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What is an anti-pumping relay?

The anti-pumping relay is a device in circuit-breaker whose function is to prevent multiple breaker closures. For instance, if the operator gives the closing command to the breaker by pressing the close button and the breaker closes. However, a fault in the system causes the breaker to trip. Since the close command is still in the pressed condition, there is a chance of the breaker closing again and being tripped by the relay multiple times. This can damage the closing mechanism of the breaker. The anti-pumping relay prevents this by ensuring that the breaker closes only once for one close command from the control panel.


The earlier answer only gave a part of the picture from some Siemens literature. The concept of an anti-pumping relay is well known for all types of electrically-activated devices, especially circuit breakers. Its logic systems equivalent is a 'one-shot' device. The anti-pumping relay allows the breaker to close only once for each press of the 'close' pushbutton (or rotation of the handle). You see, if a fault exists on the circuit before the breaker is closed, the breaker will close and immediately trip before the operator has a chance to release the close button (or handle). The antipumping relay prevents the still-active close signal from trying to reclose the breaker. Many breakers are not rated for multiple successive reclose operations. If an anti-pumping relay is not used, the rapid close-open-close-open... series can result in destruction of the breaker and harm to the operator.


anti-pumping relay is a device in circuit-breaker whose function is to prevent multiple breaker closures. For instance, if the operator gives the closing command to the breaker by pressing the close button and the breaker closes. However, a fault in the system causes the breaker to trip. Since the close command is still in


the pressed condition, there is a chance of the breaker closing again and being tripped by the relay multiple times. This can damage the closing mechanism of the breaker. The antipumping relay prevents this by ensuring that the breaker closes only once for one close command from the control panel.
Nc and no contact

An N.C. cont ct i 'Normall closed'. This applies to relays (electronic switches). You can use either a normally closed contact or a normally open contact to do what you need, provided the relay has both and depending on your situation. Here's a recent example of mine: A building's fire alarm is wired to the HVAC system to shut down ventilation in case of a fire. In this case we want the HVAC to have power normally but remove power (with the relay) during a fire alarm. We would connect the HVAC power to the relay's N.C. (normally closed) contacts, because they are exactly that: normally closed. This would allow the HVAC to function. When power is applied to the relay, it would switch contacts, disconnecting power to the HVAC. An important note is that contacts and other electrical connections that can change condition (such as a relay) are described in a de-energized state. Thus, the N.C. contacts are normally closed, while the power to the relay is off. Li ewise, a N.O. contact is open with relay de energized but will close upon supplying power to the relay.

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Understanding No Contact (NC)

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by night_orchid on Jan 24

The term No Contact is very prevalent in break-up literature, becoming almost the hallmark Gold Standard for dealing with this often painful situation. However, many people often dont understand what they are supposed to do with no contact. It is like a detailed recipe with the last page missing! So in simple terms, lets break this down a little bit and examine the basic anatomy of the NC rule: .) Who did the initiating? 2.) What is the purpose of trying NC? 3.) How long do you maintain NC? .) Who initiates NC? NC may be initiated by one or both parties, but the one who does the dumping often is the one to initiate. But that makes sense, right? He/She has made a decision to remove themselves from a relationship, but that doesnt mean they dont feel remorse or sadness. It is simply that they have come to a decision that at this time they feel is right or that they feel they must stand by. In order to do this, they must move away from their ex and the hurt theyve caused them (guilt) and begin to heal. They may also need to sort out their emotions and validate their decision for themselves in an objective manner away from ground ero. Less commonly, the one dumped will initiate NC. This is done because they are feeling rejected and hurt (rightly so), and they want to stay away from the person who has made them feel this way. But unlike a dumper, often they do not want to initiate this NC, but feel compelled because they have little alternatives or they are advised by others to do so. 2.) What is the purpose of NC? No Contact beyond the initial breakup generally serves (2) purposes: .) To allow time to heal and move on from the breakup 2.) To try and re-establish contact with the ex after some space apart In the first scenario, this may generally arise from either a difficult breakup or a mutual decision to move on and past the relationship. Generally, NC is initiated with the desire to maintain this for an indefinite period, or until both parties have lost any romantic attachment, which may not be for a long time. Everyone handles relationships differently, and for some, cutting all ties is the only way to really let go of a partner. In the second scenario, the dumpee or sometimes the dumper may need the time away to reflect on the relationship and grow as a person. Usually this scenario exists when people have a strong connection to their former partner, and they cannot bear the idea of never having any contact with them again. This is true of for former lovers in long term partnerships, or those who had great friendships before or during the relationship. These instances create a temporary NC period just to cool off and let the intensity of the breakup

