Asur, Daitya and Danava dynasties were projecting it as a fashion, with the height of a
pair of horns on their head dress. It can be further observed that even in the recent times, all those
who have been able to explore their hidden virtues, knowingly or unknowingly, practice these basic
techniques and any body can still do so.
Although these techniques reached to every corner of the world with the spread of Sumerians from
India, but it so appears that after receiving this valuable knowledge and after getting some powers
looking as supernatural, the man in general developed ego-like dangerous characteristics. Vedic
texts are thus full of infighting between two different characteristics ending always with the victory
of Good over Bad or as said The truth finally prevails. In this course many times taking Hard-
decision by Superiors became inevitable to bring back the situation under control. Chapter 11 of
Genesis indicates the concern of such a Superior-being (Yahveh), after taking stock of the situation
which shall emerge after free movement of man to heavens, from Babylon launching pad. He took a
decision to confuse the man by introducing area wise languages so that they do not understand each
others speech. In Vedic literature similar efforts of man (Trishanku) trying to reach the heaven were
as well turned futile. Incidentally, with the world having entered in to the communication
revolution era, the problem of speech and language stands almost tackled and the world stands
confined to a global village and therefore we can look ahead for a faster communication and help
people to understand and practice the techniques of our Sumerian ancestors.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

It thus needs to lay hands quickly on all the techniques that made the Sumerian so powerful.
It is now clear that the Vedic culture is the oldest culture of the world. Many concepts of this
culture prevailing in other old cultures of the world also clearly show that the Sumerians spread far
and wide right in the prehistoric period. Various archeological findings and artifacts have been and
shall continue to help the human beings as per their own interpretations and beliefs e.g. a stone
carving of 6,000 BC in the ruins of an old temple discovered in Uruk (Iraq) displays a female
superior being (Innana or Ishtar) with the pair of horns on her head. This is similar to what Daitya,
Danav and Asur Dynasties used to show off their divinity. Further, this shining one is decorated by
a pair of loose woven snakes on both sides. This indicates the degree of the Serpent power of the
shining one, which covers their knowledge of genetic manipulation technology (D.N.A.). The
Vedic literature contains the complete procedure of awakening of this Serpent power called as
Kundalni Jagran. In the course of practicing for this final phase one goes on becoming brighter
and mightier, as he is able to lay hand on all the eight biggest virtues Asht-Siddhi and all the nine
biggest wealths Nav-Nidhhi. This is actually the basic intent of this entire deliberation as How to
explore these Hidden Virtues?, as with out this the purpose will not be served, for which we are
meant for. Our ancestors have done it and as such the techniques in Vedic literature are tested ones.
The eagle shaped space visitor having wings as seen in stone inscription of Cuneiform texts of
Cappadocian tablets can be related to Vedic Lord Vishnu (Anshavtar of Par-Brahm-The Almighty)
responsible for maintenance of the whole Creation. In Hindu religion, He is shown by using the
best of eagles (Garud) as a symbolic conveyance, to cover his field of activity in the entire universe.
When such inscriptions were locked in the stores of Forbidden Archeology i.e., these were made
un-accessible to the new generation, it deprived them from making progress. For the new
generation to proceed in the right direction, clearing the fundamental concepts is essential. So to
keep new Finds in Forbidden Archeology stores only proves that we have never been serious in
finding out the truth. This fact can be said in different words that we couldnt dare to bring the truth
on the surface. But the new generations shall not permit such an attitude to persist. The facts as and
when will become clear to them, they will never sit with their ears and eyes closed for any reason
what so ever.
Those who happen to believe that they are the kith and kins of the mighty Sumerians, would
definitely like to know their complete history and would like to learn the techniques, by adopting
which nothing remained impossible for Sumerians. In spite of so much of our turbulent past, we can
still certainly get to the origin of the man and also that civilizations or any thing we desire. But let
us concentrate on our immediate necessity to serve our best interests. A master Guru is essential
to clear the concepts and the rest of things depend on the practice of the disciple. Clearing the
concepts is termed as Yog and during practice sessions, Yog becomes the master of Yog.
Presently the term Yoga is being used considering it limited to only few postures and body
exercises. But that is just a tip of the iceberg Yog, finally aims to raise the self to come at par with
the Almighty that is all powerful.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

In the History, India used to be called as Golden Bird i.e. Sone-Ki-Chiriya and the world was
mesmerized of its high moral values. As said earlier, how it was looted for centuries and how
desperately some foreigners have tried to finish even its culture, is not at all a secret now but all that
is not the subject matter of this book. The colossal loss it has caused to the entire humanity had to
be certainly covered up. Unfortunately, some polluted minds still continue to make such attempts.
This can be only encountered by effective measures of awakenings the masses together with the
measures to save them from thought pollution, the level of which is continuously multiplying day
by day. Control of thought pollution, being the matter of prime importance has been discussed in a
separate chapter. For effective measures the Sumerians concepts are to be clearly understood and
their techniques are to be revitalized. Of course the Tendency to delete what does not suit has to
be curbed. Fortunately the guide lines to combat such an eventuality are already available in the
entire Vedic literature that is right from Rig-Ved up to Bhagwat Gita.
In simple words, the Vedic vision sees: the entire universe as connected with subtle to subtler
source and when disconnected from the main source, all what emerged out, merges back in the
same Primal being. The seventh shloka of RigVeda (1-24.7) is as follows:-
Abudhnee raaja varuno vaana-syordhvam stupam dadate
Nicinaa sthur upari budhna esham asme antar nihitah
ketavah syuh!!
The venerable Lord, the sovereign master of the universe, sustains erect the trees stem in the
baseless region; its branches spreading in the downward direction, whilst its root is high above.
May they become concentrated in us as the sources of existence.
This in fact is the description of the creation, maintenance and final pack-up of all that is visible.
Roots high above (in subtle form) means the energy as the root of mass and vice-versa. This is the
same thesis described by the science that Mass Energy conversion goes on.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Gita has elaborated this fact further. The first and second shloka of Gita (chapter-15), states as
1.Urdhvamoolamadhahshakhamashvatthham prahurvyayam!
Chhandansi yasya pernani yastam ved sa vedvit !!
He who knows the Peepal tree (in the shape of creation), which is said to be imperishable, with
the roots in the Primal Being, whose stem is represented by Brahma (the Creator), whose leaves are
the Veda, is a knower of (the real import of) the Vedas.
2.Adhashchordhva vishaypravalah prasrataastasya shakha
gunpravraddha vishay-pravalah!
Adhhashch mulanyanusantatani karmanubandhini
manushyaloke !!
The branches of this tree (in the shape of the different species of living beings), nourished by three
Gunas, and having sense-enjoyments for their tender leaves, extend both downwards and
upwards; and its roots (in the shape of egoism, the feeling of meum and latent desire), which bind
the soul according to his actions in this mortal world, are also spread in all regions, higher as well
as lower.
Thus to become more and more strong in either of our working fields, it needs strengthening our
roots in the astral and causal bodies. It needs exploration of the subtle worlds which are with in this
physical world. These finer worlds can however be seen, felt and perceived only after lifting up the
dependency on physical senses.
Thus unless the depth and angle of vision is changed, no program can be chalked out for the
betterment of human beings. Ignorance of this factor has brought the human race at the brink of
such a disaster. For instance, the nourishing and rectification of the physical bodies can not be done
by treating these directly as these are the flowers and fruits of a tree that has its branches, stem and
roots in the finer invisible space. We know that in His designs, even a hair has a skin and yet there
is much more wonder with-in. Therefore for effective measures, these invisible roots had to be
located and treated. So treating body and mind directly for either of the ailment, is fundamentally
wrong. Fortunately all the religions have in some or the other form, the concept of the finest
extreme The Soul.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

All of us thus very well know that we are not the physical body but we are some thing invisible and
that needs taking care, if at all we are interested in helping ourselves for prospering or flourishing.
Understanding clearly the designs of the Creator, the teachings of the Vedic culture takes care of
interruptions we have to face due to unavoidable deaths. The Techniques provide a long term
planning and elevation of souls (exploring of hidden virtues) continues in a play-way manner. It is
so because tendency to reach to the origin is a natural phenomenon. Even a seed has to vanish itself
for reforestation. A river has no option other than to merge in the Sea. In the practices of Vedic
culture one always tries to reach to his origin passing from fine to finer and then to the finest
world.. While working independently it is definitely a matter of proud that medical science laid
hands on various endocrine glands which normally work under the pressure of thoughts and could
also discover the net effect of their mysterious secretion from these ductless glands. It is however
no less a surprise that in the anatomy of astral body as illustrated in the Vedic literature, all the
major Energy chakras on which concentration is attempted, hold beneath them either of these
glands. All the more attempts so made and status so achieved never goes a waste and its fool proof
brought-forwarding in the form of accumulated deeds Sanchit-Karmas has been assured in the
Vedic literature. For this reason, not only the rebirth occurs, but it is essential to happen for
balancing the deeds and their results through interconnecting link of thoughts which originates as
per emotions maintained while performing the respective deed.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Punarjanm / Recycling
Punarjanm / Re-incarnation or Life after Death is a phenomenon accepted by all
the religions in some or the other forms. This is in fact, the practical experimentation of
vital scientific principle that energy just changes its form and it can not be destroyed.
(Nainam Chhiddanti Shastrani.)
Punarjanm or Recycling is a prerequisite of the continuous process of this creation.
Reincarnation Punarjanm or recycling is a basic requirement with out which any continuous
process, specifically the non-stop working of such a massive Creation, can not be thought of. We
can see recycling going on even in the material world every where. Technically, it is just a continuous
Mass Energy conversion, going-on all around us under the direction of Chetna. We do confuse
many times considering Punarjanm as the rebirth of the same man who died earlier. Virtually all
beings are the outcome of numerous permutations and combinations, and can not be reproduced by
any means in the same old entity in this system of Creation put on automation. But the Energy
however never vanishes and its changing to various forms is a natural phenomenon. In Vedic
conceptions, it is the energy only which remains, maintaining its constant flow, enveloping over a
fraction of Chetna (The Soul). Mass itself is the form of Energy and functioning of either of
physical body is dependent on various forms of energy. The elevation of soul just means clearing of
turbidity around it, to let its original glow fall on our subtle bodies Antah-chatusthya. The elevation
of soul decides the status of god-hood in a man. So there remains nothing, having exemption from the
continuous process of recycling, so called Reincarnation. In Vedic religion the entire creation has
been taken as exposure of two forces of Almighty, called as Apara-Shakti and Para-Shakti. What
used to create the entire Jad-Creation has been named as Pran and this along with Chetan-
Creation is named as Jeev. For the ease of invoking this Pranic energy at the time of requirement,
the name and form given to the deity is Ma-Gayatri. As said, not only all forms of energy, working
in the entire creation but even the entire mass available here, is one or the other form of this Mother-
Energy. Further, the Pranic-energy is capable to implement any desire of Chetna. The Vedic
concept of Almighty is the store house of Chetna Chetna-Punj and as per His wish Sat-sankalp, the
working of entire Creation goes on uninterruptedly. In other words, this is how the show of Pranic
energy goes on at the command of Almighty. Human beings are His best creation, who have been
equipped with a fraction of His Chetna and are thus entitled to use Pranic energy as per their own
wish. In the design of Almighty, fraction of Chetna which is called the Soul is capable to elevate
itself to any extent. Thus the soul Atma becomes Parmatma with god being an interim stage.
Based on the status of soul, the authority to command the Pranic energy goes on increasing.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Thus the concept of Vedic gods is an embodiment of various forms of energy. Any body who tunes
up himself with the frequency of a god starts getting flow of the same energy and when equalized,
the man himself becomes that god. Thus process of reincarnation remains same for a man and a
god. Vedic religion maintains well-thought and well tested concepts with a lot of understanding in
regard to the designs of Almighty. Such as, invoking a god just means invoking the source of that
form of energy, with which the said god has been symbolized with.
The soul being a fraction of Almighty, Vedic religion very rightly considers every human being
already equipped with all His virtues. All these virtues which continue to be in dormant stage, are
just required to be awakened. Knowingly or unknowingly all the religions have this one and the
same aim. Vedic religion has further devised various tested processes of elevating the soul and for
this, the design and working of human brain and its master the consciousness, along with the
Physical, Astral and Causal bodies, has been also very well considered. Extra to the knowledge of
the working of physical brain & body under the command of conscious mind Chetan-Manah,
thorough study of the Vedic researchers Rishies has revealed and explained the existence and
working of Astral and Causal bodies through corresponding faculties of subconscious mind
Avchetan-Manah. Since Manah is a constituent of Astral body, any time before the issuing of
command for action from brain, first the associated thought comes to the surface i.e. to the various
levels of the consciousness Manah (mind), according to the emotions maintained by us.
Therefore, extra to self-confidence, a grip of will power on emotions always remains far more
effective in delivering best results of any exercise so undertaken for exploring out various virtues
from hibernation stage.
All this is merely not a hypothesis. A lot many persons having souls of high status such as our
ancient Rishies and gods have explored their hidden virtues and have exhibited their
tremendous capacities so developed from birth to birth. What to talk of Rishies, in recent past even
persons like Raidas and Kabir have succeeded in making their personalities equivalent to gods.
(Hari Pache Pachhe Phiren Kahat Kabir Kabir). Upanishads and other Vedic holy books have
tried to clarify that Vedic Rishies and gods were also the historic personalities but analysts have
considered and accepted them as some or the other specific form of Pranic energy or as an bunch
of some specific forms of Pranic Energies. Any one, who succeeds in awakening those specific
forms of Pranic energy, becomes eligible to be called by the name of same Rishi or god.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Exploring The Hidden Virtues

