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Shithead Guidelines & Etiquette

A Low-to-High card game, in which it’s all about not losing.

The Cards:


Restarts the pack

Equal or beat a 2

3 Just a 3


Equal or beat a 3

4 Just a 4


Equal or beat a 4


Just a 5

Equal or beat a 5


Just a 6

Equal or beat a 6


See through and Reverse

Equal or beat the card below the 7 & direction of play is reversed


Power Card 1

Beats anything but Jack of Hearts and Joker, 8s can be played on 8s


Nominate Higher-or-Lower

Nominate any player to play higher-or-lower than a 9


Burns the pack

Cannot be played on 8, Jack of Hearts or Joker

Jack of Spades

The Ultimate Shit Card

Cannot be played up, if caught with the Jack of Spades, you must pick up all of the pack. The only way to banish the card, is to bluff (see below)

Jack of Hearts

Power Card 2

Beats anything but Joker


Just a Queen

Equal or beat a Queen


Just a King

Equal or beat a King


Just an Ace

Equal or beat an Ace (Ace High)


Power Card 3

Beats anything, nominate any player in the room (playing or otherwise) to pick up (Jokers can be played on Jokers)


If the game involves ‘down-cards’, players can change the ‘face-up’ cards before playing their first card. Once you play a card, you cannot change any of your cards (also see Jack of Spades below).

Player with a 3 (red preferable black) starts, player who is sitting next to the “starter” and plays next card determines direction of play.

Any number of cards can be played at one time.

4-Of-A-Kind – when played face-up, the pack is burned and the player restarts play.

3-In-A-Row – minimum of 3 cards in the same suit played in a row, with the first card having to beat the current card.


A player can choose to bluff their cards if they cannot beat the current card on the table, or even if they can. Bluffed cards are played face-down on the pack.

If a bluff has been played, the next player can either;

1 - Play their own hand, by equalling/beating the last card facing up or bluffing their own cards.

2 - Call the bluff, by turning over the cards:

- If the bluffed cards do not beat the card(s) underneath, the “bluffer” must pick up. - If the bluffed cards do beat the card(s) underneath, then the “caller” must pick up.

If you are down to your ‘down-cards’ and you decide to peek at the card you want to play next, you cannot then call the next player’s bluff, if they do indeed bluff.

Jack of Spades If the game involves ‘down-cards’, if you have a Jack of Spades facing up, then you cannot change any of your cards. If you get caught with the Jack of Spades as your very last card, the game ends immediately and you lose.

Flip-Reverse-It Flip-Reverse-It applies when:

- you are down to your ‘down-cards’,

- you have no cards left in your hand,

- you have a face-up ‘down-card’

- you cannot equal or beat the current card

To Flip-Reverse-It, pick up the column with the face-up card you want to switch. Then flip the cards, so that the card

that was facing up, now faces down, and the card(s) that were facing down, now face up. The card that is now facing up is the card that you must play, you cannot bluff this card.

Etiquette The player who loses must deal the next game. Shirking on forfeits in frowned upon. Enquire of unwritten rules. New suggestions to existing guidelines are welcomed.