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Curriculum Vitae

k.sandhya rani
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Objective To pursue a challenging career and be a part of progressive organization that gives me scope to enhance my knowledge, skill and reach the pinnacle in the field with determination, dedication and hard work.

SAS Skills:
Academic Qualifications

Examination / Degree M.Sc.,( Mathematics)

Year 2004-2006

Percentage 66.83%

K.U.University, Warangal Bachelor of Education (B.ED) K.U.University, Warangal

2002-2004 1999-2002 1997-1999

66.12% 66.22% 50.00%

Bachelor of Science (M.S.Cs)

K.U.University, Warangal XII (Board of Intermediate) MPC

X (Board of Secondary Education)



BASE SAS certified With 88%. Awarded first prize for Essay writing competition conducted During graduation

Technical Skills:
Operating Systems MS-DOS, Windows XP/2000 Professional. Languages Techncal Packages C, C++ ,.
: SAS - Base SAS , SAS stat , SAS macros, SAS Sql.

Project Profile:
Project # : AGE-RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION (AMD). Client : Environment : Divine soft. Base sas ,sas stat .

Object : To evaluate the effect of high dose vitamins C and E and development of AMD and visual acuity . Description: I was provided with an opportunity to do a highly skilled clinical trail project with statistical Analysis in SAS. My primary focus was to present the best results using statistical this project was with regards to Drusen Pigmanent abnormality, Slit lamp record, Drug type in the eyes with different age group .I have analyzed the effect of high-dose vitamins C and E ,Beta carotene, and Zinc supplement on Age-Related macular Degeneration progression and visual acuity . in this clinical trail project , I have used appropriate statistical tools and techniques like summary statistics ,one sample and two sample t test ,correlation ,regression ,multiple regression ,logistic regression , analysis of variance(ANOVA).

Personal Information:
Name Fathers Name Date of Birth Nationality Marital Status parmanent Address : : : : : : Koleti.Sandhya rani, Ravindher garu 10-07-1982 Indian unmarried D/o Koleti.Ravindher, Buruguphadu (vil) , chilukodu (Po.),Dornakal(mo), Warangal.-506381 9247891085 / 9848413459

Contact Details Mobile No. EMail ID

: :

Decleration I, here by declare that the above particulars are true and best of my knowledge. And I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned information.

Date: Place: Hyderabad.