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YoL 6, No,


Mqrch 25.




Mqrch 25, l9{9


High Among AM Here
Airmen stationed here are making numerous inquiries Lo the Base Airmen Information and Education section concr'ninE information recently released by Air Force Headquarters on Air Reserve Officers Trainins Center assiqnmenls in

various colleges and universities ovet the country. This interest was aroused by

the lecent orientation talk givel by Lt. Col. Patrick J. Hogan, manpower control officer hele.

To fulther clarify present policy concerninE Air ROTC, Colonel Hogan announced last week that Air Force Letter 35-35, dated 12 January 1949, is the basic mehorandum governing action by interested individuals. This letter lists Lhe ouali6cations for ofricers. warrant olTiceis and airmen to be considered in derplminjng suirabilitl for this assignnrent.

Enlisted requirements specify that the applicant must be actively serving !rith

the tlSAF. have a character and ef ficiency rating of excellent, be a high


i, hool graduate, have a military bearing :rnd neatness not below excellent, have (,'mpleted at least 24 months oversecs

snlvice since Dec. 7, 1941 or one nolmal tour of overseas occupation duty, have an AGCT scole of 100 or mole, possess

clerical, supply or appropriate technir'al ability. and also have instructol ability, personality and an adaptability to campus life. Airmen possessing these qualificatiorrs and interested in Air ROTC instruction
may submit a completed

Air Force Form 5g-the application for ROTC dutythlough channels to major continental
a personal interview with the airman con.

air commands. for fudher submission to ConAC Headquartels. Each airman's individual commanding officer will conduct
folwarding it. It is pointed out that airmen rn'ho desire duty with Air ROTC by the fall of 1949 should submit their letters so that they will reach ConAC Headquartels no later than April 15,
cerned and indorse his application before

USAF Band To Make

Civilian airplane mechanics, engine mechanics, and sheet_metal specialists of the l100th Maintenance and Supply Group this rveek finished repair rvork on a B-25 severely damaged in an accident here last February. Above (left) is seen the aircraft lhen damaged, and on the right the same aircraft aftet 45 days of diligent \rork rehabilitatinc it. Seen in the picture on the right are M/Sgt. Frederick Karel (right)
crew chief

Concert Tour Out West

The first in a series of concerts by the United States Air Force Band throughout the southwest will begin at San Antonio, Texas, on April 1, according to Lt. Col. Geolge S. Howard, band di-


and &1,Sgt. Ray Vanderheiden, assistant crew chief'

Driving School lssues

nation, written examination, depth petception, blake r'eaction and eye tests, and

t25 Permits Month ly

The Bolling Driver's Sehool, organized

to train competent and safe drivers for vehicle operation on the base, monthly averages more than 125 pelmits issued to expired permit holders, experienced {h'ivers, and beginning driver's school gladuates. Permits, which used to expil'e alter six months, are now good for
one year, accotding to school authorities.

a road test to detelmine his ability as a driver. The road test, however, is eliminated when a pellr1it holder is applying for a renewal. A beginning, or inexpcrienced plospective driver', is instluctcd fo} one week

lector. Colonel Howard, accompanied by 72 l)andsmen will make the Texas trip by plane, and will continue their tour througb Texas and Louisiana by bus. Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, will play host to the internationally-known band on April 1, 2, and 3. Two concerts wil then be given at Lareda, Texas, on Aplil 4, and at Weslaco, Texas, on April 5- FIom there the band goes to San
Angelo, Abilcne, Amal'illo, Wichita Falls and either Dallas or' Commerce. The concert plesentations in Texas will end on Aplil 11 at Tyler. Included in the concer't presentations ale thc "Sinqing Sergeants," under the {lirection of lfu. Robeft Landry, to-

To obtain a driver's license, an exper irnced driver is given a physical exami-

exhelon maintenance, mechanical functions. safety, and the dangel- of carelessncss, thlough lcctule instluction, equipnlent opel-ation and insDpclion. and tlaining films Dlivels alc |eouiletl to undelstan,l .lai)} maintenancr'

in dr'iving, fir'st

k fully and conrplehensively.

gclher Nrrh r$o soloisls. [l Sgt Glcnn Dar'$ in ira,l S SEt. Low"ll C. Smilh, str\'


Mcrch 25, l9{9



2rooo Boys To Vitness

Aerial Acrobats


An acrobatic team of four Shooting Star jcts of thc Foulth Fighter Group at Andrews Air For'ce Base, Md., will put on a bricf aelial show lor apploximately 2,000 younra members of the Kiwanis Key Club, an international
organization of high-school-age boys now convening in Washington. The aerial show will begin at 3:45 p. m, this afternoon over Bolling. the youth conventionecrs to the base for the special aerial aclobatics put on for them by the famous fighter organization. Here yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the youths will makc a sight-seeinq toul' of the city during theil' international con-

