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Story White ants Refeeq Memunda Dr. Well was a brilliant scientist in the field of munitions.

He had created many new bombs and missiles. Many nations around the world have been utilizing them. Immense of persons had maimed and killed by his inhumane inventions. It caused hazardous atrocities on earth; even nature itself was in danger by their ill effect. Many areas on this earth had become completely dry. It was such a satanic creation. In spite of all these very obvious negative effects of his work and discoveries, Dr. Well was least bothered. He lived a life of pleasure and enjoyment. He was always cheerful in wine and women. So he could not clutch the miseries and glooms of other people, their problems were not his concern. He continued his devilish work with all vigour. Terrible bombs of catastrophic powers were his specialty. Once he took his family for a holiday trip to Big Island to splurge his vacation. A pleasure trip was in his mind. He lodged in the Quiet International Hotel, one of the most luxurious staying places in the world. Next day, he woke up early in the morning and went for a small stroll along the seashore. It was a habit for him to do this every morning. He did not bother to wake his wife and kids, who were asleep. His aim was to walk for a brief distance and then to return. He locked his room door from outside and gone for the walk. He moved towards the beach He had not walked much, before he was shaken by a loud blasting noise coming from the direction of his hotel. For some time, he couldnt understand what was happening. He stared at the hotel, where his wife and children were in sound sleep. For, the blasting sound had come from the hotel. Nothing was clear; the hotel was encased in thick smoke. The realization that his family was in grave danger came upon him in a ferocious suddenness. All these years he had been bereft of his common sense. Now he, for the first time lost his conscious too. In seconds, he had lost all his precious personal wealth and belongings. His wife, children and his research findings were all gone, in the towering inferno. For the first time in his life, he was full of repentance and terrifying guilt. He lost his mental balance at understanding the gravity of his diabolic achievements, for a while he became mad. He had to be confined into a mental sanatorium for a few months, before he was found fit to live a normal life. Finally he left the hospital finding good health and sagacity. For the first time in his life, he thought about the atrocities and miseries that happened in the world due to his findings. It was his works that had helped in the killing and maiming of an immense number of persons including children. Animals had also suffered from these bombs and explosives. His mind was in a mood of great regret. However, he thought about a constructive contribution for the future development of human civilisation. A new contribution which will outlive the time and space, and will be most useful for the coming generation.

After leaving the hospital, he went back to his native place, where he had spent so many happy days with his family. Memories haunted him. Never could he get away from the pain and the sorrow of the departed. Sweet memoirs of his family came to his mind always; he could not stay there even for a moment. He felt as someone disturbs him. He left the place forever and started his experiments in a hut like home on a river shore. It was an old residence where his ancestors lived once. It was a wide spaced land, surrounded by a river and a forest. A solitary area, no one came to disturb him in his work and thoughts. He remained there studying and researching. His sole companion during these days was his beloved pet, a dog. It was a terrible hot season. One late evening, Dr. Well tied his dog to a plastic leash, which was attached to a pole outside his hut. He went inside to relax. He was fully oblivious of the surrounding; he spent long time there immersed in reading and thinking. Slowly he slipped into deep slumber, for the first time after the tragedy he had a deep slumber. Though he did hear the agonised barks and yelps of his dog in a vague manner during the night hours, but then, he was getting his first peaceful sleep after so many months. He did not get up to see what was bothering his dog. He got up only the next morning. When he went out, a terrible sight was awaiting him. A halfdevoured body of his dog was lying there. One half was only bones, and on the other half flesh was still remaining. The plastic rope that used to tie the dog also prevailed intact. Dr. Well could get no clue as to what had happened. With a deep mood of desperation, he went seeking the torn up pieces of his dogs body. Dr. Well began to feel intensely about the episode taken place in his residence, yet, he could not reach a conclusion. He forgot to sleep, even to have food. He wanted to know what had happened. Finally he decided to stay outside of the abode hiding from the sight. When it was midnight, he saw an unexpected scene, a stretch of white ants coming out of a spot in the earth, moving towards where his dogs body parts were remaining. They followed one by one towards the remains of the dog and started eating it again. For a while he was on the verge of raze them. Yet, he came back to his brains. He has already been given up the nature of destroying. Something useful could be originated out of this creature, he thought for a while. He decided to focus on this creature. He was aware that ants do devour dead organic matter, but, this was the first time he was experiencing the fact that they do attack and devour live animals. Dr. Well collected some of these white ants. He stopped all his other experiments. He began to examine the ants he collected. His finding was amazing. They could eat up anything on the world, except plastic. If these tiny creatures are able consume several kinds of things living and dead, he thought that he could find something useful for mankind out of them. He decided to devote his complete energy, mind and money on studying them. He did several experiments with these ants. The ants become emaciated due to constantly injected chemicals and controlled access to food; unexpectedly they started to eat plastic too. It was chewing sweet and bio plastic that Dr. Well provided them at first to eat. Later he gave them plastic only. Thus he could produce white ants that would consume only plastic.