subside. At some points one person may initiate the contact and the other will be happy to reciprocate. Other times, NC is done with the desire to try and win an ex back. In this area, NC may work successfully, or it may lead the partners in to scenario #1. The truth is, NC only works if there is a meeting of the minds, meaning that both parties feel strongly for the other, and they intend to make contact again in the future with the possibility of revisiting the romance. If there is no love in a relationship to begin with, NC really is nothing more than you entering scenario #1 and hoping for things to change. Unfortunately this isnt how people work. What happens more often than not, is that people are not on the same wavelength w/ NC, or they try to skip the friendship part and dive into a full blown romance again. NC is a process that takes time to work. I dont follow the whole premises of who must initiate and keeping scores and all that. Love doesnt and shouldnt work that way. Love is about being the stronger person and stepping up to the plate when the time IS RIGHT (mind you). People make mistakes, and the dumper and dumpee who initiate NC may be no exception. That said, finally : 3.) How long to you keep NC: There is really no time line for NC. In fact, it is better to look at NC as working toward a long term goal. What does one say when theyre doing this? I will stick with it as long as i takes. This is the key here. You cannot rush love and friendship, so why NC? Just because it takes longer to work, doesnt mean it cant, just as immediate results dont guarantee it will last. Both people need to be at the right stage in life to reflect and come to terms with the end of the relationship before anything can go forward. And no two people are equally balanced in a relationship.The important thing is to move forward and work on ones own life, because you cannot put your needs on hold indefinitely either. Grow as a person and let that person grow as well. Now, if the person doesnt wish to make contact after a few initiatives (I say 46 times), then it is safe to say that they dont wish to revisit anything at this time, and you must respect this. The ending of relationships are just as important as the beginning, so make sure that you leave a lasting impression on your ex by showing them respect. But I am a firm believer that in life, things really do come around again, esp. people who had a significant impact in your life. So be patient, decide if NC is right for you, and most importantly STICK WITH IT. Hope this illuminates a little bit about NC, and perhaps leaves room to explore this topic in the future for clarity.

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I cut off all contact after the break up, please help!! I have broken the no contact rule by anwsering the phone best way to contact an e after a long period of no contact Is the NC rule okay to be used in this situation? I broke the No contact RULE after 8 days and he replied...what now???help How or when do you know when to break no contact? How to break no contact... Break Up, No Contact. I know I want her back How to resume contact after a period of no contact? Advice anyone? No Contact Rule

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ents to Understanding No Contact (NC)