Second Echelon Auto. Shop Here Carries Out 323 February W- Os

Maintenance on brnkes, engines, electricill and ignition systems, lubricalion, wheel alignment, and steering :rpparatus w*s c:rrried out during frebruary on 323 motor vehirles by the org:rnizationol mrintenonce second echelon shop here, lst Lt. (,'hirrles F. Brrdford Jr., officer-in-charge, disckrsed this week. 'lhat is nn average of l7 vehiclcs a day for that month on work order jobs, and it does not include monthly :rnd semi-annual inspcctions. Approximatr'ly rctx!e!*.fr1r!lrr8r.r&.:r..,ti!!?::,rrb | 120 of the 323 work orders complotod --_l wcIr. special ordcrs to mcet rr.rluirr.-

fo h by District of Columbia rc,rulations for automobilcs oper:rtinl{ within the limits of thc Distlict.
ments sc't

l'orty Capital Transit




New Catholic Choplain Assigned To Duty Here

Chaplain John T. Lawlcr has lrccn apof }Icarlquartcrs Comman(l USAF, it was announcc,l this wtek by Coloncl GIubbs. Father Lawler, a nativc oI Boston, Mass., was graduatcd flom th(.Commerce High School in Eoston. In 103!1. hc was grarluatc,i from Boston H(' lat(r atteniled St. John's S('minuly in Blighton,

ti()n:rl Maintenance shop," Licutcnant Ilradfold dcclared. "Thcse men hsvc pit(hed in and wolked with s spirit thst is to bc envicd by all, in performing uny duty. I-f s mcchanic has Dothiu to do uronrcntulily, he voluntarily looks for another job helpin,{ on a vehicle that is beint-r hcld up by a lack of working p<rhas rcsultcd in a cut in work load of mol'c than 50 per ccnt durin,.t March alono.

"'fhr reason bchind this outstanding lurrld is thc wholcheartcd strpport of tht lr'r's,rnnr'l working in thc ()r'ganiza-

Su(h pelforman(e,


wss pointed out,

pointc(l new Catholic chaplain

A ncrv mcthod for pcrforming preventivc merintenancc was initiatcd at the shop on Malch 15, whelcby thc plevcn-


Bolling is the new chaplain's first tour of duty in the Scrvice, having entcrcd thc
For'cc only last wcck. Prior. to his entry into the Air Force, Chaplain Lawler was a parish priest in Medford anrl
Concord, Mass.

Col. Amen Appointed Base Ving Commander

fighter missions in China and Burma, assumed Command of Bolling Ai. Force Base recently, it was announced by Col. S. D, Grubbs, Commandant at Headquarters Command, USAF. One ol the or'Fanizers of the Air Force Officers Candidate School in 19,12 at Miami, Colonel Amcn will command, supervise and operatc Bolling un(ler the jurisdiction of Commanrl Commandant Colonel Grubbs. Colonel Amen attended the University Col, Henry J. Amen, 36, a vetersn of 88


livr' linr' maintt'nancc has becn replaced lrv u slull-und-team systcm. Thcrc are eight stalls with a tesm of four men each to thc stall. This is at one end of the shop. The function of thc tcam is to pcrform monthly and semi-annual inspections. In the other end of thc buildin,I is a utility section which takcs carc of work orders only. The entire shop has an assigned toll of 63 mechanics, rrybilo thc maintenance control section has six sdministrative persons workinK thcrc. Undcr thc direct supcrvision of T/Sgt.

To Be lnitiated

New PX Store Hours


Wallace Borland, the function of the maintenance control section is to schedulc vehicles for inspections, maintsin rccords and filee, and kcep the status of
330 vehicles monthly. The entire shop is under the supewision of M/Sd. Leon

April 1, the main post cxwill initiate new store hours on a temporary basis, according to Moj. John K. Metcalf, exchanee officer. Thi erchanqe usual hours will prevail on Mondays and Soturdays, but Tuesdays through Fridays thc exchahge will open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 5:30 p.m. in order thst base personnel will have sufficient shopping time on otf-duty hours.


Nebraska where he received a comin the Inlantry Reserve upon completion of his R.O.T.C. training. He served three years ss sn lnlantry ReseNe Officer with the Third lnfantry at Fort Snelling, Minn., and the Minnesota


Fortune, es noncommisgioned officer-incharge, and T,/Sgt. Alva Hofrman, assistant noncommissioned officer - in charge.

It was further revealed that a reduction was }eccntly made in the price of candy, chewing gum, eough-drops, and

District of the Civilisn Conservation Corps from July 1936 throurh June 1939. In July of 1039, hc cntcrcd flying training frorn which he graduated in March

Base Airmen

Are lnvited

TO ViSit


3A58b46Cargo Pounds
Hauled By

Colonl Amen graduated from Lincoln High School in June of 1930. In September of 1930 he entered the University of Neblaska. He left the University of Nebreska Law School in 1936 to entea the service. He iB o member of and intermural activities while a student

rnens Club of Washington-known as "thc servicemen's home away from hornc"

Open 24 hours

The Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and



the Delts Tsu Delts Fratrnity and participated in several extracurricular

During 28 deys in Fcbluary, thc Motor Pool of thc 1100th Motor Vchiclc Squodron herc, travclled a distance of 151,029 miles and carried 62,328 passcngers, including ?82 VIPS, according to lst Lt. Harley W. Hughes, motor tlansport ofri-

at the University.

cer. Cargo carrjed by the vehicles amounted to 3,468,646 pounds, and the hours spent in driving amountcd to

Prior to going overseas he served at Ilandolph Field and at the San Antonio Aviation Cadct Center. Ife waa Excutive Officer and a Wing Comrnander at Lackland Air Force Base from Januory 1946 throush Ausust 1047. Colonel Amen is a brother of Poul J. Amen, baseball coach snd assistant football coach at the United Statas Military

a day, the club Street, N. W, Among the many facilities oftcred airmen end other gervicemen in the Washington district ar a well-stockcd library, pool tables, radio, writing tablcs, snd a self-servinr laundry. Slccnin,f facilitics and lockers s11' pl,rvidcd at a minimum
d at 1015
cost, as are breakfast and Iuncheoo mcnls. Sunday dinners at a small fee sre also

week extended an invitation to airmen to utilize thc ofr-duty of the club for recreational pur-

ofered airmen.

