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of Architecture ART APPRECIATION: INTERNAL ASSIGNMENT -II Introduction Date- 8th March 2011 Presentation date- 5th April 2011 1. Plato- Views on art, mimesis, beauty, order etc. Refer to his writing The Republic (Theory of Ideas), Symposium, Philebus. (with references from Socrates) 2. Aristotle- Views on art, mimesis, beauty, etc. Refer to his writing-Poetics. Also do - Plotinus and his Ennead. 3. David Hume- Views on Aesthetic judgement and standard of taste- ReferTreatise on Human Nature, Essays: moral, political and literary. 4. Immanuel Kant- On judgements of taste and the sublime and the beautiful. Refer- The Critique of Judgement 5. G.W.F Hegel- On beauty and art- Refer his writing- Introduction to Aesthetics 6. Clive Bell and his aesthetic hypothesis- Refer to his book- Art. 7. A.K. Coomarswamy- on beauty in Indian Art- Refer- The Dance of Shiva 8. John Dewey- on experiencing art- Refer to Art as Experience. 9. Martin Heidegger on origin of art- Refer-Poetry, Language, Thought. 10. R.G. Collingwood- On artistic creation, imagination and expression etc. Refer- The Principles of Art 11. Shih-tao- on the process of painting- Refer- Quotes on Painting. 12. Hseih Ho- Six Canons of Chinese Painting. 13. Chitrasutra Visnudharmottara- Guna and Dosa- Merits and demerits in painting. 14. Sigmund Freud (psychoanalyst)- on Conscious and Subconscious mind. 15. Abhinava Gupta- Concept of Dhvani and Rasa 16. Saussure and Semiotics- general theory in relation to art and architecture. 17. Structuralism 18. Post Structuralists 19. Derrida- Deconstruction. 20. Michel Foucalt The Order of Things OR Foucalts Philosophy of Art- A genealogy of modernity- by Joseph J. Tanke

21. Roland Barthes- Image Music Text OR Camera Lucida 22. Deleuze- Thousand Plateaus : Ontology of Art 23. John Berger- Ways of Seeing 24. Susan Sontag- On Photography 25. Rabindranath Tagore- Meaning of Art and The Religion of the Artist 26. Abanindranath Tagore- Bageshwari lectures OR Sadanga- Six Limbs of Indian Painting 27. K.G. Subramanyan Moving Focus OR Living Tradition OR Creative Circuit 28. Geeta Kapur- When was Modernism For Architecture buffs: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Vitruvius- Refer to Ten Books on Architecture Mansara Samaranga Sutradhara Alberti- Renaissance Le Corbusier- Refer to Towards a New architecture

Note: The skit is to be of 3 minutes and can extend to a maximum of 5 min. and should include all major points. You can use the projector to create the mood by projecting images to create the relevant back ground or show images which are pertaining to the script. The script and images along with a one page summary of your understanding are to be submitted as one folder (named as per the philosopher) in a combined class CD. You should use props to reflect the character and the time. All the groups are of two students. You could use one or two more characters apart from yourselves but the challenge is actually in doing it in the group of two by playing more than one character. You could also use placards to point out at the most important words/ thoughts related with the theory. Use of light and a special arrangement of space is your choice! Make sure you have the support system for changing background, light and spatial arrangements until unless that too is integrated with the action pertaining to the script. Absentees from any group will be marked zero. Submission of script: 28th March 2011 for Section A and 29th March 2011 for Section B. The Skit- The Day of Rasa- of pure aesthetic delight: 5th April 2011 for both Sections from 2:00pm onwards. Please note that the date 5th April 2011 is tentative. Shall be confirmed soon.

Parul Kiri Roy