Arlene responded: I had never thought of NC in such an involved way, but definitely believe that since it takes two to tango, and breakups are often very charged, no contact is a good way for both parties to find their feet, and to see through the sparks, and recognize what it is they each want, as individuals. Its hard to stick to,but in order not to get into lengthy breakups, its probably the way to go. katbythebay responded: What about when the one you love talked to you a mth ago everything was ok..then suddenly out of the blue they dont contact you no calls no te ts..or instant messages. This has happened to doesnt make sense. night_orchid responded: Well, there may be a lot of reasons for this. Generally speaking, you have to look at who initiated the breakup and what the reasons were. But if if we are to make an EXTREMELY broad generalization here, it all boils down to emotions: someone feels hurt and is uncertain whether NC will alleviate this pain or not. If the breakup is still relatively fresh, your partner may feel that it hurts too much to be in contact with you, and thus they begin to stop contact for a while. It may resume, it may never, but reasons are hard to gauge without some more facts:) PricessKomomo responded: Sometimes, no contact is the only way to heal. I have to cut ties with my e and have NC because it was a difficult break up. I love him so much but he only want to stay in contact with me as friends. When you are hurting remaining friends is not possible. Feeling will get hurt and you will feel pain all over again. The only thing that keep me going is NC. It s hard but time will help you heal. I believe that one day both he and I will be in contact again and our friendship may resume or it may not. It s true that both of us needs to grow and take a step back. I can t be in contact with my e because he only wanted me to be there to comfort him when his other relationship didn t work out. It hurt too much to want to be in

contact with your ex if he doesn t want to be in contact with you. I can only respect his choice and NC is the right choice for me. confu d hear responded: well moine dont want to tlak about the breaking up but he still say he miss me and how beautifula nd important i am on his life, when i ask him about the breaking up he say when i finish my fellowship in may everything gonna be easier so i dotn know what to do but no cotact ruloe helped me to he contacted me almost daily from a week ago!! deannaeve responded: I am going to talk with the man I am with about no contact, he and I are fast approaching rocky shores in a boat that leaks but have great love for one another and I am pregnant, due in July. We will see how this works. Thanks! trash_can responded: "Other times, NC is done with the desire to try and win an ex back. In this area, NC may work successfully, or it may lead the partners in to scenario #1. The truth is, NC only works if there is a meeting of the minds, meaning that both parties feel strongly for the other, and they intend to make contact again in the future with the possibility of revisiting the romance. If there is no love in a relationship to begin with, NC really is nothing more than you entering scenario #1 and hoping for things to change. Unfortunately this isn t how people work." my gf of many years who i lived with for three says that she loves me but is no longer in love. we broke up and i begged her back a couple weeks. now i ve told her that i need space to get over her. did i just cement our breakup or am i making steps towards getting back together. she knows for a fact [because i told her so] that i still want her back, so i doubt she s worried that i m gonna go away. was no contact the wrong move in this instance, then chev06 responded: No contact rule is such a risky business. There s so much at stake when you initiate it because also that person might get a message that you re avoiding contact because you are over the person and they will just keep the no contact going. Sure it might give the person you re applying the NC to some time to miss you but when you meet up with friends and they happen to be there you begin to think whether or not to keep up NC publicly, and like me you end up saying nothing to the person while talking to your mates and she hoped that you say something to her, and you just leave while you didn t say a word to your ex. I pretty much just panicked and thought you still use NC publicly but now it lead her to delete me from her friends list on Facebook. I guess there is a reason they re called your EX girlfriend or boyfriend, because they don t want to be anywhere near you or in your life. lila1965 responded: PrincessKomomo and Chev06 I do agree with both of you I myself is using No contact to move on with my life eve though he wants to stay in contact as friends, its the best thing for me because its too painful to stay in contact. I tried trust me I tried to be a phone friend with him initially but it didnt work because he stopped calling me baby and kept using my first name, that hurted me so much. It simply didnt work. so i told him politely to stop contact me and Why In the case of Chev06 i see where you are coming from. Because if you want ur ex back a prolonged period of no contact may look like you have moved on and no longer have any interest. I grow up thinking that men should always be the initiator dont matter who did the breaking up. But the dating rules have evolved so much I dont really know whats the rules. I guess its a cultural thing. To me , only my opinion I beleive women are more emotional than men, If the rule say we should let them pursue us. then let the men lead the relationship. I always say the relationship is up to the man becasue once a man dont want it no more, no more attraction we as women acn beg, cry and holler he wont budge. Men can alwys talk us back in a relationship that we no longer feelimng. The trick men is to

