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1. Which of the following are part of an AE program ?

(choose 3)
 Section
 Procedure
 Step
 Function
 Action

2. Where are workflow work items found ?

 Email
 Worklist
 Forms
 File server

3. Where do you need to install connectivity software? (choose 3)

 file server
 web server
 batch server
 App server
 two tier client

4. Which process is used for running AE programs which are to be run at a

frequency of less than a day ?
 PSAppsrv

5. In the following url

which one is the component definition?
 c

6. Which of the following are Record field events ? (choose 3)

 FieldChange
 SearchSave
 ScrollEdit
 RowSave
 SavePreChange
7. Which of the following fires after the database is updated?
 SavePreChange
 SavePostChange
 SaveEdit
 RowDelete

8. If you want to log into DataMover in Bootstrap mode, you would login as..
 Database superuser
 Peoplesoft superuser
 Data Mover Superuser
 Security Administrator

9. Which of the following commands can be run in Bootstrap mode?


10. Your Onsite DBA has called you up and told you that one of the tables
PS_ABC_TAO has grown very big in size. Based on the standard naming
convention, you have determined that the record is a temporary record since it
ends with _TAO

You look into the database and decide that that the data is not required any more.

You ask the DBA to delete the data in the table.

Next day you get a call from an irritated user who says that a daily process that took
only 1 minute to run is taking about 2 hours today. You look into his process and find
that it uses PS_ABC_TAO as a temporary table.

What would you suggest the DBA to do ?

 Drop table
 Re-create table
 Update statistics on the table
 Refresh the table with yesterday’s data

11. You want to update your password and enter a hint for forgotten password. What
would you access?
 Access Profile
 Permission Lists
 User Profile
 Primary Permission List
1.For downloading patches and fixes , you have gone to the customer connection and
looking under 8 april, 2000 and see Report IDS like R-CCHEN-VP14JM. What does R
stand for ?

2. After logging into customer connection, you wish to search for fixes/patches. What
are the search criterias available ? (choose 3)
Report ID
Date / time
Developer ID

3. You are a PeopleSoft Partner and wish to get information on database performance
benchmark ( or something like this)
Where would you look for the info ?
Partner Alliance
Alliance Partner
PeopleSoft Knowledge base
Partner knowledge base
(there was one more choice)

Next Set

1. Which command shuts down an application server domain using a “forced”

shutdown method?
a. psadmin -c shutdown -d ps800dmo
b. psadmin -c forceshutdown -d ps800dmo
c. psadmin -c boot -d ps800dmo
d. psadmin -c shutdown! -d ps800dmo

2. The DB User mentioned in Connect ID should have permission to which Three

PeopleSoft Tables?

3. Which of the Task cannot be done through PSADMIN?

a. View Status of Application Server Processes
b. Stopping Process scheduler Server
c. Starting Web Server
d. Registering Application Server and Process Scheduler as NT Services
4. What is the configuration file that contains the entire collection configuration
values for a given application server domain?

5. The application server dynamically scales server processes according to the

volume of transaction requests— which is known as?
a. Dynamic Scalar
b. Spawning
c. Short Hand Notation
d. Process Scheduling

6. What the following command will do?

psadmin -p start -d hrdmo
a. Starts the Application Server
b. Starts an AE Process
c. Starts a Web Server Process
d. Starts a Process Scheduler

7. The initial values that you see in PSADMIN are derived from the configuration
template that you select when you create your domain. Where these templates
reside in the system?
a. C:\TEMP in the Application Server
b. PS_HOME/pt842/bin in the Application Server
c. PS_HOME/appserv in the Application Server
d. PS_HOME/templates in the Application Server

Answer Key

1. d
2. a,c,e
3. c
4. a
5. b
6. d
7. c
1) PeopleSoft’s hub to handle complex system-to-system interactions.
a) Application Server
b) Web Server
c) Integration Broker
d) Integration Engine

2) From the following statements which one is NOT true about Pub Broker:
a) Pub Broker Dispatcher polls message queue at 15-second intervals (by
b) Pub Broker Handler gets NEW publications from the Dispatcher
c) Pub Broker is invoked after Pub Contractor Handler evaluates
routing rules and writes contract(s)
d) Pub Broker
e) Interacts with Pub Message Queue, Routing Rules, Pub Contract Queue

