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G, Schirmer, Octavo No. 11486 : Agnus Dei ADAGIO FOR STRINGS, Op. 11, transcribed for mixed Chorus with Organ or Piano Accompaniment . Samuel Barber Molto adagio molto espe Pp Soprano A Alto Tenor Bass — Molto ada mo) E Organ or Piano* ——— pec- ca® f= 4, 7° ‘Tf the chorus is large and expert enough, may be sung a coppelta Note: The various individual singers on each part should breathe at different places, especially in the long phrases and held notes, in order to achieve a more sustained quality, © Copyright 1939, 1967, by @ Schirmer, Inc. International Copyright Secured Printed inthe U.S.A. gnus. De - i, qui tol - lis pee - ca - ta ta mun = di unis, pespr. di, Acynus De- Solo Soprano @, == di, mi-se- re - —=—— Ff tol - = lis pec sense erese. tol- lis, tol = lis ® qui tol = Tis, div, p - qui - pile fsempreespn