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A Thing Venues

The Tin Angel is your base for the weekend. If you

A Thing A three-day
audio/visual arts
festival in Coventry

About About
make your way there you can buy tickets, pick up
a programme and get a map of all the venues. dedicated to
The Tin Angel, Medieval Spon Street, electronica pioneer
Coventry, CV1 3AX
Delia Derbyshire.

Machines Machines
The Crypt, Bayley Lane, Coventry, CV1 5RR
See art and music where
The Herbert, Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QP you've never seen it before!
Inspire Bar, Christchurch Spire, New Union
Street, Coventry, CV1 2PS
Presented by Ghosttown Promotions and Sonic Graffiti Presented by Ghosttown Promotions and Sonic Graffiti
Taylor John’s House, The Canal Basin,
Coventry, CV1 4LY

Bablake Old Boys Club, Spon Street, Coventry,

CV1 3AY (beside St. Johns Church)
PROBLEM IS NOT Glassbox Gallery, Earl Street, Coventry

(opposite Browns)
MACHINES THINK Lanchester Gallery, Coventry School of Art &

Design, Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5FB


Design and illustration by Leigh Crook -

Thank you to our funders Arts Council West Midlands
and Coventry City Council and all the venue owners.

A special thanks to Rich Guy, Sarah Morgan, Kerrie

Suteu, Rosie Addenbrooke, Laura Elliott, Nadia Wazera,

Leigh Cunningham, Annette Kinsella, Dominic Bubb,
Rich Elms, Darryl Georgiou, without whose help the
festival never would have happened.

For more information visit

About timetable

A Thing About Machines is an other Art festival
focusing on musicians and artists using Venues Friday 19th September all weekend
technology and electronic media (but not
necessarily digital or “new” media). The theme The Tin Angel is your base for the weekend. If you Festival Launch Party 6 - 11pm, The Crypt at The Herbert 10am - 5pm (open later on 19th).
for 2008 is ‘Brand New Retro’ and Coventry make your way there you can buy tickets, pick up St. Mary’s Guildhall. FREE entry. FREE entry.
legend Delia Derbyshire is our figurehead. a programme and get a map of all the venues. Purpose Built by Bobby Bird
After Party 10pm til late, Inspire. FREE entry. Kinopixel video exhibition
We feel the innovation in technology in the past The Tin Angel, Medieval Spon Street,
Single channel video works by Alyce Santoro
100 years is mirrored in the history of the City of Coventry, CV1 3AX
and Sally Hesselworth
Coventry. The festival will take place in a number The Crypt, Bayley Lane, Coventry, CV1 5RR Re:Construction by Cormac Faulkner
of historical and modern venues in Coventry, some
The Herbert, Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QP
Saturday 20th September BOP by Ian Upton
of which have never been used for art exhibition
before: a medieval crypt, a canal basin, a Inspire Bar, Christchurch Spire, New Union Ghosttown present Sonic Boom! The Lanchester Gallery (Coventry University)
converted coal vault, a converted cathedral spire Street, Coventry, CV1 2PS (£7 on the door) 10am - 5pm. FREE entry.
and a Tudor school building. Moment Exhibition
Taylor John’s House, The Canal Basin, 3pm til late at Taylor John’s House.
The Tin Angel 12 - 11pm. FREE entry.
Bablake Old Boys Club, Spon Street, Coventry, Fragments by Rachel Graves
7inch Cinema present Towards Tomorrow
Contents CV1 3AY (beside St. Johns Church)
(£4 on the door)
The Glassbox (opposite Browns) 12 - 6pm.
Glassbox Gallery, Earl Street, Coventry 2 - 10pm at Bablake Old Boys Club
Venues 2 FREE entry.
(opposite Browns) (beside St. John’s Church). Blood Landscapes by Richard O’Sullivan
Events timetable 3 Lanchester Gallery, Coventry School of Art & £9 COMBINED TICKET AVAILABLE. Shooting the Light Fantastic by Isabella Streffen.
Design, Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5FB Also Talking Birds present: The Telephone
FREE exhibitions 4
Special events 8
See Exhibitions and Events sections for full details.
Artists and curators 11 See the page opposite for venue addresses.