It was a grand discovery with potential. For plastic was now a very dangerous waste product all around the world. Dr. Wells new discovery will end the drastic trouble of the plastic wastes. It was accumulating at a very dangerous pace. Almost all modern gadgetry was contributing to this disastrous issue. Bags, footwear, electronic items, mobile phones, computers and many things had plastic components in them. The problem was that they were not eco-friendly. That is, they remained in nature forever, creating a very threatening issue for the future of this world. It has created plastic hills in the modern cities of our world. If this plastic was deposited in the seas, very soon it would create huge plastic islands, which would bring in more disasters. Now, Dr. Well had found a very efficient way to deal with this potentially dangerous problem. As the next step in his experiment, he separated the more fertile white ants from the rest. Then he reproduced millions of super productive white ants. At the last phase of the experiment Dr. Well himself entered in to the cage wearing only plastic garments. Then he lied there and slept. He spent two days in the cage, yet, nothing happened for him. It was truly amazing when he woke up; nothing his garments were remained, all the plastic materials he wore had eaten up by the white ants. However, his body remained unscarred. His discovery became very famous. He started exporting the white ants all parts of the world. Now it is one of the most required items all over the world.

Swami Sradhanandha
The hut was surrounded by small rivulets. It was in a dense forest. There were beautiful hill around the hut. A national high way was crossing through the forest. The hut was thatched with coconut leaves and straw, a small solitary shed. It was the hermitage of Swami Sradhanandha. He has been residing there for the last six decades. Exactly since the independence of India he is living there. It was the fruits of the forest for his hunger and the water from the stream to quench his thirst.
Many a people used to come to the hut to visit Swami Sradhanandha. He used to give advices to his followers to live in harmony and peace with different kinds of people. His was a message of lofty ideals that urges to people come together and live in heavenly serenity. Swami Sradhanandha never accepted any gifts, rewards or any food items from the people who used to visit him. He was just giving them his advice. He did not have any connection with outer world, he ever interested in worldly affairs. There was business man among his followers. He also comes there to seek Swami s guidance once in a while. He used to depart from there as soon as he got Swami Sradhanandha s counsel. His driver also used to accompany. He was much interested and happy to see Swami and to listen him. Always he gave much attention to Sradhanandha s mention of a special instruction.