Air Force colnmittce members of the club are Mrs. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Mrs. H. Clayton Bcaman, Mrs. l,auris Norstad, and Mrs. Laurcncc S. Kutcr.


Mcrch 25. l9{9

@hufpl fiwmns
Sunday School*9:30 a.m.


Coming Events



Morning Wolship-10:45 a.m.

Published elery Friday by and for the


Theater. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

SERVICE CLUB Friday, March z5-Post Dance, music by members of the United States Air Force Band from 8:30 p.m. thlough
Saturday, March 26-Late Risers Cofee
11:30 p.m.


observed on the

Personnel of Headqua;rters Command, USAF, lvashington 25, D. C.

mand Public lnformation Office. Material

Bible Study-? p.m.

ach month.


Sunday of


Base Theater.

Hour at 10:00 a.m. Open Club. Sunday, March 2?-Late Risers Coffee USAF Band.

The Bean is published by the


in the Beor, may be reprint-ed unless

CATHOLIC Sunday Masses-9 a,m. and 12 noon in the Base Theater. Mass at the Hos-

Hour at 10:00 a.m. Tea Dance at 1130 p.m. Music by members of the

designated. AII uncredited photos are by the Command Photo Lab. 'fhe Beo,it receives material supplieal bv Armed Forces Press Service. AFPS aicreditation, as carried in eoch item, is

pital at 10:30 a.m. Daily Mass-12:30 p.m. in Building


Base Nursery is open eech Sunday from 10:30 until 1:00 p.m. in Building 428.

Monday, March 28-Chess Club and Dance Class at ?i00 p.m. Camera Club at ?:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 29-"Saturday's Chil31 Thursday, March 3l-Bingo tying Class at 8:00 p.m.

Commd ding

Book Notes
CATCH A FALLING STAR, By Frederic F. Van De Water. Mr. Van De Water has written a poDular, interesting tale of the American Revolution without a single battle, outside of an Indian laid and a skirinish. It is the story of Vermont's of again-on agein policy during the last years of the Revolution. Vermont was open to easy attack from Canada, and had a ready ear for the peace overtures with which Canada was plying hel. Romance plays an important palt in the story: a handsome villian, suspected of being a traitor., a long suffering hero, Olirr Royden (the same young hot head encountered in "Reluctant Rebel") and Fsith Marshall, a proud beauty, who is finally rescued irorir the

by the American Theater Wing. Wednesday, March 30-Open Club.

and ana

dren" at 8:15 p.m. A show plesented


Ad isor! Editot---.Capt- Wm. J. Lookadoo , - T/Sgt. Robert Thorn :',:COIC. E(litor ........ -,- S/Sgt. Tom Coll


Fridsy, March 2s-Television.

Sgt, Robert Cosgrove Spo,ts tdito, Editotial Boat'd. I T,/Sgt. Victor L. Mapes,
James Haygood. O.f fice - -. .-. Room 254, Bldg.412
Telephone 4082

Saturday, March 26-lnformal Dance at 9:30 p.m, to 12:30 a.m. Music by USAF Band. Dinner from 5:00 P.m.

Staufier', Sgt. Don McGill, and Sgt. Phil Gelaci. Trainee Contributor: Pfc.

S/Sgt. Virginia Annon, Sgt,



Monday, March 28-Television. Tuesday, March 2g-Bingo at 8:30 P.m. Wednesdsy, March 30-Television.

to 10:00 Sunday, March 27-Buffet Supper Dance, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Music bY Irwin Devron. Brunch 12:00 p.m.-2:00 P.m.
Thursday, March 31-Television.

CENIRIL POST FUNI) fo. P..ioit 16 M.rch t9l9 to l5 ADrll l9ll, FOST ATHLETTCS Laundry - .. -.1100.00 lntE-Squadtun Offici.b-........--(12 .sm6, 2/ .t ll.26l Basketb.ll TmDhi6: J 1l2F-5 (r rt tr5.?5) Ensravins (CIIAIIPION BOLLING AFB l.x2 194P, (22 ltE. at t.06r .,..-, .. ,. 11_O0 J 131-.t (l at ir1.00l Eosraving TRUNNER UP BOLLING AFA 1949) (22 ltE. at,.06l ,, \.12 J 130F-3 (l at $8.50)...- .- _ - - .-... ..-. . 4,50 Encravins TTHIRD PLACE BOLLING AFA l9!9) t23 ltE- !t $.06) 1.98 Tlophier PGt Balketball (rZ !t tr2.00r 144.00 Jackeb 25.0r) Basebau Enlry fee Lnq Bhck Sh@ Lec 5? ih. (60 Fr. Lec6, .L 1.10) -..--..-...--.=.-.:-..,-.-.--: --.----- - i0! Short Bbch She lac, 36 in. (50 Dr. at 3.50 Sseat Sor (6 dor. .t 35.00) 30.00

NCO CLUBS Frklay, March 25-Club Night (mernbers only). "Kepner Quartet."