Your feedback 12 For regular updates please email with ‘mailing list’
in the subject area.

2 3
Moment. The Lanchester giving back the memory that has This layer of identity presents
Gallery. 10am - 5pm. 19th - been lost in the constant cycles itself in a form resembling a bar
21st September of change. code, to create an image that is
so present, and so completely

A joint exhibition from four The spiritual cleansing will be
‘of the instant’, but it becomes
media artists/designers expressed through the language
an ephemerality as it fades
exploring the notion of time: of the body endurance to the
away. This fleeting impression of
extreme of withdrawal from the
Steadily, Constantly, Always - a personal identity, unique to
outside world, as a condition for
Inari Porkka you in that space at that time
Re:Construction - Cormac self-knowledge. By being in the
will not stay; once it has gone, it
Faulkner. The Herbert. 10am - The three-screen video space, the viewer will be aware
has gone, just as each second
5pm. 19th - 21st September installation 'Steadily, Constantly, of the projection’s presence that
that we have in time is unique.
Always' is an exploration in the captured images as a memory
“TECHNOLOGICAL Cormac Faulkner is an artist
murky grey area between the from the past.
No two images will be the same
whose work explores our twice, as identities can be
PROGRESS HAS MERELY reactions to different spaces
moving image and the still
Transience - Reza Mosavian shared and fused, dependent
PROVIDED US WITH MORE depending on what information
image. The event depicted in the
upon space, distance and light.
work is of enormous scale and Transience is about the
EFFICIENT MEANS FOR we are given about them and the
importance: as grand as the war experience of here and now, and
Transience invites you to reflect
GOING BACKWARDS.” tools we have for exploring
of the ants, as epic as the chariot an interaction with a surface that
upon your own identity, your
them. He works with sound, own presence in the space,
ALDOUS HUXLEY race of the Sun across the sky; would normally be ignored.
video and photography. before it disappears reminding
and, at the same time, as trivial, Movement and projection art
us that everything in life is finite.
Re:Construction is a large-scale miniscule and common. The role combine to invite you to become
work which transforms the of this piece is to act as a pointer a transitory part of the space by
staircase into a place for for us: firstly it brings to our leaving a temporary stamp of
exploration, meditation and attention the event, and secondly your presence, captured for a
Purpose Built - Bobby Bird.
performance. The staircase acts it is pointing out our need to few brief seconds, onto an
The Herbert. 10am - 5pm.
as an instrument that can be have things pointed out for us. unused surface.
19th - 21st September Exploding The Image -
played by anyone using it and And what could be more
Kinopixel. The Herbert. 10am -
Purpose Built is a multiple encourages interaction with the appropriate for the task than an
5pm. 19th - 21st September
speaker sound installation, using architecture and with other artwork created with a camera, a
as source material location Kinopixel is a screen-based visitors. There are three tool for seeing?
recordings made at LTI, one of the installation curated by Darryl commissioned works for this
last outposts of manufacturing in Georgiou. It makes links staircase each based on an Ascension -
Coventry, where black cabs are between experimental film avant- aspect of Coventry’s history. Maiada Aboud Salfiti
still being hand-built. The piece gardes and new media art. Ascension is about pausing,
Since the Blitz in 1940 Coventry
will be both a sonic reflecting time, and becoming
Kinopixel marks the 30th has sustained numerous
reinterpretation of the process of part of the environment and part
anniversary of the pioneering construction and reconstruction
manufacturing, and an exploration of the dark space, rising beyond
‘Video Art 78’ exhibition at The works. The city has always
of sound as a by-product of the personal memories, helping the
Herbert, which showcased early hummed, whirred and buzzed
manufacturing process. viewer to experience the
work by artists central to the with the sound of industry.
Bobby Bird is a musician and video art movement in the late Re:Construction draws on the duration of the work by forcing
sound artist. In the 90s he 1970s. Kinopixel provides a sounds of Coventry’s past and stillness, trying to link the past
released experimental electronic timely review of experimental present using the sounds of with the present in order to
music albums as the Higher moving image as it migrates tools, machines and engines. The explore what one can hear,
Intelligence Agency. Recently he from film and video to digital. recordings were created using a while taking in these extremely
has designed site-specific Kinopixel is an artist-led led mixture of electronic and slow images. Images that
sound and light installations, project with an ongoing research acoustic sounds including drum isolate the moment bringing
and is a member of audio visual and production programme. machines, bowed cymbals, the spiritual significance to life,
collective Modulate. bicycles, spanners and oil drums.