Angels, all other elevated souls, Rishies and gods are always eager to help all
beings. Their capacity to strengthen our self-confidence which increases in
the same proportion as much as we maintain our faith and belief in them.
Taking no cognizance or ignoring this fact is to deprive us from many easy
In Vedic approach of exploring hidden virtues, help of elevated Souls must have to be taken,
which is abundantly available.
For all situations in general, Gita very rightly cautions that the doubt mars the self-confidence
resulting the negativity. Shanshyatma-Vinashyati. Therefore the clarity and complete faith in
Vedic concepts becomes the pre-requisite to make fast progress on the front of exploring the hidden
virtues by following prescribed Vedic techniques. The Creation has two distinct features. All the
beings are the part of Chetan-Creation and the rest is Jad-Creation. The soul is the fraction of
Almighty and in the operational part; a Thought is the seed of Chetan-Creation. In accordance
with His designs, like His desire, the desire of human beings too holds command on Pranic
energy, which by it self is capable of implementing our each thought as per its intent. It just needs
attracting and accumulating the required Pranic energy in the thought to make it strong enough to
materialize it self instantly, just like Curse Shap and Blessing Vardan. Our skull holds the gray
mass of 14 billion neurons out of which, due to insufficient Pranic energy only 3 to 4 percent
remain in active circuit through out our life. During studies or exercises of concentration on either
subject, done with a desire to have some extra knowledge, the extra Pranic energy gets filled up in
the respective neuron cluster. The widening of the area of activation of neurons of the respective
subject we focus-at, can factually be seen on the scanner. This is how by more and more study we
attain expertise in the connected subject. Virtually this is the same Vedic approach of inculcating
Virtues, being followed since times immemorial. Initially we have to start Learning by
Association i.e. from material to abstract or say from known to unknown. For The Pranic energy
when attracted by concentrating upon some definite image (idol), the corresponding neurons cluster
starts activating and with such repeated practices, so activated neurons give command as per their
domain, so as to bring in us the qualities as symbolized by us with the image(idol). In regard to
domain, our conscious and subconscious minds cover each and every point of our body and that of
entire creation through our finer senses, which in final stage attain a position called as divine
Divya. The virtues so called Asht-Siddhi and Nav-Nidhi are the out come of such a continued
practice only.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

There are two ways to explore hidden virtues. By practicing through both ways however, it is only
the self-effort, Purusharth which works. The target is to activate 100% neurons inside the skull.
Atheists proceed depending completely on their own might and the others take the help of elevated
souls simultaneously for strengthening their might for better induction of Pran at the place of
exact requirement. In regard to activation of certain neuron cluster an example can be cited such as,
if the cluster of god-Ganesh is activated before starting any auspicious work, Neuron cluster of
similar form (as in the back of our brain having two big ear-shape sides, with modulus-oblongata as
the trunk of an elephant) gets agitated resulting in inculcation of virtue far-sightedness, we at our
own start considering all aspects connected with the work to be under taken and take measures
accordingly. We thus ourselves prove the effectiveness of the lord of wisdom as the result of
worshiping him. It is to be carefully noted here that presently the concept of worshiping gods has
been distorted. We worship gods and request them to do our work. In the basic Vedic concept, any
time we invoke god or any source of energy, we just inculcate virtue i.e. the capability to do the
work by ourselves. In this way we become permanent beneficiary getting rid of begging same thing
at every the time of need.
It needs clearing here that the requirement of image remains only at the start of practice and
afterwards the desire and its respective cluster gets memorized by the sub-conscious mind and just
a wish only serves the purpose of activating the respective cluster. This is exactly such as after
learning the letter A we forget the Apple.
Vedic procedure of Invoking gods for exploring the virtues associated with them
As clarified earlier, in Vedic religion certain images of gods remind us about the virtues associated
with each of the image. The activation of corresponding neurons cluster results in attaining the
same virtues. The beauty of this approach is that, those who do not have any technical knowledge, a
little of which has been described as above, or the others who even do not have the capacity to
sustain the required knowledge, their utter belief and solid dedication serves the purpose. In Vedic
rituals, after doing basic six acts of purification Shut-karm, a water filled pitcher shaped vessel
Kalash is securely fixed-up to represent as a universe, Almighty and earth globe. This serves the
purpose of looking on all the forms of energy at one point. Now firstly the invoking and worshiping
of spiritual master Guru and then invoking of MotherEnergy Ma-Gayatri is done with a feeling
that they are prompting and encouraging to all those seeking divine help to strengthen their
capability to exert Purusharth.
The procedure further calls for the worshiping of all the gods Sarv-dev pujanam by sixteen
specified acts called Shodashopchar After performing the acts of the specific occasion, Swasti-
vachan is recited for sending the flow of emotions in the subtle world, and in the end Shanti-
Pathh is done praying for all round peace. Connected Vedic Mantras are written as here under and
the names of the Vedic gods are mentioned by the side of concerned Mantras of Sarvadev-

Who are We and what We are meant for?

==.| ===
+..'= n.. |-=.=, +...-+ ==.=. r'|'.
=r=.=. |=.r . =. , ==.= =. |=...
=o 18/49
==. ='+= .+.=.-, |r-|'+-'== +=.|' , - ='== ..+
'|| |.=:r =.-+.=. =|'+
=o 213

Thus the 33 koti (types or category) of Devs, sources of energy are as under-
(There should be no confusion in regard to the form or gender of any source of energy. All these
sources have subtle bodies with in their aura and are not supposed to have any specific gender.
Rebirth of a Jeev is possible with either gender and in the shape of either specie and even mixed
up of two or more species, following the pattern of its ultimate i.e. the God). While concentrating
up on the gods so invoked, one more important point needs clarity. Even in side our body all the
functions are controlled by some or the other form of Pranic energy. The forms of energy such as
light, sound, magnetism and electricity etc. are only the material visible forms of Pranic energy.
There are still many subtle forms of energies, which if made to act or exert pressure on some
specific point of the brain, from where the commands of activated neurons goes to some or the
other gland (endocrine as well), bring abrupt changes in the body and the surrounding areas due to
the spread of excretion of complicated organic compounds and hormones etc. Similarly, sudden
change in the emotions can also be felt. Solar-chakra (under the joining point of the lowest front
ribs) and the heartchakra (under the center point of nipples) are the seats of higher and lower
emotions respectively.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Vedic gods were Historic Characters as well.
(Vedic Culture was wide spread even in the Prehistoric world)

Although Archeologists and Historians have already established the world wide
spread of the Sumerians even in the prehistoric period, but the spread mentioned in
Vedic literature is much wider. This calls for change in approach and investigations
on the lines as indicated in this book
The Historical Truth of gods and Rishies and their world wide spread as described in
Vedic Literature.
(The entire deliberation hereunder, is as available in the history of Indian gods as revealed by Vedic
Purans put together as far as possible, with the findings of various historians & Archeologists
available in various books and Encyclopedias).
Six Thousand years BC
Nearly a couple of Millenniums before this era, not only the wild wandering but even the cave
dwelling of human beings was reduced very much. Wandering for food did not remain essential
with the start of rain based crops. Later round the year farming marked coming up of big colonies.
This was in fact a mile stone on road to civilized human society. Sumerians were however the first
highly advanced race as accepted by almost whole of the world. They were far ahead than the
present day advancements in many fields. It has been also widely accepted that they flourished
around 3800BC on the land which was named as Sumer (Iraq) after their name. There are varied
interpretations and theories as triggered by various archeological findings. In one such version in
regard to the origin of Sumerians, it is suggested that the seeds of this human race on this planet
were brought by extra territorial life that came from 10th planet of our solar system Nibiuru. Their
landing site is said to be in Africa. The leader of the expedition was in need of slaves, as much of
gold from earth was to be transported to save their mother planet and therefore required genetic
manipulation was done.\
We thus had the first test tube baby long back. It is observed that in tracing back our origin,
although tips were taken from Indian Vedas, where ever suited, but access to this text was
obstructed declaring them worthless. After the seditious remarks of Professor Max Muller, Indian
Vedic literatures which although accepted as the oldest but was considered just as garbage and the
Vedic religion was condemned. So much so even AryanInvasion theory was also implanted. Vedic
texts confirm India as birth place of the ancestors of Sumerians.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

It entails no problem if these ancestors are also taken as Sumerians. By their superiority they took
the whole globe as their personal property and from the very beginning they occupied it.
Availability of similar or identical archeological findings of same period can always confuse the
direction of the movement of some race. This has happened so in concluding the movement of
Aryans to Indus valley from Kur area (Asia Minor) and Turkmenistan. Although, in a paper Six
Systems of Indian Philosophy (1899) published just before his death, Max Muller the Principal
Architect of Aryan Invasion Theory stood by corrections to what he said earlier but by that time,
with a great racial bias, sufficient proofs and even the archeological findings were already linked to
what was inferred earlier but even then in spite of a sort of his dying declaration, the history books
did not change. On the contrary linking of more and more archeological finding of other parts
continued to strengthen the AryanInvasion theory only and Indians being slave could not help this

Those Sumerians, who succeeded in exploring their hidden virtues, were also expert of mind to
mind communications which the present advance science is trying to develop. By their nature, they
were merciful, kind and were all out to help masses. They wanted to bring every one up to the
standard which they aspired for themselves.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

This was the basic purpose with which they continued to compose and summarize all their
techniques in Vedas. But the composition of Ved-Richas is so sound-based that to have required
inference and effect, these need to be recited in specified tone with suggested (Udat and Anudat)
Swars. Although they were to communicate with the lesser mentally developed masses, but even
with their finest designed script and language and that too with easy interim steps, we took a long
time to follow and becoming used to with it. Starting from Pictographic, Nieroglyphic,
Cuneiform (or wedge form) to Proto Brahmi and then to Sanskrit, they succeeded in
developing such a wonderful language that came out to be the most conducive language vis-a-vis
all other languages of the world, of the present era bringing revolution in information technology.
These Sumerians and their generations definitely deserve all our regards as what ever they did in
the whole world, still continue to surprise us. It is also observed that many important events of
ancient period as mentioned in Vedic texts resemble closely with the narrations in other holy books
of different religions. A natural justice demands that the oldest literature must be taken more
authentic. Some distortions do take place over a long period but that should not become the base of
their en-masse rejection. All the more, after a clear exposure that Vedas possess highly developed
scientific contents, there remains no justification if still the masses are, deprived from getting
benefited from them. However in those early golden days a great personality of India, who attracted
wide recognition, was Swayambhuv Manu. He had two sons Priyavrat and Uttanpad. As said
earlier, after discovery in 1920, several independent studies of more than 2500 archeological sites
on the Indus-Saraswati-region fix up the period of drying up of mighty Saraswati River bed as 1900
BC. This pushes back the period of composition of Rig-Veda to around 3000BC (or even much
earlier) instead of 1200 BC taken earlier. This also matches with the Vedas own declaration. With
this and many other facts having come to light, proving that the Harappan civilization is very much
Vedic, those who still believe in Aryan invasion theory (around 1500 BC) are left with no option
other than to do away with their bias. After the start of colonization, if sufficient time for stabilizing
of the script, during which study of Vedas continued with learning by hearing method Shruti-
Parampara and this continued for many generations, is added then the Period of Swayambhuv
Manu was definitely much earlier to 7000BC. Indians are no more slaves and Vedic texts matching
so closely with archeological findings, the narrations of this texts has to be taken up seriously by all
concerned. The Purans are nothing but the written history of Vedic characters.
Accordingly, Swayambhuv Manus elder Son Priyavrat distributed the entire land between his ten
sons. The eldest of them redistributed his Jamboo Dweep (Asia) between his nine sons. His eldest
son Nabhi got the area (Ajnab khand) from Himalyas to Arabian Sea. Flourishing facilities however
continued to remain confined in the valleys on the basin of rivers. The Indus valley especially, was
superior among the rest. The Ajnab Khand fell further under the control of his son, the well known
mighty and self realized Rishabhdev and from him to his son, the famous Bharat after whom the
country was named as Bharat. In his branch there came thirty five heads (Prajapatis) and other four
Chakshuh Manus. Much prior to this era, most of the Europe lay deep under ice as far as Alps
Mountain and up till the Elburz Mountain and the inhabited area started from its southern slopes.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