talk, talk, talk, u will get tired but its the only thing that works, give her a space maybe a week and the pursue her again.. be persistent and consistent. Kira responded: Well it s been about 2 weeks of heartbreak I did not read about no contact and I really wish I did at this point. My ex randomly broke it off with me after a year but had bought me a ring and even told my son he wanted to be a major role in his life, he had told me he needed time to clear his head over an argument we had a month prior he said he couldn t bounce back.. Automatically I jumped and acted out of emotions carrying on with texts and being pathetic, he changed his status to single not even a day letter of our break up and left without even a face to face and disappeared out of my sons life with no good bye to him.. as a result I deleted anyone and everyone from my facebook that was associated with him (even family) out of embarrasement.. after days of speaking to him and texting I realized last week I needed to just stop contacting him it s been five days and I know I should be doing this for me but I m wondering if he will ever realize what he had done and with the reality of me not being around would he come to his senses.. suldenflu responded: My guy wants space. He wants to date other people and be free. 62 years old and acts like a teenager. Do you think the nc rule will help When he told me this I loaded up my belongings and when he said see you round I said no you won t. He looked really shocked and a little teary eyed. Arlene responded: Suldenflu - boys will be boys Hopefully, he is mature enough so that if he wants you back he will act soon, and not mess around with games. NC will be good for you though, help you leave him in the passed instead of putting up with his nonsense. Annonymous responded: I ve done the NC rule 2x with the same person. We were friends, but acted like boyfriend and girlfriend. My feelings were getting to envoled so I figured it was best we didn t talk since he only wanted to be friends and I wanted more. After both times I initiated the no contact rule he still called me The second time took a little longer, but he still did Though I was hurting, I was okay with the fact that we were no longer talking. I was ready to accept him out of my life and move on with NC. After we started talking the second time after the NC rule, I thought I d be alot stronger and okay with the fact of us being friends. Boy was I wrong. Feelings of course came rushing back again. So today I initiated NC for the third time. I m not sure why this guy is so interested in being my friend He knows how I feel, so why does he keep interrupting my life to gain the BFF status from me I m not sure if he ll call again this time though. gymgirlie responded: You have done this to a guy who doesn t usually regard what you say much anyway. I want more than friendship, I want no contact. He just does what he wants, when he wants. Doomedtoremember responded: Sometimes the NC rule will come back to haunt you. I had a girlfriend who dumped me 30 years ago with really no reason she ever gave. At that point I entered a NC rule and although she contacted me a few times after that I kept up that rule. Now 30 years later for whatever reason I keep thinking of her and it brings back that lingering pain. So now that I m much older maybe being so stolid in keeping up the NC rule for so long was not such a good idea. Annonymous responded: @gymgirlie Are you saying he s looking at me as a joke He ll do what he wants to do with me Odly enough, I ve felt like that. I know that he doesn t want to be with me and keeping

