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dey he, 1953 MEMORANDUM FOR She PALS, ACLIRG aLAD OF This SASETNATH there are transuitted reperts: Spocial Agent i, Very trety yours, a ard to call attention ot he considered to be a strone roo detween F and Eve Braun, in vi; . Ue vat winy he hed secured @ photograph of Eva’ Sraun viich d been taken from a recent issue of Life magazine. It wes belief that should Adolf Hitler still be alive the amily would know where he is 1o; seid studying the photographs of EY. Eva Braun, he was of the opinion that the two an were jee tical and that the true name of Eva Braun is actually a | | mse eae? thet he believed it was more than a coincide av the sister of Eva Braun referred to in the above mentioned article in a rgcent iss Life magazine should have the name Gretel, zfnce Eya so hed a sister named Greta or Gret a There are transmitted herewith for the possible e Bureau one copy of @ photograph of Eva and Greta end their mother, which photogreph was taken 11 » ane one enlargezent of the photograph of Zve wh, een copied from the originel photograph lil The din this office of the oa ‘was not endeavoring to repo: Mtter to the Averfcen Enbassy in Buenos Aires that was of a sensational nature, dut he felt that it was his duty to,submit the story set’forth above for wheat it was worth, It is suggested that the Bureau night possibly desire to refer the above story to the Allied Kilitary Govern- ment in Berlin, Germany, Very truly your: WIB/ens Enclosures 105-214 Thia will acknowledge receipt of your comsiunication of Septorber 20, ‘content of which has beon carefully noted. I want you to know that! ©4 courteay in writing to this Burcay are greatly appreciated, <7 Tn the event you recaive additional iinforeation which you bolieve - be of interest to the Federal Bureau ‘of Investigation, I want you to feel ‘free to comumicate with the 11 Agent in of our Meophts Field Dirdetons whieh Le located: at 2,01 :Storick Butlding, Memphis 3, Tonnessea.