In the branch of other son Uttanpad, who settled some where near Iranian plateau and around
Caspian Sea, had ten Chakshush Manus and Prajapatis, viz the famous Dhruv and others. All of
them remained well connected with their home land Indus valley and its extensions. Here Pratthu
was the first Dev-Rishi who formulated some Ved-Richas and started cultivation after levelling
the land. As such the earth was named as Pratthvi after his name. The first Vedoday-Kal ended up
with him, though the ShrutiParampara of Vedas continued for centuries as the generations
flourished by prospering the area ruled by them. Vedas too had additions from time to time. In the
generations of Uttanpad, the last Prajapati, Daksh married his 60 daughters (13 to Kashyap, 10 to
Yam, 27 to Chandra, 4 to Arishtnemi, 2 to Bhragu, 2 to Krashashva and 2 to Angira). From
Kashyap and the eldest daughters Diti and Danu, there originated Daitya and Danava dynasties
which spread in the areas covering Turky, Kurdistan Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan,
Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan etc. Hirnyakashypu and Hirnaksha were the first two versatile Daitya-
pati. Similarly Polma was the first famous Danavraj. The younger sister Aditi with Kashyap gave
birth to 12 Adityas (Devs). The eldest of them was Varun and the youngest was Surya. Elder eleven
Adityas spread in Iranian Plateau, Egypt, Palestine, Arab, Tibet and China. Having generations of
Kashyap all around, the Caspian Sea was rightly named after his name. The history of Caspian Sea
also tells that this name has come from the ancient Kaspi peoples who once lived in Transcaucasia
to the west. The Perssian Gulf is the Ksheer Sagar in Vedic literature. The old literature indicates
that six Bharats (Sumerians), conquered Elam and Mesopotamia after Iran. These were the
descendents of Sumerian Race and all those who remained out side India were headed by Varun. It
has been as well asserted by Archeologists on the basis of archeological findings that there was
affinity between this Sumerian Civilization and the prehistoric culture of Indus valley suggesting
that with the rulers of varios places eminating from here i.e. Indus Valley also flourished
simultaneously. As per History of the civilization also, several centuries later to the start of such
regular colonization in Iranian Plateau, the Ubaidian settlers also prospered. Semites from Syrian
and Arabian deserts began to infiltrate in this plateau, both as peaceful immigrants and as raiders in
quest of booty. The History of Civilizations further asserts that around 3250 BC, another people
migrated from their homeland, located probably northeast of Mesopotamia, and enveloped the
native population. These were none else but the Sumerians. Same is the history of Egypt and other
this side areas.
When checked for its links with Elam, the history indicates that although Elam was the kingdom of
ancient Asia having Susa as its capital, the civilization there though dates back to 6000 BC but was
later influenced overwhelmingly by Sumerians so much so that even their original script got
changed. Some Historians put the related facts in this way that Sumerian came from eastern part of
Iranian plateau which extends from Mesopotamia to Indus valley. They were so advanced that the
original settlers were at once reduced to slavery. The newcomers, who became known as
Sumerians, spoke an agglutinative language unrelated apparently to any other known language of
the Area. All these facts establish that much prior to coming of Aryans to India, Sumerians of
Indian origin, had established their colonies in and around Iranian Plateau. Historians and
Archeologists have same opinion that they were highly advanced.
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The archeological findings as well leave no doubt that the Sumerians were so advanced that when
they further spread; they introduced even the chariots into the history of warfare. This confirms the
Vedic Puranic-texts that chariot were used in various Dev-Asur wars of prehistoric periods.
Three Thousand Six hundred BC
Around this period there occurred the first and worst ever disastrous flooding. (Pralay), the mention
of which is available in the old books through out the world. The devastating flood, which occurred
due to melting of ice, caused by eruption of some volcano thereby flooding the Dajla (Dijlah, as
Arabs name Tigris) river, which meets with Tigris and thereafter meets Farat (Euphrate) river,
swept away the whole of Iranian plateau up to Persian gulf. The traces of extinct volcano are still
available and hot streams on the southern slopes of Elburz Mountain give evidence of occurrence of
this volcanic activity. Here also the Archeologists found eight feet thick bed of clay at a
considerable depth below the surface, which infers that there remained a break between the levels
of culture and this could only have resulted from a flood of exceptional magnitude. Armenia in the
south west from where the Euphrates river comes to Iraq along with other rivers of the area, all got
flooded. It was the end of Neolithic and the beginning of the copper age, when people known as the
Ubaidians had settled in the region (later known as Sumers).
These settlements gradually developed into the chief Ubadians cities, also termed City-States,
namely Adab, Eridu, Isin, Kish, Kullab, Lagash, Larsa, Nippur, and Ur. Susa (Sush) city was the
center of this culture in those days. The details of three brothers Ur, Pur and Taporat of Indian
Purans, who established Ur-Pradesh, Pursia (Persia-Iran) and Taporia respectively are being given
in the fore going paras. The flood water touched even Susa city. One of the Manus (Sumerians)
community was worst affected due to the flood disaster and as has been mentioned in the Vedic
literature, a few of his men could be saved with great difficulty by a fish. This could be the
Matsya (which means fish in Sanskrit), tribe involved in rescue operations. Historians as well
write that the Sumerians believed that the gods have regretted the creation of human life and sent a
flood to destroy their faulty creation, but one man survived by building a boat. While the
destruction of the earth in a great flood is nearly universal in all mythologies and religions, we can't
be sure whether the Semites had a similar story or took it over from the Sumerians. This is, of
course a question of contemporary significance: According to Genesis, the originator of the Hebrew
race, the patriarch Abraham, originally came from the city of Ur.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Up till this time however, in the generations of heroes of Indian Purans had come on the scene as
detailed earlier covering Iranian Plateau, Egypt, Palestine, Arab, Tibet and China. At that time
Susa, rehabilitated by Varun was also called as Manupuri and Indrapuri or earlier as Amravati due
to the kingdoms name as Amar Desh in those days. Their descendants remain calling themselves
for long as Amreh. Ela was the daughter of Manu (Son of Surya) in whose name the whole area
rehabilitated after the floods, was called as Ela-Vrat. Out of 12 Adityas, those who settled out side
India were called as Devs and those who came back to India were called as Aryas and the whole
area this side was named as Arya-Vrat. Factually Varun was the eldest of all the leftover
Sumerians who with further progress became Protoelamites. Being the eldest and as being the
rehabilitator after Pralay, Varun was called as Brahma (also as Ilahi). He inspected the devastation
caused by the floods and took up the rehabilitation works in big way and for this he mustered an out
right help from Varah-tribe as these along with Kolas remain established in Europe area up to
Norway from past many centuries and continued to maintain very good relations with Devs. Five
feet dust layer covered over the Susha city (presently Susa) which though did not submerged during
floods but was rendered barren as it lacked in surviving facilities, was got cleared by Varun and the
stranded water was carried over to the sea by digging up water ways and later, big colonies of
Adityas known as city states were developed. The lands on the top were named as Swarg and
those at the foot of the hills were called as Bhumi. The western Epic Genesis also states that Ilahi
pronounced, Let the water of heavens be taken to sea and let the rest of earth be left to be dried
up. It is also learnt that in old Kapadosia, some stones have been found engraved with the oath of
Varun and Indra to this effect. Then came the flood and after the flood kingship again descended
from Heavens says a clay tablet inscription. In the back ground of the great floods, many a times it
is taken as if Sumerians originated from Varun. Therefore all those who are their ancestors, hailing
from India are also rightly taken as Sumerians. The Sumerian civilization, thought to be the oldest
on the planet, has left us an enduring portrait of their society, philosophy, religion, and daily life in
the countless "records" they left behind. When the Sumerians wanted to write down something,
they used a stylus to press the wedge-shaped marks that composed their alphabet (called cuneiform)
into a slab of clay. When the clay was fired in a kiln, the result was a very durable document,
hundred of thousands of which have survived to this day. The Sumerian language is well-
understood, and for many years archaeologists have studied the "myths" told about the Sumerian
"gods" in stories such as the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Some archeologists even realized that eleven of the "gods" described in the Sumerian records were
actually the heavenly bodies of our solar system (the planets plus the sun and moon). They further
realized that the Sumerians had knowledge of the outer planets with out technology and
infrastructure. Establishing the links of the Sumerian culture with Varun Dev, the Aryans who came
back to India are taken as descendants of his younger brother Surya Dev. Due to very well
convincing reasons as detailed in Vedic Purans, and also narrated as here under. His son Manu
and his daughter Ela with son-in-law Chandra-Dev had no option other than to leave their Ela-
Vrat and thus they came to India. Sumerians are thus the rulers of old Iran.
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Again as per written history of this area as well, Sumers were the first known well civilized race in
the world. It also spread around the region where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow in relatively
parallel courses towards the Persian Gulf. The region is also a part of what is known as the Fertile
Crescent, so named because the people who lived in this crescent-shaped area, developed rich due
to irrigated farmlands. The tomb of one Sumerian queen has been traced at Ur. The jewelry and
ornaments having perfect craftsmanship, the weapons and other things viz. chariots etc. of that time
are similar to what described with gods of Indian Purans. Some artifacts are taken as suggesting
that the Sumerians also gave here the unit of time (a day of 24 Hrs and an hour of 60 minutes etc)
along with introducing cultivation, which matches with the mention of this credit to Sumerians in
Indian Purans. For maintaining records and establishing fool proof communication, Sumerians
developed script writing and also gave to the world, a matured social & economic organization. The
Sumerian civilization also influenced other civilization, notably that of Babylon to the north. Egypt
was also influenced by the Sumerians. Upper Egypt was also influenced through the sea routes
from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea. Lower Egypt had contact with the Sumerians by the same
route or by way of the overland route along the coast of the eastern Mediterranean. One prominent
scholar, Samuel Noah Kramer, believes that the term Dilmun in Sumerian literature refers not to the
Sumerian homeland but to the Indus civilization as the land of opportunity. However there is just as
much a chance that the Indus River Valley Civilization was the source of the civilization of
Dilmun. It is also said in regard to Sumerians that they were first to have justified the monarch's
authority based on some sort of divine selection, but later began to assert that the monarch himself
was divine and worthy of worship.
Second Vedodaya -Kal
From the event of said Floods / Deluge Pralay, starts the second Vedodaya-kal. It can be
summarized that the other famous happenings of this period are -Recovery and distribution of
land, Construction of Baikuntth Dham, Coming into existence of agriculture kingdoms and as
detailed earlier, Invasion of Persia by Bharats etc. Soon after this invasion Herat and Kabul also
came under Persia. The eastern part of Persia and the area on the borders of India of that time was
called Satya-lok. In front of this, near Sumer, was called as Iranian-paradise- Baikuntth-Dham.
The second brother of King Atyarati (a Sumerian), called Manu or Abhimanyu is Agamemnon of
Greek History. Famous western Puran-Kavya Odyssey details only him and he is the conqueror of
battle of Troy. King Ur was one out of his generation, who conquered Syria, Babylonia, etc. and
established his kingdom Ur-Pradesh including eastern Egypt., The famous Apsara and the dancer
of gods courts Urvashi of Vedic texts belonged to this place. Africa was also added in the kingdom
by his son King Angira. Iranian religious text of Hebrew mentions details of his victories and that
of Manu. King Pur was the other brother of King Ur having capital Pursia near Elburz. That is how
in the days afterwards, Iran was called as Persia. The third brother of King Ur and King Pur was
King Taporat who established his kingdom in Tapsi. Baikuntth existed on Damaband (Demavend)
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As per the history, Damaband mount preserved the evidence of extinct volcano in northern Iran; its
height is 5,670 m (18,602 ft) above sea level and was the loftiest peak of the Elburz Mountain. Its
summit is conical and the crater is still intact. At its base, there were many hot springs, giving
evidence of volcanic heat, having come comparatively near the surface of the earth. The nearby
town of Damaband is a popular summer resort. The Sumerians believed it to be the holy mountain
with cosmic significance as it was from there that souls ascended to the sky. In regard to
Sumerians, the Historians further write that where as we have traced Hills of Heavens or
Mountains of God (Ziggurat) every where such as in Mesopotamian cities, such staged and
stepped pyramids like structure are found among ancient civilizations all over the world, in ancient
Egypt, all over Indo-china, in the Turkistan, China (Pagodas), Oceania, Peru, and Mexico, these can
not be said to have been purely local in origin; it has been assumed, for example, that as the
Sumerians came from a mountainous country, they were accustomed to worship their gods in high
places. By now people realize that the temples have a cosmic significance, their stages correspond
to different mythic-cosmic spheres, to degrees of ascent towards the divinity, such as Dante shows
in his Mountain of Purification which was based on Eastern modules: They symbolize the
mountain of universe; in India they represent Meru, the mountain of God, and in Mesopotamia
some thing certainly very similar. This inference is self explanatory that the Sumerian race, which
was later on suffixed with Varun Dev, was of Indian origin.
Factually, six Bharats (Atyarati, Abhimanyu, Ur, Pur, Taporat and Angira) attacked so desperately
on Iran that they were called Shetans and ultimately they became the deitys there. The poets of that
era and afterwards also, sang the songs of their victories for several years. As all of Devs, Daityas
and Danvas etc, who ever settled there, the Indian Purans contain the details of their ancestors but
the detail of their descendants is available in books of their respective places only. A lot of work
has been done by many eminent persons and Sumerian king lists who ruled in various areas, are
available on net. As told earlier, in Indian Purans, Caspian Sea has been named after the name of
Kashyap Rishi. Varun Dev had two sons Angira Rishi and Bhragu Rishi. Son of Angira Rishi,
Brahaspati Dev became Guru of Devs. Daityapati Hirnyakashyapu and Danavraj Polma gave one
daughter each to Bhragu Rishi, named Divya and Polmi respectively. Shukracharya, the son of
Bhragu Rishi became the Guru of Daityas and Danavas. His son Atri Muni and his son Chandra-
Dev headed the Chandra-Vansh. Another son of Shukracharya was Tvashta and his son was a
great architect to whom Devs called Vishvakarma and Daityas call him as Maya.
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From Polmi, Bhragu Rishi got sons out of which Rishi Chavan, Rishi Richik, Rishi Jamdagni and
Parshu Ram are famous. From Shukracharyas grand daughter Renu, Surya Dev got initially one
son called Vaishvat Manu and afterwards twins called Yam and Yami. From Swarna, who was
the maid servant of Renu, Surya Dev (Visvan) also got one son called Sanishchar-Dev and two
daughters called Tapni and Vishti. Later Surya-Dev went along with Renu to Kurdistan (at that time
below Armenia) the estate of his father-in-law Vishvakarma. There he got two sons called Ashwani
kumars. Both of them were great warriors, physicians and Rishies. They were made Lokpals and
Adhipati of Pitra-lok. They established one city named Narak and lived there. Many inhabitants of
this area were killed in floods and for this reason the area was also called as Mratyu-Lok. As said,
there use to be an estate of Iran called Dozakh.
Out of the ten daughters of Dakshya married to Yam, from one named Sandhya, the son headed the
Scythians race of that time and his descendents spread in Egypt and Unan (Greece). White-Hun
and Turks are the descendents of Yam. As per history, they were called Ephthalites by the Huns,
and Hunas by the Indians. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, they had no cities or system
of writing, lived in felt tents, and practiced polyandry. In further generations there were eight
Vasus and Agni was also one of them. He headed the Agni-Vansh. The son of eldest Vasu was
Rudra who was equally regarded by Devs, Daityas and Danavas. From Sandhyas son Hans are
probably the Germans. Maruts who were the descendents of Rudra were the residents of Herat.
Yam-Thal in Iran used to be the place which revived the memory of Yam. On the name of
Yamshid, famous in the history of Iran, the name is kept as Jamshed. The other name of Shani was
Shrutikarma. He got the kingdom of Greece (Unan). Surya conquered Syria, Babylon and Mishra
(Egypt) and got the title of Tri-Vikram. Syrians and Arabs worshipped Surya from old times. The
desert habitants of Persia were earlier called Aditya. Adam is the name of Surya. Arab or Yara
also means Surya and in olden times the name of Aden was Adityapur.
Daitya, Danav, Nag, Garud and other Dynasties.
As said earlier according to Vedic literature, among other dynasties, from the elder daughter of
Daksh, Diti started Daitya dynasty. She had four sons, Hirnyakashyapu, Hiranyaksh, Bajrang and
Andhrak. Bhakt Prahlad was the famous son of Hiranyakashyapu, Virochan and others were sons of
Prahlad, Bali was the son of Virochan whose elder son was an undefeatable warrior. Danav dynasty
started from the third daughter Danu. Among her sons and from the sons of her sister, were
Hirnyakashyapu, the famous Mahabahu, Shalya and Rahu. Daitya dynasty spread from Kashyap
Sagar (Caspian Sea) to Gazni, Herat, Haram, Khurasan, Bukhara, Kash, and to other places of that
time. The Kingdoms of Daityas and Danavs were nearby each other. The whole area of Asia Minor
was under these two great forces. From other wives of Kashyap, there came out Nag, Garud and
other dynasties. The famous among Nags and Garuds were Vasuki, Takshak, Garud and Arun.
Sampati and Jatau of Ramayan period were the sons of Arun. The kingdoms of Nags were Syria,
Kocharistan, Hasan Abdal, Abisynia (Patal) and Turkistan was their biggest capital. The country of
Garurs was Garur-Dham which was later called as.
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Though there remain constant infighting between Nags and Garuds, but they were always near to
Devs. On the other side the Daityas and Danavs increased their strength jointly and they had many
other dynasties further.
As we very well know, the Geographical conditions of that time were totally different. From
Andhralya (Australia) to Lanka (Ceylon), the Plateaus of Yav (Sumatra), Bharat (India), Bali
Dweep, Kush Dweep (Africa) were nearer and there were many more Plateaus here. These were
kingdoms of Nags, Devs, Daityas, Danavs, Asurs, Manush, Aryas, Katyas, etc. Though there was
free sex all around but all of them had marriages among each other. As said earlier, with Ela-Vrat
on other side, after mountain Vindhya, in south was Arya-Vrat and Surya and Chandra
Dynasties spread over here. Further to this, on the boundaries of Bharat-varsh (India), by now there
were established kingdoms of Pishachas, Gandharvas, Kinners, and Asurs. On the shores of
Kashyap Sagar (Caspian Sea), there already existed up to far away regions, the kingdoms of Asurs,
Garuds, Danav and Daityas. Aryans used to exile the out-caste persons towards the south. And here
as well, there developed the kingdoms of exiled ones. One such exiled community of around fifty
Kaushik families settled in Australia and with the consent of native habitants they named the
plateau as Andhralya. In the times of Mahidev Tranbindu, here came a holy sage Dev-Rishi
Pulastya. He fell in love with the daughter of Mahidev and got a son Vishrava. When he happened
to visualised some available Richas of Vedas and thereby attained Rishi-pad, Mahrishi Bharadwaj
gave him his daughter. His son was made Kuber by Arya-Dikpals and was gifted with Pushpak-
Viman. With the consent of his father, Kuber shifted to Lanka which was without any king at that
time. Factually, Lanka was the property of Daityas. Daitya-Raj Mali, Sumali and Malyavan had
prospered it by various means. But they got involved in continuing Dev-Asur Sangram (War). The
Gold mines located at the shores of Caspian Sea were the bone of contention of this third Dev-Asur
Sangram. Although in a joint exploration expedition of the Caspian sea and the area around
(Samudra Mantthan) of Devs, Asurs (Daityas & Danavs) and Nags, these mines were searched out
by Daitya-Raj Hirnyakashyapu, but as there was no formal distribution of Sea-shore which
belonged to their common ancestors, Vishnu-Dev who got control over the mines, justified the
claim of Devs on this finding. Varah community was helping Devs since flooding times, and they
with the instigation of Devs, attacked and killed Hiranyaksh. Nrag-Dev, the second son of Manu
(son of Surya-Dev) captured Babylon.