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his options open especially because he s told me on numerous occasions that he wants to settle down. I guess just not with me .lol. I get tired of being everybodys muse. @Doomedtoremember Don t sell yourself short. I wouldn t be surprised if she was thinking about you to. kirstyleanne responded: Weve been broken up for 4 weeks now. I didnt start no contact straight away and instead i sent him lots of texts begging him to take me back. He got annoyed, he said we needed time and promised he d contact some time but i just kept annoying him by contacting. I ve not contacted him for a whole week now and i got to greece for the next two weeks. How long am i meant to wait, will he still contact like he said, or did i make him too mad gymgirlie responded: You need to let him make the first move. Period. You wait, until he contacts you. I know its so hard. But its so important. You need to stop talking to men and just start watching them. kirstyleanne responded: So you dont think he will break his promise just because i made him mad gymgirlie responded: Depends. Don t know why you broke up. But the thing is it is so important to make him miss you by being gone for awhile. You have to let a guy lead the relationship. Otherwise, you are just his little sister or his mom. kirstyleanne responded: He said he hadn t been happy because towards the end of our relationship college was stressing me out and i use to get moody sometimes and take it out on him. He said the spark had gone. He said he didnt want to lose me out his life completly and thats why he said we should be friends. But then i dont know if he wants to do that now because i annoyed him by panicking and begging/cofessining my undying love etc. We were together 18months. gymgirlie responded: He may have used that excuse and it may be partly true. But the interest, even when your a perfect girlfriend, sometimes wanes from a partner. He may just not be ready and those little things didn t take as much as you thought. But definitely, is to go silent mode and go one with life and wait for him to contact you. You need to show him that you have some self control. If you contact first, you lose. If he never calls, you know he just wasn t as serious as you and don t be so hard on yourself. It wasn t all your fault. kirstyleanne responded: Yeah ive not contacted for a week now, and im in greece for the next 2 weeks aswel. ive got some dvds of his and hes got an earring of mine but someone said to me he might just not be bothered about them .. but there still his so i dont think he d do that. gymgirlie responded: To anon, yes, he doesn t have much regard for your requests or needs. caren012 responded: Well I got to say this method really works I m starting to heal little by little I was heartbroken when my boyfriend broke up with me he told me he was stressed and had a lot going on and might even go away so he couldn t b in a relationship like almost 2 weeks later I find out that he s with his ex so that really made me angry that s why I made the decision that I don t want him in my life anymore he recently Texted me saying I hope your ok do you guys think I m doing r the right thing

Single In Atlanta responded: @caren012 I think you re doing the right thing. I mean he wasn t to stress to link back up with his ex girlfriend. I hate when guys do stupid things. Anyways, I m not a guy, but I feel that if a guy wants to be with you he ll be with you. Anon 2 responded: What if your ex is giving you mixed signals One minute saying he s not bothered about speaking but the next he initiates contact I confronted him and he said he didn t have feelings for me and I have said its so hard for me to have a friendship with him, we split up 5 months ago and i m sure his next relationship will be coming soon as I met him 6 months after his last relationship. I m dreading the day I find out because it s going to break my heart again. I just want him back. Any suggestions on whether no contact will be a good idea for us or not Janessa Steward responded: I broke up with my ex after 3 months of takling then 6 weeks of official dating (I got scared). We continued to hang out and talk like we were in a relationship for 6 weeks after that. Then he was leaving for the summer so he said he thought we should see other people. While he was gone, we talked a couple of times a week. He came back and was messaging/facebooking every day. Some nights we d talk for 2 or 3 hours (once a week). I asked him to hang out and he said yes, then bailed last minute. The next weekend we were at this festival and he seemed excited that i was going. He found me and my group, introduced me to two of his best friends and hung out for a couple minutes. THen talked to these two girls the rest of the night. I ignored him. When I left, he was messaging me again asking if I had fun. The next day, he said he thinks it s to early for us to be hanging out with eachother again. I told him I was going to move on and respect his decisions and go no contact. Today was a week and a half and I got a facebook chat message from him saying, "Ok, times up. I want to be friends again. Hello, how are you " I responded with hi, but I have things to do. Then I left. What do I do now gymgirlie responded: You stop falling for his blatent disrespect and his games and stop wasting your time with someone who isn t as serious as you are and bails the minute he has to. In other words, stop investing in his words and only go by his behavior. The behavior speaks volumes. The words just hide what he is really all about. am i a rebound? responded: am i just a rebound this girl was with her fella for 5 years 15-20 years old we met her relationship was dead between them she went on holiday we txt like 100 times a day and got massive phone bills she comes back spend 4 days of pure sex and doing stuff together and was amazing telling me she wants to marry me have kids everthing all so quick and that we are perfect but then she says she wants it to slow down so i do but was hard when she offerd me everything then took it away we have had silly arguments but then sort it out but she now says she wants space and to be single i say ok but then we start txting again and i mean 100s a day love you etc. she came round the sat before i went on a lads hol we had lots of sex then i went on my holiday txtin all the time im back now and she says she wants space to be single and the only man she wants in her life is her dad i dont know what to do i have mega fallen for her and we propa match up theres a spark but i dont wanna be fuked about whats your advise people please lol our last txt was yesterday x dancn50h responded: My ex-bf broke up with me over 3months ago.I tried the NC and when he textd me a few days after our break up I didnt reply. I sent him an email about telling ppl about our break up, he said he was cool with it. This hurt seemed like he didn t care. I did the NC for a month, because i read that it would help him miss me. hA few days before xmas I emailed him because I wanted to know he was, he replied, said he d been on holiday and felt lonely. He