3) Non Repudiation property can be set

a) PIA-.PeopleTools->Integration Broker->Node Definition
b) Application Designer->Message Channel->Properties
c) Application Designer->Message ->Properties
d) PIA-.PeopleTools->Integration Broker->Monitor->Message Details

4) Which is a record that PeopleTools adds to every level of the Message Structure
during processing


1) C
2) C
3) A and C
4) A

1. Which of the following is NOT TRUE in Component Interface (CI) Architecture?

a) Properties & Collections of a CI map to Fields & Scrolls of a Component

b) A component interface can be mapped to multiple PeopleSoft
c) Keys of a CI map to Component Search Keys of a Component
d) Methods are used to find, create, modify or delete data

2. The main attributes of a Component Interface (CI) are

a) Component Search Keys, Peoplecode Functions and Fields & Scrolls

b) Keys, Properties & Collections and Methods only
c) Name, Properties & Collections and Methods only
d) Keys, Properties & Collections, Methods and Name
e) a and b only

3. Which of the following are TRUE when a Component Interface (CI) is created on
component that has “Add” action enabled

a) Get keys, Create keys and Find keys gets created automatically
b) Get keys and Find keys are only created
c) Only the standard methods are created for the CI
d) The Create method alone gets created for the CI
e) The Create method is created alongwith the other Standard methods
for the CI

4. Which one of the following are standard properties when a Component Interface
(CI) is created

a) GetHistoryItems
b) GetInfoCollection (SHOULD HAVE BEEN
c) CreateInfoCollection(SHOULD HAVE BEEN

d) InteractiveMode
e) a & d only
f) a, c & d only

5. With reference to the Component Interface Tester which of the following is NOT

a) GetExisting option is equivalent to opening a record in Update/Display

Mode only
b) Create New option is equivalent to creating a new record in Add mode
c) GetExisting option is equivalent to opening a record in
Update/Display or Correction mode online
d) Find option is equivalent to searching a record
e) When a record is saved a return value of 1 indicates success

6. The following are various steps that describes the peoplecode logic while
implementing a Component Interface
(i) Get the Component Interface
(ii) Populate the Create Keys
(iii) Establish a user session
(iv) Populate the required fields
(v) Create an Instance of the CI
(vi) Save the CI
Which of the following sequence is valid?
a) (i), (ii), (iii), (v), (iv), (vi)
b) (iii), (i), (ii), (iv),(v), (vi)
c) (iii), (i), (iv), (v), (ii), (vi)
d) (iii), (i), (ii), (v), (iv), (vi)
e) (ii), (iii), (i), (v), (iv), (vi)

7. Which of the following can be mapped as Find Keys for a Component Interface

a) Search Keys
b) Alternate Search Keys
c) A OR b
d) A AND b
e) Only key fields can be mapped as Find Keys


3.A &E

1) When do configuration changes made using the configuration

manager take effect?

a) Once you save the changes and exit the Configuration Manager.

b) After exiting PeopleSoft and rebooting your workstation.

c) Immediately upon saving the changes.

d) Once you exit PeopleSoft and log back in.

e) After you shutdown the database and application servers and then

2) The Connect ID edit box must contain a value or the user can't sign on to the system in a
two-tier environment
a) True
b) False
3) The example below demonstrates the use of SQR flags in the 
configuration manager directories folder: 

­F C:\PSHrms\Sqr\
What do the above SQR flags signify to the SQR Report Writer upon 
   a) Specifies the path to the ALLMAXES.MAX file 
b) Directs log messages to the specified file 
c) Sets full path to and name of the SQR initialization file 

d) Specifies the output path 
e) Specifies the path to SQC include files

4) The Trace tab in Configuration Manager only traces Windows client (two-tier) interactions
a) True
b) False

5) You can assign multiple databases and application servers to a single profile. But, each
database and application server must be assigned to only one profile
a) True
b) False

1) d
2) a
3) d
4) a
5) a

1.PeopleCode variables (global, component, local, and parameter), method, and property names
can now be up to _______ characters long
a) 1000
b) 2000
c) 500
d) 1500
2. Peoplecode attached with Push Button can be associated with which of the following events?
a) Field Edit
b) Field Change
c) Save Edit
d) Field Edit, Field Change
e) Field Edit,Field Change,Save Edit