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He is the same Narsingh-dev of Surya dynasty who horrified and killed Hirnyakashyapu as he had
already gone very weak due to killing of his brother Hirnyaksh. Nrageto of this dynasty lived in
Iran and called their hero as Naramsin. From the side of Devs, Vishnu-Dev was the leader in this
dual. Varun-Dev considered it better to go ahead peacefully. He arranged a Maha-Yagya to stop
this infighting and invited all Devs and Danavs. Mareech, Angira, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu and other
Yajaks, all the twelve Adityas, Indra-Dev, Ashvani-Kumars, all the eight Vasus, Marudgans, Nags
like Vasuki, Takshak, Aristthnemi, Garud and other high personalities of the time. Devs as Ami,
Chandra, Brahspati, and other Pitras also participated. Sanischar-Dev, Yam-Dharmraj, Viprachiti,
Shivi, Shak, Ketu and Rahu Danavs also participated. Here on the issue of gold mines (Lakshmi),
very hot discussion took place. Vishnu-Dev took consent from Rudra-Dev. In the end the matter
settled when Vishnu-Dev from the side of Devs promised to Bhakt Prahlad of Daityas side, not to
shed the blood of Daityas any more. But this settlement could not be adhered-to much longer and in
fifth Dev-Asur Sangram, Virochan, son of Bhakt Prahlad was killed by Devs. Daityas were
defeated badly and Daitya Raj Bali was arrested. All their men were killed along with brother Mali.
The other two brothers did not return to Lanka. Ashamed Daitya Raj Sumali in fact went in hiding
in (Patal) Abisinia near Somaliya.
After a long time, for taking back Lanka and for once again establishing the Daitya dynasti,
Daiytya-Raj Sumali instigated his daughter Keksi to become wife of Mahrishi Pulastyas son Rishi-
Vishrava. The trick worked and the connection established with Prajapaties. Keksi gave birth to
three Sons- Ravan, Vibhishan, Kumbhkaran and a daughter Shurpnakha. In Daityas, Matra-kul was
prominent traditionally and in this case the children were factually brought-up by maternal grand
parents. It was again grand father Daitya Raj Sumali who instigated Ravan (who had three bloods
viz. of Prajapatis the best of Aryas, of Displaced Kratyas, and that of Daityas), started aspiring for
his own kingdom. He along with his brothers and sisters moved out along with his maternal uncle
Prahastya, & Akampan and also with Virupakshya and Mareech (sons of Malyavan). He proceeded
towards Lanka and conquered one by one all the Plateaus on the way. When he sent Prahastya to
Lanka as his ambassador, the gentle Kuber invited his younger brother to come and live in Lanka
along with him.
By the time Prahastya returned, Ravan had conquered kingdoms of Nags and Danavas on Bali-
Dweep, Sumatra (Ang-Dweep), Java (Yav-Dweep), Malay (Malaya- Dweep), Bornio (Sunkh-
Dweep), Africa (Kush-Dweep) etc. He had even married Mandodri, daughter of Apsara Hema and
Danavendra Maya (the Gandharva-son of Daitya-Raj Virochan). When he reached Lanka, it was all
round unrest created by Rakshas, who came with Ravan. The natives did not digest the newcomers
and almost daily, there used to be the duels for some or the other reason. Father Vishrava-Rishi
then advised Kuber to leave Lanka and there fore he went to Alka puri.
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Rudra-Daksh Duel.
Alkapuri was situated at Gandhmadan mount. A beautiful Kailash Ashram was also nearby.
Though the grand father of Rudra-Dev, Yam was also an Aditya and was also a Dev-Rishi, but he
never adopted Aryan culture and never mixed up with Aryas. Yam too remained discarded by
father Surya-Dev. Like Varun-Dev, Rudra-Dev too used to give identical treatment to Devs,
Daityas and Danavas. His descendents (Eight Vasus) were considered as Ardh-Dev only. Rudra-
Dev maintained some distance from Devs. He was a good friend of Nags. He had his famous
Trishul. Nad-Vidya originates from Him only and his famous instrument was Damroo. Though he
used to get provoked easily but he was liberal by nature. All the Devs and Daityas were scared of
him but while getting the share of Yagya, Devs did not like Yam or Rudra-Dev, to sit by their side.
Though Prajapati-Daksh gave him his daughter but always maintained a distance from him. Rudra-
Dev as well did not give any cognizance to his father-in-law. In fact Rudra-Dev did not like Yagya
.karm-kand, all the eleven Rudras also propagated this freedom in their kingdoms. Yagya was a sort
of fire worship which spread in Ela-Vrat and nearby places and this fact goes with the history of
this area. Actually at a time when volcano erupted in Caspian (Kashyap) region on Damavand
mount, Iranians started worshiping Fire. Where ever Adityas have settled and moved, they took
this tradition along with them. By and by other prescribed methods were as well introduced and
Yagya became a basic function and such occasions were utilized to settle political and social issues.
For settling many such impending problems Daksh-prajapati arranged a Yagya-function but did not
invite Rudra-Dev. All of us know that how with out invitation, Sati (wife of Rudra-Dev) went to
attend the function and due to intolerable insult inflicted on her husband, she gave her life by
jumping in to the Yagya-Kund, and there after how the entire function was shattered by Rudra-Dev.
Actually Rudra-Dev was a warrior of highest order and his might was un-challengeable. Unlike
Vishnu-Dev, he was not an enemy of Daityas & Danavs either, and Devs also used to feel him
nearer to them. Marudgans and many other communities were under his influence. He could be
calmed down with great difficulty. After the death of Sati, He married with Parvati, the daughter of
Himachal. Hearing his praise-worthy acts, the request for her marriage with Him was sent from
brides side. Her devotion and dedication satisfied Rudra-Dev and he cooled down completely and
in due course was called as symbol of peace Shiva-Murti. Due to Alkapuri in the vicinity, Kuber
and yakshas came much closer to him. Here Parvati had two sons named Ganapati and Kartikeya.
Actually Rudra-Dev was a warrior of highest order and his might was un-challengeable. Unlike
Vishnu-Dev, he was not an enemy of Daityas & Danavs either, and Devs also used to feel him
nearer to them. Marudgans and many other communities were under his influence. He could be
calmed down with great difficulty. After the death of Sati, He married with Parvati, the daughter of
Himachal. Hearing his praise-worthy acts, the request for her marriage with Him was sent from
brides side. Her devotion and dedication satisfied Rudra-Dev and he cooled down completely and
in due course was called as symbol of peace Shiva-Murti. Due to Alkapuri in the vicinity, Kuber
and yakshas came much closer to him. Here Parvati had two sons named Ganapati and Kartikeya.
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Indra-Dev, Surya & ChandraVansh.
In Azerbaijan area, the families rescued from floods were rehabilitated under the guidance of
Varun-Dev. On the banks of Atrek river (called Atri in Purans) Atri Rishi son of Mahrishi-Bhragu
(Varun-Devs son) established his estate Atripatam. Baikuntth, Bahisht, and Satya-lok were also
nearby. It so happened that once a girl became pregnant by some Kaushik Gram-pati. The delivery
was got done secretly in a Cow-yard. She gave birth to a boy who was much courageous and full of
virtues. He became the leader of Devs. He influenced both Varun-Dev and Vishnu-Dev and got the
post of Indra. During this period Mahrishi-Vashishtth made some Ved-Richas but his step brother
Devrishi-Narada, also introduced Vam-Vidhi after making some Richas admiring Bhragu-Rishi.
Indras Kingdom was also by the side of Daityas and Danavas boundaries. These brothers, with
their common grand parents, had no cultural similarity yet establishing of the family relations
among them continued. Indra-Dev himself married with daughter of Daitya Puloma. This was the
time of fifth Dev-Asur war (Sangram) which was known as Tarkamaya. Chandra was the son of
Atri-Rishi who was the son of Shukracharya and grand son of Mahrishi-Bhragu. Chandra-Dev is
worshiped in Iran. Roza is probably a kind of Chandrayan fast. It so happened that Chandra-Dev
got involved in affairs with Tara, the wife of Rishi-Angiras son Brahaspati-Dev. This became the
reason of fifth Dev-Asur Sangram. Daityas and Danavas took the side of Chandra-Dev and won this
war from Devs. But at last both sides agreed that his son Budh-Dev will be given to Chandra-Dev,
and Tara shall be returned back. Surya-Devs son Vaishvat Manu gave his daughter Ela to grown-
up Budh-dev and also gave the entire land, as dowry. This included total area in the North West of
India up till Gilgit (Now in Pakistan) along with southwest Russia and eastern part of Iran. This
total area was called as Ela-Vrat.
Budh-Dev, being Asur-yajak in Rishi-kul, already mustered respect in Daityas and Danavs, now
after marrying with grand daughter of Surya-Dev, gained still more respect. Now he had equal
rights on Dev-Bhumi and Daitya-Bhumi, but due to controversy of his birth, Budh dev (Son of
Chandra dev) and his father-inlaw, Manu (Son of Surya dev) could no longer continue in Ela-vrat.
After crossing the most difficult passes of North-West, they left Ela-Vrat (Elam) and came to
Bharat (India). Manu constructed Ayodhya on the banks of Saryu and Budh-Dev chose to live at
the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna. Both of them embraced Vedas and adopted Varn-discipline
and propagated family tradition. Thus a new Aryan culture was established which was also Vedic.
Due to generations becoming Father-based, and marrying tradition having gone more rigid, Aryans
got expansion. Many branches spread with the name of Chandra-Mandal and Surya-Mandal with a
common name as Aryans. Manu had nine sons who headed nine branches of Surya-Dynasty. His
eldest son Ikshvaku was in Ayodhya and here Surya-kul got lot of prominence. In his 39th
generation, Ram was born. His ancestors Dashrath, Aj, Raghu, and Ambrish were also famous.
Metthil branch was established by brother of Ikshvaku and in third Metthil branch Raja-Janak
became father-in-law of Ram. In one of the Dev-Asur Sangram, Lord Rams Father Raja Dashrath
also participated from the side of Devs.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

It is to clarify here that the coming of Aryans back to their home land is not in support of the theory
of Aryan invasion which pushes the Aryans into IndusSaraswati region through Khyber Pass to
reach to the banks of river Saraswati, although by that time Saraswati was already dried up and did
not exist at all. Rather it was a sort of minor immigration, perhaps unrecognized by the history.
Archeologists have evidence that a great immigration of Aryans took place around 700 BC, but that
is besides our subject here. The purpose of putting the Vedic literature together with historical facts
and archeological findings, is here to have a break through in the earlier mentioned, so called,
David Frawleys paradox, as on the one hand we have rich Vedic literature with out any
archeological findings and on the other hand we have nearly 2500 archeological sites on the banks
of dried up mighty Saraswati River bed and its old confluence area with Indus river with out any
associated literature. It is for certain that Aryan invasion theory (of around 1500 BC) could not
survive as up till today, there exists no evidence of any foreign intrusion, archeological, cultural,
linguistic or genetic. It is rather otherwise that Archeological findings, cultural continuity, linguistic
analysis and genetic researches, all prove that the Vedic culture is purely Indian indigenous. But the
fact having come on surface that the Sumerians had Vedic religion which at the very start,
squarely oriented in this world and the gods of this religion did not occupy some world existentially
different from this one, may cause a serious setback to the beliefs and dedications of millions of its
followers who due to the long slavery period have missed the basic truths and are accustomed of
taking these gods as some supernatural beings.
To combat against such a situation, In the foregoing chapters we shall further evaluate the
Sumerians scientific approach which not only made them superior in all respects and let their
influence envelop the entire world, but it is also very well in position to deal with all the crisis of
the day, effectively.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Symbol Worship