texted me on Xmas day which saddened me because I still hadn t told my parents, but that night I did and burst out crying semi drunk. I decided to text him new years eve, because he had textd me xmas day, he replied which was good. When I got back I saw he had changed his profile pic where he was with another girl. I sent him an email about how it hurt that he could date so soon. There was no reply so a week later I sent him an upbeat one, he replied and said he was dating the girl in his pic. I replied and said that this hurt me as well as asking to see him. We would otherwise have no other way of bumping into each other because we live in different areas. I m out west and he stays central. I am still waiting on his reply. His birthday is tommorrow and i plan to text him a happy birthday. I miss him and love him deeply, I don t know if the NC helped at all. Wraithwulf responded: A great article. I ve been under the NC thing for almost three years. Just, sort of, kind of broke it the other day. I had a messy break up with my ex, and though no official "NC" was established (She wanted to remain friends, but I elected to break contact until further notice in order to heal.). It s been three years now, with no contact whatsoever, and on the advice of some friends, I composed a letter. It pretty much explains my feelings about the whole thing (I was the one who got dumped, in case you re wondering.), in a polite and non-argumentative way. I mentioned that there are still feelings here on my end, and that I do miss some of the things we d do together. But I also mentioned that I wasn t asking (Begging is the implied word.) for a second chance, nor did I expect one. But I pretty much hinted that I wouldn t mind giving it another shot if she wanted to. I don t expect a reply to my message but I certainly hope I get one. I mainly did it for myself, to give myself some sort of closure, and possibly take the small chance of getting back together. I thought your article was great, and to be honest, I wish I had known more about NC those three years ago. Part of me says I should have contacted her earlier, and now it s way too late. If you wouldn t mind, could you offer me your opinion on the matter, or someone who reads this. A little insight would be greatly appreciated. night_orchid responded: Hi Wraithwulf, I read your previous posting and responded but I will add that if you are perhaps interested in getting back, don t pretend you are not. Be straight forward with your intentions. If she is still interested and does respond to you, I believe that time is irrelevant if genuine affection is involved. Single In Atlanta responded: It s been months since I posted on this NC Rule when I initiated it. This was back in the day when I thought I was in love with this particular person and thought I couldn t go a day without him. Waiting next to the phone hoping he would call and that the NC Rule would work. Get over it! The reason I m saying this is because I m still getting updates from people not knowing what to do and sounding like they can t live without their ex or the person they think they re in love with It really almost sounds pathetic. Not trying to be obnoxious because I ve totally been there. You really need to forget about these rules and move on. If you initiate the NC Rule, just stick with it. Stop worrying about what they re doing and how their life is. They obviously didn t care that much about you, so why stress yourself out I promise you, sooner or later you ll be like "Ex-Who " Life s too short to be unhappy. Enjoying your life is far more productive then waiting for him/her to call you. Always remember that if your ex treats you like he doesn t give a s**t, it s because he doesn t give a s**t. Take Care of Yourselves. =)