Saturday, March 26-Double featurePALOOKA in the BIG FIGHT, with Leon Earl and Jo Kirkwood, Sunday, Match 2?, 28-TIIE THREE and Vaa Hefflin- (NEWS OF DAY).

Foln* lF*o*

Saturday, March 26-Dancing from 8:30 to midnisht. "Boilermakers." Sunday, March z?-Tea Dance,2-6 P'm. Monday, March 28-Normal Club Activities. Tuesday, Match zg-Bingo starts at 8:15
Wediresdsy, March 30-Norrnal Club Ac. tivities, Thursday, Msrch

ALASKA PATROL, with Richard Travis and Helen lvestcott. JOE

MUSKETEERS (color by Technicolol ) with Lana Turner, Cene Kelly


3l-Normal Club



SPECIAL gERVICEA S?.eice Club Fund .

llobby Shop F!


320.00 150.00 100.00 200.00 225.00 9_t5

PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE Publiotioh of t} 'BEAU" 16 i!su6 oa 3000 copie per i..u) ...- ---. 4722.50 Spei.l Red CcB over for the BEAU .. ... 27.00


FloweF for CbrDl Servic6

._-. t 21.00 Slai.l loweF lor Pslh Sundsy ...._.. 20.00 Orcanist Sundry Srvic ._. 68.00 SD*iel Uusic fo. P.lm Suhdsy .... 10.00 Movi6 for ChorEl Activiti6.. 30.00 TOTAL .... ...--.....-- tlag.oo Directorr B@.d lor Bre OperstioB 2b.00 GRAND TOTAL ....... t2?86.a? NET WORKING CAPITAL T5?63..I TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED ..-..-.. 2786.17 BALANCE rN RESERVE ....... ._,_..._a?9?6.9?

ert Stack. (MARCH OF TIME) . 30-THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEE rvith Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright and Dana A;drews. Thursday, March 31-TI{E CONNECTICUT YANKEE with Bing Crosby, Rhonda Flerninq and Wiliiam Benj dix. (NEWS OF THE DAY). Creen Bay, Wis. (AFPS)-A Dolicemsn has to be careful in this cidy. A notice, carried in the Police Day-Book and signed bv Chief H. J. Bero. advises: "See the bulletin board for the list of officers to shoot for target practice." Chicago, (AFPS)-Chamber of Commerce ofricials aren't broadcasting the fact but coast florist shops are gitting fl owers-greenhouse variely-fronr Chi-cego this winter. Chicago wholesale florists were asked to send the flowers after cold weather
Wednesday, Maich

Tuesday, trIarch 29-FIGHTER SQUADRON with Edmond O'Brien, ani Rob-

Ullrich received seven invitations to aororities during "rush" \r'eek at the Itr ifornia. h! University of California. It! addition, "Mary l,ou" had 14 cups of tea, ate dozens of sandwiches and recorded telephone Dhone nurnbers of 2? co-eds. - Then "Mary Lou" revealed that she was really Walter Robert Ullrich, 20,
a Junior student, anxious to see how the

Berkeley, Calif. (AFPS)-"Mary Lou"

other half lived,

This Week s Cover

Officer Candidrte School has gone coed as evidenced by lhis teek's cover. Each fight in the AFOCS has trvo or three women among its mem. bers. Shown on the covr is Officer
Candidate Patricia Fuller

destroyed rnuch of California's flowers. grown there in open fields.

olds, Ga. Miss Fuller w.s gradu&ted rvith the first class of Waf that successfully completed their basic training at Lackland AF Base, San Antonio, Tex., in 1948. She is 21 and attended the Georgia Southwestern College and Middle Georgia College prior to her enlistment in the U. S.



Mqrch 25,



Pqgc 5

+znd Stat's MR 45o Doys Without Error 42nd Statistical ConA visitor to the tr.ol Unit's nlolning repolt section at Bolline Air Folce Basp Nould marvel a( thc r'afds.long lists of figures and names handled daill bv the two officers and I8 ailnren of this responsible section of
Headouarters Command, USAF.

6*J!'/ SToRK'


Surprised Citizen iAade Air Force Flying Cadet

1n 1944, he applied for a student's visa with the U S. Consul at Tehran, Iran. A year later, the consul informed the youth that he
could study----+ven as

Cr-us,,r( - .r-

Changuiz Afsher didn't know he was an Amelican citizen four yars ago, but last week he became a flYing cadet in the United States Air Force.

''\\'hos Whor'. Forty-Second Stat particularlv holds the remarkable record of submittins dailr Ieports for a peliod of L-' .onsecitire months-on schedu)e and without errol. Aside from setting this Iecord of rvork eficiency, 42nd Stat handles and processes more officers and ailnren the u'orld over than any othr one n1or.ning report section in the Air Fo!ce. AmonE rhe many duties assigned Stats hishly trained personnel is thal of yRs (morning reports) for'Headouarters Command, in additl,rn to those for all Air Force aid missrons, .air attaches and detachments of AF per_
sonnel alriYing and dparting th United Stateschanges (gains and losses) are

Stai Control units are Jrequently re_ ferred to as Dublishers of the Air Folce

the 1100th Station Medical Group, girls outnumbeled boys in births fol the period bet{een March t2 end March 18. Mrs. Colden williams, Capt. and Mrs. William F. Higgins, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Atd|ige N. Beattie, Cpl, and MIs. Robert C. Parrish, Maj. and Mrs. Emil D. Sasse, and S/Sgt. and Mrs. Albert I.