The basic concept of Vedic culture is that for this whole Creation there is one source of energy (The
Almighty) expressed as Sat-Chit-Anand and the rest are the conversion of fraction of His energy
in different forms, some times also referred as His rays as seen in the form of entire mass and all
other beings of the whole Creation. His Chit or Chetna is the driving force of the mother Pranic-
Energy which materializes His thought of Creation. All beings are blessed with the fraction of his
driving force known as Soul, and in Human birth we have an opportunity to clear our souls outer
layers called Antah-Chatusthya {mind (Manah), Intellect (Buddhi), Consciousness (Chit) and Ego
(Ahankar)} to let its divine light fall finally on our thoughts of Manah. If it so happens, the Pranic
energy takes care to implement the intent of the thoughts instantly. Thus aim of all our exercises
(deeds) gets fixed and as much we practice for achieving this aim, we go on becoming brighter and
Scientific reasons that promoted Symbolism of Sumerians in the entire world.
As concluded in the last chapter, after establishing direct links of Vedas with Sumerian god fathers,
this fact becomes very clear that the Indian Vedic and Puranic gods who, as confirmed in other
chapters of this book, are invoked and worshipped in various Vedic karm-kands, are the figures of
our own ancient worlds history. Now one very pertinent question is bound to arise in the minds of
the followers of Vedic religion that how does then invoking and worshiping of gods through their
idols, can help or that how, these gods come at once to our rescue by doing so, when they are no
more supernatural as was our impression and belief? It is unfortunate that due to slavery of
millenniums, even Indians have missed the factual scientific reasons that called for promoting
Symbolism for inculcating virtues. After discussing the involved technical aspects and after the
considerations of structural details of human body, brain and that of mind (Manah) along with
anatomy of Astral and causal bodies, it is convincing to prove here that Symbol worshiping
(Symbolism) is the best way for exploring the built-in hidden virtues of human beings. This highly
potential technical point, if could well-taken, shall help us a lot and we can become mighty to any
extent. In short, whatever we have accepted or what ever we are totally convinced with, brings
better results in comparison to what ever we know. This is how if we believe so, the name of Lord
Ram becomes bigger than Lord Ram himself. Lot of research has been done on the short cut
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The best results are achieved when we proceed and take up our routine with prescribed exercises
with the help of coloured Pranic energy, as advised on the website in replies to
a generated queries. The procedure works very well after its total acceptance that is, after keeping
the mind free from all sort of doubts on the procedure. For maintaining doubtless state of mind the
process suggested is, that initially let the clear state of mind be utilized for achieving the progress
up till that time when some extra knowledge succeeds in raising serious doubts. Just after coming
across such a situation, we have to act fast to subside the erupted doubt and to quickly bring back
ourselves again to some convincing stage. Since one can never become the possessor of complete
knowledge at any stage, there is no option to this procedure. But practicing to any extent will yield
hardly any progress if at all any doubt persist in our mind. Holy Gita confirms it as Sanshyatma-
Vinashyti that while doing any job and carrying some doubt simultaneously, shall cause
irreparable damage.
This is basic reason that in Vedic procedure, need of spiritual master (Guru) is considered essential.
By having one such master we get an opportunity to quench our anxiety immediately by taking his
words as final. The Vedic knowledge further confirms that being the fractional part of Almighty, all
His virtues are already there within each individual and these just need awakening from a sort of
hibernation stage. The Vedic procedure involves invoking of the respective god with whom the
corresponding energy has been associated to usher the desired virtue. Various gods are the
imaginary carriers of various forms of energies. For instance, Lord Ganesh has been associated with
that energy which if invoked, shall equip us with the virtue of intelligence. In this approach we
put ourselves on the job of redressing ourselves in any manner as we desire. After knowing that we
are certainly the tiny fraction of Almighty, then by just considering ourselves as her own child, we
get liberty to exercise the same command on mother energy directly. Results as described by Vedic
scriptures in respect of innumerous persons which proves workability of this concept and there fore
undoubtedly this is in accordance with the designs of Almighty. Thus for all the practical purposes
it shall remain safe to take notice of this fact that all the Vedic / Puranic gods are and Historic
personalities as well. By taking the fact that those gods as historic personalities, we are rather at
more advantageous position, as simultaneous to self practice, their blessings (help) can as well be
easily mustered for enhancing our confidence further, since they have now come much closer to us.
It is now the same nearness as we consider ourselves with our ancestors (Pitars). In Vedic Tarpan
Karm-kand, done for the peace to the departed souls, all the gods are therefore also included in the
list of ancestors. Such is the research of Indian ancient Researchers Rishies which continues to
help the followers of Vedic religion against their submission merely.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

After taking into consideration the design of human brain, the idol worshiping has been introduced
by Indian ancient Rishies (Sumerians) as the simplest starting procedure to visualize the God. This
is the way to needs proceeding from known to unknown or say from material to abstract. This basic
technique stands accepted all over the world. This is how for learning the letter A, it is first
associated with an Apple. Further, this is also a proven fact that for invoking the virtue of memory,
when the exercises of recollection of multiple digit numbers, are carried out by linking the digits
individually with some pictures and incidents, we get marvelous results. Various items of
decorations of the idols are linked with his different virtues and life incidents (Lilas of the
respective god). A great emphasis is given for attending discourses (Sat-Sang) for occasional
revival of life activities various gods. By and by every thing goes in our subconscious mind and just
by seeing the idol; our subconscious mind recollects all of these aspects in regard to the deity. The
repeated association goes in a very big way to explore his very many virtues simultaneously. We
know that after learning the structure of letter A its association with the Apple renders useless, but
here the task is not that simple. Being a tougher destination, the Idol worshiping is occasionally
needed for the sake of repeated revival. But after reaching a stage, idols too become redundant and
finally, only the Almighty remains in sight even with out any idol support. However in the start to
proceed for spiritual progress, help has to be taken by symbolizing many aspects. This is the reason
that in some idols, we find a number of heads, many hands holding various items, the deity using
some or the other animal or bird as conveyance, various items are used in decoration, and further
various other items are used in the back ground. In fact this approach uses a wide network of
symbols and each symbol has its useful meaning.
How the design features of human body and mind helps in exploring hidden virtues, has been
described in other chapter of this book.
We however find that right from the time of Sumerians, Indians have been exploring their built-in
mighty virtues, as defined and tabulated in the name of various Riddhies and Siddhies. While
Sumerians explored their hidden virtues in the most technical way, their personalities possessed a
lot of charm and where ever they went they succeeded to influence the native population. They
always looked like born kings. Their dynasties recon kings both before and after the flood. When in
1927-28 a trench was dug along the hill-side of Ur, at a depth of 40 ft house-hold rubbish was
found along with royalty graves. Surely this was a big town. Shafts sank below the level of the
deepest grave, yielded clay tablets inscribed with characters dating back to 2 to 3 centuries ago.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The pottery and other objects found at the lowest level were identical with those found in the tombs
which indicate the same civilization there. Further downing of shaft discovered 8 ft clean clay bed
and that is the evidence of flood. Still lower were the remains of mixed culture (pre- Sumerians).
This established that the devastating flood could not destroy this advanced race. To look at the
degree of civilization, decorated gold vessels, model gold and silver boats (the type still in use
today), Queens richly ornament head dress having pendants to cover the forehead and attached big
ear rings, Golden Spanish comb, and a lot of more items were found indicating craftsmanship
comparable with the Imperial Age. The weapons, the chariots, Temples with attached big lands for
support, stair cases leading to raised doorway etc., all shows their standard around 4000BC. The
complete history of Sumerians is already available in the books but we can also easily imagine the
rise of such a wise race in next millenniums. The Aryans, decedents of Manu (son of Surya-dev)
and that of Budh-dev (son of Chandra-dev} who shifted to India due to family reasons, as well
adopted Vedas and progressed further on the same lines. It appears that they maintained no
connection with the leftover blood relations in Ela-vrat. Factually in Fifth Devasur- Sangram, the
case of Chandra-dev (refer the dispute of son Budh-dev from Tara, wife of BrahaspatiDev, son of
Angira Rishi) was supported by Daityas and Danvas with the sole aim of weakening the Devs and
therefore the reason of widening of the rift in the hearts of Devs on the behaviour of Chandra-dev,
is well understandable. But with the passage of time this separation has caused an irreparable loss.
Now even the facts viz: links of Aryans with Sumerians and India as origin of Sumerians,
requires evidence to establish the very truth that Indian soil is the mother of all civilizations of the
world. Fortunately, the archeological findings of the period of ancient world history and of the era
still earlier, are still intact to prove that Indias symbol worshiping or, the Symbolism as it is
named now, was prevalent in every part of the entire world. This has happened so, as either these
people of Indian origin or their influence has reached in the entire world in the prehistoric period
itself. Even after having such solid evidence, it would now be a real injustice to these Sumerians, if
we still do not restore the pride of Indian soil as the mother of all civilizations of the world. In the
history part of this text, we have so far established the evidence of history together with the
archeological findings matching with the gods as narrated in Vedic scriptures and have thus so far
covered the pre- flooding Pralay period up till the period of famous Lord-Ram (Ramayan-Kal).
Raising self confidence is another important factor for the quickest progress on the front of
exploring virtues. We have before us many historical facts to make us feel proud.
The first fact is not this much that the civilization which flourished first on Indian soil is the mother
of all other civilizations of the world but the another connected fact makes us feel proud is that all
such persons of the oldest era who left their impression on the human society, the followers of
Vedic religion still maintain direct links with them and even continue to worship them in different
ways. Not only this, the family structure and activities of such persons also continue to be with us
with their original names.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The second important proven aspect is the revelation, that these heroes of Vedic religion are the
basic persons Mool-Purush of all the present eleven big religions of the world, out of which India
is luckiest to have followers of eight religions as Indian nationals. If these two aspects are also well
taken, automatically there will remain no doubt that practicing on the methods of Vedic culture
shall definitely fetch desired results. We know for certain that The truth never dies and Lies never
survives for long. The oldest Vedic culture still survives against all odds and even against all out
efforts to wipe it out., Iit has witnessed the rise and fall of around three dozen great civilizations of
the world.


Who are We and what We are meant for?

This chart shows the number of believers of each of the world religions in thousands. Latin
America has the largest number of Christians, most of whom are Roman Catholics. Islam is
practiced by nearly one-fifth of the worlds population, most of these live in parts of Asia,
particularly the Middle East. Judaism, though a major world religion, has fewer followers than
Hinduism, Buddhism, and various other religions practiced primarily in Asia. Atheists and those
who consider themselves non-religious make up more than one-fifth of the worlds population. If
Budhs, Hindus, Sikhs and Jains are taken together, they still constitute 25% of the total worlds
population out- numbering the Christians (Roman) who are being presently taken as the largest in
number. Such results even after a slavery period of millenniums and after lot many constant efforts
to wipe out this culture, are commendable. The only one truth can be visualized behind this
scenario is that the religion of Vedic civilization has got a sound scientific base which in other
words means that it is based on fundamental truth.
A good start means half work done and therefore for better results, if practice for exploring the
hidden virtues is started with the techniques of this culture, it has to pay its dividends. The
confidence on the procedure we chose to adopt for exploring hidden virtues, shall prove to be
miraculous. The superb aspect of this procedure is that even if we are not able to understand the
technical details, it still works when full dedication and complete faith is maintained. However the
theoretical knowledge of basic concepts reinforces the confidence further. Though such a close
matching of the historical events with the narrations of Vedic Purans clearly indicates that virtually
this literature is the record of their history only but still one fact might confuse that how so many
works, viz. penance for a long periods, marrying with so many women, having so many children
and how so much of traveling can be done by any man, as mentioned in Vedic literature. The fact is
that the Sumerians were not only most advanced race equipped with so many virtues, the average
age of a normal man in that pre-historic period was itself many times more than the present average
age. Due to the living conditions having gone tougher and due to the people having forced to
become self centered for their involvement in solving the problems of livelihood, we are not in
position to visualize the situation of that era. Further to this one more factor need consideration that
the present Geographical conditions are also much tougher due to the changes in the terrain and
levels of various Seas. A rise of even 10 ft per century has been registered in some cases. The
inhabitants of various plateaus remained confined there only due to increase in the inter-plateau
distances and due to submergence of various low level plateaus. More over, before the on going
communication revolution decade, very poor communication facilities were left. Even pigeons were
used as postman. All this is also responsible for such a drift. The position after Ramayan-Kal is
slightly better understandable as we know for certain that the so termed incarnations were the
persons of higher mental status and all of them as well possessed mighty physical bodies. The
inhabitants of various plateaus remained confined there only due to increase in the inter-plateau
distances and due to submergence of various low level plateaus. More over, before the on going
communication revolution decade, very poor communication facilities were left. Even pigeons were
used as postman. All this is also responsible for such a drift.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The position after Ramayan-Kal is slightly better understandable as we know for certain that the
so termed incarnations were the persons of higher mental status and all of them as well possessed
mighty physical bodies. From these deliberations as above, of course we gathered a lot of
knowledge to connect us firmly with Vedic incarnations viz; Matsya-Avtar, Kurm-Avtar,
Varah-Avtar, Vaman-Avtar, and Narsingh-Avtar. Further to this, those who become eager,
shall now be able to easily trace out the intent- knowledge behind the symbols viz for god
Vishnu, the intent knowledge behind his four arms having Shankh, Chakra, Gada and Padm
or the meaning of goddess Lakshmi, -in His constant service, regarding god Shiva, having moon
on the face, snake around the neck, a Trishool and a Damroo, nearby an idol of Nandi, or
regarding etc. etc. All this shall definitely help the followers of this religion in creating the required
emotions while invoking these gods for worship. Whereas Symbol worship remained prevalent in
the entire word, there is evidence for worship of Vedic gods continued with the same tradition in
various parts of the world. Such as god Rudra /Shiva worshiped with the name of Vul by Assyrians
maintaining traditional method i.e with Bel-Patr and by pouring milk on His idol, wearing tiger-
skin, sitting on Nandi and having Trishul in his hand. It was so in the name of Khem and Osiris in
Egypt, Pan and Dionysirs in Greece, Horlanes in Spain etc. Much more information in respect of
Rudra worship and in respect of worship of other Hindu gods is readily available on the net, the
purpose of giving a few examples here, was to lay emphasis that philosophy of Vedic religion has
remained prevailing in the entire world since time immemorial. Say in Sumerian religion, the most
important gods were seen as human forms of natural forces such as that of sky, sun, earth, water,
and moon storm. The same type of forces appeared in name of sky called An, earth called as
Ki, sun called as Utu, moon as Nanna, Venus as Inanna and so forth. But how just changing
of names of the deities or putting these names in the language of respective area can make any
difference as the philosophy embedded in symbolism still remains the same.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

In Symbolism, the Idol-worship and Phallus-worship are a Part of Vedic culture. It would
be further seen that alike idol worship, Phallus worship as well enveloped the entire ancient
The swastika symbol is one of the oldest symbols on the Earth which is found in many religions
and traditions of all continents.