4 5
Memeplicity - Shooting the Light Fantastic - Fragments - Rachel Graves. Red Paint and Me - Sally Blood Landscapes - Richard Sonic Fabric - Alyce Santoro.
Eivind Arnstein Johansen Isabella Streffen. Glassbox The Tin Angel. Hesselworth. The Herbert. O’Sullivan. Glassbox Gallery. The Herbert. 10am - 5pm.
Gallery. 11am - 5pm. 12 - 11pm. 10am - 5pm. 11am - 5pm. 19th - 21st September
Memeplicity is about the
19th - 21st September 19th - 21st September 19th - 21st September 19th - 21st September
evolution of culture in a limited This video features the elegantly
artificial environment. Memes If you were to enter into a Fragments is a meditation on the An interest in the healing A three-screen video work, beautiful massive antique loom
encoded into shadow entities garden shed- a random garden peculiar relationship between properties of art has inspired me Blood Landscapes travels from at the small New England textile
brings on fragments of intra shed - you might find all sorts of family photographs and to try to mend myself through the shattered urban landscape mill where sonic fabric (50%
cultural evolution. The visitor will once-useful detritus. Old paint, memory; the role we expect my work and so I have sought to of downtown Los Angeles out recorded audiocassette tape,
encounter shadow beings on a bits of stuff that has fallen apart, these photographs to fulfill and explore and express myself into the wilderness of the 50% polyester thread) is woven.
two-dimensional plane. Their plant-pots, tools of all kinds, the trust we place in them to through different media. I have American West.
reaction to the shadow's action boxes of nails and washers, this preserve the intimate moments used natural materials in my
The three screens compare
is the vessel, which lets the is a scenario with which most of of our lives for future reference. work, such as clay, wood and
human and natural destruction.
developing memes travel us are culturally familiar, BOP - Ian Upton. The Herbert. seeds. More recently, I have
The devastated urban
through time. The visitor something which harks back to 10am - 5pm. 19th - 21st used my own body as my
architecture and the pummelled
becomes a part of this a mythologised suburban past. September BOP is a sound medium, the most simple and
trees of the central screen are
evolutionary process and is reactive installation that creates effective way of expressing my
If you were to enter into my paralleled with the dead forest
essential to its progress. As long generative visuals. external self. In this film, I have
garden shed- not such a random and the lifelessness of the desert.
as there is an observer, or used red paint to expose my
shed- you might have a bit of a The Telephone Exchange - Blood Landscapes powerfully
someone being subject to the internal struggles, and shapes
surprise. My garden shed is a Talking Birds suggests how our own patterns
meme, it will continue its such as circles and spirals,
small portable broadcast centre of devastation and dissolution
indefinite evolution. A meme is a Why bother going to any of the which are universal symbols of
for both mini-FM radio and might mirror those of nature.
piece of information, which actual events when you can life. Some Native American
guerrilla television. In the work
strives to replicate itself and enjoy blow by blow commentary tribes placed great importance
Shooting The Light Fantastic,
evolve. Memes drive human on the festival from the comfort on the circle seeing it as sacred
the path of a homemade ballistic
evolution and makes us adapt to of your own living and a representation of the cycle
is captured, using a transmitter
them. Memeplicity strives to room/bedroom/toilet. of birth and death. These
that exists as both a device
contain memes forming through shapes have appeared in
for viewing and a device made Call the Telephone Exchange on
an action-reaction chain with ancient cave paintings and rock
for warfare. 0845 2255 918 (24 hours, local
replicated shadow generations. carvings all over the world. The
rate) for daily updates from
Richard Dawkins first perceived Aboriginal people of Australia
Festival reporter Bruce Uplink.
the idea of the Meme in The used them for their maps,
Selfish Gene. Part 1 - Fri 19th September concentric circles often
Part 2 - Sat 20th September represented sacred sites, which
Part 3 - Sun 21st September could be trees, clearings or water holes, a place where the
ancestral spirits left their energy
in the form of plants or animals.
The meanings seem to vary so I
am able to create my own
personal meanings, but through
“THE DANGER OF THE PAST WAS THAT MEN using these shapes can attempt
BECAME SLAVES. THE DANGER OF THE to connect with the universal
FUTURE IS THAT MEN MAY BECOME ROBOTS.” level of human consciousness.