Accolding to information received from

Proud palents of gills were Cap(. and

United States. Af-

r citizen of the
Brig. Gen.

sher's father,


The two boys wre born to Sgt. and Mrs. John E. Dolan, and to Capt. and

llrs. Ilo*'ard C. Hensley.

le Of 'Happiness' Here Tonight At e:go

musiial review of the USAF Special Service Division, on its return engagement to Bolling will stsge the last of three consecutive performances for Air
"Operation Happiness," the all-eirman Force personnel of Washington tonight at 8:30 p.m. in the base theater. Performed by ?4 Negro airmen, officels and WAFs, the show appeared at Bolling last January, and at numerous Air Force installations over the United
States since.

oriqinallv in 1912. to studv at two Ver'' moit educationel institutions. H. applied and was later granted American iitizenshiD. After servins in World Wat'
busiriess. Staving in Iran more than five vears. Afsher's father automatically re-

Afsher', who is Chief of ODerations for' the lrenian State Police, came to America

Armv. but later went back to lran

l. his faiher

was musteied out




Jlore than 75,000 morning report -procelsed

monthly by the section. Upon completion of each repolt, sll duly recorded by a oualified analrst. 20 copies must be plebared for Air Force Headquarters. hv ihis method an accurate "who s lvho" is constantll' maintained on Air Force
personnel on duty foleign countries.

iinquiihed his citizenship. But Afsher wa! born a year before that, in 1924, entitling him to claim U. S. citizenship
when he reached 21.

in the U, S.


Oficer-in-chsrge of the 42nd Statistical contlol s morning report section is Capt. Flank J. Farrell. Sgt. Ernest E. Spencer' is NCOIC. Other airmen assigned to this section include: S/Sgts. Johh T. Reaves

Afsher filled out for his education in Americg, the consul discovered the youth's right to citizenship and blought ihis to the attention of the U. S. State Department. Approval was granted Afaher arrived in America late in 1947 and entered Syrscuse University to wolk
on his master degree. He was previously a sraduate of the University of Tehran whlere he received a Bachelol of Science

From information received in the form

and Glen D. Leake; Sgts. Richard F. Bild, Ftancis R. Jagerson and Richard E. Nelson; Cpls. Frank J. Albertson, Billy G. Campbell, James M. Gilis, Melvin K. Hammel, Frank C, James, Archie
R. Mccinthy, Jack M. Moore and Jarnes
Orsen C. Reinert and

What have you been doing?"

Mo: "I haven't

seen you {or ten years.

Ron: "Ten years."

Scene: Photographer's shop on Monday morning. pleasaht while I snap this, and then you can resume your natural expres-

Photog: (To NCO) "Okay,


Air Cadet training. He was accepted and sworn in last week at Bolling, and will enter iying school next Monday.

Six months aqo, Afsher applied for

M. Speer; Pfcs. Lewis D. Fowler, Beverly J. Lantz, Anthony J. Razzetti,

Neil E. Weener.

Two Base Units



Marching Honors Here

by Colonel Grubbs and his revie\\ ing staff fo} 6r'st place in the second weekly levierv of the year held on Wcdnesday of last week. The 1100th AIS, under command of Capt. Wallace Cusins and the l100th M & S commanded by Capt. John King, rvele excused florn this week's psrade.
The 1l01st Maintenance Squadron and

Ail lnstallations Squadl.on

Air Force's F-96 Jet

Christened Bv
"Sable" recently became the label for the U. S. Air Force's fastest jet


dglrter'. lhe North American F-86. which in Seotembel of last vear established the rrorld"s speed recold of 670.981 miles I'er hour'at Muloc Ail Force Base, California. Equipped with pressurized cabin, conventional type tr'icycle landing geat and

a pilot ejecrion seat, the

ROLLING a carpet of steel back on the Bolling aircraft parking lot are huge cranes and other heavy equipment. The steel, which was laid during the wintet to alleviate the shortage of aircraft parking space, \r'as lifted so crushed stone could be laid underneath for strengthening. The area shown is just left of Runrvay No. 28.

porvered by a Genelal Electric J-4? tulbo-





The F-86 has a service ceiling of over .{0,000 feet and a conbat radius of more


than 500 Driles.