The archaeological evidence of Swastika dates back to Upper Paleolithic period (ca. 10,000 BC),
either as a motif on birds carved from mammoth tusk or as a symbol appearing as art piece on a
mammoth ivory (Ukraine).This fact unambiguously suggests its design and use by the oldest
civilization which was none else but the Sumerians only who as per Vedic Purans spread and
worked for masses in the entire world right in prehistoric period. The transfer of its knowledge and
use to Vedic culture by their Sumerian ancestors is a natural course as is also evident from the
artifacts of pottery pieces bearing Swastika from Mehrgarh (Balochistan) and Harappan (Pakistan)
sites (7500 BC). With the continued spread of this culture both in the Pre-Historic and Ancient
period, the presence of Swastika is evident in various civilizations such as the Egyptians, Mayans,
Aztec, Inca, Native Americans, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese, ancient Troy and Celts to
name a few. However in the Neolithic period (5th millennium BC), various arrangements of
fourfold rotation symmetry (besides other symmetrical orders, especially threefold), of spirals did
occur, and so in the Bronze Age notably of animal shapes, the so-called Tierwirbel, but all this
remained limited to local areas with their own interpretations. The Aryans, as natural descendents
of Sumerians, further continued to take advantage of this original sacred sign. Thus 'Swastika' in its
truest form has always been a part of the 'Hindu' consciousness and thus the historical continuity of
this symbol can be traced back to the farthest antiquity despite the Eurocentric view of history in
the / early 20th century. The seals bearing the swastika symbols from Indus valley, probably 4000
BC if not earlier have been put on show in the British museum while the civilization here was yet to
flourish. This is how, due to their association with such an antique aspect, the origin of Hindus as
well remain untraceable suggesting their modern name Sanatan Dharma (--a religion that always
existed having no known beginning), as totally befitting. Being the region of Aryans, earlier India
was known as Aryavart (the nation of Aryans).
Who are We and what We are meant for?

As said, its name changed to Bharatvarsh some 5,000 years ago, after the name of a noble king
Bharat. Even now, Indias official name is Bharat. Hindu name was given by Muslim invaders who
entered India from the northwest and first saw the civilization along Indus (Sindhu) River. They
called the locals as Hindus (they pronounce S as H), and the country became know as Hindustan.
With the passage of time the Indus Valley civilization had a spread of 15 Million sq Kms. and did
not confined to only Mohenjo-Daro and central Asia (covering southern Turkmenistan and southern
parts of Afghanistan and eastern Iran) but also covered Punjab and Gujrat (Lothal) up to Delhi. All
these were fire worshipers of Linga / Phallic cult and practiced Soma rituals.
In one of the hymns in the Rig-Veda it is said that the swastika is symbolic of Surya (Sun). It also
represents the Fire and the Creation. In the Amarkosh, it is referred to as a pure and auspicious
blessing. The Shlok of Yajur-Ved swasti na indro vruddhastravaha svastina pusha vishvavedaha!
Swasti nastakshya arishtanemihi svastino bruhaspatirdadhatu!! defines the swastika saying, May
all mighty god of infinite glory be auspicious to us, May the all knowing Lords of the universe be
of auspiciousness to us. May the powerful protection of the universe bring auspiciousness to us
May the Lord of Lords, the Supreme Being brings fortune to us. Aryans or present day Hindus used
to perform "Yagnas" or "Yagyas" built around holy fires. These holy fires were usually lit under a
square canopy of high quality cloth which looked like a small tent. The holy fire used to leave soot
marks on the underside of the canopy. These soot marks usually flow to four directions leaving a
clear impression resembling "Suhasstika" or "Swastika". The sacred symbol is still used in Hindu
temples and during special worship or pooja ceremonies. The swastika is also used injunction
with duality, for the reason that it can be flipped to mark positive universe and negative universe.
The swastika is also a mystical symbol because looking at it and focusing yourself you are able to
understand the harmony of what it conveys.
Thus swastika is considered benedictory or auspicious mark in the form of a cross, the four arms of
which are bent at right angles by most of the communities. It is therefore customary to make this
mark before any auspicious ceremony or function. In the Ganesh Puran it is said that the swastika is
a form of Lord Ganesha. It is necessary that this be made before beginning any auspicious work. It
has the power to remove all obstacles. Those who ignore it may fail. The Swastika is also known as
Satiya, which is a symbolic of the Sudarshan Chakra. People also consider it as a symbol denoting
plus (+). That makes it a symbol of prosperity. The four dots around the swastika are symbolic of
the four directions around us. Religious texts also explain that the eight arms of the swastika are
symbolic of the earth, fire, water, air, sky, mind, emotions and feelings. The four main arms point
in four directions. They represent the four eras- Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kalyug. They
also represent the four castes Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. They represents the
four ashrams of life too Brahmacharya, Grihasth, Vanprasth and Sanyas. The four arms are also
symbolic of the four basic aims of human pursuit dharm (righteousness), arth (prosperity), Kaam
(passion) and moksha (salvation). They are also symbolic of the four faces and four hands of
Brahma and of the four Vedas Rig-Veda, YajurVeda, Sam-Veda and atharva-veda. They are also
symbolic of the four constellations Pushya (8th), Chitra (14th), Shravan (22nd) and Revti (27th).
Thus swastika is considered benedictory or auspicious mark in the form of a cross, the four arms of
which are bent at right angles by most of the communities. It is therefore customary to make this
mark before any auspicious ceremony or function. In the Ganesh Puran it is said that the swastika is
a form of Lord Ganesha. It is necessary that this be made before beginning any auspicious work. It
has the power to remove all obstacles. Those who ignore it may fail. The Swastika is also known as
Satiya, which is a symbolic of the Sudarshan Chakra. People also consider it as a symbol denoting
plus (+). That makes it a symbol of prosperity.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The four dots around the swastika are symbolic of the four directions around us. Religious texts
also explain that the eight arms of the swastika are symbolic of the earth, fire, water, air, sky, mind,
emotions and feelings. The four main arms point in four directions. They represent the four eras-
Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kalyug. They also represent the four castes Brahmins,
Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. They represents the four ashrams of life too Brahmacharya,
Grihasth, Vanprasth and Sanyas. The four arms are also symbolic of the four basic aims of human
pursuit dharm (righteousness), arth (prosperity), Kaam (passion) and moksha (salvation). They
are also symbolic of the four faces and four hands of Brahma and of the four Vedas Rig-Veda,
YajurVeda, Sam-Veda and atharva-veda. They are also symbolic of the four constellations
Pushya (8th), Chitra (14th), Shravan (22nd) and Revti (27th).
Though the origin of all the cultures has already been traced back in Chapter-10.Vedic gods were
Historic Characters as well of this book, but world history-as is being taught all over- is yet to
establish links with the truth as to how the use of Swastika symbol became prominent in many
countries. With the concepts prevailing today, Hitler considered Germans as true Aryans and he
understood the nature and the origins of the swastika. In fact he was enamored with the German
link to Ancient Aryans or present day Hindus Some occult groups, most notably the German Thule
Gesellschaft (ca. 1920) knew that it was the original source of the secret wisdom. Nazi mysticism
sometimes called Esoteric Hitlerism by practitioners is a philosophical undercurrent of Fascism and
National Socialism. High ranking Nazi officials such as Heinrich Himmler are widely known to
have been interested in Mysticism and the Para of the Aryan race. In their present concepts though
Romans feel very much familiar with the symbol of swastika but for them it is was an Etruscan
symbol from which the Roman culture derived. They consider it as the emblem of their Supreme
God Jupiter. Romans freely used the both handed Swastikas in decorating the mosaic floors and
walls of Pompeii. They widely used the pattern of Swastika on the temples, altars, household
potteries & goods, brooches in their conquered territories in Europe and British isle and North
Africa. Roman Altar found near the Great Roman Wall in Northumberland, England, has two
Swastikas carved on either side of a crescent moon. Similarly as per their concepts Greeks believe
Swastika as sacred symbol and associated it with the Apollo, their Sun God. The statue of Apollo in
his chariot at historical museum in Vienna has a large Swastika depicted on his chest. They called
Swastika a Gammadion and used it very extensively on terracotta figures, tiles, shields, coins. As
they had their origin in Sumerians, Aztec, Mayan and Inca civilization in central and South
America also used Swastika freely along with whirly form of Swastika in their art work and in their
temples. The fact remains that all the World cultures are the off-shoots out of Sumerians and that is
why Swastika migrated across many cultures, races and religions and become the universal symbol.
If early association of Three Millenniums of India and Iran is ignored It will amaze as to how this
non-violent and kind symbol found its way even into Islamic Mosques.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

For instance the Friday Mosque in Isfahan (Iran), has lots of beautiful mosaic symbols in various
places and many of them have beautiful and colourful images of Swastika designed.

Looking closely at such galaxies, we can see why the ancients thought the swastika is the befitting
representation of the cosmos.
If we keep on searching and tracing the origin and spread of Swastika, we shall find that the symbol
has surviving legends even more than that of the Great floods. This is how it became so popular in
the entire world.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