6 7
Special events

Festival Launch Party. The Crypt prompting viewers to engage over photography. Within each of the After Party featuring a live A/V Towards Tomorrow features a Ghosttown Presents: Sonic
at St. Mary’s Guildhall. 6 - 11pm. time. Imagery is loosely based 35mm slides presented a range show by Modulate + DJ Akeel host of screenings, including 1969 Boom! Taylor John’s House.
19th September around clothing, to make closer of opposing conditions and Habib. Inspire. 7pm - 2am. 19th radiophonic documentary The 3pm - 2am. 20th September
reference to Coventry’s textile contradictory situations September Same Trade As Mozart, a classic
Human Separation - Stephen Price: £7 on the door, or £9 for a
heritage while the process are established. Doctor Who episode featuring
Cornford and Matthew Appleby 7 Inch Cinema present: Towards combined ticket with Towards
acknowledges a shift to modern Derbyshire's 'Blue Veils and
Alexander Thomas Tomorrow. Bablake Old Boys Tomorrow
Human Separation is a industry. Phylogenesis - Luke Golden Sands', short films scored
Woodbury. Club, 2 - 10pm. 20th September by fellow Workshop composer
mechanical band performance “Alexander Thomas coaxes Live performances and screenings
incorporating a wide variety of delicious ripples from his Price: £4 on the door, or £9 Daphne Oram, and a climactic including:
This reactive sonic sculpture
mundane motorised theremin. This serious man and for a combined ticket with showing of clammy 1973 B-movie
reflects upon themes including Andy Votel is known worldwide
objects/machines adapted to play the first electronic instrument are Sonic Boom! The Legend of Hell House, with
Artificial Life and the combined as an electronic musician,
the stock instruments of live rock a luscious spectacle together. His soundtrack by Derbyshire and
emergent behaviour of An afternoon and evening of producer and co-founder of
music. This ongoing venture eerie soundscapes are full of regular collaborator Brian
autonomous organisms. These screenings and performances Twisted Nerve Records and 'B
investigates the possibilities and pathos and seem to call up Hodgson. Plus archive radio
egg-shaped forms are devoted to the work and legacy of Music'. Residing in Manchester,
problems of inserting primitive ghosts of our electronic past, from broadcasts, random noise-bursts
representative of the potential of Delia Derbyshire. Born in Coventry this extraordinary musically
technologies between the Edison to Aphex.” - QuJunktions and some special guests. Brian
the developing field of Artificial in 1937, Derbyshire studied at the minded man has been at the
musician’s hands and the Duffy and Darren Joyce (Modified
Intelligence and the implications Bela Emerson local grammar school and went forefront of the DJ remix scene
instrument. Toy Orchestra) will be playing
therein. What happens when on to a degree in maths and with releases since 1996.
Bela's performances are the stuff some of their own radiophonic
The Godiva Chronicles - intelligent, autonomous machines music at Girton College,
of legend: spontaneous, intense, compositions and modelling a Votel will perform a DJ set
Sarah Casey interact? Will they mimic organic Cambridge. By 1963 she had
and exhilarating. Her command of 60s-era metal lampshade, while dedicated to our own electronic
life and what will be the become one of the most
A series of paper-based works, her instrument and ability to members of Pram (Domino legend Delia Derbyshire,
consequences? What can this extraordinary composer-
which reinterpret the sewing attune to the uniqueness of the records) will present a one-off composed especially for A Thing
teach us when reflecting on our producers at that bunker of
machine as a tool akin to a drill or moment combine to produce performance employing three About Machines.
own humanity? strange sounds known as the
laser cutter, undermining music that is different and generations of reel-to-reel
Something, Someplace - BBC Radiophonic Workshop, tape recorders. “Buys old records - makes new
domestic associations of this frequently spellbinding. Using an
where experiments with tape- records.
technology. Forms evoke a sense Charlie Hurcombe array of electronics, pedals and
splicing and oscillators warped All film material is certificated U
of slow contemplation, in contrast effects that take the cello beyond Teacher - triple label boss -
‘Something, Someplace #1 to the minds of a generation of or PG, except for the screening
to the maceration of the machine, its usual sphere, Bela builds layers graphic designer - acid-volk
#81’ is a suitably vague and young viewers and listeners. of Hell House at 8pm, which will
lending a human element to ideas of rhythm and sound. Sounds are collector - microphone tormenter -
reticent title for an artwork which not be open to under-18s.
of technology. Layers of paper looped, take on lives of their own, bad-ass foreign psych DJ -
consists of images brought about Check for
peel away from the surface bounce off each other, drop in snappy dresser.”
through the combination of two the full schedule.
creating a tension between and out. (Fat City Records).
different forms of visual language;
revelation and concealment,
generic linear drawing and

