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30 MW biomass based power generation plant . A. Making of a pre feasibility report based on agreed assumptions with management for final decision making .This would include following : a. Basic assumption sheet on capacity, fuel to be used, location, basic parameters of system, power sale prices, debt equity ball park fig.,grid connectivity , steam extractions etc. b. Heat and mass Balance Diagrams c. Balance of Fuel, Power and Steam d. Approx project costing based on Kushaahn Energy`s experience e. Financial assumptions. f. Revenue generation ,EBIDTA,PAT etc g. Cash Flow requirements as per procurement plan of equipment h. Loan repayment schedule i. IDC calculations j. Tax Calculations k. Break Even Point estimation l. Depreciation calculations m. Based on above , a tentative cash flow statement and Balance sheet This report will be totally data based report with no descriptive details . All relevant data shall be provided by the Client. This will NOT constitute a Detailed Project Report . The first draft shall be delivered within 7 days of placement of order along with advances. Thereafter , any suggested deletions, additions , corrections as per advise, requirement of management . We will give print outs for a maximum of THREE OPTIONS Once a management decision is taken to implement the project , then the scope of work for basic engineering and procurement services will be as follows: The scope of work will include following: 1. Preparation of Project Basis and Assumption. 2. Preparation of Heat & Mass Balance Diagram as Basis for Basic engineering. 3. Based on above a balance of Steam, Power and Fuel shall be given. 4. Agreeing to basis parameters of the Power Plant Pressure / Temperature / days operation / other biomass usage. 5. Preparation of Basis specifications / data formats / applicable code /documents from vendor /scope of supplies /special terms etc for inviting quotations from 2/3 vendors for following packages :

a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.

Turbine Boiler ESP Water Treatment Plant Cooling Tower Fuel Handling Plant Ash Handling Plant HT panels & Export Bay ( excluding LT panel/transmission lines ) Distribution & Export Transformers Mail Steam Line from Boiler to Turbine ( no stress analysis )

6. Making comparative statements technical & commercial 7. Kushaahn Energy will also give a tentative data based evaluation of major vendors like Turbine, Boiler and ESP based on technical capability, financial capability, Quality systems, design Capability etc. This will be based on Kushaahn`s experience . If so required , the client can feed in his own evaluation data / grade in format given by us . 8. A comprehensive cost Estimate of total project cost as per experience of Kushaahn Energy Services Pvt.Ltd. 9. Making Draft purchase orders for selected parties .

Exclusions: 1. No Civil work/design 2. No commercial discussion participation unless invited by Client 3. No travel to vendor site for any inspection or checking. 4. No other package or equipment other than mentioned above in scope . 5. No equipment for further integration of major packages .( cables , piping cement , steel , supports , ladders , any other schedule etc not included ) 6. No Fuel survey or assessment of biomass availability in the region. 7. No supervision during fabrication, erection or commissioning included. If it is required , it will be discussed and agreed separately. Delivery : 1. We shall give hard copies of formats / lists / conditions etc. 2. We shall give soft copies of all documents PDF format 3. Total time shall be approx 3-4 months with a schedule starting with Turbine/ Boiler and ESP as first in first month followed by other packages Vendors :As of now the tentative vendors are as follows : Siemens , Triveni , IJT , Cheema Boilers , Thermax ,Thermodyne,CVL, Ion Exchange , Doshi Ion , Rollcon , Shin Nippon , Volt Amp , RIMA transformers , Clyde & Bergman , Himenviro , PAharpur Cooling Towers, Paltech Cooling Towers etc .

Fee: A. The fee for preparation of a pre feasibility report shall be 1.50 Lac Rs . a. 60% payable as advance and balance against delivery of report. b. For any options beyond three as stipulated above , an additional 10000/Rs shall be charged. B. For Basic engineering and procurement Services The total professional fee for one (1 nos) biomass based power generation plant of 10-30 MW shall be Rs 19.75 Lac.( Rupees nineteen Lac seventy five thousand only) All taxes and duties shall be extra as applicable . All travel, boarding / lodging if required shall be extra- to be organized by Client . C. For services during erection and commissioning it shall be discussed separately depending on availability of personnel at that time. Payment terms : 30% advance along with firm order 25% on compiled statements for Turbine/ Boiler and ESP- ready for final discussion and order to vendors 25% on compiled statements for Cooling Tower / Water Treatment and Fuel Handling, Ash handling packages . 20% on compilation of Balance packages (Client may take its own time in final ordering of the equipments) General Terms as applicable and as attached .