The swastika symbol is the oldest symbols on the Earth which is found in all religions and
traditions of all continents. But the basic fact is that its presence every where is not because of the
reason that observing its mystical affects it was adopted by other cultures. The fact is that it proves
the basic link among all the cultures of the world as these originated out of one mighty culture that
is the Sumerian culture and the transfer of traditions is a natural one. These Sumerian masters of
social architecture did construct a plan and have employed it for thousands of years. The swastika
dates to those times, when peace and harmony with all man once existed, a time before we
domesticated the dinosaurs, when we lived on Pangea / Atlantis.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Ling-Worship originated from Vedic culture, too was prevalent in the entire
As said earlier, the worship of the Shiva Linga is still being ardently practiced today. The Linga
(Phallus) motifs in the Indus civilization have a clear parallel not only with the present Linga but
also with Pashupati legend that originates in the Rig Ved and that has been elaborated in Aitareya
Brahman and Maha Narayana Upanishad of the Yajur Ved
The versatility of Vedic culture can be further proved by taking notice of the spread of its Ling-
worship. In India the deity Shiva was often represented and worshipped as a phallic symbol called
the lingam. As per history of Tantric Shaivism a symbolic marker, the Ligam was first used for
phallic worship of the Hindu god Shiva. In related art the linga or lingam is the depiction of Shiva
as a phallus (for example Mukhalinga) or cosmic pillar. This pillar is the worship focus of the
Hindu Temple, and is often situated within a Yoni, indicating a balance between male and female
creative energies (virility and fertility). Fertility is not the limit of reference derived from these
sculptures, more generally they may refer to abstract principles of creation. Tantricism should not
be generalized to all forms of Hindu worship. The intricate ancient Symbol Worship of India also
gave the origin of phallic worship throughout the ancient world. This Indian tradition as well
prevailed almost in all parts of the world in some or the other way. This was widely accepted that
the worship of the reproductive powers of nature has been symbolized by the male generative
organ. Phallic symbols have been found by archaeological expeditions all over the world, and this
is usually interpreted as an expression of the human desire for regeneration.
When the history of various countries which carried major civilizations was checked, it was found
that in ancient Greece, Phallic worship centered on Priapus and he was a Greek god of fertility
whose symbol was an exaggerated phallus. In Rome, phallic worship remained a wide spreads
feature. The most important form of this was that of the cult of Cybele and Attis. This cult was
notorious for its festive excesses and its yearly "Day of Blood," during which the frenzied
participants wounded themselves with knives; self-inflicted castration, a prerequisite for admittance
into the priest caste of this phallic cult, took place during the festival. Ancient Romans even wore
phallic jewelry as talismans against the evil eye. The Greek and Roman religions had orgiastic rites,
especially in the worship of Dionysus; Julius Caesar once rode home to Rome in a chariot with a
front carved into the shape of a huge phallus to represent his, and the Empire's virility. In the pagan
religions of the north, the maypole dance was once a direct phallic icon to represent spring fertility.
Phallic worship has also been practiced among the Egyptians in the worship of Osiris. Worshipping
Osiris and his wife Isis was the main part of Religion of old Egypt. There is mention of Ling-
worship in the literature of Japan and China.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Among the Japanese, they incorporated it into Shinto. We find many similar traits practiced by the
Incas, and in Japan they even have Shinto children decorating home made penis statuettes. The
Mara Kannon shrine or in Nagato city, Yamaguchi prefecture, one of many fertility shrines in Japan
that still exist today and also present in festivals such as the Danjiri Matsuri in Kishiwada city
(Osaka prefecture), historically phallus adoration was more widespread. Among the Native
Americans, such as the Mandan, had a phallic buffalo dance. The ancient civilization of America
was Ling worshipper. Figures of Kokopelli in pre-columbian America often include phallic
content. In Syria, God Ball Peor of Jews(Yahudies) was a Ling idol, and along with him, there
used to be kept an idol of calf. The phallus was the object of religious worship among the Assyrians
and also among the Persians. Ling was worshipped in Arab. The religion of the nomads of Syria
and Arabia was summarized by Clement of Alexandria in the single statement, "The Arabs
worshiped the stone", and all the data afforded by Arabian authors regarding the pre-Islamitic faith
confirm his words. Among the Teutons and candinavians, the god Fricco, corresponding to the
Priapus of the Romans, was adored under the form of a phallus; a similar god under a similar
symbol was adored in Spain, whose name was Hortanes.
This worship has been found in different parts of America, in Mexico, in Peru, at Hayti. Vedic
Bhavishya- Puran writes the original name of Stone of (Kaba) Mecca as Makkeshwar-
Mahadev, It was Sangeh Ashweta, (Ashweta in Sanskrit means-not white i.e. Black), to which
the Muslim brothers name as Sang-e-Aswad. It is also asserted that earlier Yahudis and people of
Israel used to worship it. Earlier when Ling-worship prevailed in France, there used to be a
community called Lingchi. Biggest ever Shiv-Linga (102 ft.) was there in Babylon There are
many old Shiv-Lingas in Brazil. Many Christians used to worship Linga in Italy. There are
many Shiv-Lingas in Afridistan, Kabul and Bukhara called as Panchsher and Panchkir. There
are many Shivalayas of Anam in Indo-china. Many Shiv-lingas have been found in Java and
Sumatra. The conclusion is that the plenty of evidence is available that this worship of Indian origin
as well extensively prevailed in many countries, both in ancient and modern times. Thus, be it the
Symbol-worship or specifically the Ling-worship, the influence of philosophy Darshan of
Vedic religion has been wide spread. Incidentally after understanding technical potential, with
which its technique works, one finds this as the only religion which is able to prove that all
prevailing religions are true and can deliver the promised fruits, if taken seriously by the followers.
This is because of the unique design of human minds and bodies. It is really unfortunate that during
the slavery of thousands of years, followers of this religion as well have missed the correct
interpretations of its various philosophical angles. One can feel the inner strength of Vedic religion
that even criticisms do not work at it. Those who came to root out this mother of all cultures, the
Vedic philosophy compelled their mentality to change, or they got absorbed in it. Dr. Sir Allamah
Mohd.Iqbal said Kuchh bat hai jo hasti mit tee nahi Hamari, sadiyon raha hai dushman daure-
jahan hamara.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Many other cultures / religions have originated from Vedic culture and an insight of each
shall prove this fact on the lines as Islam is being discussed here.
Islam believes that every thing belongs to the Almighty and also that the Almighty is present every
where. His all-around-presence can also be easily perceived with the help of present day
technological advancements. The atomic structure of all the elements consists of the so called sub
atomic particles viz. electrons, Protons, Neutrons etc. Electrons are moving around the nucleus in
their set orbits with the velocity that can go up to the velocity of light. The distances of the
electrons from the nucleolus are so large as compared to their own sizes that it makes 98% of the
space inside the atom completely hollow. The feeble driving force needed to make the electrons
movement possible, is some or the other form of Pranic-energy. To under stand Pranic energy
the Vedic explanation is that in bringing the Creation in to existence, the Almighty has first
manifested himself in to the Pranic energy and at His command, conversion of the same energy, in
to mass and other forms of energies, are running the entire show of the Creation. From the
technological details given as above, not only the atomic structure of different elements but the
activity going on there, amazingly baffles us. It is surprising to think as to what motivates the
Pranic energy to go on moving electrons in their orbits right since coming of the Creation in to
existence and to remain doing so till the time the Creation meets its end? All such facts and
happenings appear nothing but miracles and create anxiety to know still more of His working. As
such perceptions compel us to think of His prominence in all respects, in Vedic terminology this
enjoining, is termed as Yoga. More knowledge of either field brings more surprise and causes
more enjoining Yoga. Staying on Him with His thoughts becomes Dharna which leads to
concentration Dhyan and further to Meditation Samadhi. Because every thing belongs to Him
only, we can easily conclude that all that looks us a miracle in His Creation, is happening at the
command of His resolution. Vedas perceive His divinity in three forms Sat-Chitt-Anand.
Basically He is blissful Anand felt by us as eternal pleasure, all-pervading conscious Chitta and
the only Truth Sat. The Almighty is form-less Abstract and presence of His Divinity only
specify His presence. Such as, Anand is not in Him but factually He Himself is Anand.
Therefore, the presence of His Divinity even in the Atom, and also every where, means nothing else
but only that Every thing is God. The other way of looking at this point can be that by visualizing
this feature of His presence all around us, we tend to salute His divinity and every thing becomes
mystically an inspiration for us to elevate our vision, from Mayic towards Divine. This is in fact
due to a built-in desire of every soul to move continuously towards its source, as a river continues
to move towards its origin, the ocean. In this attempt to elevate the souls, on-the-way, we
automatically inculcate our various hidden virtues. For instance we start seeing all that which was
not visible earlier, to hear all that that was not audible earlier, and so forth. Finding ourselves more
and more, mightier & brighter we tend to surrender to Him completely and our desire to come
totally under His Cover/Shelter goes on multiplying. Saluting His divinity in every thing becomes
just a natural phenomenon. This explains as to why the Vedic word Brahm means the One who is
the biggest and makes all others bigger alike Him. Here, as only He can know Himself, knowing
more of Him tends us to make us at par with Him.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

Actually looking any thing closely or minutely is nothing but learning Him or His Divinity only.
The Almighty is our biggest lover which is clear from the fact that the Creation holds more
whatever we need more. We observe that when our dedication,expressed in routine, compels even
our school master to extend his all out help, slight sincere tilt to wards the Almighty is bound to
change our entire destiny.
This reservation is very well understandable, that If we start taking Every thing as God, we are
likely to drift away from the path that leads to Him. Such as when Idols are considered as gods, we
mostly get stuck up here only, forgetting the God Par-Brahm all together. In Vedic Bhakti marg
which ultimately remains the only one option, what we believe supersedes What we know. But
instead of going in the intricacies of this aspect, if analysed on scientific lines, we observe that
since our thoughts can carry any amount of Pranic energy, the idol worship is just a procedure of
creating a store house of Pranic energy. Factually irrespective of the religion, any place, any object
or rather any thing when gets connected with the faith of masses, the Pranic energy carried there
by the massive submissive thoughts, overlaps it. Such big store houses of Pranic energy so
created, invariably extend us the feeling of their presence in many ways, and their intensities can
also be felt/tested with sensitized hands from miles away (Pl. refer Pranic healing- Chapter
9/Part2). This vast store starts benefiting us, as drawl of this energy from this bigger source,
becomes easily possible. For its drawl, any needy, just needs to establish a link of his thoughts with
the store. Not only that this makes our thoughts stronger, the process of thinking sets in and better
ideas provide easy solution of our problems (Pl. refer How do we think?- Chapter 7/Part2). Our
stronger thoughts are a boon as our will power goes on strengthening. The immediate effect of our
surrender to the mark of our belief however relieves from tension and fills us with self confidence.
Stronger will power and boosted self confidence reflects in a good start of the job that we take up in
hand. This reminds the sayings that for any work A good start always means the half work, as
done. All this can be certainly taken as the help of Almighty, coming to our rescue, right at our
door step at the hour of our need. Thus the mere imagining the presence of God everywhere,
practically proves to be a boon all the time.
We always find that the learning of the unknown becomes easier if started from the known. That
is why an Apple becomes the first step for us to conceptualize the letter A. Similarly it is
impossible to conceptualize the form less Almighty with out any symbol. That is why we are
advised to worship Him, facing towards some specific direction. Even to get rid of all unwanted
(Satanic) emotions, we take help of some symbol. Our intelligent ancients have devised these
procedures after a long study and experience to make even unknowingly, our efforts more effective.
In creating temporary store house of energy, for instance in Ganesh-Puja, there are specific
Mantras for Ahvahan with which we pray the Almighty to come with his Divinity, from our
hearts in to the idol as we want to share our feelings collectively. Mantras are such configuration
of letters and words which when sang in specified tones, produce such waves that strike directly on
our subconscious and deep conscious minds. Or in other words we can simply say that the Mantra
makes Manah, a device Tantra, to behave in the desired fashion.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

By doing so, we take advantage of the store house of energy so created by us, in many ways viz.,
for strengthening our will power, for making our thoughts stronger, to boost up our self-confidence
etc. But we know that idol is not the Almighty, so after the set period, we again pray with another
set of Mantras of Visarjan for the Almighty to come back to our hearts with all His glory. The idol
is then immersed in water as it is no more the Almighty after all.
In case of Islam, a few more points can as well be further appreciated.
Root-men: A deeper study reveals that Brahma of Vedas is named as Abraham with the
displacement of end letter A to make it as initial letter. The analysis is accurate if one writes two
words in Arabic script, the language close to Prophet Abraham. Vedic Manu is also Prophet Nuh
(Noah of the same Floods). Atharva and Angira of Vedas are none else but Prophet Ismail (Ismael)
and Ishaq (Isaac) respectively.
Soul-elevation: Both the religions call for elevating the soul by reviving and making indelible
impressions of His great qualities in us.
Heaven-Hell: Islam retains the concept of Heaven and hell almost in the same form as in Vedic
text with the same rivers and ponds of milk and honey, etc. Well, in this text on scientific lines, we
get only what we believe.
Elevated souls: Existence of a number of good and bad souls, interacting with us or influencing
us is the belief of both the religions.
Advaita: The rainbow has seven colours but it comes from one light. Similarly all the devi-
devtas originate from one God who is known by 108 or 1008 names. The entire energy has many
forms performing various functions. Gita says "Eko devah sarva Bhutantaratma. One God is
dwelling in everybody. Similarly Islam believes in One God, who is vast and formless and he is
addressed in 99 other names.
Duality: Gita says those who worship other Gods are of inert intellect "Dviityadvai bhavam
bhavati" which means Fear is the result of duality. Islam also prohibits worshipping of other Gods.
Ramzan: It comes from the Sanskrit word Ramadhyan, which means meditation for God, i.e. one
that shines in the heart. Moon and stars are revered and in Arab area these give comfort. Therefore
the moon and stars were chosen as symbols of serenity and divinity in Islam. Hindus also pray for
Moon and Stars along with Sun which gives comfort in Himalyas. Ramzan fasting is considered a
sort of Chandrayan-Vrat (observed by Hindus).

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Mode of worship: Hindus believe that God is formless but he is adored in many ways. Love
and life manifest in nature, but they manifest through the physical form. The un-manifested
divinity is what is worshipped through the five elements. In Hindus there is a system of Ahwahan,
a request for Him to come from the heart in the idol so that feelings may be expressed. Then there
is a system of Visarjan a request for Him to go back to the lotus of heart with all His glory. As a
short cut to this every time exercise there is a system of Pran-Pratisttha. Islam adheres to the
FORM LESS; it has nevertheless recognized the importance of the form and symbol, the Kaaba.
Though God is all pervading, facing the Kaaba and honouring it is worshipping the formless
through the form.
Reaction against sound: The Gita says "Shabdadeen vishayan anyan sarvan tyaktya
asheshataha" meaning to renounce all the non-congenial sounds in order to become a yogi. It meant
ignoring all the sounds from out side while in meditation. Such a virtue to ignore the undesired
sound is to be explored and human mind has built-in capability to develop this quality. "Jigyasurapi
yogasya shabda brahmati vartate" means one who is inquisitive of union with God goes beyond the
sound. Islam has preferred to ban the non congenial music in spiritual places.
Burial, Cremation: Hindu Rishies found cremation to be ecologically best. As Islam was
originated in Arab, where there is no option other than to burry as Cremation is not possible due to
the lack of wood. The hot sand bed of the desert would do the similar job of cremation.
Brahma - Ibraham, Saraswati Sara: In Hinduism, the 1st preceptor is Brahma and his
wife Saraswati. The founder of the Kaaba in Islam is known as Prophet Abraham and his wife
Path of spiritual Progress: The Sufi process of spiritual development is broken into stages,
asceticism and detachment, and attaining enlightenment studying with a bona fide teacher. This is
very similar to the element of Bhakti found in Vaishnavism, the Vedic worship of Lord Vishnu.
Rosary - Tasbeeh & Japmala: Both Hinduism and Islam advocate repeating various names
of the Almighty on the mala of 108 beads 99 beads respectively.
Mecca: Mecca was also a holy place for Hindus. Ancient Vedic scripture Harihareshwar
Mahatmya mentions that Lord Vishnus footprints are consecrated at Mecca. The allusion is to the
Vamana incarnation of Vishnu, where his lotus feet were conscecrated at 3 holy spots, Gaya, Mecca
and Shukla Teertha. The names of Mecca and Medina comes from the Sanskrit word Makha-
Medini, meaning "The land of fire worship". The most ancient names of these 2 places were
Mahcorava- came from Mahadeva (Shiva) and Yathrabn-place of pilgrimage.
Shivalinga and Kaaba: Though Islam prohibits idol worship, Muslims revered the black stone
in the Kaaba, and it is considered Holy. The black stone in the Kaaba is called the Hajre Aswad
from the Sanskrit word "Sanghey Ashweta (non white stone). The shiva linga is also called
Sanghey Ashweta.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Aum & Ameen: The sounds of the both are similar. If the Sanskrit symbol for Aum is read
backwards, the magical numbers 786 will appear. The number 786 is a divine and lucky number for
Muslims, the numeric equivalent of the first word of the Koran"- In the name of God, the most
compassionate and mercifull".
Pedestal and Name of Kaaba: The pedestal Maqam - E Abraham Ibrahim in the centre of
the Kaaba is octagonal shape, the Hindus pedestal of Brahma is also octagonal. The name Kaaba
comes from the Sanskrit word, Garbha - Graha shortened to Gahba, which refers to the sanctum
Sanctorum. Kaaba is also known as Haram which comes from the Sanskrit word Hariyam, means
the shrine of Hari.
Murti Pooja: Vedic school of thought condemns idol worship. It is only for the beginner. Just as
we proceed to educate our children in leaning by association i.e from known to unknown. The
Muslim tradition says that in 600 AD, people worshipped anything and had lost the true concept of
religion. When Mohammed saheb conquered Mecca, he ordered the removal of all images, leaving
a few.This was to promote awareness of un-manifest divinity.
Allah: In Sanskrit, Allah refers to the Mother Goddess, as in Amba, Amma, Akka etc. There
exists a minor Upanishad called the Allopanishad, proving the Vedic link with the name Allah.
Koran comes from the Arabic word Kara, to read. Kara in Sanskrit means hand or helping hand that
takes you to God.
The Prophet: The Vedic text "Bhavishya Purana (Parva 3, Khand 3, Adya 3, texts 5-6) predicts
the appearance of Mohammed. It states "An illeterate teacher will appear, Mohammed as his name,
and he will give religion to the people of the desert". Mohammeds family name was Kureshi,
which is Sanskrit signifying; they were from a branch of the Indian Kuru dynasty that once ruled
India. It is also known that Mohammeds uncle, Umar bin-e Hassham and family were engaged in
making temple deity. The Encyclopedia Islamia explains that Mohammeds grandfather and uncles
were hereditary priests of the Kaaba, which housed 360 deities. Mohammed destroyed most of
them except the central worship figure of the Black Stone. Shiva worship was once prevalent
amongst Arabs. And Mohammeds uncle was also a Shiva devotee and has written many poems in
praise of Shiva. Sri Sri says "It is unfortunate that the Hindus have forgotten that all Muslims are
their brothers and sisters, only their way of worship is different. The Muslims in turn have
completely forgotten that their forefathers were Hindus once upon a time, so they have every right
to the Vedic culture. Even Afghanistan and Arabia were Hindu once. The Muslims in India,
Pakistan, and Afghanistan should not disown Hindu traditions. Their forefathers have had Hindu
names, so the Hindus and the Muslims are from the same family and must respect each other.
Muslims in India will have to take pride in Hindu philosophy and culture."