Pcqc 6


rcIJ.HG Ef,^x

Mqrch 25,


Get Crawford; Vas Flyer Outfielder

b.t made him e lavorite with Bolling Flyer fans, hos taken his war club into the professionsl baseball ranks. Crawford sigred a contraet with the Baltimore Orioleg of the laternawhose booming

Rulus Crowford, hard-hittiDg outfielder

tional League and joined them this week at their spring trsining camp in Hollywood,


Air Force last week, came to Bolling Air Force Base in 194? and rapidly m&d himself kno\r'n within local sports circles, IIe played errd on the F\ren'
the Washington Redskins professional football team. They tried to interest him in football, but he rnaint-ined his in-

Crawford, who was separated from the

footbsll tcam during the past two seasons and attracted the sttentioh of scouts for terest in baseball. "Big Rufe", as he was known by his fellow athletes, has been under the tutorage of Maj. Louis (Bozie) Berger, former infielder with the Cleveland Indiens and the Chicago White Sox. of the American League. Leaque. The former maior leasDer has major leaguer spent much time with Crawford; helping him iron out the wak spots and'thi flsws often possessed by young players. ws often

Pictured aboee the thc *inncrs end thc trophics of thc Bolling Air Forcc Bowling Leagues. L. to R,-Capt. Lloyd G. Calhoun, Adjot nt of l102nd, which 'rvon the Airmcn's Legue; lst Sgt. Eldrcd Garnctt of thc 1l02nd llhint.nanc; T/Sgt. Frank A. DuBois, llelst M.intnence; M/Sgt- Chrrlcs E- Sokoll, 110Cth Inspectors; Col. S, D. Gruggs, Cept. Willis Perkins, Records R.view; Ralph Dcary, Records Review; M/Sgt. H.rvey E Manis, Base Flight, rnd M/S8t. Lcroy S.ll, Flight.

lnter-Squadron League
Produces Active Finish
Tuesdey, Mrrcl 15 Food Sefvice Squodron clim.xd thir
1949 Inter-squadron schedule


Bolling Bowlers Given Special Awards

the high scoring mrrk for the y.r,

by setting

they swamped the ,l2Dd Strt Control five,

86 to 51. Boots T.rkin8toD and Don Whittmore led the b$ket sslsult, vith 19.nd 17 points rc.pcctivcly. cGiuthy of the Statmen led hir tasm with 1?

ID the seco[d Fbe ol the eveDing lrom Becords Review 6? to 32, lor trelltll win of the seoson. O'Donnll ol the Photomea
4203rd PhotomeD woa

Winners of individual bowling awerds were given trophies T'hursday afternoon at the base gym, in r formal presentrtion by Colonel Grubbs, baae commaDdrnt. Capt. Willis Perkins ol the Records Review Team No. 2 in the ofticers league and M/Sgt. Leroy Sell of Bos Flight in the oirmeD's le.gue, ver dual winners. Captsin PerkiDs rcived s trophy for high sveroge with o 169 foi the season and also hed the high siagle game

A resideht of Campbell, Mo., he is 20 CamDbell. Mo.. years. old, six feet tall, and weights 190

League Victory Pending As Teams End ln Tie

finished the reguhr seeson wit]|

- The Intar-Squadron basketball league championship is hanging ih mid-air, B;th the Pilok Alert and the 4203rd Photomen

snd two dderts snd the Bandsmen and




score, rolling

led the Photomen rcodn8, getting seven ffeld goals and one loul !hot. Wetts of

th lo9r! looped rvcn idd go.Is to

for rolling the high thre grme sries rith s 662.

Crpt, Ralph Dearey ol Records Review Teem No. 2 was awarded a trophy for

stting s new high *eson everege with 19,t. Sergesnt Sll .lso received a trophJr

a 246. Sergeut Sll oll fomer recor& .t Bolling,

Following the lstast reports, it looked as though the title will be held otr

Police derdlocked

for third


for awhile. At the

Dresnt. the 4203rd Photo cagers are taking part in a cage tournemnt at Topeka, Kansas, and sev-

eral of the Pilot's regulrrs are off on Rying trips. Plans call for the Air Police
of the title gene, for undisputd sion of third place.
Pilots Alert

leod the Record"r t rm. Wedncadry, llrrch 16 The Medics clord oqt tleit le.son with s 12 tD 25 rrin ov.r the otor Vehicle Squadrou. Torminr, lf,cdic shrrpshooter, hsd a big nisht, gettina 22 poinb. wright

and Bandsmen to meet in the preltminary

high three grme series in the ofiicer's league, with s 583. M/Sat. Harvey Mrnis of Base Flicht copDed the award in the .irmen's leogle for high single Satne

from the Motor cr3ers hrd ll m.rker3.

with o



,!203rd Photomen

Air Police, sparlcd by Jcry E alin, who nettad 16 poiDt!, b.Dged out a 46 to ,10 decisioD over Rccotd.r Review in the fn l for both taru!. AndBon of the losr! slso hsd 16 poi!t!. Thusdrt, X.ttl l7 4203rd Photomer von victory nudrber l3 ond eith it, tied Pilotr Alert for the lcrgue lerd, rt th.y hrd er easy time with the lltltb Sm Squedron, s'inning 60 to 16. B.Eopr, Photo forward, scored 26 poirNtr lor his D8tac. The Air Force B.D&nG! clded their re8rrlar s4son by srina . 11 to 2g win ovr the ,12nd gt t Control. Dunn,

oftn cllled the "picture bowler," Do vou knos his nsme ? - 2. He was one of basketball's toD stars ond a mmber of the original "Celtics."