8 9
Artists and your

Curators feedback

“Everyone's favourite crown music that resonates the Neville’s First Nintendo make Modulate Ghosttown Promotions The main thing is to create a Tell us what you think 4. Did you enjoy the event? ....................................................
prince of psychedelic excess” ‘Constellation’ sound. Chiptune music. The Coventry sense of occasion, and to show (please rate it on the
Modulate are a UK collective Ghosttown Promotions was A Thing About Machines was ....................................................
(Boomkat) duo take their Gameboys apart to people something they wouldn’t scale below)
Futurehand is a new musical exploring experimental sound and formed in May 2006 and since brought to you by Sonic Graffiti
reprogram and recreate an have seen otherwise. Very good ....................................................
“A confidence and an organic project from Emmanuel of 91db. audio visual. They make music then, gaining a reputation as a and Ghosttown Productions.
extreme style of music that is
willfulness which is strides ahead This duo was born out of a and visuals, create events, and reliable provider of interesting Please complete and return this Good ....................................................
heavily influenced by the world of
of those still smoking too much fascination of recent dub create multi-speaker installations - nights, enjoyable for artists and form into feedback boxes at
computer games combined with a Satisfactory ....................................................
draw and sellotaping beats electronic fusions currently in the a speciality of modulate member audiences alike. May 2007 saw us Sonic Graffiti the venues or post to ATAM,
flare for the rave scene. Neville's Bad
together in front of computer UK. Having performed across the Bobby Bird. Modulate have a staging the Ghosttown action to 9 Centaur Road, Coventry, 8. If you were a machine
First Nintendo use two dot matrix Sonic Graffiti create and install
screens” (John McCready, twisted circuit and known for his finely honed collection of their unsuspecting Coventrians in the CV5 6LG. Very bad what would you be?
Gameboys and LSDj programs. interactive art works in private and
nerve) contribution to the live drum and own abstract sonic visual form of a new music festival Sonic
The set promises to be fun and public spaces. They work with Alternatively please log onto 5. Are you attending more We are keen to ensure that all
bass act expect sonic collaborations released on dvd as Boom, at the local and growing
Frog Pocket is Planet Mu artist not for the faint-hearted. curators, councils and commercial www.athingaboutmachines residents of Coventry enjoy the
explorations of ambient ‘Modulate 5.1. (Headphone legendary venue that is the Taylor events as part of the
John Charles Wilson from Ayr in managers to create art that festival and would be grateful
electronica with a soft integration Matt Hadlum Matt Hadlum has Records) - available from John's House. ATAM Festival? (please
Scotland. Armed with his fiddle engages the public using sound for the following information,
of dub. The perfect way to start an incredible ear for those warm, where you 1. Which event did you indicate the number of
and a box of electronics his and music primarily, but also which will not be shared on an
the day. scratchy lo-fi beats, textures and can also view excerpts. attend? events you are attending)
compositions are a heavy dose of lighting and imagery. individual basis.