3. Activate Event is Valid for following

a) Standard
b) Secondary
c) Standard , Secondary &Sub Page
d) Standard & Secondary

4. A PeopleCode program is automatically saved to a file while you’re working on it. This
checkpoint will NOT occur at which the following times:
a) Every 10 keystrokes.
b) Every 5 Mins
c) On a save command, just prior to the save being executed
d) When another PeopleCode program is selected to be edited

5. Interlink data type can be declared as

a) Global
b) Local
c) Global & Component
d) Componet & Local

6. The following ApiObject data type objects can’t be declared as Global:

a) Session
b) PSMessages collection
c) PSMessage
d) Query classes
e) JavaObject

7. DoSave( ) can be called from one of the following events

a) FieldEdit, FieldChange, MenuItemSelected
b) MenuItemSelected, Save Prechange & SavePostChange
c) SaveEdit , SavePostChange, and Workflow
d) SaveEdit, SavePreChange, SavePostChange, and Workflow

8. Display Characteristics are associated with which peolecode event

a) RowInit
b) Field Change
c) Field Edit
d) A & B
e) A & C

1. Two Program views of AE Program?

a). Definition, Program flow
b). Definition, Program view
c). Program view, Object view
d). None of the above

2. Maximum number of Actions in a Step?

a). 8
b). 6
c). 7
d). 9

3. In Call Section – Action it is possible to leave the Program ID with blank Value in certain
a) True
b) False

4. State Record can be Dynamic Record?

a) True
b) False

5. AE does Parse SQL?

a) True
b) False

6. –Trace 255 command line option produces the trace file with the name?
a). PI.AET
c). PD.AET
d). None of the above

7. People Soft allows multiple long fields per State Record?

a). True
b). False

8. Let us take a Temp Table TMP_TAO.

In People Tools options the following instance settings are done
Temp Table Instances (Total) : 5
Temp Table Instances (Online): 4
In AE1 App Engine Program the instance count to TMP_TAO is 3
In AE2 App Engine Program the instance count to TMP_TAO is 5.

How many instances are created to TMP_TAO ?

a) 8
b) 17
c) 13
d) 12

9. The physical, dedicated tables are locked at the time the Application Engine program is
loaded into memory?
a). True
b). False

10. To launch an Application Engine program from another App Engine program, which
one of the following is correct?
a). CallAppEngine
b). CallSection Action
c). a & b
d). None of the above


1. a
2. c
3. a
4. a
5. b
6. b
7. b
8. c
9. a
10. b

1. Can a business Process be used as a Navigator Home page ?

a. true
b. false
2. PSWORKLIST record is used for workflow routing . It should contains
minimum of .
a. 6 keys in Ascending orders
b. 6 keys in Descending orders
c. 5 keys in Ascending orders
d. 6 keys in descending can be Alternate search key.
3. We define business rules PeopleCode on
a. event definition
b. worklist record definition
c. worklist component record
d. worklist definition

4. Worklist for a particular user contains marked worked and reassigned buttons.
The reassigned button is set from
a. appdesigner -> worklist record - > properties
b. appdesigner -> event definition
c. appdesigner -> worklist definition
d. peopletools -> workflow-> business process definition
5. The field mapping button on worklist definition is used for for mapping the fields
of worklist record that can be visible on worklist message. We can assign the
following type of values to it
a. A constant value
b. A rule name
c. A role name
d. All of the above
6. TriggerBusinessEvent is used for triggering the workflow and its written
on workflow event. TriggerBusinessEvent has the syntax
a. TriggerBusinessEvent(BusProcess, BusActivity, BusStep ,BusEvent,);
b. TriggerBusinessEvent(BusProcess,BusActivity,BusEvent);
c. TriggerBusinessEvent(BusProcess,BusActivity,BusEvent,BusStep);
d. TriggerBusinessEvent(BusProcess,BusActivity, BusStep );

1. What is ERD?
a. drop-down chart of tree manager
b. business process map used fro work-flow
c. an organization structure of Business Unit
d. flow-chart of Business entities & their relationship (??)
e. a graphical representation of table & common fields between them