1. This handsome bovling chsmpion is

Sports Quiz



Food Service


He's now coaching at C.C,N.Y, Eis nrrne

3. The former trapeze top-ffight motion picture

towering center of tbc Brndsmen, looped 13 points to he.d bi. tc.m, while RoSrll of the St tmen rleo hoopcd f3,

until his rctirement Lst yerr and wrs appropristely c.lled the "Flyitrg Parson." Who ? 5. This former manager of the Boston Breves and Cincy Reds is known in the boseball world as the "Descon." His

4. He was the natioD's fastest runner

stlr is now I star. He is:

10 42nd Stat Contlol ,,, - ? 11llth SAM ,,..,. -...,-,.--,,....- 7 Records Review ------ --,--,------ ? Hq. & Hq. Maint. Supply.-,----- 6 Hqs, Command Squadron ----- 5
1101st Maintedance .,-- ----,,---, Medics Base Flight Motor Vehicle

132 132 123 123 11

6 8


,-- 0

411 274

8 9 10

2. Nat Holmen. 3. Burt Lancaster, 4. Gil Dodds.


1. Ned Dsy.



Mcrch 25,




ency and hsrdship dischalge policies dtrr'inglhe present period of leduced recruit-


AYIATIOT{ NEI{S Air Forcc \1ill libelalize



TcrnDorery rrnk dates of field aJrd compaiy giede Air Force oficels \ill not be chrnc.d to couespond \\'ith pel' maDent rank. The earliel date \\'ill be

to establish rank and plocedence

Ail Fotcc Ftsonncl contemplating pur'_ of sunimer unifolms ale being adyised to hrve them cut to the patteln of the nerv shade 8{ blue Nintel. uniform. Cotton khaki shade \o. 1, or troDical \{orsted or gabaldine, .\) nl! shade No.6l, \\'ill be authol.ized nratcrisls- Currentlt prescribed shirts \\'ill
be .uthorized.


BusJ- in the print-rashing room of the l'l03rd Photographic Tcclnic.l Sqq.dfol, 31lth -\ir Division, Reconnaissance, are Sgt- Ralph J. Zanhsn (re.r) rtrd Sgt Prul J.

42o3td PTS Observes


Having begun its e\istence at Bolling in 1916 as the successor to the Continentel .{ir Forees, the Strategic Air' Command last ilondsy obseNed its third


Stratemeyer, Whitehead Trade Air Force Jobs

A transfer of the two comuralding of the USAF's Far E st Air Forees and Continental Air CoDEand
rvas gnnounced recentlv by Glreral IIo!'t S. \'andenberg, Chief of Stafr, USAF. Lt. cen. Ennis C. Whitahead, CG,

scll-ra.nd.d picture of defense is Dresented in ..On \\'atch," i. 'fli" ts Anrerica'selies filnr, relea"ed this monl,h, ttade br- RKO Pathe rn cooDeration Nith Arnrt, NavY and Ait' Force. it illustrates the public apathttoward defense existiDg after Wo|ld \far' I, snd the dangers attending lapid demohilizetion after World War II. A new fuel has been developed for iet aircraft \rhich makes more jet fuel irweil*ble ner berrel of crude oil than the old tlde JP-l kerosene, Labeled .\NF-58, tfd nerv Rssoline-type fuel \\ill require modification of presenl, kerosene

annilelsary at SAC units throughout the \\_orld, according to Lt. Gen. Curtis E. LelIay, commanding generel. Last November, the Air For:ce ordered SAC Headqusrtels moved to Otrut Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebr. At that time thev \\'ere located et Andrervs Air. Force
their activation.
Commanded by Lt. Col. Chsrles F-

jet en8:ines. Although the ne\r fuel csnnot be used in normal leciplocatdesigned

.eral Stratemever R'ill sssume the Pacific

FEAF, R'iU replace Lt. Gen. Georgp E. Stretemeyer es CG, ConAC, while Gen-.

Ba;e, ItId., where they had ben situated since moving from Bolling shortly after
son, the 4203rd Photographic Technical Squadron is chargd $ith the responsibilitv of furnishing photographic services


air post in Tokyo. Ceneral Whiteheed's new assignment, at Mitchel Air Force Base, Ne$ York, \'ill b his first Statside command in seven years. Prior to his FEAF conmand he served ss top brass for the Fifth Air For. Geheral Stratameyer once belore

ing engiues, jet engines aiter modification will, in emergencies, be able to use the standard high-octane gssoline used in propller driven sircraft toda]'. -{ll jet aircrsft produced in the future \{ill b standrrdized \r'ith the modified
eogiaeannounc-ed receDtly

Headquarters, United States

for Strategic Air

ters. United Stetes

nrilitaly lrborator'y, photogrammetric, aDtlysis snd classinottoF, -ress_lrweragc, rDd

Cornmand, HeadquarAir Force, and other and Governnrent sgencies.

a westem Pacific rir g"oup, in the China-Burma-India Tterter, prior to his assignment to Air DefeDse Command in March 1946. Ee has hesded ConAC since its orgadiz.tiotr in November

and 98th Borllb Groups s-ill arrive in England sometime rfter April lst to leplace the 92nd and$Olth Bomb Groups present-

Air Folce that the 28th,scgth.

ly statio ed there undergoinS flight

Persoudel and equipment of the F-li Thunderlolt equipped 81st Fighter ll'ing

photographic interpretation activities are all utilized in order to carry out the many photogrsphic responsibilities of the organization. Of special is the fact that nran!'ne\rs events of particuler impoltance to Air Force Headquarters ere ior'er'ed bv still and motion picture cameras of the souadron. Colonel Wilson said. -{ccordinn to hin, the 4203rd PfS, due to its val.iable specialization of photo-

listed Col. Eugene Rovegro.s "deputy

In lest *'eek's Beam we




for. maitrteuance," vrhen we should have referred to him as commanding ofricer of

will sooD be transfeued from Wheeler Air Force Brse, Oahu, HaNaii, to the United Strte& Aircraft, horvever, rvill remain in the Prcific Air Command for
future disposition.

rnd group. Maj. Anthony Holub is the 1100th


deputy chief of stafr for mrintenance here.