live samples that bring to mind This is the only event
folktronica. His album that 'draws Vinyl Is... is a club night based in 7inch Cinema
people as diverse as Animal Talking Birds Sonic Graffiti are particularly ....................................................
on both rough, folksy templates Coventry that has taken the party Gender:
2 to 5 events
Collective and Boards of Canada. Two things helped give birth to 7 interested in creating an
and the electronic arsenal you'd across the country from London Talking Birds is a Coventry-based .................................................... Male
This promises to be a crazy and Inch Cinema: masses of good experience that links the present 6 or more
expect from Frog Pockets, John to Leeds, the night has just company of artists that .................................................... Female
special occasion. Having written films that never get near our and the past of a particular place
Charles Wilson. After the jagged completed its first year as an specialises in acts of 6. Would you come to the
electronic music from an early age cinemas or TV screens and more and makes it a more pleasant and 2. Did you know this event
electroacoustics of ‘Mull Fhuar’ independent club night and transformation. These can be Age range:
this guy has been heavily enlightening place to be. festival again?
people choosing to watch film was part of the ATAM
the eight-minute break edits on promise us much more to come. . theatre works and structures Up to 25
influenced by Aphex Twin, online or on beefy home
‘Rig Of Jarkness’ sets the album Recently featured in fashion which transform the experience of Festival?
Kraftwerk and Squarepusher. entertainment systems. We are 26-54
into more comfortable Planet Mu magazines in Stockholm and New buildings or sites or smaller, Yes
firm believers in the old-fashioned 55 and over
territory. ( York they are seriously making big intimate artworks which transform Possibly
communal film experience. Our No
moves. What makes the night so a computer screen or a phone Are you disabled?
Windscale is a prog rock duo job is to sift through festivals,
special is its forward-thinking call. Our projects allow residents 3. How did you hear about 7. Any other comments
from Birmingham, armed with an archives, DVD submissions and Yes
music genres... these guys of a town or a city to explore a this event? ....................................................
array of colourful circuit bent the web for interesting work and No
definitely aren't afraid to particular place of interest in a Through a friend
modified toy instruments made by then to screen it in a relaxed
experiment with the sounds. mediated way, making accessible ....................................................
Ian Sherwen AKA Happy Robot setting for people to enjoy. The Festival brochure How would you describe

a neglected or forgotten space
Music. Their set up also includes setting could be a pub, a gallery, a .................................................... your ethnicity?
and allowing people to examine it Event
synthesizers, bass, and guitar. church, a warehouse, a military
in a new light. Leaflet .................................................... ....................................................
Their space-synth compositions decontamination tent. It could
are ambient, creating atmospheric even be a cinema. K Other (please specify) .................................................... ....................................................

10 11 12