2. Single signon allows user to perform which 2 tasks?

a. bypass peoplesoft portal logon ()
b. view peoplesoft generated report without having logon separately
c. seamlessly navigate through peoplesoft applications
d. add additional security again to client’s session
e. enable window’s client logon to act seamlessly as peoplesoft logon (Ans)

3. Select 1 action required to 2-tier connection to peoplesoft 8?

a. update a user profile
b. executing query defined in peoplesoft query
c. running an upgrade/copy in application designer
d. updating personal data record for an employee
e. setting default database type in configuration manager (Ans)

4. Select 4 DBMS System table?

a. SQL Table (Ans)
b. SQL View (Ans)
c. Query View (Ans)
d. Dynamic view
e. Temporary Table (Ans)
f. Derived/Work record

5. Do not create new database user for peoplesoft user that add to system – which authentication ID
provide this? (select 1)
a. User ID
b. Access ID (Ans)
c. Connect ID
d. Symbolic ID

6. You must View Business Process map when a client asks you to – ?(select 1)
a. add a field to table
b. change mapping of data
c. change corporate logon on a page
d. create a report with data from multiple table
e. tell client what to do after terminating employee (Ans)

7. You want to copy a application data table in a flat file. Which data mover command you used for
this? (select 1)
a. Export (Ans)
b. Get
c. Save
d. Load
e. Set-output

8. Which command can not be executed on Application server? (select 1)

a. sqlexec
b. winexec (Ans)
c. sendmail
d. scrollselect
e. getmessage

9. Which statement of Deferred processing is true? (select 1)

a. it is relevant only to application accessed via window client
b. it can be diasable only by turning-off attribute on all component & page definition
c. it has no impact on performance for peoplesoft application accessed using PIA
d. it is effectively disabled if attribute is not set in component definition (regardless of page
& page field) settings
e. it can be selectively enabled or disabled for any field on a page & component
definition (Ans)

10. Which 3 upgrades might be included in patches & fixes for reports?
a. SQR (Ans)
b. Peoplecode (Ans)
c. Peoplebooks
d. Message catalog entries
e. Upgrades assistant template
11. If a Manger want’s to approve all request for employees, which process he will be do?
a. Rules (Ans)
b. Roles
c. Routings
d. Steps

12. Client has completed a peopletools upgrades & is now testing query – the client notices that one
SQL query is taking 1 hour to complete, when it was completed in 2 mins. in the previous case
a. bounce application server
b. reconfigure peoplesoft application server
c. delete process scheduler cache (Ans)
d. recreate index for record
e. set JVM Heap size.
13. A customer wants to modify only a particular application from his peoplesoft setup, which has led
to a halt in production. What will you do to ensure that all the prerequisites are the since the last
a. download the latest update
b. download only the licensed update
c. download all the applicable service packs. (Ans).

14. Where default style sheet specified for system wide access to peoplesoft using the portal in PIA
a. An application designer
b. In configuration manger
c. On web server
d. Setup>security links on maintain security menu
e. In peopletools options on peopletools utility menu (Ans)

15. Where the peoplecode is automatically generated in drag & drop situation?
a. activity, component, file layout
b. activity, AE, file layout
c. Business interlinks, component interface, file layout (Ans)
d. AE, component, component interface

16. What resources available to peoplesoft partner whom to obtain documentation for upcoming
a. partner alliance
b. partner connection (Ans)
c. alliance connection
d. peoplesoft connect
e. peoplesoft university

17. What does process profile control does?

a. the AE process
b. operator access to peoplesoft (Ans)
c. sequencing of process of job
d. the report & batch processing program
e. the run & output location for batch process

18. You have downloaded an application fix as a project from the customer connection. Where would
you upgrade it?
a. demo
b. production DB
c. development DB
d. application upgrade (Ans)

19. Customer wants to use new image in HRMS. Where it is stored?

a. file server
b. web server
c. batch server
d. DB server (Ans)
20. If you want to login to Data mover in bootstrap mode, you would login as –
a. database superuser (Ans)
b. peoplesoft superuser
c. data mover superuser
d. security administrator

1. Meta-SQL where is it stored.

a) Temp Table b) SQL Table c) Query Table d) Dynamic

2. In which one of the following views would you see the fields, criteria, and other details
associated with the current query?