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gymgirlie responded: It doesn t happen like that for all people. People who believe in this no contact rule are always hoping for one thing. That the ex misses them and comes back. Without understanding why the ex did the grand goodbye, people remain desperate for answers and for hope. But the NC rule should be performed long before they get dumped in the first place and it should be less contact when the now ex was being complacent. Too many people do not know how to read others and go along blindly and do not read the signs until much later after they have time to think about it. Many people even ignore the signs because they do not how to use moderation and "NC" in the first place. And many people are on this site because they are heart broken. Getting over it is easier said than done. Never dole out advice to just wish away feelings unless you have walked a mile in their shoes. Dynamics and circumstances. Wraithwulf responded: Except that when you were so emotionally invested in another person, it s near impossible to just "shut off" your feelings towards them. It doesn t work like that. Apparently, not everyone is as perfect as you at severing their longing and love like you are. I envy that you were able to just "drop it" like that and walk away Pathetic I think not. Many people, many otherwise well-adjusted people go through this same situation. It s what happens when you really and truly love someone. The fact that you can call it pathetic, yet turn around and say you ve "been there" does not help me believe that you -have- been there. Single In Atlanta responded: Guess I haven t been in love like that lol. Good luck to you guys. I chose to be happy. =) calvin responded: i pushed my ex away and she broke up with me. she said she wanted me to forget her "but not forget her". she initiated the no contact and i was fine with it for like a month because i was busy, but then i had time to think and i realized how much i missed her and what not. i went crazy for her and started trying to call her and write her and she kept the no contact, basically ignoring me. i wrote her a couple love letters and she responded. i talked to her for a week and we were talking about how we loved each other and how we were gonna meet up (long distance). then she started the no contact again, im guess becasue i was just pretty much confessing my love for her every conversation. i stopped contacting her for a week but i sent her an email telling her i respect her "NC" and i will not attempt to call her anymore. my question is; did i screw up by showing her how pathetic i was for her has she moved on do you think after a couple months she wont think of me anymore maximus responded: so what happends if the person that does the NC gets a boyfriend will she still be thinking about me or will she have moved on how is this rule suppose to work if each person is just dating other people i dont understand Mowee responded: Oh my.. My ex and I was in a long-term relationship with STRONG feelings for one another! Even when he broke up with me he cried, he weren t all certain, but he was firm in his decision, he were even angry with me, and sometimes, having an indifferent approach.. is this normal during a breakup We have NC ed for 37 days, and I m thinking of reconnecting soon.. I only begged and pleaded for 2 days, so I weren t all clingy and left with somewhat of my dignity He were almost more committed than I was, so I really hope that if I reconnect he will be happy, but he seems to move on and have a great time with friends, when we were together we were ALWAYS together, never left space for friends.. Bad idea, now I m



left with almost NONE, spend all my time with him.. I want him back, but also a life besides now I understand, I just hope when I reconnect he will want to meet me.. I m a little scared.. princess14 responded: I love my ex but hes family keeps getting in our way.. I dont know what to do.. We are not together after 2years 1/2.. I feel awful. xjabx89 responded: I am currently going through a very sad breakup and my ex has told me that time and not talking to her will do the trick of getting over her and then we can become friends. now i have mangaged to stop contacting her after the breakup for about 2 weeks but today i went to her fb page, which is something i have been doing non stop and i sw her profile pic was of her hugging her new boyfirned. it hurt me and it set me back. now, i have been obsessed with visiting her facebook even though we are not connected on there anymore so i decided to email her asking if she could block me..because i m not strong enough to stop myself from going on it. i was wondering if i shouldn t have done that or if it was a good idea to email her that i feel that blocking me would really help me to move on. and i m tired of looking at her facebook. i need to be stop somehow. :( gymgirlie responded: The misery is she was slowly disconnecting it and you went through with her recommendation of no contact which gave you hope but really it was her weak cowardly way of letting you down slowly. All you need to know is you got the nice soft dumpola and now you need to understand since you know the real reason plus accept you aren t going to be friends because that is also a nice way of saying bye nicely. So it s just you are coming out of shock of the truth and need validation and spybook .f book was your only inlet. But at least now you know what no contact really means.