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Ministero degli Affari Esteri Candidatura Borse di Studio

Nationality (or country of residence if Italian citizen permanent resident abroad) VIETNAM

Name Surname E-mail Sex Citizenship I.R.E. (foto) Country of birth Place of birth Country of residence Mailing address

KIM BACH LE F VIETNAMESE No VIETNAM HANOI VIETNAM Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) 10/11/1988

BACKIM11@YAHOO.CO.UK Phone +84903415877

Scolarship type Scholarship requested NEW REQUEST 1.Italian Language short course: No University Faculty 2.Single university examination: No University Faculty Name of the course of study Name of the Professor 3.Degree course: S University UNIVERSIT DI BOLOGNA Faculty LETTERE E FILOSOFIA Degree in DISCIPLINE DELLE ARTI, DELLA MUSICA E DELLO SPETTACOLO (0956) 4.Course of higher education in music and arts: No Institution Name of the course of study 5.Italian language and culture courses: No University Level of the selected course Student who took at least two italian language courses

6.Ph.D.: No University Faculty Ph.D. in 7.Master: No Level Master in Institution 8.Course of specialization: S Specialization area in CUCINA OR CAFFEE

9.Indipendent research: No Research Title Name of the course of study University Faculty

Number of scolarship rates requested 9 Selected University UNIVERSIT DI BOLOGNA Selected University #2 UNIVERSIT DI SAPIENZA ROMA Selected University #3 UNIVERSIT DEL CAFE TRIESTE Beginning from (mm/yyyy) 07/2012 Ending (mm/yyyy) 03/2013

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Ph.D. obtained

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Research Project (in Italian or in English

Letters of recommendation Professor (name and surname) #1 University #1 Course #1 Professors contacts (email and phone) #1 Professor (name and surname) #2 University #2 Course #2 Professors contacts (email and phone) #2

Previous and current working experiences Activity STAFF IN ITALIAN RESTAURANT Duration from / to 2010, NOV/ NOW

Activities you plan to attend when back in your Country Dear the representative of Italian goverment's Borseonline, As for this request, I hope that i'd be given the chance to explain my future plan in your scholarship's interview in this May. On the hand, i have to explain here is due to some unable to fix connection's errors, i'm sorry that i could not update my passport through the port given in your detailed and careful instructions on the top of this application page. Sincerely, i'll be very grateful if there is any chance my PASSPORT ATTACHMENT, which was compressed into a RAR file and labeled with my name: LE BACH KIM, in the following link could be applied instead: If only is my difficulty considered and sympathized for, i'll have to thank you for the precious help of you. Though, however the final result is, thank you very much for your attentions and regards. With respect, Applicant Le Bach Kim How did you get to know our scholarship? THROUGH ITALIAN CULTURAL AND LANGUAGE CENTER --DANTE ALGHIERI HANOI

By my signature, I certify that the information provided is complete and true. I confirm that I have read and fully understood the instructions to applicants for an Italian scholarship for university or art studies and that I will comply with the rules enumerated therein if I should be granted a scholarship.