a) Object view
b) Record view
c) Component view
d) Designer view
e) Query view

3. What are the steps involved in joining PS_JOB and PS_POSITION_DATA and forcing a
row to be returned even when there is NOT a match between the records while still maintaining
PS Query security?
Choice 1
Create a view and include the outer join as required as part of the view. Add View
to Query Tree. Select View as part of Query.
Choice 2
Create a view and include the outer join as required as part of the view. Select View as
part of Query.
Choice 3
Write an SQR to perform the outer join. Write the data to a temp table. Query the temp
table using PS Query.
Choice 4
Create a new record and include the outer join as required. Add Record to Query Tree.
Select Record as part of Query.
Choice 5
Create an expression within PS Query joining the two records and including the outer join
on the correct field.--------- (Possible only in Oracle)

4. How many security layers are involved in the PeopleSoft environment?

Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4
Choice 5

5. Which one of the following is NOT a component of the various tree types in the
PeopleSoft tree manager?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Setid/Effective date
Choice 3
Record definition
Choice 4
Tree structure
Choice 5

15. You have a situation where a field value changes, and you don't know how it changed.
There are two ways to find all references to a field.
Referring to the above information, which of the following two tools will help you find ALL
references to a field?
Choice 1
Find in PeopleCode (in Application Designer) and Find Object References (in Application
Choice 2
Find in PeopleCode (in Application Designer) and Cross Reference Reports
Choice 3
Find Object References (in Application Designer) and PeopleSoft Query
Choice 4
Find in PeopleCode (in Application Designer) and PeopleSoft Query
Choice 5
Find Object References (in Application Designer) and Cross Reference Reports

19. How does granting a user authority to start an application server affect other
authorizations granted to that same user?
Choice 1
None of the user's current authorizations are affected by the change.
Choice 2
All other authorizations are disabled until the user starts an application server.
Choice 3
Only authorizations granted to PeopleTools objects are disabled.
Choice 4
The user is no longer allowed to start a process scheduler service.
Choice 5
The user is granted full System Administrator access to the database in the three-
tier mode.

20. Report Output files are stored in

1. App Srv 2. Batch Srv 3. Web Srv 4. File Srv

21. Which process is used for running AE programs which are to be run at a frequency of
less than a day ?
 PSAppsrv

22. You are a PeopleSoft Partner and wish to get information on database
performance benchmark ( or something like this)
Where would you look for the info ?
Partner Alliance
Alliance Partner
PeopleSoft Knowledge base
Partner knowledge base
(there was one more choice)

23. For downloading patches and fixes , you have gone to the customer connection
and looking under 8 april, 2000 and see Report IDS like R-CCHEN-VP14JM. What
does R stand for ?

24. You have downloaded an Application fix as a project from the customer
connection. Whrere would you upgrade it to ?

Production db
development db
Application upgrade
25. Your company obtained the newest Application Release of PeopleSoft, and you need to
prepare for the upgrade. Upon reading the new Release Notes, you notice that changes
were made to two COBOL modules (batch programs).

You need to decide how to compare the current versions of these COBOL programs with the
versions delivered with the new PeopleSoft application release. Which would be the fastest
method of comparing these different versions?

a) Find Object References.

b) Application Designer, Compare Batch Programs.
c) Application Designer, Upgrade View.
d) Use non-PeopleSoft comparison tools.
e) Application Designer, Tools, Upgrade, Compare & Report.

28. What is PeopleSoft's recommended way to access panel groups and the business logic
associated with them outside of PeopleSoft online panels?
Choice 1
Component Interface
Choice 2
Application engine
Choice 3
Database agent
Choice 4
Application designer
Choice 5
Web client

32. Which of the tools below would you use to view the business process map display?

a) Tree manager
b) Security administrator
c) Utilities
d) Application designer
e) Navigator

34. Which one of the following situations requires the installation of database connectivity
software on the client workstation in a three-tier environment?

a) If you run application designer

b) If you wish to run a process on the server
c) If you run a SQL statement trace
d) If you wish to change an object in the database
e) If you need to perform an application upgrade
38. State Record can be Dynamic Record?
c) True
d) False

39. AE does Parse SQL?

b) True
b) False
40. –Trace 255 command line option produces the trace file with the name?
a). PI.AET
c). PD.AET
d). None of the above