Who are We and what We are meant for?

Symbolism, the best mode to start with the worship.
In either respect A little knowledge is always dangerous. After the historic identity of Vedic gods
having come to light, our confidence as well as dependency on them might loose grounds, as they
might be considered possessing no godly virtues to help us in emergency. Apprehending such an
eventuality, Vedic scholars wisely introduced worshiping through symbols - Symbolism.
Factually our ancestors attained their own status as that of gods by practicing with the same
Symbolism and we too can elevate our souls by toeing the same line. It is interesting to
understand the science involved in this process to attain a faster speed towards the set target.
Symbolism is very effective to get rid of any distraction due to persisting
confusions while fixing the self in emotions during concentration-practice
Lord Krishna clears in Bhagwat Gita that Sanshayatma-Vinashyati which means that confusion
is detrimental to the soul-elevation. Where as how this happens, is the matter clarified on scientific
lines else where in this book, but against these holy words coming directly from Lords mouth, it
must be taken for granted that it is absolutely necessary for those who wish to elevate their souls,
must not allow any confusion to persist in their minds. The Vedic literature clarifies that though it is
true that demand of proof Praman is the one (out of five specified vratties) important natural
tendency Vratti of mind Manah, but even if we fail to get the factual proof Pratyaksha-Praman
and also fail to imagine the truth Anuman, then in such a case the words of holy literature or that
of the revered teacher Guru must be taken as a proof, which is called Agam-Praman in Vedic
literature, but in no case the mind should be allowed to remain associated with any confusion even
for a moment otherwise it may erase out all our self confidence, built up earlier with a hard
practice. In the instant case we in general, have an idea in regard to our gods that they are some
super natural beings coming to earth in different incarnations or at the hour of our need, from their
abode, some where deep in the space, given names such as Satya-lok, Gou-lok, Baikuntth
dham, Swarg etc. While we now discover that instead of some supernatural beings, they were
our own ancestors and the characters of our own historic past, it might cause a severe shock raising
confusion in our mind for our dependence on them. We might think now, that they can not come to
our rescue at a time when we are badly in need of their help. It might also happen that all our
presumption go wrong and the location of various places, mounts, rivers or the ponds Sarover
etc. may prove to be totally false, which we worship through out our life taking these to be closely
associated with our favourite god Ishta-Dev. This may give rise to many other questions.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

We may conclude that with such an eventuality there is no sense in invoking Ahvahan and
bidding good-by Visarjan of such gods, as done in Vedic procedure and there is no sense in giving
any religious sanctity to the places connected with them. We might disassociate ourselves from the
history of these gods as given in Purans. Now Lord Vishnu in Yog-Nidra, lying on Sheshnag-
Shayiya the body-bed of thousand faced mighty snake, Ma-Laxmi in His service, Lord Brahma
sitting on his Navel lotus, Lord Shiva in meditation Samadhi on Kailash mount along with his
other family members, various other gods with different type of faces and postures, ambiguously
decorated with many mysterious objects, different types of weapons and various creatures used as
their conveyance etc., - all these might become meaningless for us. We might now face a question
mark on all our attempts to please these gods, such as by keeping various types of fasts, by taking
bath in sacred rivers or by celebrating festivals on auspicious days connected with these gods. We
may now also become eager to know that how the presumption of punarjanm, associated with
various incarnations can be true. We would now like to know as to what is the sense in forecasting
the future for which so many astrological and astronomical calculations are done and why we take
precautions and make specific arrangements of worshipping to tackle the evil effects of Saturn etc.?
While under such a severe pressure of confusing thoughts, some wise persons may suggest that
religion must be always kept away from such non-answerable turbulences. Others who wish to
some how save our religious beliefs and dedication might suggest that in this field ignorance is far
better than to have any such knowledge which simply confuses. But how one can feel safe inside
such a delicate glass house? We have seen that while we refused to take cognizance of the truths,
we lost the track and failed badly to trace our origin on this earth. Now again how deceiving the self
can help elevation of our souls? We know that elevation of soul is directly proportional to the
exploration of our hidden virtues and as such the firmness of our base is essential. Some historical
facts however match so closely with the facts of Vedic gods that there historical identity can not be
denied. It can be clearly seen that the Vedic-Purans describe similar works, similar achievements,
similar dynastic trees, and similar descendents expansion of their heros as is recorded in the
history of our ancestors as is suggested by various artifacts. In some cases their mode of fighting,
their personal decoration Saj-Shrangar, their ornaments and the musical instruments which they
used to play, matches exactly with each other. We have already learned enough that those who so
ever tried to suppress the truth ultimately ruined themselves extra to creation of a lot many
complications. All the more the days when it was easy to suppress the truth are also now over.
With the communication revolution, the shrunken world has become merely a global village. The
archaeological departments are now also equipped with many more new modernized techniques.
With any attempt to suppress, the truth shall continue to hit hard on our glass houses. Now the
parameters of patience and tolerance have also changed to a great extent. The new generation can
not tolerate and can only be satisfied with complete transparency. Faith and Reliability in
general has already gone very low and their further downing may diminish the moral values
Who are We and what We are meant for?

It appears that scholars Mahrishies and Manishies of Vedic cultures, already anticipated that such
a horrible situation might crop up and perhaps this is the reason that they always chose to put the
humanity on the path of progress by adopting a course of symbolism instead of worshipping
historical heroes with their specific faces considered as god or goddess, which otherwise would
have been a natural choice. Complete works and the memory of each god are safe in religious
books in the form of symbols. All these masterminds were definitely aware of the whole design and
automation scheme of the whole creation which provided us such a brain and mind (Manah) that in
spite of our complete ignorance; it remained easy for us to get any thing from even an idol against
our complete dedication and firm belief. They kept a provision that if any time in future with the
development of mind or due to additional flow of knowledge, we happen to fall in any confusion,
we still remain at liberty to satisfy our mind after obtaining the knowledge hitherto hidden in
various symbols which they made us available all around our favourite deity. But for the mysteries
which we fail to unfold, there is nothing different in historic facts. It must have also happened so,
that while the followers of some god had to leave the original site, they must have preferred to
adopt symbolically some similar forests, similar ponds, similar rivers or other sites in their new
vicinity, linking these with their deity. Such an act is definitely helpful to keep the memory of their
god still alive and that too all the time around them. No doubt the possibility also exists that either
under duress or due to their own fear, the followers of either god must have exaggerated the works
and achievements of their deity. They might have also linked some such achievements which did
not at all belong to their deity. While we shall discuss in ensuing chapters of this book, the technical
points still favouring us to proceed towards our target and how Vedic religion is capable to save
its followers from so many serious confusions, but we can easily observe here itself that none of the
fears as cited above, stands as obstacle. So much so these fears hardly matter in enjoying all on-
the-way gains for which we worship our deities as a routine. The basic point always to be kept in
mind is, truth of either of the fact goes secondary and our dedication and belief are the prime
factors to proceed on spiritual path. It is so because this is a subject of subconscious mind where
what happens in mind only matters with no bearing on what happens physically. This is how the
name of Ram proves out to be bigger than Ram himself.
So after the knowledge of precautionary measures needed on the path of soul-elevation, let us
decide wisely as to what we finally wish to achieve? Here comes the still crucial role of either
religion. All the religions must have to tell their followers, as to what should be their top most
aspiration of their followers and how it can be fulfilled? No conflicting views are expected if the
answers of these fundamental questions are attempted with the same angle of vision, keeping in
mind only benefit of the masses.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

The title of this book has two interlinked questions. The disclosure of the answers of these
questions, Who are we and what we are meant for? covers every thing from our Origin (Source)
to reach The-end (Moksh). Unless we know who we are? we can not decide our top most
aspiration. Once the top most aspiration is decided, the answer of the second question becomes
automatically clear that we are meant for, to some how pool-up all our resources to meet our this
top most aspiration. It is needless to point out that enhancement of our wisdom is the basic
necessity both - for knowledge of origin and strengthening of our might to enable us to pool all our
available resources with in each individual, for action to achieve the target. We also have to become
clear of this fundamental truth that though always, one has to pull his own cart, but we are in fact
much resourceful to do so. In His intricate-most design, Almighty has unambiguously authorized us
to become His successor by making us wiser than all other species and make use of all resources
with in each individual human being, in the form of various virtues with wisdom on the top. If we
look back at the history of Sumerian gods Devs, all of them explored these virtues and this is the
reason that advancement they attained is still a dream for the present human civilization, although
we consider ourselves as to be highly advanced. In the Vedic history the advancement was there in
other contemporary dynasties as well viz. Daitya, Danvas, etc., but they lacked wisdom in
applications of explored virtues. From the deeds of Vedic Devs as described in Purans, one can
easily visualize that, with out exploring the virtues, we stand no where in their comparison. The
word wise-being does not suit us if even after having treasures of all the wealth at our disposal,
we go on leading such a miserable life. For example we have a built-in virtue of thinking at any
length. But this virtue has become a curse for us as we generally maintain negative thinking
Chinta. The other creatures are better than us, most of whom do not have power of thinking at all.
We thus lead a life much below the status of such worth less creatures. So it can be concluded that
the answer of both questions of this Books Title lies concealed in exploring the hidden virtues.
Wisdom is certainly the top most virtue with out which neither origin nor the ultimate target can be
thought of, as with out wisdom even the process of thinking does not start. Thus for its requirement
at every step, the Matured Wisdom or say the Enlightenment (Moksh) has to be our top most
Slight wisdom shall further reveal that in this universe, right from an aunt to the Creator Brahma
is constantly attempting to attain eternal pleasure Anand. How beautifully this point has been
described in Vedic literature. Inside a human being, the soul, a passenger with intelligence as
driver, is using a chariot of human body, having five horses of senses controlled by ropes of mind
Manah is attempting constantly to attain eternal pleasure Anand . If we need some thing else,
slight thinking shall evolve that the need when fulfilled shall provide us Anand only. In
comparison to this, worldly-pleasure is just a meager sample or say, it is a fractional exposure of
that eternal pleasure Anand.
Who are We and what We are meant for?

But worldly pleasure being unstable all the time can never provide us our self satisfaction.
Definitely, we attempt constantly for real pleasure Anand. It is so as Sat-Chit-Anand are our
three natural habits. In Vedic religion the Almighty from where we have originated along with
these natural habits, has been named as Satchidanand. Since He is the Store-house of the eternal
pleasure Anand-Punj, we have no option other than to proceed towards Him, as all the rivers have
no option but to flow to wards the ocean. One more notable point here is that we do not get Anand
only at the end of our journey i.e. only after reaching on the top. Factually this is such a wonderful
journey that we continue to have very many gains and pleasures on the way, given different names
by Vedic scholars. These achievements go on multiplying our self-confidence and will-power.
While our Atma starts becoming Parmatma we too start emitting pleasure. Some of us must
have seen that inside the periphery of influence of elevated souls even wild animals forget their
natural enmity. We too can keep our area of influence under constant surveillance and go on testing
it intermittently while we attempt for our soul elevation.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

(In other parts of this book, we shall find that how referring to website shall serve
the purpose of clearing the Vedic concepts and thereby making easy to appreciate the technical
aspects of Vedic approaches, including the necessity of various Sanskars, Karm-kands
Anushtthans for various occasions and purposes. It shall be then easy to take the help of elevated
souls for exploring the hidden virtues. For further easy understanding of the subject, it shall be tried
to make the other parts of this book self sufficient wherein, it shall be interesting to look at the
intricacies with which the Symbolism and specifically the Idol worship works. We shall also be
able to find out as to where the Scientists have stuck-up in materializing the dreams for
Harvesting the Wisdom. The up- keep of astral body shall be dealt suggesting routine exercises,
such as daily cleansing of Energy-Chakras with the help of coloured Pranic energy, which is the
latest and very effective technique. This shall keep our all the three bodies (Physical, Astral and
Causal) fit and fine till our death. Disease free life and fear free death are virtually the fringe
benefits of the mental exercises for shaping the next births, proposed to be discussed in next part of
this book. Even for physical health, present procedure of treating the body directly is fundamentally
incorrect. The body is merely flower or fruit only. The suggested exercises however nourish our
own roots directly. These shall as well help in KundalniJagran in which our Sumerian ancestors
were the masters. Technically this requires putting 100% neurons at work. This is termed as
Enlightenment which covers the sharpening of the most important virtue Wisdom. If we happen
to enjoy this aspect even tangentially, the importance of becoming religious shall become
absolutely clear. The fact is that the concentration and meditation exercises work well only when
we become faithful to our religion. Precautions to be taken for saving our mind from worst ever
thought pollution shall also be discussed. On this front the situation is gradually declining from
bad to worse and effects of this are presently clearly visible in the spread of all round terrorism
which has hypnotized the youth to such an extent that now a days even Human-bombs are
available in the open market. After seeing thousands of persons meeting awful ends for none of
their fault, how we fail not to see it as a threat to entire human race? Tackling this danger needs
concerted effortslet as suggested, and let us hope that we shall not permit the situation to go out of
our control.

Who are We and what We are meant for?

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Who are We and what We are meant for?

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