Swami Sradhanandha used tom say thus. Each and every person is a ruler in the democracy of India, devoid of his cast, and creed. Only a race is there irrespective of religion, language and culture, that is the race of rulers . This was the notion of Swami Sradhanandha on democracy. Swami Sradhanandha thought every citizen of India is connected to democracy, so they are the part of government. You are so lucky, you belonging to the class of rulers once Swami Sradhanandha said one of the people who came for his advice. He was very poor and he has no connected to any of the rulers. The business man and his driver also were present when Swami Sradhanandha said this. The driver got irritated of Swami Sradhanandha s observation. He said. Swami Sradhanandha ji, you speak about whom, about this common lot who come here. If so I beg your pardon, you are totally unaware of the Indian democracy. You are free to give any advice as far as you have no family, relatives, friends or any such worldly link. I, with all respect would like to advise you to get some knowledge about democracy and present India. Take a journey through width and breadth of the country so that you may know India well. Swami Sradhanandha was enthralled by this open criticism. He decided to take this seriously. He started for a long trip in order to understand India, a passage though the Indian mind. He visited nook and corner of India. He tirelessly visited the slums, cities, metros, religious centres, shopping malls, government offices and educational centres. He was searching for the soul of India. At the end of his expedition he came to know that there are only four casts in India for all the citizens irrespective of their religion. His findings were amazing. A group of crying people, they are race. Someone belongs to the smiling group, they are the superior race. There some who burst out always, they are the third one. There is a fourth race, which is the group of people who always grumble. Swami Sradhanandha could hardly see a fifth one. There is a huge group of crying people; they are the strong pillar of democracy. They have the right to select their government, to be masters of their own destiny. Yet, they are the great suffers, who have much hellish experience from the democracy. The smiles are the superior race. They are the rulers and the partners of government. They do manage a great part of economy, they are affluent. Though they are minority they control other three races completely by the dint of their political power. They have full power on the rest. The group of burst outers, they are the third race. They are not a group of minority people, they have enough members. Yet, they do lack existence; they never stick on a view. They don t have the knowledge of reality; they hardly know about the truth. Normally they burst out against the second race, which is the race of smiles. Some they do burst out against crying caste, the first among the four races, sometimes against grumbles also they burst out. Yet, they don t know why they burst out. The fourth group of races is the grumbles. They know each and every aspects of democracy, they know the truth and fake, they are absolutely aware of the reality behind the government. They are the

mainstream community. Yet, they lack power, they are not a group of united, they do lack leadership. They were exploited by smiles, frequently. They fight each other by the trick of smiles. But, they don t know about it. Even though, they are a group who desperately seek for a change, they carve for an ultimate revolution. Swami Sradhanandha has discerned all these factors during his passage. The grumbles are a group of people who crave for revolution; there are Hindus, Christians and Muslims among them, they are a wing of diverse public, there are religious people, atheist, communists, socialists, business men scientists, teachers, doctors, literates and illiterates etc. Rarely, there are some priests and swamis. Swami felt regret on the matters going on; he could not sleep or go on with his daily routine. He decided to convene a meeting. He called out to join with his venture. There were many who positively respond to his quest. There was another Swami, a Muslim scholar, a Christian priest and socialist leader, all of them were adherents of secularism and lofty ideals of Indian culture. The y came to the ashram of Swami Sradhanadha and stayed there for about a month. They were piously following their religion and their culture even though they live in a swami s hermitage. Each of them exchanged their religious teachings. They put their heads together. There was no quarrel, no argument; it was an attempt to know each other. They lived in serene harmony and peace. They were deeply concerned over the sad plight of India, their mother land. At last a proposal from Swami Sradhanandha came to them. He directed them to organize a conference in Delhi, to let the people know about the hazardous situation India face. They must arrange a protest rally from the four corners of the country prior to the conference. A rally from the Punjab in which the Muslim scholar would be the leader. Likewise a rally from Kashmir under the leadership of the Christian priest, a rally from Gujarat in which the Communist leader would be the person n charge and a rally from Kanyakumari under the Sikh Guru s leadership. The Hindu sanyasin will lead a rally from Calcutta. The members of the rally will walk on foot towards Delhi and at the end all the four rallies would merge together. There would be a great meeting on the last day. At the beginning only a few supported the rally. Gradually they become a huge group of protesters. The entire grumbling group full heartedly joined the rally, and then all the groups except smiles also joined the rally. It was a great procession of people the country never witnessed. The government was on the verge of renouncing their power when the rally ended in the capital of the country. There came a situation that the leaders of the rally must take the responsibility of the government. It was surethat they would be crowned as the rulers of the country. Then the grumbles began to smile, the same grin of the so called smiles. Swami Sradhanandha could recognize the meaning of this smile, and he became distressed. Then he took his way towards his hermitage.