Clevelcnd-Four X-l rocket planes crDeble of flying rn estimated 1,350 miles an hour arc being produced by the Bell

graphic capabilities,

plish snJ

ment n'hicb oray be lequired by higher

ec{omground photographic assign-

is able to

Washington-Ite Air Force will begin Arctic tests ol rrdio-controlled bombs and V-l flying buzrbombs in Alisk.
Dert DontL

AircEft Co.p, !t Bufialo, according to the president of the corpotation. The aircrrft will b 70 percent laster than the oricin l X-l rld carry 50 percent
more fuel.

rce u|5 \at-ua8a

Pcrgc 8


Mcnch 25. l9{9


\Yife (reading): "It says here they have found sheep in the Himalaya mounrains that can r'un t0 rniles an hour." Her Hubbt: "\l'ell, it n'ould take a laDlb like that to follo\ )larJ norvadals."
A \\'onran nrotorist \r'as driving along a countr)' r'oad \\'hen she noticd a couple of lepail men climbing telephoBe Fler
panion, "they nrust think


AF Ltr
Teams end selection

flarch 49-Conpersoonel l'ho

cerns nissions of Personnel Ptocurement

35-145 dated 2

Personnel Procurement


''Foolsi she etclaimed to ltcr roEI never &ovc

The one-ring circus rvas visiting

The teams visit colleges and uriversitie.s for the purpose of promulS?ting AF officer procurement programs.

serve with thes traveliDg teams.


in the hills. The folks there recognized all of the instruments of the band exceDt the slide tlombone. bne old settler Natched the player for ouite some tinre. then said: " Thele s a trick to it; he ein't reelly srvallerin'it." Dentist: "\\'hf this tooth has goltl in it: I didD'i knov it had lpen Rlled," Patient: "It hasn't. That's my back
collar-button you've struck.
Srrrrth: "115 sife asked me to take our 'ld cat off somervhere and lose it. So I p.rt il in a basket and tEmped out into rhe countr'y for about eight miles." Jones: "Did you lose the cat?" Smith: "Lose it! lf I hrdn't follo*ed it, I'd never have gut beck home." the-Y passed


ProDoti- Plysicrlt AF Ltr 36-12 dtd lt feb 49 Promulr.tes AF policy nrrrding physicsl requirlDents for Fcrbrl'eDt proDtion to a rrrde below :crrrl ofiicet. All
ficlrs, except eircreft pilots ovcr 40, are
corsi&red physicelhr queirfied for promo.

tioa on the b..b ol tbe Lst r.heduled anDual physiol errmin tioD.

Airrrr Aacigrrcrt AF Ltr 39-8 rltd l1 Feb 19 Estsblishes procedure for the processiDg rlDd sssignment of I Air- Forc crtrrslre-,
reenlistees, ard tctrEDees

assignment. Provisioas are made for

for USAFE. or

male DeBonDel

froE oversess rho dsire to volunteer

"ODcBtioD Vittles".

AFPXP-2 7616 (ttd r7 Feb ,19 All Air Force personnel, er@pting general of6cers, who heve complcted t7 le rs ol

OYcreer Serri<'c

-{irnran describing nosy friend: "When

the]'..said beers, and he took

out the errs, he thought



seivict torrrd EtrreDeDt, shill be exeDpt from oyerler risitllnent. Those currently on tour, hovcver, bust fulfill their asliglmeDt-

Jones: "That last rsce cost be tri thousand dollars on a photo finish."

Fellos racing fan: "lf I dropped ten thousand dollars on one race, I'd cut my throat." Jones (opening his cost rnd spurting blood): "I did." Hear about the pinS-pong phyer th.t nrade his hevy limey friend sit on the ball, so's he could hsve plenty of EnSlish on it?
Post Baabei: "Smooth working razor,

that male personnel who

Vctcrrn's Entlotrant AF Reg 35-61 drtcd 3 I'eb 49 Directs

' site, *ill be haild to their last


serrice under provisions of the Selective Servic Act of 19,18 or oD elrlier dates be informed of their reemployment rights upon sparstion and,/or trenster to reserve status. Subject prsonnel sre also provided with WDAGO Form 519 ( Pre\rious Employer Csrd) which, if they deem-

eDtered the

Airman: "That dpends. If you'r shaving me, it's pretty rought, but if sou're sllnaing me alive, it's a reasonal)l1'' comfortable job."


buddy ?"

Reg g7- d.ted 31 Dec 48 Of interest to petsonnel of Reserve Compon-

R.scrve Ratircmrnt

ents, this publication deels

retilement, Nith pay,
necessarily consecutive-

alter completion of 20 yesrs !rvice, not

{ith their st the aa of 60



W @


4rn-, n-r-,,/aJ^--